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October Part Two Link Collection

People Leaving Eastern Aleppo to Be Monitored Real Time Via Web Cameras and Surveillance Drones
People leaving eastern Aleppo would be monitored in real time via web cameras…
Russia is the most transparent country in the world. They were the first ones to have all voting stations covered in real time by web cameras to ensure the world's most democratically transparent elections. Now building on that experience they will let the whole world monitor real time the Aleppo anti-terrorist operation
<Read various witness tweets and a report that ? 150 left today ... the windows were darkened maybe those were the Brit, American, Israeli etc "special ops" folk .... (?)>
WikiLeaks: Clinton’s Wall Street Transcripts Confirm Progressives’ Worst Fears
Hillary speeches reveal a pro-war corporatist elitist.
‘We don’t hide it’: White Helmets openly admit being funded by Western govts
<White helmets are an extremely valuable tool in the information war. Any time a bomb lands anywhere. They'll be there to pick up the weapons and take vids and pics of the "innocent civilians" killed. And say it was a russian jet that dropped the bomb.>
Britain plays key role in ‘allowing corrupt money to flow globally’
Syrische Armee: USA helfen IS-Terroristen beim Abzug aus Mossul
Die USA und Saudi-Arabien stellen nach Erklärungen der syrischen Armee einen sicheren Korridor für den Abzug von IS-Terroristen aus dem irakischen Mossul…
Iraqi Soldiers Fleeing ISIS Claim They Were 'Abandoned' by Senior Officers
In Aleppo civilians ‘shouldn’t have to leave,’ in Mosul displacement ‘inevitable’ - State Dept
The US State Department appears to have double standards
RT correspondent Gayane Chichakyan explores the contradiction and Janice Atkinson, member of the European parliament, joins RT to discuss the issue.
Syria Propaganda – The Death Rattle of the Corporate Media
by Simon Wood, October 3, 2016 The role of the corporate media is to protect, promote and legitimize the destructive and amoral aims of profit-seeking…
Batch 12: WikiLeaks release latest #PodestaEmails
Wikileaks has released its 12th batch of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta. The brings the total number of emails released to date to almost…
FBI Insider Leaks All: Clinton Foundation Exposed! Involves Entire US Government!
A thread on 4chan with an FBI insider confirms everyone’s worst suspicions.  The…
History of Europe [1-2016] [Every year]
Watch as 1000 years of European borders change timelapse map
Stein/Baraka campaign debunks John Oliver’s deceptive attack on student debt bailout
<John Oliver's show tried to play gotcha with my campaign staff in an attempt to discredit our plan to liberate 43 million people locked in student loan debt.>
George Carlin: An Eye For An Eye
Russian military launches own ‘closed internet’ for classified data exchange – report
No, Sweden Doesn’t Have Harsher Rape Laws Than The UK
The mildest punishment for a rape conviction is 24 months, and, if the victim knows her assaulter or has had a relationship with him, the sentence will be considerably shorter.
Sweden’s rape crisis isn’t what it seems
Imagine, for example, if your boss rubbed against you in an unwanted way at work once a week for a year. In Canada, this would potentially be a case of sexual assault. Under Germany’s more limited laws, it would be zero cases. In Sweden, it would be tallied as 52 separate cases of rape. If you engaged in a half-dozen sex acts with your spouse, then later you felt you had not given consent, in Sweden that would be classified as six cases of rape.
Jihadi rehab: Swedish city plans free driver’s license, housing & tax perks for returning fighters
A Swedish city is considering giving jihadists returning from Syria and Iraq free housing, a driver’s license, and tax benefits to ease their reintegration, but social media users have slammed the proposal, saying it ignores the terrorists’ victims.
Meanwhile, some 140 terrorists had already returned to Sweden as of October of this year, local media reported.
Hillary Clinton and Obama Administration Supply U.S. Weapons To ISIS
Leaked Hillary Clinton emails show U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar supported ISIS
WikiLeaks CONFIRMS Hillary Sold Weapons to ISIS… Then Drops Another BOMBSHELL!
"The state-owned bank withdrew its planned punitive action after Moscow claimed it would freeze the BBC’s finances in Russia and report Britain to international watchdogs for breaching commitments to freedom of speech."
The Real Humanitarian Crisis Is Not Aleppo. The Crisis is Washington Loosing its ISIS Mercenaries
Why do we hear only of the “humanitarian crisis in Aleppo” and not of the…
The Story Changes: The Pentagon Is No Longer Sure Yemen Fired Missiles At A US Ship | Zero Hedge
The Pentagon declined to say whether the USS Mason destroyer was targeted by…
US Defense Official: “We Are Not Sure If Any of Our Aircraft Can Defeat the S-300”
Obama administration has changed its decision to strike Syrian government…
US presidential campaign has become ‘global shame’ – Russian FM spokeswoman
<The RFM spokeswoman is being much too polite! This U.S. Election is an insult to the intelligence of the human race in general. It's literally an abomination!>
US admits fighting ISIS in Mosul risks civilian lives
The US says its anti-ISIS operation in Mosul and elsewhere in Iraq has been a success, despite the “inevitable” suffering it brings to civilians. However, Washington has a contradictory perception of the anti-terrorist efforts by the Syrian and Russian forces in Aleppo.
6 killed in airstrike on village in Aleppo province, Belgian F-16 jets in area – Russian MoD
<Who gave NATO right to fly over Syria and to kill innocent people???>
<The USA.....  they think they can give this right......>
George Carlin: Getting Old
George Carlin: Women Problems
George Carlin: Common Phrases
George Carlin: How To Speak English
Trump Claims ‘Large-Scale’ Fraud Takes Place in US Amid First Voting Results
US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said that there is large scale voter fraud happening on and before election day.
M of A - The "Salafist Principality - ISIS Paid Off To Leave Mosul And To Take Deir Ezzor?
On September 20 I wrote about the likely reason for the willful U.S. bombing attack on a critical Syrian
Lavrov on Mosul operation: ISIS fighters may move to Syria
If Islamic State fighters are allowed to leave Mosul and go to Syria, Russia would…
Mosul isn't fully encircled. I hope it’s because they couldn’t do it, not because they wouldn’t do it' - Lavrov
US Warplanes Ingore ISIS Convoys Fleeing Mosul - Report
The US-led coalition’s warplanes are ingoring military convoys of the ISIS terrorist…
Selling desperate Syrian refugees’ body parts for profit: Israeli man arrested in Turkey for organ trafficking
Trafficking is on the rise in largest refugee crisis since WWII. Struggling Syrians have resorted to selling
Jewish organ trafficking Center where kidnapped Syrians are stripped of their entire bodies
Turkey’s Jewish organ trafficking Center where kidnapped Syrians are stripped of their entire bodies
Airstrikes target Daesh convoy escaping Mosul
Iraqi forces have liberated up to 20 villages around Mosul as they press ahead with a major offensive to liberate the city from Daesh terrorists. In their la...
Russia: Lavrov promises 'political and military decisions' if IS flees Mosul for Syria
Russia is concerned that fighters of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) could flee the
Good Deaths in Mosul, Bad Deaths in Aleppo – Consortiumnews
Good Deaths in Mosul, Bad Deaths in Aleppo October 17, 2016 Exclusive: As the U.S.-backed offensive in Mosul, Iraq, begins, the mainstream U.S. media readies the American people to blame the terrorists for civilian casualties but the opposite rules apply to Syria’s Aleppo, reports Robert Parry. By R...
Syrian Army Claims US, Saudi Arabia Allow Daesh to Flee From Mosul to Syria
The Syrian Army claims the US and Saudi Arabia allow Daesh terrorists fo flee Mosul into Syria, the army…
<BREAKING: "Any attempt to cross the border is an attack on the sovereignty of Syria... and would be dealt with all forces available," - the #SyrianArmy statement. #MosulOffensive #Daesh>
New Kids on the Blecch                                     Written by Tim Long
                                                 Directed by Steven Dean Moore
Original Airdate on FOX: 25-Feb-2001
Capsule revision A (9-Mar-03)
<Your love's more deadly than Saddam,
Nelson:        That's why I gotta drop da bomb!>
New Kids on the Blecch
New Kids on the Blecch All Songs and Lyrics [English]
Party Posse- "Join the Navy"
The Simpsons' 12th season originally aired between November 2000 and May 2001. It began on Wednesday, November 1, 2000
262     14     "New Kids on the Blecch"     Steven Dean Moore     Tim Long     February 25, 2001     CABF12     18.1 millions of viwers in US
Tis is Finland Män
Rich get richer buying oil from terrorists, suckers blame Muslims
Maintaining the Information Monopoly: CNN Host Lies to Viewers About WikiLeaks
As WikiLeaks unveils emails from John Podesta, the campaign chair of Democratic…
Backtracking from ‘no discussion’? UK bank says it will review closure of RT accounts
The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) appears to have backtracked from its earlier…
Hitler's birthplace to be destroyed to prevent neo-Nazi pilgrimages
<Hitler was elected by 43% of the German voters. Obama was selected by the CIA and his campaign for president financed by wallstreet. Not a fan of Hitler by the way.>
<Hitler was just one mass-murderer among many. If people can't worship Hitler the mass-murderer, they will worship other mass-murders. Like: Genghis Khan, Bush, Obama, Hillary. Just to give a few examples.>
US, UK call for unconditional truce in Yemen ASAP, keep sending arms to Saudis
Syrian War Update – Eastern Aleppo (October 16, 2016): Pro-Government Liberate Northern Aleppo
ALERT – WikiLeaks Reveals WHO Has Been Funding ISIS, And It Leads STRAIGHT To Hillary
Hillary Clinton, a U.S. presidential candidate, is apparently in bed with virtually every enemy the United States has. A new leak by Wikileaks reveals donors to the…
Fla-Systeme: USA wollen „straffreie Atomschläge“ gegen Russland und China
Die USA erhoffen sich durch den Aufbau eines globalen Raketenabwehrsystems, ungestraft einen Atomschlag auf einen beliebigen Ort der Welt, einschließlich Russland und China, versetzen zu können, wie der erste Vizechef der operativen Hauptverwaltung im russischen Generalstab, Wladimir Posnichir, mitteilte.
‘Why do they bomb us?’ 13yo Aleppo girl, brother killed in latest rebel shelling (GRAPHIC)
<East #Aleppo on total lockdown; rebels have mined & barricaded all 7 civilians crossings. This is the biggest hostage crisis in the world. >
Terrorists Execute Residents Attempting to Leave E Aleppo - Russian Gen Staff
Aleppo the worst humanitarian disaster since WWII? Not so fast, Mr. Kerry
The propaganda offensive unleashed against Russia by Washington and its allies…
Russian & Syrian military to organize 8-hour ‘humanitarian pause’ in Aleppo on Oct. 20
"We are prepared to cease fire and ensure the unhampered access of medical personnel to the city and ensure the evacuation of the injured and sick as soon as we get a request from humanitarian organizations,” Sergey Rudskoy, chief of the main operations directorate of Russia's General Staff, told the media.
U.S. pleads with Russia for 'mercy', gives up on Aleppo and admits Syrians will win
Press conference by John Kerry and Boris Johnson following Western foreign…
CIA Whistleblower Speaks Out About Climate Engineering, Vaccination Dangers, and 911
Euro ‘house of cards’ will collapse, monetary union architect warns
Peter Lavelle: Attacking RT is an act of censorship
It can be summed-up in one word: censorship.
ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi 'escapes' Mosul minutes before US-led coalition airstrike
Al-Baghdadi is one lucky guy, or he is one well tipped off terrorist.
RT bank accounts blocked in UK – editor-in-chief
RT UK’s bank accounts have been blocked, RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan reported. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova reacted, saying it seems that in leaving the EU, London also left any freedom of speech obligations behind there.
UK: Kerry and Johnson call for immediate and unconditional ceasefire in Yemen
<Just fired missiles at Yemen and now they are presenting themselves as peacemakers while supplying weapons and profiteering on Saudi Arabia. Hypocrites. The same caliber liars as their media.>
Cannabis Does Not Kill Brain Cells, It Protects Them
Identifying the biggest lie told about cannabis is similar to trying to name Donald Trump’s most outrageous statement; it’s impossible. But, by far, one ...
‘No evidence John Kerry is interested in peace in Syria’ – Virginia senator
Richard Black: I think there is a very little indication here that John Kerry desires anything other than toppling the legitimate government of Syria. If you look at it going all the way back to when ISIS took control of Mosul with a vast store of American weapons, the US did not intervene to interdict those weapons at all and they all floated into Syria. The US permitted ISIS to run 2,000 oil tankers in and out of Turkey. It wasn’t until Russia came in that they were knocked out. The American-led coalition permitted a vast army to travel across the desert to seize Palmyra. I believe that it was their intention that if they should succeed perhaps they can go from Palmira to Damascus.
Watch CNN tells viewers it is illegal to read the wikileaks Hillary emails
Saudi Press Just Accused US Govt of Blowing Up World Trade Centers as Pretext to Perpetual War
The Saudi press has been in a frenzy since the unanimous Senate vote to allow for the House of Saud to be held liable in U.S. federal court for the 9/11 attacks.
Ukrainian Troops Began to Fight Each Other
The Azov, the Right Sector and the Donbass battalions shell positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, pedaling escalation of the conflict in the east of the country.
West is Gunning for Russian Media Ban
Finian CUNNINGHAM: It would be monumental, but Western states seem to be moving, ineluctably, towards banning Russian news media channels from satellite platforms and the internet. That outcome – albeit with enormous ethical and political implications – seems to be a logical conclusion of the increa...
WIKILEAKS Hillary Micro Managed ISIS
Putin BLOWS UP Over Obama Blaming Him For Emails, Releases Proof Obama Is Head Of ISIS
I Am A Syrian Living in Syria: “It was Never a Revolution nor a Civil War. The Terrorists are sent by your Government”
U.S. To Use Internet ‘Kill Switch’ By November In Cyberwar With Russia - ITCW
The US government is preparing to activate an “internet kill switch” according to cyber security experts, and the groundwork has been laid to blame the…
The Real Humanitarian Crisis Is Not Aleppo -- Paul Craig Roberts -
The Real Humanitarian Crisis Is Not Aleppo Paul Craig Roberts Why do we hear only of the “humanitarian crisis in Aleppo” and not of the humanitarian crisis
Medien: Jaber Albakr war Mitglied der Al-Qaida-Gruppierung “White Helmets”
Berlin bombing suspect radicalized by imams in Germany, brother says
"He went to Turkey seven months ago and spent two months in Syria. He called us and told us 'I'm volunteering with the White Helmets (emergency teams) in Idlib'."
Pressed to say if his brother had joined Islamist militant groups in Syria, Alaa Albakr said he could neither confirm nor deny if that was the case.
Idlib, a city near the border with Turkey, and the province by the same name, is a stronghold of rebel groups including Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, formerly the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front.
Dead Berlin bomb suspect radicalized in Germany, brother says
The Berlin bomb suspect Jaber Albakr who committed suicide this week had showed earlier signs of radicalization. He posted jihadi videos online before travelling to the Syrian city of Idlib, his brother says.
"This is why we believe he returned to Syria," Alaa said. "He went to Turkey seven months ago and spent two months in Syria. He called us and told us 'I'm volunteering with the White Helmets (emergency teams) in Idlib'." "Last year he started posting jihadi videos and songs," he said.

Idlib, a city near the border with Turkey, and the province by the same name, is a stronghold of rebel groups including Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, formerly the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front.
Berlin terror suspect was former member of White Helmets in Idlib
 The Syrian man accused of planning a terror attack in Berlin, Jaber Al-Bakr, reportedly joined the western-funded "White Helmets" group in the Idlib Governorate prior to his return to Germany two months ago, Reuters News Agency claimed on Sunday.
EMERGENCY: War Declared on Russia by Soros Controlled US
NUCLEAR WAR DECLARED BETWEEN RUSSIA AND THE USA! Video report below. The US and Russia have all but declared war. Alex breaks down how this…
Der schwarze Kanal Karl Eduard von Schnitzler Die BRD und Grundgesetz vom 29.02.1988
Militia commander killed in bombing attack in eastern Ukraine
Obama is the Founder of ISIS
Hillary Clinton's Axis of Evil
Let’s cut to the chase; Hillary Clinton is ready to go to war against Russia in Syria – with inbuilt, potentially terrifying, thermonuclear consequences.
Donbass Militia Spots Mercs From US, Canada, Baltics, Poland in East Ukraine
If you want peace prepare for war? Hundreds of foreign mercenaries were spotted helping government forces in #Ukraine despite #MinskDeal.
BREAKING – WikiLeaks Exposes Hillary’s TREASONOUS Deal With Russia, It’s TERRIFYING
Error Analysis: Russian Military to Mind Palmyra Mistakes When Liberating Aleppo
France’s Media Admits that the Syrian “Opposition” is Al Qaida. Then Justifies French Government Support to the Terrorists
 April 14, 2013
In a report published on the 11th of April French daily Le Monde admits that rebels fighting the government of the Syrian Arab Republic are dominated by Japhat Al Nosra, a terrorist group linked to Al Qaida. The admission comes after two years of non-stop disinformation trumpeted from all French mainstream media outlets from the official right to the official left, disinformation that has attempted to convince the French public that democratic revolutionaries are fighting a war for human rights and freedom against a brutal, tyrannical dictator, who is ‘’ killing his own people’’.
Swedish court allows the flying of ISIS flag
<Not a signal to hate like the swastika? Like ISIS flag doesn't spell death to non-Sunni muslims, Cristians, atheists and gay people.>
US Assault on Mosul Threatens to Flood Europe With Terrorists
European authorities are becoming increasingly concerned that liberating the Iraqi…
MOMENTUM: Hillary Draws 200, Trump Draws 8,000 At Rival Events [MUST SEE PICS] - USA Politics Zone
(Breitbart) Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump packed an Estero, Florida arena with thousands inside and more outside for a Monday rally. The News-Press…
Aleppo: 2,000 Militants Ready to Surrender to Syrian Gov't
Swedish aid to Al-Qaida in Syria - Short "documentary"
Added: Feb-22-2016 Occurred On: Feb-22-2016
U.S. military pays Syrian rebels up to $400 per month: Pentagon
Syrian rebels receiving U.S. military training to battle Islamic State militants are…
Gitmo detainee granted rectal surgery after CIA ‘torture by sodomy’
Charged in connection with the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Guantanamo detainee…
China, Not Washington State, Will Build 737 Jets: Boeing
The move was expected but marks a blow to the company's longtime Puget Sound manufacturing base.
Napalm & Agent Orange
 U.S. troops used a substance known as napalm from about 1965 to 1972 in the Vietnam War; napalm is a mixture of plastic polystyrene, hydrocarbon benzene, and gasoline. This mixture creates a jelly-like substance that, when ignited, sticks to practically anything and burns up to ten minutes. The effects of napalm on the human body are unbearably painful and almost always cause death among its victims. “Napalm is the most terrible pain you can ever imagine” said Kim Phúc, a survivor from a napalm bombing. “Water boils at 212°F. Napalm generates temperatures 1,500°F to 2,200°F.” Kim Phúc sustained third degree burns to portions of her body. She was one of the only survivors of such extreme measures
NATO admits to use of radioactive munitions in Yugoslavia
NATO Secretary General Lord George Robertson has finally provided limited details of the Alliance's use of depleted uranium (DU) ammunition during its war against Serbia last year. Robertson disclosed the information in a letter to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan last month—four months after it was first requested.
Depleted uranium (DU) weapons were first used during the first Gulf War against Iraq in 1991.
The Pentagon estimated that between 315 and 350 tons of DU were fired during the first Gulf War.
 During the 2003 invasion and current occupation of Iraq, U.S. and British troops have reportedly
 used more than five times as many DU bombs and shells as the total number used during the 1991 war.
Depleted Uranium And The Iraq War’s Legacy Of Cancer
Depleted uranium was used in Iraq warzone weaponry, and now kids are playing in contaminated fields and the spent weapons are being sold as scrap metal.
UN arrives in Aleppo to escort al-Qaeda to safety --
UN staff arrived in Syria's Aleppo on Saturday to carry out militants' evacuation…
Most Jews Are Not Semites
Surprise: Ashkenazi Jews Are Genetically European
But historical documents tell a slightly different tale. Based on accounts such as those of Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, by the time of the destruction of the Second Temple in A.D. 70, as many as 6 million Jews were living in the Roman Empire, but outside Israel, mainly in Italy and Southern Europe. In contrast, only about 500,000 lived in Judea, said Ostrer, who was not involved in the new study.
US destroyer ‘appears’ to have fallen under new attack off Yemen – Pentagon
Vietnam: A War on Civilians
but not before Washington spread the war into Laos and Cambodia and ultimately killed some two million civilians. This was the war, and there was no “democratic side.”
(Civilian war casualties were 80 percent of all patients at provincial hospitals.)
Human losses of World War II by country
Snowden ridicules Joe Biden's cyberthreats against Russia
Veto right prevents UNSC from turning into 'rubber stamp' for US & allies – Churkin
Aleppo trap: Rebel-held East on lockdown, civilians blocked off from govt-controlled areas
‘White Helmets’: New Breed of Mercenaries and Propagandists, Disguised as ‘Humanitarians’ in Syria
Information warfare? Russia accused of killing civilians in Syria
Syria : White Helmets ... EXPOSED!
With Vanessa Beeley.
Part II – Syria’s White Helmets: War By Way of Deception ~ ‘Moderate Executioners’
Al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets toss dead Syrian soldiers in truck, flash "victory" sign
War of the Worlds — the masks are ripped away in Syria
Der Nachrichtenspiegel - Deutschland marschiert in den Krieg. Keiner merkts. Keinen interessierts.
Vladimir Putin : “Publish A World Map And Mark All The U.S. Military Bases On It.
I invite you to publish the world map in your newspaper and to mark all the US military bases on it. You will see the difference between America and Russia.
The 'Aleppo Hospital' Smokescreen: Covering up Al Qaeda Massacres in Syria,
Former Haitian Senate President Calls Clintons 'Common Thieves Who Should be in Jail'
Bernard Sansaricq says the Clintons brought their "pay to play" politics to Haiti.
The ‘sex slave’ scandal that exposed pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein
Flight logs show that from 2001 to 2003, Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s private plane, dubbed “The Lolita Express” by the press, 26 times. After Epstein’s arrest in July 2006, federal tax records show Epstein donated $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation that year.
Interview with former Al Qaeda leader, Sheikh Nabeel Naim exposes ISIS& western alliance
ISIS Leader Calls for American Muslim Voters to Support Hillary Clinton
Top ISIS leader now believed to be the number two behind the terrorist organization, Amadh Abu Makmud Al-alwani, put up a video this week following the second…
Kremlin: Russia faces unprecedented cyber-threats from the US
Russian ‘journeyman’ returns home after 3 years in Syrian rebel captivity
Is Trump ready to go nuclear?
Donald Trump, with nothing to lose, may be finally ready to go nuclear. Not literally, of course; this is all about Cold War 2.0.
<'Hillary Clinton by now has been solidly unveiled as the certified candidate of the Wall Street-industrial-military-surveillance complex – a bipartisan ‘War Party’ nebulae uniting neocons and neoliberalcons. As I argued, she is ready to go to war and has even coined a remixed axis of evil.
And that brings us to the frankly surrealist scenario of Donald Trump as The Last Man Standing between sanity and WWIII'.
(Op-Edge by Pepe Escobar)>
Eisenhower's Rhine-Meadows Death Camps - Documentary
1:30:14 < See operation paper clip>
Western Media Keeps Silent While Al-Nusra Militants Kill Children in Aleppo
<On Thursday, at 8:00 a.m. local time, children in #Aleppo were going to school. Right at this time, Islamists shelled the Christian district of Suleiman with mortars, killing seven schoolkids.>
US Congressman to John Kerry: Are We Committing War Crimes in Yemen?
On Tuesday, US Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) wrote a remarkable letter to…
Hillary Clinton Wants to Destroy Syria Just Like Libya
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (and President Obama — and some NATO partners) did it previously to Libya, and here was the result (as discussed by the…
WikiLeaks: The two faces of Hillary Clinton on Syria
“People don’t trust Hillary Clinton, and no one can agree on why,” begins a sympathetic piece on the Democratic Party presidential candidate in Fast…
After Attacking Yemen’s Houthis, US Admits They Don’t Know Who Fired Missiles
Democrats Agree Trump's Accusers Should Be Believed. So, Here's a Full List of Every One of Bill Clinton's
<I think there's 42 victims in all. But Jason Howerton does a great job here!>
‘We’ll ring China with missile defense’: Clinton’s plans for the East revealed in Podesta files
The US could surround China with missiles if Beijing doesn’t agree to Washington's requests to use its influence to disrupt North Korea’s nuclear program, Hillary…
Donald Trump: "A moment of reckoning."
<You won't hear this from the MSM>
Dr Marcus Papadopoulos talks to BBC News about Syria
US: The Mega-Bubble That’s Going to Go Bust
Captured DPR deminer hospitalized with broken ribs after interrogation in Ukraine | DAN
Donetsk, Oct 13 – DAN The deminer captured near Shirokino in southern Donetsk People’s Republic has been severely beaten up by Ukraine’s Security Service…
Why are they killing us?’ Rebel attacks on western Aleppo out of spotlight (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
US is exceptional, needs to continue leading the world - Hillary Clinton
<America is not exceptional. It's ARROGANT>
Dirk Müller: „Weltkrieg innerhalb von wenigen Monaten möglich".
Assad: Geruch von Drittem Weltkrieg liegt in der Luft
Die aktuelle Lage in der Welt ähnelt einem Kalten Krieg, wobei im Inneren das Gefühl eines möglichen Dritten Weltkrieges wächst, wie der syrische…
CNN From Syria: Anchor of al Qaeda and Death - SyriaNews
by Vladimir Suchan CNN from Syria: Anchor of al Qaeda and Death (with Clarissa…
Ukrainian forces attack southern Donetsk; firefight ongoing
October 14, 2016 - Fort Russ News - RIA Novosti - translated by J. Arnoldski - Ukrainian security forces have gone on the att...
Michelle Obama takes a shot at Hillary Clinton
Five years after Gaddafi: Is Libya better off?
<80% of Libya is under the control of ISIS and Al Qaeda and their affiliated groups. All because secular nationalist Gaddafi was taken out. The zionist Americans are trying to do the same Syria now.>
Over 180 Women/Children/Men Killed - Massacre in Latakia by Al Nusra & FSA Rebels - Syria
Über 100 Zivilisten bei Luftangriff der US-Koalition in Syrien getötet
Elena Evdokimova on Twitter
“Al Jazeera was caught filming staged Russian attack on a hospital , the actors…
10 Shocking Things We Learned From The Ongoing Wikileaks Dump - Listverse
The 2016 election has been one of the most bizarre in a long time, and with the Wikileaks dump of batches and batches of emails, it's just gotten weirder.
M of A - Alleged "Attack" On U.S. Ships To Justify Continued War On Yemen
Last night the U.S. launched cruise missiles against three radar stations along the
Rebels surrender two major suburbs in Damascus to the Syrian Army
DAMASCUS, SYRIA (3:40 P.M.) - The Islamist rebels officially surrendered both…
<With Vanessa Beeley>
Senator Black
Video of US Peace Council Report
U.S. Peace Council: There is no civil war in Syria, U.S, Inc. is lying to you
Unabhängige US-Delegation kehrt von Syrien-Reise zurück: „Der Westen betreibt massive Propaganda!“
Eine Delegation des US-Friedensrates ist nach Damaskus gereist, um sich ein unverfälschtes Bild über die Hintergründe des Syrien-Kriegs zu machen. Nach…
September Attack on UN Aid Convoy in Syria Well-Prepared Hoax, Investigators Say
The September 19 attack on a UN humanitarian convoy in Aleppo was "a well-prepared hoax", according to a group of independent military experts attached…
The one-man stand: Solo anti-war campaigner turns up after Boris Johnson calls for protest at Russian Embassy
More Than 1 In 4 Americans Now Believe the U.S. Government is the Enemy of the People
A startling new study reveals that more than 1 in 4 Americans now believes that the government is the enemy of its very citizens. The Pew Research Center…
Documentary Filmmaker Faces 45 Years in Prison for Covering Pipeline Protest - The Ring of Fire Network
In the same week that activist and celebrity Shailene Woodley was arrested while…
Prepare Yourself for Blowback From Yemen
First, let’s point out the obvious: No one in Yemen has ever attacked the continental United States nor does anyone in Yemen have any interest in doing so. The conflict in that country is a civil war, one that isn’t any business of the United States but which the US national-security establishment has made its business, just like it did more than 50 years ago in Korea and Vietnam.
White House to discuss the possibility of attacking Syria
Barack Obama will listen to proposals on launching military scenarios against Russian and Syrian troops.
At Nuremberg in 1946, the Nazis were hung by the neck for this same crime being committed by the Obama administration.
The crime of aggressive war, and conspiracy to commit crimes of aggression.

ISIS Crucifies 11 Christian Missionaries, Cuts Fingertips Off 12-Y-O in Front of Preacher-Father Before Killing Them
More than 70% SUPPORT for Vladimir Putin's bombing campaign despite Middle East tensions
RT: Newspaper poll shows 71% support for Russia’s anti-terror campaign
Since Zionists, bankers & the terrorist mercenaries they utilise do not make up 1%…
BBC gets called out for its terrible coverage of Syria by Dr Marcus Papadopoulos [Video]
Dr Marcus Papadopoulos talks to BBC News about Syria.
Obama to discuss bombing Syrian military positions – officials
One scenario to be discussed involves direct US military action in Syria, including airstrikes on Syrian military, radar and anti-aircraft bases, as well as arms depots, Reuters reports citing high-ranking US officials who spoke on condition of anonymity.
URGENT: MSM Syria Lies NEED TO BE EXPOSED...Before It's Too Late
Global Warfare: "We're going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran.."
Originally published in March 2007. This interview serves as a reminder regarding the diabolical timeline of America's hegemonic project. "We're going to take out seven countries in 5 years, start...
Stephen Cohen: Warmongering in Washington, Preparation for War in Moscow (Podcast)
Stephen Cohen: Warmongering in Washington, Preparation for War in Moscow…
<Sacha: Mr cohen speaks with a forked tongue - say Putin is the problem.
When it is the American neo cons that are the problem and their policies that donot recognise anyone as having their own interests.
John batchelor is part of the republican neo con establishment. Every other broadcast is anti Russain that he puts on his radio.>
Yemen: The Anguish, Bloodshed and Forgotten Heroes in a Forgotten War
‘Do you like rough sex?’ US cops’ 8-hour grilling after rape left student with ‘stress disorder’
A student at Old Dominion University in Virginia filed a complaint to federal education officials, claiming campus police didn’t let her take a forensic medical exam after reporting she had been raped until after they interrogated her for almost eight hours.
FBI director received millions from Clinton Foundation, his brother’s law firm does Clinton’s taxes
Washington and Riyadh 'Plan to Let Daesh Leave Mosul and Move to Syria'
Intelligence agencies of the United States and Saudi Arabia plan to allow more…
The Truth Behind The Oft-Quoted Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
So basically.. this one-man-show relies on “intel” allegedly gathered by 200 people whom he knows personally, yet impersonally because he has never met them and knows them only through other unspecified “friends” (whom he probably knows through other “friends”), and is considered authentic because the man has not been to Syria for 15 years- some 11 YEARS before the conflict began.
The Syrian Network for Human Rights (not to be confused with SOHR) is one of the most cited and prominient organizations documenting SCW casualties and human rights violations. Sadly, "cited and prominient" doesn't mean "credible".
Syria: Did Assad kill his own citizens?
Probably no.
All these claims originate from the governments and media/ngo establishments of certain western countries. Namely, US and UK.
Syria conflict: 'Caesar' torture photos authentic - Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch says it is confident photos smuggled out of Syria by a defector in 2013 showing 6,786 people who died after detention are authentic.
The group carried out a nine-month investigation into the 53,000 images handed to the opposition by a military police photographer, codenamed Caesar.
"Many of the former detainees who were held in these nightmarish conditions told us they often wished they would die, rather than continue suffering," Mr Houry said.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights, an activist group, has documented the arrest and detention of more than 117,000 people in Syria since the uprising against Mr Assad began in March 2011.
<Propaganda and lies>
 Fail Caesar: Exposing the Anti-Syria Photo Propaganda
Fail Caesar: Exposing the Anti-Syria Photo Propaganda {Masterlist}
This story of "Caesar" - the code-named defector with a supposed 55,000 photos worth of proof the "Assad regime" was genociding its Sunni political prisoners, 11,000+ at least 6,627 of them - warrants a series of posts (number of parts unsure but low) and so, as they come up:
Rihab Allawi (The one female out of 6,700 shown victims)
Fail Caesar Part 6: Evidence the Victims were NOT Prisoners of the Government
Opposition watchdogs can now identify a small minority of the victims - thousands remain unspoken for. And only a small portion of those given names were ever noted as being arrested by security forces. This is of course, allegedly - how they all started on the path to death and being in these photographs. So why in a huge majority of cases would that arrest go un-noticed by the opposition's activists?
****************THE BEST***********************************************
The Caesar Photo Fraud that Undermined Syrian Negotiations
Crowded cosmos: Universe contains 2 trillion galaxies, 10x more than previously thought – study
Mosty assholes, lies and propaganda.
Only In The World Of American Media Is Syria A Civil War
Brandon Turbeville - "After concluding a trip to the Middle East, I can say that the claims made by Western media about Syria are the opposite of truth."
‘Apparent war crime’: HRW blasts Saudi carnage at Yemen funeral, slams US & UK arms supplies
Human Rights Watch has accused the Saudi-led coalition of war crimes following an airstrike on a funeral in Yemen, which left at least 110 dead and over 600 wounded. The watchdog has also lambasted the US and the UK for supplying weapons to the Saudis.
“After unlawfully attacking schools, markets, hospitals, weddings, and homes over the last 19 months, the Saudi-led coalition has now added a funeral to its ever-increasing list of abuses,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, the Middle East and North Africa director. “An independent international investigation of this atrocity is needed as the coalition has shown its unwillingness to uphold its legal obligations to credibly investigate.”
<Hillary certainly does not care as millions of dollars keep pouring into Clinton Foundation from Saudis. Neither US government  cares as billions of dollars keep pouring from arm sales to Saudis.
As a matter of fact Saudis are paying extra money for US Navy to send missiles on poor peasants in Yemen. Business as usual and full mouth of 'human rights violation in Syria' rhetoric.>
Yemen Is the Unspoken Shame of Our Generation
According to the country’s health officials, over 140 people were killed and more than 525 were injured.
Since the start of the conflict, more than 10,000 people, including 2,236 children have been killed, according to modest estimates. The Saudi-led coalition’s air campaign has devastated Yemen’s infrastructure, destroying hospitals, schools and factories, leaving over 80% of the population in need of humanitarian assistance.
By way of deception thou shalt lose your Empire
“For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light” Holy Gospel according to Saint Luke (8:17) “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that…
Hillary Clinton Iraq War Full Speech 10/10/02 Part 1
Hillary Clinton's speech regarding how she will vote about the Iraq war in October of 2002.
US and Europe Getting Close to Banning Russian Media
The lands of 'freedom of speech' are increasingly moving toward outright censorship
US threatens ‘proportional’ response for Russia's alleged hacking
HIDDEN CAM: NYC Democratic Election Commissioner, "They Bus People Around to Vote"
‘TTIP is non-transparent, protectionist deal’: Putin interview ahead of India visit
Ich hab die Schnauze voll
Deutsche Bank, Flüchtlinge, Krieg.
Dirk Müller
UK, France and Germany considering new sanctions on Russia and Syria over Aleppo liberation
EU states are preparing sanction against Russia over Aleppo.
West Groundlessly Accuses Russia of Indiscriminate Bombing of Aleppo - Gen Staff
Well it ain't Russia that is striking funeral procession and wedding and innocent civilians whose names have been put in a kill list and handed over to Obama, the new God of this universe.
"I would like to underscore that the Russian aviation carries out single pinpoint strikes on targets outside Aleppo and outside residential areas. Those targets are verified in advance. We do not strike weddings and funeral trains," the chief of the Russian General Staff's Main Operational Directorate said.
‘Senseless carnival’: lawmaker blasts PACE over latest anti-Russian resolution
Yemen: US bombs three Houthi radar sites on Yemen’s coast
Wreckage was still smoldering following a US military strike on the Houthi-controlled Al-Hudaydah area on Thursday. The attacks, on three radar sites, were personally approved by US President Barack Obama, following a meeting with his Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Joseph Dunford.
The Eurasian Century Is NOW Unstoppable
EDITOR'S CHOICE: I recently returned from a fascinating two week speaking tour in China. The occasion was the international premier of my newest book, One Belt,…
Syrian Army seizes more territory in northeast Aleppo as rebel defenses collapse
ALEPPO, SYRIA (3:05 P.M.) - The Islamist rebels of Fatah Halab are having a…
PressTV-Yemen army, allies deny targeting US warship
Many observers believe US allegations of Yemeni attacks on its warships are aimed at turning away attention from the Sana'a carnage.
Explanations Needed Over UK's Claims on Possible Syria Military Intervention
It is necessary to clarify the motives behind London’s possible military intervention in Syria, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Thursday.
UK ministers supporting Saudi-coalition in Yemen could be implicated in war crimes
In the face of repeated atrocities in Yemen, including an airstrike against a funeral which killed 140 people on the weekend, Britain continues to supply arms to Saudi Arabia. The UK has made over £3 billion ($3.6 million) from arms sales since the military campaign began.

Britain also assists in other ways – it has advisers in control rooms advising the Saudi-led coalition bombing raids across Yemen, and provides essential diplomatic protection through the UN Security Council.
Matt Lee: Any difference airstrikes Yemen & Aleppo? 11 Oct 2016
John Kirby, State Department Spokesperson.
U.S. Department of State - Daily Briefing: Oct.11.2016
<Proffesional liar>
'Indirect Physical Impact': Russia Tests Unequaled Energy Weapons
Britain And France Prepare Military Escalation In Syria
Britain’s ruling elite are making advanced preparations towards a major escalation of military operations in Syria. Parliament met in an emergency three-hour session yesterday to accuse Russia of w...
Missile again fired at U.S. Navy from Houthi territory in Yemen
A U.S. Navy destroyer was targeted on Wednesday in a failed missile attack from…
<Huthis declared that they didn't target it.. nice try US you wont fool us to cooperate with Saudi Arabia mercenaries to kill yameni civilians>
<The U.S. imperialists gives themselves the right to go anywhere and do anything. Then when someone challenges them they attack. and call that "self-defense". What business do they have in the Red Sea except to cause problems in that part of the world? They are truly the bullies of world.>
Podesta files: Top 10 revelations from leaked Clinton campaign e-mails
Most Clinton Foundation donors are not American
"Reagan Was the Butcher of My People:" Fr. Miguel D'Escoto Speaks From Nicaragua
35 Countries Where the U.S. Has Supported Fascists, Drug Lords and Terrorists
Here's a handy A to Z guide to U.S.-backed international crime.
Death Squads in El Salvador:
A Pattern of U.S. Complicity
In 1963, the U.S. government sent 10 Special Forces personnel to El Salvador to help General Jose Alberto Medrano set up the Organizacion Democratica Nacionalista (ORDEN)-the first paramilitary death squad in that country. These Green Berets assisted in the organization and indoctrination of rural "civic" squads which gathered intelligence and carried out political assassinations in coordination with the Salvadoran military.
US orchestrated Suharto's 1965-66 slaughter in Indonesia
The new evidence of direct US, British and Australian involvement in triggering and exploiting the 1965-66 events provides a critical lesson in the so-called democratic and humanitarian concerns of the major capitalist powers. They stand ready to orchestrate and sanction mass killings and repression to pursue their economic and strategic requirements in Indonesia and elsewhere.
Suharto, war criminal
Ex-arms dealer claims US pinned weapon sales to Libya on him to ‘protect’ Clinton – report
The "Salafist Principality - ISIS Paid Off To Leave Mosul And To Take Deir Ezzor?
Putin: West responsible for Middle East instability and terrorism in Europe
“I believe deeply that some of the responsibility for what is happening in the region in general and in Syria in particular lies especially with our western partners, above all the USA and its allies, including the main European countries,” said Putin. “Remember how everyone rushed to support the Arab Spring? Where is that optimism now? How did it all end? Remember what Libya or Iraq looked like before these countries and their organizations were destroyed as states by our western partners’ forces?”
US, Saudis to grant 9,000 ISIS fighters free passage from Iraqi Mosul to Syria – source
 The US and Saudi Arabia have agreed to grant free passage to thousands of Islamic State militants before the Iraqi city of Mosul is stormed. The jihadists will be redeployed to fight against the government in Syria, a military-diplomatic source told RIA Novosti.
"More than 9,000 Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL) militants will be redeployed from Mosul to the eastern regions of Syria to carry out a major offensive operation, which involves capturing Deir ez-Zor and Palmyra,” the source said.
<Is that some kind of fckn joke.  Safe passage for 9000 terrorists to move from one country to another.  Is there any further proof required that ISIS are paid, funded, supported, escorted, supplied, resupplied, helped, financed, directed, communicated with, communicated to, partners and proxy army to the FCKN AMERICAN ASHL S.C.U.M.>
‘Limited self-defense strikes’: US military destroys 3 ‘radar sites’ in Yemen
There you go, it was all a set up and excuse for the Yanks to help out thieir saudi mates.
America's 'humanitarian war' against the World
PressTV-Riyadh, Paris hold joint war games in France
The maneuvers come days after Riyadh wrapped up 10 days of live-fire military drills in waters of the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.
Wikileaks releases batch 5 of Podesta emails
<The 99% need their own candidate who represents the 99%.>
Former Prosecutor Says Cops Planting Guns On People They Shoot Is ‘Standard Operating Procedure’
Former District Attorney Arthur Aidala has appeared on Fox News many times as…
France's Hollande blasts US for going after corporate Europe
French President Francois Hollande has criticized Washington for imposing multibillion dollar fines on major European companies while shielding American firms.
In Pictures: Syrian Army, allies, capture Islamist fighters in southern Aleppo
Scores of Islamist militants were killed and wounded as the Syrian Army, aided by…
British tabloids go into WWIII frenzy over reported pull-out of Russian officials’ relatives
Source: 18 U.S. Code § 2071 – Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally
U.S. CODE: Hillary R. Clinton is disqualified from holding any office in the United States
Sometimes the hard truth appears in the funniest places … like a Law Library.
Leaked Email Shows Hillary Saying Saudi Arabia Is Funding ISIS, Clinton Foundation Has Taken $25 Million From Saudis
Alternative Power Centers Running the World. The Role of Think Tanks, Foundations, Councils, NGOs ...
In every period of history, there have been secondary governmental structures…
Russia 'Understands the Direction That Washington Wants Syrian War to Go'
Policymakers in the United States have never been intent on degrading and destroying terrorist groups fighting in Syria, international relations analyst Salman Rafi Sheikh wrote for New Eastern Outlook, adding that Washington's primary goal has remained to remove President Bashar al-Assad from power and Russia is aware of this.
<John Mason ; the international community are ........ Hmmmm cant find a list anywhere ... Can you find a list ? ...... but the citizens of the world if listened to after they are correctly informed by an honest media (an oyimoron I know) would behave differently for example..... Take the Vietnam era 60s to 70s .... citizens were out on the streets protesting... Instead I find today too many citizens are "believing the BS " which pours out of western media and wrap themselves in football, rugby, fashion, consumerables , TV soaps and ... you name it.>
Robots are coming… and will ‘fundamentally’ change human life, MPs warn
<Nothing new about robots in Britain, our education system has been turning them out by the thousand for years.>
#AleppoDebate: Boris Johnson gets trolled after calling for Russian embassy protest
Russkies at the Doorstep
During the McCarthy era, the most perverse propaganda was about Russians hiding under beds; during the new cold war, it’s about Russians inside every telephone, computer, email, and website, while linking Putin to everything.
US, Israel directly implicated over Saudi carnage in Yemen: IRGC
Devastating weapons were used for this attack, to kill as many as possible … from…
Red Cross Built Exactly 6 Homes For Haiti With Nearly Half A Billion Dollars In
Haitians Beg 'Don't Give Money To Red Cross, We Will Never Get It'
This should tell you all you need to know.
BUSTED! FAKE NBC Poll Showing Hillary Up By 11 Points Was Conducted by a HILLARY SUPERPAC
Yup, it was so obvious. The SCAM national poll that all the mainstream media is so…
 The users who have already encountered such issues suggest that if the update remains stuck for more than two hours, the computer should be restarted.
U.S. CODE: Hillary R. Clinton is disqualified from holding any office in the United States
Moscow asks UK’s Johnson to present images proving Russia’s attack on Aleppo aid convoy
The Russian Defense Ministry spokesman says British Foreign Secretary Boris…
Obama interrupted multiple times at Clinton campaign rally in North Carolina (VIDEO)
A woman joined in with the man. Both wore white T-shirts bearing the handwritten message, “Bill Clinton rapist.” The protesters appeared in front of the crowd with their backs turned to Obama. It took nearly two minutes before the rally recovered.
Bill Clinton is a rapist T Shirt protesters.
Yet give the drone striking killer of children, women, men, even whole wedding parties,
 he managed to stay on message to tell the people, Donald Trump statement from a decade ago, is the most serious threat to the USA.

If the people in Flint Michigan had clean water to drink, they would have chocked on it?
Russian MoD Denies UK Allegations of Involvement in Aleppo Aid Convoy Attack
The Russian Defense Ministry denies UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's…
<Ministry of Defence Russia
'Alleged' evidence of Russia’s involvement in @UN convoy attack ‘won’t be worth a penny', if disclosed>
Miley Cyrus Allows Fans to Touch Her Vagina & Butthole During Performance
You can feel the heat coming off of her genitalia, you can roast a marshmallow!|By Colby
France Terror Mouthpiece Smears Russia
Among the NATO allies decrying “war crimes” in Syria, France is taking a lead role in the chorus denouncing Russia.
<I always thought Monsieur Hollande was an idiot. Now he exceeds himself by looking for war crimes so as to protect al Qaeda. He and his defficient friends are ready to start WW3 on behalf of the same guys who plant bombs in their cities! Gosh, somehow be must deserve this kind of misleadership!>
IT’S OVER: Hillary’s ISIS Email Just Leaked & It’s Worse Than Anyone Could Have Imagined
“The governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL…”, Clinton wrote.
The media is yet to report on this, even though Wikileaks has a 10 year history of being 100% accurate in their leaks, never once releasing info that proved to be false.
…Can you guess why?
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that The Saudi’s brag about funding 20% of Hillary’s Presidential campaign, and along with Qatar, are among the largest donors to the CLINTON FOUNDATION.
Clinton Email: We Must Destroy Syria For Israel
Even though all US intelligence reports had long dismissed Iran’s “atom bomb” program as a hoax (a conclusion supported by the International Atomic Energy Agency), Clinton continues to use these lies to “justify” destroying Syria in the name of Israel.
Send our love to Chelsea, Marc and Grandpa. Can't wait to meet Charlotte. On Aug 19, 2014 9:22 AM, "H" <> wrote:
 While this military/para-military operation is moving >> forward, we need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence >> assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, >> which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and >> other radical Sunni groups in the region.
In this email Hillary casually ACKNOWLEDGED that our ALLIES, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are FUNDING ISIS!!!
“the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL…
If Hillary Wins, Will She Kill Us All?
The author is a licensed clinical psychologist and long-time human rights activist who lives and practices in New York CityThat's the bottom line.Based on my 47 years in…
British lawmaker supports UK bombing Yemen, then turns around and says Russia is guilty of "war crimes"
A British lawmaker has accused Russia of targeting civilians in Syria in the…
Mainstream Media’s Propaganda War on Syria and Russia: What You Really Need to Know
 Contemplate a war with a nation that has 7000 thermonuclear weapons.
October 12, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - If you rely on mainstream corporate media (MSM) as your news source, you are totally in the dark on issues such as Syria and Russia, because MSM has lost its way, and now serves as a mouthpiece for government positions. It is a neocon controlled propaganda machine, and its role has been reduced to that of a parrot.
Neocon Insanity and “Political Madness”: Hillary Clinton and the Dangers of Nuclear War
‘How many Muslim countries has Obama bombed?' Oliver Stone slams US ‘world domination’ drive
Stuck on Stupid: Why is America Starting WW3?
SARTRE | The US public are being sucked into the militarist mindset that Russia is the belligerent party, when all evidence points to an American Reich.
Crimes of Britain
The Pilgrims Society: A study of the Anglo-American Establishment
“[The aim of the international bankers was] nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences.”
PressTV-Russia, Egypt to hold joint drills
Russia says it plans to hold "anti-terrorist" drills in Egypt.
WIKILEAKS dump shows Hillary Clinton calling Muslims “sandniggers”
I wonder how this will sit with Hillary’s best buddies at designated terrorist group CAIR and her Muslim chief advisor Huma Abedin?
Wikileaks release Part 3 of Podesta emails
A fresh batch of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman and former counselor to President Obama, John Podesta, has been released by Wikileaks.
Clinton was responsible for rise of ISIL in Mideast: Jill Stein
Photos Show Fragments of U.S. Bombs at Site of Yemen Funeral Masssacre
Saudi aircraft struck the funeral hall in Sana'a four times, killing more than 140 people and wounding 525. One local health official described the aftermath as “a…
Kim Dotcom runs 'Trump vs Clinton vs Putin' Twitter poll, result is something you'd expect
The Russian president is currently polling at 53 percent, with Trump at 25 percent and Clinton on 22 percent with over 5,000 votes cast. The poll asking “Who do you want to be the next President of the United States?” was posted on Twitter by internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom.
Hillary Clinton Admits Qatar, Saudi Arabia Support Daesh in Leaked Emails
Hillary Clinton's Leaked Emails Show US Aware of Qatar, Saudi Arabia Supporting Daesh
Break the Silence: Hillary Clinton’s Role in the 2009 Military Coup in Honduras
Those who vote for Clinton have a moral obligation to break the silence about her.
More US Troops Arriving in Iraq Ahead of Mosul Invasion
More US Troops Arriving in Iraq Ahead of Mosul Invasion | Some 6,000 US troops in Iraq, with more arriving all the time
Over 50% of W. Germany’s senior justice ministry officials in 1950-70s were ex-Nazis – govt report
The majority of West German Justice Ministry officials during the post-WWII period…
Why the New Silk Roads terrify Washington
Why the New Silk Roads terrify Washington
SYRIA: Message from the REAL Syria Civil Defence about White Helmet frauds
Leaked videos show widespread voter fraud during 2016 Democratic primary election
Mainstream Media's Propaganda War on Syria and Russia: What You Really Need to Know.
Contemplate a war with a nation that has 7000 thermonuclear weapons.
If you rely on mainstream corporate media (MSM) as your news source, you are totally in the dark on issues such as Syria and Russia, because MSM has lost its way, and now serves as a mouthpiece for government positions. It is a neocon-controlled propaganda machine, and its role has been reduced to that of a parrot.
That said, if you dig deeper and use reputable sources, you get a dramatically different perspective.
The neocons, and war-party leaders like Clinton, are calling for a no-fly zone. But MSM did not report the ominous warnings of General Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who appeared before Congress and was asked about the possibility of a no-fly zone. His tone was ominous as he said: "For now, for us to control all the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war with Syria and Russia,... That's a pretty fundamental decision that certainly I'm not going to make."
Video: U.S. Special Forces cursed as infidels by Islamist allies in Syria
United States Special Forces operating illegally in an undisclosed location along…
US missile defense in Europe directly threatens Russia – Chinese military
“The US did not provide legally-binding guarantees that the missile defense system they are deploying in Europe would not be aimed against Russia. But at the same time it poses a real and direct threat to the Russian security,” Maj. Gen. Cai Jun, the vice head of the Central Military Commission Joint Staff Department's warfare bureau, said in a speech at the Xiangshan international security forum in Beijing.
Aggressor squadron? Pics of US jets painted in Russian colors spark Syria false flag conspiracy
Photos showing US jets being painted Russian colors have triggered debates and…
UK special forces pictured on the ground in Syria
8 August 2016
The BBC has obtained exclusive pictures showing for the first time British special forces operating on the ground in Syria.
It is the vehicles that first stand out. The open air, Thalab long range patrol vehicles are built for harsh terrain and are favoured by special forces.
Washington Hits Back at Putin’s Humiliation
Finian CUNNINGHAM: The Obama administration is now accusing Russia of cyber-crime and trying to disrupt the US presidential election. The claim is so…
Violent clashes in Paris: Tear gas & burning tires as anti-Uber protest grips French capital
Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist: Hillary Approved Sending Sarin Gas to Rebels to Frame Assad, Start Syrian War
Settlers prevent Palestinians from picking their olive harvest - Palestinian Information Center
A group of Israeli settlers attacked Monday morning a Palestinian family while making their way to
their agricultural land in Qaryout village, south of Nablus.
Russian general Viktor Poznikhir believes the US missile defense systems can be used as attack weapons.
"The MK-41 launchers at bases in Europe and on board naval ships can be rearmed with Tomahawk cruise missiles promptly and stealthily," he pointed out. The Tomahawk, with its range of 2,500 kilometers, can hit targets in any part of Russia west of the Ural mountains:
Russian general: US needs missile shield for military supremacy over Russia, China
According to the Russian General Staff, US missile defense systems can be used as attack weapons
US Missile Defense Network Poses Threat to Safe Use of Space by Any Country
US global missile defense network is posing a threat to free and safe use of outer space by any country, the…
'Russians Don't Care About International Law And We Do' John Kerry : Information Clearing House - ICH
In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. Information Clearing House has no affiliation whatsoever with the originator of this a...
U.S. politicians have always said they just mirror the people that vote for them. Which is very true. No morals, no conscience, and no remorse.
Lying About Lying - AP Attempts to Cover Up Blatant "FACT CHECK" Lies
Mischaracterizing the conflict - and specifically lying about Syria and Russia's role in directly confronting ISIS both in the air and on the ground - has cost the lives of thousands as well as regional security and stability. Such lying also has allowed the US to menace the region with the possibility of directly military intervention based solely on claims that Syria and Russia are killing "civilians" rather than fighting ISIS.
Al-Saud Shows Just How Zionist It Is With Sadistic Massacre Of Yemenis At Sanaa Funeral
Very relevant excerpt from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
lizard democracy
AGITPROP MACHINE: How the US create Fake Al Qaeda and ISIS videos
Totale Propaganda: Deutsche Medien im Kriegsmodus gegen Russland
Wirklich neutral waren die deutschen Medien in Bezug auf Russland ohnehin noch nie. Was sich seit...
Germany owes more than €279bn WWII reparations to Greece - more than Greece's debt to EU
HILLARY’S WARS (Pt. 2): Wikileaks Proves Syria is about Iran & Israel
The Best in uncensored news, information, and analysis
The Saudis, Hillary, and the Destruction of Yemen
The Saudi bombing of a funeral in Saana, Yemen, killed about 200 – we don’t yet know the exact number – and wounded over 500. No one believes the denials o,…
Srebrenica: A Town Betrayed
A Norwegian documentary that attempts to take a less biased look at what happened in Srebrenica during the Bosnian War. The internationally accepted viewpoint is very black-and-white and ultimately labels the Serbs as evil monsters while ignoring the crimes committed by the Muslims which was what "the Srebrenica Massacre" might have been a direct consequence of.
<some 50 Serb villages were destroyed by Muslim forces>
Hillary Clinton: Candidate of War – Consortiumnews
Hillary Clinton: Candidate of War October 10, 2016 Exclusive: The U.S. political/media establishment only permits the propaganda version of the Syrian conflict…
Europa erpresst Afrika mit einem rücksichtslosen Freihandelsabkommen! - netzfrauen
Entwicklungsländern wird die Pistole auf die Brust gesetzt-entweder sie unterzeichnen das Freihandelsabkommen oder ihr Marktzugang zur EU wird…
Deutsche Bank bankruptcy would collapse world financial system – Jim Rogers
The main reason the US government wants $14 billion in penalties from the…
Trump or Clinton? No. America’s Future Will Be Decided By the "Financial Industry"
One purpose of the show staged by Washington’s political establishment every four years, called "election campaign", is to demonstrate to the world that the American…
Syria No-Fly Zone Would Mean ‘Killing A Lot Of Syrians’ – Leaked Clinton Speech
Victors’ Justice and the “Responsibility to Protect”: Who are the Real War Criminals?
The Ratko Mladic Arrest
YEMEN: UN Whitewashing Saudi Coalition War Crimes and International Human Rights Violations.
Vanessa Beeley | Yemen: The UN stands accused of whitewashing and facilitating Saudi-led coalition war crimes & grave human rights violations against the Yemeni…
Russian options against a US attack on Syria
< And while I am no supporter of Trump, I would agree that Hillary and her evil cabal of russophobic Neocons is so bad that Trump does give me some hope, at least in comparison to Hillary.>
Did Hillary Call for ‘Killing a Lot of Civilians’ in Syria During the Debate?
In a leaked transcript of her paid speeches to Wall Street executives and the…
<Hillary admitted in a speech that a no fly zone over Syria would kill a lot of civilians. What does Hillary want now? A no fly zone over Syria.>
U.S. and U.K. Continue to Actively Participate in Saudi War Crimes, Targeting of Yemeni Civilians
Obama was explicitly warned U.S. could be liable as a war crimes participant. That…
Bayer vows not to use reputation to impose Monsanto’s GM crops on Europe
<The EU imports 32 thousand tons of soy annually. 95% of it is GMO. Almost all of the soy is used in animal feed. So GMO lands in your milk, cheese, eggs, poultry and meat. Unless it's organic or you can find a label on the product that says no GMO>
<Not to worry about eating GMOs because at first you'll only start getting allergies you never had before, then later some weird illnesses that can't be diagnosed, until finally when you're about 60 or so depending on at what age you began eating eating them, you'll start to get large tumors on your body like those rats fed them on the France study of GMOs.>
BREAKING: WIKILEAKS RELEASES LIST Of Reporters Taking Marching Orders From Hillary Clinton...NEVER TO BE TRUSTED! »
Wealth Inequality
Distribution of wealth
According to the OECD in 2012 the top 0.6% of world population (consisting of adults with more than 1 million USD in assets) or the 42 million richest people in the world held 39.3% of world wealth. The next 4.4% (311 million people) held 32.3% of world wealth. The bottom 95% held 28.4% of world wealth
Key Neocon Calls on US to Oust Putin
EDITOR'S CHOICE: A prominent neocon paymaster, whose outfit dispenses $100 million in U.S. taxpayers’ money each year, has called on America to “summon the…
Ahrar al-Sham
Top US-Backed Rebel Group Reaches Deal to Fight Alongside Daesh Offshot in Syria
The second largest US-backed rebel group Ahrar al-Sham reworked their…
US newspapers overwhelmingly favor Clinton, none back Trump
<Media, academia and Hollywood are all against us. Do we have the fortitude to unite /defeat HRC?>
<What does anybody expect, its the American elite machine closing ranks, behind their corrupt puppet>
NATO bets on ‘strong defense, deterrence & dialogue’ with Russia – Stoltenberg
<NATO carpet bombed Libya among other war crimes>
Police in California, Texas fail to report 660 officer-involved deaths
<Time for a no fly zone in the US?>
<High time, before the rogue regime commit even more atrocities. And free manpads and RPG's to BLM and KKK. That should bring the democracy of the Founding Fathers back.>
India to Propose to BRICS States Creation of Fund to Restore Syria
The BRICS countries may consider the possibility of creating a fund to restore Syria, according to an Indian government source.
SYRIA: #AleppoIsBurning Campaign Created by US and NATO to…
Russia to Equip Navy Base in Syria’s Tartus With Air Defense, Anti-Sub Systems
Russian base in Syria’s port city of Tartus will have air and anti-submarine defense systems, according to Leonid Slutsky, the head of a foreign affairs committee in the…
Another angry French person:
"Yes, Mr. Hollande, that's enough!
Enough of this limitless hypocrisy! . . .You say that the Syrian crisis will be resolved with the departure of Assad. Was the Iraq crisis resolved after the US killed Saddam? Was the Libyan crisis was resolved after France bombed the country and killed Gaddafi? And I'll go back further - the Americans brought down the pro-Soviet government in Afghanistan, where is the promised prosperity ??? This country has been at war for 37 years !!!"
Space war, Vatican knowledge of extraterrestrials revealed in Podesta emails
Zero point energy (ZPE) has been studied in quantum physics and is described as a vacuum energy, utilizing an energy that exists in molecules even at near absolute zero temperature. If harnessed it could theoretically allow a manned spacecraft to travel to Mars in days, rather than years, according to one study.
‘Only partially true’: AP says Trump wrong about Assad fighting ISIS, retracts in hours
Appeals court denies tribe's request to stop Dakota Access pipeline
Clinton Benghazi emails to remain hidden after DOJ drops arms dealer charges
ISIS launches massive offensive at Kuweires Airport in east Aleppo
ALEPPO, SYRIA (12:45 A.M.) - The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) launched a massive offensive in the eastern countryside of Aleppo on Sunday night
One Paycheck Away from Being Homeless
<This video has spoken to me. I'm a Canadian, aged 72, living in southern Morocco on my meager retirement pension. I can well afford to live here, but if I had to move back to Canada, I might very well be in danger of homelessness. Did you hear that last little bit? ...approximately the same cost as ONE RAF mission over Syria.>
ГТРК ЛНР.Иностранная вооружённая миссия в ЛНР не нужна! Митинг в центре Луганска. 10 октября 2016.
NSA whistleblower says DNC hack was not done by Russia, but by U.S. intelligence
NSA has all of Clinton's "deleted" emails.
Syria Crisis Risks Becoming 'Suez Crisis & Cuban Missile Crisis' Rolled Into One
On Saturday, Russia on one side and the US and its allies on the other clashed at…
A NOBEL LIE: CNN’s Claim That ‘White Helmets Center in Damascus’ Was Hit by a Barrel Bomb
     MSM Syria Lies Need to Be Exposed : The Corbett Report
    The world once again finds itself hurtling to the brink of war, and once again the establishment mouthpiece puppet propaganda media is leading the charge. This
MSM Syria Lies Need to Be Exposed
URGENT: MSM Syria Lies NEED TO BE EXPOSED...Before It's Too Late
New Gulf of Tonkin Incident? US Destroyer 'Attacked Off Yemen Coast'
On Sunday, the US guided missile destroyer USS Mason was reported to have been attacked by two missiles fired from the Yemeni cost. A Pentagon spokesman…
SHOCKING: Slobodan Milosevic was INNOCENT! documentary p.1/5
France threatens Damascus & Moscow with ICC war crimes probe over Aleppo
France says it will ask the International Criminal Court to investigate alleged war…

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