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Officer Explains New World Order's Demise

MUST look!


Meyssan - Media lies on Libyan war are dissipating, but new lies emerge

Accused of 6000 murders
in Bengazy but 5 months later only 208 left.

Thierry Meyssan - Media lies on Libyan war are dissipating, but new
lies emerge


However, after their release, the
rebels tried to detain Thierry Meyssan, well known for his articles
exposing the crimes of NATO.

The ICRC intervened to prevent his arrest.
PDF, download
and read!

Syrian Revolution 2011 :
The plan to destabilize Syria


Extreme Prejudice - CIA Whistle
Blower Susan Lindauer PDX 911Truth
( Highly recommended )

I believe
lybia has given us an opportunity to see what our leaders are doing.
Help Lybia and in doing so help yourselves.

A story missing from our media: Iceland’s on-going revolution
The people
of Greece have been told that the privatization of their public sector
is the only solution. And those of Italy, Spain and Portugal are facing
the same threat.
They should
look to Iceland. Refusing to bow to foreign interests, that small
country stated loud and clear that the people are sovereign.
That’s why
it is not in the news anymore.



commits massacre at Sirte raising the city to the ground


‎3 days of non-stop bombing away from the public eye -- urgent appeal
to humanitarians to force NATO to stop massacre
For the
third day in a row, NATO aircraft are conducting massive missile and
bomb strikes on the city of Sirte, home town of Muammar Gaddafi, not
allowing anyone to escape. The city perimeter is surrounded by rebel
check points, behind which there are special forces units from Britain,
France, Qatar and United Arab Emirates.
The exit
from the city is completely blocked. Neither women, nor children are
allowed to leave. Men, captured attempting to leave the town together
with their families, are shot. Their families are sent back into the
city under bombing. There is practically no way to bury the corpses,
stated in a letter that was received at Argumenty.ru this morning. The
writer is a former officer in the Soviet and later Russian special
forces, who is now in Sirte.



Popular Conferences are the only means to achieve popular democracy.
Any system of

government contrary to this method, the method of Popular Conferences,
is undemocratic.

All the prevailing systems of government in the world today will remain

unless they adopt this method. Popular Conferences are the end of the
journey of the

masses in quest of democracy.

Popular Conferences and People's Committees are the fruition of the
people's struggle for

democracy. Popular Conferences and People's Committees are not
creations of the

imagination; they are the product of thought which has absorbed all
human experiments

to achieve democracy


Libya: Some observations

Resolutions 1970 and 1973
(2011) of the UN Security Council were very clear in their terms: No
foreign military personnel, no mercenaries, no weapons to the parties
in conflict and inspection of vessels ferrying arms and soldiers. NATO
has breached all four counts and now is liable for prosecution under
international law.
Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011) of the UN Security
Council stated very clearly and categorically that there were to be no
foreign troops on the ground in Libya, there were to be no mercenaries,
neither were foreign powers to arm the parties to the conflict, as well
as imposing the obligation on parties surrounding this to investigate
vessels shipping in personnel or arms. NATO has not only failed on all
four counts, it has categorically breached them all. NATO is guilty of
breaching international law, and there will be consequences.
Quite apart from its obvious
breaches of international law, NATO is liable for war crimes - strafing
civilian structures such as the water supply system, to "break the
population", strafing civilian structures with military hardware,
murdering civilians in their homes by precision-bombing children,
strafing civilians using Apache helicopters from the USA (isn't there a
law in the US about that?)




NATO Special Forces and Al Qaeda Join Hands Prof. Michel Chossudovsky.
Global Research Killing the truth is an integral part of the military
agenda. Realities are turned upside down

“What is called the Transitional
Council in Benghazi was imposed by NATO on us and we completely reject
. Is it democracy to impose people with
armed power on the people of Benghazi, many of whose leaders are not
even Libyan or from Libyan tribes but come from Tunisia and other
“The Tribal
Council assures its continuing cooperation with the African Union in
its suggestions aimed at helping to prevent the aggression on the
Libyan people.”
“The Tribal
Council condemns the crusader aggression on the Great Jamahiriya
executed by the NATO and the Arabic regressive forces which is a grave
threat to Libyan civilians as it continues to kill them as NATO bombs
civilian targets.”…
“We do not
and will not accept any authority other than the authority that we
chose with our free will which is the People’s Congress and Peoples
Committees, and the popular social leadership, and will oppose with all
available means, the NATO rebels and their slaughter, violence and
maiming of cadavers. We intend to oppose with all the means available
to us the NATO crusader aggressors and their appointed lackeys”.

War against Libya mandated by the
UN: 20,518 NATO Air Sorties, 7,732 Combat Missions – Use of bombs with
Depleted Uranium


CIA Asset: We Have Just Handed Libya Back to Islamic Radicals

Susan Lindauer Former CIA Asset/ Whistleblower


Blood thirsty mob killing defenceless people. Those are the "rebels".

Boat of 600 Libyans sinks after (Humanitarian) NATO 'ignores SOS calls'

George Carlin - We are part of Nature


How TV Ruined Your Life s01e01 - Fear


The Coming Insurrection



"There is something in the universe

- I don't know, some spirit, some principle

- that you will never overcome."


In July, the employment-population ratio for youth—the proportion of
the 16- to 24-year-old civilian noninstitutional population that was
employed—was 48.8 percent, a record low for the series.

Finland allegedly dropped those demands. It was a lie. Finland did not
drop demands for collateral, and that shows you the effect of multiple
veto points where such decisions must be unanimous or they fall apart.


911 litmus test



The Real Reason for NATO Attacking Libya EXPOSED

HUGE PRO GADDAFI RALLY in Tripoli - Raw Footage


Libya ,things you should know.


NATO to join al-Qaeda in Libya takeover
In an
exclusive interview with Press TV, Webster Tarpley, author and
historian, said that the new rebel commander of Tripoli is a top
al-Qaeda leader who has worked for the Afghanis and fought against the
United States.
“The new
military dictator of Tripoli is none other than the infamous Abdul
Hakim Belhadj, an international terrorist, a famous, notorious
“genocidalist” of al-Qaeda who has carried out international terrorism
all across the globe,” Tarpley said.
“He was
trained personally by Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan, has boasted in
the past of taking 25 terrorists into Afghanistan, boasted of killing
the American soldiers, and was for a time a US prisoner of war,” he
Under the
recognition of Libya's new emerging government, Belhadj will receive
“billions of dollars from the United States including the most modern
weapons, diplomatic support, recognition, media support, moral support,
Special Forces support, and so on.”
launched a major air campaign against the forces of the Libyan regime
in mid-March under a UN mandate to “protect the Libyan population.”


"Our Man in Tripoli": US-NATO Sponsored Islamic Terrorists Integrate
Libya's Pro-Democracy Opposition



Organized the Egyptian and Libyan uprising


War for Africa: 'Libya key to new US bases, cheap labor &


organized the Libyan rebellion from abroad


propaganda and analysis about Libya



Media Manipulation: 'NATO in a hurry to wrap up war in Libya'
presence in Libya little resembles a humanitarian mission with houses,
hospitals and schools being hit. But Libya prospered prior to NATO's
intrusion, Yvonne Di Vito, an activist from Libyanfriends.com told RT.
­RT: You have been saying that here in Italy the news reports abut what
is happening in Libya were very confusing, a lot of conflicting
information there. Can you tell us what you saw and what you found?

Yvonne Di Vito: We went to Libya on the 28th July and we came back on
the 7th August and we found a totally different situation because NATO
was bombarding civilians.

The bombings were not only carried out on military targets, but they
also hit houses, hospitals, schools, television centers, and this was
totally against the humanitarian reasons they said they were there for.

I believe they were doing this to bring panic in the city. That's why
they were bombing the things that people use daily, like places with
food and essential utilities like hospitals.

This was also a difficult period for Muslims because of Ramadan and
that is why in the daytime they're in their houses. We went to Tripoli
and to Zitan and we saw huge protests with thousands of pro-Gaddafi
supporters turning out against NATO and all these demonstrations were
not shown in Italy.

We also visited Tanjur and Sansur and found a lot of women that were
screaming at us, asking 'Why you Italians are bombing us? What did we
do to you? Why are you killing our children?' That was their main
question. When we went to Zitan, the same day they bombed a house and
in this house two children were killed. We tried to show the pictures
of these children that were dead. But apart from us, no one else did
the same.

Except the things that we saw with our own eyes visiting these places
that were bombed, we have so much material that press officers and
journalists from Libya gave to us as testimony to all the dead from the
NATO bombings.

After all the things that we saw we have one question: is this a
humanitarian war? Are they really helping the civilians, because I
believe that all this is because of economic reasons, or at least there
are other reasons that this war happened, petroleum or other things.

We also visited Libya before and what we found was a normal situation
where people were fine. Differently from other countries that went
through a revolution -- Libya is considered to be the Switzerland of
the African continent and is very rich and schools are free for the
people. Hospitals are free for the people. And the conditions for women
are much better than in other Arab countries.
Good and Bad

Double standards in coverage of Suharto and Pol Pot


human rights


124 Out Of 193 Countries Recognize Palestinian Independence


Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links


1Million+ Libyan Civilians Protest Against NATO And Its Rebels Attacks
01 07 11 (1) In Libya




Libya: Fears of rebel atrocities after Gaddafi troops found dead,


NATO Rebel In Misrata Showing off his Israeli Made Weapon, War On Libya


Libya / Misurata: "... talk like Brits!" - "Rebels"? - Really?


NATO targeting Libya food


NATO has committed another war crime, targeting a civilian water supply
network which brings water to 70% of Libya’s population, according to
Pravda.Ru sources in Libya

Swiss win
the Gruyère war after picking holes in French cheese


Swiss cheesemakers win prestigious AOP award after EU finds fault with
French claim
(and still
RBS is demanding another £1.5bn in bonuses)

There were more than 1 million foreclosure filings in the first half of
2011 alone, yet only a fraction of the government aid that was supposed
to reach homeowners has been spent:
Congress has mandated that the leftover money be used to pay down the
Of the
$45.6 billion in Trouble Asset Relief Program funds meant to aid
homeowners, the most recent numbers available show that only about $2
billion has actually gone out the door.
The low
number reflects how little the government’s home loan modification and
other programs have actually helped homeowners deal with the
foreclosure crisis.


reality check on UK riots
cost of banker bailouts (uk)
cost of 5
days of rioting….
£10000000 or
so early estimates say
one days
rioting therefore
so, how much
damage did the banks do?
days worth of rioting
years of solid rioting is the equivalent cost of banker bailouts..


How America
brainwashed the world, from Iraq to Libya
NATO playing dirty tricks in
Libya war'




MI6 spies paved rebel path to Tripoli battlefront


Libya, Syria is Next in Line for a NATO Sponsored "Regime Change"



Weapons Of American Terrorism

From Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower

By William Blum


American State

A Critical Review of The Objectives of U.S. Foreign Policy in The
Post-World War II Period

( Very good article )


Tarpley: Al-Qaeda pirates to grip Mediterranean if rebels take over

From: RussiaToday | Aug 26, 2011 | 5,743 views

The UN has called for restraint in Libya amid reports of abuses and
alleged summary killings by both rebels and Gaddafi loyalists. The
Security Council has also agreed to release 1.5 billion-dollars in
Libyan assets to help deal with humanitarian needs. The opposition
continues to claim that Tripoli is largely under its control, while the
National Transitional Council says it's moved from its stronghold of
Benghazi to the capital. There are reports of heavy resistance by
Gaddafi forces, with the Colonel's whereabouts still unknown.
Meanwhile, Gaddafi has aired another radio message, claiming he's
fighting on the frontline. NATO has denied previous reports that it's
assisting the rebels in the hunt to find him. Now more analysis on the
latest developments in Libya from author and investigative journalist
Webster Tarpley, who's in Washington. RT on Twitter


Killer Chemist: Will Gaddafi strike back?

From: RussiaToday | Aug 26, 2011 | 9,117 views

The UN has called for restraint in Libya amid reports of abuses and
alleged summary killings by both rebels and Gaddafi loyalists. The
Security Council has also agreed to release 1.5 billion-dollars in
Libyan assets to help deal with humanitarian needs. The opposition
continues to claim that Tripoli is largely under its control, while the
National Transitional Council says it's moved from its stronghold of
Benghazi to the capital. Meanwhile, the Pentagon says it's monitoring
Libyan sites containing stockpiles of chemical weapons and is pledging
to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. It's thought the
arsenals include tonnes of mustard gas and raw uranium. As RT's Laura
Emmett reports, that's causing concern with some rebel factions said to
have been infiltrated by Islamic extremists. There are reports of heavy
resistance by Gaddafi forces, with the Colonel's whereabouts still
unknown. Meanwhile, Gaddafi has aired another radio message, claiming
he's fighting on the frontline. NATO has denied previous reports that
it's assisting the rebels in the hunt to find him. But journalist and
broadcaster Neil Clark says the use of disinformation by all sides is a
hallmark of the conflict


Libyan rebel ethnic cleansing and
lynching of black people
al-Halbous, a rebel commander leading the fight near Tawergha, says all
remaining residents should leave once if his fighters capture the town.
“They should pack up,” Mr. Halbous said. “Tawergha no longer exists,
only Misrata.”
Other rebel
leaders are reported as:
“calling for
drastic measures like banning Tawergha natives from ever working,
living or sending their children to schools in Misrata.”
In addition,
according to the article, as a result of the battle for Misrata:
four-fifths of residents of Misrata’s Ghoushi neighborhood were
Tawergha natives. Now they are gone or in hiding, fearing revenge
attacks by Misratans, amid reports of bounties for their capture.
evidence of the massacres of black people, which include the lynchings
and murder of black soldiers of the Libyan army, guest workers from
other African countries and dark-skinned Libyan civilians include a
report from the BBC on 25 February which cited a Turkish construction
worker as saying:
“We had
70-80 people from Chad working for our company. They were cut dead with
pruning shears and axes, attackers saying: ‘You are providing troops
for Gaddafi.’ The Sudanese were also massacred. We saw it for


Programmer under oath admits computers
rig elections


Electronic Voting Machine Fraud - Part 1 of 5


Computer Scientists Take Over Electronic Voting Machine with New
Programming Technique


Police Confirm Drill Identical to Breivik’s Attack


Libya's Finest Hour....As NATO Presses Conquest


In 2000, one out of three
young Black men was either locked up, on probation, or on parole.


By the year 2000, about half of all black men in America will have gone
to prison. Most of them will go to prison for non-violent drug charges.
Most of those who go to prison will be released into society again.
Because they are black men with a prison record, they will be
permanently unemployable.


Colonialism Lives!
No other
three countries in the world could today commit the crime of abusing
United Nations resolutions to wage a war of aggression against a
sovereign country on a stated premise that was clearly a pretext, as
unfolding events in Libya confirm.
The basis of
the war of aggression is simple: To the victors belong the spoils.
Indeed, in addition to the fabulous oil and natural gas riches of
Libya, the victors get to the write the story; the unfolding one, and
tomorrow's history.
This will be
guaranteed by the downstream media--The New York Times, CNN, The BBC,
The Guardian, and The Wall Street Journal.
Any other
media interpretation of this war of aggression and conquest will be
dismissed as "alternative" or "radical" perspectives, on "fringe" media
So, in Libya
the pretext was that Resolution 1973 was needed to prevent Muammar
al-Quathafi from massacring his own people, in Benghazi.
Forget the
fact that the civil war had actually been launched from Benghazi and
that in the initial stages the military progression was marching from
East to West, Benghazi to Tripoli; and not vice versa.


Zlitan: NATO's
Libyan War Crimes Massacre


Make No
Mistake: NATO committed War Crimes in Libya


Myths About Libya? Rejoinder
Russia and
Brazil supported the African Union's call for a ceasefire and talks,
and pointed out that UN Resolution 1973 did not call for regime change.


Libya: SAS
leads hunt for Gaddafi

British special forces are on the ground in Libya helping to spearhead
the hunt for Col Muammar Gaddafi, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.
As a £1
million bounty was placed on Gaddafi’s head, soldiers from 22 SAS
Regiment began guiding rebel soldiers after being ordered in by David
For the
first time, defence sources have confirmed that the SAS has been in
Libya for several weeks, and played a key role in coordinating the fall
of Tripoli.
With the
majority of the capital now in rebel hands, the SAS soldiers, who have
been dressed in Arab civilian clothing and carrying the same weapons as
the rebels, have been ordered to switch their focus to the search for
Gaddafi, who has been on the run since his fortified headquarters was
captured on Tuesday.
National Transitional Council (NTC) said Gaddafi was wanted “dead or
alive” and promised an amnesty to any of his inner circle prepared to
betray his whereabouts.
Nato still
has no idea where the despot is holed up, and on Wednesday he taunted
his opponents by claiming in a television interview that he had
secretly toured the streets of Tripoli without being spotted.


COINTELPRO: The Sabotage Of Legitimate Dissent


Terminated exercise 25 minutes before
Only 25 minutes before the bomb
in the ministries were detonated
and two and a half hours
before the police was notified of the shooting on Utøya, concluded the
police emergency squad an exercise that looked like the massacre at
PST was notified Breivik of international anti-terrorist operation in
squad had trained on an ongoing terrorist campaign for a total of five
days and had just finished when the bomb hit the ministries.

The exercise
ended on Friday 22 July at 15:oo, writes Aftenposten .
Time 15.25
detonated Anders Behring Breivik bomb outside the high-rise ministries,
and at 17.30 were the police first report of shooting at Utøya.
The training should, according to
the newspaper have had a scenario that was almost like it Utøya.

- Very close to the answer key
The same policemen
who took part in the action and arrest of Breivik, had a full week
training on a mobile terrorist attack in which one or more perpetrators
only goal is to shoot as many people as possible and then shoot the
police when they arrive.
- It was
very close to the answer key. Chance would have it that way, says a key
police source who wishes to remain anonymous, told the newspaper.


Serbian people appeal the Government not to recognise TNC in Libya

Der ganz normale Hanfanbau in der Schweiz!

BUSTED!!! Media Caught Showing
FAKE FOOTAGE of Green Sq., Libya.
That is the Indian Flag!!!

( Many links )



CIA agent wins $2.8 billion lawsuit against Cuba

Insane! Readthe article


"Terrorists for the FBI:" How the FBI Uses Informants to Surveil and
Entrap Americans
But it
suggests these spies are not only busting terrorist plots, they’re
actually organizing them so the FBI can later claim victories in the
so-called "war on terror."


from Colonel Mu’ummar Qaddafi



Keiser Report: Myotonic Markets (E176)

From: RussiaToday | Aug 25, 2011 | 325 views

This time Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss the Fainting
Bankers of Wall Street and the myotonic markets they inspire. In the
second half of the show Max talks to Chris Martenson about the
insolvency of the banking system and about Dr. Bernanke's misdiagnosis
of the cause of the financial crisis.



UK to exploit Libya's
LoL, yes an
Gaddafi is the monster here, at least he educated his citizens and gave
them free medical etc etc, you pathetic fools the day you wake up it
will be too late, that is how they like it to be, yes NATO milk the
fools you deserve it, who's next on your agenda Syria, then Iran, so my
fellow human beings keep sleeping the fun part is watching you wake up.
The bankrupt
NATO nations helped themselves, rather than helping the Libyan rebels!!
NATO not only destroyed the Gaddafi forces, they also destroyed the
Libyan infrastructure, knowing that when it is all over, it would be
the leading NATO countries like France and UK that will get the
contracts to rebuild what they destroyed!! NATO is now in charge and it
is pay back time for rebel Libyans!! Billions of the Libyan assets are
being unfrozen to pay NATO!!
Britain to
take control of Libyan oil. Shock! Horror! Who would have considered
it? I thought they were fighting and bombing for liberty and justice.
After all, that is what they told us. Now, at last, they are admitting
what they are doing in Libya. I was going to say the British have
reverted back to type, but no, it appears they have not changed. They
are stealing and murdering just the way they always have and/or do. The
British Raj is alive and well.


Top 10 Gaddafi insults to the world

On the night of 8 August, NATO attacked residential areas in Zliten, a
city in the district of Misrata. According to the Libyan
authorities, 85 people
were killed. Thirty-three of them were children; 32 them of them women,

some reports say.
“The front
line is not far away,” Price reported. “From the site, plumes of white
smoke can be seen rising from where the fighting is taking place. It
would make sense that soldiers would need somewhere to rest in the


American State

A Critical Review of The Objectives of U.S. Foreign Policy in The
Post-World War II Period


Chronology of

American State Terrorism



What Really Happened in Libya
Did the
United States at the inception of the war against Libya align itself
with elements of al Qaeda, while elsewhere continuing to use the threat
of al Qaeda as a reason for US military intervention, presence and


Ex-terrorist says terrorists and NATO lost war

and the rebels have already lost the war and what will happen tomorrow
is anyone's guess.


Killing the
Truth: Western Mainstream Media Complicit in NATO War Crimes in Libya
Over the
past five months, as US, British, French and other
NATO warplanes pounded Libya with 20,000 bombing raids,

the world has in truth witnessed a concerted campaign of outright war
crimes to bring down the government of Muammar Gaddafi. Thousands of
civilians have been murdered in this blitzkrieg, which, it will be
recalled, was orchestrated through the United Nations as an
intervention to "protect civilians".


Regime Change
in Libya: "Good for Business". Picking Up the Spoils of War


The Pentagon's
"Salvador Option": The Deployment of Death Squads in Iraq and Syria
In a bitter
irony, the Islamist fighters operating inside Syria who are terrorizing
the civilian population, are trained and financed by the Turkish
Erdogan government.
forces] are now running into heavy resistance: Awaiting them are
anti-tank traps and fortified barriers manned by protesters armed with
heavy machine guns." DEBKAfile,
Since when
are peaceful civilian protesters armed with "heavy machine guns" and
"anti-tank traps"?


IN TRIPOLI: "Operation Mermaid Dawn" Signals Assault by Rebels' Al
Qaeda Death Squads

Leak of a 70
page Criminal NATO Plan to Occupy Libya

UAE Would Occupy Tripoli in Post-Gadhafi Libya


August 23, 2011 -
Turkey has been bankrolling Libya's rebel leadership.
Minister Ahmet Davutoglu revealed the government has been supporting
the rebels when he made a visit to their eastern Libyan stronghold of
He said
Turkey has given the rebels more than 140 million euros in financial
support since the conflict began.
He said
Ankara is also supporting humanitarian projects worth more than 70
million euros.


Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links

Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the Libyan rebel leader, has said jihadists who
fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines of the
battle against Muammar Gaddafi's regime.

State Terror: Deadly Libya
strikes 'NATO policy, not mistake'

Not To Be Shown on CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC or FOX - NATO's Crimes in Libya

Die Lybien Kriegs



The Truth About the Situation in Libya

Cutting through the government propaganda and media lies
According to
the information provided yesterday by Darrel Issa, chairman of the
legislative committee examining the scope of Operation Fast and
Furious, by which the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
(ATF) allowed delivery of thousands of high-powered weapons to Mexican
cartels, besides officials at different levels of the agency
aforementioned, the FBI and DEA also participated in the operation.
According to Issa, the illegal movement of weapons which, supposedly,
was to “monitor” the supply of U.S.-origin weapons to Mexican drug
trafficking organizations was carried out by means of paying smugglers
to act as informants for the DEA and the FBI.

Head of Libyan Security
Services calls out NATO for supporting al Qaeda


'CIA, MI6 'journos' in Tripoli Rixos hotel, outside NATO loses ground'


countries fighting for Libya’s oil fields like piranhas'

“What emerges from that, I think it suits some of the Western oil
interests, especially the British and the French, who were fighting
like piranhas over grabbing the most juicy oil fields for their own
companies,” said Engdahl, author of "Full Spectrum Dominance:
Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order.”
Engdahl says
NATO’s actions in Libya have created a very virulent precedent.
“What we
have going on in Libya for some months now is a major effort by the US
and NATO forces to pour at least $1 billion by various estimates into
the so-called Transitional National Council,” he said. “It’s rival
tribal clan warfare that is going on in Libya. This is not a democracy
movement by any stretch of the imagination.”
Engdahl said
it is simply an insurgency being supported covertly by US-financed
armed shipments to the rebels – in order, he claimed “to simply carve
up the oil fields and get them into Western hands, rather than in
Libyan state hands, which Gaddafi held firmly on to.”


The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium,
and the Dying Children

diagnoset in 150,000

depleted uranium half
life 4,5 billion years

Use of depleted Uranium
is a war crime.


Fukushima Now Radiating Everyone: 'Unspeakable' Reality 'Will Impact
All Of Humanity'


Tripoli inside report: 'Snipers target reporters, NATO bombs falling'


Toppling Tripoli: 'Gaddafi plans massive counter-attack'
rebels just
jump around cameras and fire a few shots like they are actually
fighting lol then the nato forces bomb civilians and undercover Nato
soldiers do the rest for them, then again rebels just jump around and
fire a few shots in front of camera..
wont last long against Nato forces, sad but true
SYRIA, IRAN *stay tuned*

Carnage in Tripoli: Nato Special forces attack by night -
Midnight August 21


‎1300 innocent civilians killed in Tripoli in the last 11
hours + 5000 injured. Nonstop bombings and 3 Apache gunship firing
their mini-cannons constantly are.


RT News: Police State War on Social Networking/Media


'Rebel snipers
in Tripoli part of NATO plan to spark mass panic'


Libyan rebels say they're pushing on towards Tripoli and claim they're
now around 30 kilometres from the capital. There've also been reports
of sporadic viol.


Today, according to the Libyan
Red Crescent Society, over 1,100 civilians have been killed by NATO
bombs, including over 400 women and children. Over 6,000 Libyan
civilians have been injured or wounded by the bombing, many very
The majority
of the Libyan people are rallying behind the Libyan government

 and “the leader,” Muammar Gadaffi, with over one million
people demonstrating in support on July 1 in Tripoli, the capital of
Libya. Thousands of Libyan youth are on the front lines fighting the
rebels and ,despite thousands of NATO air strikes, authentic
journalists on the ground in western Libya report their morale remains



The war propaganda has entered a new phase, involving the coordinated
action of satellite TV stations. CNN, France24, the BBC and Al Jazeera
have become instruments of disinformation used to demonize governments
and justify armed aggressions. These practices are illegal under
international law and the impunity of the perpetrators must be stopped.

Now, after the Second World War, the United Nations General Assembly
passed legislation to prohibit and punish such practices.
110 of 3 November 1947 regarding “measures to be taken against
propaganda and the inciters of a new war,” condemns “propaganda which
is either designed or likely to provoke or encourage any threat to the
peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression. “
381 of 17 November 1950 further strengthens this condemnation by
condemning the censorship of conflicting information as part of the
propaganda against peace.


Golden Retrieval: Chavez
wants his billion back


Venezuela's President wants all the country's gold being held in
European and American banks returned to Caracas. It would be the
largest physical movement o...


Secret Nasa - Real Footage




Viewer discretion advised some scenes are disturbing of murdered afghan
children. The illegal wars fought in your name ...


To Syria now, where the UN is pulling out its staff amid growing
concern about the violent crackdown by government forces against
demonstrators. It comes as activists say over 30 people have been
killed since troops seized control of the northern port city of
Latakia. But, director of the Center for Research on Globalization -
Michel Chossudovsky - says the
hype around the Syrian crisis is being orchestrated from abroad.


Facebook witch-hunt for London rioters

From: RussiaToday | Aug 18, 2011 | 2,482 views

British courts are coming down hard on the rioters who spread mayhem
last week - but human rights groups are accusing judges of
over-reacting by dishing out severe penalties to score popularity
points. Two men were jailed for four years each for trying to incite
street violence through Facebook. But Prime Minister David Cameron
defended it, saying it sends a 'tough message'. RT's Ivor Bennett
reports from London.


In Italy last month, an overwhelming number of people (96 percent of
the 57 percent of the population that voted) cast their ballots for a
peaceful future based on shared ownership of water.
referendum overturned a law passed by Prime Minister Silvio
Berlusconi’s government, which would have encouraged private companies
to buy up public water utilities and guaranteed them a profit on their
investment, opening the door to rate hikes.

Truth About Prescription Drugs FDA exposed 8-9.mpg


Neues vom Känguru - Folge119 Das gehört verboten.wmv


US Streets Full of Formerly Middle Class


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So America owes foreigners about $4.5 trillion in debt. But America
owes America $9.8 trillion.


NEWS: NATO and Turkey Support Armed Rebels in Syria. Campaign to
Recruit Muslim "Freedom Fighters"
by Michel

"Gaddafi's billions"- financial terrorism
As Economy
Tanks, “New Normal” Police State Takes Shape
With British
politicians demanding a clampdown on social media in the wake of London
riots, and with the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) agency having done so
last week in San Francisco, switching off underground cell phone
service to help squelch a protest against police violence,
authoritarian control tactics, aping those deployed in Egypt and
Tunisia (that worked out well!) are becoming the norm in so-called
“Western democracies.”
To make the
poison pill legislation difficult to oppose, proponents have dubbed it,
wait, the “Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011″
even though, as CNET noted, “the mandatory logs would be accessible to
police investigating any crime and perhaps attorneys litigating civil
disputes in divorce, insurance fraud, and other cases as well.”


xxx Onymity:

also has said to his lawyer that he called the police 10 times in
order to give himself up
, he felt it was
enough to make his point, but that the police did not respond so he
kept on shooting. Police in press conference confirmed that they had 1
call on tape and that they have ordered the tapes from Buskerud police
station - where the calls that did not get through to Oslo were


Breivik sa han
ville overgi seg 28 minutter før han ble tatt - VG Nett om
Terrorangrepet 22. juli


Nesten en halvtime før han ble pågrepet, ringte massemorderen politiet
og ba om å bli satt over til Delta-styrken for å overgi seg


This is what he explains. If he had received confirmation that the
capitulation was received, he was finished with the surgery, he said.
At that time
there were significant problems with the mobile network due to
overloading, and the phone line into the operations center was red hot
because of the hundreds of calls from victims and their families.
- Why would
Breivik surrender to the police?
- He
testified that he felt he had done NOK. He had taken many NOK life that
it would be NOK press coverage, so that manifesto he would be
dispersed, said Lippe City.



"The CIA’s lack of interest in truth is evident in their refuting
latest research on civilian casualties from drone attacks in Pakistan.
One in seven of all US strikes resulted in child fatalities. Between
2,292 and 2,863 people
have died
. Since Obama took office, those attacks occur

those killed only 126 militants have been named."

A Natural Age of Weaning

by Katherine Dettwyler, PhD

Department of Anthropology,

6. Studies have shown that a child's immune system doesn't completely
mature until about 6 years of age, and it is well established that
breast milk helps develop the immune system and augment it with
maternal antibodies as long as breast milk is produced (up to two
years, no studies have been done on breast milk composition after two
years post partum).
And on and
on. The minimum predicted age for a natural age of weaning in humans is
2.5 years, with a maximum of 7.0 years.


A radical new approach to
thwarting Internet censorship would essentially turn the whole web into
a proxy server,

 making it virtually impossible for a censoring government to
block individual sites.
The system
is called Telex, and it is the brainchild of computer science
researchers at the University of Michigan and the University of
Waterloo in Canada. They will present it Aug. 12 at the USENIX Security
Symposium in San Francisco.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) has, to say the least, a very odd
understanding of the Constitution. He thinks Texas should be able to
opt out of Social Security, and he believes that everything from
federal public school programs to clean air laws are unconstitutional.
Yet in an interview with the Daily Beast’s Andrew Romano, Perry makes
his most outlandish claim to date — Social Security and Medicare are
Constitution says that “the Congress shall have Power To lay and
collect Taxes… to provide for the… general Welfare of the United
States.” But I noticed that when you quoted this section on page 116,
you left “general welfare” out and put an ellipsis in its place.
Progressives would say that “general welfare” includes things like
Social Security or Medicare—that it gives the government the
flexibility to tackle more than just the basic responsibilities laid
out explicitly in our founding document. What does “general welfare”
mean to you?
don’t think our founding fathers when they were putting the term
“general welfare” in there were thinking about a federally operated
program of pensions nor a federally operated program of health care.
What they clearly said was that those were issues that the states need
to address. Not the federal government. I stand very clear on that.
From my perspective, the states could substantially better operate
those programs if that’s what those states decided to do.
So in your
view those things fall outside of general welfare. But what falls
inside of it? What did the Founders mean by “general welfare”?
don’t know if I’m going to sit here and parse down to what the Founding
Fathers thought general welfare meant.
But you
just said what you thought they didn’t mean by general welfare. So
isn’t it fair to ask what they did mean? It’s in the Constitution.


We've been warned: the system is ready to blow

No understand the mess we are in, it's important to know how we got
here. Today marks the 40th anniversary of Richard Nixon's announcement
that America was suspending the convertibility of the dollar into gold
at $35 an ounce. Speculative attacks on the dollar had begun in the
late 1960s as concerns mounted over America's rising trade deficit and
the cost of the Vietnam war. Other countries were increasingly
reluctant to take dollars in payment and demanded gold instead.

Swine Flu and The Vaccine

History - Current Issues - Action Items:



The Underground History of American Education


Conclusion: The United States is not and never was what
people have been led, through “education” and continuous propaganda,
believe it to be…its a HOAX
. In fact objective reasoning
and an honest assessment of the actions of the USA before and since its
birth suggests that it has been a front for some type Elitist
imperialism and used as a tool to implement a series of “New World
Orders” leading to an end point which will be the last “New World
Order”. The New World Order(s) “project” I’m afraid is very nearly



old webstripper? 220








This is What A
Police State Looks Like (PART1)

A) When was the last time Americans voted a honest president in to

B 't bluff yourself "A". Americans don't voted for President. They are
presented with two candidates who have been cleared by the corporates
and the military industrial complex and they then choose the one with
the nicest smile.


Britain’s problem not looting, but lost young generation

Jeremy Corbyn stresses that repressions and censorship will not help
the UK.


MPs are expected to debate the possible restoration of the death
penalty after more than 40 e-petitions supporting it were submitted to
It is part
of the government's new online petition system.

NATO used the same tactic that Israel used during the two Qana
massacres. After the first three bombs dropped at around 11:00 pm (2100
GMT) on Monday, August 8, many residents of the area ran to the bombed
houses to try to save their loved ones. NATO then instantly struck with
more bombs slaughtering 85 Libyans.

"However, I say that under section 18, the police have a duty of care
to look after suspects in their custody and keep him or her safe,
therefore the protocol and the standard procedure should be, and is, to
handcuff the suspect.
"The police
failed miserably to enforce these simple procedures and, as a
consequence, my uncle David Emmanuel, also known as Smiley Culture, is
He added:
“The IPCC have stated that, on average, one person per week has died in
police custody.
“How is it
that not one police officer has been convicted of the murder of a
citizen who was under their custody?
“My belief
in the IPCC is minimal.”
He said that
four Metropolitan police officers were present at the reggae star’s
house on Hillbury Road at the time of his death and have been
questioned in relation to the incident.
Mr Franklin
said: “The idea that a man under arrest at his home during a police
search dying in these circumstances would not attract suspicion is
“There are
no independent witnesses, no eye witnesses and no CCTV.
“This is not
a case that can simply be determined by the word of four police
is far from Independent.
90% of their senior investigators
are ex police and 60% of their investigators. Indeed a former
Commissionaire recently stated there is so many police in the IPCC that
it looks and feels like a police station.


Death in Custody: UK protesters
call to stop cop cruelty

400 in 10 years, one per
week according to IPCC


The truth behind the U.S./ NATO war on Libya, August 13 anti-war
demonstration in Harlem


'misled press over shooting'

(I know those assholes)


The police
watchdog admits it
may have misled journalists
into believing that police
shooting victim Mark Duggan fired at officers before he was killed.


Robin Williams Weapons of self destruction Part 1


LONDON BURNING: Infowars Special Report on Social Unrest and Economic
Collapse 1/4

INFOWARS.COM 2/4 - LONDON BURNING! Infowars Special Report.

NFOWARS.COM 3/4 - LONDON BURNING! Infowars Special Report.

INFOWARS.COM 4/4 - LONDON BURNING! Infowars Special Report.


Student-Loan Debt. Large debt—and the fear it creates—is a pacifying

2. Psychopathologizing and Medicating Noncompliance. In 1955, Erich
Fromm, the then widely respected anti-authoritarian leftist
psychoanalyst, wrote, “Today the function of psychiatry, psychology and
psychoanalysis threatens to become the tool in the manipulation of

3. Schools That Educate for Compliance and Not for Democracy.

4.Fear forces students and teachers to constantly focus on the demands
of test creators; it crushes curiosity, critical thinking, questioning
authority, and challenging and resisting illegitimate authority

5.Mark Twain famously said, “I never let my schooling get in the way of
my education.” Toward the end of Twain’s life in 1900, only 6 percent
of Americans graduated high school.

The more schooling Americans get, however, the more politically
ignorant they are of America’s ongoing class war, and the more
incapable they are of challenging the ruling class.

Today, Americans who lack college degrees are increasingly shamed as
“losers”; however, Gore Vidal and George Carlin, two of America’s most
astute and articulate critics of the corporatocracy, never went to
college, and Carlin dropped out of school in the ninth grade.

6. The Normalization of Surveillance. The fear of being surveilled
makes a population easier to control.

7. Television

American children average eight hours a day on TV, video games, movies,
the Internet, cell phones, iPods, and other technologies (not including
school-related use).American children average eight hours a day on TV,
video games, movies, the Internet, cell phones, iPods, and other
technologies (not including school-related use).

TV isolates people so they are not joining together to create
resistance to authorities; and regardless of the programming, TV
viewers’ brainwaves slow down, transforming them closer to a hypnotic
state that makes it difficult to think critically.

8. Fundamentalist Religion and Fundamentalist Consumerism.

Fundamentalist consumerism pacifies young Americans in a variety of
ways. Fundamentalist consumerism destroys self-reliance, creating
people who feel completely dependent on others and who are thus more
likely to turn over decision-making power to authorities, the precise
mind-set that the ruling elite loves to see. A fundamentalist consumer
culture legitimizes advertising, propaganda, and all kinds of
manipulations, including lies; and when a society gives legitimacy to
lies and manipulativeness, it destroys the capacity of people to trust
one another and form democratic movements



China's Tuidang Movement Part 3: What the CCP Fears Most



Cameron threatens to shut down UK social networks


"Khamis Gadhafi commands Khamis Brigade, the best trained and best
equipped military unit in Libya. US cables reveal Khamis was directly
involved in the sale of US military equipment. In fact, when protests
spread through Tripoli, Khamis was visiting Wall Street, on a tour
organized by American company with US State Department approval.




The head of the U.N. agency that oversees press freedom
sharply criticized NATO on Monday for its criminal July 30 airstrikes
against Libyan
state television that killed several people and wounded nearly a dozen.
“I deplore
the NATO strike on Al-Jamahiriya and its installations,” UNESCO
Director-General Irina Bokova said in a statement.
powers have recognized information as a weapon for a long time.
Notably, during the bombing of Serbia in 1999, NATO attacked the
government-run studios of Radio Television Serbia (RTS) in Belgrade,
killing sixteen employees. The attack occurred with total impunity and
to this day has seen no accountability.


Ratigan blasts US political-banking ties


Aug. 9: Msnbc host Dylan Ratigan unleashes his anger against a system
that he says stacks the deck against the American middle class.


Economist Lawrence Kotlikoff says the real national debt is about $211
trillion. by Jack Kenny

Most likely we will see a combination of all three responses with
dramatic increases in poverty, tax, interest rates and consumer prices.
This is an awful, downhill road to follow, but it's the one we are on.
And bond traders will kick us miles down our road once they wake up and
realize the U.S. is in
worse fiscal shape than Greece.


George Galloway

BTW, to be accused of
"condoning" violence by broadcasters who marched us into war after war,
some of which are still burning, really takes the biscuit! Or by a
government which is closing youth clubs in Tottenham while burning
£31million a week setting fire to Libyans...
Laurence J. Kotlikoff, President
Reagan's senior economic adviser, explains to NPR why the real national
debt is not $14 trillion but a whopping $211 trillion.


There is a context to London's riots that can't be ignored

Police Were Ordered To Stand Down
As London Burned

"Paul you alluded to this in your article yesterday but I haven’t seen
it explicitly connected anywhere, here or in the MSM or on RT. This is
surely the police’s response to Cameron’s 20% cut in police funding."


Musa Ibrahim - government spokesman Libyan 09/08/2011 (MUST SEE) NATO
against the People


Chernobyl: 500,000 Dead
and Counting

Her Majesties Home Secretary Theresa May described the
London riots as "sheer criminality". She vowed those responsible for
looting will face justice. Where was this supercilious cow when the
Queen's bankers looted
Britain of £Trillions?

How long before the rioters get their act together and lynch this
worthless bitch along with her boss the Queen?


George 1st Ruled 1714 - 1727

Prince George Lewis was the son of Ernest Augustus Elector (King) Of
Hanover who’s fortune, land and titles he inherited.



The Queen of England
Pushes Dope

It was common knowledge before 1921, that the British Empire was the
world's leading drug trafficker in the 19th century


Mark Duggan did not shoot
at police, says IPCC

Mark Duggan, whose shooting by police sparked London's riots, did not
fire a shot at police officers before they killed him, the Independent
Police Complaints Commission said on Tuesday.


'Banker puppet govt + police brutality + betrayed youth = London riots'

Officers in London have been given permission to use rubber bullets to
disperse crowds. A top Metropolitan Police official said they're not
afraid to use any tactic necessary. But investigative journalist Tony
Gosling believes the force is in big trouble


Not one police conviction.340
deaths the last 12 years,while being arrsted or in police
custody.Mostly ethnic minorities.

bulled in the neck mark duggen



2012's Power transfer from America to _______.


TENT CITY: government will send billions, no help for americans


Prison Planet.com » Cameron to Step Down, Recognize Rioters as
Legitimate Government? (SATIRE)


Given the fine example set in Libya, it follows that the rebels who
expressed their grievances against the establishment last night by
burning and looting half of London and other cities around the UK
should swiftly be given their own embassy and declared the legitimate
government of Great Britain a...

New massacre in Zliten 88 people
all civilians 08082011

CIA, US military operating
inside Mexico’s “drug war”


The Mexican government has acknowledged that US intelligence and
military officials are deployed inside Mexico, but refused to confirm
details on their role in the country’s “drug war” for reasons of
“national security”.



Te Ching - Dao De Jing


How MI6 Sponsored Al Qaeda In Libya


Hutton And The Libyan
Black Gold Rush

(Huge Site )*



NWO is falling

Court rules
organic farmers can sue conventional, GMO farmers whose pesticides
'trespass' and contaminate their fields



Infowars Ireland
Predicted SEAL Team 6 Demise

Strange Coincidence Surrounding a Known Conspiracy

Globalists Lies: Truth
Behind Pakistan Unrest

Update on Baluchistan Violence


"Horizontal hydrofracking is means of tapping shale deposits containing
natural gas previously inaccessible by conventional drilling. Vertical
hydrofracking is used to extend life of an existing well once its
productivity starts to run out. Horizontal fracking differs in that it
uses mixture of 596 chemicals, many proprietary, and millions of
gallons of water per frack. This waterbecomes contaminated and must be


Simen Mortensen, a volunteer for the summer camp, was stationed on the
mainland side of the ferry service to Utoya. He told the Verdens Gang
newspaper that a man wearing a police uniform and a bulletproof vest
pulled up in a silver vehicle. The man was also armed with a pistol and
an automatic weapon with a telescopic lens.
"He gets out
of the car and shows identification. Says he's been sent to check on
security, that this is routine, in connection with the terrorist
attack," Mortensen said. "Everything looks fine, and a boat is called
to ferry him over to Utoya.
"After a few
minutes, we hear shooting."

» End Game for Benghazi Rebels as Libyan Tribes Prepare to Weigh in?
Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a


Tripoli, Libya – On 7/30/11, the day before this 97.5% Muslim country
began the much anticipated and cherished Holy month of Ramadan, NATO
spokesperson Roland Lavoie has been lamely attempting to explain to the
mainstream media at the Rexis Hotel, and internationally, why NATO was
forced to bomb thr...
Utøya ferry

M/S Thorbjørn


The Haz-mat response teams are assigned to Stations 6 and 9 and respond
to all types of Haz-mat emergencies within Oslo. The department's SCUBA
divers are firefighters trained and certified as professional divers.
Their primary responsibility is to recover drowning persons from the
Oslo Fjord and the lakes and rivers that run through Oslo City. The
divers are placed on the two smokediver/scubadiver units assigned to
Stations 1 and 3. The SCUBA divers are not limited to drowning
accidents just within Oslo; they also cover a large area around the
city. This is possible thanks to excellent cooperation with Norwegian
air ambulance and a police helicopter unit. The unit's state of
readiness is very high.
Norwegian Air Ambulance base is located just outside Oslo; they have
five bases in the country and cover 45 minutes flight time in each
direction, including even a small part of Sweden. They fly BO-105 and
BK-117 helicopters. The police helicopter covers a 1.5-hour flight time
from Oslo in each direction, and they use a one-engine French built
AS-350 B2.
A typical
scuba response with the helicopter happens like this: the alarm goes
off , and the divers put on their dry suits in the station; the rest of
their gear is stowed in the van and they put it on in transit. They
drive to an open field not far from the station, where they meet the
helicopter. One scuba diver and the leader of the vehicle take off with
the copter, which now contains five persons: the pilot, a
paramedic/co-pilot, a doctor, a scubadiver, and the scubadivers leader.
The van, meanwhile, heads for the same destination to serve as a


Keith's Special Comment: The Four Great Hypocrisies of the Debt Deal

An American investigative journalist uncovers how the New York Times
tried to link the Norway attack to a Muslim group that doesn’t exist
and then how it quietly pulled the story later from its online edition,
without offering an apology. Alexander Higgins, also uncovers how two
other news outlets, one American and the other British, continued to
demonize Muslims hours after a Christian extremist was arrested.

( Only he was no "Christian,Conservative. FB account faked after his
arrest )


Coverup in Oklahoma

1:47:57 - 4 years ago

This documentary examines eyewitness accounts and news media reports
documenting the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in
Oklahoma City. Included with this presentation is a video affidavit of
bombing survior Jane C. Graham and her sightings of strange individuals
in the building prior to the tragic event.



Okla. City Bombing Cover Up


Never seen from again Live footage recorded the day of the bombing
shows raw coverage of what was occuring at the scene. Do any remember
another older documentary that's been stored away inside my underground
covert VHS militia training tape vault collecting dust.
City Bombing Investigation Committee Claims Startling Evidence Proves
Government Cover-Up

Before the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon
buildings, the Oklahoma City bombing was the worse act of domestic
terrorism in the history of the United States.

For the most part, the media has accepted and promoted the government's
version of the bombing: that McVeigh--with minor assistance from Terry
Nichols--acted alone. The one-man, one-bomb scenario.
writers, though, have questioned these conclusions. Reporter James
Ridgeway, writing in The Village Voice about a week before McVeigh was
scheduled to be executed, brought up many unanswered questions. These
included: Who was the dark-skinned John Doe #1 who people testified
seeing McVeigh with on the morning of the bombing? How could McVeigh
and Nichols have built a 4,800 pound ANFO bomb on the evening before
the bombing--as the government claims--if bomb experts claim that much
more time would have been needed to do that? Could the anti-government
terrorist groups that McVeigh had connections to have collaborated in
the atrocity? Gore Vidal's article in Vanity Fair (September 2001) was
entitled The McVeigh Conspiracy. In the article, Vidal is extremely
critical of the FBI, who, he shows, failed to investigate many
promising leads that could have lead to the identity of McVeigh
accomplices. The famous journalist-novelist feels that the
McVeigh-Nichols scenario is unlikely and makes no sense. Vidal suggests
and shows evidence that McVeigh could have been working with Arab
terrorists, or anti-government terrorists, or even ("who knows?")
government agents. He suggests that even the "grandest conspiracy
theory of all" is a possibility--that McVeigh neither built nor
detonated a bomb, and is a patsy. Vidal had been exchanging letters
with McVeigh, and was one of the few people that McVeigh invited to
witness his execution. Vidal is convinced that McVeigh confessed to
something he didn't do alone--or didn't do at all--because McVeigh felt
that his lawyer had "blown" the case, and he wanted to be executed as a
martyr, a protester of government abuse, rather than face the prospect
of living in a prison cell for fifty years with the threat of rape an
everyday fear.
Charles Key
was a Oklahoma state representative from 1986-1998, during which time
he served on the Banking and Finance, Criminal Justice, and other
committees. Mr. Key served as Republican Whip during part of his
tenure. Soon after the Oklahoma City bombing, survivors and relatives
of the victims of the bombing began contacting Key to complain about
the manner in which the Federal Government was conducting the
investigation. Within hours and days of the bombing, many suspicious
facts were coming to light. So many broken-hearted families affected
directly by the bombing had unanswered questions and implored Key, in
his capacity as an elected official, to pursue further investigation
into the case. This resulted in the formation of the Oklahoma Bombing
Investigation Committee (OBIC). The OBIC--which consists of Key and
three other prominent Oklahoma citizens--was established in April 1997
to investigate matters that government agencies had refused to
consider, and to submit information to the Oklahoma County Grand Jury
which was impaneled in June 1997.
In the
winter of 2001 the OBIC released its Final Report On The Bombing Of The
Alfred P. Murrah Building April 19, 1995. The report is extremely
critical of the government and FBI. Citing government documents and the
findings of their own investigators, the OBIC claims the government has
engaged in a massive cover-up.
Some of the
most intriguing information in the Final Report--and one of the main
reasons that Key founded the OBIC--is that within a few weeks of the
bombing, the most preeminent experts on explosives--Sam Cohen and
others--were saying that the destruction of the Murrah Building could
not possibly have come from an ANFO truck bomb, and that the bomb--or
bombs--had to be inside the building. As one of these experts,
Brigadier General (USAF, ret.) Benton Partin said, "It's an entirely
different story if you had a bunch of demolition charges in the
building in contradistinction to an ammonium-nitrate truck placed out
in front of the building . . . It probably would have taken several
people to do this. And it would have taken people with access. You have
to remember that these federal buildings have guards on the gate and
they have magnetometers and everything else. So it's not only how many
people, but who had access . . . You just don't walk in off the street
through security with explosives like this."



Car bombs use
military grade explosives, not fertilizer bombs

At the Oklahoma bombing, I remember, the news started out saying it was
a fertilizer bomb carried in a van. If I remember correctly, the first
reports said 200 lbs. But then experts said that that small of an
amount wouldn't have done that much damage. The amount kept growing.
And so did the vehicle to carry it. The van grew until it became the
biggest van Ryder rented. Then it became a truck. Then the truck kept
growing until it became the biggest truck Ryder rented.
If this
Breivik used a Volkwagen crafter van to carry this bomb, most of the
vehicle would still be there. Motor, axles, transmission, rims, so on.
But the authorities will tell you it vaporized,(Like the plane that hit
the Pentagon)and most ignorant people will believe that. And most
people are ignorant of technical things. That's one reason so much
fraud can be pulled over on the generally dumb public.
At Oklahoma,
there was only a piece of fiberboard that showed any nitrate residue.
And no one would testify as to how that piece of fiberboard was found.
And then , during the trial, an expert lab woman said that the nitrate
had 'disappeared'.
Hey, have
you noticed that this story has dropped from the headlines?


Public Guardian to Expand Powers to Seize Assets


Regardless of the motives
behind Rumsfeld's protocol change on June 1, 2001—which specifically
states that the secretary of defense must approve the shooting down of
hijacked airplanes—the secretary of defense could not be found the
morning of Sept. 11, 2001, from the time the hijackings began until the
last airplane had crashed.
The Los
Angles Times reported on Aug. 13, 2004: “Rumsfeld was missing in action
that morning, 'out of the loop' by his own admission. For more than two
hours after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) became aware that
the first plane had been violently overtaken by Middle Eastern men, the
man whose job it was to order air cover over Washington did not show up
in the Pentagon's command center. It took him almost two hours to 'gain
situational awareness,' he told the commission. He didn't speak to the
vice president until 10:39 a.m., according to the report. Since that
was more than 30 minutes after the last hijacked plane crashed, it
would seem to be an admission of dereliction of duty.”
According to
the official conclusion of the 9/11 Commission, Dick Cheney, vice
president under Bush, did not authorize NORAD jetfighters to shoot down
airplanes until after the last aircraft crashed into the Pentagon
The final
report of the 9/11 Commission does not reference the protocol change
for responding to hijackings that Rumsfeld issued on June 1, 2001.
The Bush
administration repeatedly blocked the investigation into the events of
Sept. 11, 2001, according to CNN News and The New York Times.
No one in
the Bush administration has ever been held accountable for the
breakdowns of 9/11. Instead, people got promoted.
BBC now admits al qaeda never

‎* Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA. It is simply a database of names
of jihadi..


coward police abuse!!!!!!!!!! full grown man beat little girl!!!
NATO is a
threat not only to international security but also poses a direct risk
to the internal security of its member states, for in carrying out its
policy, it breaks international law, commits war crimes and panders to
the whims of the corporate lobbies who benefit from its operations,

Cartoonist Targeted with Criminal Probe for Mocking Police - News Story
- KIRO Seattle


Early reports said there were two shooters. Some witnesses said there
were two.
I don't
doubt that the police were involved. The lower lever police just
follow orders. But the higher level knows what's up. The police are
really a masonic brotherhood.
If you were
summoned to court, and got there an hour and half late, would they let
it pass?
It takes
less than five minutes to cross the water to Otoya in a power boat. And
one out of seven people in Norway have a boat. They didn't need a
helicopter. They purposely allowed time so that more could be killed.
Some were
saying that the explosion could have been a gas explosion. There really
wasn't any investigation. The explosion seems to have come from
underground. You know, an explosion set off out in the open really
doesn't do much damage. Mainly it will just blow glass windows out of
buildings, if it's close.
thing: Fertilizer bombs, which are
ammonium nitrate, leave a lot of residue. Even the professionally made
ones aren't 100% reactive. And there's a lot of nitric acid left in the
air, which burns people's eyes, and nose. Did you see any such thing?

This was brought up in the Oklahoma City bombing: People arrived within
minutes, and they didn't have to wear a mask over their face. And there
was no ammonium nitrate residues.
( Youtube )


bomb crater
attacks: a survivor's account of the Utøya massacre
An activist
from the youth labour movement describes her daring escape from Anders
Behring Breivik's bullets
Finally came
her description. He was in a police uniform and had a weapon. There
were some reports of there being two gunmen. T


As the investigation continues, security officials have cast doubt on
claims made by Breivik that he had accomplices who were still at large.


At a press conference in Oslo on Tuesday, Johan Fredrikson, the chief
of Oslo police, said that he still had no evidence that there was an
accomplice or network behind the attacks despite an international
investigation involving British police.

Oslo Bombing 7-22-11 - Inconsistencies


Bombing: Terrorists uses six tons of fertilizer ( ? )

"I tried to
call the police [on my mobile], but so did 200 others, so the system
went down. I lay down and acted as if I were dead.

( The mobile phone system
did not go down )

Police Officers Fight Each Other If They Should Beat a Handcuffed Man
Monica Bosei, 45,
had organised the Labour youth camp on the island for years, earning
her the nickname "Mother Utoya".
According to an
eyewitness, she was on the ferry that Breivik took to the island.
Sandbakken, the 19-year-old deputy chairman of the Labour party in the
city of Baerum, took the ferry and watched as Bosei engaged Breivik in
conversation. She had heard about the bombing in Oslo and was asking
questions of Breivik, who was wearing a police uniform.
"At the
beginning he stood there with a stiff back and intimated that he
wouldn't say much," Sandbakken said. "But I could see in his eyes that
it was a conversation he wasn't comfortable with."
Bosei was
suspicious. When the ferry arrived at Utoya, she walked directly to the
main house and spoke with Trond Berntsen, a former policeman who was
working as a guard at the camp. She probably wanted to share her
suspicions, Sandbakken said.
trailed Bosei. He saw what was happening, took out a gun and fatally
shot both, his first victims on the island, Sandbakken said.
Jon Olsen,
Bosei's partner, saw Breivik shoot Bosei. Bosei's 16-year-old daughter
and her friend were also present. Olsen rushed Bosei's daughter to
safety, but Breivik shot the friend.
stepbrother confronted Breivik
Berntsen, 51, was a ex-police officer who had worked in an immigration
unit and, earlier, in the drugs section of the Upper Spokes sheriff's
He was also
the stepbrother to Crown Princess Mette-Marit, whose mother had married
Berntsen's father in 1994. Berntsen and his brother had quarrelled with
Mett-Marit's mother over their father's inheritance after his death in


She was on Utoya , 16 of
age. See article=



Utøya '08


tells of Utoya shooting attack

Oslo Bombing
7-22-11 - Inconsistencies


2011 (6:36) Updated: July 28, 2011 (13:38)
It will
aftenposten.no confirmed from several key sources in several parts of
the police who are close to the investigation.
material the police have gathered from ministries, the city center and
the roads in and out of the city will, according to police, take
several weeks to investigate.
Aftenposten know that there already is confirmed within the police that
they have secured the terrorist accused Anders Behring Breivik video
images from surveillance cameras in its ministries in the minutes
before the car bomb went off at 15.26 on Friday afternoon.

multiple video images of 32-year-old claims the police they have "good
control" on his movements in the government quarter time before the car
bomb went off.
, 2011
(6:36) Updated: July 28, 2011 (13:38)
It will
aftenposten.no confirmed from several key sources in several parts of
the police who are close to the investigation.
material the police have gathered from ministries, the city center and
the roads in and out of the city will, according to police, take
several weeks to investigate.
Aftenposten know that there already is confirmed within the police that
they have secured the terrorist accused Anders Behring Breivik video
images from surveillance cameras in its ministries in the minutes
before the car bomb went off at 15.26 on Friday afternoon.


Contact him, he lives in Grubegatan


One comment on YouTube stated:
I live on this street
(Grubbegata) and in my experience leaving a car in this location would
have the guards out in a hurry even before you had time to leave the
area on foot. That actually happened to me a few months ago

when I? was carrying several bags of groceries that I had to leave on
the sidewalk for a couple of minutes while going back to catch the bags
I had left on the street corner 150m back (Grubbegata x Apotekergata).
When I got back the guard was at my bags radioing for backup

So who "allowed" the car/van (if that’s what it is) to be parked right
next to the H-Block building?

Germany Was Biggest Debt
Transgressor of 20th Century'

Police on Alert After Political Activist “Liked” Article on Facebook

The Director of Facebook is openly advocating that the government be
allowed to track everyone’s Internet usage which is a precursor to
outright censorship and the end of Freedom of Speech.


Japan's energy operator TEPCO has detected the highest level of
radiation at the Fukushima nuclear facility since the March earthquake
and Tsunami hit the pl...

GHC 468x60 v2

TSA Police
Beat Unsuspecting Girl At Airport Causing Brain Damage At Reagan
National Airport

opposition groups are financed by the Americans

WikiLeaks exposed cables from the United States embassy in Damascus
indicating that many of these groups have received millions of dollars
from Washington. The purpose was to decimate Hizbollah and put
pro-Western government in power in Beirut but the American and Israeli
machinations failed."goo.gl/A5Ltl

unmasked by pro-Syrian militants who had identified his IP, anti-Assad
activist Tom MacMaster was forced to admit that Amina Abdallah Arraf
did not exist and that his blog had been a red herring.

A U.S. postgraduate student at Edinburgh University in Scotland, Tom
MacMaster is completing his PhD studies on Syria’s economy. He is
currently in Turkey where he took part in an anti-Assad conference
calling for a NATO intervention in Syria.

"A Gay Girl in Damascus" gained a worldwide readership and was held up
by the Anglo-American press as a direct testimony of the repression in




Norway massacre: Anders Behring Breivik 'acted alone'

Huge blast
rocks newspaper office in Oslo

A witness at the scene said some windows of the VG building and the
government headquarters were broken and some people covered with blood
were lying in the street.
Public NRK
radio reported that the explosion seemed to happen near the finance
ministry, which is near the Norwegian prime minister's office and the
VG editorial offices.

At 11am the next day, the Fiat was captured by a sensor at Skoyen, in
west Oslo, a few minutes from the apartment of Breivik's mother,
driving into the centre. Four hours later, the VW passed the same spot. It was
parked at the entrance to the prime minister's office by 3.20pm, just
two minutes before the bomb went off.
8.56 Anders
Behring Breivik parked the van carrying a
half-ton bomb
a few feet from the foyer of the Norwegian
prime minister's office – the equivalent of abandoning a vehicle on the
steps of 10 Downing Street. John Bingham and Richard Alleyne report:



NATO too stupid to face reality

Never has Muammar Gaddafi been more popular with his people, or with
millions worldwide. It's obvious that the Libyan
people are a fine, noble, courageous, proud people willing to endure.
They cannot be defeated.


MASS murderer Anders Breivik's 90-minute killing spree only ended when
he ran out of ammo - forcing him to surrender to police.
Armed police
had chased the crazed gunman for half a mile across Utoya Island and
eventually cornered the chilling neo-Nazi gunman.
But as
officers prepared to shoot the 32-year-old, he calmly stopped and held
his hands up in the air.
The capture
came shortly after 6pm - two and a half hours after his orgy of
destruction had begun.
police chief Bjorn Eric Jacobsson described the arrest yesterday: "He
did not panic. He just surrendered and police arrested him. He only had
one gun that was an automatic weapon and we believe he ran out of
bullets. He was taken away immediately by officers."

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