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Link Collection May Part two

GeoEngineering Current Actions
 Water Vapor is a Greenhouse Gas - It should be noted that the influence of

aviation has been largely ignored in the United States.  Also Geoengineering

proponents do not want to discuss the man-made clouds produced by aviation and

rocket sources. They clearly do not want you to know that water vapor is a

greenhouse gas that is produced by aviation sources or that it is having a

negative impact on our environment.

 The most massive "Solar Radiation Management" Geoengineering Scheme has been

underway in the United States and around the world since the late 1980s.

Photographs have documented the early days when deep blue sky days were common

through today when Blue Skies are rare.
Die NSA-Spionage ist geltendes Recht der Siegermächte, nach wie vor
Auch die kritischen Geister in der Szene der alternativen Medien wollen nicht

begreifen, dass der NSA-BND-Skandal gar keiner ist, sondern geltendes

Die NSA-Spionage ist geltendes Recht der Siegermächte,
nach wie vor - Auch die kritischen Geister in der Szene der
alternativen Medien wollen nicht begreifen, dass der NSA-
BND-Skandal gar keiner ist - Die Politikdarsteller wissen es !
9 Facts That Show White-on-White Crime Far Exceeds Black-on-Black Crime and How

Media Outlets...
The Raw Numbers Statistics are cut-and-dry, and they do not lie. According to the

FBI’s most recent homicide numbers available, from 2011, a staggering 83...
BREAKING- Syrian Fighter Jets destroyed tens of armory loaded vehicles entering

from Turkey on...

BREAKING- Syrian Fighter Jets destroyed tens of armory loaded vehicles entering

from Turkey on way to Syria's Darkosh, killed all terrorists in the convoy.
RAW VIDEO: Cop Shoots Immigrant Twice in the Chest After Hands Were Raised,

Doesn't Get Indicted

Immigration is a huge problem in our country, many of these people are simply

seeking a better life but now they're being gunned down in the streets by cops

His hands were above his head and he didn't appear to know English as he walked

forward. Does that justify shooting him to death? What do you think? Watch video

Terrorism is "Made in the USA". The "Global War on Terrorism" is a Fabrication, A

Big Lie

Prominent academic and author Dr Michel Chossudovsky warned that the so-called war

on terrorism is a front to propagate America’s global hegemony and create a...
‘No bowing down’: Thousands of pro-govt protesters rally for Macedonian PM
Tens of thousands of demonstrators came together to show their support for

Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski on Monday.
Ukraine army shelling: ‘Naïve to think Poroshenko does it on his own’
The US has bought the Kiev government, trained its troops and has been sending

equipment to Ukraine, said Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul...
Iran must attend Yemen talks: Houthis
Yemen’s Ansarullah movement calls for Iran’s presence in any UN-sponsored Yemen

peace talks.
Soldier Jailed Over Court Fines Begs For His Life, Saying ‘I Can’t Breathe’ 20

Times Before Dying

Sgt. James Brown checked in jail for a two-day sentence over a court fine. But

even though he was supposed to have been let out once his mother paid the
Russian Military Transport Plane Seen Near Latvian Airspace – Latvian MoD
#‎Latvia‬'s Armed Forces claim ‪#‎Russia‬'s 'Ilyushin Il-72' was flying close to the

country’s borders. The trouble is, the 'Il-72' doesn't exist.
US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Threatening and Censoring Scientists Exposing

Bee Death Epidemic

A formal letter to the United States Department of Agriculture reports that

scientists are being harassed and their research on bee-killing pesticides is

being censored...
Ukraine's Soil Changes Hands: Foreign Investors Grabbing Arable Lands
Western Isolation of Moscow Helps Putin, Opens New Opportunities for Russia
Western isolation gave Moscow a chance to develop new relationships with its

Eastern neighbors. Russia has pursued a great deal of economic, financial and

military cooperation with China and India over the past year. The West, on the

other hand, missed out on great economic opportunities by turning Russia from a

potential partner to an adversary, Boulevard Voltaire argued.
By rejecting their invitations to the Moscow Victory Day Parade on May 9, Western

leaders not only insulted Putin personally, but the entire Russian population. The

march of the Immortal Regiment demonstrated that most Russians were behind their

president. People may not like Joseph Stalin, but everyone holds dear the Soviet

Union's victory over Nazi Germany.
Britischer Mariner wegen Kritik an einheimischen Nuklearkräften festgenommen /

Der Angehörige der britischen Kriegsmarine William McNeilly, der die

Nichteinhaltung der Sicherheitsregeln in den britischen Atom-U-Booten bemängelt...
US Pressures EU via IMF Over Greece's Permanence in the Euro
Inequality Street: UK most unequal country in EU, worse than US
Guatemala City Bus Station
Guatemala City Bus Station photos or pictures, these are photos of Guatemala City

Bus Station
Neoliberal Globalization: Is There an Alternative to Plundering the Earth?
Is there an alternative to making war? Is there an alternative to destroying the

planet? No one asks these questions because they seem absurd...
Ukraine Regime Planning "Chain of Terrorist Attacks" against Donbass Civilians,


Military intelligence of the Donetsk Peoples Republic has uncovered efforts of the

Ukrainian Security Service to organize a chain of terrorist acts in Donetsk,

Putin ties Ukraine’s government to neo-Nazis. A new law seems to back him up.
In addition to the moral problem of forbidding the criticism of Holocaust

perpetrators, the law hinders Ukraine’s European ambitions -- and validates

Russian President...
College student confronts Jeb Bush: "Your brother created ISIS"
A college student confronted the former Florida governor and potential Republican

presidential candidate, asserting, "your brother created ISIS."

US “Easing Into” War with Syria Using ISIS Boogeyman | New Eastern Outlook
The US is a few
Syria: US "Delta Force" strike in Syria just one of many incremental steps the US

is taking to eventually fight directly alongside its terrorists proxies in pursuit

of regime change in Damascus.
Odessa Massacre Perpertrators May Walk Scot-Free After Parliament's Pardon
New Military Spending Bill Bolsters US Militarism, Destroys Economy
"Does Congress really think ‪#‎US‬-supplied weapons killing ethnic Russians in

eastern ‪#‎Ukraine‬ is a good idea?"
"First Strike" Attack against Iran? Washington's "Missile Defense" Deal with Gulf


This is what it has all come down to.... the US and the corrupt, dictatorial Gulf

monarchies meeting at Camp David Thursday and agreeing on a plan to flood the...
"The United States of Injustice" and Boston Bombing Trial. Court of public opinion


None whatever exists. Guilt by accusation suffices for anyone Washington wants

convicted. Innocence is no defense. Juries are pressured to convict. Evidence...
Saudi Jets Fire on UNICEF Aid Ships
Europeans Lose Control Over Their Continent – German Media
Police injured as thousands protest small PEGIDA rally in Stuttgart (PHOTOS,

PEGIDA is a German acronym, which translates as Patriot Europeans Against the

Islamization of the West. Its core principle is that it sees the rise of the

influence of Islam in European countries as dangerous, while its manifesto opposes

extremism and calls for Germany’s Judeo-Christian religious culture to be

Migrant crisis: UK offers drones, warships to help tackle human traffickers in


<see also comments>
Drones and warships seem to be used to 'protect Human Rights' by bombing a country

andimposing regime change by force leaving them de-stabilised but stable enough to

make sure the oil flows and crucially is sold in dollars.

Then when people are trying to leave the disaster we created we send the military

in again. Apparently by sending them back into the situation we caused and they're

Whats Wrong With the Bees
Honey Bees & Other Pollinators
US Actions May Prompt Russia to Consider Increasing Nuclear Arsenal / Sputnik

Mikhail Ulyanov, the Director of the Department for Non-Proliferation and Arms

Control at the Russian Foreign Ministry, warned that US measures undermining...
BNP Paribas Draws Record Fine for 'Tour de Fraud'
BNP Paribas SA agreed to pay nearly $9 billion Monday and plead guilty to crimes

for violating U.S. sanctions,
an unprecedented settlement that includes a year-

long ban on the French bank's ability to conduct certain U.S. dollar transactions.
Macedonian media: Turkish Stream will be a reality

Britain's Nuclear Armed Trident Submarine: Rigged Safety and Security,


Engineering failures on Trident submarine place crew at risk and raise doubts over

whether missiles could actually be launched, says whistleblower. A Royal Navy...
‘Saudi Arabia to buy nuclear arms from Pakistan’
Stubbin tahto toteutui: Nato-selvitys tulee
- Hallitus laatii ulko‐ ja turvallisuuspoliittisen selonteon, jonka valmistelun

yhteydessä arvioidaan mahdollisen Nato‐ jäsenyyden vaikutukset Suomelle.
US Sponsored “Color Revolution” in Russia? In St. Petersburg?
 August 29, 2014
Der Geoengineering-Komplex. Klimaschutz, Militärtechnik, Geheimdiensttechnik und


Most dangerous Islamic State leaders come from Scandinavia - Syrian President

RT crew attacked by Israeli police in Jerusalem (VIDEO)
The reporter added that other journalists covering the event were treated the same

“brutal” way by the Israeli police.
‘Not aimed at third country’: Russia & China start joint drills at Mediterranean
The Russian-Chinese exercise comes at a time when NATO and its allies are holding

military drills all over Europe.
<To put it simply, AEGIS relies on it's sensors and radars for fire control. If

the Russian did successfully jam the radar of the USS Cook, than AEGIS at this

point was just an expensive but otherwise useless computer system and the ship

defenseless against any missile following that SU-24 or fired from it.<
China’s jaw-dropping progress at reducing CO2 emissions in just 4 months
An analysis of its energy production, carried out by Greenpeace and Energydesk

China, reveals a drop of eight percent in coal consumption and a reduction in CO2

emission by five percent in as little as four months, since the start of this

year. In comparison to last year, the pace of weaning itself off coal is gathering

‘Okinawa without US bases’: 1000s march against foreign military presence in Japan
Some 35,000 protesters raise placards saying "Do not yield to authority" during a

rally to protest against a controversial US airbase in Naha in Japan's southern

island of Okinawa on May 17, 2015. (AFP Photo / Jiji Press)
ISIS captures capital of Iraqi Anbar province, raises black flag over govt HQ
ISIS militants have captured and raised black flag over main government compound

in the strategic capital of Iraq’s Anbar province. Some 70 civilians have

70 civilians have reportedly been executed.
Russisches Außenamt: Westen plant „bunte Revolution“ in Mazedonien / „Chaos auf

dem Balkan“

Der Westen plant eine bunte Revolution in Mazedonien, wie das russische

Außenministerium am Samstag auf seiner Internetseite geäußert hat.
Vorposten der Nato: USA bestehen auf Verbleib Griechenlands im Euro
Die USA bestehen auf den Verbleib Griechenlands in der Eurozone. Der mehrheitlich

von den USA beherrschte Internationale Währungsfonds (IWF)...
Muslims Take Nine Innocent Children, And Slaughter All Of Them - Walid Shoebat
By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in the Syrian city of Palmyra, all members of ISIS,

took nine children and slaughtered all of them. The nine children were amongst...
"Shoebat is a State Dept. dog, who doesn't know that the takfiri savages are

Wahhabis, *not* Muslims, and that most of the Syrians they've bombed, beheaded,

thrown off buildings, baked in ovens, cannibalized, are Muslims."
Friday, March 19, 2010
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NGO Finds Link Between Neo-Nazism in Eastern Europe and NATO Expansion / Sputnik

The administrator-general of the Eurasian Observatory for Democracy & Elections

(EODE) Luc Michel said that the glorification of Fascism and neo-Nazism...
< Naturally. NATO's "secret armies" (stay-behind) were all made up of nazi-

fascists in the so-called Cold War. They've been replenished.<
Todenhöfer:..und jetzt frage ich sie..was sehen sie im Fernsehen?
Putin hits the ice, scores 8 goals ahead Russia-US battle at World Hockey

Championship (VIDEO)

Vladimir Putin played along other Russian top officials, sportsmen and businessmen

in an NHL (Night Hockey League) match.

Chr. Hörstel: Ich verließ ARD=ZDF weil ich nie mehr zuviel Lügerei mitorganisieren


The Empire Lies: How to Fight Western Propaganda
First they manufacture monstrous lies, and then they tell us that we should be

objective! Is love objective; is passion? Are dreams defendable, logically and

philosophically? When a house is attac...
Russia Has Never Violated EU Borders During Drills – Former NATO General
Die Schweizer Armee probt den Ernstfall – in Basel
Im September kommt es in der Nordwestschweiz zum Grossaufmarsch der Schweizer

Armee. 5000 Soldaten üben den Ernstfall. Das Szenario lautet: Europa zerfällt.
US Anger With RT Will Start World World Three – Emir Kusturica / Sputnik

The award-winning film director believes that the next world conflict could start

when the Pentagon decides to bomb the RT TV channel.
Ende der Freiheit: Polizei-Staat in Europa nimmt gespenstische Form an
Die englische Königin wird in Kürze die Einführung drakonischer Gesetze verkünden.

In Großbritannien sollen Bürger nicht mehr danach beurteilt werden,...
Turkish jet shoots down Syrian aircraft after it ‘violated air space’ - reports
The aircraft subsequently crashed into Syrian territory, Hurriyet newspaper

US special forces kill senior ISIS commander in Syria raid - DoD
Energy saving induction cooking
 whether with electricity or gas – energy efficient induction cooking is the

hands-down winner, with up to 90% of the electric energy being converted to heat

inside the cooking vessel. For natural gas, up to 60% of the cooking heat is lost

to heating your stovetop or the kitchen air, so natural gas efficiency can be as

low as 40% efficient. For electrical resistance cooking, up to 45% is lost to

escaping heat, so electrical resistance heating peaks at around 55%.
Manipulation: Merkel verhängt Zensur über die ARD-Tagesschau
Bundeskanzlerin Merkel hat über einen Bericht der ARD offenbar ganz klassisch die

Zensur verhängt. Die Antworten der Kanzlerin bei einem Gespräch mit Schülern in...
USA:n senaatti: 300$ miljoonaa sotilastukeen Ukrainalle, 600$ miljoonaa Syyrian

militanteille | TASS

Yhdysvaltain senaatin puolustuskomitea on...
McCain Appointed to Ukraine "Reform Advisory Team" Headed by Fugitive Georgian

Leader Saakashvili

Georgia’s fugitive ex-president Mikhail Saakashvili and hawkish US Senator John

McCain have been approved as members of the newly-formed International...
Saakashvili is known for his strong anti-Russian stance, which garnered heavy US

support. In August 2008 during his term in office Georgia launched an offensive

against South Ossetia, killing dozens of civilians and Russian peacekeepers

stationed in the republic. Georgia’s shelling of Tskhinval prompted Russia to

conduct a military operation to fend off the offensive. Despite Saakashvili’s

claims that the conflict was “Russian aggression,” the 2010 EU Independent Fact

Finding Mission Report ruled that Tbilisi was responsible for the attack.
Croatian President Pays Tribute to Nazi Collaborators
The President of ‪#‎Croatia‬ laid a wreath and candles at monuments devoted to the

memory of Croatian pro-‪#‎Nazi‬ collaborators who were killed by the victorious

communist Partisans at the end of ‪#‎WWII‬.
Iran complains to UNSC of Riyadh siege on Yemen
Iran lodges a complaint to the United Nations Security Council about Saudi

Arabia’s blocking of aid deliveries to Yemen.
Man Asks Police to Help Passed-Out Girlfriend, Cop Rapes Her
A Tavares, Florida man is sorry that he asked a police officer for help. That's

because instead of helping, a Lake County Sheriff's deputy sexually assaulted the
China to Allocate $50Bln to Brazil for Infrastructure Projects - Deputy FM

What if Putin is Telling the Truth? | New Eastern Outlook
15.05.2015 Author: F. William Engdahl What if Putin is Telling the Truth? Column:

Society Region: Russia in the World On April 26 Russia’s main national TV...
Events in Macedonia Linked to Turkish Stream, Sanctions Stance – Lavrov / Sputnik

Russian Foreign Minister said that Moscow sees the worsening situation in

Macedonia as tied to the country’s refusal to join economic sanctions against...
‘US closing eyes to Saudi atrocities – sign of extraordinary hypocrisy for


The US is accusing Iran of being a “sponsor of terrorism” while ignoring their

Saudi allies are slaughtering Yemeni civilians, funding Al-Qaeda, and have

'Wahhabism whether it is in Nigeria, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, or

Pakistan and Afghanistan, all of this is coming from Saudi Arabia, because it is

the official Saudi ideology' - professor Seyed Mohammad Marandi.
‘I wish we had drachma, never entered monetary union’ – Greek finance minister
Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, who has been sidelined from Greece debt

negotiations, says he wished the country still had the drachma, and that Greece

would never sign any bailout plan on unfavorable terms.

Continuing the war of words with eurozone policymakers Varoufakis said, at a

conference in Athens Thursday, he would reject any agreement in which “the numbers

do not add up.”
Greatest Threat to Free Speech Comes Not From Terrorism, But From Those Claiming

to Fight it -...

The UK Government seeks powers to ensure that any ideas or working for any

political outcomes regarded by British politicians as "extremist" will not only be

The Evil within: The truth we dare not see about Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen
On the 70th anniversary of the fall of Nazi Germany, fascism is far from dead. As

Yemen bleeds under Saudi Arabia’s grand war, it is really the annihilation of

Ukraine Shuts Down Independent Media Outlet, Arrests Journalists
France Bans Pro-Palestine Demonstrations
Anyone who breaks the ban faces a year in prison and a 15,000 euro fine.
Who Owns Agricultural Land in Ukraine?
The fate of Ukraine’s agricultural sector is on shaky ground. Last year, the

Oakland Institute reported that over 1.6 million hectares (ha) of land in Ukraine

are now under the control of foreign-b...
Brzezinski: Assad has more support than any group opposing him.
“I'm not really sure we knew what we were doing.”

John Kerry in Russia: USA is losing the continent of Eurasia
Video Shows Deputy Smash Autistic Man’s Skull into the Ground, Killing Him for

Joking Around

Graphic surveillance footage was released showing an Ohio deputy kill an autistic

man for playing around.
North Korea's 'Executed' Defence Chief Hyon Yong Chol 'Appears' on TV; Doubts

Arise Over South...

South Korea's National Intelligence Service had claimed on Wednesday that the 66-

year-old chief was publicly executed.
Poroshenko retracts statement on intention to recapture Donetsk airport
On May 11, Ukraine’s presidential press service published Poroshenko’s statement

sayin Kiev intends to recapture the Donetsk airport from east Ukraine militia

Baltimore prison guards arrested for looting during Freddie Gray riots
Maryland has suspended two Baltimore-based corrections officers after they were

charged with burglary and theft. The two women were caught on video participating

in the looting of a convenience store during the riots after Freddie Gray’s death.
Maryland’s DPSCS came under fire in April 2013, when 13 female prison guards were

indicted on charges that they assisted a powerful prison gang with a money-

laundering and drug-trafficking scheme.
US will stand with the Gulf States against 'external attacks' - Obama
NATO chief admits efforts to stabilize post-Gaddafi Libya failed
<Stoltenberg is full of shit>
Kiev to Fight Against Russian Aggression 'Until Last Drop of Blood'
One Of The Most Important Scientists In The World: “Most Cancer Research Is

Largely A Fraud”
“Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud, and that the

major cancer research organisations are derelict in their duties to the people

Syrian War Set to Re-Explode. US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia In Alliance with Al Qaeda
The Syrian war stalemate appears to be over. The regional powers surrounding Syria

— especially Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and Jordan — have re-ignited their war

against the Syrian government. Af...

Greece 'Pleasantly Surprised' by Russia’s Invitation to Join BRICS Bank
"We are members of the ‪#‎EU‬… but at the same time we acknowledge that there are

also other powers in the world and we will make our decisions taking into account

our own interests."
Turkey and Saudi Arabia are now openly backing Islamic extremists under the newly

rebranded “Conquest Army.” The on-the-ground leadership of this “new” coalition

consists of Jabhat al-Nusra — the “official” al-Qaeda affiliate — and Ahrar al-

Sham, whose leader previously stated that his group was the “real al-Qaeda.”
Richtig gut geschmiert: Die Nebeneinnahmen unserer Politiker
Politiker sind vor allem der eigenen Brieftasche verpflichtet. Ein Gewissen

scheinen sie nicht zu haben.
Richtig gut geschmiert: Die Nebeneinnahmen unserer Politiker
Politiker sind vor allem der eigenen Brieftasche verpflichtet. Ein Gewissen

scheinen sie nicht zu haben.
Poles Feel Betrayed Over CIA Black Sites
Poland sues Gazprom seeking lower gas price

‘More air policing, more drills’: NATO to boost presence on Russia's doorstep
Even Game Theory Confirms It: Only Russia Can Win in Ukraine
Leonid Bershidsky elegantly summarises a paper that applies game theory to the

Ukrainian conflict.Briefly, the paper says that Russia can destabilise Ukraine...
Iran warships to accompany humanitarian cargo ship to Yemen
Iranian warships will accompany a humanitarian aid cargo vessel bound for Yemen,

as Tehran is wary that it could be intercepted by Saudi forces. It is heading to

Russian Next-Generation Armata Tank to Receive Bigger Cannon
Hell Unleashed: US Government is Driving Us Into War with Russia
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts This is what the arrogant morons who comprise the US

government have stirred up: Watch this video for its entire 1 hour 20 minutes,

Chemtrails, Aerosol Geoengineering and Bioengineering: A Massive Biological

Experiment of...
The materials disbursed in aerosol geoengineering operations contain a combination

of ionizable...
Operation Gladio: The Untold Story of the Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the

CIA, and the...

by Arif Jamal After the Second World War ended, The Vatican, the CIA, the ex-

Nazis, and the...
Nazism of Ukraine’s US-Backed Government Is Hidden by Western ‘News’ Media
The pro-Nazi core of the Ukrainian government that was installed by the U.S. in

February 2014 is too well-documented to be denied, and so the West's major...
ERIC ZUESSE: The pro-Nazi core of the Ukrainian government that was installed by

the U.S. in February 2014 is too well-documented to be denied, and so the West’s

major propaganda media (self-styled as being ‘news’ media) instead simply hide it

— most don’t report any of it, but a few report snippets along with excuses to

make individual events seem like aberrations, not the core, which they actually

Volker Pispers: Bis neulich 2014 - komplettes Programm
Volker Pispers - Geschichtsstunde
BND-Skandal: Barometer steht auf Sturm / nd-Chefredakteur Tom Strohschneider
Crimea, Rostov Region Aviation Units Receive New Fighters, Bombers
Iran Warns of War if Aid Ship to Yemen Attacked
The deputy chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces warned on Tuesday that Iran

would retaliate in force against any country, which attacks an Iranian ship

heading to Yemen with humanitarian aid cargo on board.
Community STUNNED After Learning Police Dept is Composed of Cops Charged With Rape

and Child Porn

OMG are you serious??! These officers must be kept off the streets right away, I'm

sharing this with everyone I know until this issue is fixed!!!
Besuch bei Putin: Die Kanzlerin kann auch unbequem -
Es ist eine schwierige Mission: Bundeskanzlerin Merkel verneigt sich in Moskau vor

den Weltkriegstoten. Später kritisiert sie die "verbrecherische Annexion der


Foreigners Now Control Some 2 Million Hectares of Land in Ukraine
This article originally appeared at Oakland Institute
Re-commissioned? Soviet nuke-capable sub-killing copter comeback slated
Episode 756
Off the rails: US railway crisis blamed on lack of funding, crumbling


 It came on the eve of the railway budget bill that could see the funding for

Amtrak slashed by 20 percent, from $1.4 to 1.13 billion.

In comparison, China’s railway budget for the next fiscal year is an estimated

$128 billion, the Atlantic news portal reported.
Nearly 200 scientists warn of cellphone health risks
Schlag auf Schlag - WikiLeaks deckt aktive Rolle von Bundeskanzlerin Merkel in


WikiLeaks hat am heutigen Dienstag neue Dokumente veröffentlicht, darunter einen

persönlichen Brief Merkel an den ehemaligen Vorstandsvorsitzenden der...
117 Countries Slam American Police Brutality at UN Human Rights Council
You know the police state is out of control when 117 countries simultaneously

criticize you at the UN Human Rights Council over it.
France Offers Poland Subs, Cruise Missiles
France to probe brutal video of police abusing migrants in Calais
Macedonians rally for government resignation amid surging political unrest
“This continued inaction casts serious doubt on the Government of Macedonia’s

commitment to the democratic principles and values of the Euro-Atlantic community.

Continued failure to demonstrate this commitment with concrete action will

undermine Macedonia’s progress towards EU and NATO membership.”
Switzerland unveils its first driverless cars
Urmson said after all years there had been 11 accidents, with no consequent

injuries and only light damage sustained. “Not once,” he added “was the self-

driving car the cause.”
Kiev Threatens to Use Force to Disarm Right Sector Extremists
Russia Invites Greece to Be Sixth Member of BRICS New Development Bank / Sputnik

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras thanked Russian Deputy Finance Minister Sergei

Storchak for the invitation and said Greece is interested in the offer. The...
France, Germany 'Categorically' Against Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova Joining NATO -
French Senator
Macedonia unrest: ‘Warning to Skopje against new Turkish pipeline’
Macedonia has become important to the US as it could become the only way for

Russia’s proposed Turkish Stream pipeline to reach Central Europe, which...
60% of Russians see US as threat & hindrance to development - poll
Over half of Russians think the United States poses a threat to their country and

will create barriers for Russia’s economic development
<Only 5% think US could beat Russia in an all out war.<
Canadian Govt Threatens Hate Crime Charges For Those Who Boycott Israel
"Is it now a criminal offence to walk around with a sign saying close all the

settlements, ‪#‎Israel‬ out of occupied territories?"
Kiewer Radikale schlugen eine Veteranin des zweiten Weltkrieges zusammen
Am Mittwoch, des 06. Mai wurde Zinaida Sergeevka, auf dem Weg nach Hause von

ukrainischen Nazis angegriffen und zusammengeschlagen. Gegen 15:00 Uhr...
German govt actively assisted NSA in mass surveillance - WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks has released new documents showing the German government and the

country’s intelligence agency, the BND, were actively helping the NSA to spy on

European citizens and companies. Berlin had previously denied these allegations.
Poroshenko violates Minsk deal vowing to recapture Donetsk Airport - Kremlin
 Poroshenko spoke at the premier of the documentary "Airport", which was dedicated

to the siege.

When asked if he thinks such words violate the Minsk peace deal, the Russian

president's press secretary said they do: "Of course, they are a violation. In

fact, we have repeatedly said that Ukraine is not complying with the Minsk

Ukrainian Parliament approves law allowing forced relocation of Russian citizens
Apart from the relocation of foreign citizens, martial law will allow Ukrainian

authorities to confiscate private property, regulate mass media, prohibit any

rallies, marches and other mass gatherings and initiate the legal process of

banning any political party or mass media deemed "acting against Ukraine's

US Establishment Press Dismiss, Shrug Off Seymour Hersh’s Story on Killing of bin


Most distressing about investigative journalist Seymour Hersh’s story on the lies

President Barack Obama’s administration reportedly told about the killing of...
NATO Jets Scramble to Intercept Russian Transport Plane Over Baltic Sea
#‎Russia‬'s Antonov An-22 was on a routine training flight above the neutral

‪#‎BalticSea‬ and did not enter ‪#‎Latvia‬'s airspace.
The Video That Led to the Arrest of Brendon O'Connell by Australian ZOG
Yemeni Houthis show video of downing of Moroccan F16 jet
German Foreign Minister in Russia: Apologizes for Nazi Crimes ... While Supporting


Ok, now we understand why German leaders wanted to avoid Vday in Moscow at all

costs - to avoid headlines like this.But still, good for Steinmeier that he bit

‘West still treats Africa as former vassals’ – South Africa’s Zuma to RT
Western “colonial” states are not interested in S. Africa’s development, but

rather want to take its natural resources and never give anything back, Jacob

Zuma, S....
'The Chinese come differently. They come to do business with us. They are ready to

help… The results would be that African countries will be empowered'

Monday, May 11, 2015

May Link Collection Part one

10 Disgusting Fast Food Secrets

Victory Day Celebrations in Moscow Mark a Turning Point in Russian History
Today is truly a historical day. For the first time ever, the West has boycotted the Victory Day Parade in Moscow and, also for the first time ever, Chinese forces...
The fact is, that for all the Hollywood movies produced about WWII, the Anglo countries suffered very little, compared to the huge losses of Russia (25+ million) and China (15+ million). For details, see here and here. As for continental Europe, it’s resistance to the Nazis, while very real and heroic, was a feat of the few, not a true national resistance (like in the Soviet Union, Poland or Yugoslavia). But there is much more to this than just numbers.
The real reason why the US/NATO/EU countries have boycotted the celebrations in Moscow is, of course, not their very modest contribution to the defeat of Nazi Germany, but their unconditional support for Nazi Ukraine: the “country” which considers Stepan Bandera a national hero, the OUN-UPA death squads as a “heroic liberation movement” and the liberation of the Ukraine as a “Soviet occupation”. It is also a fact that the Anglos have always shared these feelings and that had developed several plans for total war against the USSR were considered right at the end of the war which I have already mentioned them in the past.
CONFIRMED: US “Operation Rooms” Backing Al Qaeda in Syria | New Eastern Outlook
US policy think-tank Brookings Institution confirms that contrary to propaganda, US-Saudi
US is now openly arming and aiding Al Qaeda in Syria. They admit they've "put aside" ideological concerns to ensure the survival of their "moderate rebels," even if that means throwing full support behind sectarian extremists that are actually the only force on the battlefield.

In other words, they are simply admitting they have been backing Al Qaeda the whole time, and will be backing them more so now.

U.S. and Europe Boycott Russia’s V-Day Celebration of Its 9 May 1945 Victory Over Hitler
At first, a few progressive heads-of-state in Europe were appalled at U.S. President Barack Obama’s pressure for them to reject Russia’s invitation to an upcoming 9...
Hollande’s Absence in Moscow Parade is ‘The Insult of History’ / Sputnik International
A number of French politicians said it was a “shame” that their president is on Washington’s leash after rejecting Russia’s invitation to attend the Moscow Victory...
"The refusal of Francois ‪#‎Hollande‬ to attend the ceremonies in ‪#‎Moscow‬ is a shame and a mistake. This date is very important for Russians who paid a heavy price, 27 million people died fighting the war against Nazis."‪#‎VictoryDay‬ ‪#‎Victory70‬
BBC Documentary 2015 - Dancing in the Dark The End of Physics
Despite NSA Data Collection Being Ruled Illegal, Tyrants in Congress Still Pushing Police State
In the wake of Thursday's federal court ruling that the U.S. National Security Agency's mass data collection program is illegal, officials in Congress have been...
ISIS and its mission: Religious cleansing, genocide & destruction of the past

The Islamic State has become part and parcel of global news cycles, but its goals remain little discussed. Instead, Westerners focus on determining whether or not...
Swedish Military Instructors to Train Kiev Forces
Ukrainian Conflict Left up to 10,000 Civilians Dead – DPR
Tausende pilgern zum Ehrenmal in Berlin-Treptow
Sowjetstern und Russlandfahne, Putin-Shirt und Stalin-Bild, Nachtwölfe und Familien: Viele Besucher aus osteuropäischen Ländern gedachten des Sieges über Hitler-Deutschland.
8 night-wolves, and thousands of pilgrims to the memorial in Berlin-Treptow
09.05.2015 in 18:55 by Thomas Loy
Soviet star and Russlandfahne, Putin-Shirt and Stalin-picture, night wolves, and families: Many visitors from Eastern European countries, to commemorate the victory over Hitler's Germany.....
US Tone Towards Russia is ‘Wrong and Dangerous’ - Gerhard Schröder
The ‪#‎US‬ has always viewed Russia as its "global competitor." This is confirmed by a provocative phrase of President ‪#‎Obama‬, who said that ‪#‎Russia‬ is "only a regional power," - ‪#‎Schröder‬.
Modern Ukraine RIP (Born 1991- Died 2014)
There are times when the media run by the global elite lets the truth slip out at little. In March 2015 leading US business magazine Forbes revealed that Crimeans prefer to be part of Russia rather...
In December 1991, the people of Ukraine voted to become independent of the USSR. Polarising inequalities, corruption and a resurgence of Ukrainian nationalism (at least in certain parts of the country) followed. The Ukraine of 1991 no longer exists, having been riven apart by civil war, economic collapse and a loss of democracy.
Readers Detect Western Myths About WWII, Pay Tribute to Soviet Soldiers
"Considering about 80% of the Third Reich's total military losses were on the Eastern Front you'd think Britain and France might be more grateful to ‪#‎Russia‬…" ‪#‎WWII‬ ‪#‎VictoryDay‬ ‪#‎Victory70‬
21 hrs

The film reveals disturbing examples of a revival in far-right nationalism in Europe. Among other countries, the Baltic States have once again witnessed nationalists on the march, shouting slogans that…
Meet Ukraine’s Master Mass-Murderer: Dmitriy Yarosh RINF Alternative News & Alternative Media |...
Here Is the Man Who Organized and Ran Ukraine’s February 22nd Coup in Kiev, and the May 2nd Massacre of Its Opponents in Odessa, for Barack Obama Eric...
U.S. and Europe Boycott Russia’s V-Day Celebration of Its 9 May 1945 Victory Over Hitler

At first, a few progressive heads-of-state in Europe were appalled at U.S. President Barack Obama’s pressure for them to reject Russia’s invitation to an upcoming 9...

‘My breathing mom was among corpses’: Putin recalls his parents’ WWII ordeal
Vladimir Putin has written a column (something he very rarely does), recalling the stories of his parents who survived the hardships of the Leningrad blockade, his...
Aljazeera Arabic: Should We Kill All Alawites?
 A vision of pure Qatari sectarian hatred "Aljazeera Arabic: Should We Kill All Alawites? " with English subtitles.
It Was Soviet Army Who Broke Fascist Military Machine Spine – Maduro
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that it was exactly the Soviet Army that broke the spine of the Fascist military machine.
Yemen’s Houthis agree to Saudi-proposed truce
Any violation of the ceasefire by Al-Qaeda or others would prompt a military response, he stressed.
<LOL! He pratically stated that al-qaeda is a branch of SA military!>
SWAT Cop Guns Down Unarmed Man For Trying To Answer Door During Pot Raid
Witnesses say that they saw a murder happen right before their eyes when a Florida SWAT team gunned down an unarmed Deltona man over a tiny amount of...
Politische Bombe - Putin enthüllt: Verdeckter Krieg der Westmächte gegen Russland läuft schon...
Am 26. April präsentierte der größte russische Fernsehsender Rossija 1 Präsident Wladimir Putin der russischen Öffentlichkeit in einer Dokumentation über die...
May 09, 2015
Human Rights Watch Again Accuses Syria Of "Barrel Bomb" Damage Done By Others
In February we pointed to a Human Rights Watch tweet that showed a picture of the Kurdish-Syrian city Kobane destroyed by U.S. bombing. The HRW tweet falsely claimed that the damage was caused by Syrian government "barrel bombs".
UN Battle to ‘Shame’ Israel over Abuse of Children
Image: Boys from the Palestinian Bakr family who survived an Israeli attack walk on the beach in Gaza (AFP) Palestinian solidarity groups have taken to social media to step up the pressure on Unite...
Economic Disinformation Keeps Financial Markets Up
May 8. Today’s payroll jobs report is more of the same. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that 223,000 new jobs were created in April. Let’s accept the claim and see where the jobs are. Special...
Cop Caught on Video Bragging About How He Just Killed A Man
"I dropped like a f**king bomb on his head!" "I tased a motherf**ker in custody today. I don't care. I gotta call my PBA rep… when you kill someone… I already called...
Waiting List for Russian Pantsir-S1 Missile System Backed Up to 2019
"We have a queue for purchase of Pantsir-S1 formed until 2019."
Yoko Ono: "I Had an Affair with Hillary Clinton in the '70s"
Los Angeles | Yoko Ono shocked reporters yesterday when she responded to a question concerning the presidential run of Hillary Clinton and the possibility that...
Pentagon Begins Training of "Moderate" Syrian Rebels
Pentagon sources reveal that they are putting in place arrangements for their program to train and equip Syrian rebels, and will begin as early as this week. US troops and support staff have arrive...
The first of the 400-strong cohort of military trainers have recently arrived in Turkey and Jordan in preparation for carrying out the training, which aims to train more than 5,000 rebels annually for three years, covering small arms, radio communication, battlefield tactics and medical equipment. The rebels will also be provided with weapons, trucks and tactical radios.
US Wants Beijing to Probe Cyberattacks, Despite Evidence NSA Targeted China
Despite Washington’s concern with alleged Chinese ‪#‎cyberattacks‬, officials have said nothing about the ‪#‎NationalSecurityAgency‬’s proven spying activity against ‪#‎Beijing‬.
No One Works in Nearly 20% of US Families: US Bureau of Labor Statistics / Sputnik International
In 2014, around one out of five American families had no members employed, according to data released by
90 Million Americans Not Working
Another unfortunate milestone for the labor market.
" The labor force participation rate stayed at its lowest level since the 1970s at 63.2%.

The U.S. now has 90.6 million "non-institutionalized" men and women over the age of 16 not working—an all-time high. That's 10 million above the 80.5 million when President Obama took office. With total employment at 144.3 million, for every three Americans over the age of 16 earning a paycheck there are two who aren't even looking for a job. That's an ugly portent for American prosperity.
Court Rules NSA Bulk Data Collection Was Never Authorized By Congress | WIRED
The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled on Thursday that the NSA's bulk collection of phone metadata was not authorized under the Patriot...
Americans Not In The Labor Force Rise To Record 93,194,000 | Zero Hedge
In what was an "unambiguously" unpleasant April jobs payrolls report, with a March revision dragging that month's job gain to the lowest level since June of 2012, the...
Russia's Armata T-14 Tank Sends Shivers Down Washington's Spine / Sputnik International
Washington has plenty to fear from Russia's new Armata T-14 tank, a Russian-American scholar noted, adding that states seeking to constrain the US' freedom...
Russia’s 5 Most Deadly Naval Weapons as Seen by US Media
Nearly a Hundred Million Americans Out of Work - Report
While the ‪#‎Obama‬ administration was celebrating a 0.1% drop in the ‪#‎unemployment‬ rate, the number of Americans not in the workforce clocks in at a staggering 93,194,000.
Cosmic Time The True Nature Of Time Science Physics Universe Documentary
Putin: Russia & China 'worst affected by WW2', reject rehabilitation of Nazism & militarism
Russia and China suffered the worst casualties during World War II and thus have the greatest reasons to oppose attempts to rehabilitate Nazism and militarism, Russian President Vladimir Putin said after meeting China’s President Xi Jinping.
America's Allies Are Funding ISIS
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), now threatening Baghdad, was funded for years by wealthy donors in Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, three U.S. allies that have dual agendas.

TPP, TTIP and TISA: How the Media Misrepresent Obama's "Fast Track" "Secret" International Trade...
Both conservative and liberal ‘news’ media...

Israeli Defense Minister Promises to Kill More Palestinian Civilians and Threatens to Nuke Iran
Image: Moshe Yaalon speaking at the 2015 Shurat HaDin conference. Israeli defense minister Moshe Yaalon on Tuesday said Israel would attack entire civilian...
The Israeli official also appeared to threaten to drop a nuclear bomb on Iran, although he said “we are not there yet.” In response to a question about Iran, Yaalon said that “in certain cases” when “we feel like we don’t have the answer by surgical operations” Israel might take “certain steps” such as the Americans did in “Nagasaki and Hiroshima, causing at the end the fatalities of 200,000.”

Australia does not have a government, it has been under the control of the USA since the CIA orchestrated coup d'état in 1975 when the democratically elected PM, Gough Whitlam was removed from office due to his objections to clandestine CIA operations in Australia.
Native peoples' group seeks end to 'US occupation' of Alaska, Hawaii
The group wants the UN to pressure the US over what they call a violation of UN charter and international law. It accuses Washington of mistreating indigenous peoples of Alaska and Hawaii living under what it calls American ‘occupation’.
NOVA - DARK MATTER - Discovery Science Universe (documentary)
<many repeats>
Bank of England overstated March UK debt sales to overseas investors by 200%
smile emoticon
Putin 'All Alone' at Victory Day Celebration - Along With Leaders of Half the Planet
This article originally appeared at Boulevard Voltaire Translated by Tom Winter for the Fort Russ
US Army gone wild? 173rd Infantry Brigade parties in Lviv...binge drinking, hookers and public...
According to the Ukrainian news sources, on their first day off, the 173rd Infantry Brigade conquered the posh Lvov night club by drinking too much, vomiting and...
US Aims to Block Russia, China from Vetoing Renewal of Iranian Sanctions
EXCLUSIVE: US Warplanes Strike Iraqi Popular Forces' Position near Baghdad
The US-led anti-ISIL coalition's fighter jets once again struck the positions of Iraq's popular forces near Baghdad, killing a number of the volunteer forces. The US-led...
"Just for the record, the U.S. is no longer attacking ISIS. The U.S. is now attacking the Iraqi forces that are fighting ISIS."
Finland to Join 100 Plane NATO Exercises in Northern Scandinavia
Wikileaks Sony Hack Reveals Hollywood’s Hand In Repairing Israel’s...
The WikiLeaks archive reveals how some of Hollywood’s top players want to combat the negative publicity of last summer’s brutal war on Gaza and...
Mysteriöses Virus verbreitet sich in den USA und Kanada, die Opfer sind vor allem geimpfte...
Das Virus EV-D68 verursacht schwere Atemwegserkrankungen. Es schlägt hart und schnell zu und hat bereits in Colorado, Missouri, Utah, Kansas, Illinois, Ohio und...
New Police Radars Are Being Used To ‘See’ Inside Homes
Police Departments and law enforcement agencies around the world have been using radar devices for years. But now, new technology is allowing officers to
EU Parliament Drafts New Anti-Russian Resolution Calling for More Sanctions
The aggressively worded document calls on the ‪#‎EU‬ to step up ‪#‎sanctions‬ against ‪#‎Russia‬, provide ‪#‎Ukraine‬ with weaponry and further strengthen ‪#‎NATO‬ forces in Eastern Europe
Jihad Hilton: 5-star resort opens for ISIS supporters in Iraq
It may look like any other top resort in Iraq, but the Ninawa International Hotel in Mosul has one major difference. It is the first 5-star hotel for Islamic State...
Tutkijat: Ukrainan BUK-ohjus tuhosi lennon MH17 - Iltasanomat valehtelee venäläisraportista
Iltasanomat väittää 6.5. uuden raportin paljastavan 'venäläisohjuksen' pudottaneen lennon MH17 Donetskissa. IS:n mukaan Venäjän armeijan asiantuntijat eivät olisi...
Ukraine: Donetsk Republic Nationalizes Banks, Draws Ire Of NATO and World Banking Cartel
In a tiny corner of Eastern Europe, a fledgling Republic struggling with the day-to-day hurdles of...
Berlin Court Overturns Night Wolves' Entry Ban
Double Standards: US Accused of 'Hypocrisy' Over Yemen, Ukraine Conflicts
"The double standard and hypocrisy of ‪#‎US‬ support for the Saudi intervention in ‪#‎Yemen‬, compared to western and US condemnation of ‪#‎Russia‬'s regional security concerns in response to the coup in ‪#‎Ukraine‬, will not be missed by most people." ‪#‎YemenCrisis‬
Moscow’s last stand: How Soviet troops defeated Nazis for first time in WW2
Having quickly conquered most of Europe, the Nazi German army that arrived on the outskirts of the USSR’s capital in autumn of 1941 appeared to be an...
Russian security doctrine to be adjusted after Arab Spring, Ukraine turmoil - official
 He also revealed in a press interview that intelligence analysts established that American special services were executing an anti-Russian program that dates back to the 1970s, and is based on Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “strategy of weak spots,” the policy of turning the opponent’s potential problems into full-scale crises.
London bankers plotting to bring down the Eurozone, says Juncker
Speaking to students at the University of Leuven in Belgium, Jean-Claude Juncker said the single currency used by 19 states in the European Union is under threat from the “Anglo-Saxon world” – a term used to describe bankers in London and Wall Street.
Hollande admits arming Syrian rebels in breach of embargo - book
Espionage affaire: Austria files complaint against German & US intelligence
Uneasy Riders: Russia's Night Wolves to Sue Germany over Annulled Visas
ISIL Warns of 71 Militants in US Ready to 'Attack Any Target'
RT’s Paula Slier leaves Ukraine following call for her arrest, death threats
RT correspondent Paula Slier, who covered the fire near the Chernobyl nuclear station, has left Ukraine after a local journalist urged security services to detain...
Some threats she received: 'Don't just catch her, but kill her!'
‘Cynical Attempts to Whitewash Nazism, Militarism Unacceptable’ – Putin
US claims no Syrian civilian killed in Saturday airstrikes
The US army has ruled out allegations that airstrikes led by Washington had killed dozens of civilians in the northern province of Aleppo on Saturday. A US C...
Two Chinese Naval Ships Enter Black Sea Heading to Novorossiysk
Mass Exodus: Young People Fleeing From Ukraine to Evade Draft / Sputnik International
In Kiev alone, 95% of working-age men are evading military service, using a variety of methods from bribery to fleeing to other countries.
Ich dachte immer, wir leben in einem Land mit Meinungsfreiheit (Gabriele Krone-Schmalz)
März 2015. Leipziger Buchmesse 2015: Michael Sahr unterhält sich mit Gabriele Krone-Schmalz über ihr
Iran Builds Simulators for S-200, Hag, Rapier Missiles
UN urges Saudi-led coalition to stop bombing Yemen’s intl airport
Want to know about HAARP, VLF, VHF, RADAR, and Weather Modification ?
Pictured below: HAARP in Gakona, Alaska (website turned off during current government experimentation schedule) All links below should satisfy MOST...
Merkelregierung lügt, vertuscht und duldet Wirtschaftsspionage der USA!
"Wir werden von der Regierung belogen"...
Fukushima's "Caldrons of Hell": More than 300 Tons of Highly Radioactive Water Generated Daily
Asahi Shimbun, May 1, 2015 (emphasis added): Yauemon Sato, the ninth-generation chief of a sake brewery operating here since 1790 [and president of...
EU-Steuerzahler müssen Fracking-Gas-Terminal für die USA finanzieren
Die europäischen und amerikanischen Steuerzahler müssen 1,3 Milliarden Euro berappen, um für US-Firmen eines kroatischen Terminal für Flüssig-Gas zu...
Russians lead cash exodus from Britain | The Times
CrossBorder Capital says investors have withdrawn $356bn from Britain over the past 15 months, with outflows accelerating to $24bn in March
Assange Reveals That The West is Behind ISIS And Ukraine Crisis And Israel Behind Hamas
Washington might hope that it has Assange cornered, but despite the man’s inability to physically move anywhere, it would seem that it is he who is doing all the..
Washington’s Agenda: The Destabilization and Destruction of Syria. “Islamic State” Terrorists...
. CIA. ISIS . Middle East. Syria. US. Strategic Culture Foundation
Ukrainian Government: “No Russian Troops Are Fighting Against Us”. Sanctions against Russia based on Falsehoods
German opposition demands probe into BND/NSA surveillance & industrial espionage
The German opposition is threatening legal action against the government unless it shares detailed information on the extent of ties between the German BND and the NSA. Meanwhile Germany’s top prosecutor has launched an investigation into the latest leaks
NATO & allies stage thousands-strong drills across Europe
Sweden accuses Russian warships of disrupting power cable laying
It comes just a few weeks after Sweden confirmed the alleged Russian submarine in the country’s territorial waters was a civilian workboat
Last October, Sweden sent 200 troops, helicopters and ships on a weeklong search for a suspected Russian sub in the Stockholm archipelago.
Ukraine Azov Battalion Fighters Take Over OSCE Observation Point
Despite being informed that the place was regularly used by the ‪#‎OSCE‬, Azov members took over the observation point and refused to vacate the position. ‪#‎Ukraine‬
Real Cost of EU Loans: Ukraine Economy on Verge of Collapse - French Media
Right now, the average salary in Ukraine is about 2,000 hryvnias ($94) per month, while pensions for senior citizens stand at 1,200 hryvnias ($55).
A congressperson's annual salary (excluding benefits and perks) is $174,000, which, conveniently, is exactly 12 times as much as someone who makes minimum wage for a full year earns.
So keep that in mind the next time you hear a Republican whine about waste in government.
The ISIL is in Ukraine: America’s "Agents of Chaos" Unleashed in Eurasia
Is the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)/Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) /...
Access Granted: Finland Opens Its Doors to Russian ‘Night Wolves’ Bikers
"A World of Sorrow": The Tragic Plight of the Roma in the Aftermath of NATO's War on Yugoslavia
Once NATO’s 1999 war on Yugoslavia came to an end, units of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) poured across the border. The KLA wasted little time in...
"Serbia is still multi-ethnic. Kosovo is ethnically cleansed. Ancient orthodox churches have been burnt down. This is what happened to the Roma of Kosovo: "
EILMENDUNG!!! 3 Mai. Nachts. Stadtmitte Donezk ist unter Beschuss! Ukraine verwendet schwere...
3 Mai. Nacht. Donezk wird bombardiert! Überall ist ein lautes Knallen zu hören. Die ukrainischen Eindringlinge verwenden die Waffen mit 152 mm und 122 mm gegen...
Moscow urges OSCE to act amid reports of Donetsk shelling
Italian army growing cannabis to slash end user prices
Riding in Spirit: European Bikers to Continue Russian Bikers’ Victory Rally
It’s Official: Police Were Ordered to Stand Down and Let the Baltimore Riots Rage Out of Control
We now have official confirmation that the rioting in Baltimore on Monday was purposely allowed to...
Michael Lewis is the Sheriff of Wicomico County, Maryland and what he has to say is absolutely jaw dropping. When he saw what was happening in Baltimore, he gathered up some of his fellow officers and drove down to the city to help. But when he got there, he says that all of the police were being ordered not to take any action and to let the rioters destroy property.
The man who filmed the Freddie Gray video has been arrested at gunpoint
Kevin Moore, the man who filmed Freddie Gray's brutal arrest, has himself been arrested following "harassment and intimidation" from Baltimore police.
Germany Should Be Grateful to Soviet People for Defeating Nazism - Gauck
Over 3,000 UK policemen investigated for alleged assault, 98% remain on duty – report
Thousands of police deployed in Odessa for fire killings anniversary
US-led airstrikes kill 52 Syrian civilians in a day, not 1 ISIS fighter – monitor
Protests in 'Baltimorstan': US Media Bias Ruthlessly Exposed
Double standards? "But yet when (white) Ohio State students light cars on fire after a football game, nobody calls them "thugs" — interesting."
Dollar No More
War in Ukraine Will Be Over After Kiev Regains Crimea, Donbas - Poroshenko / Sputnik International
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that the military operation in Ukraine would be stopped when Kiev regained control of Crimea and Donbas territories.

Own The Change: Building Economic Democracy One Worker Co-op at a Time
4 Home Remedies to Quickly Get Rid of Sinus Infections
Tiny two percent of younger Americans trust official media
The survey, Institute of Politics poll, was conducted among 3,000 young people aged between 18-29. Only 12 percent of them said they trust local media.
ISIS releases video of Yemeni soldiers execution
NATO to stage ‘relevant’ anti-submarine exercise off Norway
Norway has welcomed massive NATO anti-submarine drills off its coast due to begin next week, noting the “relevance of such an exercise” in the wake of recent Finland’s and Sweden’s vain hunts for alleged foreign subs suspected to be Russian.
China, Russia to hold first-ever Mediterranean naval exercise
De Maizière ist als Minister nicht mehr haltbar - Sahra Wagenknecht
„Thomas de Maizière hat das Parlament belogen und über Jahre tatenlos zugesehen, wie deutsche sowie französische Politiker und Unternehmen von...
Donezk: Kiewer Armee plant Provokationen für 8./9. Mai / Sputnik Deutschland - Nachrichten,...
Die ukrainische Militärführung bereitet für den 8./9. Mai groß angelegte Provokationen vor. Wie der Vize-Generalstabschef der selbst ernannten Republik...
Canadian Academic Dr. Diab Hassan deported to France on Trumped Up Terror Charges
Global Research Editor's Note Dr. Hassan Diab is a Canadian citizen, who taught sociology at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University. He was arrested in...
Integrity Disqualifies Sanders for White House - The New Yorker
According to some experts, the electoral system has developed a number of safeguards to prevent someone with backbone from occupying the Presidency.
Spiegel: Merkel soll Wunderwaffe gegen russische Invasoren bekommen / Sputnik Deutschland -...
„Das Vaterland atmet auf. Der russische Versuch, mit der 20-köpfigen Motorrad-Streitmacht ‚Nachtwölfe‘ auf Berlin vorzustoßen, wurde von unseren tapferen...
Political Assassinations in Ukraine. Statement by Elena Bondarenko
In Russian: Заявление Елены Бондаренко—депутата Верховной Рады Украины [translated from Russian] Below, we publish a translation of a statement made by...
I call upon international organisations who proclaim their democratic principles to not only pay attention to these facts but also to join the fight for democratic rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens. The methods used by the Junta in their struggle for power in Ukraine have nothing to do with democracy.