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Link Collection August Part 3

ISIL completely fabricated enemy by US
Former CIA contractor Steven Kelley says that the ISIL terrorist group is a completely

fabricated enemy created and funded by the United States. “This is a c...
Putin deeskaliert - junge Welt -

Russischer Präsident fordert »humanitären Korridor« für eingeschlossene Kiewer Truppen.
Reaktion des Westens: Noch mehr Sanktionen.
'Militants from 81 states fighting in Syria'
A US intelligence report says 12,000 militants from 81 nationalities are fighting with

the Syrian government.
Where do Ukraine’s rebels get arms from? Old Soviet bases, says Russia’s top brass
Breaking news - Stubb ja Haglund valehtelevat?
Ajat ovat todella muuttumassa mielenkiintoisiksi ns.isäntämaasopimuksen osalta. Jo jonkin

aikaa on epäilty, ettei Ruotsi allekirjoitakaan tätä sopimusta, kuten mm. pääministeri

Stubb ja puolustusministeri Haglund ovat antaneet ymmärtää. Tämä käy ilmi selvästi

Ruotsin puolustusministerin Karin Enst…
The Blueprint for World War III
NATO Planning Force of 10,000 to Counter Russia - Aydınlık Daily

NATO is reportedly working towards the creation of an expeditionary force composed of

10,000 troops from seven different member states as a result of escalating tensions with

Russia over the conflict in Ukraine.
NATO plans to dispatch 10,000 troops to eastern Ukraine
NATO is to send 10,000 troops to counter Russia in eastern Ukraine.
NATO is reportedly planning to send an expeditionary force composed of 10,000 troops from

seven different member states to Ukraine amid rising tensions with Russia over the

conflict in Eastern European country.

The creation of the force will be led by Britain and involve contributions from Denmark,

Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, and the Netherlands, media outlets reported on

israel is a terrorist state shuts the Zionist up!! Must see...Hilarious!!!!!!George
Ukraine on verge of collapse as Kiev forces capitulate: U.S. 'catapults the propaganda'

Remember when August was considered a 'slow-news month'? Neither do we! Hot on the heels

of last week's failed attempt to smear the Russian humanitarian aid convoy as a 'Russian

invasion of Ukraine', US-led hysteria reached fever-pitch yesterday...
Нынешние обстрелы городов и предприятий на Востоке лишь артподготовка грядущего передела
Оригинал взят у charsov в убили экс-главу Фонда госимущества Украины Семенюк-Самсоненко

Убили ее, скорей всего, за это видео. Видел ее выступление недели три назад по…
"This suicidal drive toward war with Russia by Europe’s leaders is based entirely on a

transparent lie that 1,000 Russian troops crossed into Ukraine
Of course the Western media followed in lock-step. The BBC, CNN, and Die Welt are among

the most reckless and irresponsible."
Marijuana compound may halt Alzheimer's disease – study
Ecuador set to create state-backed digital currency to ditch dollar

Ecuador is planning to create the world’s first digital currency issued by the country’s

central bank, in what is seen by many as a step to abandon the US
Naton laivat helvettiin! -mielenosoitus - esittely - #Turku #NATO #IndignadosFinland
‘No to NATO’: Hundreds march against militarism, nuclear weapons at Wales summit
Some 400 people have joined a protest camp in Newport to protest against NATO. The march

comes ahead of next week’s military summit that will see 60
Monsanto in Ukraine: IMF loan for Ukraine may give GMO giant a backdoor into EU
Ukraine’s bid for closer ties with the west could come at a cost. With the IMF set to

loan the country $17 billion, the deal could also see GMO crops grown in some of the most

fertile lands on the continent, warns Frederic Mousseau.
Bogdan Butkevic wanna kill 1.5 millions of Russians in Donbass
Kansanedustaja Salolainen raivostui: Nato-sopimus salattiin eduskunnalta
Eduskunnan ulkoasiainvaliokunnan varapuheenjohtajan, kansanedustaja Pertti Salolaisen

(kok.) mukaan Suomen ja Naton välisen uuden yhteistyösopimuksen valmistelu on salattu

eduskunnalta.Salolaisen tiedotteen mukaan ulkoasiainvaliokunta on ollut "jälleen

- Pro-Russian terrorists are victorious because they receive support from Russia .
- You mean the Ukrainian government army is losing because it receives support from the

US and EU?
George Galloway Senate Testimony (FULL)
U.S. Senate owned by George Galloway
UNO-Generalversammlung: Was machen US-Militärberater und US-Söldner in der Ukraine?
"Russia Invades Ukraine", Strategic NATO Public Relations Stunt. Where are the Russian


Read the London tabloids. Russia has launched "a full-scale invasion". A vast propaganda

campaign has been launched. Where is the evidence? The media is spreading "fake evidence"

in the week leadin...
NATO planning rapid-deployment force of 10,000 troops to counter Russia – report
Northern Coasts -harjoitus käynnistyi Turussa - mukana myös ilma-aluksia
The Vineyard of the Saker: “Russian Invasion” – How long is screaming ‘Wolf!’ having an

Trust not in princes, nor in the children of men, in whom there is no safety. His breath

shall go forth, and he shall return to his earth; in that day all his thoughts shall

HORRIFIC! ISIS Militants Executes 250 Syrian Soldiers [Full Footage]
<most likelly Kurds from Northern Iraq>
ISIS executes 250 Syrian soldiers
Graphic - Islamic State execute over 150 Syrian soldiers after capturing them at Tabqa
The Islamic State (IS) execute over 150 Syrian soldiers after capturing them at Tabqa
airbase Article:
<most likelly Kurds from Northern Iraq>
Black man taken to jail for sitting in public area
President of Russia Vladimir Putin addressed Novorossiya militia
It is clear the militia has achieved a major success in intercepting Kiev’s military

operation, which represents a grave danger to the population of Donbass and which has

already led to the loss of many lives among peaceful residents.
Play Video
UN to US: Stop racism, police brutality
A UN watchdog says the US must stop racism and brutal police tactics against minorities.
‘Anything US touches turns into Libya or Iraq’: Top Putin quotes at youth forum
Vladimir Putin has criticized Washington’s unilateral actions on the international arena,

saying that whatever it touches seems to be turning into Libya or Iraq. Below are the top

10 quotes from the Russian President’s speech at the Seliger youth forum.
George Galloway 'beaten over Israel comments'
British MP attacked in London street by man said to have been shouting about the

Ukraine does not agree to Russia’s $100 gas price discount — ministry
NASA misleading the public again
Ben Davidson: The Variable Sun and Its Effects on Earth | EU2014

Our Electric Sun and Its Environment | Space News /watch?v=AeRwIVpr8Dw
Naton Laivat Helvettiin!
CrossTalk: Mounting costs of Ukraine Crisis

Facing the abyss, Ukraine is running out of options. As winter approaches - with a

cratering economy - the regime in Kiev has hinted it may be looking to end...
 Videos: ISIS Why? How? The Covert Origins of ISIS
The Covert Origins of ISIS
Science and History in the Quran
 August 29th 15:35 UTC/ZULU Ukrainian SITREP
The Ukrainian civil war has reached a turning point and a lot of separate facts point to

this conclusion:
The Ukies are losing, badly.  All the reports from Novorussian sources agree that the

Ukie forces are either surrounded or in full retreat.  But Ukies sources also confirm

this.  In Kiev, angry demonstrations by nationalists accuse the military high command of

minimizing the real casualty figures, of having abandoned the forces fighting in the

Donbass.  Even Oleg Liashko has stated that the Ukie forces have been "betrayed". 

Demonstrations have taken place in from of the Ukie General Staff which many Right Sector

protesters which are demanding the creation of a "generals battalion" which would be

formed of only generals who would be sent to fight personally (an excellent idea, which I

fully approve of!).  Others are also demanding the resignation of the Ukie Minister of

The EU: the EU is totally stuck.  Apparently, the chaos in Banderastan combined with the

Russian sanctions and the gas crisis is gradually having an effect in the dull brains of

the Eurobureaucrats who are coming to realize that they have been at least as stupid as

the Ukies and that the US has used them for their own imperial goals.  "Fuck the EU"

Crisis in Ukraine: A case study in mismanagement
The Ukrainian crisis has two closely intertwined dimensions: a domestic one and an

external one, both testifying to the failure to manage the process correctly.
U.S. GDP Dropped 2.9% In The First Quarter 2014, Down Sharply From Second Estimate
Negative Economic Growth in America: A New Recession and a New World Devoid of
Washington’s Arrogance?

Regardless, the difference is large between the January forecast of +2.6 percent growth
and the decline as of the end of March of -2.9 percent.
CIA bonded with Nazis to sex traffic, kill naked children at human hunting parties?
Denmark, Finland and Belgium have best democracies, experts say
<BS high 10>
Is the Pentagon is using ISIL and the Iraq Crisis to Finally Strike Syria?
By hook or by crook or by carrots or sticks, the US and its NATO and regional allies will

not stop targeting Syria and Iran until they vanquish both. The crisis in Iraq is just a

new phase in those...
Cop Points Gun, Threatens to Kill Citizen in Response to Cell Phone Recording
“I'll f***ing put a round in your ass so quick.”
Self-proclaimed republics’ forces practically encircle Mariupol — Novorossiya News Agency
Earlier reports said Ukrainian units deployed near Novoazovsk had retreated to Mariupol
Liberals' darling Elizabeth Warren defends Israeli attacks on Gaza schools and hospitals

No One Would Even Think of Starting Large-Scale Conflict With Russia – Putin
“I’ll remind you that Russia is one of the largest nuclear powers. These are not just

words, this is reality and, moreover, we are strengthening our powers of nuclear

restraint. We are boosting our armed forces, they are actually becoming more compact and

more effective
Ex-CIA Official Proposes Assassination of Putin

Former intelligence official wants sanctions against Russia to lead to the removal of

Putin, “with a bullet hole in the back of his head” if necessary.
How and why the CIA created ISIS exposed
Dr. Arkady Brish: 'I Was Not Afraid to Create the First Atomic Bomb'

On August 28, 1949 the Soviet Union exploded its first atomic bomb in Semipalatinsk,

Kazakhstan. It was code-named “First Lightning” by Soviet scientists and “Joe 1” (after

Joseph Stalin) by the Americans. To test the bomb’s destructive capacity, engineers built

houses, bridges and even a metro line…
Turussa Nato-vastainen mielenosoitus
Turussa järjestetään ensi lauantaina Nato-vastainen mielenosoitus viikonlopulla alkavan

Northern Coasts 2014 -kriisinhallintaharjoituksen yhteydessä.
Nato-jäsenyys veisi Suomen vuotta 1939 muistuttavaan tilanteeseen

Suomen liittämistä sotilasliitto Natoon ajavat monet vaikutusvaltaiset voimat. Kyselyjen

mukaan noin joka neljäs suomalainen kannattaa Nato-liitosta. Naton torjuu kuitenkin lähes

60 prosenttia suomalaisista.
UNO: Militäroperation der Ukraine im Osten des Landes widerspricht Völkerrechtsnormen
Die Militäroperation, die die Regierung der Ukraine im Osten des Landes durchführt, läuft

den internationalen Normen und Standards des humanitären Rechts zuwider, heißt es im

Bericht der UN-Monitoringmission für Menschenrechte in der Ukraine, der am Freitag

vorgelegt wurde.
NATO, the finger of death
Iraq: Chaos! Libya: Chaos! Syria: Chaos! Whatever NATO touches, turns putrid, rots and

dies. Three interventions by the Anglo-Saxon Alliance (UK and US), two by the FUKUS Axis

(add France), three interventions by NATO, three...
From Wounded Knee to Libya: A Century of U.S. Military Interventions
Verifiable proof the US and UK media have lied about Ukraine on numerous occasions. -

Putin: Kiev’s shelling in E. Ukraine reminiscent of Nazi actions during WWII
Russian President Vladimir Putin has compared the shelling of east Ukrainian towns and

cities by Kiev’s troops to actions carried out by the Nazis during World War II.
Putin: It looks to me that anything US touches now turns into Libya or Iraq - WATCH LIVE
“ISIL completely fabricated enemy by USA”, former CIA contractor
Former CIA contractor, Steven D. Kelley, says that the ISIL terrorist group is a

completely fabricated enemy created and funded by the United States. “This i...
Vetoomus: NATO, isäntämaasopimus ja Suomen laki

Vetoomus Eduskunnalle Suomen ja NATO:n välisen isäntämaasopimuksen ja sen

voimaansaattamisen laillisuuden varmistamiseksi
Black man taken to jail for sitting in public area
Scientists Propose Using Lasers to Fight Global Warming From Space

Scientists want to build two new laser-toting satellites: One that can grow cloud cover

on Earth, and one that can blast greenhouse gases out of the sky.
Cross reference between NATO satellite image and Google Maps
Nato julkaisi kuvia: Tässäkö todiste tuhannesta venäläissotilaasta?
NATO-vastainen mielenosoitus Turussa lauantaina 30.8. - ''NATO-laivat helvettiin!''
On aika marssia NATO:a vastaan ja osoittaa se suoraan maahamme kansan enemmistön tahdon

vastaisesti tunkeutuville NATO-joukoille. Turussa järjestetään lauantaina alkaen klo 12

mielenosoitus alkavan suuren NATO-harjoituksen yhteydessä.
Paikka: Forum Marinum, Linnankatu 72
Päivämäärä: 30.8.2014
Klo: 12:00-16:00
To Hell w/NATO ships!

60 NATO ships dock in Turku next Saturday. Some of them will be open to the public from

12 to 16 hrs on both Sat and Sun. We will go there to say NO to NATO and to NATO's navy,

which has no business docking in our harbours.

Organised by: Indignados Finland, Occupy Helsinki, Anonymous Finland, The Independence

Party of Finland (IPU), Communist Party of Finland (SKP), Green Party (ViPu) (*),

Communist Youth League (KomNL).

(*) ViPu (deep green) is not to be mistaken w/The Greens of Finland.
Loose NATO may rise against Russia with Ukraine's help
Noteworthy, the total budget of the alliance is ten times as big as the military budget

of Russia. "If you compare their budget with that of Russia, then the Russian military

budget is at least ten times smaller than the total military budgets of NATO members.

Moreover, the alliance is superior in all major categories of weapons," Russia's

permanent representative to NATO Alexander Grushko said.
Despite cuts, NATO still accounts for most of world’s military spending
“NATO still accounts for a clear majority of world military spending, over 60 percent,

and a substantial number of other top spenders are American allies like Saudi Arabia and

Israel,” Perlo-Freeman said. “In terms of military capabilities, the U.S. and NATO will

remain absolutely unmatched for the foreseeable future.”
Crashes of Convenience: MH17 Fully Exposed - The Shocking Truth About the Ukraine False

When Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 went down on July 17, 2014, we were immediately

inundated with base propaganda trying to convince us that the shootdown could be traced

back to the Kremlin. But wha...
Press TV Interview: BRICS Offer Counterbalance TO Anglo-American Hegemony
 What hypocritical, Orwellian bullshit from PsakiPox. The US and its puppets constantly

falsely accuse Russia of violating Ukraine's sovereignty, and then turn around and

violate the sovereignty of multiple other countries, including Syria. If these people had

any intellectual integrity and conscience, they would not be able to live with

themselves. But, they have neither and that's why they are sociopaths.
Washington Piles Lie Upon Lie. Accuses Russia of Having "Invaded Ukraine"
The latest Washington lie, this one coming from NATO, is that Russia has invaded Ukraine

with 1,000 troops and self-propelled artillery. How do we know that this is a lie? Is it

because we have
Zur Situation im Donbass zum Abend des 28. August.
Peace president plots war on Syria
The Obama administration is reportedly preparing to begin air strikes on Syrian territory

without the consent of the Syrian government. The pretext is the rapidly expanding US war

on ISIL, but in fact this is the long-desired US attack on Syria that was temporarily

thwarted, reportedly by popular op…
"Colonel Cassad just posted that the Junta officially announced that there is no Russian

invasion into Ukraine."

But that is impossible. A NATO PR person has issued a twittergram showing a low quality

reproduction of a high quality satellite image showing something somewhere sometime near

the Russian border.

-- Yonatan on The Saker
Russia’s Defense Ministry ridicules NATO’s photo-proof of invasion in Ukraine
It makes no sense to comment in detail on the satellite imagery released by NATO as

“proof” of Russia’s military involvement in Ukraine, Defense Ministry’s spokesman said,

pointing out that even high NATO officials were hesitant to put their names on it.
Obama threatens Russia with new sanctions over Ukraine
Say our name.


You're God-damned right.

We are leading by example.

Almost all of our customers have already de-dollarized.

They will use euro or yuan.

There are $17 trillion in reserves floating around the planet to pay for oil and gas.

The whole Global South is watching us.

And now you know you don’t need US dollars or SWIFT to pay for oil and gas.

And that will be the end of inflation the US exported offshore.

No exceptionalist rhetoric. No red lines.

We’re in the Empire-dismantling business.

So we prefer a fast, silent kick in the appropriate eye.
21 Actual Analogies Used By High School Students in English Essays
Russia’s Gazprom Neft to Sell Oil for Rubles, Yuan

The Russian oil company Gazprom Neft has agreed to export 80,000 tons of oil from

Novoportovskoye field in the Arctic; it will accept payment in rubles, and will also

deliver oil via the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline (ESPO), accepting payment in

Chinese yuan for the transfers, the Russian b…
Exposing The Media's Outrageous False Comparison Between Hamas and ISIS
Ukraine Accuses Russia Of Launching Invasion, Then Promptly Retracts | Zero Hedge
Ukraine accused Russia on Thursday of mounting an invasion in the southeast of the

country in support of pro-Moscow separatist rebels. Ukraine's security and defense

council said the border town of Novoazovsk and other parts of Ukraine's south-east had

fallen under the control of Russian forces who…
Russia's "Humanitarian Invasion": As Kiev Tries to Terrorize Donetsk Into Submission,


The West is trying to turn the Russian humanitarian aid convoy “… into a duplicitous
dangerous act because it would better fit with the kind of scenario that they have been
putting forth about Russ...
SD Police Say Tasing 8-Year-Old Native Girl Was Justified, Family Sues

The family of an 8-year-old Native American girl who was tased by police in October is

suing while the Pierre Police Department say it was justified.
<I agree. I think they should start tasing the little fuckers in daycare. That will keep

them in line. I'd hate to see 1/2 a police force overcome by a bunch of toddlers.>
No participation of Russian military, hardware in Ukraine hostilities — official
“The only thing we know is that the mayor of Novoazovsk said that after 10 artillery

shots Ukrainian servicemen fled the town and militiamen entered it,” Russia’s permanent

representative to OSCE says
ISIS, the worst band of psychopathic terrorists that has hit the world stage recently,

has acquired the convenience of 43 Toyota Hiluxes trucks, courtesy of the United States.
Video: Islamic State fighters appear to fire U.S.-made M198 Howitzer artillery
The cannon in the video can fire GPS-guided rounds up to 20 miles, giving the militants a

tremendous capability they once didn't have.
Elizabeth Warren finally speaks on Israel/Gaza, sounds like Netanyahu - The Intercept

The last time Elizabeth Warren was asked about her views on the Israeli attack on Gaza –

on July 17 – she, as Rania Khalek put it, “literally ran away” without answering. But

last week, the liberal Senator appeared for one of her regularly scheduled “office hours”

with her Massachusetts constituents…
 Partial list of Russian NGO financed from abroad
Do you remember the panic which spread recently among Russian non-government

organizations when Putin passed a new law forcing any NGO which is financed from abroad

to register as a "foreign agent"?

Russian bloggers have now compiled an initial list of these organizations
72 Virgins
 ARD-Lielischkies und Gesthuysen: „Der arme Poroschenko!“
Wie die Niederlage der Putschisten gerechtfertigt werden soll. Lielischkies und

Gesthuysen vs. Russland.
Gespielte Hysterie hinter dem Eisernen Vorhang
Mit der Lupe muss man die Nachricht suchen, dass im Juni 2014 ukrainische

Schützenpanzerwagen nach Russland eindrangen. Schon gar nicht, daß Russland kein großes

Bohai davon gemacht hat. Auch von den 438 ukrainischen Soldaten ist nicht mehr die Rede,

die die Grenze zu Rußland verletzten
Marketing Death: How US Is Using Foley and McCain to Sell War
Another American citizen has been killed in Syria in the past week, albeit under

completely different circumstances. Douglas McAuthur McCain was killed by ‘Free Syrian

Army’ militants during a gunfight while fighting for Islamic State (IS), becoming the

first American Islamist to die in Syria.
The "Humanitarian War" against Libya: How the West Destroys Countries and Creates "Failed

While Libya lies in flames, with thousands of men, women and children, driven by
desperation, trying every day to cross the Mediterranean -- and many of them will lose
their lives – Italy’s Preside...
The Chinese Believe That the Jews Control America. Is That a Good Thing?

“Do the Jews Really Control America?” asked one Chinese newsweekly headline in 2009. The

factoids doled out in such articles and in books about Jews in China—for example: “The

world’s wealth is in Americans’ pockets; Americans are in Jews’ pockets”—would rightly be

seen to be alarm...
She Tweets Serious Allegation, THEN She Claims RT "faked the translation"!
Kiev protesters demand resignation of Ukrainian president, defense minister
Hundreds of people have gathered in front of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry in Kiev,

demanding resignation of President Petro Poroshenko and the defense minister over the

poor handling of the military operation in the southeast.
M of A - "Zero Proof" - The "Russian Invasion" Of Ukraine
The authors of this NYT piece, Ukraine Reports Russian Invasion on a New Front, are not

really convincing when presenting these reports by the Ukrainian government as truthful:
OSCE repeats: 'There are no Russian troops or military equipment in Ukraine' -

Comment: As Poroshenko and NATO ramp up the bellicose war rhetoric, and attacks against

civilian targets in eastern Ukraine, under the justification that regular Russian

military forces are in Ukraine, the OSCE has AGAIN stated that there are NO RUSSIAN


The OSCE, by the way, is the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Like

NATO, its membership spans North America, Europe and also Asia. Unlike NATO, however, it

does not conduct military offensives under US control. In other words, it has no vested

interest in advancing American geopolitical aims in Eurasia.
America’s Creeping Into Syria Will Hang Itself in Ukraine | New Eastern Outlook
28.08.2014 Author: Tony Cartalucci America’s Creeping Into Syria Will Hang Itself in

Ukraine Column: Politics Region: Middle East Country: Syria The US has claimed it will

begin reconnaissance flights over Syria – a tentative first step toward direct military

intervention it has sought in attempts t…
ISIS is America’s Monstrosity

49790Image1What is perhaps the most troubling aspect of all about America’s attempts to

begin military intervention in eastern Syria using ISIS as a pretext, is the fact that it

and its regional allies including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, created ISIS in the

first place to use as a proxy mercenary force for the purpose of overthrowing the

government in Syria and confronting pro-Iranian forces across the region from Lebanon to

Baghdad. With Syria effectively containing ISIS in eastern Syria and routing them in the

more heavily populated regions of western Syria, the West’s designs for regime change in

Syria appear effectively defeated.

It was predicted, at the onset of ISIS’ incursion into northern Iraq, that it would be

used as a pretext to effect regime change on both sides of the Syrian-Iraqi border. The

West’s feigned surprise at the immense funding, armament, and organization of ISIS

attempted to create ‘distance’ between itself and the mercenary force they themselves

created. Tony Cartalucci
‘100s of CIA agents working with ISIL’

Hundreds of US troops or CIA agents are working with ISIL in Iraq and Syria, Don DeBar

Israel must be tried for war crimes: Iran

Iran calls for the trial of Israeli officials in international tribunals for its war

crimes in Gaza.
Russia: "If Russia were involved, Kiev would have already fallen" Pushilin says

Video ID: 20140827-031 ¤M/S Pushilin at press conference [CUTAWAY] ¤W/S Press conference

[CUTAWAY] ¤SOT, Denis Pushilin, Head of State of Donetsk People´s Re...
Kiev admits stategic coastal Novoazovsk lost to advancing anti-govt militias
Kiev’s troops had to leave the eastern Ukrainian city of Novoazovsk to save their lives,

said the country’s Security and Defense Council. The authorities admitted that self-

defense forces are advancing and leading a counteroffensive in the southeast.
Russian troops have entered Ukraine, Ukraine president says

Ukraine's president called an emergency meeting of the nation's security council and

cancelled a foreign trip Thursday, declaring that "Russian troops were actually brought

into Ukraine," as concerns...
Sopimuspaperi paljastaa: ''Isäntämaasopimus'' tekee Naton komentajasta Pohjolan isännän
Suomesta on tulossa uhka Venäjän ja omien kansalaistensa turvallisuudelle. Internettiin

vuodettu ''Isäntämaasopimus'' (HNS) ja ''Yhteisymmärrysasiakirja'' (MOU-) paljastavat

kuinka Murmanskin ja Pietarin portit avataan NATO-joukoille ja Venäjän Itämeren laivaston

turvallisuus vaarannetaan.
Over 60 Ukrainian troops cross into Russia seeking refuge
A group of 62 Ukrainian troops have crossed into Russia’s Rostov Region seeking shelter

to save their lives amid an intensified counteroffensive recently launched by anti-Kiev

militia in southeastern Ukraine.
As Kiev Tries to Terrorize Donetsk Into Submission, West Fears Russia’s "Big White

Nato-sopimus ensi viikolla - vastoin kansalaisten enemmistön valintaa
Nato-sopimus ensi viikolla. Jos tämä todella auktorisoidaan hallituksen valheiden

suojassa niin Suomi sidotaan Nato-liittoon ja Naton Suomen-tukikohtiin selv…
The Filter Bubble is Getting Stronger Every Day, and You Still Don’t Know You’re in it

Two years after Eli Pariser's book explained the concept of filter bubbles to the world,

I ask whether anything has changed - or if the problem is just getting worse.
USA to put pressure on Malaysia to silence reasons of Boeing crash
Malaysia said that it will be forced to repeatedly send its experts to the crash site of

Malaysia Airlines Boeing in Ukraine. To put it in a nutshell, Malaysia is strongly

dissatisfied with the course of investigation and is forced to conduct its own

investigation, in an attempt to restore the picture of what happened to its airplane in

the sky above Ukraine.

Most likely, the story of the downed plane will be hidden away carefully. For those, who

more or less understand the situation, it is clear that neither the militia nor Russia

were involved in the terrible disaster.
OSCE shares Moscow's concerns over Ukraine’s nuclear deal with US
The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe shares Moscow's concern on world

nuclear safety and the potential threat that possible US
Christoph Sieber Lass es uns beenden, die Scheindemokratie 3satfestival 03 10 2013
Wahre Worte von Christoph Sieber - Wacht auf!
Israel v. Palestine: MSM Unreported Truths
Poland sends first aid shipment to Ukraine
Israel v. Palestine: MSM Unreported Truths
On Tuesday, Israel's Operation Protective Edge aggression entered day 50. Mass slaughter

and destruction continue.
In total, Poland plans to provide Ukrainian troops with 320 tonnes of food supplies,

blankets, mattresses and bedding
Russia: We don’t want the Arctic to become arena of conflict
Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov attempted to dampen the escalating rhetoric around

the Arctic, after his Canadian counterpart said his country was ready “to protect its

sovereignty” in the resource-rich region.
"When we get together in the framework of this forum, no one ever mentions any conflicts

and confrontations. Everyone is interested in preserving cooperation and international

law as the basic principles for exploration and development of the region," emphasized

Germany: 'An apple a day keeps Putin away' says German agriculture minister

Video ID: 20140827-027 M/S The press conference starts SOT. Christian Schmidt, German

Minister of Food and Agriculture (English): "One apple a day, keeps Put...
Lavrov: talks the only way to find out if eastern regions want to be part of Ukraine -

SELIGER, Russia. Aug 27 (Interfax) - Only talks between the Ukrainian government and

eastern Ukrainian regions can make it clear whether the eastern territories are willing

to remain part of Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov argued on Wednesday.
Dave Lindorff: CIA Analysts Won't Support White House Claims of Russian Culpability
This Citizen Gives a Cop a Taste of What Police Harassment Feels Like

Some will claim that Jake should have left this officer alone, and that Jake was making

this officer’s job harder. And it’s those people who we’d like to remind that revenue

collection via arbitrary traffic laws, enforcement of laws that persecute victimless

crimes, and fining, kidnapping, or killing you for a plant, are the actual things that

make lives harder. Being held publicly accountable, by a member of the public, should be

welcomed by those who conduct themselves in an ethical manner.
US ship fires warning shot in encounter with Iranian boat: Pentagon

The Pentagon says a US Coast Guard vessel has fired a shot at an Iranian fishing boat ...
White Supremacy: Exploring the Contours of Race and Power in Amerika
‘Poroshenko wants to internationalize the situation and turn it into a conflict between

Russia does not consider itself party to the conflict in Ukraine, seeing it as a conflict

between the Eastern Ukrainians and the Kiev, while Poroshenko’s analysis of the situation

is totally different, legal expert and blogger Alexander Mercouris told RT.
How Bill Gates pulled off the swift Common Core revolution
After he bought into proposal to reform education nationwide, his money brought most

states running.
Bill Gates’ Polio Vaccine Program Caused 47,500 Cases of Paralysis Dea
Bill Gates’ Polio Vaccine Program Caused 47,500 Cases of Paralysis Death. In India,

Monsanto hired Bollywood actors to promote genetically engineered cotton
Moscow affirms support to Syria and Iraq in counter-terrorism push | Syrian Arab News

Moscow, SANA-The Russian Foreign Ministry announced that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei

Lavrov discussed by phone with caretaker Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-

Moallem the situation in Syria amid ?a growing terrorist activity in Syria and Iraq.? In

a statement issued Monday, The ministry…

MM s01e14 Mork and the Immigrant
The NSA NEEDS 850 billion of our emails and phone calls. BTW US activists and journalists

are describing specific KINDS of emails now missing from their inboxes and not bouncing

back -- relating to specific projects or people.
Selective Outrage over Ukraine POWs > - Strategic Culture

Death & lies: The only truth of flight MH17
The day Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 fell to Earth in pieces, everyone in our world was

told Russia and Vladimir Putin murdered the 298 people aboard.
Sunnuntaisuomalainen: Suomelle ja Natolle sopimus, joka helpottaa sotilaallisen avun...
Sunnuntaisuomalainen: Suomelle ja Natolle sopimus, joka helpottaa sotilaallisen avun

vastaanottamista Kotimaa 18.4.2014, klo 05:00. Päivitetty 17.4.2014, klo 22:12 23 Kuva:

Etelä-Suomen Sanomat Suomi tiivistää toukokuussa yhteistyötä sotilasliitto Naton kanssa

allekirjoittamalla niin sanotun isäntäm…
Rogue Networks Behind Wars Usurped Sovereignty
The wars in Ukraine, Syria and Iraq are 4th generation wars. These wars are not waged by

governments but by rogue networks who in part enter symbiotic relat
Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve
Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve
Episode 294 – Crashes of Convenience: MH17
MH17 FULLY EXPOSED!! You Won't Believe The SHOCKING TRUTH About the Ukraine FALSE FLAG
Donetsk militia claims assuming control of border stretch to Azov Sea
ITAR-TASS has no confirmations as of yet from other sources on the seizure of Saur-Mogila

Islamic State? No, call it QSIS, says top Islamic authority in Egypt
The top Islamic authority in Egypt, revered by many Muslims worldwide, launched an

Internet-based campaign on Sunday challenging an extremist group in Syria and Iraq by

saying it should not be called an "Islamic State."
Spede show - Violation of Finland's airspace
Why is the U.S. Backing the Most Barbaric, Violent, Extreme Muslims … And Overthrowing
Salafis are the most violent, crazed fundamentalist Muslims. For example, both ISIS and

Al Qaeda are Salafis. ISIS and other salafi terrorists represent a very small percentage

of Muslims. PBS esti...
US mulls airstrikes in Syria, gets intelligence on Islamic State targets – reports
In order to stop the Islamic State from gaining more power, the United States is prepared

to use a variety of options, including airstrikes in Syria without Damascus' consent, if

backed by regional and European partners, US officials said.
They are killing us with CHEMTRAILS in Switzerland!!!!
Coroner says man fatally shot himself in the chest while handcuffed behind his back
The release of an autopsy report in Louisiana is raising new questions about the unusual

shooting death of a 22-year-old black male who died earlier this year in a police car

while his hands were cuffed behind his back.
Nazi Safaris in Ukraine: Militiaman Fighting Against Government Forces Speaks Out – “Some
Are Willing to Pay to Hunt Insurgents”
UK would be the poorest state if joined the US - report
If Britain were to leave the European Union and join the United States, it would be the

poorest of all US states based on GDP per capita, figures uncovered by The Spectator

100 British cops suspended each year on corruption allegations
Almost 100 police officers are suspended on suspicion of corruption every year, according

to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act.
<Which is BS. The amount is much higher. In most cases the police will not investigate

the police and if they do, the cops will whitewash the investigation in 98% of all cases

and the punishment most of the time will be a slap on the wrist.>
Hadith (Arabic: حديث‎, /ˈhædɪθ/[1] or /hɑːˈdiːθ/[2]) in religious use is often translated

as 'tradition', meaning a report of the teachings, deeds and sayings of Prophet Muhammad.
Female figures in the Quran
Nearly 200 Hollywood elite and executives have rallied together in support of Israel.

Signing their names on a statement denouncing Hamas, they posted their declaration on the

Creative Community for Peace website.

Among the actors championing this statement are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester

Stallone, Dave Feldman, and Sarah Silverman. The complete list can be seen below, via

Creative Community for Peace:
‘The ISIS propaganda is a reflection of mainstream Western foreign policy’
 RT: How should Europe and the US respond to this kind of PR campaign?

SC: I think there are two main things that people should focus on. First of all, is to

ally up with the effective and functional counter-terrorism strategies which is not

coming from London and Washington but actually is coming from Moscow, Beijing, Damascus,

and Tripoli too but is no longer, and from places like Algeria etc. These are countries

that have viable counter-terrorist strategy and terrorism is being promoted by London and

Washington because who is London’s and Washington’s main ally in the so-called ‘war on

terror’ – it’s no other than the two pillars that promote, facilitate and fund these

death squads, which is the Gulf monarchies, particularly the Saudi Arabia and the Qatari

monarchy, on the other hand the Pakistani military intelligence.
“America Frightens Us”: Europeans are Waking Up. The US is No Longer an Ally of the
European Union?
Germans wonder why their reunited country is still occupied by US troops 69 years after

the end of World War II, why their country has no foreign policy independent of

Washington, and why the German media provides no public discussion of these highly

unusual characteristics of an allegedly sovereign state.
List of countries by number of guns
The European Union Isn't Going To Bail Out Ukraine
The European Union has had a pretty rough run over the past seven years. Economically,

things are simply catastrophic. The Eurozone is not only experiencing an output slump

that is even worse than the great depression, it is also teetering dangerously close to

outright deflation. Unemployment remain…
The Ferguson riots
Die Globalisierung Gazas: Wie Israel das internationale Recht durch “juristische
Operation ‘Fels in der Brandung’ (Protective Shield) war nicht nur der militärische

Angriff auf eine vorwiegend aus Zivilisten bestehende Bevölkerung. Wie in seinen

vorangegangenen ‘Operationen’ ( Cast Lead – Gegossenes Blei im Jahre 2008/09 und Pillar

of Defense – Wolkensäule im Jahre 2012), war es…
Russia's worldview
Russia's worldview of international politics is largely neglected in western media.

Nevertheless, Russia has its national interests and red lines.
Is the U.S. becoming a police state
POLL: Is America becoming a police state?
US mulls airstrikes in Syria, gets intelligence on Islamic State targets – reports
Press-conference of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, Moscow,

August 25 2014
Ukrainian Ballistic Missiles were Shot Down by the Russian Missile Defence System
Ukrainian Ballistic Missiles were Shot Down by the Russian Missile Defence System
Звернення Президента України з нагоди дострокового припинення повноважень Верховної Ради
Address of the President of Ukraine on the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada
I decided to dissolve the Verkhovna Rada of the seventh convocation. Election of a new

parliament will be held October 26, 2014.
2012 Police Suicides
2012 police suicides: 126
For 2012, the Officer Down Memorial Page records 120 deaths in the line of duty
Do You Know God?
Russian humanitarian aid distribution begins in E. Ukraine
With heavy fighting underway in south-eastern Ukraine, the distribution of humanitarian

aid from Russia has started in the city of Lugansk, which is besieged by the Kiev forces.

The first 12 points distributing food have already begun working. The minimum offering

includes rice, buckwheat and sugar, three canned meats, a packet of tea and 10 liters of

water, Novorossiya news agency reports.

Kindergartens, schools and other social facilities were the first to receive the aid.

The city said it was planning to open another 37 aid distribution points in the coming


The Russian aid convoy of 227 trucks arrived in the city on Friday, bringing almost 2,000

tons of relief supplies.
Moscow affirms support to Syria and Iraq in counter-terrorism push | Syrian Arab News

Moscow, SANA-The Russian Foreign Ministry announced that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei

Lavrov discussed by phone with caretaker Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-

Moallem the situation in Syria amid ?a growing terrorist activity in Syria and Iraq.? In

a statement issued Monday, The ministry…
Nazis Splitting With Kiev Regime?
After months of denying the new regime in Kiev installed in the wake of the so-called

“Euromaidan” had any significant ties to Nazism and regiments of Neo-Nazi militants found

fighting in eastern Ukraine, the BBC in an article titled, “Ukraine crisis: Russian aid

convoy arrives at border,” reported that:
Russia Asks If America Is Still Fit To "Participate In Solving International Problems"
"Cynical disregard for the fate of civilians and 'couldn't care less' attitude toward the

international humanitarian law when it comes to geopolitical interests, becomes the core

of the policy of the United States and its European satellites regarding Ukrainian. More

and more questions are being ra…
Ukraine regions refuse to accept refugees fleeing war — Lavrov
Observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe also noted that

the people displaced inside Ukraine are facing difficulties
Отступающая нацгвардия создала пробки на выезде из Мариуполя
Ополчение ДНР идет в контрнаступление и окружает группировку противника. На дороге из

Мариуполя в сторону Запорожья образовался затор.
#‎BREAKING‬: ‪#‎Ukraine‬'s Army & National Guard are RETREATING from ‪#‎Mariupol‬ to ‪#‎Zaporozhye‬!

Russia to send another humanitarian convoy to Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has announced plans for a second humanitarian

convoy to be sent to eastern Ukraine, urging all foreign actors and agen...
Several dozen captured Kiev soldiers were paraded through the streets of Donetsk, Sunday,

where they were heckled by a large crowd. Dozens of captured or destroyed Ukrainian

military hardware were also laid out in Lenin Square.
Sponsored by West ISIS will become a nightmare for the entire world’
End of the line: GMO production in China halted
In a surprise U-turn, China’s Ministry of Agriculture has decided not to continue with a

program which developed genetically-modified rice and corn. Some environmentalists say

public concerns about GM crops played a key role in the decision.
Israel and ISIL allies: Syrian envoy
The Syrian ambassador to the United Nations says Israel and ISIL are allies.
ISIS, Israel and US duplicity
Mainstream media wants us to believe ISIS sprung up out of a hole in the ground and

became powerful enough to take over large cities without any assistance from the big

powers. The ineptitude of that narrative is an insult to everyone's intelligence.
AWDNews - Why ISIS won’t attack Israel anytime in the Future?
The ISIS, has responded to critics who have questioned why its Caliph Abu Bakr al-

Baghdadi is not actively fighting Israel. In response to questions that appeared on

several Internet sites as to why
John McCain Went To Ukraine And Stood On Stage With A Man Accused Of Being An Anti-
Semitic Neo-Nazi
Ukraine steuert auf Versorgungskollaps zu
"Das Land hat fast keine Energieressourcen mehr. Nach Angaben des ukrainischen

Energieministeriums werden die ukrainischen Wärmekraftwerke in einem Monat keine Kohle

mehr bekommen, weil der Strom für die Güterzüge fehlen wird.

Zudem gibt es kaum noch Gas in der Ukraine. Premier Arseni Jazenjuk will rund fünf

Milliarden Kubikmeter russisches Gas kaufen, was aber nur mit Hilfe des Westens möglich

ist. Zudem schuldet Kiew dem russischen Energiekonzern Gazprom ohnehin mehr als fünf

Milliarden US-Dollar."

Die internationale Ratingagentur Fitch hat die Kreditwürdigkeit der Ukraine auf CCC

herabgestuft, schreibt die Zeitung „Moskowski Komsomolez“ am Montag.
Shelling Civilian Facilities in East Ukraine by Army Cannot Be Called Accidental – Lavrov
The shelling of civilian facilities in eastern Ukraine by the army cannot be called

coincidental, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday.
Islamic State: Terrorism Threat Engineered by Rogue Networks in Western States
The Islamic State known as IS, ISIS, or ISIL has launched fundraising, PR and recruitment

campaigns throughout Western countries, report Western media this
“A several hundred thousand man strong, fully armed, fully motorized, logistically

supported mercenary army can’t fall from the date palms in Syria and Iraq, and it’s

ridiculous to imply that it pops out of the desert sand and relies on small fundraisers

and recruitment by useful idiots in Europe or Northern America. However, that is

apparently the propaganda narrative that is being sold to the populations in NATO member

ISIS Militants Captured 52 American-Made Artillery Weapons That Cost $US500,000 Each
ISIS militants may be in a position to pummel other cities in Iraqi army control after

capturing American-made weapons the group seized from the Iraqi military, Mitchell

Prothero reports for McClatchy DC.
Ukraine Adopts New Law to Commit Suicide
Lavrov: Russia to send another humanitarian convoy to Ukraine
"Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has announced plans for a SECOND HUMANITARIAN

CONVOY to be sent to eastern Ukraine, urging all foreign actors and agencies to

participate. Failure to do so would constitute a VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW, he


“Anyone in need of aid shall receive it,” the FM said, stressing that it is important to

learn from the mistakes of the first attempt and to look forward to closer cooperation

with the Ukrainian authorities this time around.

He stressed that as the INDISCRIMINATE shelling of areas such as Lugansk continues, the

humanitarian need for water and food grows. This has been acknowledged by humanitarian

agencies and itnernational actors at large. The distribution of aid is currently

underway, and is headed by the ICRC.

The FM also added that the shelling of schools, hospitals, kindergartens and other

vulnerable institutions and structures can NO LONGER BE EXCUSED by claims of “wrongful

shooting” or be written off as ACCIDENTAL."
Russland fordert von Uno Bericht zum MH17-Absturz
Mehr als einen Monat nach dem bislang ungeklärten Absturz des malaysischen Passagierjets

über der
Eine russische Hacker-Gruppe hat den Schriftverkehr ukrainischer Behörden geknackt.

Daraus geht hervor, dass der Abschuss von MH17 von langer Hand geplant war.
An dem Schriftverkehr war der ukrainische Verteidigungsminister beteiligt. Auch der

Oligarch Igor Kolomouskij wurde erwähnt. In dem Schriftverkehr ging es um die Frage, wie

im Nachinein die Presse über den Absturz von MH17 berichten sollte.
MH17-Katastrophe: Die Wahrheit hinter dem Schweigen westlicher Medien
Malaysia besteht auf einer Bestrafung der am Absturz der Boeing 777 am 17. Juli in der

Ukraine Schuldigen, schreibt die "Nesawissimaja Gaseta" am Dienstag.
Is Israel hoping to break Palestinian resistance by killing Gaza's dairy cows, sheep and

Is Israel hoping to break Palestinian resistance by killing Gaza's dairy cows, sheep and

camels? Harriet Sherwood 24 August 2014. Posted in News Israel is wrong if it thinks it

can break Palestinian resistance by indiscriminate killing of civilians, destruction of

the infrastructure and war on the e…
Was in Neurussland passiert ist, und was nicht
Poland, Baltics Urge NATO to Target Russia with Europe’s Ballistic Missile ‘Shield’

SyrPer has learned exactly who the black-clad and masked terrorist really is.  Before the

U.K. regime releases its predictably nonsensical identification, we have beaten them to

the punch.  He is none other than “Danny the Syrian” (a/k/a Danny Abdul-Dayem), a British

national who claims to be of Syrian descent.  Danny, a notorious propagandist and liar,

met his end when in 2012, he was caught producing, directing and staging movies about

atrocities committed by the Assad government in Syria.
ISIS Terrorists Trained in a US Base in Turkey
According to Turkish media sources, it has been discovered from Washington that ISIS

members received their training in Turkey, and that the Riyadh administration is funding

$3 billion for this terror organization.  A senior official from Iraqi government

confirms that one of the training camps of the ISIS is located near the Incirlik Air Base

in Adana Turkey.
Danger to food chain? Microplastic contaminates found in Sydney Harbor
A report that came out last month, which was published in the Proceedings of the National

Academy of Sciences (PNAS), an official journal of the US National Academy of Sciences

(NAS), found that 88 percent of the world’s oceans are covered in plastic junk.

Accumulations are increasing in aquatic habitats at a rate consistent with trends in

plastic production, increasing 560 fold in more than 60 years.
School Shooting Expert Threatened Over Sandy Hook Investigation: Was told if he didn’t
back off “bad things are going to happen”
Ukraine to Close Some of Its Consulates Due to Austerity
Ukraine is planning to close some of its consulates and embassies across the world in

order to cut budget spending, Deputy Head of Ukraine's Presidential Administration

Valeriy Chaly wrote Sunday on Facebook.
A bankrupt Ukraine wants to re-arm!
40 billion hryvnia ( $3 billions ) no less for new weapons except that we can't tell you

where the money is going to come from because we don't know. Hopefully the US will come

up with some of that money in exchange for half of Ukraine. The IMF will provide the rest

in exchange of the other half of Ukraine.
Children Under Fire — is a society of volunteers organized by the film director Alexey

Smirnov (Moscow). We all are just common people who help to evacuate refugees from the

bordering areas near Ukraine.

We’ve evacuated over 900 people so far from the areas of bombing and fire, from bordering

areas. They are all citizens of Ukraine, most of them are women and children.
James Foley Beheading: What They're Not Telling You - James Foley - His Secret Life and the CIA
James Foley was a key propagandist in sparking the U.S. air invasion of Libya, in 2011.

The proof is here. Believe it or not, it was through his kidnapping then ALSO... part of

it spent on a posh re
Anti-govt forces ‘circle 1000s of Kiev troops, capture 2 tank battalions’ in E.Ukraine
Politeia -Socrates
Motorollas Einheit in Ilovaiska
Подразделение Мотороллы вычищает укров из Иловайска
На Яблочный Спас ополченцы постарались: погнали укровояк в лице добровольческих батальнов

"Азов" и "Донбасс" из города. Видео Геннадия Дубового
Tag der Wahrheit? Westliche Medien vor dem Zusammenbruch

How silly of me to assume it was Israeli bombs causing all the damage in Gaza
In recent years most of humanity has become more tolerant of groups who once seemed to be

on the margins of society. But until now it’s still been acceptable to be offensive about

one minority: the child murdering community.
Free URL to Image Online Converter
Thousands protest police violence in New York, call for justice in chokehold death

Brutal charge: Swedish horse police trample anti-Nazi rally (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
In Deutschland gilt auch US-Recht
Warum Snowden nicht nach Deutschland kommen darf? Für die Bundesregierung ist die

Partnerschaft mit den USA wichtiger als das Grundgesetz.
‘I regret Russian aid convoy issue became highly-politicized’ – UN humanitarian chief
Tel Aviv's Islamic States crusader game plan is straight out of the Middle Ages
When England’s famous crusader, Richard the ‘Lionheart’, returned home in 1194 to a

hero’s welcome, few of the cheering English folk had a clue about the rivers of blood he

and his friends had been spilling in the name of Jesus across the holy land.
Putins schlauer Plan: es ist schwierig, eine schwarze Katze in einem dunklen Raum zu
finden ... A. Rogers
UKRAINE Eyewitness Confirm Military Jet Flew Besides MH17 Airliner: BBC Censors Video
US considers broad military action against ISIS in Iraq and Syria – report
“I'm sick of these protesters. You are a burden on society and a blight on the

community... These protesters should have been put down like a rabid dog the first

night," cop says in Facebook post.
Pussy Riot, The Unfortunate Dupes of Amerikan Hegemony ~ Paul Craig Roberts
Washington has armed and financed outsiders to destroy Syria and to break the country up

into warring factions. Instead of protesting this heinous act by Washington, the world

protests the Syrian government for resisting its overthrow by Washington. I don’t think

that even George Orwell imagined that the peoples of the world were this utterly stupid.
The west's hypocrisy over Pussy Riot is breathtaking | Simon Jenkins
Simon Jenkins: Our courts now jail at the drop of a headline – for stealing water or

abuse sent on Twitter. So who are we to condemn Russia?
ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi Trained by Israeli Mossad, NSA Documents Reveal
The former employee at US National Security Agency (NSA), Edward Snowden, has revealed

that the British and American intelligence and the Mossad worked together to create the

Islamic State of Iraq ...
Kiev, US propaganda war leave little motive to let Russian aid in’
Kiev’s propaganda war over eastern Ukraine leaves no real motive to let the Russian

humanitarian aid in, former US-Russia presidential commission adviser told RT. Similarly,

US government and media are failing in their coverage of the humanitarian crisis.
This one Toyota pickup truck is at the top of the shopping list for the Free Syrian Army

— and the Taliban
Brand new Toyota Hilux trucks. What a coincidence!
When the US State Department resumed sending non-lethal aid to Syrian rebels, the

delivery list included 43 Toyota trucks. Hiluxes were on the Free Syrian Army's wish

list. Oubai Shahbander, a Washington-based advisor to the Syrian National Coalition, is a

fan of the truck.
The Militarization of the Police Has Produced a Murder Machine, by Paul Craig Roberts
Dangerous militarization of US police. D.R. Here is a report on the autopsy. The facts

directly contradict the false information police apologists are sending around the

Internet. Note that the Mis...
469 Gaza children killed, over 370,000 need ‘psychosocial aid’ – UNICEF
At least 469 children have been killed and over 3,000 injured in Gaza since the start of

the Israeli offensive, a senior UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) official said, adding that

more than 370,000 Palestinian kids require “immediate psychosocial first aid.”
William W. Thompson, CDC Whistleblower might be in danger. He recently admitted that he

cooked the CDC books to hide a connection between autism and the MMR vaccine. Tell

Congress to protect this scientist and revoke immunity for vaccine makers. How many of

his studies are tainted; how many lives are affected? See his works and those who used

his works
By Blocking UN Resolution, US Shows That It Seeks Ukrainian Conflict Escalation – Moscow
By blocking the UN Security Council statement on the ceasefire in Ukraine, Washington has

demonstrated that it wants to see further escalation of the Ukrainian conflict, the

Russian Foreign Ministry said Friday.
Finnland und Deutschland verweigern Militärhilfe für die Ukraine
Die finnischen und die deutschen Behörden haben sich geweigert, der Ukraine Militärhilfe

zu leisten.
Friedensaktiwisten von Deutschland sind für die Wahrheit. Evelin Pietza
#SaveDonbassPeople #DonbassAgainstNazi

Следите за нашими новостями в социальных сетях:
Senior MP calls for intl commission to assess US domestic crisis in Ferguson
Deputy State Duma speaker Sergey Neverov has called for various international

organizations to create a joint group to assess the US authorities’ handling of the

ongoing protest in the town of Ferguson.
Russian humanitarian convoy enters Ukraine en route to Lugansk
Several dozen trucks in the Russian humanitarian convoy have crossed the Ukrainian border

and started moving in the direction of Lugansk, after Moscow ordered the convoy to

proceed, without waiting for further permission from Kiev.
MH17 Downing: CIA Analysts Won’t Support White House Claims of Russian Culpability
Top Ten 9/11 Cons: “Fraud Vitiates Everything” (FVE)
Berlin beschließt Waffenlieferung nach Ferguson
Die deutsche Bundesregierung hat sich zu Waffenlieferungen ins Krisengebiet

durchgerungen: Panzer und Raketen sollen endlich für Ruhe in der US-amerikanischen

Kleinstadt Ferguson sorgen.
CNN reports that FOX News issued false story about officer’s broken eye socket
The U.S. Stabbed Egypt in the Back – Al-Sisi

August 4-6, U.S. President Barak Obama hosted the Washington – Africa Leaders Summit at

the White House. Obama expounded “I do not see the countries and pe
17.08.14 Deputada ucraniana Victória Shilova denuncia Poroshenko
Ukrainian Deputy Victoria Shilova denounces Poroshenko
Our 'Enemies' in Ukraine Speak
America's 'news' media do not let the victims of Ukraine's civil war -- the people who

are dying and being driven out from the southeastern regions of that country by the new

Ukrainian Government -...
Handcuffed man executed by El Paso cop: Daniel Saenz shooting video released
When an unarmed and handcuffed man, an amateur El Paso bodybuilder named Daniel Saenz was

shot dead by El Paso Police Department officer Jose Flores on March...
El Paso Releases Video of Cop Executing Handcuffed Man — Where’s the Anger?
Warning: DHS Preparing For 'National Day Of Rage' - Episode 447
The Beheading Of Journalist James Wright Foley Is A Ridiculous HOAX!
EU Urges Russia To Reverse Clear Violation Of Ukraine Border
Brussels (Alliance News) - The EU says Russia is acting in "clear violation" of Ukraine's

border by allowing an aid convoy to enter the country without Kiev's approval or an

International Coommittee of the Red Cross (ICRC) escort, and calls on Moscow to reverse

the move.
<Kafka in Brussels : the spokesperson for "lady" Ashton: "We urge Russia to reverse its

decision," re sending HUMANITARIAN aid to Lugansk ... you can't make this shit up.

While the EU considers it perfectly acceptable for themselves (and their allies/boss) to

send all sorts of stuff (including weapons) to any country they feel like (whether that

country's government agrees with this or not), it is considered totally unacceptable for

Russia to send food and water to Donbass - even after Russia bend over backwards to

comply with the ever changing and unrealistic Kiev conditions. What decent person can

blame them for finally having had enough and giving priority to the people's welfare?

Well, the EU elite, apparently, who have done exactly zilch themselves to help the people

in East Ukraine. >
Fighting Al Qaeda by Supporting Al Qaeda in Syria: The Obama Administration is a "State

A "New Normal" is unfolding. An Al Qaeda affiliated organization, namely Syria's Al

Nusrah, is being supported "overtly" by the US President, rather than "covertly" by the

Russian Intrusion Hoax Exposed as Mistrust for Kiev Grows

The Ukrainian military authorities have failed to confirm their earlier claim that a

Russian column, consisting of 1,200 military servicemen and 150 armored vehicles

including tanks and Grad missile launchers, had entered the territory of Ukraine near

Luhansk, Western mass media sources report.
Ukraine officially recognizes Russian aid convoy as humanitarian
Ukraine Minister of Social Policy Lyudmila Denisova has signed an order officially

recognizing the Russian convoy

Kiev intentionally delaying humanitarian aid to Lugansk - Russia
Moscow has accused Kiev of consciously lingering with the delivery of the Russian

humanitarian aid to Donetsk and Lugansk regions in eastern Ukraine, according to a fresh

statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry.
Iceland grieves after police kill a man for the first time in its history
Iceland made history this week, but not in a good way. For the first time since the

nation became an independent republic, armed police shot and killed a man, startling a

population accustomed to peace.
Northerntruthseeker: The Beheading Of Journalist James Wright Foley Is A Ridiculous HOAX!
"In A Time Of Universal Deceit, Telling The Truth Becomes A Revolutionary Act" - George

Orwell, Author ..... "All Truth Passes Through Three stages. First, It Is Ridiculed,

Second It Is Violently Opposed, And Third, It Is Accepted As Self-Evident" – Arthur

Schopenhauer, Philosopher
Russian Defense Ministry Denies Ukraine Reports of Alleged 'Capture' of Military Vehicle
Former CIA Officer Says ISIS and Mexican Drug Cartels Communicate
U.S. Gov. and CIA connected to drugs and terror.
So let's connect the dots ISIS > Al Qaeda > CIA > Operation Fast and Furious >Eric

Holder> To Mexican Drug Cartels
Schweiz Magazin - Das Schweizer Nachrichten online Magazin - MH17 Absturz: Niederlande

MH17 Absturz: Niederlande wollen nicht alle Daten offenlegen
The Terrorists Fighting Us Now? We Just Finished Training Them.
Frank Zappa quotes
Report: about 40 politicians in UK pedophile ring
Former Mafia Boss: Buy Physical Gold and Silver, Because Wall Street Steals Your Money
Crime Boss: Wall Street Has No Ethics The Colombo crime family’s former boss – Michael

Franzese – says even he doesn’t trust Wall Street. Franzese – played by Joseph Bono in

the 1990 Martin Scorses...
Pinky and the Brain - The Really Great Dictator
Link to the most comprehensive HD collection of MH-17 debris photos. For those who want

to do their own research and sleuthing for clues this is the set to use. The first 7 are

dedicated to MH-17.
Graphic Video Shows St. Louis Police Shoot and Kill Kajieme Powell Near Ferguson
Powell Shooting (Cell Phone Camera)
SF Police shoot teen five times after chasing him down for not paying bus fare
July 21, 2011
San Francisco Police Kill A Teenage Man After Shooting Him 5 Times In Back And While
Laying Face Down On The Street After Chasing Him Down For Not Paying $2 Bus Fare!
Police Kill Teenage Man After Shooting Him 5 Times In Back And While Laying Down
San Francisco Police Kill A Teenage Man After Shooting Him 5 Times In Back And While

Laying Face Down On The Street After Chasing Him Down For Not Paying $2 Bus
San Francisco Police Shoot Innocent Victim 5 Times After Chasing Him Down For Not Paying
Bus Fare!
OSCE monitor tells CBC Canada that MH17 cockpit has holes made by heavy machine gun fire.

Israel claims: the bombings are targeted at homes used by Hamas’s military to “store”

rockets. Let’s think for a second.
Does Hamas have rockets which need 7000 houses to store?
Did you know that Israel destroyed 7492 Palestinian houses in the past 3 weeks?

Israel claims: the bombings are targeted at homes used by Hamas’s military to “store”

rockets. Let’s think for a second. Does Hamas have rockets which need 7000 houses to

ISIS beheading American James Wright Foley
7 Cynical Ways Police and Media Have Smeared Michael Brown and the Black People of
The latest is seeing the media running with Michael Brown's marijuana use.