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Moderate Terrorists

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*BREAKING - Killers of the Palestinian child put it clearly We are even worse than ISIS
The boy in the ambulance: US State Dept-funded groups behind latest 'iconic image'
designed to demonize Russia and encourage further bloodshed in Syria's time for you, Western reader, to support your government in sorting out the mess in Syria by funneling more of your tax dollars to your government's foreign terrorist proxy army in Syria.
The Health & Wellness Show: Pain, pain, go away
Overdoses from opioid abuse has hit an all-time high. In 2014, more than 47,000 people died from a drug overdose. Heroin use jumped 63% in an 11 year span. Prescription drugs like Vicodin and Percocet cause 17,000 deaths per year.
"Hezbollah fighters traced and targeted a large group of terrorists that were retreating from military academy buildings to safer areas," the sources said, adding, "Scores of Jeish al-Fatah members were killed by Hezbollah fighters and tens of them were…
America’s “Humanitarian War” against the World
The world is at a dangerous crossroads.  The United States and its allies have launched a military adventure which threatens the future of humanity.
The US-NATO military agenda combines both major theater operations as well as covert actions geared towards destabilizing sovereign states. America’s hegemonic project is to destabilize and destroy countries through acts of war, support of terrorist organizations, regime change and economic warfare.
Assad could be part of transition period in Syria – Turkish PM
<Sure, he would probably be elected over and over again by he Syrians. But the U.S. State Dept would not approve.  Syrian democracy only works when the State Dept. approves>
Pack of 50 stray dogs attack, partly eat elderly woman at Indian beach
The state is witnessing a rise in the number of stray dogs as officials are still trying to figure out how to solve the problem. The authorities in Kerala recently appointed a special commission, which came to a staggering conclusion that around 100,000 people had been attacked by stray dogs since early 2015, the Times of India reports.
Saudi jets strike Yemen’s capital during 100,000 strong rally in support of Houthis (VIDEO)
Dead in an hour: Video shows LA cops tasering grandfather who died in jail
114 child sex files linked to MPs have ‘vanished’
A TOTAL of 114 files linked to allegations of paedophile activity in Westminster may have been destroyed, MPs were told yesterday.
I was playing with friends when it hit me’: Aleppo kids injured in rebel fire tell their stories
<The USA has invaded Syria, both directly and through its proxy Terrorist Army.
The US initially destabilized the legitimate government of Syria and has been trying to destroy Syria for five years now.   Russians have halted that process. >
<"Rebels"? Most are foreign mercenaries. Name them by their actions and their actions are terrorism. Therefore they're are terrorists. How would Britain call ten thousands of invaders shooting at police, army, government and civilians who "wear the wrong dress or have the wrong believe"?>
ISIS sex slave survivor: They beat me, raped me, treated me like an animal
A woman from the Yazidi people speaks about an unspeakable nightmare. Nadia…
25 years on: The failed coup that ended the Soviet Union (PART 1)
25 years on: The failed coup that ended the Soviet Union (PART 2)
Cold War Chill: US Congress Wants to Block Future Presidents Working With Russia
As Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has expressed interest in…
Footage Of Boy In Aleppo Is Opportunistic, Vile Propaganda From Western Media
Pentagon can’t account for $6.5 trillion of taxpayer money – IG report
US-backed "Syrian Rebels" Nour Al Din Zinki capture Palestinian child, accuse him of working with Assad & behead him
Propaganda Support Terrorists in Syria
Omran Daqneesh, a 5 years old boy was rescued after a bombing in Aleppo. The picture of Omran, dazed and confused into the ambulance, widely spread all over the mass medias. But who has taken this picture ? His name is Mahmoud Raslan. He is presented by the medias as a "photographer". But photos of him on his facebook page show that he has some terrible friends.
He is smiling alongside 3 of his friends from the Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki islamist group. These 3 men participated to the gruesome beheading of a 12 years old boy last month near Aleppo.
Western media will never show you the real nature of the so called "rebels".
Sexist Cannabis: Marijuana relieves pain for men, not women – study
"Moderate" Opposition terrorists behead child
Journalist who voted twice to expose Brexit electoral fraud... is investigated for electoral fraud
Good old UK - shoot the messenger, as usual, and ignore the message.
Eric Pickles has warned us about this - and the source of it.
#Aleppo Boy: Ash-covered child brings home horror of Syrian war to the world (GRAPHIC VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Russian Black Sea Fleet carries out missile strikes on terrorist targets in Syria - military
EU Welcomes WTO Ruling Against 'Political' Russian Pork Import Ban
The World Trade Organization (WTO) decision to support the European Union in its trade dispute with Russia over Moscow's ban on the import of pork products from…
'Hack the Kremlin' Calls for Pentagon to dig up secret info as payback for e-mail leaks
Germany to ban wearing face veils in public places - Interior minister
Pentagon sends jets, warning as Syria bombs near US-backed Kurds
<Syria is a sovereign country whose leader is Bashar Assad who was legitimately elected by the people of Syria in a majority election. The United States is an invading Force which was not invited by the legitimate government of Syria. The Kurdish areas in Syria are part of Syria, and if there is ever to be some sort of autonomy given to the Kurds it should be negotiated between the Kurds and the legitimate Syrian government.  The US is an invading meddling force and has no business supporting the Kurds or anyone else, against the legitimate government of Syria. The US should leave Syria, because they have a track record of causing nothing but destruction, murder, rapes wherever they invade in the Middle East, and elsewhere.>
Saudi Arabia Resorts To Bombing Own Territory Amid Houthi Invasion Of Southern Province
<Saudi Arabia has been illegally bombing Yemen for over a year now killing over 10,000 people while starving nearly a million children -- all with the blessings from the UN and arms support from the UK, Israel, Egypt and the US. Did these colonial powers really think Yemeni's would sit back and take it?>
Elbowed? US runners allowed another go at relay qualifier after dropping baton
American women’s 4x100 relay team at Rio Olympics has been allowed to re-run…
Madeleine Albright - The deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it for Iraq's non existent WMD's
Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki
Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki (Arabic: حركة نور الدين الزنكي‎‎, Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement) is an Islamist group involved in the Syrian Civil War. In 2014-15 it was part of the Syrian Revolutionary Command Council and in that period received U.S.-made BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missiles.[10] As of 2014, it is reportedly one of the most influential factions in Aleppo
Falling Apart: West’s Media-Driven Deception in Syria
<So when he's not out saving kids, he's palling around with ppl who behead them. Give this guy a Nobel Peace Prize. Now.
121 retweets 85 likes>
U.S.-Backed ‘Moderate’ Rebels Behead a Child Near Aleppo
It’s the kind of stomach-wrenching brutality you’d associate with ISIS. Except this time, it’s American-armed rebels who are cutting off a boy’s head.
<Mahmoud Rslan is deeply embedded with the jihadists (especially al Zenki but also Jaysh al Islam) and waves the al Zenki flag and pics of its 'martyrs' on his FB page.>
Gone With the Wind: Civilians Massacred in US Airstrike in Manbij
By Ollie Richardson The US-led coalition’s presence in Syria is becoming more unwelcome and untenable as the days pass. In the age of Social Media and the…
WTF: Guy who taken pictures working for AFP is in same group from the beheaders who behead a Kid in Aleppo.
The boy in the ambulance: US State Dept-funded groups behind latest 'iconic image'
designed to demonize Russia and encourage further bloodshed in Syria
Gone With the Wind: Civilians Massacred in US Airstrike in Manbij
By Ollie Richardson The US-led coalition’s presence in Syria is becoming more unwelcome and untenable as the days pass. In the age of Social Media and the…
The True Story Of How War Broke Out In Syria; 100% made in the USA
The True Story Of How War Broke Out In Syria 2016 Deraa. Courtesy Wikipedia. Click to enlarge The day before September 11, 2001 was like any normal day in…
EXCLUSIVE Britain is arming Saudi Arabia in Yemen conflict
Kick Saudi Arabia off UN human rights council for Yemen brutality, May told
The calls have come ahead of a key vote on the position and shortly after details of the vast amounts of arms, ammunition and military equipment Britain sells to the Saudi regime came to light.
Die heutige Al-Kaida-Offensive der Jaish al Fatah, Aleppo Fatah gegen „Al-Zahra Syria city Association“ im Westen von Aleppo ist abgeschlagen worden von der Armee, obwohl die Terroristen bei FB und Twitter jubelten, sie hätten das halbe Gebiet bei der Zementfabrik „Labor Zement“ bereits eingenommen. Die Attacken begannen wie Al-Kaida-IS üblich, mit Selbstmordattentätern, mit Fahrzeugbomben.
Media using pro-al Nusra “media center” as source for war-propaganda
At some point over the last few days a little boy and his family allegedly sustained minor cuts and bruises when their apartment building was allegedly bombed. –…
Aleppo boy: Photographer behind iconic image of dazed and bloodied child describes harrowing moments that led up to it
Mahmoud Raslan passed several lifeless bodies before seeing the child
Fabrication in BBC Panorama 'Saving Syria’s Children'
Obama and Hillary DID Found ISIS - This 2012 US Government Memo Proves It
And the media are lying about it.  "Let’s put into broader context the Fourth Estate’s malfeasance in not connecting the 2012 DIA report to Trump’s accusation..."
The DIA report said, in essence, that if we (the U.S. and our local cronies) keep aiding al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other such sterling democrats, something really nasty would arise in eastern Syria. Several months later, it did, when ISIS declared itself a state straddling the Syria-Iraq border.
    Hasan: You are basically saying that even in government at the time you knew these groups were around, you saw this analysis, and you were arguing against it, but who wasn’t listening?
    Flynn: I think the administration.
    Hasan: So the administration turned a blind eye to your analysis?
    Flynn: I don’t know that they turned a blind eye, I think it was a decision. I think it was a willful decision.
    Hasan: A willful decision to support an insurgency that had Salafists, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood?
    Flynn: It was a willful decision to do what they’re doing.
US-led coalition air strikes in Syria 'kill 77 civilians mistaken for Isis fighters'
Syrian opposition calls for a suspension of the US-led air campaign against Isis as civilian death toll rises
Rebel shelling has killed '28 civilians' in Aleppo
At least 28 civilians have been killed in shelling fired by Syrian rebels over the last 24 hours in south-western districts of the country’s besieged capital Aleppo, a monitor has said. Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said six children and eight women were among t...
Oscar Nominations for War Porn with Child Has New Nominee
The Syria White Helmets Exposed as US UK Agents Embedded with Al Nusra and ISIS
Video made by Hands Off Syria
White Helmet Articles:
Syrian child rescued from rubble in Aleppo
<fake white helmet propaganda video. Had wound and not bleeding>
< The White Helmets are funded by the US and the UK as a support group for Al Qaeda (Nusra, Jaysh al Islam, Fatah al Sham, etc etc)>
Little boy in Aleppo a vivid reminder of war's horror
< fake tears for fake blood in Al Qaeda held Aleppo now being called "rebel" held area.>
Saudi coalition kills 10 children in their classroom in Yemen air strike
Ten children have been killed and more than 20 injured by an air strike on a school…
The "Wounded Boy In Orange Seat" - Another Staged "White Helmets" Stunt
The boy in the ambulance: US State Dept-funded groups behind latest 'iconic image' designed to demonize Russia and encourage further bloodshed in Syria
 When the US military killed 73 civilians in Syria last month, images of the carnage, like the one below, didn't make the cut, for some strange reason.
Proof: US and NATO-backed ‘Rebels’ Are NOT Fighting ISIS
UN admits role in Haiti cholera outbreak that killed 10,000 people
Nepal had a cholera epidemic underway at the time and raw sewage from the latrines at the UN troops’ came was allowed to seep into an adjacent river.
Huge spike in Islamophobic tweets blamed on Nice attack & Turkey coup
The stunned, bloodied face of a child survivor sums up the horror of Aleppo
The image shows a young boy, covered in dust and blood, sitting dazed, after he…
<The report is terror groups' propaganda and the photo is not of a Syrian boy. In Syria safety kits have no "EMS" or other English lettering on them.>
Scottish football fans fly flag of Palestine in match against Israeli team
Entire sections of fans at Glasgow's stadium displayed Palestinian flags to protest…
Thousands of Saudi-Backed Terrorists Ready to Enter Syria via Border with Jordan
Saudi intelligence officers have been training at least 7,000 anti-Syria fighters in Jordan's territories and plan to dispatch them to the war-hit country via its Southern…
#Aleppo Boy: Bloody, ash-covered child brings home horror of Syrian war to the world (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Syria civil war planned by Israel and Britain: former French foreign minister - YouTube
France's former foreign minister Roland Dumas tells a TV channel that Israel and Britain planned to spark a
4 Homemade Traps to Get Rid of Fruit Flies
Israel to destroy Palestinian school in West Bank, UN demands halt to demolitions
John McCain NGO banned as ‘undesirable group’ in Russia
Bundesregierung nennt Türkei "zentrale Aktionsplattform" für Islamisten
<ISIS wird nicht einmal genannt aber Hamas 4 Mal>
The White Helmets - al Qaeda with a facelift
'The White Helmets', fake 'Syrian humanitarian group, exposed as an al Qaeda support group headed by a British military man and funded by the US…
Serious financing behind cyberattacks on RT – internet security experts
RT has faced repeated cyberattacks for more than a week, with experts saying the organization of such systematic assaults requires extensive financing. At the same time, the attacks have had only a negligible effect, IT specialists say.
Black Seed - 'The Remedy For Everything But Death'
0 Health Benefits of Black Seed (Nigella Sativa) – Part 1
US doubts legitimacy of Russia’s using base in Iran
The US State Department looks into the question whether Russia’s using of a military base in Iran to hit targets in Syria, violates the UN Security Council resolution.
<Hahaha... a million base all over the world and they doubt the legitimacy of ONE russian base...>
On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero
Buzzkill: Neonicotinoid insecticides on oilseed rape lead to bee decline across England, study says
Wild bees are vulnerable to neonicotinoids, a class of neuro-active insecticides chemically similar to nicotine, the research, led by the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) in the UK, says. Neonicotinoids are absorbed by the plant, thus making it toxic for insects.
Robert Fisk: SAA Strongest Institution, FSA Doesn't Exist, Rebels Targeting Christians
Former al-Qaeda Militant: Jihadists in Syria are American Tools whose End is Either Death or Prison
Interview with former Al Qaeda leader, Sheikh Nabeel Naim exposes ISIS& western alliance
PressTV-Russia granted access to Iraqi airspace
Baghdad says Russia has been granted conditional access to Iraqi airspace for anti-Daesh airstrikes in Syria.
Germany accuses Turkey of supporting terrorism - Turkish Minute
A leaked internal government document accuses Turkish government of supporting terrorist organizations, public broadcaster ARD reports. The leaked report states…
Eastern Aleppo is NOT under siege, the alQaida led terrorist groups under the command of the Saudi Wahhabi Sheikh, Abdullah alMuhaysini, are!...
US-backed forces give hundreds of ISIS fighters safe passage
Several hundred vehicles containing 100 to 200 Islamic State fighters were given safe passage by US-based forces, out of the northern Syrian city of Manbij, after surrendering their weapons, according to defense officials.
Saudi: 11 sentenced to 300 lashes for beach party
Ruddy Hell It's Harry and Paul
Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary - Official Version
1:38:53  - 20 min
Renowned lawyer who represented Julian Assange died after being struc…
One of the UK’s most respected international criminal lawyers who was…
WikiLeaks CONFIRMS Hillary Sold Weapons to ISIS… Then Drops Another BOMBSHELL! Breaking News
George Soros' NGOs exposed manipulating EU elections in 2,500 document hack from DC Leaks
Here is a full list of George Soros funded NGOs manipulating elections in all EU…
Saudi Arabia supplies Syrian terrorists with new heavy weaponry from France --
Field sources in Aleppo have witnessed new weapons in the strongholds of terrorists in Syria which need 6 months of training before use. The new heavy machine guns…
Europeans 'Abdicated Much of Their Sovereignty to Washington'
The US-led NATO alliance is exacerbating tensions in Europe, dealing a heavy…
US 'Trying to Discredit Russia's Efforts in Syria' and Ruin Aleppo Operation
The battle for the city of Aleppo is shaping to become a milestone in the Syrian conflict; its outcome will most likely determine the fate of the country, if not the…
"For the analyst, this is not merely a battle between Damascus-led forces and rebels, but rather a "standoff" between the Russian and US-led coalitions.
This is why Washington and its allies are increasingly active in Syria.
The United States "is trying to undermine the Syrian Arab Army's (SAA) operation aimed at freeing Aleppo, the city that the US views as the capital of 'moderate' Syrian opposition. They also want to fuel tensions in Damascus suburbs and strengthen their positions in areas close to Raqqa and northeastern provinces," the analyst said.
Energy Revolution - Energie aus den Ozeanen
China openly offers Russia an alliance against NATO
Tensions Rise Between Bolivia and Chile after U.S. Military Carries Out Exercises on the Border
President Evo Morales used his Twitter account this week to denounce the "joint military maneuvers between Chile and the USA" bordering his country
Henry Lowendorf: What we saw in Syria goes against everything we read in the United States
Patterns have long since emerged. We know that each illegal war of conquest is…
Ron Paul says 'CIA involved' in government overthrow in Ukraine, war brewing over Crimea (VIDEO)
Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams skillfully dissect the latest storm clouds hanging…
Indonesia to Sink Boats Involved in Illegal Fishing in Natuna
Russian Tu-22M3 'Backfire' long-range bombers strike ISIS from Iran's Hamadan airfield (VIDEO)
Russia anti-terror drills underway in Mediterranean
Clouds Caused By Aircraft Exhaust May Warm The U.S. Climate
NASA scientists have found that cirrus clouds, formed by contrails from aircraft engine exhaust, are capable of increasing average surface temperatures enough to account for a warming trend in the United States that occurred between 1975 and 1994.
Annual growth in global air traffic passenger demand from 2005 to 2016
<at least 5% growth annually or more>
Nothing will happen to them. We live in a time where law is selectively applied when and if the government wants to apply it.
Record Crushing Fraud From NOAA And NASA Ahead Of Paris
Data Tampering At USHCN/GISS
The measured USHCN daily temperature data shows a decline in US temperatures since the 1930s.  But before they release it to the public,  they put it thorough a series of adjustments which change it from a cooling trend to a warming trend.
July 2016 hottest month ever recorded on Earth
NASA calculations said that July temperatures also broke all previously recorded measurements dating back to 1880. Last month turned out to be about 0.11 degrees Celsius ( 0.18 degrees Fahrenheit) hotter than the previous record of July 2011, which was approached very closely by July 2015’s temperatures.
70 Major Sins In Islam
Baltic States' Agriculture, Fisheries Face Collapse After Loss of Russian Market
Last week marked the second anniversary of Russia's introduction of agricultural sanctions against Europe. The measure, introduced in response to Western…
Russia ‘prevented’ potential NATO launch of 624 cruise missiles in Syria – Defense Minister
Yhdysvaltojen F-15-hävittäjät aloittavat viikon päästä harjoitukset Suomen yllä
Harjoitukset ovat esimerkki siitä, että puolustusyhteistyö Yhdysvaltojen ja Suomen…
Watch Nancy Pelosi squirm in fear as she blames her email hack on “the Russians” [Video]
The irony is that the Obama White House ramped up its spying and surveillance activity on all the world, only to now have the tables turned.
***************************************************************✈ ✒
If We Want To Stop Terrorism, We Should Stop SUPPORTING Terrorists
Main results of Syria truces: Terrorists add 7,000 to ranks, get arms & munitions – Lavrov
While agreeing that three-hour ceasefires are not enough to alleviate the…
 The Russian FM said that Moscow and Washington had managed to enforce 48-hour or 72-hour truces in various parts of Syria before.
“The main results of those pauses was an insignificant relief in the humanitarian situation, while terrorists added 7,000 people to their ranks, not to mention huge amounts of arms and munitions they received,” he said.
Wikileaks say they have 1,700 emails proving Hillary Clinton knew about U.S. military weapns shipments to Al Qaeda and ISIS
Father & 7yo daughter held at gunpoint by ‘insane & violent’ police officer
Any one sided news is propaganda. What actually the Western MSM does. RT is a platform for mostly people living in the West to whom the Western war mongering media wouldn't give one inch of space on their newspaper or website. RT gives even space to the enemies of Russia. Like you for example.
‘I destroyed the far right in UK’: Farage on Brexit, UKIP future & neo-Nazi past rumors
In an interview with RT UK, outgoing UKIP leader Nigel Farage denied that his…
Are Cops In Chicago Behind Many Of The Shootings That Are Blamed On Gang Violence?
This year, during Memorial Day weekend, a number of huge mainstream media outlets reported that a whopping 56 people had been shot - with a dozen being…
In 2011, the Western led regime-change machine and its propaganda outlets decided that all the "Syrian people" wanted was: "freedom", "democracy", "human rights" and the overthrow of the "dictator"!!!....

Today, five years later, the SAME Western led regime-change machine and its bankrupt propaganda outlets have decided that all the "Syrian people" REALLY want is to "liberated" by the alQaida led Salafi_Wahhabi_MB terrorist groups- who cares about freedom, democracy and human rights!?!...
The "Aleppo Hospital Bombed" War Propaganda Theme (with tweets) · MoonofA
Reality vs. Propaganda - @EHSANI22 on the "bombed hospitals" in Aleppo - with additional links from
Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism
After decades of passionate debate, parents probably missed the repeated admissions by drug companies and governments alike that vaccines do in fact cause autism. For concerned parents seeking the …
15 Palestinians injured as 100s of Jews enter Al-Aqsa compound in Jerusalem
Castro urges West not to subject Russia & China ‘to threats of deploying nuclear weapons’
TOP Secret Things about Mathematics you didn't Know - Full Documentary
Julian Assange on the TPP: Secretive Deal Isn’t About Trade, But Corporate Control
WikiLeaks' Assange - TPP Not Only Trade, 83% Is Fascists Controlling Our Daily Lives - Once We're In, We're Stuck Forever | RickWells.US
Chicago Police Arrest Muslim Woman Because She Was Walking at a “Brisk Pace” to Catch Train
Pessimists Live Longer Lives According To A New Study
“Pessimism about the future may encourage people to live more carefully, taking health and safety precautions.”
Government Chemist Tampered With 40,000 Cases, Locking Countless Innocent Americans in Prison |...
BREAKING: Multiple US Cities Rounding Up Blacks and Locking Them in ‘Debtors Prisons’
They have been trapped in small cells for minor debts such as not being able to…
Native American Council offers amnesty to 220 million undocumented whites
A council of Native American leaders has offered partial amnesty to the estimated 220 million illegal white immigrants living in the United States. The "white" problem…
Study Proves Prejudice Linked With Low IQ
Does you intelligence level effect your level of prejudice? A recent study by Mark Brandt and Jarret Crawford looked to answer just that, and the results will not…
5 Questions for Peter Lavelle: The intentional slide to war against Russia
Six Killed Pediatricians Sign Letter To Obama
Protesters riot, burn cars & properties after fatal officer-involved shooting in Milwaukee, WI
Riots and clashes with police have been reported in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which began after a man was shot dead by an officer during a chase on foot on Saturday.…
Was the ‘Aleppo Medics’ Letter Begging Obama to Stop Russian Airstrikes a Fake?
Reporting inconsistencies, a peculiar set of names, and implications on strategy…
The healing properties of Cannabidiol (CBD)
International Classification of Diseases 9 - CM 1996
Chronic Conditions Treated With Cannabis
Encountered Between 1990-2004
Wikileaks confirms Hillary sold weapons to ISIS
Although Hillary Clinton has repeatedly denied that she sold weapons to the Islamic Stats while serving as Secretary of State, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange claims…
Report: Walmart Workers Cost Taxpayers $6.2 Billion In Public Assistance
Walmart's low-wage workers cost U.S. taxpayers an estimated $6.2 billion in public…
Reality Check: Proof U.S. Government Wanted ISIS To Emerge In Syria
The world's attention is fixed on Paris. France is tonight a police state. There is concern over ISIS
Secret File Confirms Trump Claim: Obama, Hillary 'Founded ISIS' to Oust Assad
The Obama Administration’s policy of supporting Salafist opposition to Syrian…
Report: Russia's Hypersonic 7680MPH Nuclear Glider Armed With ICBMs Almost Ready
The lethal hypersonic nuclear glider that looks to revolutionize defense aviation…
Western corporate media 'disappears' over 1.5 million Syrians and 4,000 doctors
The bombs you don't hear about: "rebel" terrorists target civilians and hospitals in west Aleppo with crudely fashioned "hell cannons" and gas canister bombs.
Clinton's war hawks ready to pounce
It was US and UK that sank Russia's Kursk submarine
Aleppo: The Reality Is Not Good News for Americans
“ Syrian army and Hezbollah said the terrorists in Aleppo are both receiving logistical aid and intelligence support from the western states, specially the US warships deployed in the Mediterranean Sea.”
We can't afford refugee children because we spent everything blowing up their houses, claims government
Blowing up the homes of Syrian refugees doesn't come cheap, according to government officials under increasing pressure to accept 3,000 refugee children.
At least ten children killed in Yemen after school reportedly hit by Saudi Airstrike - ITCW
At least ten children have been killed and almost thirty injured in north-western Yemen, Doctors Without Borders said after a reported airstrike on a religious…
Women burn burqas, men cut beards: Manbij celebrates liberation from ISIS (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Japan’s First Lady Attends Protest Against US Military Base in Okinawa
Akie Abe, first lady of Japan, traveled to the Okinawa Prefecture to observe a sit-in in protest of the construction of US military helipads next to a local village.
Intelligence Briefing: Cyprus Next Nuland Target
The United States continues it's psychotic policy of overthrowing nations and then exploiting them for their own gain. One of it's most recent targets is designed to cut…
Stratfor Says Washington Brought Moscow & Ankara Together On Purpose…
'Shadow CIA' think tank Stratfor has come out with a new analysis, this time…
Mustakuminansiemen, nigella
<to expensive. Almost 3 times the price>
20 health benefits of black nigella seeds and oil
7 Proven Black Seed Oil Benefits & Cures
What's New and Beneficial About Watermelon
Military Escalation: Turning Point in the Battle of Aleppo
Stunning revelation: Wikileaks hack shows that Soros called the shots on US policy toward Albania
Who was in charge of U.S. foreign policy when Hillary Clinton was secretary of…
Civil Unrest in the United States, Stability in Russia
Racism has been part of the genetic makeup of the United States since colonial times and evidence shows that it is still alive and well.
Webb says U.S. has 5 percent of world's population, 25 percent of its "known" prisoners
Webb says the U.S. has 5 percent of the world’s population but 25 percent of the world’s  "known prison population."
His numbers are a bit off. The U.S. has 4.4 percent of the world’s population and 22 percent of its prisoners. But we won’t quibble. Webb’s central point holds up: That, when measured in global percentages, the United States’ prison population is five times greater than its general population.

Donkey Balls
Hundreds of Brits dying from malnutrition or hunger, official figures reveal
Hospitals saw 746 admissions for malnutrition in 2015, an average of two per day, according to official government figures.
Health minister Nicola Blackwood confirmed the number in a written answer in Parliament.
9/11 in 5 minutes - Construction World Trade Center
World Trade Center Construction 1968-1972
General Article: Engineering and Construction of the Twin Towers
Fruits of ‘special relationship’: Britain spends $449bn to support 1mn US jobs
‘Chaos in Kiev’: Ukraine trying to distract attention from Donbass conflict, says Russia’s UN rep.
“There is chaos in Kiev. They don’t know what to do with Donetsk. The Minsk agreements are quite clear, but they [Ukrainian authorities] have no political will to implement them,” Churkin told journalists.
What Is the Real Purpose of the US Bombing in Syria?
Alexander KUZNETSOV: In recent weeks the bombing of Syria has been stepped up. Russia’s Aerospace Defense Forces has been wiping out the die-hard…
Washington considers sanctioning Moscow over DNC email leak - report
US officials are considering new economic sanctions against Russia over the DNC…
<Even though the leak came from DNC itself? And the guy who leaked it to wikileaks got killed on Clinton's order? Even though those same emails prove how big of a monster and a psychopath Hitlary really is? Are you fucking kidding me? Are americans REALLY THAT stupid?>
Man hit by truck ignored by 140 cars, 82 rickshaws, 181 bikers, 45 pedestrians (VIDEO)
A man was left to die on the side of the road in India after being hit by a delivery…
The many suspicious suicides surrounding Hillary Rodham Clinton
The Criminality of American and British Illegal Immigrants in Syria
It’s really 19th century behavior in the 21st century. You just don’t invade another country on phony pretexts in order to assert your interests. (Secretary of State,…
Mapping the Soy Supply Chain in Europe
The terrorists fighting us now? We just finished training them.
Hundreds of Royal Marines to join the SAS to train New Syrian Army and fight ISIS
Britain will deploy hundreds of elite troops to the Middle East to train Syrian rebel forces in the fight against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), it has emerged.
<There is no 'New Syrian Army'. There are only foreign jihadi thugs who cut the heads off of small boys and eat human organs.
Once again, Britain is breaking UK and international law by funding, arming and training non-state militias. So much for Chilcot.>
nigella seeds
10 More Health Benefits of Nigella Sativa (Black Seed)
Pentagon Cannot Account For $6.5 Trillion Dollars
Audit Reveals the Pentagon Doesn’t Know Where $6.5 Trillion Dollars Has Gone. Adding to the appearance of impropriety is the fact that thousands of documents that should be on file have been remove…
More than half of EU officially bans genetically modified crops
EuropaBio ("The European Association for Bioindustries") is Europe's largest and most influential biotech industry group, whose members include Monsanto, Bayer and other biotechnology companies.[1] The organisation was initiated in 1996 to represent the interests of the biotechnology industry at European level and therefore influence legislation that serves the interests of biotechnology companies in Europe.
List of Countries That Banned Genetically Modified Food
Austria, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria and Luxembourg: There are bans on the cultivation and sale of GMOs.
Switzerland: The country banned all GM crops, animals, and plants on its fields and farms in a public referendum in 2005, but the initial ban was for only five years. The ban has since been extended through 2013.
What countries have embraced GM crops?
Finland’s government and population is receptive to GM foods. None are currently grown in the country, however, because no approved GM crops are suitable for the country’s growing conditions.
Russian military’s invisible ‘cloak’ to hide weapons & hardware from enemy radar
White House Just Admitted They May Have Accidentally Given ISIS The $400M
So everyone can agree that the $400 million sent to Iran by President Obama can be viewed as skeptical. Yes we received hostages back, but at the same time Iran got…
Ukrainian president orders forces on border with Crimea and eastern Ukraine on highest alert
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has instructed all military units near Crimea…
US ground troops are in Libya, Pentagon admits
Netanyahu: ‘I care more about Palestinians than their leaders do’
<Acknowledging with hist statement that Palestine does exist>
Medical marijuana research farms to grow, but pot remains 'dangerous drug'
Gun issue, temperament: Reasons why MSM thinks Trump 'should go'
‘Am I not speaking English?’ Reporters grill State Dept over Clinton emails
<I would HATE to have her job! Especially right now lol She has no idea what to say or who she is she just lies all day long LOL>
The US behavior can be simply explained by the arrogance of the political class and its contempt for the rest of the world, including their own allies ( Fu*ck the EU remember ).
Molecular Aluminum Additive for Burn Enhancement of Hydrocarbon Fuels
Catalyzed metal fuel
US 2890108 A
In the case of metal dust such as aluminum dust and similar metal dust, the ignition of the same is believed to have an electric or electronic origin as opposed to thermal ignition. The electrical discharges or ionization is believed to produce ozone and aluminum oxide (A1 0 which reacts with the fine dust particles and initiates the decomposition of the same and flame propagation during the combustion of the fuel.
Thrust of the Third World War
Terrorists targeted Quetta a day before President Putin and President Erdogan met in St Petersburg this Tuesday, sealing the fate of US designs on Syria. Dont
UK Troops Caught Protecting ISIS In Syria
Pictures have emerged that appear show British special forces protecting ISIS militants in Syria.
Nanoscale Energetic Materials
Nanoparticles killManufactured aluminum oxide nanoparticles decrease expression of tight junction proteins in brain vasculature. and maim blood vessel cells found in the human brain
Guilty Until Proven Guilty
Before the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney even started, Dr. Wade Exum – former director of the US Olympic Committee’s (USCOC) drug-testing program – announced that more than half of all US athletes caught doping prior to the Atlanta games (1996) suffered no penalty whatever and were permitted to compete at those games, where some of them won medals. At the time, ally Australia’s opinion of America’s drug-testing efforts was decidedly negative.
Greece’s largest port taken over by Chinese firm
CLOUD Experiment Trashes AGW Theory
Svensmark: The Cloud Mystery
‘We want cash’: Drug agents seize $209mn in random profiling of 5,200 travelers – report
“Going after someone’s property has nothing to do with protecting them and it has everything to do with going after the money,” the Institute for Justice’s Renée Flaherty said.
<“We want the cash. Good agents chase cash,”
Same as good armed robbers...>
Mini Ice Age, Long Ice Age Glaciation explained
Top 10 Climate Change Lies Exposed
GWPF Interview: New Solar Research Raises Climate Questions, Triggers Attacks
Solar physicist's research discovers second solar cycle - sees global cooling ahead
We will see it from 2020 to 2053, when the three next cycles will be very reduced magnetic field of the sun. Basically what happens is these two waves, they separate into the opposite hemispheres and they will not be interacting with each other, which means that resulting magnetic field will drop dramatically nearly to zero. And this will be a similar conditions like in Maunder Minimum.
So we only hope because these Maunder Minima will be shorter, the Maunder Minimum of the 17th century was about 65 years, the Maunder Minimum which we expect will be lasting not longer than 30-35 years.
Interlocking Agencies that Conspire to “Create Terror”: We Do Not Need the Police to “Create More Terrorists”
Simply put, the world has enough terrorists. We do not need the police to create more out of marginalized people who have neither the capacity nor sufficient motivation to do it themselves.
EXCLUSIVE: Syrian Army Shells Daesh Oil Trucks in Hama (VIDEO)
"The Syrian army's victories in Aleppo have made al-Saud to frantically send 10,000 mercenaries along with over 95 tanks to Aleppo province to break the siege and rescue their besieged officers from the Eastern parts of Aleppo," Mohannad Haaj, a member of the Syrian parliament and commander of al-Mahavir Battalion of the Syrian army, told FNA on Wednesday.
Hillary Clinton strategist says "kill" Julian Assange, because "a dead man can't leak stuff" [Video]
CNN Host says the way to deal with Julian Assange is to "Illegally shot the son of a…
Riyadh, Qatar and Turkey 'Responsible for Downing Russian Helicopter in Syria'
A Russian Mi-8 helicopter was shot down in northwestern Syria on Monday killing all five Russian servicemen on board. In an interview with Sputnik, Dr. Marcus…

Assange Confirms: Murdered DNC staffer was Wikileaks' source
In July, DNC staffer Seth Rich was gunned down in northwest D.C.  Police said…
Russian FSB foils terrorist attacks plotted by Ukrainian intel agents in Crimea
Ex-CIA Chief's Comments Reflect 'What US is Secretly Doing in Syria'
Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell, who has recently endorsed Hillary…
'Russians and Iranians should be killed to pay a price in Syria' - ex-CIA chief backing Clinton
Former CIA deputy director Michael Morell, who supports Hillary Clinton and insists that Donald Trump is being manipulated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that Russians and Iranians in Syria should be killed covertly to 'pay the price.'
‘Artificially sick’: Genetic experiments on animals triple in Germany
Sexual harassment rife in British workplace, but women too scared to speak up
 Two thirds of women in the UK have experienced sexual harassment at work, according to a new survey.
A quarter said they had been touched inappropriately and one in eight said someone had tried to kiss them
The Secret Government Won’t Change No Matter Who You Vote For
It makes no difference who you vote for, the secret government won’t change. As…
Judo brings Russia 3rd gold at Rio Olympics
Russian judoka Khasan Khalmurzaev has won gold in the men’s 81kg category at the Rio Olympics, beating Travis Stevens of the US in the final.
Ex-CIA boss calls to kill Russians and Iranians in Syria!
< Sounds like a Nazi this mass-murderer>
US Destroying Libya's Cities Without Plans to Rebuild, Support Government
The United States and Europe do not have any plans to rebuild Libya’s cities or…
Germany & Austria anti-doping agencies demand outright ban for Russia at 2018 Winter Games
The German and Austrian anti-doping agencies have demanded a complete ban…
<They want to get rid of a serious competitor. In the name of fair play they promote the justice of the Inquisition: collective punishment, presumption of guilt... Western civilization is descending...
Has the CIA's Plot to "Covertly" Kill Russians in Syria Come to Pass?
Former acting director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Michael Morell…>
Black families have 10% net wealth of average white families
The median African-American household’s net worth is just over $7,000, compared…
Former Acting CIA Director Morell: 'We Need to Kill Russians and Iranians'
It's been a busy week for former acting CIA director Michael Morell. First, over the…
‘Kill Russians and Iranians, threaten Assad,’ says ex-CIA chief backing Clinton
 Former CIA deputy director Michael Morell, who supports Hillary Clinton and insists that Donald Trump is being manipulated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that Russians and Iranians in Syria should be killed covertly to “pay the price.”
The top CIA official, who twice served as the acting director of the agency, and worked with Clinton while she was secretary of state, told PBS host Charlie Rose that Iran and Russia should “pay a big price” in Syria – and by that he meant killing them.
Italian parents raising their kids on vegan diet may soon face up to 6 years in jail
You can’t make this stuff up
On Monday, the former Acting Director of the CIA, Michael Morrell, complained on American television about Russian actions in Syria. He remarked ‘We need to make the Russians pay a price.’ ‘Pay a p