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October Links Part Two

The killing of over 1 million Indonesians with US help
20,000 Nazis March in Kiev. The Western Media Somehow Fails to Notice
"So, we had a major Nazi gathering in a European capital and the only English language sources that show up in a Google News search are from RT, Sputnik, The Nation and a half-hearted seven-sentence ‘report’ by US state broadcaster RFE/RL, which meekly describes them as mere “nationalists.”"
US State Dept. Admits Nusra Front Terrorists Use Chemical Weapons in Syria - MoD
According to Russia's Defense Ministry, the US State Department has finally admitted that the infamous Al Nusra Front, which controls Syria's Idlib Governorate through the umbrella terrorist group HTS and is still thought to be a front for al-Qaeda, "not only has, but uses chemical weapons against civilians."
Putin says excessive trust in Europe is Russia’s key mistake in past years
Putin stressed that the relations between Russia and Europe should be based on mutual respect
"Our key mistake regarding West is that we have trusted you too much,"
 Photo-Report: The North Korea Neither Trump Nor Western Media Wants The World To See
What we hardly ever see in articles on North Korea is the human side, some of the faces among the 25 million people at risk of being murdered or maimed by an American-led attack. I was part of a small delegation that visited the DPRK, with the intent of hearing from Koreans themselves about their country and history.
Opioids Are Killing More People Than the Vietnam War
As frightening as it may sound, the Vietnam War, which carried on for nearly two decades, claimed the lives of 58,200 people.
But in 2016 alone, the lust for the feel goods associated with the consumption of opioids snuffed out 64,070 people—around 190 each day.
Spot The Odd One Out: 'War On Drugs' Edition
US ‘actively supported’ Indonesia mass killings in 1960s, documents reveal
‘We gave you uranium, you repaid us by bombing Belgrade’: Putin slams US over nuclear treaties
“What we got in return is well-known – a complete disregard for our national interests, support for separatism in the Caucasus, a circumvention of the UN Security Council, the bombing of Yugoslavia, the invasion of Iraq, and so on. The US must have seen the state of our nuclear weapons and economy and decided to do away with international law.”
Last month, Russia declared that all its chemical weapons stockpiles had been disposed of – news that Western media “decided to stay silent on,” according to Putin – while the US has persistently delayed its own destruction schedule, and now plans to complete the process in 2023 at the earliest.
US Homeland Security Chief Warns Terrorists Plotting New 9/11-Style Attack
EXCLUSIVE: Gaddafi's Son 'Returning to Politics', 'He Will Never Leave Libya'
Almost Entire US Division in the Baltic States, Violating Russia-NATO Deal - MoD
The Indonesia Massacre’s Historic Message
Death of a Nation: The East Timor Conspiracy (John Pilger)
Trump: Russian Uranium Deal "Is The Biggest Story That Fake Media Doesn't Want To Follow"
Climate models to be scrapped? Scientists “retract” previous belief about carbon dioxide levels during last warming period
‘Severe threat’: ISIS & Al-Qaeda planning 9/11-style ‘big explosion,’ US security chief warns
<9/11 was a false flag>
List of religions and spiritual traditions
According to some estimates, there are roughly 4,200 religions in the world.
‘Bloody massacres’: Syria appeals to UN after French & US airstrikes ‘kill over 140 civilians’
Published time: 20 Jul, 2016 12:09
UPDATE: Missing Vegas Security Guard On Clinton Foundation Payroll
Global Warming (AGW) Debunked at Senate Hearing 3/26/2013 - More on Manipulated Data
For the past 10,000 years, the Earth has been mostly warmer than the last 150 years.
Happy Birthday CIA: 7 Truly Terrible Things The Agency Has Done In 70 Years
Role-Player Registration: Oklahoma
Human Domain Solutions, LLC
Human Domain Solutions (HDS), LLC is now hiring ​Casualty Role Players (CRP)​ to participate in an Oklahoma Vigilant Guard training event October 30, 2017 thru November 2, 2017 at Warr Acres Fire Training Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. ​This exercises will be an Oklahoma emergency response to a simulated incident involving contamination elements. CRPs will be moulaged (injury makeup and fake blood) to portray various physical and emotional injuries and conditions, and will go through medical triage, decontamination, and medical treatment several times during each day of the exercises. Arrival times will be early morning, and the exercises will run between 6-8 hours each day. CRPs will wear cut-away prop clothing and will be washed in decontamination lines to simulate the cleaning off of contamination substances
Investigator Banned From Mandalay Bay After Debunking FBI’s Timeline
Salacious Trump-Russia Dossier Authors Refuse to Testify Before US Congress
Trump Escalates Anti-Leak Campaign
Thousands of govt docs found on laptop of sex offender married to top Clinton adviser
The State Department admitted the FBI discovered nearly 3,000 government documents on a laptop belonging to the ex-husband of Hillary Clinton’s top adviser, Huma Abedin, conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch said.
The documents were discovered on Weiner’s laptop after devices were seized as part of an FBI investigation into an allegation that he had engaged in ‘sexting’ with a 15-year-old girl. The discovery of the State Department emails led then-FBI Director James Comey to reopen an investigation late in the 2016 US presidential election.
Heiner Flassbeck - The systemic crisis of the Euro - true causes and effective therapies
Kirkuk redux was a bloodless offensive. Here’s why
Not only are the Kurds in Iraq eternally riven, but the KRG knows it needs its oil pipeline to Turkey to remain open. And then there is the role played by a certain Iranian negotiator to consider
Bombshell: DEA, Congress, & Obama Complicit In Opioid Epidemic
The Jimmy Dore Show
FBI Implicates Obama & Clinton In Russia Bribery Plot
The Jimmy Dore Show
No to US Pressure: Norway's Energy Company Signs $4Bln Deal With Iran
The move comes just days after Donald Trump refused to certify Tehran's compliance with the nuclear deal and called for more sanctions against the country.
"The Lobby" British Style
An undercover reporter secretly records how the Israeli Embassy directs local groups
Israel's Helpers in Media, Government, and Academia - Al-Jazeera Documentary
" ... an easily identifiable cluster of groups and oligarchs – Paul Singer, Sheldon Adelson, Bernard Marcus, Haim Saban – who in turn fund a plethora of foundations and institutes whose principal function is to keep the cash and political support flowing in Israel’s direction."
"No American national interest, apart from the completely phony contention that Israel is some kind of valuable ally, would justify the taxpayers’ largesse."
"In reality, Israel is a liability to the United States and always has been."
Victims of Las Vegas Shooting Speak From Their Hospital Beds
<Hit in the hip? But she's okay? Shot to the shoulder through the lung. Talking, laughing, waving both arms. WOW.>
<I thought it would be near impossible to breathe let alone speak if a lung got punctured...>
<wait. shot on shoulder and punctured to sing and flop around arm???? how do these people have bullet wounds with zero swelling??? absolutely sickening.>
<Her lung was punctured by a bullet, but she is able to do an interview within 24 hrs? Wow! o.0>
Military Surgeon Says Videos of Las Vegas Gunshot Victims Are Fake
On the meaning of the word ‘democracy’
democracy means ‘alloted political offices’ and nothing else.
from Plato and Aristotle to Montesquieu and Rousseau, in the mid XVIIIth century, all of them wrote the same: elections are aristocratic and sortition is democratic.
Elections are aristocratic and sortition is democratic – unless, that is, Plato, Aristotle, Montesquieu and Rousseau were all wrong.
Russia sees hundreds of thousands of cyber attacks daily, 30% of them from US — senator
About 30% of these attacks over Russia are coming from the US, and 2% over the US from Russia. This is official information that was confirmed many times by various assessments," the senator said.
12 surprising uses of hydrogen peroxide that will change the way you clean
BOMBSHELL: Flu shots scientifically proven to weaken immune response in subsequent years… researchers stunned
People who had a 2008 flu shot experienced a 250% increase in influenza infections in subsequent years.
FBI Uncovered Russian Bribery Plot Before Obama Approved Uranium One Deal, Netting Clintons Millions
88yo 'Nazi Grandma' gets 6 months in jail for denying Holocaust... again
Poroshenko in panic: Double National Guard cordon set around Verkhovna Rada
Saudi Arabia - Jeddah Street Life
<no face cover at 1:45>
Millions of Wi-Fi Users Exposed to Hacker Attacks – Kaspersky Lab
CIA urges POTUS Trump to delay release of 3,000 never-before-seen documents on assassination of John F. Kennedy
Experts fear the release of secret JFK assassination documents.
“They must reflect badly on the CIA even though virtually everyone involved is long dead.”
Roger Stone, in his bestselling 2013 The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ, set forth the case that LBJ was the mastermind of plot that included the CIA, the Mob and Big Texas Oil to kill Kennedy.
What's Your Take on Vegas? - James Corbett reddit AMA
How To Chat Anonymously Online
How To Install & Setup TorChat Anonymous Instant Messenger
Anon on #pol posts pictures of Stephen Paddock Room Service receipt Room 32135 Number of Guests? TWO!!
 GBC‏ @GoBlueChic Oct 4
Yes I'm asking you a question!!!! All reports are saying he checked in on 9/28. So are they lying?
 Nick‏ @Nick_Falco Oct 4
Yep they are lying. They haven't shown any proof right?
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Eyewitness account of rapid gunfire, muzzle flash, people shot at Tropicana, ‘blood on walls’: Las Vegas shooting
Dramatic moment Iraqi forces enter Kurdish Kirkuk (EXCLUSIVE)
Intellihub Exclusive: On scene investigator banned from Mandalay Bay, MGM, for life AFTER HE DISCOVERED THIS!
Doing a better job than most actual career journalists, Falco also reported that “there’s a surveillance camera in each main elevator” of the Mandalay Bay and added that there is “nowhere to hide.”
3. There's 1000s of surveillance cameras in gaming area, mostly visible
There's a surveillance camera in each main elevator. You cant hide
6. There are visible surveillance cameras in all service elevators. There was no reason for Paddock to use these to get around security.
U.S. Holds the World Record of Killings of Innocent Civilians
Interview with Prof. John McMurtry
A world-renowned Canadian philosopher argues that the United States holds the world record of illegal killings of unarmed civilians and extrajudicial detention and torturing of prisoners who are detained without trial.
Prof. John McMurtry says that the U.S. government is a gigantic mass-murdering machine which earns profit through waging wars, and is never held accountable over its unspeakable war crimes and crimes against humanity. He also believes that the U.S. has become a police state, which treats its citizens in the most derogatory manner.
Panama Papers Whistleblower Killed In ‘Deep State’ Car Bomb Attack
Daphne Caruana Galizia, who leaked numerous documents concerning dodgy offshore dealings with elite politicians and businessmen around the world, was killed in northern Malta in what appears to be a revenge attack by Deep State operatives.
Paradigm shift. The end of the petrodollar approaches, can America withstand the disruption?
The petrodollar system is being undermined by exponential growth in technology and shifting geopolitics.
The right way to win a revolution is to return to your roots. Logic demands us to save what we have left and reconnect to our roots to become who we were. Greatness is not overnight it takes a choice. The choice is yours!
Syria Following Israeli Attack: IDF Jets Had Violated Our Airspace
The Israeli army reported that its Air Force has destroyed an anti-aircraft battery in Syria in a response to an alleged shelling of Israeli planes that were conducting a reconnaissance mission in Lebanese airspace. The Syrian army has commented on the incident.
Kurdish PJAK Utilized to Weaken and Divide Iran
As America Searches for Answers, Internet Notes Saudi Royals Own Hotel Rooms Above Vegas Shooter
The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that a “Middle East Air Force” booked the entire W Las Vegas hotel for the month of August, and sources noted that it was the Royal Saudi Air Force. This raises the question of why the members did not stay at the Four Seasons at Mandalay Bay, when half of the stock is owned by the kingdom, and it is typically their location of choice.
The surveillance footage, which surely exists as Paddock was staying at a hotel in Las Vegas, has still not been released, and evidence has yet to be presented showing that he worked alone in transferring dozens of rifles, thousands of rounds of ammunition and other supplies up to his hotel room.
School Cop Gets No Jail Time After Receiving Oral Sex From A Child
After admitting he had an “improper relationship” with a 14-year-old student at Cullen Middle School, a Houston Independent School District police officer will not be spending any time in jail. It apparently does not even matter that he received oral sex from the child in the girls bathroom at the school. Does this make you feel like your children are safe at school?
Sheriff Claimed Cops Were Heroes For Trying To Save 3 Black Girls From Drowning But Dashcam Show They Watched Them Scream As They Drowned
Eyewitness of Vegas Shooting Reported a Total of Seven Shooters
< in any given year, police officers kill over 1000 people, more than twice what mass shootings do …>
15 Shocking Videos Expose The Reality Of Surviving The California Wildfires
All WiFi users open to malware attack through WPA2 glitch – study
 WiFi users are at risk due to a vulnerability which allows hackers to create malicious networks, decrypt data and even inject malware onto devices. Everything you do online, including your banking and password details, can be spied on.
Researchers have discovered a glaring vulnerability in WiFi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) –  a core encryption protocol used by WiFi users to keep their web activity private.
Episode 197
An entire ‘fake-news’ industry emerged over the past five years in relation to Syria. Phantom armies of "moderate rebels" were moved around like pieces on an imaginary chess board. A secular, multi-confessional society was to be placed in the strait jacket of ISIS-type distortions of faith, and the truth would not be allowed to stand in the way. In the din of ferocious falsification, it takes real courage to stand against the prevailing noise. One of the most courageous is Vanessa Beeley, truly deserving of the title “independent journalist”, so we invited her into the Sputnik studio to help us cut through the clutter.
 Thousands Of Israelis Take To The Streets Calling For Palestinian Genocide
A reporter at the scene remarked that it seemed “more like a celebration of murder than anything.”
The Tel Aviv rally—organized to support an Israeli soldier who murdered a wounded Palestinian by shooting him in the head as the victim lay on his back—was marked by chants and banners calling for mass murder.

Massive rallies and Facebook campaigns calling for Palestinian genocide are ignored by Western mainstream media and Facebook despite concerns and collaborations aimed at stopping “calls to violence”.
BREAKING: Israel bombs Syrian territory, destroying S-200 missile battery
Russia was notified of the attack in “real time”.
Turkey refuses to accept all ships arriving from Russia's Crimea
Iraq - The End Of The Kurdish Independence Project
Today the Iraqi government took Kirkuk back from occupying Kurdish forces. This marks the end of the Kurdish independence project in Iraq.
The Iraqi government insisted that the situation be turned back to the pre-2014 lines. The vast majority of the people in Kirkuk are Turkmen and Arab. Kirkuk produces two-third of all oil in north Iraq. There was not a chance that any central government of Iraq would leave the city and these riches to Kurdish occupiers.
 Abby Martin Responds To Attacks From Pro-Israel Organizations
Video of Abby Martin’s appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience—where she recounted her eyewitness account of human rights violations— quickly went viral on social media
Rising from the ashes: Forest fires give way to new growth
In fact, fire is a natural part of the forest’s regeneration system. Most forest trees need to be exposed to fire every 50 to 100 years to invigorate new growth. As we found out in Yellowstone National Park nearly 20 years ago, suppressing forest fires too long can actually be detrimental to forests. Extreme efforts to prevent forest fires there led to a huge consumption of trees when fire finally broke out.
 Alloy wheels on cars are an alloy of Aluminum and Magnesium.
This Aluminum and Magnesium melts at a much lower temp than pure Aluminum or pure Magnesium, at approx. 891 degrees F.
Modern synthetic rubber tires burn at approx. temps of between 930 F. to 1022 F. That's generally between 30 to100 degrees hotter than the melting point of the Alloy wheels.
During the alloying process, Magnesium is added to Aluminum to decrease the overall weight of the wheels and resist corrosion.
Where'd you get those genes? The answer may shock you
To provide a brief primer, the human genome consists of roughly 30,000 genes, spread across 23 pairs of chromosomes, containing the blueprints for our construction. Each person’s genetic code is unique, accounting for the myriad physical characteristics seen across the human species. Gene mutations can be inherited from a parent or are acquired spontaneously during the frequently occurring process of cell division. Mutation inducing agents, such as radiation, certain chemicals or naturally occurring toxins also cause alterations to the genetic code which may, ultimately, lead to cancer.
Raging wildfires kill 2, trigger panic & evacuations in Galicia, Spain (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
Free Passage Deal For ISIS In Raqqa - U.S. Denies Involvement - Video Proves It Lies
After free passage negotiations with the U.S. and its Kurdish proxy forces, ISIS is moving its fighters out of Raqqa city. When the Syrian government reached similar agreements the U.S. childishly criticized it. The U.S. coalition claims that it was "not involved in the discussions" that led to the Raqqa free passage agreement. A BBC News report shows that the opposite is true.
CALIFORNIA FIRESTORM PHOTOS: How does this type fire damage even happen? Defies scientific explanation!
Consumption of energy
The European Union (EU) has pledged to cut its energy consumption by 20 % (compared with projected levels) by 2020. This article describes how the consumption of energy in the EU-28 has developed in recent years,
Energy in Finland 2015
Nearly half of Finland’s water footprint abroad
On average, 10-20,000 litres of water are used to produce 1kg of beef, 2,900 litres to produce a cotton shirt and 140 litres of water to produce 1 cup of black coffee without sugar.
• Finland’s overall water consumption is 7,326 billion litres of water per year. Farming products and agriculture account for 82 per cent of this, manufacturing for 15 per cent and household water consumption for the remaining 3 per cent.
Proceedings of the Nordic Consumer Policy Research Conference 2007
Natural resource consumption caused by Finnish households
Russian MoD Accuses US-Led Coalition of Bombings of Raqqa Residential Areas
The US and coalition bombings of residential neighborhoods and the deliberate destruction of all natural sources of water supply in Raqqa have so far resulted in nothing but many thousands of victims of the population which is being 'liberated'," spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.
Iran’s Revolutionary Guards infiltrated US military, obtained proof of ISIS collusion – commander
Empire Files: Israelis Speak Candidly to Abby Martin About Palestinians
Damascus demands ‘immediate & unconditional’ pullout of Turkish troops from northwest Syria
Dramatic aerial footage shows Californian wildfire devastation in residential neighborhood
We only have resources to slow the fires, not stop them – fire ecologist
Keiser Report: Artificial Intelligence (E1136)
Trump refuses to certify Iran nuclear deal despite EU criticism
This Declassified Document Is the Ultimate Proof
Spreading "freedom": Rape of Vietnamese women during US invasion was considered standard operating procedure for American troops
Syrian Army Gains Control of Largest Daesh Hotbed in Deir ez-Zor - State Media
Santa Rosa Fires Drone Douglas Thron October 10, 2017 Hilton, Coffey, vineyards, fountaingrove
Man-on-man ‘bromances’ are threatening heterosexual relationships, warn researchers
The only one that works on Firefox
Was geht ab und warum schweigen die Medien ?Aufmarsch gegen Russland
Hochaktuell: FAST KEIN DEUTSCHER BÜRGER WEISS, das in der Ukraine vor 3 Tagen das Gesetz zur „Reintegration des Donbass“ beschlossen wurde, in dem die Worte Aggressor Russland, Kriegszustand, militärisches Vorgehen mehrmals vorkommen und das Minsker Abkommen ist damit aufgehoben.
Las Vegas Massacre Survivor Abruptly Dies Just Days After Posting Eyewitness Account Of Multiple Shooters And Subsequent Cover-Up
Trump goes full shabbos-goy
I won’t even bother discussing the substance of what Trump had to say today because what he said deserves no such attention.  I will quickly mention that yesterday Trump pulled the US out of UNESCO on behalf of Israeli interests.  Today he basically announced a tepid, possibly hot, war on Iran.  I am tempted to say “so what else is new?”.  In fact, nothing, nothing at all.
This topic, the AngloZionist plans of war against Iran, has been what made me write my very first post on my newly created blog 10 years ago.  Today, I want to reproduce that post in full.  Here it is:
Viljelijän epäillään yrittäneen vauhdittaa viljan kypsymistä kielletyllä glyfosaatilla
Rikkakasvien torjunta-aine glyfosaattia on käytetty sääntöjen vastaisesti viljan tuleennuttamiseen.
Turvallisuus- ja kemikaalivirasto Tukes on varmistanut, että suomalaistilalla on nopeutettu vehnän kypsymistä puintikuntoon glyfosaatilla. ELY-keskukseen tulleen ilmiannon perusteella tehdyssä tarkastuksessa vehnänäytteestä on löytynyt glyfosaattia.
Torjunta-aineen käyttö varmistui tänään.
Glyfosaatin löytyminen viljasta tässä vaiheessa syksyä tarkoittaa sitä, että peltoa on käsitelty sääntöjen vastaisesti. Suomessa on kielletty glyfosaatin käyttö viljan pakkotuleennuttamiseen, vaikka tämä on sallittua muualla Euroopassa.
Geoengineering Is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes ( Dane Wigington )
‘Not up to US to terminate it’ v ‘Courageous step’ – world reacts to Trump Iran deal speech
The 2015 Iran nuclear deal is not a “bilateral agreement,” and it cannot be terminated by any single country, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said in response to Trump’s announcement.
“We cannot afford as an international community, as Europe for sure, to dismantle a nuclear agreement that is working,” Mogherini added.
The Russian Foreign Ministry slammed Trump’s speech, saying that any use of “aggressive” rhetoric in international relations is “unacceptable” and “doomed to fail.”
Weather War Terrorism; Manmade Nate Created Out of Nowhere but Now Here
NorCAL Torch Fires; How the Firestorms Were Created
NorCAL Torch Fires; How the Firestorms Were Created
The Great Santa Rosa Fire... A Firestorm Claims an ENTIRE Community
Dr Judy Wood Where did the towers Go ?
All of the Las Vegas shooting victims – Memorial Video
Remembering the 58 people who died in the Route 91 music festival shooting.
<pictures and names>
Over 1,000 Terrorists Have Crossed Iraqi Border to Syria - Russian MoD
More than 1,000 terrorists have entered the territory of Syria from the two provinces of Iraq where the US-led coalition is carrying out its anti-Daesh operation, the Russian General Staff has said.
Greece - The Hidden War - 1.avi
"This is a British political documentary produced in 1986 and shown for just one and only time in British television, thereby being BANNED, concerning the involvement of the British Government in Greece's political affairs during and after WW2, that is argued to have been the main catalyst in the breaking out of the Greek Civil War, followed by American involvement in the Civil War Battle (in line with the Truman Doctrine).
Historical Background of Scalar EM Weapons
Russian MoD Delegation Traveling to UN Headquarters Denied US Entry Visas
Santa Rosa & Northern CA Fires DEFY THE LAWS of PHYSICS (Where'd the houses go??)
Las Vegas Shooting: What We Know About the Victims So Far
Heroic Spouses, Beloved Teachers, Devoted Parents: Remembering the Victims of the Las Vegas Massacre
Here are the victims of the Las Vegas shooting
The Las Vegas Shooting: An American Trauma Surgeon Responds
US Militarization of Scandinavia: Less Than a Year After First US Base in Norway, a Second One in the Offing
BREAKING: Second Shooter In Vegas Massacre Just ARRESTED – Look Who It Is
Separatist Kurdish Factions: Human Rights Violations and Racism
Separatist Kurdish factions have a vested interest in claiming Arab, Assyrian or Armenian history as their own. However, at times when they have failed in that endeavor, they have resorted to destroying any relevant history pertaining to the areas they are trying to claim altogether. In this aspect, they operate in a similar manner to Daesh/ISIS.
911 The Greatest Lie Evers Sold By Anthony Hilder
FBI Caught Covering Up Crucial Evidence In Vegas With What Just Disappeared – Here’s What They’re Hiding
“Workers at the Route 91 festival during which Stephen Paddock unleashed his massacre have reportedly been given back their phones and laptops by the FBI only to discover that all messages and videos from the night of the attack have been wiped clean.
Mike Ditka's Mind-Blowing Response To Colin Kaepernick
Debbie Lusignan alias Sane Proggressive on uusi Youtube-Facebook sensuurin uhri. Hänet on Vegas-videon takia bannattu Youtubesta ulos. Sensuuri alkaa olla pian valtavirtaa.
Vaccine-Derived POLIO: Why polio outbreaks are caused by vaccines
33 children were paralyzed recently in Syria from polio caused by vaccines. It's called "vaccine-derived polio," and it's why children who are vaccinated against polio are often stricken with polio.
Times article claims UK lawmakers on RT programs ‘help Putin’
The "Official" Story Will be the ONLY Story We Get to Hear
>Truth is authority. Authority is not truth>
Europas Terror im Kongo - Belgiens König Leopold II errichtete Terrorregime
Es begann mit einer Lüge: Doku über NATO Einsatz in Jugoslawien
Seeking Justice: Victim appeals to EU court claiming NATO killed his entire family
Turkish President Erdogan to USA: “WE DON’T NEED YOU”
The Turkish President’s latest statements are the harshest he has delivered to the US thus far.
US Withdraws From UNESCO - State Department
USA finally throws its relationship with Russia into a bin
Nevertheless, the buildings in question still remain the property of Russia, except for the office of the trade mission, which Russia was renting. However, the Diplomatic Security Service of the US State Department and its foreign missions department have taken the objects of the Russian diplomatic mission under control.
Schadenfreude Smorgasboard:
Tiny Iceland qualified for the World Cup
Exceptional USA didn't . . . .
& non, Putin didn't do it
Water for Profit: Haiti Comes to Flint
What happens in Haiti doesn’t stay in Haiti. Sooner or later, it comes to places like Michigan’s Benton Harbor and Flint.
Financial Survival in the China World Order
General MacArthur's Conspiracy To Start A War With China! New Documentary Release & Interview!
US-Led Coalition Destroys Everything in Syria Except for Daesh - Damascus
Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem has said that the US-led coalition against the internationally condemned terrorist group Daesh is acting in Syria like it is trying to destroy the country and prolong the armed conflict there.
Muallem stated that Damascus will demand that the US-coalition is dissolved. He stressed that thousands of Syrian women and children have been killed by coalition airstrikes in the provinces of Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor. According to the minister, Washington is using the coalition to cover up for the destruction of the country.
US-Daesh Cooperation "Confirms Syrian 'Civil' War is a US-Backed Proxy Conflict"
Moscow and Damascus have stepped up pressure against the US, urging Washington to explain its "selective blindness" toward Islamists operating near US forces in Syria, and accusing the Pentagon of supplying terrorists with arms. Speaking to Sputnik, Canadian historian Michael Carley said that Russia and Syria's concerns don't surprise him one bit.
Russiagate: The Lie Implodes
“To promote war without end we got lies without end, all orbiting around the black, empty hole called Russiagate.”
So much for the “war” that Uncle Morgan Freeman says Russia is waging against the U.S. Since there is no political pattern to the ads, the Russiagate mob now claims that the Kremlin is deliberately pushing contradictory messages through its click-bait ads in order to create chaos in American society. All for less than $50,000 a year. The great threat to U.S. “democracy” has dissolved into nothingness, from whence it came.
Las Vegas shooting: An in-depth analysis
A detailed analysis of Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) radio traffic proves that the legacy media is lying and covering up key details about the shooting and the shooters who, some of which, may still be on the loose
Vegas Hotel Worker Warned Police Of Shooter Before Massacre Began
The police's latest timeline means it took 19 minutes for Las Vegas police to learn where the fire was coming from, information that Schuck had already relayed to hotel dispatchers.
<Did either of these guys actually witness that Paddock was the one who shot at them through the door? Obviously not, because they were shot THROUGH a door.
Yet the media-- including ZH-- simply claims that Paddock was the one who shot at these two men, even though no evidence has yet been found to verify this assertion.
Pay close attention, because this is how you meme propaganda into reality.<
The Mystery Deepens
#Vegas shootings
Absurd Russian Ads Hype as US Corporations Buy Democracy
Journalists covering Russian influence on social media not bothered by US government online psyops
On July 2, 2013, the United States Congress silently legalized the use of American propaganda on the American people. Until then, there had been something known as the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which prevented the government from broadcasting its propaganda aimed at foreigners within the US itself. A bipartisan amendment to the 2013 defense authorization bill undid that — and so the ban on dissemination of propaganda produced by the US State Department and the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) was no more.
Now, I don’t want to give the impression the US government only started using domestic propaganda in 2013. That’s just when they made certain types of it legal. In reality, they were doing it long before then. The best example is Operation Mockingbird — a Cold War project wherein the CIA allegedly supported journalists at major American news publications as part of its propaganda war against the Soviet Union. One CIA operative told the Washington Post that you could get a journalist “cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month."
European Central Bank made almost €8bn from Greece’s financial crisis
China could shatter petrodollar by compelling Saudi Arabia to trade oil in yuan
<That's "goodbye" to the petrodollar, and "goodbye" to the US empire. It's probably even "goodbye" to the United States of America itself, certainly as we know it today. Do it, China! Kill the beast!<<
“Russia Interfered!” – By Purchasing Anti-Trump Ads?
“Accounts believed to be connected to the Russian government.” Believed by whom? And how is “connected” defined? Isn’t any citizen “connected” to his or her government?
FEMA: "Not our job to deliver water and food" to Puerto Ricans. Think I am making this up? Wrong!
Ex-Cop Points Out Mystery In Vegas Shooting Window
Monsanto Caused 291,000 Suicides In India
 As Mattis Presents North Korea War Plan, Britain Prepares Military For Action
General Mattis’ talk of keeping the Army ready to carry out an attack on North Korea adds to concern that the US could start a massive war at any moment, sparking Britain to prepare its own military for battle.
US Army Unprepared to Deal with Russia in Europe
It has no idea how it would answer Russian mini drones and electric warfare tactics
Comprehensive annual financial report
"The Biggest Game InTown" about the Government CAFR wealth shell game
Ending Taxation - The Only Game in Town - 2011 - Walter Burien - CAFR1
Refusing to Learn Lessons from Libya
US THAAD Missile Defense Systems in S Korea Target Russia, China - Moscow
According to Russian senior diplomat, Washington uses alleged N Korean missile threat as a pretext for deploying THAAD systems close to the borders of Russia and China.
< That is plainly obvious ... A total naval garrotte built around China sea trade routes, and a total military noose around both Russia & China ...hoping to be ale to stop any counter-strike against Machiavellian-Malevolent-Metastasised-Malignant-Megalomaniac AngloZio Empire 1st strike.
And never believe AngloZio global freaks do anything for "defence". They have been the aggressors in every war for centuries.
Expect too 'IS' outbreaks (by whatever brand name al CIAda, MI Sicks, al MOSSAda) all along Eurasian New Silk Road.>
Kim Jong-un: 'Nuclear weapons let people enjoy happy life under blue skies'
    “…everyone but an idiot knows that the lower classes must be kept poor, or they will never be industrious.”
    —Arthur Young; 1771
Trump Looks Set to Start Blowing Up the Iran Deal
Iran is complying with its end of the deal, but Trump is catering to hawks and neoconservative donors who transparently want war with the country.
If Trump pursues this strategy, he will be going against his own secretary of defense, James Mattis, who told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday that the deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), was in the national security interest of the U.S.
UK draws up plans to back US military attack on North Korea
F-35: Can anything else go wrong with Britain’s fighter jet order?
Proof Las Vegas Shooting Was a FALSE FLAG Attack - Shooter on 4th Floor
Forensic acoustic proof of SECOND shooter in the Las Vegas massacre
Scanner Audio: "Active shooter (fairgrounds)", "STAGE LEFT" - Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
Scanner Audio: Cops say "active shooter inside the fairgrounds", "1/2 up Mandalay Bay", and "Stage left."
The Las Vegas Massacre: The Media Narrative is Deceptive
What the media do not say is that there is video and witness evidence that there were at least two more shooters, maybe more, one from a lower floor and another at the Bellagio Hotel that was locked down. This means that there was a conspiracy involved. They don’t mention this so that someone like me can do so and be branded a “conspiracy theorist,” the term created by the CIA to besmirch anyone questioning the official narrative of the JFK assassination.
How Billionaires Become Billionaires
America has the greatest inequalities, highest mortality rate, most regressive taxes, and largest public subsidies for bankers and billionaires of any developed capitalist country.
Contrary to the propaganda pushed by the business press, between 67% and 72% percent of corporations had zero tax liabilities after credits and exemptions … while their workers and employees paid between 25 – 30% in taxes. The rate for the minority of corporations, which paid any tax, was 14%.
Iran & Turkey agree to use national currencies in trade to cut dependence on euro and dollar
<The Dollar's honeymoon is over. Now it has entered the boxing match, and keeps getting hit from all sides. A knockout should follow is some near future.>
The Truth Perspective: Thirty-plus years of Visas for Al-Qaeda: Interview with J. Michael Springmann
Support for military action against Iran
North Korea has something bigger than nuclear bomb
Koreans publicly said why they took up the nuclear program. They started working on it after events in Iraq and in Libya, and even earlier - in Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe. They did not want to repeat the fate of those countries and their leaders, who were all literally destroyed. Gaddafi gave up his peaceful nuclear program and was lynched, whereas his country was torn apart. The North Korean administration, in light of all this, mobilised all resources that they had to solve this problem.
 With US Petrodollar Hostage, Saudis Embark On New Courtship Of Russia
In marked contrast to the United States’  fickleness in Middle Eastern affairs, Russia is seen as a more consistent actor by Middle Eastern leaders, a potential ally offering much-needed stability. Putin’s new position as the “new master of the Middle East” seems all but set in stone.
This is especially true in light of the unlikelihood that the U.S. will be able to strong-arm the Saudis into backing out of closer ties with Russia. The U.S. is precariously reliant on the Saudis for their support of the petrodollar system — a policy negotiated in the 1970s whereby the Saudis, as de facto leaders of OPEC, would create a standard maintained by oil-producing nations selling their oil exclusively in U.S. dollars. This creates artificial demand for U.S. dollars, enabling decades of irresponsible American monetary policy and preventing a collapse of the currency.
Kremlin Issues Stern Warning to Washington Over Its Help for Terrorists in Syria
While our generals were saying that the Russians didn’t really mean it, Kiselyov put the whole picture on the screen:  an ultimatum to Washington to back off or be prepared for war.
Things have gotten to the point where it is not the military capability of the Islamic State but the American assistance which stands in the way of the total liberation of Syria from terrorists.
This, says Kiselyov, is not his own idea: it is the official position of the Russian Ministry of Defense as issued through its spokesman this week, Igor Konashenkov.
Syria Shows Evidence of Western-Made Arms Ending Up in Terrorists' Hands (VIDEO)
The report specifically points out that Israel had also provided various types of weapons to the al-Nusra Front and other terror groups in Syria.
The document says that these weapons ended up in the hands of terrorists, as evidenced by videos and photos that emerged in social media showing al-Nusra Front terrorists using US-made TOW anti-tank rockets, through the support programs of the administration of former US President Barack Obama, for the so-called “moderate opposition.”
UNREAL & Unseen footage Vegas Mandalay bay.... wait for it
Las Vegas Shooting - Absolute Proof of Shooter At Bellagio Hotel - Video of Hotel Lockdown
'Like' 1984: Facebook says policing fake news could create Orwellian reality

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October Links Part One

Monsanto Papers: EPA Caught Colluding To Hide Dangers Of Glyphosate
Sabotaging Russia-US Relations for Good
As was easy to foresee, the deep state did not like this prospect of cooperation, immediately unleashing the mainstream media on Trump, because repeated meetings with Putin at the G20 were apparently suggestive of some sort of collusion, as if the leaders of two nuclear powers cannot even speak with each other.
Challenging the Dollar: China and Russia's Plan from Petroyuan to Gold
For example, if a Bolivian company exports bananas to Norway, the payment method requires the use of dollars. Norway must therefore own US currency to pay and receive the goods purchased.
The United States found itself in the enviable position of being able to print pieces of paper (simply IOU’s) without any gold backing and then exchange them for real goods.
A Failing Empire: Russia and China's Military Strategy to Contain the US
The consequences for the US have just begun. Without a military posture capable of bending adversaries and friends to her will, the US will have to start dealing with a new reality that involves compromise and negotiation, something the US is not accustomed to.
The financial mechanisms that have allowed for this indiscriminate military spending are based on an intrinsic bond between dollar, oil, and the role of American money as the world reserve currency.
A Provocation to Investigate the Las Vegas Massacre
The Six “Secret” Tactics of Empire
1. False Flag Attacks
2. Coercive Engineered Migration
3. Colour Revolutions
4. Humanitarian Intervention
5. Proxy Armies
6. Fake News
Finding Our Way Back to Truth by Following a String of Facts
Assange Warns About Vegas Shooting: ‘Almost All Terror Plots are Created by the FBI’
Picking cotton on a racist fieldtrip
Jesse Ventura Calls Pres Trump "Sick" And "Hypocritical!" For NOT Defending First Amendment Rights!
With more than 500 treaties already broken, the government can do whatever it wants, it seems...
More than 500 treaties have been made between the government and Indian tribes and all were broken, nulllified or amended. Nothing's changed. The mere fact that the Keystone XL oil pipeline has even been considered is a violation of law and shouldn’t have seen blueprints, let alone having this North American monster voted on by the Senate and House of Representatives.
The Dakota Pipeline Protests and the Long History of Broken Promises to Natives
Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties.
Trump’s stance on Iran places Europe in great danger – German FM
Map shows where President Barack Obama dropped his 20,000 bombs
Outgoing US leader carries out 3,000 more strikes in 2016 than year before
Chris Hedges: The End of Empire
Proof Las Vegas Shooting Was a FALSE FLAG Attack - Shooter on 4th Floor
NEW POLL: Greeks favour Putin over Trump and Merkel
Greek sympathies continue to lie with Russia.
More than 43 percent of Greeks are sure that the Russian president supports the interests of Greece, while only 29.5 percent of respondents said the same about the German chancellor and 20 percent about the US President.
RT Employees in the US Are Quitting en Masse Over Security Fears
They know at the very least they'll be spied upon and become permanently unemployable
Syrian Gen. Accuses US of Supplying Daesh, Nusra Front Terrorists With Weapons
"We know that the United States delivered 1,421 trucks with military equipment and weapons between June 5 and September 15 this year to terrorists in Syria. The weapons were allegedly intended to fight terrorists, but eventually they fell into the hands of militants of the Islamic State [Daesh] and Jabhat al-Nusra [terrorist groups banned in Russia]," Ali said
16 Unanswered Questions About The Las Vegas Shooting That Mainstream Media Doesn't Want To Talk About
Stephen Paddock ‘did not act alone’, as Aussie girlfriend Marilou Danley still a ‘person of interest’
A NEW report claims Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock was aiming for a bigger target, as police say he did not act alone from his 32nd floor hotel room.
Paddock began firing at 10.05pm local time (4.05pm AEDT) and Sheriff Lombardo revealed first responding officers were one level below by 10.12pm and in the hallway near his room not long after.
He attempted to explain the “appearance of an undue delay” in a SWAT team finally entering at 11.20pm (5.20pm AEDT).
Sheriff Lombardo said a hotel security guard was shot when the killer fired hundreds of rounds through his hotel door.
When officers reached the hall, they spotted a surveillance camera in place on a room service trolley outside Paddock’s room.
New evidence may suggest Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was not alone in hotel room
The first is a cell phone charger that does not match any of the devices that belonged to the gunman.
1,600 rounds of ammunition, 50 pounds of explosives material found in Las Vegas shooter’s car
Authorities are investigating whether Paddock acted alone or had accomplices. Lombardo, the sheriff, expressed skepticism that the gunman worked solo.
Trump Wants Families On Food Stamps To Get Jobs. The Majority Already Work
Who Receives 'Food Stamps'? And Why It Is Critical To Continue Their Support
Who Gets Food Stamps? White People, Mostly
America's Urban War Zone: Baltimore Doubles Chicago's Homicide Rate In 2017
<Read the comments>
on the environment, security and foreign policy
Committee on Foreign Affairs, Security and Defence Policy
Rapporteur: Mrs Maj Britt Theorin
on the environment, security and foreign policy
Committee on Foreign Affairs, Security and Defence Policy
Rapporteur: Mrs Maj Britt Theorin
14 January 1999
HAARP - a weapons system which disrupts the climate
On 5 February 1998 Parliament's Subcommittee on Security and Disarmament held a hearing the subject of which included HAARP. NATO and the US had been invited to send representatives, but chose not to do so. The Committee regrets the failure of the USA to send a representative to answer questions, or to use the opportunity to comment on the material submitted
British Prime Minister ‘Raped 11-Year-Old Boy’ – Police Confirm
Las Vegas Massacre: An Ongoing Police State Op
Las Vegas: Benefit of Doubt Now Gone
Alex Jones' Former Editor Trashes Him as a Trump Sellout and Snake Oil Salesman
Kurt Nimmo says Infowars has become the "Trump branch office in Austin."
All-Around Villain? Trump Calls Iran 'Bad Player', Says Tehran 'Funding N Korea'
The United States has an empathy problem which feeds a culture of violence abroad, ignorance at home and tragedy all around.
While the world weeps for the Las Vegas victims, America’s lack of empathy for its own victims abroad is staggering
What I Wish Someone Had Told Me In Medical School About Nutrition
Best Supplements for Prostate Cancer
The REAL Cause & Cure For Prostate Cancer
Infowars Employees Expose Alex Jones
Interesting video, BUT, 'Know More News' doesn't seem to know that most of these people who criticize ' Alex Jones' are also controlled opposition.
Russiagate Is More Fiction Than Fact
From accusations of Trump campaign collusion to Russian Facebook ad buys, the media has substituted hype for evidence.
Las Vegas Mass Shooting - Mandalay Bay - Stephen Paddock a Lone Wolf?
Eerie Predictions in Vegas... Cui Bono?
10 Characteristics of False Flags
Did You Actually Look At 2011 Footage of Stephen Paddock in Casino?
<Batshit Crazy Samantha is married to the top AIPAC theorist and a de facto enabler of terror in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya. A Hollow Woman spurning T.S. Eliot's memory.>
80] The Media Works For The War Machine
Keep in Mind Cameras Everywhere in Las Vegas Police State
Las Vegas Shooting: Video Shows 'Security Guard' Gunman Shoot Into Crowd Shooter dressed as security opens fire on people with machine gun
4Chan User Warned About Vegas Attack On Sept. 11
The US Is Bombing Raqqa Into Complete Devastation — at Least 433 Civilians Killed
Las Vegas Survivor Claims On Savage That There Were Multiple Shooters At Route 91 Music Festival
Las Vegas Multiple Shooters Video Evidence/Proof
Five things that don't add up about the Vegas shooting
Something strange about hotel floors
Full Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dispatch Scanner Audio Mass shooting (Warning Graphic)
Multiple Shooters -Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dispatch Scanner Audio Mass - Edited
Las Vegas Shooting Victim: 'I Was Shot by a Gunman in the Crowd' Man gunned down by an attacker with a machine gun in the crowd blows the whistle
He says there were between 3-5 active shooters firing weapons into the crowd and says there was gunfire coming from the ground as well as from above.
Mr. Palmero confirmed that his injury was caused by an attacker on the ground and that the bullet was fired at his with a horizontal trajectory and wasn't fired down from above, although weapons were being fired from "all angles".
"Whatever you do, never go to Matala"
<67 to 69>
Matala, The Cretan Hippy-Village of the 60s and 70s
The Decline of Freedom of Speech in America - Russia's #1 News Anchor (Kiselyov)
Russia's top journalists are more accurate about the US than their American counterparts
Government sponsored propaganda is now legal: HR 5736
As of may of 2012 the government has the right to dominate all media. Propaganda is now legal on any medium including the internet,radio,tv etc.
How the NDAA Allows US Gov to Use Propaganda Against Americans
The amendment, which was hidden within the NDAA, has remained relatively unnoticed. However, it empowers the State Department and Pentagon to utilize all forms of media against the American public for the sake of coercing US citizens to believe whatever version of the truth the US government wants them to believe.
All oversight is removed with Amendment 114 . Regardless of whether the information disseminated is truthful, partially truthful or completely false bears no weight.
(first posted in Feb.) First time since 1948, propaganda is now legal in the U.S.
H.R.5736 - Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012
<This bill makes it legal for the U.S. govt to disseminate false information (LIES AND PROPAGANDA) to forward agenda.->
52 Years After Fascist Genocide, Indonesians Scared of “Communist Ghosts”
The results were horrifying. Perhaps the worst massacres of the 20th Century took place. Mass slaughter, mass rape, and cutting off of female breasts, torture, and shortly after the initial horrors, overflowing prisons and concentration camps. Around 40% of all the teachers of Java were slaughtered and the military was substituted into the school classrooms.
Greek court backs extradition of alleged Russian ‘bitcoin mastermind’ to US
“It’s weird that a Russian citizen will be tried in the US for some reason,” Aleksandra said. “He didn’t run a business in America, he’s not even been there, where is the common sense? Probably, the US could have requested Russia, not Greece about his extradition, as he is a Russian citizen.”
<Greek court is a farce. Greek regime is a bona fide US puppet.That odious goverment my ar$e is following orders from US and EU gang. Disgusting.... how Greece has become banana repuplic.>
Video suggests there may have been multiple shooters in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas shooting
Robert Steele - Las Vegas Was A Zio-Con Operation , MSM Is Complicit & How Trump Should Respond
Pentagon Paid PR Firm $540 Million to Make Fake Terrorist Videos
<The real story is that the Pentagon gave ISIS a helping hand in recruiting more wackos.>
 Survey: Most Americans Accept Preemptive Nuclear Strike Against Iranian Civilians
As the survey notes, a clear majority of Americans “would approve of using nuclear weapons first against the civilian population of a nonnuclear-armed adversary, killing 2 million Iranian civilians, if they believed that such use would save the lives of 20,000 U.S. soldiers.”
by Darius Shahtahmasebi
Las Vegas Mass Shooting Aftermath
The Las Vegas Shooting. Official Explanations and Unanswered Questions
How Reagan Promoted Genocide
By Robert Parry
Soon after taking office in 1981, President Ronald Reagan’s national security team agreed to supply military aid to the brutal right-wing regime in Guatemala to pursue the goal of exterminating not only “Marxist guerrillas” but their “civilian support mechanisms,” according to a newly disclosed document from the National Archives.
Over the next several years, the military assistance from the Reagan administration helped the Guatemalan army do just that, engaging in the slaughter of some 100,000 people, including what a truth commission deemed genocide against the Mayan Indians in the northern highlands.
From Global Poverty to Exclusion and Despair: Reversing the Tide of War and Globalization
“The Sociology of Justice”, which is the timely theme of The Philippine Sociological Society’s 2017 National conference at UP Cebu must be understood in relation to an unfolding New World Order which destroys sovereign countries through acts of war and “regime change”.
In turn, large sectors of the World population are impoverished through the concurrent imposition of deadly macro-economic reforms. This New World Order feeds on human poverty and the destruction of the environment, generates social apartheid, encourages racism and ethnic strife and undermines the rights of women.
The Global War on Terrorism is Fake
Amply documented, Al Qaeda and its various affiliates including ISIS-Daesh are creations of US intelligence.
‘Enslaved to US politics’: Assange seeks encrypted Twitter alternative
ISIS carries out attacks from US-controlled ‘black-hole’ area near Al-Tanf base – Russian MoD
“Unlawful establishment by the US of this military base on Syria-Jordan border in April this year has been publicly justified by ‘the need to conduct operations against IS,’” the statement reads.
However, “there were no reports of a single American operation against Islamic State during the six months of its existence,” The Russian Defense Ministry said.
Las Vegas shooting:
All very well & good except what about the shooters at the Bellagio Hotel/ Aria Hotel/ New York Hotel/Luxor Hotel with 7 shooters
Along with seen a video of a Security Guard shooting people along with shooters at gate 7 & The 4th floor ?
US-Daesh Cooperation ‘Makes Sense’ Through Lens of Washington's Broader Plans
The Pentagon has denied assisting Daesh in Syria after the Russian Defense Ministry accused Washington of being "the main obstacle" to defeating the terrorist group in the war-torn country. Speaking to Sputnik, Middle East expert Dr. Kevin Barrett said that it's time to recognize that the US War on Terror is a "complete fraud."
Flax Seeds for Prostate Cancer
1. Brazil nuts can help reduce prostate cancer risk.
Of all the different types of nuts, these natives of South America are an especially rich source of the mineral selenium, which is important for prostate health. In fact, just one ounce of Brazil nuts can contain as much as ten times the RDA for selenium.
Book: Climate Change and Global Warming… Exposed Hidden Evidence, Disguised Plans
Overview | Episode 0, IRREFUTABLE: Classified Free-Energy Technology Revealed to the World
A Summary - 911 - What Happened and How it has Been Covered Up
 2. Pieces of falling debris literally disintegrated into dust before our very eyes. The remaining core columns also turned to dust just a few seconds after the main part of the building had disappeared into dust.
Natural health guide: saw palmetto
Side-effects and interactions
Saw palmetto appears to be relatively safe. It may cause mild side effects such as gastrointestinal upset, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, constipation and nausea.
Some men using it have reported tender breasts or a decline in sexual desire.
What Is Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Repens)?
Common side effects may include:
    nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation;
    headache, dizziness; or
    impotence, sexual problems.
Prostataprobleme mit natürlichen Mitteln bekämpfen und aktiv vorbeugen
 The Five Levels of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
How Maslow's Famous Hierarchy Explains Human Motivation
General Breaks Down EXACTLY What's Needed In Puerto Rico
The Jimmy Dore Show
‘Unprecedented pressure’ on RT in America, we’re being forced out – Editor-in-Chief
'Russian $100k Facebook ads are drop in a bucket' - US senator
EXCLUSIVE - Bobby Kennedy ordered Marilyn Monroe's murder by lethal injection to prevent her from revealing her torrid affairs with RFK and JFK: New book sensationally claims to have finally solved the mystery surrounding her death
Video shows windows knocked out of Mandalay Bay midway up building, not on 32nd floor
Shooter’s brother pictured wearing t-shirt which links to a crisis management firm PR representative, the Pulse Nightclub and more
Vegas union worker blows whistle on “mandatory active shooter training” which was due “Sept. 30” at “12 a.m.”
Die amerikanische Religion des Krieges
Police are indicted in less than 1% of killings, while the indictment rate for non-cops in the U.S. is 90%.
US Senate pressures social media over 'foreign ads' as it hunts for 'chaos-creating Russians'
The committee continues to look into all evidence to see if there was any hint of collusion,” Burr said referring to allegations that the Trump campaign worked together with Moscow. “Now, I’m not even going to discuss initial findings because we haven’t any.”
WHAT TOOK SO LONG?How Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock unleashed hell for 72 MINUTES until a SWAT team finally hunted him down
From ‘shots fired’ to all clear: 72 minutes of terror in Las Vegas
After the first report of an active shooter at a music festival in Las Vegas, it took a little more than an hour for police to blow through the gunman’s door at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Here’s what happened in between.
From the first reports of gunshots at 10:08 p.m. Sunday, it would be 72 chaotic minutes until a SWAT team crept down a carpeted hallway on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel and blew open the hotel room occupied by suspected gunman Stephen Paddock.
“We’re seeing multiple flashes in the middle of Mandalay Bay on the north side,” one officer said at 10:13 p.m. over the sound of gunfire. “It’s one of the middle floors.”
Eerie Predictions in Vegas... Cui Bono?
First time in the Universe: Spacewalk filmed in 360
Has The Primary Geoengineering Materials Supplier Been Identified? ( Dane Wigington )
2019 Could Be a Very Bad Year for Ukraine
When Russia stops using Ukraine as a transit country for energy exports a major hole will open in the Ukrainian economy which the EU and the US are not prepared to fill
US Mass Shootings, 1982-2017: Data From Mother Jones’
Catalan Parliament May Start Secession From Spain on October 9 - Reports
Time to assassinate Syrian President Assad & get to his allies in Iran – Israeli minister
Vegas Resident Claims Citizens Suspect Cover Up
Pretty convinced there's some sort of cover up to the Las Vegas Route 91 Shooting. I live here
Las Vegas Shooting - Eye Witness Claims No Bullets Hitting Ground + Cell Phone Compilation
Las Vegas Shooting is BULLSHIT
Based on the Early Reports, the Las Vegas Shooting Is Very, Very Strange
Gowdy on Vegas Shooting: ‘Difficult to Believe That a Single Person Could Have done this without detection
Two-Year Air Campaign: How 'US Plan to Split Mid-East Up' Failed Due to Russia
This is an international war in which the US uses terrorism as its main tool," Brig. Gen. Abbas said. "With this formidable weapon, the Americans are fighting against 'undesired states.' It was expected that the war in Syria and Iraq will continue on a permanent basis. There were plans in the future to unleash a war against Iran and Russia."
Warmonger Whitewashing: Aleppo Twitter Girl Silently Deletes Pro-WWIII Tweets
Mass Shootings: The Military-Entertainment Complex's Culture Of Violence Turns Deadly
Ask yourself: Who are these shooters modelling themselves after? Where are they finding the inspiration for their weaponry and tactics? Whose stance and techniques are they mirroring?
In almost every instance, you can connect the dots back to the military.
Kurdistan Is an Israeli Game-Plan for the Region
Bana Alabed: The Truth about Syria’s Propaganda Princess
 If cars would make "spreading persistent con-trails", the government would do something about it but ignoring the elephants in the sky looks suspicious. Since technology exists for the suppression of contrails and low sulfur Diesel costs only 1-2% more. There is zero excuse for "spreading persistent con-trails". Unless it's done on purpose.
Are You Ready to Die?
Greenwald explains that the US media is so conditioned by the National Security State to see Russian President Putin lurking behind and masterminding attacks on America that it is “now religious dogma”—a requirement—to find Russian perfidy everywhere. The result Greenwald correctly says is that “an incredibly reckless, anything-goes climate prevails when it comes to claims about Russia. Media outlets will publish literally any official assertion as Truth without the slightest regard for evidentiary standards.”
In other words, the United States no longer has a media. It has a propaganda ministry for the military/security complex, the neoconservatives, and the Israel Lobby. And the idiot Americans sit in front of the TV and absorb the propaganda, and they read the New York Times and think that they are sophisticated and in the know.
The crazed morons in Washington are risking the life of the planet. The presstitutes never question the path to war; they only amplify it. Washington’s  craven, cowardly  vassel states in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, and the rest of the EU/NATO idiots are, by their cooperation with Washington, begging for their own destruction
Nowhere in the West is there a sign of intelligence.
Will Washington follow Adolf Hitler’s folly and march into Russia?
US staging ‘fatal provocations’ against Russian forces in Syria – Lavrov
‘I had my fingers broken’: Catalan woman speaks out on Spanish police violence
Police have identified the gunman responsible for killing at least 59 people and injuring at least 527 more in a shooting late Sunday night in Las Vegas as Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old man from Mesquite, Nevada. The shooting is the deadliest mass killing in modern U.S. history.
Russia's Stand-Off Capability: The 800 Pound Gorilla in Syria
Episode 033 – Meet Edward Bernays
Description:You’ve heard of his uncle Sigmund, so how come you’ve never heard of him? This week, we dish the dirt on Freud’s American nephew, the man who literally wrote the book on propaganda, and paved the way for women’s smoking, fluoride poisoning our water supply and the invasion of Guatemala, among other masterful acts of PR.
US 'completely & unlawfully seize' Russian SF consulate as blacksmith breaks lock (VIDEO)
ISIS claims Las Vegas attack, FBI says gunman had ‘no connection’ to terrorist group
Some documentaries empower you while others castrate you.
Money, happiness and eternal life - Greed (1/2) | DW Documentary
Documentary on the Cult of Materialism [Full HD]
The Century of the Self (Full Documentary)
< 8:34 Propaganda = council on foreign relations>
90% Yes: Catalonia Votes to Secede From Spain Amid Crackdown
Results are in on the long-anticipated Catalonia referendum, and secession won in a big way, with over 2 million voters, and 90% of those who voted, supporting secession from Spain and the establishment of an independent Catalan state.
Catalan President Carles Puigdemont says that Catalonia has earned its independence today, facing down a violent crackdown by Spanish national police, and said he intends to make a direct appeal to the European Union as soon as possible to complain about human rights violations by Spanish forces.
Meet Edward Bernays, Master of Propaganda
36:57 Corbett Report Extras
<7:45 "unintended consequences">
Washington Post Unaware Puerto Rico Part Of America
safe-Zone Judo as Syrian Forces Cross the Euphrates
October 2, 2017 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - Syrian forces with the support of their Russian and Iranian allies, crossed the Euphrates River near the city of Deir ez-Zor in eastern Syria.
US policymakers as early as 2012 openly declared their intent to partition Syria through the use of "safe zones" or "buffer zones." From these zones - established with and protected by direct US military intervention - militant proxies would attempt to expand deeper into Syrian territory until the nation could either be toppled entirely, or sufficiently partitioned, effectively eliminating the Syrian Arab Republic as it was known before the conflict began.
Clinton campaign chief thanked Facebook for ‘help & support’ – WikiLeaks
Wikileaks DESTROYS Facebook. Top executives busted in leaked emails, “I Want HRC to Win Badly” (Video)
Leaked John Podesta emails show that Facebook colluded with the Hillary Clinton campaign.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg were communicating with Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta during the 2016 presidential election.
In one email exchange released by Wikileaks, Sandberg says she wanted Hillary to win “badly”.
 UK Accused Of Blocking UN Inquiry Into Saudi War Crimes In Yemen
Rights groups say the UK is putting arms sales to Saudi Arabia before investigations into civilian deaths from coalition bombings.
by Jamie Merrill
 Red Cross: 1 Million Cholera Cases Likely In Yemen By Years End
According to the Red Cross, the unprecedented scale of Yemen’s cholera epidemic makes it “the worst in history.”
Yemen has been destroyed by a simultaneous blockade and vicious bombing campaign waged by a Saudi Arabian coalition backed by western governments including the United States and the United Kingdom.
According to Faite, there have been 750,000 suspected cases of cholera so far in the battered country, and at least 2,119 have died of the disease, which spreads due to lack of access to clean water and health facilities.
Why Rajoy Is Panicking - Last Minute Poll Shows Huge 80% Surge For Catalan Independence
We noted yesterday that "if Catalonia secedes from terms of the debt sustainability parameters laid down by the Treaty of Maastricht, it’d be the Eurozone debt crisis 2.0..." and it is clear by the thuggish brutality of Spain's police that Rajoy will do anything to ensure this vote does not go ahead as the latest poll data shows a massive surge in favor of independence, as government fascism has clearly triggered unintended consequences that look set to spirtal out of control.
Ex-PM Ted Heath 'abused boys as young as 11' as he's set to be linked to 42 claims of paedophile assaults
Former Tory is expected to be linked to 42 claims of paedophile assaults including at least one rape and attacks on boys aged 11 to 15, a source alleged.
‘If RT leaves the US, American media might stop broadcasting in Russia’ – RT editor-in-chief
Owing to the US campaign to have RT registered as a foreign agent, the channel will “in the worst-case scenario” be forced to stop broadcasting in America, which will trigger reciprocal measures towards US media in Russia, RT's editor-in-chief has said.
<hahahaha, soo much for vaunted freedem of speech, free press. heck the american way is dead. just a lovely dictatorship.. america is becoming worse than many 3rd world countries.>
Frankreichs Regierung kündigt Verbot von Glyphosat an
Regierungschef Edouard Philippe habe entschieden, dass das Mittel bis zum Jahr 2022 „in Frankreich verboten“ werde, teilte Regierungssprecher Christophe Castaner am Montag der Nachrichtenagentur AFP zufolge mit. Dies umfasse jeglichen Gebrauch, einschließlich der Verwendung in der Landwirtschaft.
On Catalonia's Referendum
The Terrifying Truth About Bananas
My Facebook Was Deleted After Exposing Election fraud in #KurdistanReferendum
Facebook Is Banning Black Users For Speaking Up Against Racism
Dying CIA Agent Makes Deathbed Confession: ‘We Blew Up WTC7 On 9/11’
Malcom Howard, a 79-year-old retired CIA agent, claims he was part of a covert operation to destroy World Trade Center Building Number 7 during the attacks in New York on September 11th, 2001.
Mr. Howard was an operative in the CIA for 36 years and claims he was tasked with bringing the building down in a “controlled demolition” saying he had been chosen for the project by senior CIA agents due to his engineering background and experience in commercial demotion from a previous career.
Racist Police In Alabama Planted Drugs And Guns On Over 1,000 Innocent Black Men
Nearly 1,000 innocent Black men were arrested and falsely prosecuted and many of the Black men who were falsely arrested are still in jail serving time
Since the initial investigation, most of the racist officers involved have advanced in their careers and hold prominent positions. The group of officers who presented the evidence to Internal Affairs Division are willing to testify against the racist officers if U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch assigns a special prosecutor from outside of Alabama to handle the case.
Instant Messaging Software
IP Messenger is a freeware network messenger app filed under instant messaging software and made available by H for Windows.
The Roger Wilco Voice Chat program is a small, basic program which allows you to talk from your online computer to any other computer on the Internet without ...
The Greeks really do have near-mythical origins, ancient DNA reveals
Now, ancient DNA suggests that living Greeks are indeed the descendants of Mycenaeans, with only a small proportion of DNA from later migrations to Greece. And the Mycenaeans themselves were closely related to the earlier Minoans, the study reveals, another great civilization that flourished on the island of Crete from 2600 B.C.E. to 1400 B.C.E. (named for the mythical King Minos).
Facebook Blocks SYRIANGIRL's Account After Criticism of Kurds
Haplogroup J1 is Definitely Not Semitic in Origin!
3 Times Cops Posted About Weed Busts on FB This Week and Instantly Regretted It
Log out of Facebook. Delete your Twitter. Sleep with one eye open – the Russians are everywhere
Now, just imagine the outrage if it was revealed that the biggest and most influential social media platform in the country had been giving Trump’s team a helping hand, and emailing his campaign chairman admitting how badly they wanted him to win.
Russian air strikes kill 2,000+ ISIS, Al-Nusra terrorists in Syria in 11 days – military (VIDEO)
Russian air strikes in Syria between September 19 and 29 resulted in the deaths of 2,359 militants with a further 2,700 or so wounded, the Russian Ministry of Defense has announced. 16 field commanders, and over 400 citizens from the former USSR are among the casualties.