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Link Collection April Part One

Has Trying to Balkanize Syria Boomeranged on the West?
This week brought some reflection on how, at the beginning of the ceasefire, John Kerry tried to rain on the outcome by threatening that if it was not successful the US would have to consider reverting to its plan B fallback position, a code phrase for the Balkanization of Syria.
Turkmen Leader Tells Sputnik Why Capture of Daesh-Held Border Town Matters
The Free Syrian Army won back the strategic border town of Cobanbey in Aleppo province from Daesh terrorists, an event of paramount importance, according to…
Trial of Saddam Hussein was victor’s justice’ – Ex-tribunal judge to RT
The tribunal leading to the death sentence was also regarded by many as a “political show” and “vengeful action,” with international law experts questioning its legitimacy and fairness.
Russians continue to clear ISIS mines in Palmyra, as locals return (PHOTOS)
United States of terrorism? One-third of Iraqis believe the US supports ISIS
The Office of Inspector General found that nearly “40 percent of Iraqis believe that the United States is working to destabilize Iraq and control its natural resources,” with 30 percent believing the US supports terrorism or Islamic State.
U.S. wants to revive terror scare in order to keep up the terror war industry - FBI whistleblower
"As I’ve said, you’re only looking at a brand change; you’re not looking at any kind of a new phenomenon, as far as the U.S. global perpetual warfare is concerned. "
Plutonium mess: SC wrangling with DOE over nuclear waste facility, Russia grows angry
We signed an agreement that the plutonium will be processed in a certain way, for which facilities would be purpose built,” the Russian President said during a media session. “We have met our commitments, and constructed the necessary facilities. The US has not.”
For Russia, the use of a cheaper processing method constitutes a breach of contract.
“With the dilution and disposal method, the nuclear fuel retains its breakout potential, so it can extracted, processed and weaponized again. That is not what we agreed on,” said Putin, who personally oversaw the signing of the original deal during his first term as the Russian President.
Despite Putin’s unequivocal rhetoric, Washington officials have been maintaining their best poker faces so far.
“Accommodating a new US method would not require renegotiation of the agreement.  We will not speculate on Russian intentions behind the reported remarks,” said State Department spokesperson Jennifer Bavisotto on Friday.
<Americans were borne to lie, cheat and murder! What did you expect from them?
Fo.ol me once, shame on you; fo.ol me twice, shame on me.
What don't the great powers NOT understand about the American psyche?>
Bernanke is Playing With Fire, Says Laurence Kotlikoff: The Real U.S. Debt = $222 TRILLION!
“It’s $222 trillion. Last year it was $211 trillion. We grew the deficit by $11 trillion in one year,” charges Dr. Kotlikoff.
‘Cameron shouldn’t just resign… he should be sent to prison!’ Ken Livingstone tells RT (VIDEO)
Prime Minister David Cameron should be sent to prison for profiting from shares…
WikiLeaks: US Govt Behind Panama Leaks to Attack Putin
Along with the anti-Kremlin Soros Fund, Washington funded the Panama leaks to discredit Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to WikiLeaks
Saudi Air Force struck Yemeni marketplace with US bombs – HRW
Two bombs dropped by the Saudi Arabian Air Force on a crowded marketplace in…
The Canadian government has absolutely no clue how much money it's losing to offshore tax dodgers
Why does the Canadian government still have no clue how much money it's losing to tax dodgers?
5 facts about Jaysh al-Islam, group that used chem weapons in Syria & has delegate at UN peace talks
1 Who supports it
Jaysh al-Islam is one of the two major militant groups in Syria supported by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and is part of a larger coalition called the Islamic Front. The coalition seeks to make Syria a country ruled by sharia law, exactly what its rival Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) aims to achieve.
A National Debt Of $14 Trillion? Try $211 Trillion
August 6, 2011
CrossTalk on Panama Papers: Corruption PSYOPS
<US 230 trillion in debt> <nobody  listed from Brazils workers party >
Milky Way Galaxy: Facts About Our Galactic Home
In about four billion years, the Milky Way will collide with its nearest neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy. The two are rushing towards each other at about 70 miles per second (112 km per second). When they collide, they will provide a fresh influx of material that will kick of star formation anew.
Monster black hole dazzles scientists
<200 million light years from earth>
According to the standard theory, our universe sprang into existence as "singularity" around 13.7 billion years ago.
Panama dilemma: Washington doesn’t know if leak was ‘theft,’ but approves of ‘independent journos’
Russia develops its own ‘Alibaba’ e-commerce platform
Intl community ‘two-faced’ towards Kurds, must investigate Ankara’s actions – Turkish MP
"Now, four districts are totally destroyed in Cizre. Some 10,000 houses are in a completely unlivable condition, including those buildings that did not come under shelling. Turkish troops entered those houses, marauded and made everything they could to make the buildings unlivable, on purpose," Tasdemir told Sputnik news agency, adding that "they want to clean the place from the Kurds."
ISIS massacres 175 cement plant workers captured near Damascus - reports
einartysken: Der kleine Unterschied zwischen Fascho-Äthiopien und dem sozialistischen Eritrea
‘I lived in fear, hunger & violence’: 11yo Iraqi boy reveals the horrors of being ISIS prisoner
An 11-year-old boy has been speaking of his ordeal after being held prisoner for…
Why A Kurdish Enclave in Syria Is a Very Bad Idea
A few simple reasons why PYD/YPG claims to federal autonomy and attempts to annex Syrian land are illegitimate, undemocratic, and could lead to genocide.
<Kurds are not a majority in the Area PYD/YPG are attempting to annex>
Saudi woman Gang-raped, Court Gives Her 200 Lashes And Jail Term
A court in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has sentenced a woman who was gang-raped by seven men to 200 lashes and six months in jail after being found…
Panama Papers response: Putin to declassify documents that bear some "very interesting names" --...
PMO: Israel’s Restriction of Palestinian Movement Violates Fourth Geneva Convention
New Iceland law allows jailed bankers to walk free amid Panama Papers scandal
Syrian Islamist group Jaysh al-Islam admits using banned weapons against Kurds in Aleppo
The hardline Islamist group Jaysh al-Islam is formally a member of the High Negotiations Committee (HNC) that is representing the Syrian opposition at the Geneva talks.
44 civilians killed, 74 injured in Aleppo attacks in 2 weeks – Russian MOD
'The new Switzerland': US fights tax evasion abroad while being a tax haven at home
‘Britain, pull your weight!’ UK must take EU asylum changes seriously, says Amnesty
Italian bank ready to place Russian bonds despite US & EU directives
ISIS vehicles hunted & destroyed by Russian Mi-28 helicopters in Syrian desert (MILITARY VIDEOS)
Confession of a CIA Agent: They gave us millions to dismember Yugoslavia
We bribed parties and politicians who have enticed hate between the nations. Our ultimate goal was to
Croats, Bosnians, Serbs, you have been manipulated, war was staged – Former CIA officer
Over the years, numerous former military and secret service employees have written books about their jobs
How the U.S. made dropping radioactive bombs routine
Within one or two years, grotesque birth defects spiraled. Babies with two heads. Or missing eyes, hands and legs. Or stomachs and brains inside out.
Chemical/Nuclear Warfare against Serbs: Bosnia and Kosovo : Eyewitness To Hell
The very first usage of the DU weapon started on August 31, 1995, when USA…
The Truth About Depleted Uranium
The following article appeared in  the Independent / UK, on Monday, January 8, 2001 . and it was written…
TalkingStickTV - Michael Parenti - The U.S. War on Yugoslavia
BE DEUTSCH! [Achtung! Germans on the rise!] | NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE mit Jan Böhmermann - ZDFneo
Die Welt dreht durch! Europa fühlt sich so schwach, dass es sich von 0,3% Flüchtlingen bedroht sieht, Amerika ist drauf und dran einen Mann zu wählen, bei dem niemand so genau weiß, wer unter dem Toupet die Fäden zieht und als wäre das alles noch nicht schlimm genug, muss man sich nun auch noch ausgerechnet von Deutschland darüber belehren lassen, wie man sich moralisch richtig verhält. Ausgerechnet Deutschland! Die haben noch nicht mal einen Weltkrieg gewonnen!

The world is going completely nuts! Europe feels threatened by 0.3% refugees, the USA are about to elect a man, of who no one really knows who is pulling the strings under the toupee and just as if that was not bad enough, Germany of all nations has to disabuse the world of how to behave morally right. I mean GERMANY! They did not even win one single world war in history!
Schmähkritik - Böhmermann
<Merkel und Deutschland kriechen dem Despoten und Massenmörder Erdogan und seiner islamistischen AKP in den Arsch, darum musste dieses Gedicht kommen, um einen Gegenpol zu dieser deutschen Schande zu bilden>
'Panama Papers’ company set up 1000+ businesses in USA
Mossack Fonseca, the Panamanian company at the heart of the leaked documents scandal, has set up over 1,000 businesses inside the US since 2001, highlighting the emergence of the US as an international tax haven.
US government funded Panama Papers to attack Putin – WikiLeaks
Washington is behind the recently released offshore revelations known as the Panama Papers, WikiLeaks has claimed, saying that the attack was “produced” to target Russia and President Putin.
The Plan to Break Up Syria Explained
The World’s Favorite New Tax Haven Is the United States
Dance to the Panama Papers 'Limited Hangout' Leak
Majority of Cologne NYE attackers are from Morocco, Algeria – report
Austrian President wants EU to examine ending anti-Russia sanctions
Kokain im Bundestag: 22 Toiletten positv - Lightwarriors
Drogen im Parlament sind offenbar üblich. Schon im Jahr 2000 ergab ein Test von SAT1: Auf 22 von insgesamt 28 getesteten Toiletten ließen sich Spuren von…
UN Declares Israel As Having World’s Worst Human Rights
The U.N.'s top human rights body has officially declared Israel as the world's…
Why The US Dollar Will Collapse in 28 May 2016 ?
Adam Ruins Everything - Why Wine Snobs Are Faking It
Adam Ruins Everything - The Awful Truth About Salmon and Tuna
US-Militär-Analysten, die sich weigerten Daesh zu decken, wurden entlassen
Head Of "Transparency International" In Chile Resigns After "Panama Papers" Revelations | Zero Hedge
The president of the Chilean branch of Transparency International resigned on Monday after documents from a Panamanian law firm showed he was linked to at…
Panama Papers: There’s a Logic to Every Leak
The author is a Professor at the Plekhanov Russian Economic University, and a former advisor to the Presidential Administration and Security Council
Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) fired on northern outskirt of Gorlovka 20 mines
Last night the Ukrainian military opened fire on the locality of Zaitsevo in northern outskirt of Gorlovka.  ‘The shelling of the locality of Zaitsevo started at 19:45.…
Britain should not crack down on tax havens as doing so would destroy their livelihoods, senior...
The Government should not stop British overseas territories acting as tax havens because it would destroy their livelihoods, a senior Conservative MP has argued.…
Der Weltenbummler - Kolja Spöri geht dahin wo es weh tut
"Panama Papers": Was ist eigentlich neu an diesem Skandal? Welche Intentionen stehen dahinter?
Syrian government refutes U.S. claims of killing top Nusra commander
The Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faysal Miqdad released a statement on Tuesday denying the Pentagon's claim that the U.S. Air Force killed the prominent
Türkische Kriegsschiffe erreichen Odessa im Rahmen des Türkei-Ukraine-Abkommens
Panama Papers: Hybrid War takes an unexpected turn
Analysis by J.Hawk The “Panama Papers” affair has the unmistakable hallmarks of a net-centric hybrid war operation: a disparate group...
"The beneficiaries are, without doubt, US financial firms. Panama Papers are serving notice that if one wants to engage in offshoring, in order to avoid unwanted publicity or legal scrutiny, one must do so through a major US firm with close ties to the US government, rather than some NSA-hackable British, Hong-Kong, or Swiss firm. One gets the distinctive impression that the US financial sector is trying to do away with its competition so as to centralize offshoring in its hands."
Aiden Aslin fought ISIS with Kurdish Peshmerga, now British govt wants him jailed
#PanamaPapers: What They Didn't Tell You About Putin's True Wealth
On a more serious note, Vladimir Putin's income is open to the public. According to documents published by the Kremlin in April 2015, Putin's annual income in 2014 amounted to 7,654,042 rubles (approximately $150,000). The Russian president also owns a 77-square-meter apartment, plot of land, a garage and four cars.

For comparison: US President Barack Obama is making $400,000 a year, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel's salary is said to be approximately $230,000.
Syrian forces retake Christian city of Al-Qaryatayn from ISIS after days of heavy fighting
Wikileaks Reveals IMF Plan To "Cause A Credit Event In Greece And Destabilize Europe"
Keiser Report: Curious Case of Putin's Pic in Panama Leak (E897)
Mossack Fonseca Has 441 U.S. Clients: Who Are They?
Donald Trump: Djukanovic is part of international mafia
3:40 to 4:40
Djukanovic to be Jailed after Montenegro Joins NATO
Laut den aktuellen Meldungen des Verteidigungsministeriums der Volksrepublik Donezk spiegelt die Lage an der Donbasser Kriegsfront eine Tendenz zur Verschärfung wieder, da die Ukraine — absehen von den Minsker Vereinbarungen und dem täglichen Sterben von Menschen  auf beiden (!) Seiten — die Eskalat…
Is Russia Gearing up for More Trials of War Criminals in Ukraine?
The author is a prominent political analyst, member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and the author of a recently published book “Common…
Panama Papers: Revealing details live in the gaps between the lines
Hillary as President would be Catastrophic for the U.S. and the World
Clinton is the walking, talking definition of a political prostitute, completely controlled by special interests, Israel and the shadow establishment.
Best Friends Forever: Turkey Removes 'al-Qaeda in Syria' From Terror List
Always a loyal friend, Turkey has decided to remove al-Nusra Front, the Syrian…
The CIA Just Backstabbed Obama
The CIA's plot to oust Assad has failed. Plan B: Blame Obama
Corporate Taxation Is a Fraud
Twenty-seven of the most profitable U.S. monopolies paid no corporate taxes in 2015. They include General Motors, American Airlines, United Continental, Hewlett-Packard, Loews, Xerox, News Corp, Weyerhaeuser and other well-known companies that reported substantial pre-tax profits but paid no taxes. - How Geoengineering And The Aerosal Spraying Of Our Skies Affects Our Health
Among all geoengineering schemes, those currently considered most feasible involve increasing the planetary albedo, that is, reflecting more sunlight back into…
<Excellent article!!
"NASA noted in an October 2005 newsletter, and from other study results, notes that increasingly persistent contrails are turning into man-made clouds that are ".trapping warmth in the atmosphere and exacerbating global warming." NASA goes on to note that: ".Any increase in global cloud cover will contribute to long-term changes in Earth's climate. Likewise, any change in Earth's climate may have effects on natural resources." (The Power Point Presentation begins at this point in Rosalind's presentation.)............

Dr. Wayne Evans, Atmospheric Scientist: ".You see the two contrails forming.cirrus clouds. While most natural clouds actually reflect more sunlight back into space than they supply infrared heat energy towards the earth. However, cirrus clouds are different. They actually radiate more heat energy than they reflect solar energy back into space. Therefore, cirrus clouds contribute to global warming.">
Happy Birthday, NATO: It’s time to retire!
Birthdays are always a good time to take stock of one’s achievements, make some resolutions and contemplate the road ahead. So, with NATO turning sixty-seven…
Mossack Fonseca: The Nazi, CIA And Nevada Connections... And Why It's Now Rothschild's Turn
So, in order to learn some more about the real star of this story, the Panamanian lawfirm of Mossack Fonseca, we went to Fusion which has compiled a fascinating story of the company's history, founders, and key milestone events in its life.
These include the Nazis, the CIA, Mexican drug lords, and of course, the U.S.
First, here is the Nazi and CIA connection:
In a nutshell: NATO chief vows to make US allies ramp up defense bills citing ‘Russian aggression’
<Actually they're desperate now that Russia's ground their 15 year War OF Terror to a screeching halt. They won't make it without another, bigger, war.>
<I'm 100% behind Russia on this one as well - The Military Industrial Complex are parasitic leeches !!>
<The Zionist/US MUST have an enemy to survive !! They have become increasingly pathetic - time for the people of the US and Europe to say ENOUGH !! They do nothing but attack defenceless countries ENDLESSLY !!>
<The US thought this would be a good time to come out with more BS war rhetoric while the 'Panama Papers' BS is still 'HOT' !!>
<The whole situation is as hilarious as it is frightening. NATO terrorists are now reduced to being talabearing whöres for weapons, banking and other corporations; spreading lies, misinformation and fear; leading the way to WW3 while profiteering all they can suck from taxpayers.>
[502] The Truth About Markets - 04 April 2016
Deutschland verdient an der Griechenlandkrise | Ingo Arzt, Redakteur Wirtschaft/Umwelt der taz
Zwangs-Privatisierung in Griechenland - Plusminus
What I Learned From the Panama Papers
Panama Papers: Revelations show sheer scale of UK links to off-shore tax havens
More than half of the 300,000 firms, believed to have used a single, secretive Panama-based law firm, are registered in British-administered tax havens. Second only to Hong Kong, 1,900 British firms, including banks, law firms, and company incorporators, feature as “intermediaries” between Mossack Fonesca and its clients.
IMF's Christine Lagarde spells it out: 'When the world goes downhill, we thrive' --
When we wrote earlier that based on a leaked Wikileaks transcript, which the Greek government interpreted "as revealing an IMF effort to blackmail Athens with a…
Israeli Historian: Palestinians Are Biological Descendants of Bible’s Jews
Two new articles deal with political/genetic controversies over the origins of “the Jewish…
<Semitic relates to the people from a region, not a religion>
No one is holding George Bush & Dick Cheney accountable. And that's where the problem lies.
Would any of this be happening today if we hadn’t invaded Iraq, enforced regime…
In 'Panama Papers', The Guardian Finds Imaginary Putin Link to Offshore Deals<<
The revelations are devestating for Vladimir Putin....except they have nothing to do with Vladimir Putin
‘Goebbels had less-biased articles’: Public slams MSM for Putin focus after Panama papers leak
The world’s media has been pointing at one person following a massive documents leak from a Panama law firm. But that person, President Vladimir…
<Panama Papers don't even mention Putin, but somehow they connect him., but don't mention David Cameron's father who was mentioned.>
Selective Leaks Of The #PanamaPapers Create Huge Blackmail Potential
ISIS uses European weapons, analyst
A military source said ISIS has obtained considerable quantities of weapons it uses against Syrian and Iraqi armies from Iraq's Kurdistan. The weapons incl
The greatest tax scandal in history exposes David Cameron’s own millionaire father
On 3 April 2016, the offshore tax schemes of rich and famous figures from around the world were exposed, as a media coalition released leaked documents from a Panamanian law firm. This massive leak shows just how intimately linked such dealings are with the world’s political and financial elites. Here’s how David Cameron’s father has been implicated in the ‘Panama Papers‘ scandal.
'Trained to shoot': 3k armed marshals in civilian clothing to patrol French trains
 Sections of the British public have slammed their local media outlets for ignoring the fact Prime Minister David Cameron’s father was caught up in a massive data leak involving possible tax evasion.
A huge leak of more than 11.5 million documents from a Panama-based law firm saw the British media jump to accuse President Vladimir Putin of corruption, despite the Russian president not being named in any of the papers.
BBC – Britain’s Anti-Russian Ministry of Disinformation
Graham Phillips As most anyone in the UK, from the UK, I grew up watching the BBC. Blue Peter, Friday Film Specials, and news – John Craven. Going on…
The Neocon Plan to Dismantle Russia
The Brzezinski Plan included encouraging the independence of Ukraine in order to prevent the resurrection of Imperial Russia, as well as encouraging the expansion of NATO into the Baltic states. Brzezinski’s end game is to partition Russia into three smaller countries to ensure that Russia never rises again.
$32 Trillion Hidden in Offshore Tax Havens? | Canadians for Tax Fairness
 Rich individuals and their families have as much as $32 trillion of hidden financial assets in offshore tax havens, according to a new report, The Price of Offshore Revisited from the International Tax Justice Network (TJN).  This translates into as much as $280 billion in lost income tax revenues…
Panama Papers cause Guardian to collapse into self-parody
You’d be forgiven for thinking, given the above picture, that the Panama Papers had something to do with Vladimir Putin. Maybe he was a kingpin of the whole thing. Maybe he was, at least, amo…
Biggest leak in the history of data journalism just went live, and it's about corruption of...
A massive leak of more than 11.5 million documents exposed the offshore accounts of current and former world leaders, The Center for Public Integrity reported Sunday. The investigation of the files, known as the Panama...
 <That there are no American leaders listed, despite the Bush/Noriega connections being known, tells me who is behind this "leak".>
<I notice all the mainstream western media running this story on corruption in other countries, yet they want us to believe that out of 11 million documents there are no US based elitists implicated. It's pure BS meant to distract form corruption here in the states. Where are the US fraudsters?>
HUD Wants to Make Living in a Tiny House or RV Illegal
That’s right – if this law is passed, living in a tiny house or an RV may become illegal in April of this year.
West is ‘dishonest,’ pursues policy detached from intl law – Assad
The most important lesson we have learned, but I suppose we knew it all along, is that the West is not honest. Western countries are dishonest,” Assad stressed.

The US, EU and their allies “are pursuing a policy far removed from the principles of international law and the United Nations” and because of that “it is impossible to rely upon the West to solve any issue,” he said.
TTIP – Geheimpapier übertrifft Befürchtungen! UNBEDINGT ANSCHAUEN & TEILEN!
CAMPACT schreibt: Vergangene Woche wurde ein bislang geheimes Papier der EU-Kommission veröffentlicht. Es offenbart: TTIP soll einen lang gehegten Traum…
IMF's Christine Lagarde: "When The World Goes Downhill, We Thrive"
When we wrote earlier that based on a leaked Wikileaks transcript, which the Greek government interpreted "as revealing an IMF effort to blackmail Athens with a…
Zionism, Genocide and the Colonial Tradition in Contemporary Syria
ISIS “is genocidal by self-proclamation, by ideology, and by actions.” – US Secretary of State, John Kerry. [1] “If we had to choose between ISIS and Assad, we’ll take…
The Road to Debt Deflation, Debt Peonage, and Neofeudalism
Michael Hudson
Levy Economics Institute of Bard College
February 2012
The Lies of Neoliberal Economics (or How America Became a Nation of Sharecroppers)
Brazil, Like Russia, Under Attack by Hybrid War
Color revolutions would never be enough; Exceptionalistan is always on the lookout for major strategic upgrades capable of ensuring perpetual Empire of Chaos hegemony.The ideological matrix and the modus operandi of color…
"Pardon Us For Our Country's Existence in the Middle of Your Military Bases" - Russian Foreign...
US/NATO is risking global war by embarking on its campaign to seize and…
Supercellin työntekijöiltä jättilahjoitus lastensairaalalle
Vaurastuneet pelintekijät lahjoittivat sairaalalle 3,4 miljoonaa
Supercell-miehiltä miljoonalahjoitus maahanmuuttajanuorille
Helsinki saa Supercell-peliyrityksen perustajien Me-säätiöltä 2,5 miljoonan euron lahjoituksen maahanmuuttajanuorten tukemiseen. Tavoitteena on synnyttää tukku uusia, innovatiivisia tapoja nuorten auttamiseksi sekä muuttaa synkkiä koulutustilastoja.
Trump says NATO ‘obsolete,’ Okays its break-up
Raportti: Suomi kärsinyt Venäjä-pakotteista enemmän kuin Venäjä itse
Venäjä-pakotteet kirpaisevat Suomea odotettuakin pahemmin. Keskiviikkona julkaistun Transatlantic Economy –raportin mukaan yhdysvaltalaiset yritykset ovat…
NYPD Says Brooklyn Man Killed by Cop While Legally Crossing Street Was at Fault Because He...
The NYPD has claimed that an officer who killed a pedestrian within a crosswalk…
US Challenges China, Tests Sovereignty in South China Sea
Sanction NYT now, Russia suggests after Ukraine pres. accuses newspaper of 'hybrid war'
Ausweg aus Krieg, Crash und Krisen?
<Politik, ein Verbrecherhaufen einigt sich untereinander>
Lavrov: Washington Publishes Misleading Information About US-Russian Discussions on Crisis...
1 April، 2016 Moscow, SANA Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced on Friday that Washington is publishing misleading information about the content…
Doctors whitewash killing of infant who died after 8 simultaneous vaccinations | We Are Change
Out of shame, doctors at a California hospital hid the body of an infant whose sudden death was believed to have been caused by eight simultaneous…
False flag expert & TFR favorite, Jim Fetzer is back with a new book on the Boston Marathon Bombing, “Nobody Died at Boston, Either.”— the third part of his trilogy challenging the stories of Sandy Hook and NASA’s moon landing. Always provocative and compelling, Fetzer rips apart the psy-op tableau of the Boston Marathon Bombing focusing on the hard details and blatant media participation first in the terrorist drill, then bombardments of propaganda converting the event into real-life terrorism. You’ve got to know Fetzer’s work to grasp the scope of wide-eyed government deceptions that are consuming popular culture. It’s the modern day equivalent of the “Devil made me do it!”
Top Commodity: Russia Has Its Hands Full With S-400 Orders
On this day in 1991: US bombs “Highway of Death”
The indiscriminate bombing of tens of thousands of Iraqi troops and civilians retreating from Kuwait is one of the most heinous war crimes in history.
75% of Ferguson Citizens Have Arrest Warrant
In the wake of the FBI's scathing report on the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department, there is one very important detail that has largely been glossed over
CIA left explosive material on Loudoun school bus after training exercise
Bus ferried students to and from school this week, but officials say explosive…
Who’s airbrushing reality? The information war against RT
The propaganda war waged against media that broadcast in the West and that…
"The threat to ‘European security’ such as it is, doesn’t come from Russia or ‘Kremlin-funded’ media, but from the West’s own disastrous neocon foreign policies and the wars of choice it waged in the Middle East. It’s not Russian agents blowing up innocent Europeans as they enter airports or sit at cafes, but members of a terrorist death cult that Russia, together with the Syrian Army, has been fighting successfully in Syria. When it comes to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), and the terror the group is bringing to Europe, we must never forget the declassified secret US intelligence document from August 2012, which declared the “possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality” in Syria was “exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime.”
Risk of nuclear war higher than ever – author
Christoph Hörstel Ich verließ ARD=ZDF weil ich nie mehr zuviel Lügerei mitorganisieren wollte YouT
<Das Gespräch war vor 2013.>
USA tuo 250 tankkia ja 4 200 sotilasta Venäjän rajalle – "meidän on pakko reagoida"
Shoplifter facing 20 years to life after stealing $31 worth of candy
Saudi Arabia’s Slaughter Of Yemen Fueled By Oil Interests Not Democracy
More than 8,900 people have died in the year-long Western-backed Saudi onslaught against Yemen. The kingdom says it’s fighting to promote democracy and to save Yemen from Iran, but analysis of the actions of its lethal coalition reveal another side to the story.
Saudi War on Yemen: Nearly 10,000 People Killed, Over 320,000 Children Starving
According to a report from UNICEF, the bombing campaign has taken an extraordinary toll on the civilian population in Yemen: “Attacks on schools and…
Hut ab - Schröder rechnet ab: Merkels Russland Hetze und die Kriegstreiber-Politik gehen zu weit
Er sagte, er kenne „niemanden, auch nicht in Russland, der so verrückt wäre, es auch nur in Erwägung zu ziehen, die territoriale Integrität Polens oder der baltischen Staaten infrage zu stellen.” Er betonte: „Mit dem Ende der Sowjetunion hat der Warschauer Pakt aufgehört zu existieren, während die NATO nicht nur weiterbestand, sondern sich erheblich nach Osten ausgedehnt hat.”
Syria: What's Next for the Russian Steamroller?
The Russian military has conducted its campaign in Syria in a carefully planned and methodical way in line with Russia's military traditions and the practice of its General Staff
Putin Aide Details Russia's Gameplan Against the Empire
The Empire's debt casino is unsustainable and the ruling oligarchy sees war as the only way to salvage their hegemony
Beijing May Keep Nuclear Missiles on Ready Alert
As China develops its next-generation intercontinental ballistic missile, the military may also implement a new plan to keep the country’s nuclear arsenal on…
Mausfeld Warum schweigen die Lämmer, mit besserer Tonqualität. Herzlichen Dank an Wolfgang Bley.
ARD-Chefredakteur Kai Gniffke kündigt vor laufender Kamera: “Ich kann diese Lügen nicht mehr ertragen.”
Überraschende Erklärung des Chefredakteurs ARD-aktuell Kai Gniffke in der 12.00 Uhr “tagesschau”.
“Ich kann diese Lügen und Manipulationen der deutschen Öffentlichkeit nicht länger ertragen und erkläre deshalb hiermit meine sofortige Kündigung.”
In Syria, Russia Has Taught 'Cowardly Western Democracies' a Lesson
The Russian military operation in Syria has taught the 'cowardly democracies' of the West a striking lesson: that Islamists understand only the language of force. That's according to Le Figaro. At the same time, the paper says, Vladimir Putin refuses to hide behind flowery definitions, and calls a spade a spade in relation to the terrorists.
Obama warns of terrorists groups like ISIL getting nuclear bomb
Palmyra mass grave: Tortured women & children among dozens of ISIS victims unearthed by Syrian Army
The Syrian Army is unearthing a mass grave consisting of at least 40 corpses, many of them women and children. They were butchered by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in the recently liberated ancient city of Palmyra.
Assad has no issue with Christians in Syria. the Syrian capital is highly westernised and secular. The so called Syrian rebels are in fact Sunni Salifist Muslims funded by the Saudi's who want to spread their vile version of Islam into Syria.
United States incarceration rate
In October 2013, the incarceration rate of the United States of America was the highest in the world, at 716 per 100,000 of the national population. While the United States represents about 4.4 percent of the world's population, it houses around 22 percent of the world's prisoners.
Land of the Free? US Has 25 Percent of the World’s Prisoners
Why Western Media Try to Downplay the Importance of Palmyra's Liberation
Following the liberation of historic Palmyra, "the pearl of the desert," by the Syrian…
<I remember it took Daesh 6 hours to get to Palmyra in heavily armed Toyota convoy that the US coalition could have wiped out but decided not to. Today after Palmyra was liberated by a joint Russian-Iranian-Syrian effort, the same Western voices that celebrated the occupation of Palmyra are grieving for its liberation.>
ISIS bomb & chemical weapons ‘research center’ in Mosul barely targeted in US strikes
Tutkimus: Hennalan vankileirillä tapettiin mielivaltaisesti yli 200 naista – nuorimmat 14-vuotiaita
Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections (Full Length)
Uncounted - Clint Curtis: Million Dollar Programmer
Rigged USA Elections Exposed
Computer Programmer testifies that Tom Feeney (Speaker of the Houe of Florida at…
Russia calls on US, UK to disclose abuses during ‘war on terror’
 Maintaining the integrity of the judicial system is a cornerstone in ensuring fundamental human rights and freedoms, especially for those, who were persecuted when legal proceedings were bypassed or under a political pretext.

On March 23 at the 31st session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) a Russian draft resolution called Judicial System Integrity was adopted by consensus. The resolution was co-sponsored by Algeria, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco and Venezuela. This is an example of the key role UNHRC member states play in strengthening the legal human rights framework.
Who Loses in Palmyra?
CIA Agents To Troll Alternative Media Sites In Huge Propaganda Program
The CIA are expanding an existing program that influences mainstream media…
Protein Intake – How Much Protein Should You Eat Per Day?
The DRI (Dietary Reference Intake) is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, or 0.36 grams per pound
10 Magnesium-Rich Foods That Are Super Healthy
Bottom Line: Bananas are a good source of several nutrients. One large banana has 9% of the recommended daily intake of magnesium.
<If I eat 10 bananas I can't after that eat anything else on that day and just to get enoughmagnesium. Think>
13 Foods That Cause Bloating (and What to Eat Instead)
Turkey is key supplier of weapons, military hardware to ISIS - Russian envoy to UN
ORF-Doku: 9/11 was steckt wirklich dahinter? (1:43mins) [2009]
Israel acknowledges it is helping Syrian rebel fighters
Defense minister says Jerusalem assists insurgents in exchange for promise Druze will be kept out of harm’s way
UK Court finds 7/7 was false flag secret service
London Bombings done by UK Government
Anthony John Hill, “Maud dib” Found Not Guilty for Exposing 7/7 “Inside Job”
“The story has been censored from the American media. Few Americans know of or remember the “British 9/11.” Fewer still are aware that a powerful legal case has been made showing full government complicity in the planning and execution of the attack and the extent the British government has gone to in order to suppress information about one of the worst kept secrets in history.
Brazilian Democracy Thrown to the Dogs
Pepe ESCOBAR: It took only 3 minutes for a bunch of lowly crooks – more known for excelling in corruption than competent administration – to (literally) throw young but vibrant Brazilian democracy to the dogs...
How Did the Islamic State Capture Raqqa?
While most of humanity rejoices the liberation of Palmyra, some Western pundits have trouble deciding which is worse, the Islamic State or 'Assad'. After the most hardcore of the West's warmongerin...
PETRI KROHN: But how did the Islamic State capture its capital, Raqqa? It did not. Raqqa was captured in March 2013 by Syrian rebels, i.e. “FSA” and their al-Nusra Front allies. Most likely the operation happened like the capture of Idlib in March 2015, under the command of a US operations room in Turkey and with full access to real time American satellite imagery. The Wikipedia article on the battle has more details:
US-Unterstützung für ISIS geht weiter
Mittlerweile wird es überdeutlich, dass die USA in ihrer Anti-ISIS-Politik eine Doppelstrategie anwenden. So wird die Terrormiliz im verbündeten Irak bekämpft und in Syrien im Kampf gegen Assad offen unterstützt. Berichte über Waffenlieferungen an den ISIS belegen das erneut.
ISIS und 9/11 sind zu 100% eine CIA-Operation
»Das ist ein Kriegsverbrechen« - junge Welt -
US-Flugzeuge bombardierten die Universität von Mossul. Mindestens 90 Menschen wurden dabei getötet. Ein Gespräch mit Dr. Souad Naij Al-Azzawi
Assad says Turkish troops fighting in Syria
The Turkish army is currently fighting in Syria and the country is ready to respond to the aggression, Syrian President Bashar Assad said in an exclusive interview with Sputnik.
Stephen F. Cohen: Palmyra -- Why Is Obama Silent on ISIS' Biggest Defeat to Date? (Audio Podcast)
No congratualations were forthcoming from the White House
Russia to Answer Asymmetrically to NATO Major Build–Up in Europe
Russia will not passively watch the US and NATO build-up in Europe and will provide an asymmetrical response, which will be highly efficient, not elaborately…
>How do you stop Russian aggression in neighboring countries? By flying US troops, material and weapons over the Atlantic and positioning them along the western Russian borders. Maybe Russia should fly equal amounts of material and weapons and position them in Cuba and Venezuela and other Latin-American countries to deter US aggression.

On Wednesday, the Pentagon revealed its plans to position American troops, tanks and other armored vehicles full-time along NATO’s eastern borders to deter so-called "Russian aggression," in what would be the first such deployment since the end of the Cold War.>




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