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Top 3 lies told by Insane McCain at the Munich Security Conference
by Sergey Gladysh At the Munich Security Conference, US Senator John McCain (R-AZ) used the stage to deride President Trump, tell tall tales about the Russian…
Mufti Hassoun Threatens U.S and Europe | The True Story | 2017 | HD
Syrian Grand Mufti mourns death of relatives killed by Turkish airstrikes
NATO, Syria & Ukraine in ‘post fake’ world: Munich Security Conference highlights & memorable quotes
NATO’s future & relations with Russia
Russia is ready to work together with NATO, but its expansion has led to an “unprecedented level of tension” in Europe, the Russian FM Sergey Lavrov told the conference. Moscow is open for political dialogue and diplomacy but believes it does not make any sense without military cooperation. NATO, however, has not shown a readiness for such cooperation.
The UN representative also said the “not-so-secret” Russian-Turkish meetings helped avert the worst case scenario in the battle of Aleppo and saved tens of thousands of civilian lives.
Russian hackers prank phone call to senator McCain
Blood in the Water: the Trump Revolution Ends in a Whimper
Foreign policy elites believe the US and its NATO allies can engage Russia in a shooting war without it expanding into a regional conflict and without an escalation into a nuclear conflagration. It’s a risky calculation but, nevertheless, it is the rationale behind the persistent build up of troops and weaponry on Russia’s western perimeter. Take a look at this from the Independent:
US Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to Unleash Nuclear Arms Race in Europe
Andrei AKULOV: On February 16, Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas), along with…
The Horrible Truth About Barack Obama's Presidency
<some info is wrong>
Hillary Clinton twists the knife into Michael Flynn over 'fake news'
Michael Flynn quit following reports that he had misled Vice President Mike Pence and other officials about his contacts with Russia.
<But Flynn had no conversations with Russian diplomats about sanctions.>
CIA Spying on French Elections Fits Into 'Notorious' Pattern
‘Post-truth’ & ‘post-fake’ crossroads: Russian FM’s top quotes at Munich Security Conference
On cyberattacks
“I haven’t seen a single fact proving that we allegedly attempted to break into some websites of the Democratic Party, or were supposedly doing something in France and Germany. Considering the absolutely unexplainable obsession [of our Western colleagues] with cybersecurity and cyberespionage, we do our best trying to clarify our position.”
'Deadlock': Donbass Blockade Risks Plunging Ukraine into Energy Collapse
Lord Rothschild Given Control Over Greek Economy
The Financial Times has confirmed that the Rothschild family will be placed in charge of the Greek economy with immediate effect.
Let's Be Honest - Stalin Was Less of a Criminal Than Churchill, Truman, and LBJ
As any propaganda student will attest, when vilifying a nation’s policies and social values, it’s far easier (and effective) if the propagandist aims the Big Lie machine at its leader. As we have seen in recent times with Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Bashar al-Assad, Fidel Castro, Iran and North Korea’s leaders, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, and finally Putin—among many others (the empire is never lacking in “dangerous enemies”)—the character assassination of a leader is an old tactic to prepare the perennially benighted home population for an attack on the targeted nation.
EU poll: “Israel poses biggest threat to world peace”
A Flash Eurobarometer survey carried out in October 2003 for the European Commission in the fifteen member states of the EU found that nearly 60 percent of European citizens believe Israel poses the biggest threat to world peace. Iran is considered the second biggest threat, North Korea the third and the United States the fourth. The survey was carried out by EOS Gallup Europe.
The Shadow Government's Destruction Of Democracy
Greenwald believes this division is a result of the Deep State’s disapproval of Trump’s foreign policy and the fact that the intelligence community overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton over Trump because of her hawkish views. Greenwald noted that Mike Morell, acting CIA chief under Obama, and Michael Hayden, who ran both the CIA and NSA under George W. Bush, openly spoke out against Trump during the presidential campaign.
Greenwald asserts the the CIA preferred Clinton because, like the clandestine agency, she supported regime change in Syria. In contrast, Trump dismissed America’s practice of nation-building and declined to tow the line on ousting foreign leaders, instead advocating working with Russia to defeat ISIS and other extremist groups.
He also points out the left’s hypocrisy in condemning Flynn for lying when James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence during the Obama administration, perpetuated lies without ever being held accountable.
Which Nation Do Americans See As Their Greatest Enemy (Spoiler Alert: It's Not Russia)
    It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.
- Jiddu Krishnamurti

Special Report- State Secrets: Sibel Edmonds Uncovers ‘The Untouchables’
1:19:30 -- at 34 min
State Secrets: Sibel Edmonds reveals 'The Untouchables'
Syrian President Bashar Assad Accuses France Of Sponsoring ISIS
Syrian President Bashar Assad has accused France of sponsoring terrorists,…
Danish man charged with ordering rape of 346 children in ‘historic’ livestream sex abuse case
'Failure' of Kosovo, One of the West's Most Expensive Political Projects
"Kill the Serbs" was painted on a fast food kiosk in the town of Gnjilane. The town is notorious for the Gnjilane massacre, the killing of 80 Serb civilians by a paramilitary group of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) during the 1998-1999 Kosovo War. Before the war there were 8,000 Serb residents in Gnjilane, now there are only 20.
Hollywood and Corporate Media are Crusading to Normalize Pedophilia
Political philosopher Noam Chomsky once referred to the mainstream media in the US as the largest and most sophisticated propaganda operation in human history.…
Trump's 'Middle Eastern NATO' Targets Iran, Poses 'Direct Threat' to Assad
The Trump administration is rumored to be in talks with its key allies in the Middle…
WHY WASN’T HE STOPPED? ISIS terror trucker Anis Amri was mentioned in SIXTY different police and intelligence reports before Berlin Christmas market massacre.
Amri was mentioned, quizzed, tailed or reported on 60 times in just over a year
Von wegen »Helden«
Mailänder Polizisten, die Attentäter Anis Amri erschossen haben, entpuppen sich als Neofaschisten
Amnesty International Report on Syria 'Part of Campaign Targeted Against Assad'
The Amnesty International report accusing the Syrian government of carrying out…
The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!
<Liars spamming Trump>
Global antidepressant users per 1000 people.
The OECD ‘Health at a Glance 2015’ report has revealed the developed countries which consume the most antidepressants.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Robert De Niro hold joint press conference on mercury and vaccines
De Niro & RFK, Jr. Hold Press Conference To Expose Massive Corruption in Vaccine Industry
These three posters show the science that CDC uses to dismiss the issue, but they all are flawed studies and these posters describe the flaws.
The USA is in no position to complain about other states. We have bombed more, killed more, expanded more, stolen more, spied more, meddled more, hacked more, and destroyed more of the planet and its inhabitants than any other 10 countries combined.
WikiLeaks releases 'CIA espionage orders' for 2012 French presidential election
WikiLeaks has released three classified CIA espionage orders revealing details of…
ObamaCare…Chief Justice Roberts Is A Traitor
Ministry: US planes violated Finnish airspace
This marks the second encroachment of the year following an incursion by a Russian aircraft in June, says the Defence Ministry.
Leaked photos show US special forces at training camp with Syrian rebels in Jordan
Al-Masdar News has obtained several pictures showing what appears to be US and British special forces training Syrian opposition fighters at an undiclosed
Hacker Breaks Into Clinton Foundation Servers, Discovers Millions in Fraud
We’ve been awaiting the highly anticipated Wikileaks announcement for about a week now, but we know that Julian Assange delayed the release of the supposed…
Jürgen Elsässer: “The CIA Recruited And Trained The Jihadists”
In his latest book, “How the Jihad Came to Europe”, German journalist Jürgen Elsässer unravels the Jihadist thread. Muslim fighters recruited by the CIA to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan were used successively in Yugoslavia and Chechnya, still supported by the CIA, but perhaps sometimes out of its control
U.S. Special Operations Forces Deploy To 138 Nations, 70% Of The World’s Countries
The Startling Size of US Special Forces
A TomDispatch investigation reveals America's secret military operates in over half the nations on the planet.
Russia destroyed 500 fuel trucks belonging to ISIS transporting illegal oil that was supporting ISIS.
“No more mines or ISIS here”: Aleppo school reopens after 5 years of terrorist occupation
A Russian sapper writes “no mines” confirmation on a building’s wall In the Bab-en-Nirab district in Eastern Aleppo, the first school to-reopen in five years is…
CNN Caught Staging News Segments on Syria With Actors
Anderson Cooper and CNN Caught Staging Fake News about Syria to Justify Military Intervention [videos]
CNN With Other Western Media Used Fake News Source For Years To Destroy Secular Syria
Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations - Wikipedia
Anti-Russian campaign in US media may send wrong signal to Putin — Trump
Record number of Palestinian homes destroyed by Israel in 2016 – rights group
B’Tselem says the demolitions campaign intensified in August 2015 and unofficially halted later in the year, only to be resumed in 2016. Last year Israel demolished 274 homes in the West Bank (excluding East Jerusalem), thereby rendering homeless 1,134 individuals, including 591 minors.
Trump on Russia: Getting along is great, sinking their ship isn’t
“Tomorrow you’ll say: ‘Donald Trump wants to get along with Russia. This is terrible!’ It's not terrible. It’s good,” Trump said during his 90-minute press conference on Thursday in which he mounted a vigorous offensive against “fake news” and its impact on Russian-US relations.
“I know politically [getting along with Russia] is not very good for me… The greatest thing I could do is shoot that ship that’s 30 miles off shore right out of the water. Everyone in this country is going to say ‘Oh, that’s so great!’ That’s not great… I would love to get along with Russia.”
Entire Florida Police Dept Busted Laundering Tens Of Millions For International Drug Cartels
Bal Harbour, FL – The village of Bal Harbour, population 2,513, may have a tiny footprint on the northern tip of Miami Beach, but its [...]
Trump takes questions from CNN reporter
‘Colonization was a crime against humanity’: French presidential favorite Macron sparks firestorm
Swedish court hands life sentence to Syrian asylum seeker
STOCKHOLM (AP) - A Swedish court has sentenced a Syrian man to life imprisonment for participation in the 2012 mass execution of seven…
If the resistance is not anti-imperialist and anti-war it is not the Resistance.
‘He Will Die in Jail’ – Intelligence Apparatus Admits ‘Going Nuclear’ on Trump
A former National Security Agency analyst and counterintelligence officer tweeted on Wednesday that the intelligence community will now be “going nuclear” against…
Putin calls out aggressive NATO for trying to 'destabilize Russia' and 'drag us into a confrontation'
NATO is constantly trying to draw Russia into a confrontation.
Anonymous: FBI Sweep Puts US Media In Terror As Trump Prepares To Jail Top Reporters
Historische Wende: Nato wird eine Interventions-Streitmacht
Die NATO wird in raschen Schritten von einem Verteidigungsbündnis zu einer Interventionsarmee umgebaut. Für die Sicherheit in Europa ist dies eine sehr gefährliche Entwicklung.
US-Hubschrauber Black Hawk und Chinook landen in Bayern „für dauerhaften Frieden und Stabilität“
Syrian Kurds Pledge to Mount 'Fierce Resistance' if Turkish Army Moves to Manbij
In Flynn's Footsteps? The Man Who Risks Becoming Next Target in Information War Against Trump
'International Terrorist Armies' Receive Support From Certain States - Putin
De Facto 'International Terrorist Armies' Receive Support From Certain States - Putin
FBI reviewed Flynn’s calls with Russian ambassador but found nothing illicit
The diplomat’s communications are routinely swept up by U.S. agents.
The CIA’s Blueprint for Syrian Regime Collapse: New Declassified CIA Memo
To learn who rules over you,simply find out who you
are not allowed ti criticize:Voltaire
US Asking Russia to Return Crimea is Like Moscow Asking US to Return California
Speaking to Radio Sputnik, political commentator and The Duran contributor Adam Garrie pointed out just how absurd White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's…
Bringing Real Muscle To Bear Against Syria
CIA September 14 1983
White House Leaks Reveal 'Barack Obama' Is The Culprit
Dennis Kucinich: Intel community trying to undermine Trump's presidency
The anti-Flynn ‘deep state’ coup – spelling it out in the clearest way possible
If Trump was a loyal kind of person he could have called Pence and Flynn to the Oval Office, told Flynn to apologize and told Pence to shut up. But he did nothing of the kind.  By accepting Flynn’s “resignation” Trump showed that he does not protect those who fight for him.  There will definitely be a domino-effect now as everybody who matters has now understood: Trump is weak, the Neocons got him by the balls, and Trump will leave you hanging when the shit hits the fan.
Ukraine on Fire (ENG SUB)
Ukraine on Fire: The Oliver Stone documentary the US Empire doesn't want you to see
Hystericizing Westerners against Muslims: 'Mass sex assaults by refugees' in Frankfurt on New Year's Eve... never happened
Venezuela shuts down CNN for ‘misinterpreting & distorting truth’
“Ukraine on Fire”: Oliver Stone Documentary Blames U.S. For Ukraine “Maidan” Uprisings
Trump: Intelligence community giving out classified information to press ‘like candy
The Kremlin described the reports on alleged contact between Trump’s associates and Russian intelligence as “laughable” and lacking verifiable facts.
<''Also failing to be noticed by the masses of these US mainstream journalists, this report continues, is that the Trump-Flynn “Canary Trap” maneuver has already sprung—and as evidenced by President Trump secretly moving General Flynn to the most powerful, and secretive, American spy agency known as the Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) nearly 48 hours ago.''>
‘Our land:’ Russia tells US that Crimea won’t be ‘given back’ to Ukraine
Russia won’t give Crimea back to Ukraine, Russian Foreign Ministry…
Ukraine on Fire (ENG SUB)
State-Sponsored Terror: British and American Black Ops in Iraq
1993 Belfast bombing blamed on IRA was actually carried out by British intelligence agent
Reasons Why NATO 'Spared No Expense' on Its Promenade With Russia's Carrier
Commenting on the report of the commander of the Russian aircraft carrier…
Russia’s 25,000-troop allowance & other facts you may not know about Crimea
Ukraine’s statement at the UN that ‘16,000 Russian soldiers had been deployed’…
Monster oil & gas deposits discovered in Iran - local media reports
Iran has found a dozen new oil fields that could produce 30 billion barrels of crude and 128 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, according to Press TV quoting officials in Tehran.
US admits using toxic depleted uranium against ISIS in Syria
More than 5,000 rounds of depleted uranium (DU) ammunition were used in two attacks on Islamic State oil tankers in eastern Syria, the US military has confirmed. The US-led coalition previously pledged it would not use the controversial ordnance.
Inside Saydnaya: Syria's Torture Prison
<Amnesty BS. See comments>
Amnesty International Admits Syrian “Saydnaya” Report Fabricated Entirely in UK
However, there is another aspect of the report that remains unexplored – the fact that Amnesty International itself has openly admitted that the summation of the report was fabricated in the United Kingdom at Amnesty International’s office, using a process they call “forensic architecture,” in which the lack of actual, physical, photographic, and video evidence, is replaced by 3D animations and sound effects created by designers hired by Amnesty International.
Ocean’s Deepest Part Filled With Toxic Pollutants, Study Reveals
The Flynn Defenestration Will Hamper Trump's Foreign Policy
These 8 neocons are gearing up to destroy President Trump and "Make America Bomb Again"
If you thought that the neocons were killed off by President Trump's election…
Why Ukraine's Military Can't Kill Donbass Civilians With Impunity Forever
David Stockman: People’s Drug Use is ‘None of the Government’s Business’
Trump Bypasses MSM At Trudeau Press Conference, "Failing" NYT Journalist Has Hissy Fit
The Alexander Lapshin Case: Extradited and Imprisoned in Azerbaijan over Telling the Truth about Nagorno-Karabakh
NASA to launch artificial cloud forming rocket into space
The lower altitude rocket will form the clouds by deploying trimethyl aluminum (TMA), which will react with the oxygen in the atmosphere to produce a white cloud that will allow scientists to visually track auroral winds.
Ton Steine Scherben - Rauch Haus Song
<wohnen darf keine spekulationsware sein>
Farts turned into ringtones!!! (Toot Tones)
How often do YOU look at your phone? The average user now picks up their device more than 1,500 times a week
    The average user reaches for their phone at 7:31am in the morning
    These users check personal emails and Facebook before they get out of bed
    And many of us pick up our phones more than 1,500 times each week
     Average owners use their phone for three hours and sixteen minutes a day
    And almost four in ten users admitted to feeling lost without their device
    Study surveyed 2,000 smartphone owners about their tech habits
What do people use their iPhones for?
‘Irrefutable evidence Kiev used WMDs’ against E. Ukraine civilians – Russian investigators
The Russian Investigative Committee says it has received rock-solid proof that…
Ton Steine Scherben - Macht kaputt was euch kaputt macht
Ukraine used Weapons of Mass Destruction against Donbass civilians - Investigation Report
The Russian Investigative Commitee sais it has received rock-solid proof that Ukrainian armed forces have been using WMD weapons against Civilians in…
<Die Ukraine verwendete Massenvernichtungswaffen gegen Donbass Zivilisten - Untersuchungsbericht.>
The real truth about Israel - Racism
Gold bar
The minimum purity required is 99.5% gold. These bars must be stored in recognized and secure gold bullion vaults to maintain their quality status of Good Delivery. The recorded provenance of this bar assures integrity and maximum resale value
Tola is a traditional Indian measure for the weight of gold and prevalent to this day. Many international gold manufacturers supply tola bars of 999.96 purity.
U.S. Special Forces Deployed To 70% Of The World In 2016
'No evidence whatsoever of Russian cyber attacks against UK' - former British intel officer
The NSA hacked the private mobile phone of German Chancellor Merkel, but nobody is saying 'we must protect ourselves from America hacking us,' said Annie…
Putin: Terrorist Attacks Are "False Flags" Created To Control Citizens
Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that most terrorist attacks are false…
This Map Shows Over a Century of Documented Lynchings in the United States
9/11 false flag. Geoengineering. Imperialism. GMO's. Crony Capitalism. Money out of thin air. Growing inequality. Depletion of natural resources. Zombiefication of the population. The brown pest: Fascism,racism,Zionism,Wahabbism.
Jeff Rense and Gerald Celente - Has Trump Duped America? Shocking Developments
Hidden in plain sight: Do psychopaths run the world?
    "Just look at us," he asks. "Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom."
-Michael Ellner's personal state of the world address
Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it.
- John Lennon (1940-1980), English singer and songwriter
16 Fake News Stories Mainstream Media Has Run Since Trump's Election
Planetary Lockdown, Geoengineering and “The Deep State”
Amnesty International’s “Kangaroo Report” on Human Rights in Syria
'Bad joke that CIA awarded Saudi prince for fighting terrorism'
The CIA has awarded the crown prince of Saudi Arabia with a medal for his fight against terrorism. Saudi Arabia is widely accused of actually supporting terrorism with America itself among those making the charge.
Fake news face-off: Trump & CNN in spat over POTUS comments… again
<While on FAKE NEWS @CNN, Bernie Sanders was cut off for using the term fake news to describe the network. They said technical difficulties!>
Amnesty International’s kangaroo report on Syria
The Amnesty International report into alleged mass executions in Syria's Saydnaya prison relies too much on hearsay and selective evidence to be accepted.
Amnesty International publishes an unreliable report on mass executions in Syria
Amnesty International Admits Syrian “Saydnaya” Report Fabricated Entirely in UK
Amnesty International’s 48 page report titled, “Syria: Human Slaughterhouse: Mass…
US senator defends Tel Aviv’s attacks on Gaza schools, hospitals
Liberals' darling Elizabeth Warren defends Israeli attacks on Gaza schools and hospitals
Elizabeth Warren says Tel Aviv has the right to shell hospitals and schools in order to "defend itself". The senator also called on the US administration to allot more military funding to Israel. During the 50-day war on Gaza, Israeli warplanes targeted a number of schools and hospitals, in defiance of the Geneva conventions which ban such attacks.
‘Gaming the system’: FDA approves old drug with new price – more than 7,000 percent higher!
A recently FDA-approved drug used in steroid treatments, which has been on the…
CNN Cuts Off Bernie Sanders After He Calls Them 'Fake News' Jokingly
Bernie Sanders Calls CNN “Fake News” - And His Feed Is Cut Off
<80% right but US cops are Nazis>
Akte 217. OKH-Abteilung Fremde Heere (Referat V): Studie - Die russische Kriegswehrmacht 1938. ...
Assad tells Belgian reporter Belgium & EU merely obey 'US master' on Syria – English Subtitles
A possible shift in the Russian position on Novorussia
 If the final Urkonazis attack never materializes, then the regime will most probably implode internally at which point all key players will have so step in and agree on plan to rebuilt at least the very basic part of the Ukrainian society.  Europe will have no choice but to accept yet another huge wave of refugees.
The Enemy of My Friend Is My Friend: Israel Accepts Billions from the US, but Maintains Ties with Al-Nusra
U.N. personnel also documented Syrian rebel vehicles picking up supplies from the Israeli side:
11 civilians reportedly killed in Afghanistan airstrike, NATO-led mission says ‘no evidence’
“They are always very quick to kind of throw the blame, or throw other countries under the bus, when it comes to collateral damage, when civilians are involved, but when it comes to their own airstrikes and their own intelligence no one is allowed to hold them accountable for anything,” Shakdam said.
Crony Capitalism... "Its collective suicide." - Chris Hedges
What is Crony Capitalism?
‘In absence of regulation, consumers need to be aware of dangerous chemicals’ – nuclear physicist
Keiser Report: China’s 'Debt Trap Diplomacy' (E1031)
Belgian Parliamentarian: Mainstream Media Lying About Syria
The Unintended & Deadly Societal Consequences Of Quantitative Easing
Exercise Sea Shield-2017: NATO Provokes Russia in Black Sea Before Defense Ministers’ Meeting
Alex GORKA: Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered snap drills to be held…
Barack Obama Caught Aiding ISIS In Recent Terror Raid
Is George Soros Bringing Color Revolutions to America?
By approving arms sales to Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump is indirectly giving weapons to ISIS via the Saudi government's clandestine support for the nefarious terrorist group.
MSM And "Human Rights" NGOs Promote War, Remain Silent When Propaganda Is Proven False
Hanin Elias February 8, 2017 CNN and BBC etc. published…
Donbass investigators prove involvement of Ukrainian secret services in Givi’s murder
The Donetsk News Agency quoted the command as saying two versions of Givi’s death were under consideration at the moment
Exposed: How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data
Gladio: The Ring Masters 1of3 - Why Are They Hidding?
3,000 Areas in the U.S. Have Higher Lead Levels than Flint

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February Collection Part One

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Syria: ‘Independent’ Medium & ‘NGO’ Launch Joint Malignant Lies
Dresden: Neues „Schrottbus-Mahnmal“ für zerstörtes Aleppo sorgt für massive Proteste
<Die Deutschen Politiker werden immer Blöder! Und die Viele Merken es nicht! Das die Deutschen  den IS Unterstützen! Und die Russen den IS Bekämpfen!>
About 250 DPR objects damaged in Kiev forces’ shellings since late January
Nearly 250 houses and social objects were damaged in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) as a result of shellings on the part of the Ukrainian military since…
Kiev forces begin mining Donbass plants preparing for retreat
The Ukrainian army began to undermine plants in the Ukraine-controlled Donbass cities in preparation for retreat, reported the representative of the DPR Defense…
How Ukraine Annexed Crimea. A Frank Conversation with Nikki Haley
Most Government Workers Could Be Replaced By Robots, New Study Finds
A study by a British think tank, Reform, says that 90% of British civil service workers have jobs so pointless, they could easily be replaced by robots, saving the government around $8 billion per year.
The study, published this week, says that robots are “more efficient” at collecting data, processing paperwork, and doing the routine tasks that now fall to low-level government employees. Even nurses and doctors, who are government employees in the UK, could be relieved of some duties by mechanical assistants.
There are “few complex roles” in civil service, it seems, that require a human being to handle.
Trump's EU Ambassador Says Greece Likely To "Sever Ties With Germany & Exit The Euro"
Trump's nominee, Ted Malloch, said on Wednesday that the euro currency area in its present form was unlikely to last longer than 18 months.
Hearsay Extrapolated - Amnesty Claims Mass Executions In Syria, Provides Zero Proof
The CIA & the Drug Trade
Finnish man tells Muslims what they are, Like a Boss! Now get the hell out!
<Racist black and white speech. The Saudis are Western allies for fucks sake>
Highest Fukushima Radioactivity since 2011 and its 'Unimaginable' Consequences
For 40 Years, Iran’s Been Preparing For The War The US Has Been Threatening
Previous administrations have recognized that this is not a war the US can win, but…
The Ukronazis Fired a Ballistic Missile at the Center of Donetsk
Reports are coming in of what appears to be a ballistic missile strike which hit the city center of Donetsk. Until now, only the western and northern suburbs of Donetsk had been affected by a massive barrage of artillery strikes (thousands of shells) fired by the Ukronazi forces. Multiple rocket l...
<Who fires ballistic missiles at the people they are supposedly trying to "liberate" from "Russian occupation?" Maniacs bent on genocide, that's who>
US senators trying to gain veto power that could block Trump from lifting sanctions on Russia
The group, which currently consists of six senators, is growing, according to a report by CNN, which sees the initiative as Congress’ latest warning to Trump signifying that it will not tolerate unilateral moves by the executive branch to reconcile with Moscow, especially the lifting of sanctions.
The group led by Senators Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) and Ben Cardin (D-Maryland) also includes Marco Rubio (R-Florida), John McCain (R-Arizona), Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri), and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio).
Sarah Silverman I Hope Jews did kill Christ.
Beware what you wish for: Russia is ready for war
Pepe Escobar Published time: 22 May, 2016 13:05
Antifa, the 'anti-fascist' group behind violent Berkeley protest of entertainer Milo Yiannopoulos
 Antifa claims it is fighting beating people and committing arson.
USA concerned about China's possible contact with extraterrestrials
Carnegie Mellon University Create Messaging App That NSA Snoops Cannot Hack
FAKE NEWS WEEK: Exposing The Mainstream Consensus Reality Complex
In response to the establishment media’s contrived ‘fake news’ crisis designed to marginalise independent and alternative media sources of news and analysis, 21WIRE is running its own #FakeNewsWeek campaign, where each day our editorial team at 21st Century Wire will feature media critiques and analysis of mainstream corporate media coverage of current events – exposing the government and the mainstream media as the real purveyors of ‘fake news’ throughout modern history…
Accrochage entre Marine Le Pen et Christiane Amanpour sur la Crimée (CNN, 01/02/17)
CNN’s Christiane Amanpour seems quite rattled and reluctant to allow Marine Le Pen, the French presidential favorite, to speak her mind about the situation in Crimea… and CNN’s coverage of it.
US congresswoman advocates impeaching Trump because Putin’s attacking... Korea? (VIDEO)
Top Secret: Why Pentagon Keeps Silent on Thousands of Airstrikes in Middle East
<So the #Pentagon 'forgot' to disclose around 6 000 deadly strikes in Syria and Iraq, which we totally believe was an accident. They're pretty busy over there, you know. Yeah.>
The Next Big Syria Lie: Assad Executed 13,000 Prisoners, Sketchy Witnesses and Odd Satellite Photos 'Prove'
Remember, the graver the accusation the less proof you actually need
Latest Palestinian Blood Libel: The Case Of The Thirsty Old Woman (Updated)
<So he gave her water, took a picture, and then killed her not with a bullet to the head, but with airstrike. Thanks for clearing that up.>
Vanessa Beeley and Andrew Ashdow ASP report East Aleppo with Tom Duggan and Sinan Saeed
Президент України Петро Порошенко разом з американськими сенаторами під Широкіно
Weed killer found in human urine across Europe
The biggest producer of glyphosate is Monsanto which sells it under the brand name 'Roundup'. Two weeks ago the US Department of Agriculture announced that it had found GM wheat developed by Monsanto that has not been approved anywhere in the world growing in a field in Oregon, leading to some countries restricting or testing US wheat imports and farmers in the US starting legal cases against the company.
Results of Glyphosate Pee Test Are in 'And It's Not Good News'
Of the 48 participants, EU-parliament members from Belgium, France and Germany made up more than 80 percent of the whole investigated participants. The test showed that EU-parliament members from Lithuania, Spain and Croatia had the highest concentrations of glyphosate. The lowest concentrations were in the urines of participants of from Italy, Finland and Ireland.
Did Bayer AG do a Sly Deal on Glyphosate with EU Commission?
Early in 2016, the EU Commission recommended re-approval for another 15-years of the license for the controversial glyphosate toxin, the most widely used weed-killer in the world, the main ingredient in Roundup of Monsanto. The Commission, a decidedly anti-democratic, non-elected body of faceless bureaucrats, declared then that their “yes” decision was based on the determination by the EU’s European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) that there was no reason to believe glyphosate is a carcinogen. That all was before the decision by Germany’s Bayer AG to takeover Monsanto.
Russian athletes to compete under neutral flag at 2017 worlds – IAAF
<So they know that all these athletes are clean, but are still gonna force them to compete under a neutral (globalist) flag? This is just petty attempts at spitting at Russia's face now. « Abandon your values, or you don't get to see your athletes compete under their flags and celebrate their victory with their national anthem ». Pathetic.>
Democrat's Voter Shaming Gets Immediately Owned
Bill O'Reilly interviews President Donald Trump before Super Bowl LI | FOX SPORTS
<"We killed a lot of people in Iraq". No, it wasn't a "mistake". You don't lie and make forgeries by "mistake"."
Trump: "I do Respect Putin" Alot of killers - you think our country is so innocent ?
‘Stay strong, Kurkbakistan!’: Asking New Yorkers about Russian aggression against fictional state
President Obama Explains Drone Strikes
<Read the comment by his idiot supporters on Youtube.>
Obama Told Aides "I'm Really Good At Killing People"
Last Year President Obama Reportedly Told His Aides That He's 'Really Good At Killing People'
President Barack Obama told his aides that he’s “really good at killing people” while discussing drone strikes.
Russia demands apology after Bill O’Reilly calls Vladimir Putin "a killer"
The Kremlin considers Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly's remarks about the Russian…
<NATO-EU-Stratfor propaganda against Russia>
9 Trillion or 9,000,000,000,000 Missing from FEDERAL…
U.S. Blaming Iran for Attack on American Navy That Never Actually Happened
However, as the Intercept confirmed directly with Pentagon spokesperson Christopher Sherwood, the attack in question actually took place on a Saudi warship, and the suspected perpetrators of the attack are the Houthi rebels currently leading an insurrection in Yemen, not Iran.
The Man Made Apocalypse of Weapon Systems and Climate Change
Charles Ortel: ‘Clinton Robin Hood in Reverse Must Be Punished’
 Pentagon acknowledges just 5-10% percent of actual civilian casualties in Syria – Amnesty to RT
Published time: 10 Nov, 2016 21:07
Trump administration fails to back Ukraine
In telephone conversation US President Trump fails to give strong support to Ukrainian President Poroshenko, as other US officials also signal desire by US to put Ukraine crisis behind it in order to focus on detente with Russia and war against…
Prisoners of Frontier Wars - Blackbirding & Chain Gangs
Prisoners of undeclared wars, captured slaves and prisoners of the bush courts
Trump Tells O'Reilly He 'Respects' Putin In Super Bowl Interview
Syriana Analysis: Safe Zones in Syria? No Thank You!
Now that Trump’s In Office, Media Suddenly Concerned with US Military Killing Civilians
As Trump now takes the helm, the same media who covered for Obama’s slaughter in the Middle East, are now all of the sudden interested in exposing that same…
Heiner Flassbeck empfiehlt « Exit Option » für geordneten Ausstieg !
< 2'tens BRAUCHT Deutschland mit seinem Finanzwirtschaftlichen stand eine Auslands neu verschuldung, also jedes Jahr, von ca. 200 Milliarden. Dies ist auf lange sicht und ohne Kriese wie Griechenland nicht haltbar.>
Flassbeck Lücke Kiel TV
'Germany, not Donald Trump, is biggest threat to the EU'
How the US government perverted the course of justice to avoid war crimes prosecutions | The Canary
The facts speak for themselves, and they are damning
Holodomor Hoax: Joseph Stalin's Crime That Never Took Place
Playing into the hands of Ukrainian nationalists, a monument to the so-called Ukrainian "Holodomor," one the 20th century's most famous myths and vitriolic…
US Homeland Security No Longer Enforcing Any of Trump's Travel Ban - Statement
Child-Beheading-Terrorist Supporter Wins Getty and Sunday Times “Defining Images” Award 2016
4th February 2017 Vanessa Beeley 21st Century Wire “We see a lot of…
ARD dreht durch: Ungarn muss sich in Deutschland für ein Treffen mit Vladimir Putin rechtfertigen
Der „Journalist“ Claus Kleber nahm ein Treffen zwischen Wladimir Putin und Viktor Orbán zum Anlass sich als Generalstaatsanwalt der transatlantischer…
America's war on Iran will be fought in Iraq, as it has been for over 10 years
The US-Iran war will take place in Iraq, as it has for years.
EU legt Plan zur Bargeld-Abschaffung vor
Die EU-Kommission hat einen Plan vorgelegt, wie sie Bargeldzahlungen Schritt für Schritt einschränken will. Sie begründet dies mit dem Kampf gegen Terroristen. Doch tatsächlich will sie den Bürgern die Flucht aus dem Finanzsystem versperren.
Full text: FBI quietly releases part 6 of its Hillary Clinton investigation
<Page 11 and 12 prove it wasn't the Russians who leaked the information. It states a former state department employee walked in and gave the evidence.>
US-led Coalition Destroys Drinking Water Lines In Raqqa
Once again, US-led coalition targets local infrastructure in Syria causing damage…
ANOTHER Oil Pipeline Leak Just Spilled 50,400 Gallons Into Yellowstone River, Proving Native Protesters Right
US Successfully Tests New Interceptor Missile Slated for Deployment in Poland
Pentagon's Yemen Raid Video Turned Out To Be 10 Yrs Old
Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a Defense Department spokesman, stuck by the Pentagon's main argument: Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula remains dangerous and wants…
'The EU is HISTORY' George Galloway says Marine Le Pen will DESTROY Brussels
MARINE LE PEN will dismantle the EU if she wins the French presidential election, according to George Galloway.
Hollywood snowflake, Sarah Silverman, is calling for a military coup in America to remove President Trump
U.S. Fabricates Iran Attack on American Navy To Justify War
#Pizzagate What we know so far (mirror)
America Before Columbus.wmv
Native american Holocaust Exterminate Them! The California Story (FULL)
Torched cars, military coup calls & death threats: The other face of anti-Trump America
Essentially fascism is a mob-mentality that accepts the use of brute force to silence any dissidents.
The Health Ranger explains Innovation Decentralization and the Structure of Grassroots, Open-Source Revolutions
The corporate greed model is unsustainable for our world
I don't want to live in a world ruled by the 1%
Facebook investing in neuroscience “telepathy” technology that can read minds, report your thoughts to the NSA
Trump Science Advisor Denies Apollo Moon Landings Ever Happened
 How can we manage to organize a U.S.-crewed orbital Mars mission by the mid-2030s when we never even went to the moon? The idea is laughable, as was Obama’s administration, if I may add ”
– Yale Professor David Gelernter
“The Apollo moon landings are the biggest fraud in mankind’s history, even worse than all that global warming nonsense,” he added.
Latin America’s Eco-Activists Struggle Against Corporate Feudalism, Colonialism & Resource Scarcity
For Latin America’s environmental activists, the threat of death is always in the air -- either in the form of the slow poisoning of the earth or assassination. For many,…
Berlin blames Kiev for deteriorating situation in Donbass — media
Berlin believes that Poroshenko is determined to do almost everything to prevent the lifting of sanctions against Russia, Germany’s Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper…
Irish Mainstream Media Call For Trump Assassination
The mainstream media in Ireland have launched a vicious campaign against President Trump by openly calling for his assassination.
Reality Check Is #Pizzagate Fake News or Has It Just Not Been Officially Investigated
EXPOSED: How The Clintons Likely STOLE BILLIONS From World's Poorest - Charles Ortel
Clinton's HAITI Cash Machine
What Hillary Clinton Did To Haiti Will Scare You To Not Vote For Her
George Carlin's 'Big Club' Proven Real By Email Between Hillary & Tech Tycoon
The End Of Mingling - "Moderate Rebels" Join Al-Qaeda In Syria
Ancient citadel of Aleppo demined
Sappers from Russia's International Mine Action Center demined the ancient citadel of Aleppo
<The UN is not doing it.
The "international community" is not doing it.
The "civilized West" is not doing it.
Russia is doing it.>
NATO is trying to push Donald Trump into a war with Russia (VIDEO)
Trump's Muslim Ban Reveals America's Selective Outrage
Freak UAE weather conditions lead to snow, crane collapse, fire (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
When Will 5th-Generation PAK FA Fighter Jets Will Join Russian Army?
WDR-Leiter packt aus: Die Regierung erlaubt uns keine freie Berichterstattung und die Themen werden vorgeschrieben
Forget The Nukes & Follow The Money: Why Israel & Saudi Arabia Want The US To Bomb Iran Explained
What’s Really Behind The Doomsday Predictions Spurred By The Iran Deal?
Tehran ‘unmoved’ by US threats, will use weapons ‘only in self-defense’ – Iranian FM to Trump
<We note that is nuclear armed Israel and the US that have threatened Iran with a pre-emptive attack. Not the other way around. Any reasonable person understanding this context would agree, Iran has a right to self defense.>
Trump's National Security Advisor Puts Iran "On Notice;" Foreshadowing Of War
Flynn was even fired from the DIA in 2014 for being too anti Iran even for the Obama administration, a truly amazing feat in its own right.
US Sabre Rattling in the Persian Gulf: “Pre-Emptive Attack Iran” HJ Res 10 Bill Active in US Congress
Trump Team Gone Wild: Now UN Ambassador Threatens Russia!
The last 2 generation's major US invasions - Vietnam & Iraq - both were launched based on total USGovt falsehoods. This is dangerous lying:
And Iran has not attacked any other country since 1795 which is more than can be said for the West or Israel.
Donetsk shelling aftermath: Residential building, kindergarten bombed
CrossTalk: Trump Revolution
List of United States federal executive orders
Barack Obama signed more executive actions in his first 12 days than Donald Trump
Genetically-modified wheat to be grown in Britain despite environmentalist opposition
The British government has given the green light for a new experimental crop of genetically-modified (GM) wheat to be grown, despite strong opposition from…
Diplomat says OSCE monitors turn blind eye on Ukrainian tanks in Donbass
Earlier, the spokesman for the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic’s operative command addressed the OSCE leadership on behalf of the Donetsk Defense…
Libyan Labels: a journey through the Guardian’s coverage of the Libyan disaster
“I feel like I’ve been writing the same column for over a decade: humanitarian interventions by the west end up destroying the countries they try to save”
U.S.-Armed 'Moderate' Syrian Rebels Join Al-Qaeda's 'Bin Laden Front' in New Coalition
The fighters were vetted by the CIA and enjoyed the backing of neoconservatives in Washington.
Putin: Kiev trying to extort US, EU cash by playing the victim
MIT Scientist: You Are Being Lied To About Eating Wheat
Modern wheat is “slowly poisoning and killing our population” according to scientists who claim the government is covering up the effects of toxic glyphosphate poisoning.
The use of Monsanto’s Round-up herbicide has increased substantially over the last 40 years. Many researchers are starting to believe that increased use of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round-up, correlates to the rise in many modern diseases.
Glyphosate, via the product Roundup, is known to be commonly sprayed on GMO corn, GMO soybean and GMO cotton crops. But what many people may not realize that glyphosate herbicide is also commonly used on non-GMO wheat crop. The practice is so common, that wheat has become the third most common crop to be sprayed with glyphosate.
The Biometric ID Grid: An Open Source Investigation
The Biometric ID Grid: A Country-by-Country Guide
Crazy Ideas About The U.S. Attack In Yemen
Trump Team Gone Wild: Now UN Ambassador Threatens Russia!
McCain and Graham actually appeared in a video distributed by Ukrainian President Poroshenko encouraging Kiev forces to attack. Watch this shocking video here.
Sheriff's probe finds Obama birth certificate 'fake'
You realize your own mortality as you get older. When you're young you feel invincible
Turkey violated Greek airspace 138 times in one day – Defense Ministry
Tensions between Greece and Turkey - both NATO members - are mounting after Athens accused Ankara of violating Greek airspace above historically disputed…
Pentagon Finally Admits it Killed Women and Children in Yemen
Iran Successfully Tests Cruise Missile Able to Carry Nuclear Warheads – Reports
Iran has carried out its first successful test of a cruise missile of Sumar type,…
John McCain and Lindsey Graham Visited Donbass Frontlines Ahead of Current Bout of Fighting, Told Ukrainians to go on Offensive
US Betrays Iran Deal as Predicted - Edges Closer to War
What Kissinger did in Chile, Cyprus, Turkey, the Middle East and … his own country Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger pushed for the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus and allowed arms to be moved to Ankara for an attack on that island in…
Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger pushed for the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus and allowed arms to be moved to Ankara for an attack on that island in reaction to a coup sponsored by the Greek junta, according to documents and intelligence officers with close knowledge of the event.
Ben Swann's Truth in Media site down, Twitter, Instagram, FB accounts gone
Fighting Flares in Eastern Ukraine Amid Continued US-NATO Buildup Against Russia
Nearly 10,000 people have been killed in the fighting since rebels in the Donbass region sought independence from the Ukrainian government following the 2014 US and German-backed coup that brought to power an extreme right-wing and virulently anti-Russian regime in Kiev. Washington and its allies accused Russia of instigating and militarily supporting the uprising in the east.
Whatever the statements of the Trump administration about improving relations with Moscow, the fighting in Ukraine combined with NATO’s aggressive military deployment on Russia’s borders are sharply elevating the threat of an armed confrontation between the world’s two largest nuclear powers.
Strafrechtlerin Monika Frommel zum Eingriff in die Privatsphäre von Sebastian Edathy
Kiev admits advancing on east Ukraine rebel positions ‘meter by meter’
Researchers discover oldest 'human ancestor' in central China
Donald Trump Has a Goldman Sachs Problem: Derivatives
But it’s not just Trump that Wall Street needs to fear: it’s Goldman Sachs as well. Trump has stuffed his administration with so many Goldman Sachs progeny that his administration is now regularly referred to as Government Sachs.
Ukraine ceasefire violations reach thousands, inflict severe suffering on civilians – OSCE monitor
The violent escalation of the Ukrainian conflict in recent days has led to thousands of truce violations and “indiscriminate” shellings by both sides, Alexander Hug, the principal deputy chief monitor of the OSCE mission in Ukraine, told RT.
<Both sides bombing their own ouses? Liar!>
Screenwriter Devastates Michael Moore After Absurd Claim About Women
'Stop Operation Soros' Movements to ban billionaire-funded groups sweep across Europe
Europe’s refugee crisis is ‘unbelievable humanitarian problem’ – Trump
How Government $ach$ Won The (s)Election
Former US lawmaker Cynthia McKinney says every candidate for Congress has to sign a pledge to vote for supporting the military superiority of Israel. – InvestmentWatch
Former US lawmaker Cynthia McKinney says every candidate for Congress has to sign a pledge to vote for supporting the military superiority of Israel.
Russia calls on Kiev to immediately stop armed provocations in Donbass
By making provocations in Donbass, Kiev is trying to keep the Ukrainian crisis on…
SEAL Team 6 Raid in Yemen Kills 57, Including Woman and Children
The raid reportedly lasted less than an hour, and left a large number of women and children riddled with bullets, including at least one eight-year-old girl.
Fighting words: Bilingual people ‘better equipped’ to tackle Alzheimer’s - study
Trump Admin Raising Phoenix Program From the Ashes
The CIA had everything to do with the coup in Brazil. Remember the 2013 scandal of the NSA being busted for wiretapping all levels of the Brazilian government, including President Rouseff. The object, as usual, was to install an obedient puppet regime and strip the country of its assets. So far so good. The huge newly discovered offshore oil discoveries are quickly being handed over to the gringos.
the Car Wash investigation was designed to destroy President Rouseff and former president Lula. But it backfired, due to leaks and surprise testimonies, and ended up implicating most of the conspirators themselves, while Rouseff and Lula were essentially cleared.
The best propaganda is the truth and they will utilize truth on occasion if it fits the agenda. This and the weather and sports scores constitute the 10%
Pre-Emptive Attack Iran Bill Active in US House
The title of the bill tells the tale: a bill "To authorize the use of the United States Armed Forces to achieve the goal of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons."
Re-branding Geoengineering: Climate Intervention and Gatekeeping
Oddly enough, in the list of official geoengineering SRM experiments they do not mention the New Manhattan Project aka contrail production studies and hiding data on water vapor pollution.
While blaming climate change on CO2, water vapor pollution in combination with attempts to turn that vapor into rain are the real global warming problem!
With over 100,000 flights per day in 2014 how can we deny the influence of flight pollution on the weather?
Today scientists are beginning to read between the lines in the sky and asking the hard question, are contrails trapping heat?
Rosaviatsia Denies Dutch Claims of Russia's Radar Data on MH17 Crash Violating Int'l Requirements
Russia provided the Netherlands with primary radar data 3 months ago regarding #MH17 crash, and since has not received any requests for help to decode the data – Russian Federal Air Transport Agency Rosaviatsia.
4 Million Muslims Killed In Western Wars: Should We Call It Genocide?
Hearkening back to the Japanese interment camps of WWII, some Americans are now calling for Muslims to be placed in camps or even openly calling for genocide against the 1.6 billion practitioners of the faith.
Import Tax of 45% Would Decimate Chinese Exports to US
Carnegie Council Announces Launch of Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative (C2G2)
Led by Executive Director Janos Pasztor, former UN assistant secretary-general for climate change, this initiative comes at a very timely moment and addresses a…
Chemtrails Explained: The Geoengineering SRM Field Experiment