Friday, September 30, 2016

September Links Part Three

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Hillary failed as secretary of state — why would president be any different? | Global politics
Hillary Clinton boasts that her experience traveling to 112 countries as secretary of state qualifies her to be president. Don’t believe it. Evidence shows she left the…
Research shows Monsanto herbicide obliterates soil nutrients, disrupting essential ecosystems
<Gee, I thought it was something important, like the baseball game being rained out>
FBI director received millions from Clinton Foundation,his brother's law firm does Clinton's taxes
A review of FBI Director James Comey’s professional history and relationships shows that the Obama cabinet leader — now under fire for his handling of the…
Washington 'Dealing Deadly Blows to Hopes of Peace in Syria'
"An infantilized public will believe that 'geopolitics' and 'national sovereignty' are just big words that don't mean anything… It will never occur to an infantilized public that the war to destroy Syria has been planned for years — even though someone like General Wesley Clark revealed this years ago," the American political writer stressed.
Man spends 31 years in prison on false rape conviction, fights to be exonerated
After spending over three decades in prison, Lawrence McKinney was released in 2009 after DNA evidence proved he was not guilty. However, his second attempt to have the conviction reversed and possibly receive compensation from Tennessee has been denied.
<Black man gets 100 years sentence for rape while white man gets 6 months and gets out after 3 months. What a disgusting place the US is.>
Iran & Italy hold joint drills in strategic Strait of Hormuz, despite recent US military incidents
Vietnam: Filipino president terminates joint US drills, announces Russia trip
Shimon Peres: Israeli war criminal whose victims the West ignored
Black man fatally shot by El Cajon Police was unarmed, pointing e-cigarette
‘Military-style’ armed police arrest 20+ Dakota Access protesters
Hysteria at UN Betrays Western Terror Sponsors | Global politics
Hysteria and histrionics at the United Nations Security Council from the three permanent members, the United States, Britain and France, was tantamount to a signed confession. Ironically, one can imagine how the wording of such a «confession» would go: We. Al Qaeda. Syria. US. Strategic Culture F...
Russian MoD: We’re ready for Syria dialogue with US, but threats against our military unacceptable
<“The duration [seven days] seems to be specifically chosen for solving such problems [as regrouping], so a seven-day ceasefire is not acceptable to us, however the proposals for 48-hour breaks are still on the table,” Ryabkov said.>
Science Says Silence Is Much More Important To Our Brains Than We Think
Silence may allow your brain to rejuvenate leaving you feeling a new freedom
Buk missile producer: JIT probe lacks tech proof, experiments showed MH17 downed from Kiev-held area
Buk missile producer Almaz-Antey has told RIA Novosti that three of its…
<This is more information the investigators refuse to take into account, along with never asking for Black Box, air traffic controllers DATA.
To make it even worse they never picked up the whole parts of the plane after the crash. The Ukrainian government made it literally impossible at first by still attacking the area where the plane went done. Yet when the site was clear, the investigators still left debris lying all over the place.
Local people were giving in what they found for months, yet the investigators still haven't collected them. >
Kerry: If Russia Doesn't Back Down From Aleppo...We Will Sit in a Corner and Pout
While "anonymous US officials" are threatening to flood Syria with anti-aircraft…
<Ahh poor baby. Daddy can't save his little, head chopping, women raping, women and child selling, moderate terrorists.>
US holds world hostage to political ‘reality show’ – Zakharova
Washington’s foreign policy is driven by hysteria and resembles a “reality show” in which nobody cares about facts and resorts to old cliches and attacks on Russia to gain international and domestic political capital, said Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman.
Terrorists mull ‘chemical attack’ in Aleppo to frame Syrian govt – Russia’s Defense Ministry
Terrorist groups in Syria might use chemical weapons against civilians and the army in Aleppo in order to pin the blame for the atrocities on Damascus and further undermine the crumbling peace process in the war-torn country, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
‘Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags’: US warns Moscow if Syria violence goes on
Paul says moreover the US has no “moral authority” to be in Syria and has been violating its own laws.
“It’s not a proper function – we don’t have the moral authority. We haven’t followed our own laws that said that we should not be involved in war and [the] overthrow of governments without a declaration of war,” he said.
<Kirby the Whitehouse spokesperson saying stuff about Russians returning home in body bags, for not allowing their terrorists to continue head chopping, raping, stealing and sell women, shows how sick the USA has become.>
‘Ukraine fully responsible for security of its own airspace’ – MH17 victims’ lawyer to RT
“Our argument is that the Ukrainian government was completely aware of what happened on the ground, that there was a separatist movement. They obviously knew about the equipment they had. That the equipment could reach higher altitudes, because the government closed the airspace two days before the downing of MH17. It closed the airspace after the level of 6,600 meters which is not enough because given the size of the danger the whole airspace should have been closed,”
<4 million Muslims killed since the false flag of 9/11. The Ukrainian junta blamed Russia and had a picture of the "Russian" buk on their website. Buk 312 but buk 312 was a Ukrainian buk and not even in working order. Then they lied that they had no buk and no military planes in the vicinity but eye witnesses ( reported in the deleted BBC video ) saw Ukrainian military planes near MH-17.>
US Propaganda Machine Now in Overdrive to Fight Russia in Syria
Over the weekend the Western press is blasting Russia and Syria for alleged war…
US-backed rebels now equipped with advanced rocket launchers
US-backed rebels attacked – for the first time – the Syrian Army positions in Handarat Refugee Camp in northeast Aleppo with barrages of BM-21 missiles (Gr
Madeleine Albright - The deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it for Iraq's non existent WMD's
Julian Assange says "1,700 emails in Hillary Clinton’s collection" proves she sold weapons to ISIS in Syria [Video]
JW: Obama Admin Knew About Benghazi Before It Happened
Administration knew three months before the November 2012 presidential election of ISIS plans to establish a caliphate in Iraq
Administration knew of arms being shipped from Benghazi to Syria
2012 Defense Intelligence Agency document: West will facilitate rise of Islamic State “in order to isolate the Syrian regime”
BREAKING: SAA and Russia Destroy Two Al-Nusra Offensives as Ceasefire Collapses
September 20th, 2016 - Fort Russ News - - RIA and Reuters - edited with text by J. Flores - At about 10:00 am Syrian time today, S...
The United Nations 2030 Agenda decoded: It's a blueprint for the global enslavement of humanity under the boot of corporate masters
US in Syria: How to Build a Terror-State | New Eastern Outlook
28.09.2016 Author: Tony Cartalucci US in Syria: How to Build a Terror-State Column: Politics Region: Middle East Country: Syria A nation is its institutions, and should…
Putin Ups the Ante: Ceasefire Sabotage Triggers Major Offensive in Aleppo
“Syria is the summation of all the errors of a dysfunctional empire collapsing upon…
Buk missile producer: JIT probe lacks tech proof, experiments showed MH17 downed from Kiev-held area
Buk missile producer Almaz-Antey has told RIA Novosti that three of its…
US is Arming Al Qaeda Rebels with Portable "Anti-Aircraft Missiles" (MANPADS) to be Used against Russian Air Force
PressTV-‘US Air Force losing edge to Russia, China’
The US Air Force no longer holds a notable advantage over Chinese and Russian technologies, a report suggests.
‘Clinton-Trump debate shows emptiness, vapidity of US political election cycle'
<Straight-faced, tongue in cheek, Hillary meant to decry Trump as a dangerous finger on the red button, while she spends her time threatening Russia and insulting its president, and also pledging to an all-out war in Syria, risking a clash with nuclear-armed Russia. And all this when Trump's foreign-policy is quasi pacifist, suggesting to cool down the tension created by Clinton's warmongering gang.>
US not arming Nusra, but our allies might – State Dept
Dutch Joint Investigation Team Presents First Results of MH17 Crash Probe
<Whitewashing the Kiev fascists. So when the Kiev fascists refused to share the radar data and the control tower data with the investigators, they were in fact protecting Russia, that country they love so much. And we can say the same thing about the US satellites data. We all know that the US will never publish data that will harm Russia.
"We have determined that the weapon arrived from Russia. Having established this, we are not making statements about the role of Russia as a state or people from Russia," JIT chief and Dutch prosecutor Fred Westerbeke said.>
LOL ! Buk was smuggled into Ukraine from Russia and then smuggled back to Russia upon downing MH17, seriously only a complete imbec/ile would believe such a story, knowing that an entire Ukrainian army had planes and BUK's in the vicinity.

God what an awful lies and botched "investigation".
MH17 shot down by rebels using Buk system brought from Russia – int’l investigators
Russia denied the accusations on numerous occasions. It also challenged Kiev’s claims that Ukraine had neither warplanes nor Buk systems in the area by producing public satellite and radar images showing evidence to the contrary.
Outrage As Facebook Closes Multiple Politial Activists Accounts
Anger comes weeks after Israel and Facebook reportedly penned a deal to limit…
Ein Patent, das Monsanto vernichten und die Welt verändern könnte – The Patent That Could Destroy Monsanto And Change The World…
Maailman vaarallisin pankki – tätä ei voi päästää nurin
Saksan suurin pankki Deutsche Bank on IMF:n mukaan maailman suurin finanssiriskin lähde. Nyt se on pahemmassa kuin pinteessä, mutta myös liian suuri ja liian vaarallinen kaatumaan. Mutta kuka estää?
British Parliament Concludes US & Vassals Lied About Gaddafi & Libya -
British Parliament Concludes US & Vassals Lied About Gaddafi & Libya Parliamentary Report Confirms What the Alternative Media Has Been Saying for Years htt
WikiLeaks CONFIRMS Hillary Sold Weapons to ISIS... Then Drops Another BOMBSHELL! Breaking News
Hillary Clinton is doomed...
Clinton Was Director Of Company That Donated Money To ISIS
Wikileaks have released documents proving that Hillary Clinton took $100,000 of…
<It’s doubtful that the plane flew 100 miles after it was struck by the missile or shrapnel from the missile. The BUK surface to air missile allegedly used has an exceptionally large warhead meaning that the damage to the airplane would have been catastrophic especially that the altitude being quoted on the news service (<33,000 feet).
The plane almost certainly would have begun to disintegrate shortly after the explosion and even traveling at its maximum airspeed it would have begun to tumble in midair and then fall to Earth over a relatively compact area. I would suggest waiting for several days to a week while the investigation gets underway and more detailed information is released.>
Cop Quietly Given Back Job After Executing Handcuffed Man on Video
A former police officer was just given his job back after he shot a...
‘Nightmare movie in my head’: Relative of MH17 victims to RT ahead of Dutch report
Huge Drop In Flu Cases Tied To…Less Flu Shots.
Flu shot propaganda season is under way. Read this report first.
    PressTV-‘US media coverage of Syria full of lies’
    US and Western media coverage of Russia and Syria consists of virtually nothing but lies, an American
UN Peace Council: The US media is lying to the American people. The war in Syria is not a civil war, it's a proxy invasion by the United States
'Something Very Serious Transpired' Between Russia and US Over Syria
The current "level of violence in verbal attacks" on Russia at the UN is…
Russia speaks at UN Security Council: 'Al Qaeda receiving tanks and heavy weapons from US coalition'
Russia’s envoy to the UN, Vitaly Churkin says, "The ceasefire can only be salvaged now on a collective basis."
RT takes home 7 Lovies – Europe's prestigious digital media awards
The professional jury – with representatives from Google, Twitter and the Huffington Post among them – awarded RT prizes in four categories. RT also received three more awards in ‘The People’s Lovie’ audience vote.
Moscow Makes Public Full Text of Russia-US Deal on Syria
Moscow made the full text of the Russia-US deal on Syria public, the Russian…
U.S. Says Russia Bombed Convoy Even If It Didn’t
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joe Dunford, lobbed the first nonsensical claim to the Senate Armed Services Committee when he stated that, “There is no doubt in my mind that the Russians are responsible, we just don’t know whose aircraft dropped the bombs.”
Really? How do you know the Russians bombed a convoy if you admittedly don’t know who dropped the bombs?
Dunford even stated “I don’t have the facts.”
AV4 - F William Engdahl - Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order
<America’s grand strategy was revealed in the 1998 US Space Command document, ‘Vision for 2020’. It called for “Full Spectrum Dominance”, including the pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons. In 2000, the Project for a New American Century released ‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses’. It said: “…the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbour.” Exactly one year later, America got its ‘new Pearl Harbour’…>
Physician warns Hillary suffering post-concussion syndrome
Confusion, headaches, dizziness could be result of concussion
William Engdahl A Brain damaged US President with Finger on the Nuclear Button?
US fracked gas blamed for ‘human suffering, environmental destruction’ arrives in UK
<Oklahoma is now the earthquake capital of the US due to fracking.  It has more earthquakes than all the other states combined, including California.    Before fracking the average amount of earthquakes in Oklahoma was 2 per year.  In 2015 there was over 585 quakes above 3.0! What a stupid idea!>
Why the recent developments in Syria show that the Obama Administration is in a state of confused agony
Trump will probably want to meet Putin for a major negotiations session involving all the key outstanding issues between the USA and Russia.  If Hillary and her Neocons make it into the White House then some kind of war between Russia and the USA will become almost impossible to prevent.
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Life Returns to Areas of Aleppo Liberated by Syrian Army
“All factories and shops were looted by the militants of al-Nusra Front, who sold everything to Turkish merchants for a small price. Now it will be difficult to recover all of that in a short time period,” Abu Mohammed said.
<Images the BBC refuse to show, as it goes against their pro Daesh narrative.>
NBC Crank Lester Holt Interrupted Trump 41 times, Hillary 7 Times ...And Lied About His Positions
On Monday Republican Donald Trump debated Democrat NBC crank Lester Holt and scandal-plagued Democrat Hillary Clinton. Holt interrupted Donald Trump ...
Washington Accuses Russia of 'Barbarism' When US 'Friends Ruined Half of Syria'
US envoy to the UN Samantha Power accused Russia of what she described as…
Washington Tries to Break BRICS – Rape of Brazil Begins
Washington Tries to Break BRICS – Rape of Brazil Begins | New Eastern Outlook
24.09.2016 Author: F. William Engdahl Washington Tries to Break BRICS – Rape…
Libya War Was Based on Lies, Bogus Intelligence, NATO Supported and Armed the Rebels. British Parliamentary Report
U.K. Parliament report details how NATO’s 2011 war in Libya was based on lies
British investigation: Gaddafi was not going to massacre civilians; Western bombing made Islamist extremism worse
On the Anniversary of the Murder of Qaddafi: LaRouche's Statement Defined the Issue
The following statement was issued in response to a question from a Russian journalist about the murder of…
So the USA, Britain and France, call the UN security meeting on Syria and like a bunch of drama queens, decided to walk out.
Exactly what was the point of calling for the meeting if you were not adult enough to stay and listen to the other points of view.
The western countries are behaving as you would expect spoilt children too, rather than international diplomats representing their nations, on the world stage.
France's Allegations Against Russia Shows Paris 'Lacks Sovereign Foreign Policy'
On Sunday, during an emergency UN Security Council meeting on Syria, French Foreign Minister and France’s envoy to the UN lambasted the Syrian government…
Wealthy Gulf states may arm Syrian rebels to ‘get the Russians to back off’ - US officials
The Russian Defense Ministry stated that Russian and Syrian warplanes did not launch airstrikes on the aid convoy that was attacked en route to Aleppo. The ministry added that only militants who control the area had information regarding the location of the convoy.
M of A - Todenhöfer: Interview With Al-Nusra Commander "The Americans stand on our side"
This interview by Jürgen Todenhöfer was first published in German on September 26 2016 by the Kölner Stadtanzeiger, a major newspaper in the Cologne region of Germany. (The interview was copied and translated to English by Bernhard for educational and academic purposes.)
Damascus has proof US talked to ISIS militants ahead of airstrike on Syrian forces – lawmaker
Damascus has a recording of conversations between the American military and…
Report: Syrian Govt Has Audio Of U.S. Conversation With ISIS Before Attack On Syrian Military
Statements suggest that the conversation recorded by the Syrian govt will definitively show coordination between the U.S. and ISIS against Syria.
Audiobeweise: USA sprachen Luftangriff auf syrische Armee mit IS ab – Damaskus
Syriens Geheimdienst hat Audiobeweise für Verhandlungen zwischen der…
The Order has been given: Shoot Down Russian Jet within 72 Hours
The order has been given: US Forces inside Syria have been told to SHOOT DOWN A RUSSIAN JET within 72 Hours and claim it was “threatening US Forces” in Syria.
<??? true or not? BS. First mentioned on  August 23>
Daniel Patrick Welch interview with RT International on UNSC meeting
‘Almost all EU states could follow UK, leave union’ – French MP
True Islam - Authority
True Islam is derived from the Quran and not from the traditions or cultures of Muslim people
4- For citizens, they must obey the established authorities (e.g. the courts, the police, etc). They must obey the law of the land as long as it does not violate God's law.
Any man-made religious "fatwa" is in violation of God's exclusive right as the Only Law Maker.
Sicherheitskreise: Bis zu 50.000 Tote
Nach offiziellen Angaben hat der Krieg im Osten der Ukraine bislang 1200 Soldaten und 5400 Zivilisten das Leben gekostet. Deutsche Sicherheitskreise glauben aber: Es dürften fast zehn Mal so viele sein.
50,000 casualties in Ukraine? German intel calls Kiev’s 6k toll ‘not credible’
8 Feb, 2015 13:53
‘Americans are on our side’: Al-Nusra commander says US arming jihadists via 3rd countries
Al Ezz said that Jabhat Al-Nusra “won battles thanks to TOW rockets. Due to these rockets, we reached a balance with the regime. Our tanks came from Libya via Turkey, joined by the [BM-21] multiple rocket launchers,” he said.

The government forces have an advantage because of aircraft and missile launchers, but “we have the American-made TOW missiles, and the situation in some areas is under control,” Al Ezz added.
Todenhöfer: Interview With Al-Nusra Commander "The Americans stand on our side"
What you did in Iraq & Libya is the real barbarism – Russian FM spox rebukes US envoy to UN
The US envoy to the UN, who recently called Russia's actions in Syria “barbarism,”…
“Nobody believes in it, everyone knows we were training rebels working in terrorist organizations” [U.S. Special Forces feel they serve America best by passively…
Russia at UNSC: US Decision To Reshape Middle East is the Original Cause of Syria's Suffering
Russian MoD Presents Radar Data From MH17 Crash Site
Still waiting for the results of the Black Box being held in Farnborough England since August 2014. The voice and data recording from the Ukrainian air traffic control, which was responsible for the direction of the plane, along with the height it was told to fly at.

The International Civil Aviation Authority has been responsible for the investigation for all civilian air traffic disasters, I have known all my life. They do demand Black Box and air traffic control information.

How these people are using some Dutch body with no aircraft accident experience, who are still not demanding the Black Box or Air Traffic control data, to be call any results as of any use, is a mystery to me and a BIG FUCKING PISS TAKE, out of the relatives of the passengers who have lost their life's?
US Armed Forces Apparently Do Not Obey Obama's Orders on Syria - Lavrov
‘Samantha Power scared of RT because it gets truth across’
US mainstream media are stenographers for the White House and State Department and don’t cover some crucial issues. With a sizable readership and viewership RT…
Watch Samantha Power defend Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria during her Security Council speech
Western Media Blames Russia, Syria For Attack On UN Convoy; Video and Photos Tell Different Story
Despite having immediately claimed that the attacks were airstrikes, the UN was forced to walk back its assertions after the Russian explanation.
UK accused of blocking UN inquiry into claim of war crimes in Yemen
Human rights groups say UK is putting arms sales to Saudi Arabia before investigations into civilian deaths from coalition bombings
Damascus Has Audio of Daesh Talks With US Military Before Strike on Syrian Army
Pentagon 'Had no Intention of Implementing' Main Part of Russia-US Deal on Syria
The US-led coalition airstrike on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) besieged in the city…
'Americans Are on Our Side': Al-Nusra Front Allegedly Receiving Weapons From US
An unnamed senior al-Nusra Front commander told journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer that the group, considered to be terrorist by the United States, Russia, as well as the United Nations, has received weapons, particularly the BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missiles, from the US, German weekly news magazine Focus reported.
Russian radar data shows no missile attack on MH17 from rebel side, indicates Ukraine involvement
<All Washington MSM propaganda attacks against Russia is based on psychological warfare identical to the methods used by what Joseph Goebbels Nazi propaganda minister in WW II described : Accuse the other side of that which you're guilty of. Again the neocons in Washington prove to support fascism and certainly NOT democracy as we see in Ukraine and Middle East.>'s_vengeful_war_on_marijuana
Richard Nixon's Vengeful War on Marijuana
President Nixon saw it as a way to hit back against pot-smoking Vietnam protesters, and presidents since have feared being smeared as "soft on drugs."
Bob Marley - Why they don't want you smoking weed.
The Three Harpies are Back!
Deutsche Bank shares plummet to record low as Merkel rules out bailout
The bank has lost over 52 percent of its value since January and over 56 percent in the last twelve months. Earnings per share fell as much as €6.
The US Road Map to Balkanize Syria
Obama is Protecting the Terrorists, America to the Rescue of ISIS-ISIL-Daesh. Testimonies of Syrian Soldiers Who Witnessed the US Airstrikes
Syria's Message to the UN General Assembly and the World. US Airstrikes in Support of the ISIS-Daesh Terrorists
Pentagon Announce They Are Arming Al Qaeda To Oust Assad
The Pentagon has announced that it is protecting and arming Al Qaeda/Al Nusra…
Выступление Постпреда Сирии при ООН 25.09.16
Syrian Army reinforcements pour into Golan Heights ahead of planned offensive
GOLAN HEIGHTS, SYRIA (10:25 A.M.) - A large contingent from the Syrian Arab Army's 4th Mechanized Division arrived in the Golan Heights region of Al-Quneit
Battle for Aleppo: US-Backed Rebels Shut Off Water for 1.5 Million Civilians
The so-called "moderate" rebels turned off the water to 1.5 million civilians living in…
Syrian Ceasefire Failed 'Because Some in Washington Wanted It to Fail'
This has become clear in the last two weeks when Russian and American diplomats made a major effort to bring peace to the embattled Arab country. The Lavrov-Kerry deal paved the way for a large-scale ceasefire that did not hold since US-backed rebels violated the secession of hostilities more than 300 times in the week since it came into effect, according to the Russia Ministry of Defense.
US-Turkey Lurch to World War in Syria
Finian CUNNINGHAM: Following US President Barack Obama’s dubious stellar performance this week at the UN General Assembly recounting a litany of lies for almost one hour before the eyes of the world, it was the turn of Turkey’s leader…
Russia calls U.S. bluff on Syria, Washington rages
With the Kerry - Lavrov agreement having collapsed and the US military ruling out imposition of a no-fly zone, the US can only rage as the Syrian army with Russian backing closes in on the Jihadis in eastern Aleppo.
Over the course of the last week, following the collapse of the Kerry – Lavrov agreement and the ceasefire, and with the Syrian army closing in on the Jihadis trapped in eastern Aleppo, the reality of pending defeat in Aleppo has finally struck home with the Western powers.
“For now, for us to control all the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war with Syria and Russia. That’s a pretty fundamental decision that certainly I’m not going to make.”
US Ambassador to UN Suggests Russia be Removed From Security Council Over Syria
The US Ambassador to the United Nations claims that Russia is responsible for…
‘Child pornography’: US photographer’s exhibition in Moscow closes after controversy, protests
<Considered pedophilia in Russia and Finland>
Ahrar Al-Sham plans to launch chemical attack on civilians, blame it on Syria govt – Syrian UN envoy
Militants from Ahrar Al-Sham, a hardline Islamist group, are planning to use white phosphorus in an attack on civilians to later blame it on Syrian armed forces, UN envoy Bashar Ja’afari told a UN Security Council emergency meeting on Sunday.
“Not long ago, the Americans at last sent us a list of organizations which they consider to be part of the ceasefire and which should not be targeted. In one of the first positions there is Ahrar al-Sham,” Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said in interview to Sputnik earlier in September, adding that it “seems the Americans are listing a part of a terrorist structure, which is recognized as such by the UN, as an organization loyal to them.”
‘Correct, but say Britain and Iraq’: Zakharova on UK slamming Moscow for ‘protracting’ Syria war
Chicago Police Department Revealed To Be Most Corrupt in the Country
There is no Police Department worse than Chicago's. No other city stands by their officer's at the expense of its people like Chicago. Shaun King from the New York…
Russian jets rain hell on the jihadist rebels in southern Aleppo
by Leith Fadel Aleppo, Syria (4:50 A.M.) – The Russian Air Force has been…
Turkish Army to Go Further in Syria Establishing 'De Facto Safe Zone' - FM
According to the Turkish foreign minister, the country's forces will move further in…
Before the US-NATO Sponsored Dirty War, Syria was an Oasis of Civilization, a Secular Pluralist Nation
Before the externally-orchestrated dirty war on Syria started with the externally-orchestrated “Arab Spring” psy op; before the “peaceful protestors” shot the…
How US Propaganda Plays in Syrian War
EDITOR'S CHOICE: U.S. foreign policymakers have experimented at planting propaganda in social media and then citing it as evidence to support their goals, a process now playing out in the Syrian “regime change,” as Rick Sterling explains.
After Tricking Public Into Thinking He Stopped DAPL Obama Just Gave The Green Light To Dakota Access Pipeline Companty To
US Exploited Assad's Fight Against Al-Qaeda
The US government has been relying on its standard narrative that the Syria crisis emerged spontaneously after an "Arab Spring" inspired protest was...
Donald Trump on 9/11 TRUTH (Aired Sept.11, 2001)
No more unilateral concessions in Syria – Russian envoy to UN
Moscow’s experience of giving concessions to the Syrian rebels following requests from the US, in the hope of it culminating in a ceasefire has not worked, Russia’s envoy to the UN has told the Security Council adding that Moscow will no longer be following these steps.
“The American side de facto signed that it was unable to influence the groups it sponsors and to deliver on the deal as it promised. First of all, to separate those groups from terrorists and mark their positions on the ground accordingly,” he said.
AP EXCLUSIVE: Text of Syria cease-fire deal
Congress Wants Another $1 Trillion To ‘Reboot’ The Military
Despite record budgets over the past 15 years, Congress argues years of war have rendered US military hardware insufficient.
Can you think of a better way to use $1 trillion dollars than to find new ways to dominate the world and murder millions of civilians?
Russian FM Lavrov, “no more unilateral concessions” in Syria until US proves its separating moderates from terrorists
Of course Lavrov, and by now the whole awake world, knows that there is no such thing as “moderate rebels” in Syria, leaving the US in a bit of a bind.
Here's how the US, Israel, al-Qaeda and ISIS work together in Syria
Simultaneous US and Israeli airstrikes on Syrian military positions in the eastern…
A Syrian survivor soldier from Deir Ezzour attack: “The U.S.-coalition warplanes were finishing the wounded [Syrian soldiers] by machine gun”
The Demise of a US Group Backing Moderate Syrian Rebels Is a Bad Sign for Obama's Anti-ISIS Campaign
<sept. 2014>
Syria’s ‘moderates’ have disappeared... and there are no good guys
    Sunday 4 October 2015
Western confusion reigns while the Russians go for the jugular
The Russian air force in Syria has flown straight into the West’s fantasy air space. The Russians, we are now informed, are bombing the “moderates” in Syria – “moderates” whom even the Americans admitted two months ago, no longer existed.
<The rest being lies and propaganda>
The Myth About "Moderate Rebels" and existence of "Free Syrian Army" in Syria
Female volunteers accused of having sex with migrants in Calais 'Jungle' – report
Syrian Army Was Winning in Aleppo Hence the US 'Resorted to Ceasefire'
Syria, with Russia's aerial support has been winning in Aleppo and thus it was the US who needed the ceasefire, however Washington was never sincere about the…
John Kerry urges Russia and Syria to stop attacking Al-Qaeda [Video]
George W. Bush famously said, “either you’re with us, or you are with the terrorists.” But what happens when Washington itself is “with the terrorists”?
Russia: America Has Started World War 3 In Syria
The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has accused the U.S. of igniting World War 3 by deliberately killing Syrian troops and aiding ISIS terrorists.  Top…
UN Chief Calls Syrian Offensive on Rebel Held East Aleppo ‘Chilling Escalation’
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon sounded the alarm after the…
<The UN doormat has added his voice to those who support the terrorists. He never said anything when the terrorists were shelling the area controlled by the Syrian Arab Army.>
Black Sea fleet to annihilate adversary at its bases
The Black Sea of Russia may annihilate its potential adversary not even allowing it to leave the home station, Valeriy Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia, claimed.
The Health & Wellness Show: Some of my best friends are germs
Propaganda spin cycle: 'Syrian Observatory for Human Rights' is funded by US and UK governments
What Western media editors conceal from the public however, is that the "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" is neither based in Syria nor is it an observer of what actually goes on there. It is essentially one man - Abdul Rahman, aka Rami Abdulrahman, aka Osama Suleiman - a three-term convicted criminal in Syria, based out of a small house in Coventry, England, and his 'team of four activists in Syria'.
Rahman, by his own admission, is a member of the 'Syrian opposition' and seeks the ouster of Al Assad, so that clearly removes any semblance of objectivity in his 'reporting'.
Bombing of Syrian troops no mistake, US is ISIS accomplice – Syrian FM at UN
Ukraine shows off new domestic cruise missile as part of ‘military modernization’ (VIDEO)
Venezuela brands US ‘biggest violence exporter in the world’,7340,L-4701022,00.html
Iceland's capital bans all Israeli products
Reykjavik has passed a resolution boycotting Israeli-made goods, in protest of Israel's 'racist apartheid policy' towards the Palestinians.
The 'White Helmets' Hoax and the Information War against Syria
The 'White Helmets' are not the impartial relief organisation Right Livelihood and…
EXCLUSIVE: Moment Israeli commandos rescue Islamic militants in Syria
SPECIAL REPORT: MailOnline embedded with Israeli commandos on the Syrian…
Defense Dept: "It's primarily al-Nusra who holds Aleppo." 20 Apr 2016
Colonel Steve Warren, Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman. Department Defense Press Briefing via…
Domestic water consumption$file/Pietila.pdf

 Water Services in Finland: Competition for Non-Core Operations – Not for Monopolies
Households account for about 10 % of total water consumption in the whole of the EU. The
figure may be significantly higher in urban areas and areas with poor water resources. On the
basis of information from four countries, about one third of this is for personal hygiene, one third
for washing clothes and dishwashing, 25 to 30 % for flushing toilets and only about 5 % for
drinking and cooking.
Here’s How the US, Israel, al-Qaeda and ISIS Work Together in Syria
9/11 and the War on Terror: Michel Chossudovsky on GRTV
‘US not a genuine broker, can’t separate terrorists from opposition’ – Syria UN envoy to RT
< Because the US is not a nation builder but nation destroyer. That's how the the USA was created and keeps on being>
Police killings of black people reminiscent of lynchings – UN working group
"Contemporary police killings and the trauma that they create are reminiscent of the past racial terror of lynching," said the report released by the United Nations Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent, according to Reuters. The group will present their findings for debate at a UN Human Rights Council meeting on Monday.
Reuters reported that “most lynching victims died by hanging,” and a 2015 report by Equal Justice Initiative found nearly 4,000 black people were killed in “racial terror lynchings’ in a dozen southern states between 1877 and 1950."
Cop Shoots Teen In the Back SEVEN TIMES Because He ‘Thought He Had Marijuana’
A Navasota police officer has completely gotten away with shooting a teenage boy…
Perplexed global public opinion holds its breath at the (circus) best American “democracy” is able to conjure.
23 Tons of Aid Arrived in Aleppo from Belarus
Convoy with 23 tons of medical aid, food, and supplies from Belarus arrived in Aleppo (19/09/2016) thank you Belarus
Judge: Nestlé Can Keep Bottling California’s Water Under Permit That Expired In 1988
And a federal judge has ruled that the Swiss-based multinational may continue to…
'US priority in Syria: Stop Aleppo from falling to pro-Assad forces'
Strategically, if the jihad terrorists lose eastern Aleppo strategically this war is over, Jim Jatras, a former US diplomat, told RT. The fighting may go on for a while, but that will be the tipping point in terms of who is going to win, he added.
John Kerry urges Russia and Syria to stop attacking Al-Qaeda [Video]
While at the United Nations, Kerry began arguing that it would be impossible to separate “moderate rebels” from Al Qaeda jihadists, as long as Al Qaeda was under attack. So Kerry want Russia and Syria to stop attacking Al Qaeda.
You heard that right…the same terror organisation that took down the WTC in 2001, is now under the protection of John Kerry and Co.
No wonder the United States insisted that its Syria ceasefire deal with Russia remain secret! It turns out that one of the US demands was that the Syrian air force must be prohibited from attacking al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda in Syria).
Does this make any sense? It seem much more logical to argue that the threat of being bombed alongside al-Qaeda would be the greatest incentive for “moderates” to separate themselves from al-Qaeda as soon as possible!
We fly - you don’t: US wants no-fly zone over Syria, but only for Russia & the Syrians
Disturbing: US cops pepper spray, detain 15yo girl for 'not cooperating' (Bodycam footage)
Putin: USSR could have been reformed, there was no need to destroy it
 The Communist Party of the Soviet Union should have transformed the bloc into a democratic entity rather than see it collapse, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said.
“You know my attitude towards the collapse of the Soviet Union. There was no need to do it. Reforms could have been undertaken, including those of democratic nature,” the Russian president told the leaders of the parties which won seats in last week's general election.
“But I want to point out that the Communist Party was in charge of our former homeland, the USSR, not any other,” Putin added.
‘TTIP has negative connotation’: Austria, France want new name for controversial talks
<Corporate fascism would be the right name>
Texas quakes man-made, caused by wastewater injections – satellite data
 Five earthquakes which shook Texas in 2012 and 2013 were caused by wastewater injections during drilling for oil and gas, scientists said after analyzing satellite radar data.
A series of earthquakes struck near the town of Timpson in eastern Texas over the course of a year and a half, with the team of American and British researchers looking into the most powerful of them, which took place in 2012 and reached a magnitude of 4.8.
The researchers used Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar, or InSAR, to track the ground movements in the quakes and establish that their causes weren’t natural.
House Republicans vote to ban cash transfers to Iran after Obama's $1.7bn 'ransom'
Surveillance under Obama worse than Stasi – Oliver Stone
EPA Plans to Allow Unlimited Dumping of Fracking Wastewater in the Gulf of Mexico
Environmentalists say the EPA should prohibit, not permit, the dumping of fracking…
Evidence indicates main stream media edited UN convoy blast images to cover up Predator Drone Hellfire missile strike
<Why would the Syrian Air Force attack the Syrian Red Crescent with which it has good relations and which also works in all government held areas? Why would the Syrian or Russian forces attack a convoy which earlier had passed through government held areas and checkpoints and was thereby not carrying contraband? I find no plausible reason or motive for such an attack. Nor has anyone else come forward with such.>
Syrian Politician to Sputnik: 'WWIII Has Begun, and It's Being Fought in Syria'
Syrian Social Nationalist Party representative Tarek Ahmad says that the war in…
Russia rejects Kerry's demand for extension of Syrian ceasefire to Al-Qaeda
In series of statements Russian diplomats reject US demand that Syrian and…
France ready to bomb Syria 'in self-defense' – foreign minister
France says it may carry out airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Syria as an act of self-defense. Last week French aircraft started to undertake reconnaissance missions over Syria.
U.S. Coalition Intelligence "Operations Room" Inside Syria, Destroyed by Russian Missile Attack: Thirty Israeli, American, British, Turkish, Saudi, Qatari Intelligence Officials Killed, Report
Religious conflict on the rise in French workplace, study finds
Eyewitnesses scrutinize police account of Charlotte protester’s death (EXCLUSIVE)
Forensics used to convict 1,000s of people may not be scientifically valid – report
Hacker group creates $30 DIY Epipen to expose corporate greed and save lives
In response to the corporate insanity surrounding Epipen (company Mylan…
‘If US can’t stop the war, it can at least stop selling weapons to Saudis’ - 10yo Yemeni girl to RT
Fact checking at UN: Kerry blasts Moscow for statements it did not make
However, the ceasefire has been violated twice within the past few days, and the US-led coalition accepted responsibility for one of these violations – the bombing of Syrian government forces’ positions near the eastern city of Deir ez-Zor that took place on Saturday and saw 62 troops killed and over 100 more wounded.
Did the UN Just Admit That Russia Isn't Responsible For Attack on Syria Aid Convoy?
We knew we were in for a real treat when the United States announced that…
Money for rogue landlord crackdown being used to arrest tenants instead
According to documents collected by the Radical Housing Network (RHN), almost £6 million (US$7.85 million) of taxpayers’ money originally destined to tackle landlords letting their homes illegally or in dangerous conditions is unofficially being used to tackle tenants.
US airstrikes on Syrian troops were ‘intentional,’ lasted nearly 1 hour – Assad to AP
“The IS troops attacked at the very same time as the American strike. How could they know that America was going to attack that position in order to gather their militants right away and attack it one hour after the strike. It was definitely intentional and not unintentional,” he added.
Indigenous Australians are world’s oldest living culture, date back 50,000 yrs - DNA study
Germany calls for ‘complete ban’ on all military flights over Syria to save ceasefire
< We had that on Libya and NATO bombed for the terrorists who now run Libya>
Big Pharma spent $880mn on keeping opioids available – report
Smoking Weed Doesn't Harm Lungs If It's A Joint A Day, Even After 20 Years
NATO won’t speculate on who struck aid convoy in Syria – Stoltenberg to RT
Black men have legitimate reason to run from police – Massachusetts supreme court

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