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January Collection Part Two


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Tamiflu Deception - Learn The Real Truth
The Danger and Ineffectiveness of Flu Vaccines, with the concept of original antigenic sin information
FOR THOSE THAT STILL BELIEVE IN FLU SHOTS. In view of this information, NO ONE with any common sense would ever again take a flu vaccine. Not if they have both eyes open, and in actually using their head.
Salmon Confidential, Documentary About Salmon Farms in Canada & Diseased Salmon
Fillet Oh Fish
Farmed Salmon — one of the most toxic foods in the world
Today’s fisheries are faced with a range of severe problems, from overfishing to chemical pollution and genetic mutation from toxic exposures. As noted by the producers of the film, “through intensive farming and global pollution, the flesh of the fish we eat has turned into a deadly chemical cocktail.”
Ambassador Nikki Haley brags about bullying UN for Israel; angling to be 1st woman president?
Shocking Video of Nikki Haley Groveling and Pandering at AIPAC Event (Israel Lobby)
Watch as she panders to the Zionist! She goes the extra mile to make sure that they understand that serving Israel comes first, everything else is secondary.
Riz Virk Explains Why Quantum Physics, AI, & Eastern Mystics All Agree We Are Living In A Video Game
0.016% of accounts: Twitter catches a few more 'Russian trolls' as Congress-spurred hunt continues
<When did it become illegal to express an opinion?>
<during the Clinton administration, Bush jr wasn't much better remember when the US renamed French Fries to Feedom Fries cos Paris didn't want to bomb Baghdad over nonexistent Nukes, niether Bush nor Barry said I'm sorry to the French let alone the Iraqi>
"Explosive", "Shocking" And "Alarming" FISA Memo Set To Rock DC, "End Mueller Investigation"
New Kiev law marks shift ‘from sabotage to burial’ on Minsk deal – Russian senator
Where's the 'Collusion'?
"Collusion" Author Can’t Say Where Collusion Is!w/ Aaron Maté
The Jimmy Dore Show
Syria - Tillerson Announces Occupation Goals - Erdogan Makes Empty Threats
For a few days now Turkey has threatened to invade Afrin (Efrin), a Kurdish held canton in the north-west of Syria.
Syrien droht Erdogan mit Abschuss von türkischen Kampfjets
Die syrische Regierung will einen Angriff der Türkei im Nordwesten des Landes nicht kampflos hinnehmen.
Saying things that a government official doesn't like can get you arrested
How the Establishment Undermines American Democracy
5 People With Superpowers Caught on Tape
German experts name Russia's most dangerous weapon
The German press came to the conclusion that Russia's Zircon missile sea-launched complex represents a real threat to warships of different countries
The Green Africa project
Jewish Israeli settlers attack Palestinian school in Bethlehem
Deutscher Waffenexport auf Umwegen
Red Sand Beach (Kokkini Ammos)
Caitlin Johnstone
Rogue journalist, poet, and utopia prepper.
Anti-CCTV Glasses 'Give Us The Option of Autonomy,' Creator Tells Sputnik
Most Beautiful Porn Stars Ever
Top 50 Most Beautiful Women in the World
7 of the 8 individuals who died of flu HAD received the flu shot
Hillary Clinton Email Archive
H: New Intel Syria, Turykey, Israel, Iran. Sid
Secret CIA effort in Syria faces large funding cut
U.S. officials said the CIA has trained and equipped nearly 10,000 fighters sent into Syria over the past several years — meaning that the agency is spending roughly $100,000 per year for every anti-Assad rebel who has gone through the program.
 The Conflict In Syria Was Always Israel’s War
Because Israel has staked first its survival and ultimately its growth into a dominant regional power on the disunity of its neighboring nations, it comes as no surprise that, faced with a winding-down of the Syrian conflict, it is now moving sharply against that development.
Read the full Wikileaks release below:
Stated plainly, the U.S.’ decision to spend over $1 billion until 2015 to arm Syria’s terrorist-linked “rebels” — and to invoke the assistance of Wahhabi terrorism exporters like Saudi Arabia and Qatar in funneling weapons and funds to these same groups — was spurred by Israel, which not only drafted the original blueprint for the Syrian conflict but guided U.S. involvement by exerting its powerful influence over the foreign policy of that country.
 The Kurdish Connection: Israel, ISIS And U.S. Efforts To Destabilize Iran
Syrian Kurds claim to be fighting against terror as they strive for autonomy, a goal that they have yet to achieve even after decades of effort. But their efforts are being co-opted by Western powers that are using them to achieve their own ends in the Middle East.
 The Kurds: Washington’s Weapon Of Mass Destabilization In The Middle East
In this three part series, MintPress contributor Sarah Abed analyzes the role that some Kurdish factions have played throughout history in helping major powers create chaos in the Middle East – from the Kurdish uprising in Iraq in the 1960s to the ongoing conflict in Syria today.
 A History Of Violence – The Myth Of The Moderate Kurdish Rebel
The Kurds of the Middle East, though embraced by much of the West as idealistic freedom fighters, have committed a range of human rights abuses, mainly targeting non-Muslim minorities. Their dark history of violence includes kidnapping, enslavement, and genocide.
"New California" Conservative Movement Declares Independence As First Step Towards 51st State
WATCH as ISIS and Al-Nusra smuggle money into Syria using vehicles with Red Cross logos
 U.S. Military World’s Largest Polluter – Hundreds Of Bases Gravely Contaminated
Producing more hazardous waste than the five largest U.S. chemical companies combined, the U.S. Department of Defense has left its toxic legacy throughout the world in the form of depleted uranium, oil, jet fuel, pesticides, defoliants like Agent Orange and lead, among other pollutants.
Chinese credit agency puts US sovereign rating on par with Turkmenistan
One of the largest ratings firms in China, Dagong Global Credit Rating, has cut the US sovereign rating from A- to BBB+. That puts the American economy on par with Peru, Colombia and Turkmenistan.
North & South Korea to form 1st joint Olympic team, march at opening together under unified flag
San Francisco’s Human Poop Map Shows City Is in Deep Doo-Doo
Project Veritas talks Twitter’s prying eyes & MSM agenda
BREAKING: North and South Korea uniting under one flag for Olympics
South Korea announced Wednesday the two rivals will appear side-by-side at the February 9th opening ceremony.
Breaking: Rebel forces use chemical weapons against Syrian Army troops in southern Idlib
DHS secretary under oath: Trump didn’t say ‘sh—hole’
Others in meeting used ‘inappropriate language’ with president
Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testified under oath Tuesday that she did not hear President Trump call Haiti, El Salvador and other developing nations “sh—hole” countries in a controversial meeting last week — though she did say he used “tough language.”
The New Cold War In 2018
"We have a pro-detente President who for the first time in history is not permitted to at least try because every time he has a sensible conversation with Putin, no matter whether it's face to face or on the telephone, he's accused not only by the…
Man Charged With Starting California Fire
Suspected Arsonist Caught on Video Allegedly Igniting Brush Fires In California
Secret World of US Election: Julian Assange talks to John Pilger (FULL INTERVIEW)
<Hillary was the central figure in the destruction of Libya><Wikileaks published 800.000 emails on Russia>
<Who is responsible for the refugees from Libya to Europe>
 John Pilger: The White Helmets Are A “Complete Propaganda Construct”

In yesterday’s interview with RT’s Going Underground, John Pilger outed the White Helmets as nothing more than a “complete propaganda construct in Syria.”
Turkey sends armored vehicles to southern border with Syria: Sources
US Destroying Syria’s Oil Infrastructure Under Guise of Fighting The Islamic State
US Destroying Syria’s Oil Infrastructure Under Guise of Fighting ISIS
Pipelines US is planning to bomb do not belong to ISIS, but the Syrian people
Flu takes life of 40-year-old Bay Area mother of 3
The family has ordered a private autopsy. The findings are expected to take several weeks. Walt Oxley believes his daughter had received a flu shot.
Who Is REALLY Behind ISIS?
Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B - Part 1
Richard Cottrell on | Gladio: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis | Segment 1 of 2
Behind the Headlines: Crimes of the global 'elite', interview with Ole Dammegard
Operation Gladio: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis
Episode 327 – How To Engineer A Crisis
Alexander Goroshinsky: Their goal was to instigate a conflict between the protesters and law enforcement using firearms. Witness Koba Negadze was at the Ukrayina Hotel and saw snipers firing at both protesters as well as law enforcement officers.
Court in Kiev. Georgian Mercenary Snipers Skype In Shocking Testimony
Guards at Europe's Biggest Prison Go on Rampage Over Threat of Islamist Inmates
Ganczarski, serving an 18-year sentence for his role in the Djerba synagogue bombing, faces extradition to the United States on charges related to the 9/11 terror attacks once he completes his sentence in France.
Serbian Politician Reportedly Killed in Kosovo
More Than 100 Now Dead As Worst Flu Epidemic In Years Sweeps Across US
>see comments>
Hate to stop a good panic, but consider the following from the British Medical Journal:
“[According to CDC statistics], ‘influenza and pneumonia’ took 62,034 lives in 2001—61,777 of which were attributable to pneumonia and 257 to flu, and in only 18 cases was the flu virus positively identified.”>
Are You One Of The 170 Million Americans Drinking Radioactive Tap Water?
Entire Al-Nusra military convoy including car bomb blown sky-high by Russian airstrike in east Idlib
15 years after the invasion of Iraq, and now largely out of the glare of the media, US and UK oil corporations start to flaunt the spoils of imperial conquest.
<Before the invasion and occupation of Iraq, all the oil proceeds went to the Iraqi state treasury.>
Western Silence as 20,000 Neo-Nazis March in Ukraine
Diplomacy Yes, but Pentagon Quietly Prepares for War on the Korean Peninsula
U.S. Creates Kurdish/Terrorist “Border Force” In Syria To Define Borders Of Kurdistan
More than 100 UN peacekeepers ran a child sex ring in Haiti. None were ever jailed
“Imagine if the UN was going to the United States and raping children and bringing cholera,” said one lawyer in Haiti, where UN peacekeepers face hundreds of allegations of child sex crimes.
Gabbard: North Korea Has Nukes Because They Saw What The US Did To Libya
US traps itself with new Syrian policy: Unsustainable military occupation, pushes Turkey to reinforce Astana agreement
Haiti School Massacre: U.N.-Backed Police Force killings have been entirely ignored.
Does this live feed ISS glitch during astronaut interview prove NASA T.V. fakery?
A metre of snow falls in the Sahara desert
Hugh Morris, Travel News Editor 20 January 2017
Snowing Again in Sahara Desert & Magnetosphere Decline Causing Jet Streams to Dance (505)
Why the US Owes Haiti Billions — The Briefest History
The Clintons Stole $2 Billion From Haiti But Trump Is Bad Because MSM Put Out A Fake Quote
Go home Hillary, you’re DRUNK: Hillary Clinton trashes Trump on Haiti, gets RIPPED by Conservatives
Syria Considers US Plan on Creating Border Security Force 'Blatant Aggression'
The Syrian Foreign Ministry has slammed Washington's intention to form a 30,000-strong force inside the country with the proclaimed goal of maintaining security along its borders. The Syrian Army is poised to put an end to any form of US presence in the country, a Syrian foreign ministry source said, according to state TV.
It’s Been 50 Years, and Most Don’t Know the FBI & Police Admitted Their Role in the Assassination of Dr. King
Is Turkey aligned with al-Qaeda affiliate in Idlib?
The Astana process is on the verge of collapse, as Turkey and Russia are lining up on opposite sides in Idlib, which may prove to be the decisive battle in the Syria war.
Turkey is the main backer of the "moderate" Free Syrian Army (FSA). Power in Idlib also rests with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the jihadi group that is linked with al-Qaeda and includes fellow travelers from Ahrar al-Sham, which lost out in the power struggle with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. Both groups see the future of Syria as based on Islamic law, and their rule in Idlib has been characterized by tyranny and torture, as documented by Amnesty International and reported in this column.
The Guardian: Launching a ‘Save Idlib Terrorists’ Campaign?
Former SDF spokesman tells of US arming terror groups
Talal Silo tells details of US arming terror groups in region and how the terrorist PKK/PYD-dominated SDF was formed
Domestic Violence by the VPD (Vancouver Police Department) Clark County Washington
“We Don’t Need a Warrant” — Cops Enter Home Through Window, Rip Infant From Mother’s Arms
“Mommy am I Going to Die?” Mom Calls 9-1-1 for Paramedics, Cop Shows Up, Shoots 4-yo Daughter
9 People Face Misdemeanor Charges for Giving Food to The Homeless in El Cajon
A city ordinance which restricts residents from food sharing, was issued following a Hepatitis A outbreak
Trump admin paves the way for release of Julian Assange by closing eight year long grand jury proceedings
'Aesthetic' intimate surgery on the rise in Finland
 Empty Homes Outnumber The Homeless 6 To 1, So Why Not Give Them Homes?
“Homes are built for people to live in,” said one activist, so why are there millions of homeless people and millions more empty homes?
According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, almost 600,000 people experience homelessness on any given night in the United States as of January 2014. About 15 percent of those people are the “chronically homeless,” while the rest may lose their homes temporarily but find some form of recovery that keeps them off the streets on a long-term basis.
According to the Guardian, European Union figures show that there are 4.1 million homeless living across Europe, while there are 11 million empty homes across the continent.
Russian Journalists Blow Lid Off Alleged US Terrorist Training Network in Syria
Although the Russian military conservatively estimated the presence of roughly 350 Daesh militants at al-Tanf, Syrian military sources speaking to Patrashevich and Martynovich explained that the number may, in fact, be upwards of 1,200 fighters, some 200 of them Daesh jihadis brought to the area by US special forces, mostly from Deir ez-Zor province. Other forces include the so-called 'New Syrian Army', the Forces of Martyr Ahmad al-Abdo (formally part of the Free Syrian Army), and the Martyrs of Islam Brigade (an Islamist group). According to the Syrian military, these forces' armament includes large-caliber mortars, anti-tank missiles, tanks and other heavy weaponry.
Police forcibly remove homeless man’s warm clothes in near-freezing temperatures after wrongly assuming he stole them
US forcing Europe to abandon Russian gas & buy more expensive American LNG - Lavrov
The Drone Attack in Syria: An American initiative
Putin: Communist ideology similar to Christianity, Lenin’s body like saintly relics
Haiti Official, Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation, Found Dead In Miami
This is how the Clinton family destroyed Haiti
Bill Clinton Triggered, Denies Clinton Foundation's Haiti Funds Were Used For Chelsea Wedding
According to Miami-Dade’s medical examiner records supervisor, the official cause of death is “gunshot to the head.“ Eberwein’s death has been registered as “suicide” by the government. But not long before his death, he acknowledged that his life was in danger because he was outspoken on the criminal activities of the Clinton Foundation.
Jimmy Carter: The U.S. Is an “Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery”
‘Shame’: Thousands rally against corruption in Israel after Netanyahu son scandal (VIDEO)
American Journalist In Russia Tells Truth About RT
Terrorists in Idlib Drop American Supplies While Fleeing the SA
The seven lakes in Latakia... incredibly beautiful!
WaPo bureau chief praises ‘brave Syrian journalist’ – who has jihadist links
No girls in girls’ school: Top UK educational facility moves to use gender-neutral words
Senate Obeys Special Interests, Increases Military Spending by $700 Billion
On the issue of military spending, special interests—not American people—rule the day. So far in 2017, weapons manufacturers have given millions of dollars in campaign contributions to both Republicans and Democrats. In 2016, weapons manufacturer Raytheon donated over $3 million to various campaigns and spent over $4 million lobbying. The company’s top recipients included Hillary Clinton, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
MLK Day: Court Decision, U.S. “Government Agencies” Found Guilty in Martin Luther King’s Assassination
Circuit Court of Shelby County, Tennessee Thirtieth Judicial District at Memphis, December 1999
Legitimizing Terrorism: Inviting Al Qaeda “Moderates” to Washington for “Consultations”
A New Poll Shows the Public Is Overwhelmingly Opposed to Endless US Military Interventions
There is a wide bipartisan majority that seeks an American foreign policy of realism and restraint.
EXCLUSIVE: US Banks Plotted 'Financial Coup' Against Russia - Martin Armstrong
Kurdish forces begin confiscating Christian homes in northern Syria, put ultimatums on tenants
861.00/2 - 2246: Telegram
The Charge in the Soviet Union (Kennan) to the Secretary of State
Moscow, February 22, 1946--9 p.m.
 Against All Odds, Peace Breaks Out in Korea
This isn’t just about the Olympics: it’s the beginning of a new phase in North-South relations, and the start of the decoupling process that was begun, accidentally, by Donald Trump.
I paid to enjoy a movie about singing - and what I got was ninety minutes of pure Pentagon propaganda
Senators from Democratic Party publish an outrageous, misleading, deeply disturbing and profoundly racist report about Russia
Swedes may be charged with rape unless they get ‘explicit’ sexual consent under proposed law
7 times Trump critics called Russia a ‘s***hole’ & worse, and no one cared
EmigrateMe: Norway reaching out to Americans looking for an alternative to Trump madness
<Oh the irony!!!! Trump doesn't want people from shithole countries.. He wants Immigrants from the likes of Norway.. Meanwhile Norway, is offering Americans a way out of the shithole US>
UKRAINE ON FIRE: The Real Story. Full Documentary by Oliver Stone (Original English version
at 27 min.
'Ukraine on Fire': How US, Not Russia, Destroyed Ukraine - Oliver Stone Documentary Finally Available (VIDEO)
Conventionalist Emotional Characteristic (CEC)
Walt Peretto
Israeli Minister Says More Palestinians Need to Die (VIDEO)
Israeli Minister Uri Ariel: Our Bombing Raids in Gaza Should Lead to Dead Palestinians.
The 2014 war, which also left 73, Israelis – mostly soldiers – dead, destroyed or severely damaged more than 20,000 Palestinian homes, 148 schools, 15 hospitals and 45 primary healthcare centers, UNCTAD said.
As many as 247 factories and 300 commercial centers were fully or partially destroyed, and Gaza’s only power station sustained severe damage.
Thousands Of Israelis Take To The Streets Calling For Palestinian Genocide
How the Clinton Foundation Got Rich off Poor Haitians
'Syrian Journalist' Praised by WaPo Bureau Chief Turns Out to Be Jihadi Pitchman
The chief of the Washington Post Beirut bureau posted a tweet, praising the courage of a reporter in Syria, who was quickly revealed to be a supporter of jihadists. However, the WaPo journalist has not removed the tweet, apparently seeing no problem with it.
Shocking Footage Shows Crowd Of Hungry Venezuelans Slaughtering A Cow In The Open
<Propaganda video>
"We Know Who They Are": Putin Claims "State Provocateur" Behind "Terrorist Drones" In Syria
Russian President Vladimir Putin slammed those behind the massive drone attack on Russia's two Syrian bases which took place on January 6, saying in front of a large Russian media conference Thursday, "There were some provocateurs, but they were not Turks. We know who they are, who paid who for this provocation and what the actual sum was." Meanwhile the Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah reports that Putin has privately informed Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of which "provocateur" was behind a drone attack.
The CIA's Morell said the following in a televised Charlie Rose interview at that time:
    Morell: We need to make the Iranians pay the price in Syria; we need to make the Russians pay the price.
    Rose: We make them pay the price by killing Russians and killing Iranians?
    Morell: Yes. Covertly. You don't tell the world about it. You don't stand at the Pentagon and say we did this. But you make sure they know it in Moscow and Tehran. I want to go after those things that Assad sees as his personal power base. I want to scare Assad. I want to go after his presidential car. I want to bomb his offices in the middle of the night. I want to destroy his presidential aircraft. I want to destroy his presidential helicopters. I want to make him think we are coming after him.
Hillary Clinton Robbed Haiti Of 1.5 Billion Dollars Of Aid Meant For Them And That's Why It's a "Shit Hole"
It's Neocon Think Tanks, Not Russian Media, That Is The Enemy Within
Enough With the Global Warming Nonsense: It's Freezing Out Here!
"huge reduction in solar activity for 33 years between 2020 and 2053, causing global temperatures to decrease-drastically."
How Does a Heat Pump Work?
‘Shrewd & mature N. Korean leader has won this round' – Putin on peninsula crisis
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has emerged a winner in the latest crisis around the Korean Peninsula, Russian president Vladimir Putin said. He believes Pyongyang is now trying to defuse tensions.
“I believe, Mr Kim Jong-un has certainly won this round,” Putin told journalists at a meeting with the Russian media. He said North Korea has achieved its strategic goal.
“He has a nuclear [charge] and a … missile with a range of up to 13,000 kilometers that can reach almost any place on Earth or at least any territory of his potential adversary,” Putin told journalists on Thursday. The Russian president said the North Korean leader is likely to be seeking an easing of tensions in the region.
“He is already an absolutely shrewd and mature politician,” Putin added.
Russian MoD says it has killed group of militants who attacked its airbase in Syria (VIDEO)
“During the final stage of the operation a Russian Special Operations unit located the base camp of the militant saboteur group near the western border of Idlib province. As the terrorists arrived at the location, the entire group was eliminated with a high-precision ‘Krasnopol’ weapon as they were about to board a minibus,” the statement reads.
Trump slams protections for immigrants from ‘shithole’ countries in Oval Office meeting
In the U.S. 49.7 Million Are Now Poor, and 80% of the Total Population Is Near Poverty
Pentagon bots in your comments? US Army wants AI tool for social networks
The US Army wants a new intelligence tool able to understand social media posts in languages including Russian, Arabic and French. It must also be able to answer on its own – just like those pesky “Kremlin bots” we hear about.
Watch RT Chief Margarita Simonyan Turn The Tables on Lesley Stahl in 60 Minutes Hit-Piece Fail (VIDEO)
Want stability in the Balkans? Then bring back Yugoslavia
Germany actively supported and encouraged the secession of Slovenia and Croatia from the Yugoslav Federation.
Why The Persians Should Be The Good Guys In '300' - Hilarious Helmet History #1
Chechnya: Republic Of Contrasts (RT Documentary)
'We no longer know how to think for ourselves': Macron's 'fake news' fight raises concerns
Top 10 Energy Sources of the Future
People-Powered Solutions to Start the New Year - #NewWorldNextWeek
France's former Foreign Minister: UK Government prepared war in Syria two years before 2011 protests
Former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas stated in a 2013 televised program on French media (LCP) that British government officials had told him about preparations for "sending rebels into Syria" two years prior to the start of the 2011 "protests" and conflict.

Dumas makes it clear that it is Assad's anti-Israel stance that has made him a target for Western-backed "regime change". The fact that over 200,000 Syrian civilians have been killed in the process appears to be of little consequence to Western politicians.
'I was just doing my job': Soviet officer who averted nuclear war dies at age 77
Hypatia stone rattles solar system status quo
"The aluminum occurs in pure metallic form, on its own, not in a chemical compound with other elements. As a comparison, gold occurs in nuggets, but aluminum never does. This occurrence is extremely rare on Earth and the rest of our solar system, as far as is known in science," says Belyanin.
Syrian Army makes major gains in Idlib province, liberates nearly 100 villages
No US Support For Protestors in Honduras as 80,000 March Against Election Fraud and Corruption
Drone attack on Russian bases in Syria came from Turkish-backed rebels – MoD
The recent drone attack on Russian bases in Syria was launched from an area near Idlib, which is controlled by Turkish-backed rebel forces, the Russian military said. Moscow reportedly complained to Ankara about the attack.
#Winning: Facebook "Fake News" Flag Makes People MORE Likely to Click
The Geopolitics of Idlib
‘Pyongyang won time to perfect nuclear weapons by talks with Seoul’ – political analyst
Sins of father: Netanyahu's son exposes unknown corruption schemes
Egyptians see Nubians as subjects
In the U.S. 49.7 Million Are Now Poor, and 80% of the Total Population Is Near Poverty
Was the Swarm Drone Attack on Russia's Syria Airbase a US Message?
The “one of countries with high-technological capabilities” is of course referring to the US, Israel, and maybe Turkey.
The crimes of Winston Churchill
In April 1945 Churchill said “the [Nazi] collaborators in Greece in many cases did the best they could to shelter the Greek population from German oppression” and went on to say “the Communists are the main foe”.
Lao Tse
Tao Te Ching

Edition by Vladimir Antonov,
Ph.D. (in biology)
Translated from Russian
by Mikhail Nikolenko,
Ph.D. (in physics)
Tao Te Ching
Book of the Way
by Lao-tzu
Monsanto Uses Codex to Hide GMOs from Consumers
Including GE foods within any definition of biofortification risks consumer confusion as to whether they are purchasing organic products or something else entirely. “Monsanto seeks to cash in on the organic market with the loaded word ‘bio’,” argues Scott Tips.
Tao Te Ching

(Translator: James Legge)
The Tao Te Ching
Translation by Tolbert McCarroll

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

January Links Part One

Kurdish forces begin confiscating Christian homes in northern Syria, put ultimatums on tenants
 The SDF is led and made up primarily of the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), who falsely present themselves as Marxist-Leninist's by posing with communist and Che Guevara flags but are completely reliant and supported by the American Empire.
Reports of ethnic cleansing have been consistent in areas controlled by the SDF/YPG, with Arab villages entirely evacuated and re-inhabited by Kurdish settlers.
1980 - NBC - Contrails can change the weather
Brexit is going ahead and it’ll cost other EU countries billions – Jean-Claude Juncker
Catherine Deneuve says men should be 'free to hit on' women
Terrorists freaking out. Good!
Pakistan and Afghanistan - Epicenters of Geopolitical Intrigue
Another pernicious drug - of spiritual kind - is Wahhabism that was brought in in the 1980s by the US and Saudi Arabia to replace the moderate Sufi Islam of Afghanistan.
What if Everything We've Been Told About Depression is Wrong?
 It turns out that, in the same way, all humans have certain basic psychological needs. We need to feel we belong. We need to feel valued. We need to feel we're good at something. We need to feel we have a secure future. And there is growing evidence that our culture isn't meeting those psychological needs for many - perhaps most - people. I kept learning that, in very different ways, we have become disconnected from things we really need, and this deep disconnection is driving this epidemic of depression and anxiety all around us.
He told me there is no need to run businesses anywhere in the old humiliating, depressing way - we could move together, as a culture, to workers controlling their own workplaces.
Food Waste - how is it recycled
North Korea: The Deafening Silence around the Moon-Putin Plan
As the world hurtles ever closer to war in Asia, there is an Alice-in-Wonderland media narrative that has North Korea as the aggressor that must be controlled and punished at all costs. And in the face of that narrative, the deafening silence of intellectuals is starting to bear a remarkable resemblance to appeasement.
<Read entire article>
Earliest Known Images of Palestine & Jerusalem (1837)
Oprah Winfrey for President: Have We All Gone Bonkers?
Ever wonder HOW Susan Rice made $50 Million working for the Government on a $172,000 salary?@Usa News
Leaked audio: Sec of State Kerry confirms US used ISIS to remove Syria's Assad
Daesh was threatening to take Damascus. That's why Russia came in. We saw it coming too, but thought we could use it to force Assad to negotiate...' That is the essence of Kerry's comments here.
Trump has obsessive loyalty to Israeli regime: Analyst
US President Donald Trump has obsessive loyalty to the Israeli regime and its agents in the United States are currently his administration, according to Walt Peretto, a writer and researcher based in Washington, DC.
US Spy Aircraft Flew Between Russian Bases in Syria During Drone Attack - MoD
The Russian military in Syria has disrupted a massive attack with the use of battle drones on its facilities in the country on January 6, intercepting six and shooting down seven more UAVs launched by militants.
 Commenting on the Pentagon's statement, the Russian military expressed its concern over the remark that the technologies for attacking Russian military facilities are "easily accessible on the open market."
"What are those technologies that are being talked about?" the ministry asked. A spokesperson also called for the Pentagon to reveal where this market is "located and what special service is selling space reconnaissance data" to militants.
<Now where do you suppose the "Allahu Akbar" screaming pseudo-jihadists got hold of 13 advanced drones which they used to bomb the Russian bases in Syria?
The Russians claim that they would have had to have come from a technologically advanced country (not specified) while the Americans "hastily" explain that these are available on the open market.
The question is: Is the satellite support necessary for these killer drones also available on the open market?
Also consider this: These "jihadists" are surrounded from all sides by forces that claim to be combatting them. Did they just purchase 13 of these drones from a wandering merchant on a camel in the desert?>
Turkey Will Continue Euphrates Shield Op in Syria's Afrin, Manbij - Erdogan
Syrian Army Reports Israeli Missile Attack on Greater Damascus
According to Syria's state media, the Syrian Army reported that Israel had attacked targets near the war-torn nation's capital with jets and ground-to-ground missiles early on Tuesday, causing damage.
Question: Foreign languages taught at Iranian schools
How Mainstream Media Lose Their Reputation - #Fakenews On Iran And Egypt
The "western" media like to rant against fake news. But they are indeed the biggest provider of such.
Yesterday the British news agency Reuters claimed: Iran bans English in primary schools after leader's warning
Alcohol kills 18,000 Russians during every holiday season
GMOs, Global Agribusiness and the Destruction of Choice
Happy New Year: Here's What to Expect 2018 is going to be a fun fun year. And to better prepare yourself for all the merrymaking here is a calendar of some of the more delightful things to look forward to.
Pakistan Says US Is No Longer Its Ally — and It's Bigger Than You Think
China Set to Launch the World’s First Quantum Communication Network
Sahara Desert covered in 15 inches of SNOW as freak weather blankets sand dunes
More than 15 inches (40cm) has blanketed sand dunes across the small town of Ain Sefra, Algeria
Although the Sahara is very dry today, it is expected to become green again in about 15,000 years
Yemen and the Media Bullshit Machine
As Bruce Riedel, a 30-year veteran of the CIA argues: “if the United States of America and the United Kingdom tonight told King Salman that this war has to end, it would end tomorrow. The Royal Saudi Air Force cannot operate without American and British support.”
'All of the politicians who support the Saudi-led bombing, who refused to back the Yemen motion, along with the commentators and news outlets that continue to hide our complicity in this crisis, should have zero credibility when they next stand up to display grave concern about human rights or democracy somewhere (as they are now doing in Iran).'
Police arrest more people for marijuana use than for all violent crimes — combined
Police arrest more people for marijuana use than all violent crimes combined. 137,000 sit in jail for simple drug-possession, most are not even convicted but can't afford bail. 65% of America wants legalization but the Trump admin declares war on weed instead:
Siberian Gas by Way of London Rescues Chilly Boston
Not many people had expected the U.S. to turn to Europe for natural gas this winter
Yet the polar chill that gripped the U.S. East Coast this month, and sent spot prices to records, has led to a tanker loading a cargo of liquefied natural gas in the U.K. for Boston, some of which was likely produced by a project in Siberia targeted by U.S. financial curbs.
Iran: Surviving another attack supported from abroad
US ‘concerned’ that drones used in attacks on Russian bases in Syria available in ‘open market’
While over half of the weapons used by IS were produced by Russia and China – between 1960 and 1989 – the study found the more advanced weaponry seized by the terrorists were purchased from the European Union by the US and Saudi Arabia to be supplied to the Syrian rebels
United Nations Admits to Accidentally Releasing Cholera in Haiti, Killing 10,000 People
Blocking of YouTube videos in Germany
Another study found that around 3% of all YouTube videos, and 10% of those videos with over a million views, are blocked in Germany
Riots killed 20 people; main organizers detained: Police ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
In Germany, more than 6000 youtube videos are blocked due to the current legislation, and over 900 books are on the index. As a result, Germany has quietly and secretly left North Korea behind in a rush and is ranked number one worldwide in Internet censorship." And now everyone: A censorship has no place "(art 5 (1) Constitution
Book Of The Way, Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching Audiobook
The Four Rules Of Living According To Lao Tzu
Laotse - Tao te king
No Charges Against Cops Who Tased, Assaulted, And Fatally Shot 68-Year-Old Vet In His Own Home
Seuraava keppi työttömille on jo valmisteilla: 60 päivän karenssi, jos et hae töitä kerran viikossa
The next stick for the unemployed is already under preparation: a 60-day offense if you do not work once a week
There was a draft proposal for an opinion that the unemployed would in future have an obligation to apply for at least 12 jobs in three months, ie one job per week. In addition, the unemployed should report their job search once a week online. Failure to actively seek employment would be imposed on the unemployed for 60 days without compensation.
US Plans to Recognize Kurdish Area in Syria 3x Size of Lebanon 'Soon' - Reports
Sessions Wages War on Natural Weed, As He Grants Maker of Fentanyl a Monopoly on Synthetic THC
Jeff Sessions hypocritically granted a monopoly on the sale of THC to a company whose drug fentanyl kills tens of thousands a year, while promising to arrest people for a plant.
The idea that the DEA would provide a company—who was caught bribing doctors to prescribe opioid drugs that have led to one of the largest addiction problems in the history of the world—with a pass to sell their synthetic version of a plant they continue to kidnap, cage, and kill people over, is infuriating, to say the least.
BBC - Men stealing meat from lions.
The 4th dimension, but not as we know it: Scientists bend rules to catch glimpse of unknown
China to plant forest the size of Ireland in bid to become world leader in conservation
China’s State Foresty Administration target is to increase the number of hectares of forest in the country to 23 per cent of the total land by 2020, with the figure currently at 21.7 percent. Zhang Jianlong, head of the administration, said that by 2035 the figure will be up to 26 per cent.
EXCLUSIVE: One Man's Quest to Expose 'Absolutely Historic' BBC Panorama 'Fakery'
For over four years, Robert Stuart has been forensically investigating the innumerable inconsistencies, contradictions, anomalies and apparent falsehoods in the BBC Panorama documentary Saving Syria's Children. Speaking exclusively to Sputnik, the former journalist shares his most troubling discoveries.
Suspected Kosovo organ-trafficker arrested in Cyprus
A man suspected of trafficking in human organs has been arrested in Cyprus. Israeli national Moshe Harel faces extradition to Kosovo, where he is accused of luring kidney donors from Turkey and the ex-Soviet Union a decade ago.
Magic mushroom compound might treat depression by reviving emotional responsiveness in the brain
Psilocybin is the primary mind-altering substance in psychedelic “magic” mushrooms. The drug can profoundly alter the way a person experiences the world by producing changes in mood, sensory perception, time perception, and sense of self.
Tomgram: Engelhardt, Seeing Our Wars for the First Time
Mapping a World From Hell
76 Countries Are Now Involved in Washington’s War on Terror
Greek soldiers refused to guard NATO's base
"We will never guard, or carry out any other service that supports NATO and the American murderers of the people"
Jaafari at UNSC: Israel and Terror are Two Sides of the Same Coin
"When we state that Israel and terrorism are essentially two sides of the same coin, we are talking about a long history of Zionist terrorism, which is essentially based on a foundation of extremism and intolerance. Its goal is to kill others, displace them and violate their rights. It is based on a false myth of a religious State that is illusory and has not been accepted under any international laws and norms. It is a State that does not respect freedom, equality or justice.
When the representative of the Israeli occupation asks about root causes of terrorism and bloodshed in the Middle East, we offer facts and evidence to him and others who deliberately take exploit this forum to distort facts and distract us from addressing the real threats facing our region. An entity that occupies territories and makes people refugees cannot claim to be democratic or to adhere to human values. Its representatives cannot speak about chaos and weapons of mass destruction."
Democracy of Mass Destruction: Dissecting US Actions in Syria, Ukraine & Iran
The US has taken advantage of the recent mass antigovernment protests in Iran to reinforce pressure on that country, in line with President Trump's already harsh stance against Tehran. The human-rights-based mantra being employed evokes memories of regime change in Ukraine, and the de-facto US intervention in Syria.
Will 2018 be the year we directly 'see' our first black hole?
Western Arrogant Doublethink on Iran
If the shoe were on the other foot, one can imagine the absolute outcry in the Western media. If social protests were to break out in the United States or Europe, and Iranian leaders issued interfering calls in support of those protests, there would be mouth-foaming denunciations of Tehran for “mischievous meddling” in others’ sovereignty.
Prof. Gherardi: aluminum in vaccines ends up in the brain
The Effect of Aluminum in Vaccines on Humans 360p
A lone FDA scientist could end the autism epidemic
In a brand new published study, the only science vouching for the “safety” of injected aluminum adjuvant has come under extreme criticism by heavyweight scientists. Dr. Robert J. Mitkus — author of the misleading aluminum safety study from 2011 — could change the autism debate forever by telling the truth.
Echoes of totalitarianism in US media mob-rule
Middle Eastern Christians in dire straits – but the West doesn’t want to know
The destabilization of the Middle East over the past two decades has had a devastating impact on the region’s native Christian population. In Iraq, a population that numbered more than a million in the 1990s dwindled to less than a third of that in the wake of the US-led invasion and removal of the secular government of Saddam Hussein. In Syria, under threat since 2011 by Salafist groups armed and funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and other countries – the US shamefully included – Christians seemed to be facing a similar fate.
The Health & Wellness Show: The Smarter Your Phone, The Dumber Your Brain
The Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Continues Unabated
The radiation measurement was 530 sieverts, or 53,000 rems (Roentgen Equivalent for Man). The dose at which half an exposed population would die is 250 to 500 rems, so this is a massive measurement. It is quite likely had the robot been able to penetrate deeper into the inner cavern containing the molten corium, the measurement would have been much greater.
Klimaerwärmung nicht durch Industrieabgase !?
The Golden Age of Private Prisons
The Obama administration moved to phase out private prisons in the United States, but Donald Trump has now reversed those policies. A boom in the industry is expected and investors are thrilled.
Jeff Sessions’ decision to keep for-profit prisons is unethical
Australia aiming high, wants to become world's top pot exporter when trade opens in February
Mysteriöse Grippe oder Mörder über den Wolken?
Dr. Leonard Horowitz
Sie sind krank. Ihre Nase ist verstopft. Ihr Körper schmerzt. Sie sind verschwitzt, haben Husten, Sie niesen und haben nicht genug Energie, um aus dem Bett zu kommen. Das ist keine Grippe. Das ist eine Verschwörung, gemäß Dr. Leonard Horowitz.
MammatusWolken aus dem Labor?
<Many links under the video>
Wer für die "CO2-Lüge" noch auf die Straße geht, wird spätestens ab HIER zuhause bleiben! "Wir machen derzeit ein Experiment, das wir nicht unter Kontrolle haben". „Die Treibhausschutzmaßnahmen sind kontraproduktiv und fördern Kälte -und Wärmerekorde", so Kolbatz.
Paranoid Mark Zuckerberg covers his laptop webcam with tape
Cannabis Tax Revenues Will Be A Roadblock To Sessions's Drug War Obsession
In other words, cannabis employs people, produces tax revenue, and is as much a part of the local economy as any other industry. (The industry employs more than 30,000 people.)
Syria: ‘We saw them with our own eyes’ – SDF fighters share footage of IS convoys leaving Raqqa
New Video Emerges Of ISIS Convoys Leaving Raqqa Under US Coalition Watch
New footage has recently emerged which offers further confirmation that the US coalition facilitated the exit of Islamic State terrorists from Raqqa when the city was liberated in October. Fighters of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) confirmed from Raqqa that they had shot the footage showing militants of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIL/ISIS) peacefully leaving Raqqa on their watch.
The "Meltdown" Story: How A Researcher Discovered The "Worst" Flaw In Intel History
Separately, a second defect called Spectre has been found that also exposes core memory in most computers and mobile devices running on chips made by Intel, Advanced Micro Devices and ARM Holdings, a unit of Japan's Softbank
US abusing UN Security Council to interfere in Iran's internal affairs – Russia
"We don't want to get involved in destabilizing Iran or any other country."
He also reminded Washington of its own history of cracking down on protests.
"If we follow your logic, then we should have meetings of the Security Council after the events in Ferguson or after the dispersal by force of the Occupy Wall Street movement in Manhattan.”
Israeli President: Time to admit that Israel is a sick society,the Israeli Holocaust against the Palestinians is worse than Nazis
The United States: Crusader of Democracy and Liberty?
CNN's Brian Stelter discusses 'hate news,' fails to see irony
Israel: Crimes and Impunity
WATJ 17: War Crimes, International Criminal Court & Dan Kovalik
With Jesse Ventura
US Rewards Allies in Jerusalem Decision with Special Party
Only seven countries voted in line with Washington's interests: Togo, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Marshall Islands, Guatemala and Honduras.
You know, to celebrate illegal land annexation and occupation together.
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What Happened When a Jewish Settler Slapped an Israeli Soldier
Both Ahed Tamimi and Yifat Alkobi were questioned for slapping a soldier in the West Bank, but little else about their cases are similar — simply because one is Jewish, the other Palestinian
The Story Behind Ahed Tamimi's Slap: Her Cousin's Head Shattered by Israeli Soldier's Bullet
Most important achievement of 2017: Big war with NATO canceled
The Reimer twins: A tragic and highly unethical forced sex change experiment
In other words, nerves connected to a vagina will always register with the brain as a vagina, even if they are now part of a surgically constructed penis, and vice versa.
Everyone Is Putin's Agent! Poroshenko and Saakashvili Each Accuse the Other of Colluding with Russia
Ukraine is also broke. The government is as corrupt or more corrupt than it has ever been. Real neo-Nazis not only have their own militias - they are part of the government.
City of Chicago threatens to condemn good Samaritan's house for trying to keep the homeless from freezing to death
In the land of the free, if you try to help someone from freezing to death in subzero temperatures, you can and will be arrested and have your house stolen from you by state agents. A good Samaritan in Chicago is learning the hard way about the police state who is now forcing him to stop helping homeless people-or they will condemn his home and charge him.
Comment: In the 'land of the free', taking care of the homeless has become a revolutionary act. Cities across the country are cracking down on good people who want to help those in need.
 Twitter Policy Censors Self Defense Against Militaries But Allows Promotion Of State Violence
Glenn Greenwald noted: “So telling that Twitter’s new prohibition on advocating violence exempts those who want govts or militaries to kill. Thus, ‘I want US Govt to nuke N Korea’ or ‘Israel should obliterate Gaza’: permitted. But ‘it’s justified for Muslims to use violence in self-defense’: banned.”
How US Foreign Policy has Created a Million Osama Bin Ladens Since 9-11
Können Sie sich noch daran erinnern, wie der Himmel früher ausgesehen hat?
Airstrike kills at least 20 in Yemeni port city on first day of 2018
Macron plans new law against fake news and foreign influence of media
Scientist David Keith Discusses Spraying Aluminum To Fight Global Warming
Forget North Korea: Russia Is Now Building EMP Weapons
Bad news for US. When Russia builds weapons they tend to work
Amid all the recent fears about North Korea building an electromagnetic-pulse weapon that could disrupt America’s electronic backbone, another potential threat has been ignored: Russia’s new Alabuga EMP weapons program.
Maria Zakharova trolls Nikki Haley on Iran protests: ‘tell us how you handled Occupy Wall Street’
The US has called a UN security council meeting over Iran’s crackdown on unsanctioned protests – Russia asks the US how it dealt with its own unrest
Meltdown and Spectre
Bugs in modern computers leak passwords and sensitive data.
The Myth of the Gene: Genetics, Epigenetics and the Organism-Environment Loop
Far from the Cartesian machines described by classical genetics, we are the result of a dialogue, a loop, an elegant dance between the information we inherit from our parents and the information we incorporate from the environment,
FBI thought Hillary broke the law, drafted acquittal despite ongoing investigation – report
Denied! United Nations Security Council rebuffs absurd US request for emergency session on Iran protests
Tehran Persian Nights
<No, no, no. This cannot be Tehran, it cannot be that backward 3rd world country ruled with an iron fist by the theocratic regime. Girls cannot walk around in mini skirts and western style clothes, they are not supposed to drive, work, have a life, be as crazy and wonderful as the youth are in the west.
They are supposed to be oppressed, beaten in the streets by the religious police for showing an ankle....or is that Saudi Arabia? In that case forget it, that "model of democracy" is allied with both the US and Israel so there can't really be a problem there. The problem is Iran, it has to be Iran, "the brave young people of Iran are struggling for their freedom". We know that has to be right, Netanyahu told us and the Dotard confirmed it.>
Facebook’s Dirty Little Secret
Actual Russiagate evidence? Still missing
The central groupthink around Russia-gate is the still unproven claim that Russia hacked Democratic emails in 2016 and publicized them via WikiLeaks, a crucial issue that NSA experts say should be easy to prove if true.
Binney: Well, I voted for him. I couldn't vote for a warmonger like Clinton. She wanted to see our planes shooting down Russian planes in Syria. She advocated for destabilizing Libya, for getting rid of Assad in Syria, she was a strong backer of the war in Iraq.
Russia and China Capitulated Out Of FEAR?
“Sellouts in the Room:” The Greek Debt Crisis and SYRIZA Betrayals
Interview with Éric Toussaint. SYRIZA gained popular support and came in with a program that was really radical. They said we will socialize or nationalize the Greek banks and put in practice a very radical fiscal policy and increase the taxes on the rich, the Orthodox Church, and the oligarchs. They wound up doing just the opposite.
Cynthia McKinney On The Left Right Divide And The Power Cell Solution #UNRIG
Independent Investigation Details Israel’s Deliberate Killing of Civilians in Gaza
One Year After Gaza Massacre, UN Exposes “Likely” War Crimes
Uncut Chronicles: Gaza-Israel War. Deadly July 2014
Still Listening to the Enemy
Corbett Report Extras     <at 9 min<
Dirty Vaccines: New Study Reveals Prevalence of Contaminants
Aluminum has a documented neurotoxicity all by itself. The French veterinary vaccines exclude it for this reason. The human ones don’t. The researchers express concern about synergy of multiple toxins added to this known neurotoxin.
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Trump’s Attorneys Make Solid Case For Freeing Julian Assange in Legal Filing
President Donald Trump’s attorneys made a solid case for preemptively pardoning Julian Assange in a motion to dismiss a WikiLeaks-related lawsuit against the Trump campaign.
While preemptive pardons are rare — they are not unheard of.
1st contact in nearly 2 years: North Korea calls South via cross-border hotline
VIDEO: Syrian Army uncovers evidence of Israel’s support for Al-Qaeda in rural Damascus
Ostdeutschland begegnet US-Truppen mit „verwurzeltem Antiamerikanismus“ – Medien
James Corbett: The Age of Authoritarianism
Distrust Of US Intelligence Agencies Is The Default Position Of Sanity
Feminist silence over Ahed Tamimi exposes the racist consensus at the heart of western feminism
Consider this – a 16 year old girl, Ahed Tamimi, whose 14 year old cousin Mohammed has just been shot in the head by an Israeli soldier, challenges two Israeli soldiers who invade the grounds of her home. After being assaulted by one of them she slaps them back and is immediately demonised in the Israeli press for attacking an armed goon.  Israel’s press doesn’t even mention the fact that her cousin was nearly killed nor the fact that she was assaulted first.
 Google, Facebook, Twitter Clamor for an “Open Net” While Gearing Up Their Censorship Divisions
Internet content is neither “open” nor “equal” when Facebook, Twitter, and Google themselves are guilty of censoring or throttling information and material on their platforms, at will and with zero accountability to users.
The examples are many. For instance, there’s Facebook’s ongoing war against so-called “fake news,” with Facebook and its own hand-picked “experts” as sole arbiters of what constitutes “fake” and what does not. Google, in turn, recently altered its search and news-gathering algorithms, and “de-ranked” the Russian news services RT and Sputnik, in its own crusade against “fake news.”
Investigating the Destruction of All Three World Trade Center Skyscrapers on September 11
The Role of the Media: Act I; Whatever Happened to Investigative Journalists?
Global Warfare. Preparing for World War III, Targeting Iran
Wikileaks Released Her Full Isis Donor List With Names! – World Alerts
WikiLeaks just finished the job that started few months ago! Hillary just got killed! She is not going to survive this! It’s too much! Pure treason! According to Conservative Daily Post: Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton are the founders of ISIS.
Brits Pay Five Times As Much On Rail Fares Than Europeans, Research Finds
Just as New Year fare rises come into effect.
Analysis of railway data across the UK and elsewhere in Europe has found those commuting to London from Chelmsford, Essex, pay as much as 13% of their monthly wage on travel, compared with as little as 2% in France.
Iran - Protests Decrease - Riots Increase - U.S. Prepares The Next Phase
'Stop wasting time on posting useless and insulting tweets’ – Iranian FM to Trump
<Trump after his earlier insult in calling the Iranian nation as "terrorist", has now called Iranians as "hungry for food". Very bad to remind him that 1 out of 8 meaning 42 million people including 13 million children and 5 million seniors are hungry in the US today.<
Could GCHQ influence Iran protests? They’ve done it before, claims researcher
The UK government uses fake content & sockpuppet accounts on social media to infiltrate activist groups & “destroy” enemies, former hacktivist Mustafa Al-Bassam claims. A shadowy unit is known to target the Middle East, he says.
Less than a million Jews killed in the Holocaust - Yosef Mizrachi
NY rabbi: ‘Not even 1 million’ Jews killed in Holocaust
The Brussels Business - Who Runs the EU ? - HD (sub - serb/cro)
THE BRUSSELS BUSINESS is a docu-thriller that dives into the grey zone underneath European democracy. An expedition into the world of the 15,000 lobbyists in the EU-capital, of the PR-conglomerates, think tanks and their all embracing networks of power and their close ties to the political elites.
‘More records than the KGB’: Cryptic Assange tweet ignites concern for his wellbeing
M.I.A. - Paper Planes
US Empire Is Running The Same Script With Iran That It Ran With Libya, Syria
<The US script on the Iran protests is identical to the ones it used before attacking Libya and Syria. It's all about "human rights." They aren't even trying to change it up with a different pretext. The US is preparing to destroy Iran in the name of the "human rights" of a few likely US-backed instigators. A good time for extreme skepticism, as the MSM is cranking up the propaganda accordingly...>
Interview with an Israeli General’s Son
Miko Peled: “Israel is faced with two options: Continue to exist as a Jewish state while controlling the Palestinians through military force and racist laws, or undertake a deep transformation into a real democracy where Israelis and Palestinians live as equals in a shared state, their shared homeland. For Israelis and Palestinians alike, the latter path promises a bright future.”
One Killed, Three Injured as Protester Opens Fire on Police in Iran - Reports
 Government’s Own Data Shows US Interfered In 81 Foreign Elections
Ask an average American who makes a habit of following government-mouthpiece corporate media about interference in national elections and you’ll likely elicit a nebulous response concerning Russian hackers and a plan to install Donald Trump in the White House — but you probably won’t hear a single syllable pertaining to United States government’s actual attempts to do the same.
Are These the Dead Sandy Hook Kids All Grown up….Alive and Well?
Turkey’s New Maps Are Reclaiming the Ottoman Empire
Erdogan’s aggressive nationalism is now spilling over Turkey’s borders, grabbing land in Greece and Iraq.
What Is Tofu? 8 Reasons to Not Eat This ‘Healthy’ Vegan Product
The important thing to know is that soy products fall into two groups: fermented or unfermented. Unfermented soy products include tofu, edamame and soy milk, while miso, natto, tempeh and tamari are fermented soy products. All soybeans (even organic, non-GMO ones) naturally contain antinutrients, toxins and plant hormones. However, fermentation is what makes soy products health-promoting. Without fermentation, what is tofu? It’s just a rubbery, white piece of questionable and health-hazardous non-meat protein.
Study: Black People Have Median Net Worth of $8
Torchlight procession honoring nationalist leader Stepan Bandera in Ukraine
Name that Color
Click & drag over the Color Wheel to make a color
Color Converter
RGB to Hex Value Calculator
Color Hex
RGB Color Codes Chart
American Police Killed 1,129 People in 2017 Only 12 Were Charged With a Crime
Planting Drugs to Arrest Innocent People is Part of the Game - Cop Admits That False Arrests Happen on a Regular Basis
They Said That Gluten is the Reason Bread is Unhealthy. Here’s What They Didn’t Tell You
External Interference in Iran's Internal Affairs Unacceptable - Russian MFA
"No shots were fired by the police and security forces. We have found evidence of enemies of the revolution, Takfiri groups and foreign agents in this clash," he said.
Pictures: Turkish forces set up anti-aircraft missile systems in Syria’s Aleppo province
Iran: Protesters killed by foreign agents, official claims
An Iranian official claimed on Sunday that two people who died during anti-government protests in Dorud were targeted by foreign agents and not Iranian police.
Israeli Ruling Party Votes to Annex West Bank and Seize Last Palestinian Lands
Trump Nails Bezos & Amazon On Corruption
The Jimmy Dore Show
Imagine What Would Happen if China Decided to Impose Economic Sanctions on the USA?
America’s Moral Authority No More
The document draws attention to the rise of fascist groups and ultra-right parties that are getting an ever increasing number of seats held in a number of national and local parliaments, while openly expressing racist and even xenophobic views.
Rouhani says Iranians have right to protest, slams Trump’s comments
"People are absolutely free to criticise the government,” the Iranian president said Sunday, commenting on the ongoing mass protests in Iran for the first time. The protests should be held in a way that would lead to the improvement of the situation in the Islamic Republic and not the other way round, he added.
"Criticism is different from violence and damaging public properties,” Rouhani warned as he called on demonstrators to refrain from any disruptive behaviour. He also said dealing with the current problems that Iran is facing “would take time,” adding, the people and the government should help each other in overcoming the difficulties.
The president then chided Trump over his comments concerning the situation in Iran. The US leader earlier repeatedly accused the Islamic Republic of “corruption” and “squandering of the nation’s wealth to fund terrorism abroad” in a series of Twitter posts.
The US has no moral right to act as if it defended the rights of Iranians because Washington itself calls them terrorists, he said. “Those, who called Iranians terrorists, have no business sympathizing with our nation,” he added, referring to Trump’s comments.