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September Link Collection Part III

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McCain with ISIS and Al Qaeda
Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu 230.Bölüm Tek Parça
<after 60 minutes the beheadings>
Beheadings are faked to get support for war...see for yourself ...Proof MSM is lying to you!
The US does not bomb countries for humanitarian objectives, says Glenn Greenwald. Humanitarianism

is the pretense, not the purpose.
US bombing Syria for oil: Kucinich
Dennis J. Kucinich says the US is bombing Syria to “wrest control” of the oil fields from ISIL.
Ketkä olivat 9/11-salaliiton takana?
Ron Paul: Obama’s bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria are 'immoral and illegal'
Poroshenko says Ukraine rejects racial discrimination, fascism
Petro Poroshenko laid flowers to the monument to victims of WWII Babiy Yar massacre
<More on the "value" of Poro$h's words ... this from the man, whose government consists of neo-
Nazis and Russophobes and whose army proudly displays Nazi symbols on their helmets and uniforms ! >
Prisoner swaps on shaky ground in Ukraine as Kiev accused of foul play
Prisoner swaps in Ukraine are in danger of stalling as rebels say they will no longer tolerate

Kiev’s practice of producing random people for exchange instead of actual members of militia and

political prisoners.
9/11 TRUTH GOES NUCLEAR: Massive Download In Progress . . . It’s time to wake up — before they do it to us again!!! ~J
The EyeOpener Report- The Real Roots of Xinjiang Terror - See more at:
China’s “War on Terror”
What Really Happened in Tiananmen Square 25 Years Ago
The massacre that wasn’t
Twenty-five years ago today, every U.S. media outlet, along with then President Bush and the U.S.

Congress were whipping up a full scale frenzied hysteria and attack against the Chinese government

for what was described as the cold-blooded massacre of many thousands of non-violent “pro-

democracy” students who had occupied Tiananmen Square for seven weeks.
Tiananmen Square After 25 Years — Brian Becker
The Tiananmen Square “massacre,” in which thousands of Chinese students were
alleged by Washington and the presstitute media to have been massacred, was entirely a fabrication

of the US government and its Ministry of Propaganda.

No such massacre occurred, but the myth lives on.
Китай: Спецслужбы США пытаются устроить майдан в Гонконге
"The leaders of the protest movement "Occupy Central", which organized various public events

including pre-workshops held in the "Hong Kong-American Center. The focus is on the

democratization of the management system."
Head of the "Hong Kong-American Center," Morton Holbrook appointed to this position at the end of

last year, is "an important spy," who has about 30 years in the American intelligence agencies,

says "Huanqiu Shibao."

As noted in the article, Holbrook, as well as Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai, a sponsor

opposition, close to the former Minister of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, was named.

"One gets the impression that the United States-based "Hong Kong-American Center" is trying to use

the experience of Eastern European "color revolutions" in Hong Kong in order to influence the

internal situation," - emphasized the newspaper.

My 'Flying Pigeon' View of China: 30 years at the US Embassy
From 1975 to 2007 Morton Holbrook worked in US embassies all over the world. Holbrook was the

first US ambassador sent to the newly opened up China in 1979 and from then on had a special

relationship with China.

During his 30 years in the US civil service Morton spent half his time in China. First from 1979-

1983 in the Beijing embassy, 1990-1993 in the US consulate in Shenyang and finally 1996-1999 back

in Beijing as the ambassador once more. Those 12 years in China have really allowed Holbrook to

witness the opening up and development that has swept China over the last 30 years.
Нацизм на Украине. 10 признаков / Nazism in Ukrain. 10 symptoms
Climate Change, Manufactured Dissent and “Foundation-funded Doomsayers”
A seemingly radical, anti-establishment veneer is helpful in lending the environmental movement

some degree of legitimacy. Canadian journalist and author Naomi Klein is the most recent voice of

climate alarmism. Klein’s previous works, No Logo (2000) and The Shock Doctrine (2007), have

afforded her with considerable notoriety and some degree of credibility, particularly among those

on the progressive-left.
Список Норкина- 26.09.2014
NEW Intel and Predictions: Peace and War Crimes in Ukraine? Russian Gas or Cold Winter? Mrs.

Russian gas and peace: peace in Ukraine suddenly on the agenda as winter draws near I am starting

off with something unheard of before! Last night in Gorlovka, DNR, Novorossia (E. Ukraine) there

U.S. Considers a No-Fly Zone to Protect Civilians From Airstrikes by Syria
The administration is open to establishing a buffer zone along the Turkish-Syrian border, where

tens of thousands of Syrians have sought refuge.
<Remember Libya? Carpet bombed by NATO and Al Qaea come to power>
NEO – Are the Ukraine talks a NATO ploy?
Mind you, Russia did not sanction the West for its takeover of Ukraine and cut off all energy

flows to Europe, and then the West impose countersanctions. The West pulled both the aggression

and sanctions trigger, forcing Russia to respond.
- "Censored from Western media is the fact that the 'special status' for the New Republics

recently passed by Kiev has a six month expiration date "
In closing, Veterans Today has learned of another strange event with a giant Antonov cargo plane,

model 124-100-150, tail number UR82972, being sighted in Tiblisi, Georgia. A further check

confirmed that one of the five based at the big NATO base in Ramstein, Germany was missing.

The Republic of Georgia has long been used by the US as a major weapons trafficking hub as part of

it support for proxy terrorist groups in its aggressive asymmetric warfare campaign. Some of the

pre-staging logistics – supplies for the Azerbaijani advance bases – for an attack on Iran’s

nuclear plant targets went through Georgia. That was where the recent drone attack on the Iran’s

Natanz nuclear plant came from that was shot down.
The "State Sponsors" of ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey: Why are they No Subject to Sanctions?
As the US and Europe prepare another round of sanctions against Russia over the ongoing Ukrainian
"Veterans Today has learned of another STRANGE event with a giant Antonov cargo plane, model 124-

100-150, tail number UR82972, being SIGHTED IN TBILISI, Georgia. A further check CONFIRMED that

one of the five based at the big NATO base in Ramstein, Germany was MISSING.
Rifkind calls for sanctions against terror sponsors in Qatar - Telegraph
Former foreign secretary calls for tougher line with Qatar as ex-General Jonathan Shaw says Gulf

states must "sort out" the sponsors of terrorism in their own communities
Russia threatens to retaliate against U.S. military
"Russia has delivered a behind-the-scenes THREAT TO RETALIATE if airstrikes carried out by the

U.S. or its allies target the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Middle Eastern security

officials told WND.
Police Chief Asked Medical Examiner to Change Autopsy Report To Match Officer Testimony, He Does
<Very contradicting info>
Another mass grave reportedly found in E.Ukraine
Another mass grave has been found in eastern Ukraine by the Donbass self-defence forces near

Nyzhnia Krynka village, days after the OSCE confirmed the discovery of 3 mass burials in areas

recently abandoned by Kiev forces.
Several weeks ago, before a ceasefire was agreed, this area of Ukraine was under the control of

the Ukrainian army and the National Guard’s Aidar battalion. Earlier this month, an Amnesty

International report has confirmed that war crimes including abductions, executions and extortion

were committed by this particular Ukrainian battalion.
A ‘color revolution’ is underway in HKSAR
New wave of Hong Kong protests bears unsettling resemblance to US-inspired color revolutions
n Hong Kong, the focal point will be the city's financial district. After the initial stage of the

coup is set up, the next steps are simple. "Unidentified snipers" shoot some protesters and a

couple of police officers, the resulting clash is presented by the mainstream media as "proof of

governmental brutality" and then the angry mob is directed to storm the administrative buildings.

In order for the plan to work well, the US needs willing accomplices within the ranks of the local

administration. Does Washington have such supporters in Hong Kong? We will soon find out.
Yet another 'Spring' - the Chinese Spring - unleashed now in Hong Kong after months of training

'non-violent resistance'.
"Hong Kong is undergoing an attempted Color Revolution:

"Some have trained for months in non-violent resistance, determined to make it as hard as possible

for police to move them"

Gene Sharp's methods have influenced countless cadre of anti-government provocateurs, and he's

very open about this fact. Actually, he even invites some of them to his residence in Boston to

undergo 'workshop trainings':

To better understand what Color Revolutions entail and make sense of something that purposely

tries to appear spontaneous and benign, please reference my[Andrew Korybko] previous (short)

briefing note on the Core Theoretical Mechanics of Color Revolutions: "
Guerillas Without Guns
China and Russia in New Strategic Energy Deals
First appeared:
The world, as I’ve noted before, is in the midst of one of a fundamental transformation, such as

occurs only every few centuries. An epoch is ending. The once-unchallenged global hegemony of the

Atlantic alliance countries of the USA and EU is crumbling rapidly.
First appeared:
The American Conquest of Europe » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
The American Conquest of Europe
I SPENT the summer producing new “Candid Camera” shows, and among the many things I observed after

a 10-year hiatus was that people are more easily fooled than ever.
What Truth? German bestseller reveals shocking facts about Western journalism
The media is a key tool in the battle for hearts and minds. But a new bestseller by a German

author reveals some details on journalism that would be consider...
"Bought Journalism" in Germany

How Americas Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency

and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up
Mission Creep Turns Global » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
American military resourcefulness: ?The [senior] officials said they had been contemplating

military action against Khorasan in recent months, but President Obama?s decision to hit the

Islamic State?s forces inside Syria provided a chance to neutralize the other perceived threat.?

There are perceive…
MTK innostui orjista
Maatiloilla on paljon tekemätöntä työtä. Vaikka lisäväelle on tarvetta, tilat eivät halua maksaa

palkkaa. Forssassa on ryhdytty metsästämään orjia. Kaupungin orjapäällikkö kertoo, että virallisen

liturgian mukaan kyse on kuntoutuksesta, jolla yritetään aktivoida pitkään työttöm
"The Terrorists R Us." The Islamic State "Big Lie"
The ISIL are the foot soldiers of the Western military alliance. Their unspoken mandate is to

wreck havoc and destruction in Syria and Iraq, acting on behalf of their US sponsors. The endgame

is t...
Lavrov: High time to rearm, Moscow’s military upgrade long overdue
Russia’s investment in its military is not a sign of a looming new arms race but rather a long-

overdue modernization, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with RT and the VGTRK

media corporation.
If Russia doesn't re-arm and modernize its army and weapons, its fate will be that of Libya,

already decided, planned but yet to be executed by the US-EU-Nato. You know there is no better

argument when dealing with US rabid neo-cons and Nato generals than to have quite a few long

range, medium range and short range nuclear missiles pointed at them.
Qatar's Emir: We Don't Consider Jihadists In Syria & Libya As Terrorists
Saudi Prince: War Against ISIS Really About Removing Assad
Air Date: September 25th, 2014 This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made

available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a...
Last 75 Years Of Saudi Arabia ! ( House Of Saud ) Documentary Feb 2005
Syrian Observatory på Twitter: "U.S. and allied warplanes hit yesterday night 3 local

U.S. and allied warplanes hit yesterday night 3 local refineries in Tal Abyad border area in the

U.S. and allied warplanes hit yesterday night 3 local refineries in Tal Abyad border area in the

northern countryside of al Raqqa; information reported that these refineries were owned by

civilians not by Islamic State. The coalition warplanes also struck a plastic factory on the

outskirts of the city of al Raqqa causing the death of a civilian.
Saudi ex-officer set to topple Al Saud
A former army officer in Saudi Arabia declares the formation of a movement to topple the Al Saud

The Other Middle East Crisis – Saudi Arabia Prepares For Invasion
Rife with corruption and a military ready to revolt, Saudi Arabia has become a powder keg. And

Iraq crisis: How Saudi Arabia helped Isis take over the north of the country
How far is Saudi Arabia complicit in the Isis takeover of much of northern Iraq, and is it stoking

Saudi Arabia executes 19 in one half of August in 'disturbing surge of beheadings'
Saudi Arabia has beheaded at least 19 people since the beginning of August in a surge of

executions, the
Saudi Arabia beheading nearly two people per week this year | Amnesty International
Ten people have been executed since the start of the year including, controversially, one man who

had been tried twice for the same crime.

Make Your Own Distilled Water
Analyse der Gründe für den Absturz des Fluges МH-17
Massenmorde in der Ukraine: Der Westen schaut weg
Das russische Außenministerium hat die Haltung der EU zu den Verbrechen in der Ukraine kritisiert,

schreibt die „Rossijskaja Gaseta“ am Donnerstag.
Expert: Obama Most Militaristic President US Has Ever Seen
The US and its Coalition Created, Trained and Funded IS: Political Analyst
Russia Discovers Massive Arctic Oil Field Which May Be Larger Than Gulf Of Mexico | Zero Hedge
In a dramatic stroke of luck for the Kremlin, this morning there is hardly a person in the world

who is happier than Russian president Vladimir Putin because overnight state-run run OAO Rosneft

announced it has discovered what may be a treasure trove of black oil, one which could boost

Russia's coff…
Christians in Syria were fleeing one of the oldest Christian towns in the world on Sunday, after

regime forces failed to win it back from Islamist rebel fighters.
 The attack on Maaloula was a joint operation between moderate rebels from the Free Syrian Army,

and Jabhat al-Nusra, a jihadist group aligned with al-Qaeda.
Name: Abu Sakkar, Syria's 'heart-eating cannibal'
It sounded like the most far-fetched propaganda claim - a Syrian rebel commander who cut out the

heart of a fallen enemy soldier, and ate it before a cheering crowd of his men.
He took up arms against the regime, one of the first to join a new organisation called the Free

Syrian Army (FSA).

Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

Why has the US government been totally silent about the horrific discovery of mass graves in

Ukraine, where victims were shot in the head with their hands tied? Because the graves were

discovered on territory held by the US-backed regime in Kiev. Would Barack Obama have been silent

if mass graves were found in separatist-held areas?

Western-Backed Kiev Regime Burying the Truth About Its Atrocities?
9/11 Pentagon Attack - Behind the Smoke Curtain - Barbara Honegger
3 hours but good ducumentary
 The Russian response to a double declaration of war
Ukraine is broke – and winter is coming
Ukraine is broke, and that's the sad legacy of this year's tumult. The question now is: will its

western “friends” and Russia save Kiev from the abyss?
‘No Muslim organization supports ISIS, but US & UK do’
It was the West that armed and financed ISIS and it is “outrageous” to blame Muslims for

supporting extremists and close their bank accounts when they’ve done nothing wrong, Massoud

Shadjareh from the Islamic Human Rights Commission, told RT.
Jesse Ventura's top 5 reasons to prosecute George Bush and Dick Cheney
US strikes Syrian province of Homs

The US led-airstrikes have struck Syria’s central province of Homs for the first time.
Russia to Demand Open Investigation of Mass Murders in East Ukraine: Lavrov
Moscow will strongly demand an open and independent investigation into the case of mass graves,

recently discovered in eastern Ukraine's conflict-torn Donetsk Region, Russian Foreign Minister

Sergei Lavrov said Friday.
„Gestorben für Putins Lügen“: OSZE entdeckt Massengräber bei Donezk
Die OSZE hat in der Nähe von Donezk drei Massengräber entdeckt. Bei dem größten Grab wurde eine

Plakette gefunden mit der Aufschrift „Gestorben für Putins Lügen“. Die Gräber liegen in einem

Territorium, welches zur Zeit des Todes der Opfer von ukrainischen Milizen kontrolliert wurde. Die

Schluss mit Lügen und Kriegshetze – Nein zum Krieg in der Ukraine! « DKP-Nachrichtenportal
Die Regierung in Kiew geht seit Monaten mit massiver Gewalt gegen die Bevölkerung in der

Ostukraine vor, die sich den neuen Machthabern widersetzt. Sie führt einen Bürgerkrieg mit

schweren Waffen gegen das eigene Volk. Tausende Zivilisten sind ermordet, Wohngebiete, Schulen,

Kindergärten und Kranken…
Video: U.S. Makes Sure Syria Becomes a Failed State
U.S. targets Syrian oil refinery.
Gazans Slaughtered. EU Has No Comments    :  Information Clearing House - ICH
Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the European Union (EU) “for over six decades [of contribution]

to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights
Russia warns of nuclear disaster if Syria is hit
A military strike on Syria could lead to a nuclear catastrophe if a missile were to hit a reactor

containing radioactive uranium, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman warned. The remark comes as

the US continues to push for a military strike on Syria.
Lavrov: Western bloc headed by Washington rejects UN principle that all states are equal
Ukraine is broke – and winter is coming…
Ukraine is broke, and that's the sad legacy of this year's tumult. The question now is: will its

western “friends” and Russia save Kiev from the abyss?
هذه حقيقة قصة زواج أحد مقاتلي داعش من طفلة سورية
Putin - Polen soll seine Mitschuld am 2. Weltkrieg bekunden.
"Journalist" Paul Conroy is MI6 operative
Portrayed as a photojournalist for The Sunday Times, Paul Conroy, who has recently escaped from

the Islamic Emirate of Baba Amr, is a British MI6 agent. In this photo, he can be seen in Libya

(in blue bulletproof vest) with, on the right, Al-Qaeda leaders Mahdi al-Harati (in black body

armor) and Ab…
Nein, in der Ukraine gibt es keinen Faschismus, nur zu Tode gefolterte und ermordete
russischsprachige Ukrainer - eine ganz normale westliche Demokratie eben!
The Faces of the Resistance: With Your Own Eyes
US Bombed ‘Empty Buildings’ in Airstrikes on ISIL (ISIS) in Syria
The US fanfare surrounding Washington’s bombing raid over Syria was immense. WIth all the hype,

you’d have thought that it was a new Pearl Harbor. With a risk of popping President Obama and the

US ...
Donezk lädt russische Experten zur Klärung von Massenmord in Ostukraine ein
Die selbsternannte Volksrepublik Donezk lädt russische Experten zur Klärung der Umstände des

Massenmordes an Zivilisten bei Donezk ein. Das teilte der Donezker Vizeregierungschef Andrej

Purgin am Freitag mit.
Dr. med. Klaus Hartmann über Impfstoffsicherheit (komplettes Interview)
Ebola Krankheit ist eine Kreation des Pentagon !!! Dieses Video unbedingt verbreiten !!!
Iraq War: US airstrikes kills 70 soldiers of Iraqi Army, many injured
US/UK media coverup of Nazis in Ukraine continues unraveling and MH-17 falls apart...
<Lies, half-lies and propaganda>
Mit Kopfschuss im ost-ukrainischen Massengrab
Die OSZE bestätigt die Existenz von Massengräbern in einem Ort, den die ukrainische Nationalgarde

vor kurzem verlassen hat
Moskau will nicht allein die volle Verantwortung für Kiew tragen
French President Hollande Says ‘ISIS Terror Caused by Global Warming’
J. Krishnamurti - Ojai 1980 - Public Talk 2 - Observation is the total denial of analysis
Popular Mechanics Attacks Its
"9/11 LIES" Straw Man
Exposing Popular Mechanics 9/11 Lies, NIST, the Twin Towers & Their Controlled Demolition
9/11 Truth: The Mysterious Collapse of WTC Seven
Why NIST’s Final 9/11 Report is Unscientific and False
Consensus 9/11: New Truths Dispelling Old Lies
Science: the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the

structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.
<In a corrupt world you only need a handful of corrupt scientists and the presstitudes and you can

create a new reality based on lies.>
Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Commander: "The US is Training and Funding Us" - Russia Insider
A commander of one of the Ukrainian neo-nazi battalions, the Donbass, Semyon Semyonchenko, has

just returned from the US, where he met with senior senators from both parties, and received

commitments of material support.
SYRIA: War Of Deception (Ken O'keefe on PressTv) TRUTH BE TOLD!!!
The Debate - Syria: War of deception
Kenneth O'Keefe
NATO-Erklärung über russischen Truppenrückzug aus der Ukraine kam von einem schlichten

Oberstleutnant per e-mail!

Trockener Kommentar von Generalmajor Konaschenkow, Sprecher des russischen

Verteidigungsministeriums: „Künftig dürften antirussische Äußerungen im Namen der NATO auch von

Putzfirmen, die im Hauptquartier der Allianz sauber machen, per sms verbreitet werden.“
CIA Admits to Destroying Gary Webb’s Career with the Country’s Largest Newspapers
Operation Mockingbird media outlets worked to protect CIA.
Webb 'Suicide' Looking
More Like Murder

 If Gary Webb committed suicide with 2 shots to the head via a .38 caliber pistol, then I've got a

nice condo to sell you in Fallujah!
Program cost     US$1.0165 trillion (projected over 55 years)[5]
J. Krishnamurti - Beyond Myth & Tradition 2 - Change
CETA-Verhandlungen beendet: EU veröffentlicht den Vertrag
Das Bundeswirtschaftsministerium hat die Aussage der EU-Kommission kritisiert, das EU-

Handelsabkommen mit Kanada (CETA) sei fertig verhandelt. So sei etwa die Frage, wer das Abkommen

auf europäischer Seite eigentlich unterzeichne, überhaupt nicht geregelt, sagte ein Sprecher von

Wirtschaftsminister Sigmar Gabriel am Freitag in Berlin. „Solange das nicht geklärt ist, kann man

eigentlich auch nicht von einem Abschluss der Verhandlungen reden.“
Ukraine PM Cries "Russia Wants Us To Freeze" As Locals Prepare For A Long, Cold Winter | Zero


We would like to be able to commiserate with Ukraine's US-muppet regime, we really would, but when

Ukraine's PM Argeny Yatseniuk, or Yats as he is known to Victoria Nuland, almost cried in an

interview with Reuters yesterday when he pleaded that "[Russia] wants us to freeze... This is the

aim and th…
Obama Wants Regime Change in Russia
Paul Wolfowitz said Washington's "first objective is prevent(ing) the re-emergence of (rival

states), either on the territory of the former Soviet...
Obama pursues multiple regime change objectives. He’s done so throughout his tenure. Paul Craig

Roberts calls him “the world’s worst terrorist.” He elevated state terrorism to an unprecedented

level. He gave it new meaning. He has lots more mass slaughter and destruction in mind. He calls

it “American leadership.” Others call it genocidal high crimes against peace.
Argentina's President Fernandez Confronts Obama at UNSC on Failed U.S. Anti-Terrorism Policy

 To drive home her point, Fernandez stated in a press conference the same day, prior to leaving

New York, "I agree with what the Russian and then the Chinese Foreign Ministers said: THERE ARE NO

GOOD TERRORISTS OR BAD TERRORISTS; there are just terrorists."

Concluding her UNSC remarks, Fernandez called on those governments that possess sophisticated

intelligence capabilities to start addressing questions such as, WHO FINANCES ISIS? Who provides

them with TRAINING and WEAPONS, and BUYS THEIR OIL, allowing them to accumulate enormous financial

resources? Argentina, which doesn't sell weapons or purchase oil, can't do that, but the U.S. and

its Western allies can, she admonished. "
George Galloway MP Speech on ISIS Airstrikes [UK Parliament]
Ukraine to pay $3.1bn of Gazprom debt by end of 2014 - EU Energy Commissioner
Ukraine will pay Gazprom $2 billion for gas it has received from Russia by the end of October and

an additional $1.1 billion by year’s end, EU Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger announced.
Dr. Alfons Proebstl 36 - Wer anderen in den Hintern schlüpft...
Russland hat die grünbraune Faschistenfreundin Harms von den Grünen auf die Schwarze Liste gesetzt

und zurückgeschickt. Gut so!

 Der Witz ist, dass sich die antirussischen Sanktionstäter in

Deutschland aufregen! Was haben die denn gedacht was Sanktionen sind? Dummheit und Arroganz sind

halt eineiige Zwillinge.
OSCE Report from Ukraine Mass Graves Site Reveals Civilians Massacred in Late August
Dozens of Bodies Found in Mass Graves in Eastern Ukraine
MOSCOW - Around 40 bodies of civilians have been found in one of three mass graves in eastern

OSCE reports discovery of three mass graves near Donetsk, E. Ukraine
OSCE monitors working in Ukraine have reported that three mass graves were discovered outside of

the city of Donetsk, the OSCE said in a report, which was pu...
The Faces of the Resistance: With Your Own Eyes
"The information war for Ukraine" - Satirical German program "Die Anstalt" (Eng Subs)
Rover findet keine Beweise für Mondlandung
200 Politiker verlangen jetzt eine Erklärung von den Amerikanern.
Massaker in Odessa:EU/USA/Medien schützen die Mörder
Massaker in Odessa:EU/USA/Medien schützen die Mörder
Odessa Massaker 02.05.2014 - Auftraggeber - Deutsch German Subtitle
German television report indicates Ukrainian opposition responsible for lethal shootings
German TV program 'Monitor' on Kiev sniper attack: ham radio intercept of sharp shooters surfaces
KIEW: Wer ist für das Blutbad auf dem Maidan verantwortlich?
 Published on Apr 10, 2014
Quelle: Monitor - Vor sieben Wochen eskalierte die Gewalt in Kiew. Allein am 20. Februar wurden

binnen weniger Stunden Dutzende Menschen getötet, viele von ihnen gezielt erschossen. Das Blutbad

führte erst zum Sturz von Präsident Janukowitsch, dann zum russischen Einmarsch auf der Krim. Bis

heute ist nicht geklärt, wer für die Todesschüsse verantwortlich ist. Doch die Übergangsregierung

und die Generalstaatsanwaltschaft haben sich festgelegt: Allein Ex-Präsident Janukowitsch und

seine damalige Spezialeinheit "Berkut" seien schuld. MONITOR hat wochenlang in Kiew recherchiert.

Danach steht fest: Die Version der Kiewer Generalstaatsanwaltschaft wird durch zahlreiche Hinweise

Will Russia and China Hold Their Fire Until War Is the Only Alternative? — Paul Craig Roberts
Ukraine Will Never Again be a United Country. Get Used to It.
Woman drowned in submerged car while cops kept bystanders from helping, witness says
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:
 very obscure documents with hundreds of verifiable references that laid out 911 like a bare rug.

Every paragraph, every sentence, every word was true. And verifiable. Here's what I found. Read it

all, or not.
U.S. Propaganda Enters Into Insane, Irrational Overdrive in Attempt to...

Thanks to a dizzying barrage of lies, mainstream media fear-mongering and a couple of beheadings,

the Obama Administration finally achieved its...
So as quickly as it began, Obama’s little war had some serious PR issues. So what did the

chicken-hawks do? They repackaged and resold the entire thing. Enter Khorosan.

Yep, just as quickly as ISIS spontaneously generated like maggots on meat from the sands of

Mesopotamia to open the door to another Middle East quagmire, another existential threat nobody

had ever heard of suddenly emerged. Not only that, but this group supposedly posed an imminent

threat to America. How incredibly convenient.
Prostitution and drugs boost Spain’s GDP by €9bn
The new figures show that drug trafficking comprised 0.5 percent of GDP while illegal sex trade

made up 0.35 percent of the new total.
Eva Hermann ruft zum 3. Oktober auf: TAG DER WAHRHEIT
Mir tät' ja der "Tag der Tatsachen" völlig reichen - egal: BIN DABEI!
Wer von den "Journalisten" sich da besonders angesprochen fühlen könnte: Hier gibt es eine

ziemlich lange Liste mit ziemlich bekannten Namen:
Medien enthüllen: Putins bezahlte Troll-Armee hat die deutsche Presse gekapert – und kaschieren dabei ihre eigene Unfähigkeit
Putins langer Arm reicht bis in Gremien der ARD
Der ARD-Programmbeirat kritisiert „antirussische Tendenzen“ im Programm. Das Verfahren erinnert an

stalinistische Geheimprozesse. Protokolle sind nicht-öffentlich und die Programmrichter schweigen.
Residents of a village in northwestern Syria are in shock after U.S. air strikes demolished two
neighborhoods, despite there being no ISIS militants in the area, killing 27 people including six
U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) Threatens to Arrest People Who...

In furtherance of the medical monopoly that dominates western civilization today, the FDA issued

warning letters to three companies over what they...
Fact #1) The FDA refuses to conduct any testing on natural or alternative therapies (such as

colloidal silver) in order to find out whether they work or not. What if some of these alternative

medicines actually do work, but the medical monopoly doesn’t want us to find out?

Fact #2) The FDA openly rubber-stamped the treatment of Ebola patients with the entirely unproven,

experimental drug “ZMapp,” which has so far resulted in around a 40% fatality rate in Ebola

patients. How exactly is it that an unproven pharmaceutical is okay to use as a treatment for

Ebola, but an unproven herb or natural remedy is completely unacceptable and possibly illegal?

(The double standard of so-called “science” is breathtaking…)
Human Consciousness BBC Documentary Mind Science
Richard Heinberg: why end of growth can mean more happiness
US ambassador to UN admits the plan is to overthrow Assad
Obama’s United Nations ambassador Samantha Power told Chuck Todd of NBC on Sunday the real purpose

of the fight against ISIS is to overthrow al-Assad and the Syrian government.
<highly recommended
The Real Reasons For U.S. Airstrikes In Syria - Breaking The Assad Regime
Image: Anthony Freda Art With the recent and ongoing airstrikes launched against Syria by the

United States and its “regional” and NATO allies, a...
Fool Me Twice? EU’s and Turkey’s lies about buying Oil from ISIS
EU Lifts Oil Embargo on Syria - Buys Directly from Al Qaeda
May 2, 2013
EU eases Syria oil sanctions to assist rebels
EU governments have agreed to ease sanctions on Syria, allowing European importers to buy oil from

the Syrian opposition. The move is aimed at EU countries providing a financial lifeline to rebels

fighting Syrian government forces.
ISIS Chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi
Germany’s Die Zeit: Publishing War Propaganda in Weekly Installments
Anybody opening the print edition of Die Zeit can expect a concentrated dose of war propaganda.

The supposedly liberal weekly newspaper exemplifies a development that causes concern and anger

for many people: the transformation of the German mainstream media into propaganda instruments for

war and militarism. The September 18 issue provides eloquent testimony to this fact.
13,000 US Troops to be Deployed to Iraq: Officials
Iraqi officials say that the United States is due to send 13,000 soldiers to Iraq, despite its

claims of complete military withdrawal from the country.
Lavrov: Russia Ranked Second on Obama’s List of Threats
The Real Network of Death – ISIS Atrocities Pale When Compared to those of the U.S. Masters of War
The United States has excelled as the Master of War. It has fine tuned military interventions,

covert operations, coups and attempted coups, regime change and, most recently, color revolutions.

It has intervened, directly and indirectly, in dozens of countries, including the Philippines,

South Korea, Lebanon, Iran, Guatemala, Cuba, Rep. Congo (Zaire), Brazil, Greece, Russia, Poland,

Turkey, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Chile, Angola, East Timor,

Nicaragua, Grenada, Panama, Kyrgyzstan, Haiti, Yugoslavia, Georgia, Ukraine, Argentina, Ghana,

Venezuela, Bolivia, Honduras, Paraguay, Mexico, El Salvador, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia,

Pakistan, Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, and elsewhere.
More than Just an Ally to Fascists: Hillary and Other Assorted Barbarians at Russia’s Gate
Vasyl Cherepanyn heavily beaten by paramilitary thugs
Vasyl Cherepanyn, head of Ukrainian Political Critique, was attacked on Kontraktova Square in

Kyiv, next to the university were he works.
Liberia’s’Largest Newspaper: Ebola and AIDS Manufactured-by US Dept of Defense
The largest newspaper in Monrovia, Liberia, has published an outrageous conspiracy theory column
Ebola Outrage: U.S. Department Of Defense “Manufactured Ebola Virus” Under Guise Of Vaccinations.

(Video)] A startling report from the Liberian Observer, Liberia’s largest news paper, claims that

the United States is directly responsible for...
weather reporters playing down chemtrails spraying over Ireland
Die Anstalt - ZDF 23. September 2014 | 23.09.2014
Professori: Vapaakauppasopimus voi siirtää vallan eduskunnalta yrityksille tai juristeille
Helsingin yliopiston Erik Castrén -instituutin johtajan ja kansainvälisen oikeuden

akatemiaprofessorin Martti Koskenniemen mukaan nykymuotoinen lainsäädäntö puuttuisi julkisen

vallan käyttöön.
 The Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) has detained four Al-Nusra Front radicals and about 450 suspected

Islamist militants near its border with Syria, Lebanese security sources said on Thursday, as it

steps up efforts to prevent them from using the frontier town of Ersal as a base.
<So much more effective than any Western intervention could ever be. Get the US & their Arab

henchmen out of Syria - they are a threat to decent human beings & to the Resistance:
The US backed "moderate rebels" publicly DEFEND the US blacklisted alNusra Front in the US media

while Obama pledges to train yet MORE of them to fight against the IS AND alNUsra!!!!

"Even rebels who supported the strikes on the Islamic State criticized the targeting of the Nusra

Front, which they consider a loyal partner in the battle against Mr. Assad.

“It is not the right time to target the Nusra Front,” said Lt. Col. Fares al-Bayyoush, whose rebel

group has received support from the United States and its allies."
3 mass graves found near Donetsk by self-defense forces, OSCE confirms
 “The OSCE are taking the responsibility to answer all the questions that have arisen. Due to the

security situation at the moment, it is not easy to carry out a full investigation. However, we

have a monitoring mission, which is working at present in Ukraine,” said Ilkka Kanerva, president

of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OCSE.

The discovery of the graves was made on September 23 by self-defense forces, who were responding

to information given to them by locals, who said that they had been dug by Ukrainian government


Four bodies have already been uncovered from one grave and five from another as work continues.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, this could have serious consequences – as when the

killings were believed to have taken place, the area was under the control of the Ukrainian

government, RIA Novosti reported.
Työministeriö käy orjakauppaa valtion varoin
Työvoimaviranomaiset näkyvät olevan haltioissaan Ylen uutisoimasta kokeilusta, missä Forssan

alueella on kunnostauduttu työttömien pakkotyöllistämisessä maatiloille peruspäivärahan ja 9 euron

päiväkorvauksen ”ruhtinaallista” korvausta vastaan. Asetelma on niin kertakaikkisen irvokas, että

edes akate…
7 confirmed CIA backed coups
Iran Didn’t Create ISIS; We Did
Instead of shifting blame for ISIS’s rise, the West and its allies should look in the mirror
The Truth About U.S. Air Strikes on Syria With Syrian Girl
No law on special status for Ukraine’s Donetsk & Lugansk regions – Poroshenko
'We'll bomb where we want': US security doctrine doesn't need intl approval

The US can go to war where it wants, when it wants. The international community's approval is

welcome, but not necessary. That's been spelt out in the countr...
Es existiert in der BRD keine unabhängige massenwirksame Berichterstattung.
 GermanLEAKS: Whistleblower veröffentlichen geheime NSU-Akten
Kiev Uses Civilians in Prisoner of War Swap With Independence Supporters: Reports
Kiev has swapped a group of men, women and teenagers who never fought in eastern Ukraine's armed

conflict for actual prisoners of war previously held by the independence supporters of Donetsk and

Luhansk, The New York Times reported.
Open Letter
To Dr. Ibrahim Awwad Al-Badri, alias ‘Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’,
To the fighters and followers of the self-declared ‘Islamic State’,
Islamic State not Muslim after all, say clerics, scholars
A large group of Islamic theologians addressed the head of the Islamic State in an open letter,

articulately accusing the movement of practices that have nothing to do with Islam, even rejecting

the extremists’ right to call themselves jihadists.
US Expert: Washington Can't Afford to Ignore Russia's National Interests
Washington has proved exceptionally inept in dealing with Russia: it has launched a new Cold war

which has put the global stability at grave risk, deems Jeffrey Tayler, an American writer and a

contributing editor at The Atlantic.
Ukraine Picks Motley Group to Exchange for Prisoners
Many of those released by Ukraine in prisoner swaps said they had never fought for pro-Russian

separatists, and had no idea how they ended up being detained.
Massengräber in Ostukraine: Milizen melden weiteren Leichenfund
Nach der Entdeckung eines Massengrabes östlich von Donezk wollen die Volksmilizen der Region einen

weiteren grausamen Fund gemacht haben.
"In einem Massengrab im Kreis Telmanowo südlich von Donezk seien die Leichen von mindestens 30

Zivilisten entdeckt worden, teilte Boris Litwinow, Parlamentschef der von Kiew abtrünnigen nicht

anerkannten „Volksrepublik Donezk“ am Mittwoch RIA Novosti mit.
<Turkey's desire to place military forces into Syria has been a long planned part of the overall

strategy for regime change. Carving out a northern "buffer zone" including Aleppo has been

DOCUMENTED by Washington policymakers for YEARS.

Using Turkish troops to fill the vacuum US airstrikes are now creating, they will push the war

front with Damascus dangerously closer. Syria cannot afford to concentrate forces east, west,

north, or south, as they have fronts on all sides.

So while the US claims it is fighting extremists in Syria, it is instead, JUST AS THEY DID IN

LIBYA, paving the way to hand them yet another ENTIRE nation. >
West Point CTC Confirms LIFG Terrorists Leading Libyan Rebellion - then apologizes for them.
by Tony Cartalucci
<CONFIRMED: It was indeed al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) which was linked directly to the
terrorists NATO armed in 2011 to overthrow the government in Libya and whom US policymakers hoped
would ravage Algeria, providing the French with a pretext to strike the country, eventually
leading to the overthrow of the Algerian government.
Conveniently, AQIM kills a man just as the US is waffling on justifying its bombing of Syria - and
even more convenient they killed a Frenchman - fueling public anger right in the nation most
likely to respond with military force in Algeria... >
By Design: French Mali Invasion Spills into Algeria
Algeria has expressed particular concern that the unrest in Libya could lead to the development of

a major safe haven and sanctuary for al-Qaeda and other extremist jihadis.
And thanks to NATO, that is exactly what Libya has become - a Western sponsored sanctuary for Al-

Elected Judge Under False Pretences
Falsified Information in Application of Newly Appointed Human Rights Judge
State Prosecutor Päivi Hirvelä was elected in June to represent Finland on the bench  of the

European Court of Human Rights. Already at the nomination stage, experts were astonished due to

the fact that her career has never appertained to issues of Human Rights.
Päivi Hirvelä "Tuomariksi väärin perustein"
MASSIVE BRIBERY: Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has been fined nearly $500 billion for

allegedly setting up a “massive bribery network” to get doctors and hospitals to use its products.
Montag, 25. August 2014
Ukraine: Verhandlungsführer und General sachlich zur Lage
Der ukrainische General Ruban, Verhandlungsführer, über die Situation in der Ukraine
US Strike on Syria is Desperation Incarnate
First appeared:
A Mother’s Letter: “Who Gave the Order to Kill my Children?”
FBI Says No One Killed at Sandy Hook
FBI publishes crime report showing “0” deaths occurred in Newtown in 2012.
Every European state wants to kill Arabs and Muslims. The same states that did not lift their
little finger to help defeat the fascists in Ukraine. In fact the whole EU states have been
supporting the fascist regime in Ukraine. How can they convince anyone that they are against the
fascists ( make no mistake, the jihadist are fascist ) in the middle east but for the same
fascists in Ukraine?
Does it make sense? Not to me.
Obama probably forgot which country bombed

Now we can add Syria to the list. But let's not forget that Israel gets most of its weapons from

the US.

He thinks Russia did it "

"Russian aggression in Europe recalls the days when large nations trampled small ones in pursuit

of territorial ambition."

At least part of what he said applies exactly to what the US did in many countries around the

world. ( the days when large nations trampled small ones in pursuit of territorial ambition ).
John Coleman's case against significant man-made global warming
Iran played pivotal role in defeating ISIL in Iraq: Iran cmdr.
PR Firm Pulls ‘Emma Watson Naked Pics’ False Flag to Push For Internet Censorship

Paul Joseph Watson | Company blamed threats on 4chan users before admitting stunt.
Ukraine Heute – Was im deutschen Fernsehen nicht gezeigt wird – Russische Wochenschau vom

Ukraine Heute – Was im deutschen Fernsehen nicht gezeigt wird – Der Kampf ums Überleben -

Russische Wochenschau vom 21.09.2014 ANTI KRIEG Russland verstehen ...
US Strike on Syria is Desperation Incarnate
The West was racing against the clock – attempting to justify war with Syria by allegedly

“fighting” the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS) in Syrian before
The JFK Assassination: The CIA's "Lone Assassin" Propaganda Strategy for...
Fifty years ago today Lyndon B. Johnson's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy,

otherwise known as the Warren Commission, released...
Reactions to Obama's Naked Aggression Against Syria
On Tuesday, Obama attacked another country lawlessly. Syria poses no threat to America. Obama
bombed multiple sites. He did so with no legal...
Washington's ISIS Scam
In his classic novel 1984, the 20th century British writer George Orwell depicted a repressive,

single-party state that sought to justify and expand its total domination through perpetual war

Aldous Huxley Vs George Orwell
Gaza massacre: UN numbers for what Israel did in 50 days of brutal bombardment
The Independent 27 August 2014. Posted in News   
2139 killed, 490 of them children, 11,000 wounded, 1000 children are now permanently disabled,

18,000 homes destroyed, 108,000 people homeless.
Muslim Brotherhood Linked to Malik Obama and Obama Admin.
The US Administration has begun bombing ‪#‎Syria‬ to topple ‪#‎ISIS‬-- without Syrian permission,

without UN Security Council resolution, without authorization by US Congress. It is a violation of

the US Constitution and of international law.
Russia calls for intl probe into Ukraine burials with signs of execution
First sponsoring, now fighting? Lavrov on West's anti-ISIS op
Um auf alle Fälle sämtliche Spuren zu verwischen, die ans Licht bringen könnten, dass der eigene

Geheimdienst die drei israelischen Jugendlichen am 12. Juni ums Leben gebracht hat: mussten nun

wieder zwei Palästinenser sterben, deren Schuld kein bisschen erwiesen ist.
Libya: Ex-US base now headquarters of Al Qaeda-linked forces
Random Integer Generator
Gives you 10 random numbers
Random Sequence Generator
Random Number Generator / Picker
Billionaires sitting on growing piles of cash
USA blasen zum Rückzug: Putin ist nicht schuld am Abschuss von MH17
Die CIA kann nicht ausschließen, dass die Schützen aus der Ukraine gekommen sind.
Top 5 plant based foods that improve your digestion
Apple cider vinegar
Chia seeds
Fermented vegetables
Aloe vera
The Myth of Syria’s Moderate Rebels
The word “moderate,” then, appears to have but one meaning—a willingness to work with the United

States, under the direction of the CIA, and in cooperation with Western imperialism…at least for

West-sponsored Syrian rebels condemn airstrikes against Islamic State
Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in March 2011, over than 180,000 people have been

<So, it is official then - the US-sponsored good terrorists support their ISIS brethren's

murderous rampage against Christians, Shias, Yazidis and Kurds. Spin that away, Beltway idiots.>
The most widely discussed and controversial article related to the spread of the Ebola Virus

Disease was published by the leading newspaper in Liberia, The Observer. Dr. Cyril Broderick, a

former professor of plant pathology at the University there, asserted that the spread of the

disease is a direct result of U.S. Department of Defense bio-warfare against Africa.

United States Militarizing Response to Ebola Crisis While Cuba Pledges Medical Assistance

A team of eight experts and journalists visiting the southern region of the West African state of

Guinea were found dead in the town of Nzerekore on Sept. 20. Reports indicate that they were there


If the US wanted to stop ISIS it is pretty clear what needs to be done: tell Saudi Arabia to stop

training & funding them; tell Turkey to throw out the terrorists stationed there, stop sheltering

them, stop allowing them to fly into their airports & lock down their borders; stop training in

Jordan; the US to stop using their embassy in Ankara as ISIS HQ; all CIA operatives out of Jordan,

Turkey, Syria, Iraq & LIbya; stop buying oil from these demons. FOR STARTERS. Check this out: IS

openly travelling on transport in Turkey.
ISIL Militants Filmed on a Tram in Istanbul as Erdogan Paves the Way for Jihadis to Attack Syria
90,000 demand #indyref recount
More than 90,000 people have signed an online petition calling for last weeks’ Scottish

Independence vote to be recounted, backing accusations that the referendum was marred by vote-

Sitzungsprotokoll -PDF
Ukraine-Konflikt: ARD-Programmbeirat bestätigt Publikumskritik
"Fragmentarisch", "tendenziös", "mangelhaft" und "einseitig": Der Programmbeirat teilt über weite

Strecken die Publikumskritik an der Berichterstattung
Elena Plotnikova translates: ""People who destroy whole nations have no right to teach us

democracy and values of freedom"
For Yugoslavia, for Iraq, for Afghanistan, for Palestine, for Libya, for The First Nations, for

Generation Wende (2/2) Ein halbes Leben DDR (Doku)
Generation Wende (1/2) Plötzlich waren wir Bundesbürger (Doku)
Ukraine: Missing women found decapitated in Kiev-controlled area *GRAPHIC*
Vostok-2014: Russia puts 100,000 troops through their paces in biggest post-Soviet drills
The Vostok-2014 maneuvers have proven that in an emergency situation, Russia is capable of putting

together a force that would quickly suppress any aggression toward the country, Sivkov said.
Russia warns US-led coalition: Those who carry out strikes in Syria face blowback
11 Foods Not to Refrigerate
IDF: Suspects in 3 Israeli teens’ kidnapping killed
Some 2,100 Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed in the attacks, according to Gaza

officials. The death toll among the Israelis amounted to 67 soldiers and six civilians.
Boliviens Präsident Evo Morales - USA müssen vor Gericht gestellt werden!
Boliviens Präsident Evo Morales hat in seiner Rede vor der UN-Versammlung am 25. September 2013

die Weltgemeinschaft aufgerufen, die USA für ihre zahlreichen...
NEO – Another Phony War on Terror is Born
- "Mr. President, We need you to get us off the state-sponsored terrorism train before it gets to

the end of the line."
Warning to all Americans and visitors to the U.S. ... unless you know them personally please avoid

contact with police as much as possible. They are never prosecuted for their crimes and they are

well aware of this. They are only rewarded with paid vacations.
Donbass: "The Kiev Junta's Southern Front Disaster". Prior to the Cease Fire Ukraine Forces

Original: Colonel Cassad LiveJournal Translated by Daniil Mihailovich / Edited by @GBabeuf

Preamble: In the midst of a failing ceasefire, punctuated by regular breaches on the part of the

Human Fetal DNA Fragments In Vaccines Are A Possible Cause For Autism –...

"Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people." Socrates.
NATO's War on Libya and Africa

NATO’s war in Libya was proclaimed as a humanitarian intervention — bombing in the name of “saving

lives.” Attempts at diplomacy were stifled. Peace talks were subverted. Libya was barred from

What Iraq Thinks: "It Is Obvious To Everyone That ISIS Is A Creation Of The United States And...
Ever since the stunningly rapid arrival of ISIS on the global scene, there has been speculation

that this spin-off of Al-Qaeda, itself a "terrorist" organization if not created by the CIA then

certainly funded by Langley courtesy of Operation Cyclone in its "freedom fighter" stage, has had

the impli…
Volker Pispers: "... bis neulich 2014" 3sat - die Bananenrepublik
"Russia Invades Ukraine", Strategic NATO Public Relations Stunt. Where are the Russian Tanks?
In support of NATO’s planned deployments to Eastern Europe, the Western media is claiming without
Obama’s “Catastrophic Defeat” in Ukraine » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
"Train and Equip" the Islamic State: White House Might Still Be Arming ISIL

A few days after US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel visited Georgia in early September a foreign

observer happened to be passing through Tbilisi International Airport. He told this author, “The

Obama’s ‘stupid stuff’ turned upside down
RELATED POSTSWill NATO liberate Jihadistan?Washington sanctioning Democracy and hailing

NazismObama and his War Against Middle East ChristiansUrgent Need for Superpower SummitNorthwoods

and MH-17: False Flags Fly alongside «Old Glory»US Stance on Syria: Global Irresponsibility

Comments comments
Harvest Hope: Expat farmers eager to fill food gap
WTC 7 Sound Evidence for Explosions by David Chandler - Polish,1472788,28449618.html
Sobibor: Reste der Gaskammern von Sobibor entdeckt
Mindestens 250.000 Menschen wurden zwischen April 1942 und Herbst 1943 im Vernichtungslager

Sobibor ermordet. Polnische und israelische Archäologen legen nach jahrelanger Forschungsarbeit

die Überreste der Gaskammern frei.
Krematorium Berlin-Baumschulenweg - Leistungen,...
<Ok, rechnen wir mal ... April bis Oktober sind 5 Monate. Das sind pro Monat mal eben 50.000

Das sind 1612 Menschen pro Tag, also 67 pro Stunde oder im 12-Stunden-Betrieb eben 120 pro STUNDE.
Da sind die heute viel schlechter. Die schaffen mit modernen Öfen bloss 50 PRO TAG und das mit

DREI Öfen.
Dann hätten die früher rechnerisch ... 96 Öfen benötigt, im Rund-um-die Uhr Betrieb. Und die hat

man alle gefunden?
Irgendjemand kommt, behauptet was von 100.000 den und Millionen Toten und jeder glaubt es einfach

ohne jede Skepsis. Toll ...
Heutige Zahlen sind von hier:
Russia to fully renew nuclear forces by 2020 – official

Russia is set to renew the country’s strategic nuclear forces by 100 percent, not 70 percent as

previously announced, according to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.
Europe Ready to Suffer from Cold to Please US

The estimates say that all planned 37 infrastructure facilities should be constructed by 2020

before exports to Europe start. According to Fitch agency, with all 37 infrastructure facilities

constructed only 68% of European consumer demands would be satisfied
All homicides

    Number of deaths: 16,238
    Deaths per 100,000 population: 5.2

Firearm homicides

    Number of deaths: 11,068
    Deaths per 100,000 population: 3.6
The Top 10 Causes Of Death In The United States
#10 Suicide
36,547 deaths in 2009
11.7 deaths per 100,000 people
Climate Change, Manufactured Dissent and "Foundation-funded Doomsayers"
The earth’s climate is changing. Sea levels are rising. We are all at risk. The role of humans in

climate change is undeniable. Capitalism is to blame. Governments must fix the problem. These are

Violation of International Law: Where is Obama's "Authorization to Use Force" in Iraq
Obama is violating Nuremberg and the UN Charter. Incisive analysis by prominent US lawyer.
Kerry: There Is Evidence That Assad Has Played "Footsie" With ISIL

REP. DANA ROHRABACHER: Let me understand, the proposal that I seem to be seeing here is that we

support the free Syrian Army and we build them up, and although it does have some good elements,

there is every indication that it is riddled with radical Islamic terrorists, many of whom are

more committ…
ISIL is construct of CIA: US journalist

The ISIL terrorist group is a construct of the CIA and is serving Washington’s interests, Don

DeBar says.
Those ordering, organizing and committing reduction of photosynthesis on a global scale have

thoroughly evil ambitions.
Structures in the haze are best visible through a polarization filter or by using 'polaroid'™

Condoleezza Rice: Putin muss gestoppt werden und Gas & Öl bekommt EU aus den USA In einem Interview fordert die ehemalige US-Außenministerin und Russland-Expertin

Condoleezza Rice, die Bundeskanzlerin und die EU sollen entschiedene...
<Well, at least she's upfront about it ! For those of you who still think the US is interested in

promoting democracy
Interview 943 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
How sanctions are hastening the world without the West
"Western sanctions are having an unintended effect. They are accelerating the birth of a parallel

ecosystem where countries not allied to the West are able to operate without the constant threat

of sanctions. Free of western control, this alternative platform is gaining traction at a

surprisingly fast pace. ... Years from now, westerners will ruefully look back at the sanctions as

the tipping point that ushered in a world without the West."
Jewish Rabbi speaking the truth about Zionist
<Torah Jews are against state of Irael>
Interesting DUI checkpoint in Dekalb
I was just stopped at an unconstitutional CHECKPOINT in DeKalb, Illinois. This was Illinois State

Police conducting the unconstitutional searches. You won't believe how this just went down!

I completely forgot to ask for name and badge number because this guy scared the shit out of me.

He was not aware that he was being recorded when he ripped my door open. Unbelievable!
70,000 Syrian Kurds Flee to Turkey within 24 Hours Fearing ISIL Terrorism | Electronic Resistance

As many as 70,000 Syrian Kurds have poured into Turkey since Friday fleeing an offensive by the

so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in northeastern Syria.
10 Evil Crimes Of The British Empire
Ukraine Is On The Brink Of Total Economic Collapse
The History of ISIS Beheadings: Part of the "Training Manual" of US Sponsored Syria...
From the outset of the war on Syria, the US and its allies have covertly supported Al Nusrah &

ISIS. Trained in Saudi Arabia & Qatar, these "pro-democracy terrorists" were routinely invol...
Dahlia Wasfi ; America Under Israeli Occupation ( Everybody Must watch It)
Obama Administration Is Paying Monthly Salaries to “THOUSANDS” of Syrian Rebels
Since July 2014, the Obama-backed Free Syrian Army, Al Nusra Front, and ISIS have paired together

in order to fight the Syrian Assad regime.

According to one Free Syrian Army commander, the combining of forces with ISIS was needed in order

to achieve “the greater good.”

Since around that time ISIS has traveled around the Caliphate in their brand new Toyota Hilux

Paid for by US taxpayers.
 Two Thousand Turkish Special Forces in ISIS
Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) MP Demir Celik stated in a press conference in Parliament that the

majority of ISIS’ fighting force was formed of around two thousand Turkish Special Force officers,

who in the 1990s were cutting off the noses and ears of Kurdish (PKK) fighters.
Lahham : Terrorist war against Syria is becoming fiercer than ever | Syrian Arab News Agency
Damascus, SANA- The People’s Assembly on Sunday held a session headed by its Speaker Mohammad

Jihad al-Lahham to discuss the mistrial statement of the new cabinet on its agenda for the

upcoming stage. Speaker al-Lahham said ” The terrorist war against Syria is becoming fiercer

despite of the resolu…
American and Western moves to form an international coalition outside the framework of the UN

Security Council to fight the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) don’t reflect a true will or

desire to fight terrorism as the countries which have joined this alliance are the same countries

which have armed, financed and trained terrorists, al-Lahham added.
Petro Poroshenko: Walking on a Tight-Rope
"Poroshenko, who was waging a civil war against his own people, he, on the one hand, claims that

Donbas is part of Ukraine. But if it is part of Ukraine, why do you do indiscriminate shelling

killing thousands of civilians?" Edward Lozansky, President of the American University in Moscow,

told Radio VR.
‘Liable for damage’: Families of Germans killed in MH17 crash to sue Ukraine
Monetary Policy Killing the System
The Decline Of America's Economic Model In 1 Simple Chart
Kriitikot: Yhdysvaltojen ja EU:n vapaakauppasopimus vaarantaa kansallisen demokratian
Yhdysvaltojen ja EU:n kaavailemasta vapaakauppasopimuksesta on uutisoitu pääasiassa positiivisessa

valossa. Vapaakauppasopimuksesta toivotaan kasvua taantumista kärsiviin talouksiin, mutta

sopimuksen luonne ja erityisesti sen mukana tuleva investointisuoja herättävät paljon kritiikkiä

tutkijoiden ja…
Ukraine: Neo-Nazis from Right Sector form Donbas battalion to handle pro-Russian separatists
US/France launch Syria War Version 2.0
 The U.S. and France launch Syria war version 2.0 under the guise of combating the Islamic State.

France launched its first air strikes against IS, while the U.S. Congress approved Obama’s plan to

train and arm some 5,000 “Syrian opposition fighters, “moderate ones”, per year in Saudi Arabia
Obama alleged that these fighters would be screened to assure that it was only the “moderate

opposition”, that was armed and supported by the United States.
The claim flies in the face of the fact that the then chairman of the Senate’s Armed services

Committee, Senator John McCain, in April 2013, illegally entered Syria to meet with both the then

military leader of the so-called Free Syrian Army, General Salam Idriss, and the leader of ISIL,

al-Baghdadi, in one room, in a safe house in Syria.
McCain with ISIS and Al Qaeda