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September Link Collection Part Two

Not much. Have been sick lately:
back in 1955 Jon Von Neumann was a top mathematician involved with weather and climate the very top in the USA scientific establishment...he was in the know, he knew that despots would use weather and climate modification to dominate and control the world.
Charter of the United Nations
Chapter I — Purposes and Principles
Ar3. All Members shall settle their international disputes by peaceful means in such a manner that international peace and security, and justice, are not endangered.
4. All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations. ticle 2(1)–(5)
‘US is biggest rogue state but accuses others of what it does 100 times over’
The US begrudges North Korea for having a few nuclear weapons while having more nuclear weapons than any country on Earth, Prof. Dan Kovalik, the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, told RT, commenting on Donald Trump’s UN address. Other analysts joined the discussion.
Geoengineering Creating Freeze Fry Extremes ( Dane Wigington )
Double Standards? Europe’s Five “Undeclared Nuclear Weapons States”. Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Turkey
Are Turkey, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Italy Nuclear Powers?
Strongest attacks on Syrian Army come from where opposition & US forces stationed – Russian MoD
He added that the Syrian Army also faced difficulties as it cut across the Euphrates River, where the water level surprisingly rose within several hours. Such water-level changes could only be the result of a deliberate flush at the dams that are also currently controlled by the armed groups backed by the US-led coalition, the major general said.
Biting Midges
The biting midges, “no-see-ums,” or punkies belong to the family Ceratopogondiae. The most common biting midges are Culicoides spp. They are associated with aquatic or semiaquatic habitats, eg, mud or moist soil around streams, ponds, and marshes. Biting midges are tiny gnats (1–3 mm long) and, like black flies, inflict painful bites and suck the blood of their hosts, both people and livestock.
Once bitten, twice scratched
When you scratch it it actually releases more inflammatory markers which makes it more itchy' says Dr Arlett (Michael Bromage - ABC local radio )
"However the other complicating factor of sandfly bites is they often get infected when people scratch them excessively because they are very very itchy and sometimes people actually need to have antibiotics for that as well," he said.
Where do mosquitoes breed?
A mosquito’s lifecycle has four stages – egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Mosquitoes need water to breed since all mosquitoes spend their larval and pupal stages in water. Therefore, mosquitoes can always be found around water. This is why it is important to prevent stagnant water from standing around your home and apply a larvicide to areas where stagnant water cannot be removed.
Mosquito Facts
A collection of articles about our little enemies
How The Military Defeated Trump's Insurgency
Trump was seen as a presidential candidate who would possibly move towards a less interventionist foreign policy. That hope is gone. The insurgency that brought Trump to the top was defeated by a counter-insurgency campaign waged by the U.S. military. (Historically its first successful one). The military has taken control of the White House process and it is now taking control of its policies.
Signs Hillary Clinton Is Having A Mental Breakdown
The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You to Read
god generator
58 acronyms
Prof Murry Salby Lecture; "Atmospheric Carbon" 18th July 2016
Germany Launches Probe After Pentagon's Syrian Arms Smuggling Story Goes Viral
On Wednesday we reported on the continuing Pentagon arms pipeline to Syria which runs through Europe, the Balkans, and Caucuses, and which is based on a shady network of private contractors and altered US government paperwork. The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) produced conclusive evidence and internal memos proving that not only is the Pentagon currently involved in shipping up to $2.2 billion worth of (mostly old Soviet) weapons from private dealers to US-backed Syrian militants, but is actually manipulating paperwork such as end-user certificates in order to conceal the ultimate destinations of the weaponry (in this case Syria).
The new investigation also confirms Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva's prior findings, which exposed the role of Azerbaijan-operated Silk Way Airlines in the weapons airlifts. Though independent journalists and regional monitoring groups have been digging into the Pentagon arms shipments throughout the summer, mainstream European and American press were reluctant to cover the story, even as a steady flow of incontrovertible proof emerged online in the form of documents, photos, and videos of mysterious cargo planes being loaded with weapons. Over the past two weeks WikiLeaks has also highlighted the emerging details of a developing story which saw at least one journalist come under scrutiny by European security officials.
Michail Bakunin
God and the State
I bow before the authority of special men because it is imposed upon me by my own reason. I am conscious of my inability to grasp, in all its details and positive developments, any very large portion of human knowledge. The greatest intelligence would not be equal to a comprehension of the whole. Thence results, for science as well as for industry, the necessity of the division and association of labor. I receive and I give — such is human life. Each directs and is directed in his turn. Therefore there is no fixed and constant authority, but a continual exchange of mutual, temporary, and, above all, voluntary authority and subordination.
God and the State FULL AUDIOBOOK by Mikhail Bakunin
Hey Advertisers: The Data-Mining Emperor Has No Clothes
Israel Is Getting Ready for a Major War — and No One Is Talking About It
Sweden, NATO allies launch biggest military exercise in 23yrs amid 'Russian threat'
Biggest war games kick off in Sweden to practice deterrent skills against Russia (VIDEOS)
The DynaTrap 2000XL Indoor/Outdoor Insect Eliminator for Effective Insect Control
U. S. Military Officers
for 9/11 Truth
Best Homemade Mosquito Traps: Are DIY Mosquito Traps Better Than Ready-to-use?
Do Gnats Bite? Everything You Should Know About Gnat Bites
The Complete 5-step Guide to Getting Rid of Fungus Gnats
How to Get Rid Of Gnats: Best Traps, Sprays and Larvicides
What is the best and the most effective mosquito trap: Propane, Ultra Violet, CO2 or H2O Trap?
Ceratopogonidae, or biting midges, are a family of small flies (1–4 mm long) in the order Diptera. They are also known as no-see-ums
The blood-sucking species may be vectors of disease-causing viruses, protozoa, or filarial worms. The bite of midges in the genus Culicoides causes an allergic response in equines known as sweet itch. In humans, their bites can cause intensely itchy, red welts that can persist for more than a week.
9/11: The Pentagon’s B-Movie
As is clear from these testimonies, words like “smoke” and “dust” do not do justice to the cloud in which people were trapped. That is because the clouds were the Towers. Each Tower was converted in less than 20 seconds from a powerful, massive structure over 415 metres (1362 feet) high into cut steel and pulverized matter. While the steel lay on the ground, much of the remainder was rapidly propelled through the streets of Manhattan.
Who Rules America?
The Power Elite in the Time of Trump
1. Free marketers, with the ubiquitous presence of the ‘Israel First’ crowd.
EU launches new ‘single resource’ website to counter ‘Russian propaganda’
Terrorism a lower threat 'even if 9/11 happened every year' – Snowden
 The intelligence community has used the threat of terrorism to its advantage, especially regarding mass surveillance, according to Edward Snowden. He believes terrorism would still be a lower threat than many other issues, even if 9/11 happened every year.
In an exclusive interview with the German media outlet Der Spiegel, the NSA whistleblower noted that although terrorism is a "real problem," it has claimed much fewer lives outside of war zones than car accidents and heart attacks.
6 Ways MUSHROOMS Can SAVE the WORLD - Paul Stamets - TED awards -Talk, Lecture, Documentary
Mosquito Trap
How to get rid of no see ums
One of the most important things to do when you have a no-see-um bite is to stop yourself from scratching it.
Scratching the welts can cause them to break open. Once a welt breaks open, it is far more likely to become infected.
It’s a good idea to keep your fingernails short and clean for the duration of bite. You may scratch the area without thinking, and if dirt and bacteria are trapped beneath your nails, the site can quickly become infected.
Wash with soap and water. As soon as you notice the bite-ridden area, gently wash it with a mild antibacterial soap and warm water.
Midge bites — how to recognise midges, treat bites and avoid both altogether
US-led Coalition Bombed Syrian Military Column Near Deir Ezzor – Media
How To Use Pee In Your Garden
Midges are so small that you often won’t see one biting you. You are more likely to feel the bite or a sharp, burning or stinging sensation.
September 11, 2001: Questions to Ask if You Still Believe the Official Narrative
1. Can the similarities between 9/11 and plans drawn up by the US Department of Defense (DoD) and Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) in 1962 under the code name “Operation Northwoods” be easily dismissed?
The US DoD and JCS wrote a detailed plan almost identical to the 9/11 attacks as early as 1962 called “Operation Northwoods” where the US proposed hijacking commercial airliners, committing terrorist attacks, and blaming Cuba to justify a US military intervention.
Syria Summary - A New Clash Looms in Syria's East
Originally the U.S. had planned to let ISIS take Deir Ezzor. It had twice attacked Syrian government forces in the area killing more than a hundred of them. This had allowed ISIS to capture large chunks of the government enclave and to disable the airport which was need for resupplies
Russia to US: ‘Stop destroying our relationship, start solving problems you’ve caused’
<I think the US government is no longer worthy of the term. From now on I shall refer to it as the "US regime".  A mafia-like cabal that considers itself above any and all laws, and invincible.  Putin and Xi better stop playing nice, or they will continue to be led along with false promises while the world is plundered.>
UN Security Council unanimously adopts tougher sanctions on North Korea
<what a bunch of double standard hypocrites; no sanctions for the Aggressor? No calls for the Aggressor to give up its WMD? The Aggressor's aggressive actions are "legal" because there are no UN sanctions against them? NK's purely self-defense self preservation measures are "illegal"? I think the UN is now a totally meaningless institution. NK should no longer care what they say.>
US on collision course with Syrian forces in ‘race for Deir ez-Zor’s oil fields’
The race between legitimate Syrian government forces and the US-backed SDF umbrella group to control the oil rich Deir ez-Zor province has intensified following the lifting of the blockade by Syrian troops last week and risks turning into direct confrontation.
<"SDF" is just a mere title to conflate US terror as policy and military doctrine to achieve goals like landgrabs and theft of resources, Syria has a government in Damascus.>
Five Hard Facts Americans Forgot About 9/11 After Being Reminded Every Year to “Never Forget”
Cefalexin for infection (Ceporex, Keflex)
Cefalexin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, which means that it is active against a wide variety of germs (bacteria). It is used to treat bacterial infections such as urinary tract infections, skin infections, chest and throat infections, ear infections and dental infections. It is suitable for adults and children and can be taken during pregnancy. Some people who are allergic to penicillin antibiotics may not be able to take cefalexin, so make sure your doctor knows if you have ever had an allergic reaction to any other antibiotic.
Cefalexin treats an infection by killing the bacteria that are causing it.
Ceporex (cefalexin)
Ceporex tablets, capsules and syrup contain the active ingredient cefalexin, which is a type of medicine called an antibiotic.

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September Collection Part One

4.1 Therapeutic indications
Cefalexin is indicated for the treatment of respiratory tract infections (RTI's), urinary tract infections (UTI's), skin and soft tissue infections, otitis media and other infections due to sensitive organisms.
<Got a nasty infection after 200 insect bites>
Red Cross Spent Half a Billion Dollars to Build Six Homes in Haiti
Although the organization claimed to have provided housing to more than 130,000 people, it actually only built six permanent homes, according to a report by ProPublica and NPR.
 Climatologist, Former NASA Scientist: ‘Houston Flood Not Sign of Climate Change’
“There have been many flood disasters in the Houston area, even dating to the mid-1800s when the population was very low.”
Inside the Surreal Western-Created Daesh Propaganda Machine
US to Fight US-Saudi Sponsored Terrorism in Asia
The Intercept Mistranslates Assad Speech - Smears Syria As Neo-Nazi
Alleged US Evacuation of Daesh Field Commanders: 'We Are Rescuing Our Allies'
Kwiatkowski recalled that while Trump himself has been "consistent about eliminating these terrorists, the CIA runs its own operations, and they don't consult with anybody; that would be consistent" from their standpoint.
Response to The Daily Caller Article: U.S. Christians Must Stand Up For Our Middle Eastern Brothers And Sisters
Also, the last thing these nations or any other nation in fact needs is increased military intervention by the United States. What they need is for the U.S. and their allies to stop funding terrorists and to leave these sovereign countries alone. Increased military and political operations have profoundly hurt foreign countries rather than helped them. These “humanitarian interventions” are nothing short of illegal invasions and have cost millions of innocent people their lives.
This is the Best Explanation of the Vaccine/Autism Connection I've Ever Heard!
What's Feeding Irma: Weather Manipulation EVIDENCE
Rosalind Peterson: Geoengineering Destroying Our Atmosphere
Rosalind Peterson Discusses Consequences of Climate Engineering
<Watch the video>
Agents of Terror on Government Payroll - Part II: Ali Mohamed
A Notorious Terrorist, a Major in Egypt's Army Intelligence, a CIA Operative, a Member of the Elite Green Berets & an FBI Informant
Photos of Houston floods from early 1900s prove natural disasters not caused by so-called “climate change”
Moreover, he adds that we are not currently seeing more intense hurricanes than we did in past decades. He says that since 1970, the country has only been hit by four hurricanes that were Category 4 or higher; in the same number of years leading up to 1970, there were 14 such strikes. He points out that Tropical Storm Claudette caused 43 inches of rain to hit Houston in a mere 24 hours; it took a few days for Harvey’s rainfalls to reach those numbers.
Disney Chemtrail Predictive Programming 1959 - 'Future of Weather Control'
The Enemy Within
Regime Change is Crazy
The Truth In Plain Sight
The ultimate free , organic fertilizer ! Urine .
<Mix one to 20>
The Explosion of Bullshit Jobs
Hurricane Irma Manipulation: Objectives And Agendas ( Dane Wigington )
<No major hurricane impact the last 12 years>
Eyes in Outer Space 1959
<Weather controll>
Weather Control Advocated in 1959 Walt Disney Educational Film
>Max Blis found this one>
CNN Caught Creating Fake News Again: Adding Words To Syrian Witness’ Statement To Fit Western Narrative
Saudi Arabia's Southeast Asia Terror Tour
However, both the media and analysts are sidestepping or entirely omitting the role Saudi Arabia has played in fueling global terrorism, extraterritorial geopolitical meddling, and even divisive and terroristic activities the notorious state sponsor of terrorism has been implicated in across the planet including within Southeast Asia itself.
 US-Funded Activsts Exposed as Genocidal Bigots
Myanmar's "pro-democracy" front now leads calls for genocide of ethnic minorities - Aung San Suu Kyi's silence is complicity.
US Aircraft Evacuates Over 20 Daesh Commanders From Deir ez-Zor - Source
Polio vaccines, Simian Virus 40, and human cancer: the epidemiologic evidence for a causal association
In 1960, it was discovered that Simian Virus 40 (SV40) contaminated up to 30% of the poliovirus vaccines in the US. This contamination arose because the vaccines were produced in monkey kidney cell cultures harboring SV40 between 1955 and 1963. During this period, approximately 90% of children and 60% of adults in the USA were inoculated for polio and possibly exposed to SV40.
The New York Times solves Russia collusion case: Russia spent $100,000 in Facebook Ads to defeat Hillary
Hillary Clinton spent over $1 billion, while Russia spent $100K in FB ads to win.
Facebook Blames Russia To Deflect From Fraudulent Ad-Sales
<Remember 95% of the US media was against Trump>
New Global Water Contaminant Found: Organ-Penetrating Plastic Nanoparticles
 In the US, 94 percent of samples were found to contain the nasty fibers.
Breaking: VT Hit with Stuxnet as Trump’s Complicity in Gas Attack is Confirmed (vital update)
    Swedish Doctors For Human Rights ( analysed videos, the rescue after an alleged attack by Syrian government forces. The doctors found that the videos were counterfeit, where even Arabic stage directions were overheard, and that the alleged “Rescue”, in actuality, is a murder. On first analysis, it looked as though the doctors working on the child assumed he was already dead.
Google says it found no trace of Russia’s interference in US election on its ad platforms
Haley's Dishonest Speech About the Iran Nuclear Agreement
Haley doesn't want an Iran that can defend itself. They want an Iran the US can invade and bomb with impunity. Haley is also giving the proof, to all countries out there, that it is absolutely useless to reach an agreement with the US because they have no respect for agreements. North Korea better think twice before duplicating the Iranian case.
How local wise-women who carried on ancient traditions were exterminated by Christianity
We have all heard of Europe’s 400 years of witch persecutions, from the 14th to the 18th centuries, but few are aware of the enormous extent of the holocaust. The church likes to pretend that “only a few hundred thousand” innocents were murdered, but secular sources estimate as many as nine million.
King Solomon's legendary fabulous wealth in hidden gold mines never existed, says historian
The Good Americans
The United States of America being a profoundly authoritarian society (whose citizens have been conditioned from childhood to follow orders, go through channels, submit to a host of humiliating rituals devised by an ever-expanding range of government and private “security services,” and to worship leaders, police, soldiers, and, basically, anyone wearing a uniform, or a Giorgio Armani business suit), this ruling class soft coup is cause for celebration.
The United States of Manufactured Hysteria
Terror Incognita: ‘Demistifying’ the Fog of War
“The Muslim terrorist apparatus was created by US intelligence as a political weapon” – National security adviser to the Carter administration, Zbigniew Brzezinski
“The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda, and any informed intelligence officer knows this. But, there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an intensified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the United States.” – Former British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook
Big Meat: Mega-farming in China’s Beef, Sheep and Dairy Industries
The Need for US-North Korea Peace Talks: Jimmy Carter. “They Want a Peace Treaty to Replace the [1953] Ceasefire”
Statement From Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter on Current U.S.-North Korea Relations
During all these visits, the North Koreans emphasized that they wanted peaceful relations with the United States and their neighbors, but were convinced that we planned a preemptive military strike against their country. They wanted a peace treaty (especially with America) to replace the ceasefire agreement that had existed since the end of the Korean War in 1953, and to end the economic sanctions that had been very damaging to them during that long interim period
Slobodan Milosevic killed with wrong medication?
According to Andric, Dutch toxicologist Donald Uges said that reported toxicological analysis done after Milosevic’s death in the Netherlands showed that there were no traces of this medicament in his body. However, Control Laboratory of Toxicology in Bonn, Germany, which also received tissue samples, denied Uges adding that they have found the fatal “Droperidol”.
The Legacy of Slobodan Milosevic
US Coalition airdrops troops to arrest high-ranking ISIL commander in Deir Ezzor
MIT States That Half of All Children May be Autistic by 2025 due to Monsanto
If you don’t consume corn- on- the -cob or toasted soybeans, however, you are hardly exempt from the potential affects of consuming glyphosate. Wheat is now sprayed with Roundup right before it is harvested, making any consumption of non- organic wheat bread a sure source for the chemical. In addition, any products containing corn syrup, such as soft drinks, are also carrying a payload of glyphosate.
According to studies cited by Seneff, glyphosate engages “gut bacteria” in a process known as the shikimate pathway. This enables the chemical to interfere with the biochemistry of bacteria in our GI tract, resulting in the depletion of essential amino acids .
Monsanto has maintained that glyphosate is safe for human consumption, as humans do not have the shikimate pathway. Bacteria, however, does—including the flora that constitutes “gut bacteria.”
If there was ever a smoking gun to be produced by WikiLeaks, this is it!
Specifically, James Comey originally used the argument that the evidence found against Hillary was lacking an “intent” element, meaning they didn’t find she intended to break the law. Well, WikiLeaks just produced all the “intent” we need.
 Investigation: White Helmets Committing Acts Of Terror Across Syria
The supposedly Syrian NGO White Helmets were established in Turkey, not in Syria. They are largely trained in Turkey and Jordan, not inside Syria. They were established in March 2013 by a British ex-military officer with $300,000 in seed funding from Japan, the U.K. and the U.S.
Russia vs US Economic War: Who’s Going to be the Ultimate Loser?
British troops withdraw from south Syria, end training to militants
‘N.Korea hopes to avoid tragic fate that befell disarmed Iraq & Libya
Russia rushes humanitarian aid to exhausted Deir ez-Zor after breaching 3yr ISIS siege
Up to 125,000 civilians were trapped in the oil-rich provincial capital for nearly three years, with jihadists effectively blocking commercial and humanitarian access into the city. The occupied residents have been mostly reliant on airdropped aid by the UN, Russia and the Syrian government.
Bashar Assad’s Deir ez-Zor victory puts illegal US presence in spotlight
Almost all women who cheat never get caught by their partners.... but a fifth of men DO get found out
    Survey found 95 per cent of women and 83 per cent of men have cheated on partners and not been found out
    Women are having more affairs than ever before
    Women are better liars because they are more psychologically sophisticated
'Studies have shown that women are actually better liars than men, so it's not surprising that female adulterers are better at getting away with it than their male counterparts.'
Adultery: Which countries are most unfaithful?
Survey Reveals Which European Country Cheats Most
They survey also aimed to find out if the cheaters regretted their adulterous trysts, but it turns out that very few of them do.
China's New World Order: Gold-backed oil benchmark on the way
 In Blow To US Dollar, BRICS Considers ‘Sanctions-Proof’ Cryptocurrency
While the US Dollar remains the most popular global trading and reserve currency, this is rapidly changing. A BRICS backed cryptocurrency may be both the proverbial ‘Dollar buster’ as well as a ‘sanctions buster’.
6 States Introduce Bills to Protect Drivers Who Run over Protesters
The Bad Guys Are The Ones Invading Sovereign Nations, Not These Guys
Shimon Peres, Apologize for Israel's Enablement of the Rwandan and Serbian Genocides
It is still not too late to admit theses crimes, that will be remembered forever, were committed in the name of the citizens of Israel.
> The Serb accusations are BS. The court did not find Milosevic guilty of those charges. They killed him in prison and declared him innocent 10 years later.>
What the Media isn’t Telling You About North Korea’s Missile Tests
Busted: Idlib Gas Attack Fakers Murder 68 Kids in Bus Slaughter
Monsters and Child Killers and the sick games they play
FRANKENSKIES: History and Future of Weaponized Weather and Climate
Matt Landman's documentary exposing covert climate engineering could be the IPCC's worst nightmare
Putin on US establishment: Working with people who confuse Austria & Australia is hard
Walmart Produces Jaw Dropping Anti Union Video
The Jimmy Dore Show
Walmart The High Cost Of Low Price
BOMBSHELL: FBI searched Russian diplomatic properties looking for EXPLOSIVES
This new revelation adds insult to illegal injury.
Finland ready to welcome ISIS jihadists with social benefits and apartments Providing apartments and cash to ISIS fighters.
All in all, at least 80 people have left Finland to join various terrorist organizations. The number could be much higher, however, as not all identities have been successfully established. Pekka Hiltunen, Finnish Security Police (SUPO) special representative on combating terrorism, previously stated that several “Finnish” jihadists had risen to positions of prominence in Daesh, without disclosing their names.
North Korean delegation arrives in Russia, to be joined shortly by South Korean President
The Eastern Economic Forum is a unique meeting which will be attended by delegations from Russia, China, Japan, Vietnam, Mongolia, South Korea and North Korea.
The Rohingya Of Myanmar - Pawns In An Anglo-Chinese Proxy War Fought By Saudi Jihadists
Putin: Military hysteria over N. Korea may lead to planetary catastrophe, heavy loss of life
 The examples of Iraq and Libya have convinced the North Korean leadership that only nuclear deterrence can protect them, so no sanctions can dissuade them, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.
Pyongyang will not relinquish its military program under pressure of sanctions and military threats, because the examples of Iraq and Libya have convinced it that nuclear deterrence is the only credible way to ensure its security, President Putin told journalists on Tuesday.
“As I told my colleagues yesterday, they will eat grass but will not stop their program as long as they do not feel safe,” Putin said. “What can restore their security? The restoration of international law.”
Climate Change "Problem" Solved - its Natural; Prof Weiss
Climate Change 2017, The Milankovitch Cycles
Mini Ice Age, Long Ice Age Glaciation explained
Russia slams Washington’s decision to close its diplomatic facilities in US
*********A must read and share article***************************
The other Omran - Aleppo civilians expose MSM lies and child exploitation
The multi-million dollar NATO and Gulf state funded, Al-Qaeda affiliated, White Helmets were portrayed yet again as the saviors. The photographer, Raslan, won the Getty Defining Image award in 2016 despite clear evidence the picture had been “staged.” Bette Lynch of Getty Images dismissed such concerns:
Raslan, the “reliable photojournalist” had already been exposed to be a member of US funded, Nour Al Din Al Zinki, an extremist faction in Syria, responsible for the public torture and beheading of a 12-year-old Palestinian child, Abdullah Issa, a month before Omran’s image went viral in Western corporate media.
“Mr. Daqneesh himself told me that evening he had heard no warplanes, and when hounded by terrorist-supporting media to say that it had been an airstrike, he challenged them to show him the remainders of the alleged airstrike munition. He said they had refused,” Eva Bartlett wrote.
Make no mistake, the latest US thuggery is a sign of weakness, not strength
“Why would they give us only 2 days?  Do they really think that we cannot clear the premises from anything sensitive in 60 minutes if needed?
Boogeyman picked: Germany concerned with Russian ‘meddling’ in upcoming election
<We are still waiting for the security agency to tell us what they did when they found out that the CIA hacked Merkel's phone.>
Syrian Army flattens ISIS positions, will enter Deir ez-Zor ‘within 48 hours’ – governor
Here's a simple idea, maybe even too simple. How can anyone expect North Korea to tie its hand behind its back so that the US can do to it what it did to Libya, Iraq and Syria?
Let's denuclearize both Israel and North Korea.
What Pyongyang Wanted to Tell Its Neighbors With Recent Missile Launch
Following the test, senior Russian lawmaker Konstantin Kosachev has suggested that North Korea's latest missile test proves that its threat to fire four missiles into the waters near the US Pacific territory of Guam "was not a bluff."
If Hillary Had Won
“stop buy[ing] into the ‘Big Bad Republicans’ line. It’s a Con Game designed to implant the idea in the minds of the public that there is a genuine difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. They are a team. Need to read that again? THE DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS ARE A TEAM! Both of them are paid and working for the Bad Guys, the centers of Capitalist power. Stop cooking up rationalizations of why your candidate is better than the other guy. They are both Capitalists and Imperialists.”
the “two wings of the same bird of prey” have different if joined histories, different ethnocultural/demographic and regional constituencies, different funding bases, and different ideological and other permutations, of course.  They need some real differences order to sell the corporate and imperial duopoly as “democratic” politics).
Engineered Climate Cataclysm: Hurricane Harvey ( Dane Wigington )
Court Concedes DNC Had the Right to Rig Primaries Against Sanders
Russia Kills 800 ISIS Terrorists Overnight As US Rescue Survivors
 RAF rainmakers 'caused 1952 flood'
Unearthed documents suggest experiment triggered torrent that killed 35 in Devon disaster
On August 15, 1952, one of the worst flash floods ever to have occurred in Britain swept through the Devon village of Lynmouth. Thirty five people died as a torrent of 90m tons of water and thousands of tons of rock poured off saturated Exmoor and into the village destroying homes, bridges, shops and hotels.
The disaster was officially termed "the hand of God" but new evidence from previously classified government files suggests that a team of international scientists working with the RAF was experimenting with artificial rainmaking in southern Britain in the same week and could possibly be implicated.
Method for controlling hurricanes
US 20100072297 A1
A method for controlling hurricanes by raising temperature in the eye and/or in the outflow. Air temperature within the eye and in the outflow of a hurricane is raised by flying scores of jet planes with afterburners in the structure. Small changes in temperature on a large scale bring in large changes in other variables on the smaller scale to change the direction and intensity of the hurricane.
Vom Wesentlichen ablenken
Verkürzen, unterschlagen, verfälschen: Jens Wernicke über Propaganda, Rudeljournalismus und den Kampf um die öffentliche Meinung
Final showdown against ISIL set in Deir Ezzor: map
Former FBI Assistant Director: “Hillary’s crimes would land a normal person in federal prison”
Former FBI Assistant Director says it was obvious that James Comey was with the Clintons from the beginning.
Petition to declare George Soros a ‘terrorist’ & seize his assets gains required 100k signatures
Washington is preparing for nuclear war in Europe
Moscow Will Not Meet Searches in Russian Trade Mission in US Without Response
"These searches are a crying shame, violation of the Vienna Convention [on Diplomatic Relations]. The US [authorities] may rest assured that the searches will not be met with no response," Dzhabarov said adding that the "form and terms" of this response will be thought through by the Russian political leadership and the Foreign Ministry.
"[The US authorities] can plant something there and say later that they have found it [in the Russian trade mission premises] … This is an attempt to escalate the Russian-US relations in order to keep them to as low level as possible," Dzhabarov pointed out.
Why North Korea's Latest Missile Test Was Humiliating Blow to US Missile Defense
"What's even more interesting, of course, is how Japan may have intended to shoot down the North Korean missile flying at an altitude of 550 km, when the longest-range US SM-3 guided missile has a 250 km flight ceiling. With a target lock radius of 500 km, the Aegis system would not have been able to reach the missile even during its descent, either. All the more so, given that the target separated into three parts (possibly three warheads)."
 Survey: Most Americans Accept Preemptive Nuclear Strike Against Iranian Civilians
As the survey notes, a clear majority of Americans “would approve of using nuclear weapons first against the civilian population of a nonnuclear-armed adversary, killing 2 million Iranian civilians, if they believed that such use would save the lives of 20,000 U.S. soldiers.”
In addition to a majority of Americans’ willingness to use nuclear weapons on civilians, the survey found “an even larger percentage of Americans would approve of a conventional bombing attack designed to kill 100,000 Iranian civilians in the effort to intimidate Iran into surrendering.”
No "Russian Hacking" In Durham Election - NY Times Report Belies Its Headline
The NYT headline is an outrageous lie. It promotes as causal fact completely unproven interference and troubles for which, as the article notes, plenty of other reason might exist. It is politically irresponsible. Only two out of ten people read beyond the headlines. Even fewer will read down to paragraph five and recognize that the headline lies. All others will have been willfully misled by the editors of the New York Times.
Weather wars: New video analysis appears to show artificial augmentation of Hurricane Harvey’s intensity and movements
Shock: Memos reveal Comey cleared Clinton BEFORE interviewing her and 17 other key witnesses
This further proves that James Comey was and still is nothing more than an establishment deep state operative who was never actually going after Hillary Clinton and who could not be trusted once Donald Trump took office.
Russian diplomatic property in US ‘inviolable’, Assange tells US
“It doesn't matter what Russia is doing with the properties. Once the US agrees to list them as diplomatic posts they become inviolable,” continued Assange, who in a subsequent online discussion argued the “US has a right to expel any diplomat. Not property.”
Journalist fired for exposing how CIA ran weapons to terrorists
Journalist fired for exposing how CIA ran weapons to terrorists
Red Cross Admits It Doesn’t Know How Hurricane Harvey Donation Money Is Spent
Amid the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the Red Cross reportedly accepted nearly $500 million in relief money but built only six homes with the funds even though they claimed they had provided homes to 130,000 people. These failures prompted some Haitians to advise the world against donating funds to the Red Cross.
Russia is on alert for US authorities planting fake evidence in Russian consulates
The Russian Foreign Ministry has called America’s actions unprecedented and aggressive.
North Korea Keeps Saying it Might Give Up its Nuclear Weapons — But Most News Outlets Won’t Tell You That
Cancer Cells Die Instantly When Consuming a Leaf of This Spectacular Plant
The Kalanchoe plant belongs to the Aloe family, a genus of plants that are being used with effective results for the treatment of cancer.
Kalanchoe genus includes about 200 species.
Anticancer activity of Kalanchoe tubiflora extract against human lung cancer cells in vitro and in vivo.
Amnesty International Is Weaponizing Human Rights For The U.S., NATO
Syrian rebel defector says his US-trained unit sold arms to ISIS
Not only were the US-backed ‘moderate’ militants in southern Syria never meant to fight ISIS, but their commanders actually traded US-made weapons and ammunition to terrorists, a rebel defector claimed in an interview with Rossiya-24.
Their US and Norwegian instructors, stationed at the base, taught the militants to fire US-made weapons, trained mortar squads and conducted courses on accident-free driving on the battlefield.
Bana - Syria’s Propaganda Princess
“Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.” Mark Twain, The Mysterious Stranger, 1916, Ch.9
The US Plan For “Rojava”
Taking into account that the US seems poised to forcibly protect its interests in “Rojava” and will respond militarily to any multilateral liberation campaign in the region, especially one which targets its troops and bases, then its planned decades-long occupation of northern Syria might already be a fait accompli so long as it can find a way to “legitimize” it. To that end, the US is using its military forces to freeze the status quo and preserve all Kurdish gains east of the Euphrates, after which it will back up its demands with brinksmanship if need be, with the precedent already being set of the US attacking the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) on several occasions.
‘400,000 deaths in Syria civil war directly attributed to US & allies’
<First of all; there was and is no civil war in Syria so people need to be careful that they are not helping to spread US propaganda and lies. The war in Syria was an unprovoked attack on the nation of Syria by the US and its vassal and puppet states to overthrow Assad. If the US has successfully overthrown Assad the US would have put in a western sock puppet. The Syrian military was defending the nation from armed, trained and funded mercenaries working for and on behalf of the US.>
US security services to search Russian consulate in San Francisco on Saturday – Moscow
The searches will not only be carried out at Russia's consulate offices, but also at the apartments of staff who live in the building and who have immunity, she said.
To perform those searches, US authorities have ordered those staff members and their families, including children and babies, to leave their homes for up to 12 hours.
What the media isn't telling you about Climate Change.
Founder of the Weather Channel Explains How the Global Warming Scare Began
Story #1: Journalist Interrogated, Fired For Story Linking CIA And Syria Weapons Flights
Story #2: CIA’s Secret Spy Tool Steals Biometric Data From Other Intelligence Agencies
NATO attack on Serbian state TV wiped from record
The NATO missile assault killed 16 people, yet there was no international outcry such as what followed the Charlie Hebdo attack in 2015.
On 23 April 1999, a NATO missile attack on Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) headquarters killed 16 employees of the state broadcaster. The forgotten war crime occurred during the Kosovo War (March 1998-June 1999), and was part of NATO’s aerial campaign alongside the US-backed Kosovo Liberation army, in opposition to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
Monsanto is scrambling to bury this breaking story - don't let this go unshared!
Agriculture Giant Monsanto Steps Up Support of 'Monster Molecule' Weedkiller
There is an "amazing list" of diseases linked to glyphosate, including cancer, autism, alzheimer's and allergies, Seneff said.
Last eight months prove United States a bonafide regime
The sad, inescapable truth is that it doesn’t matter who gets elected as president and what they say on the election trail; the policies on the issues that matter remain the same after the inauguration. What the last eight months have proven, to anyone who still had any doubts, is that the US is not a ‘democracy’ that changes course according to the public will, but a full-blown regime, governed by the Wall Street/CIA/Endless War Party which never loses power regardless of how people vote.
Even if the ‘wrong’ candidate somehow gets elected, as Trump did last fall, the Wall Street/CIA/Endless War Party, working in tandem with their close allies embedded in the US mainstream media, still have plenty of tools at its disposal for making sure there‘s no significant departure from regressive policies that enrich the elite, but leave everyone else worse off.
US orders closure of Russian Consulate in San Francisco – State Department
CIA sneak undetectable ‘malicious’ implants onto Windows OS - WikiLeaks
Cynthia McKinney: US Lawmakers FORCED to Support Israel!
Ukrainian regime forces fire live rounds at Russia television crew and journalists
Journalists are under full assault by Ukrainian regime forces.
Something is changing the sex of Costa Rican crocodiles
Tilapia farming has boomed in Central America as demand has surged in the United States and elsewhere. Farmers provide feed containing 17α-methyltestosterone because it yields more males, which are faster growing and more profitable.
“Weather wars” theorists claim Hurricane Harvey was engineered, “steered” toward Houston as a “weather terrorism” weapon
Macron to convene international conference on combating terrorist financing
<Those who finance terrorism and terrorists want to organize an international conference on how to combat terrorism financing. Neat. >

Thursday, August 31, 2017

August Part Three Link Collection

Hyperloop 2.0? Chinese company proposes 4,000kph ‘flying train
Why Washington is Raging After IAEA Blocked From Iran’s Military Sites
The international community are extremely happy with the deal," said Shadjareh. "And indeed this deal was supposed to be win-win for all sides. Iran has complied with every aspect of the agreement, and this has been verified by the whole international community. The US is just trying to find [trumped-up] intelligence like they did with Iraq."
"After the lie of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq," added Kovalik, "and the destruction that's followed the invasion of Iraq, the US [has] already lost credibility on these sorts of matters, which they used to justify war. No one seriously disputes that Iran has fully complied with the Iran nuclear deal. At the same time, Iran has never gotten the benefit that it bargained for in that deal: the original sanctions against Iran that were supposed to be lifted in response to the deal have never been lifted. Meanwhile the US just recently imposed new sanctions."
The Boy Who Cried Warming
THE BOY WHO CRIED WARMING - Exposing The Shepherds of Climate Change
How To Be Depressed: A Guide - Super Funny
US nuclear weapons should be removed from our country – German FM
Pentagon dumps tons of hazardous waste yearly without disclosing pollution harm
Weather Modification `Operation Cumulus` - Lynmouth 1952 Floods - UK Military responsible
Monsanto: It Ain’t Glyphosate, it’s the Additives!
Famously corrupt and unscrupulous, Monsanto Corporation has now been discovered in covering up the highly toxic effects of the secret additives it combines with glyphosate in Roundup, the world’s most-used herbicide. The IARC, an agency of the World Health Organization, released a report in March, 2015 that declared the chemical glyphosate to be “probably carcinogenic to humans (Group 2A).” They were not provided tests that included the effects of glyphosate combined with specific trade secret additives. Monsanto is desperate to hide the true carcinogen in its Roundup weed-killer.
‘Two Thousand times more toxic’ than glyphosate alone
Independent scientific tests by toxicologists have revealed that it is precisely the added ingredients, the so-called surfactants or Roundup’s “formulations,” in chemical combination with the far less toxic glyphosate base, that are highly toxic and probable carcinogen.
Their tests further concluded that the compounded herbicides using glyphosate as base, but including undisclosed “formulations” or surfactants or co-formulants, were vastly more toxic than glyphosate tested alone. They write, “All co-formulants and formulations were comparably cytotoxic well below the agricultural dilution of 1%.” Depending on the product, the tests revealed that glyphosate, in combination with co-formulants, could be up to 2000 times more toxic to cells than glyphosate alone.
 How Western Media Overlook US War Crimes In Raqqa But Decried Syrian Liberation Efforts In Aleppo
The “outcry” surrounding the Syrian government operation to retake Aleppo was created in order to generate the pretext for the military intervention long desired by Western governments, Israel and the Gulf monarchies. Now it’s Raqqa’s turn but, with the U.S. raining death from the sky, the same media shrugs.
Americans Preparing for War': Why US Testing B61-12 Nuclear Bomb
Tokyo & Seoul seek ‘maximum pressure’ after UNSC condemns Pyongyang’s ‘outrageous’ missile test
<Once again, the UNSC condemns the victim instead of the aggressor and invader. The North Koreans are in their own country and they are defending themselves against the invaders. The Americans are foreigners who are occupying part of Korea. The Americans are the aggressors and invaders. The Koreans are the victims of the American aggression. As for Japan and South Korea, they are occupied territories. They are hostages of the Americans. They express the will of the hostage-taker, not their own will.>
Good news only
Hitler Was Financed by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England
Big Pharma: Baxter Files Swine Flu Vaccine Patent a Year Ahead of Outbreak
Baxter admits contaminated seasonal flu product contained live bird flu virus 27 Feb 2009 The company that released contaminated flu virus material from a plant in Austria confirmed Friday that the experimental product contained live H5N1 avian flu viruses.
Baxter scientists who patented the H1N1 “swine flu” vaccine in August 2007 have shares in Baxter and so stand to profit directly from “recommending” H1N1 flu jab to WHO in conflict of interest
Russia and Syria Create a Unified Air Defense System
"Today, a unified integrated air defense system has been set up in Syria. We have ensured the information and technical interlinkage of the Russian and Syrian air reconnaissance systems. All information on the situation in the air comes from Syrian radar stations to the control points of the Russian force grouping," he said.
The Russian air defense group in the Hmeymim airfield area includes a radio engineering battalion, a battery of the Pantsir-S air defense missile and gun systems and the S-400 air defense missile systems.
"These air defense missile systems are capable of destroying targets within a range of up to 400 kilometers at an altitude of up to 35 kilometers," Meshcheryakov said.
White Guy Lies About Black Anti-Fascist Stabbing Him Because of His Nazi Haircut
Actually, the only part of Witt’s story that ended up being true was that he was stabbed. After a second interview, Witt eventually admitted that he had stabbed himself and made up the story.
Invisible Puppeteers: Creating Obstacles to Prolong Syrian War
“In the events of Idlib we see the active participation of the Turkish military and intelligence. Turkey is not interested in the Syrian Army having control over the province. It has spent five years to gain a foothold in this city,” Jafa said.
Insight: Saving Syria's Children - The Worst Case Of Fake News?
The Mysterious Stranger and Other Stories
by Mark Twain
by Mark Twain
“The statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.”
― Mark Twain, The Mysterious Strange
Syria Summary - Towards The End Of The Caliphate
Putin turns the tables on Poland - awkward
‘The windscreen phenomenon’ - why your car is no longer covered in dead insects
Reader Richard Acland, of Chepstow, in Monmouthshire, also noticed the vanishing bugs, and said he believed insecticides on crops were wiping out insect life, adding: “This is why cars are not bug-splattered anymore.”
The Troubling Case of Chris Hedges
Pulitzer winner. Lefty hero. Plagiarist.
EPOCH TIMES: Italy’s New Mandatory Vaccine Law Will Fuel A Populist Backlash
On July 28, a new law passed final approval in Italian parliament that will impose steep fines, school segregation and exclusion from daycare on families who refuse to vaccinate their children according to the Ministry of Health’s schedule.
Oliver Stone: "1984 Is Here"
Hate hate hate!
"Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered...History has stopped. Nothing exists except the endless present in which the party is always right" — George Orwell
Real Journalism Gets You Fired - Reporter Dilyanna Gaytandzhiev Axed For Exposing Terrorist Weapons Smuggling
At the center of the billion dollar illegal weapons smuggling operation are the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan, Silkway Airlines, Bulgarian weapons manufactures, SOCOM and multiple US contractors including - Orbital ATK, Purple Shovel and Chemring Group.
Terrorists’ Visit to France Points to State Foreknowledge of Barcelona Attack
A spate of news reports last week raised questions about US and European government foreknowledge of the August 17 terror attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils that killed 15 people and wounded more than 100, and how this attack was allowed to proceed. It is ever clearer that the Islamic State (IS) terror cell was under close surveillance by multiple intelligence services of NATO powers, including France, the United States, and Belgium.
The US Senate is trying to brand WikiLeaks a ‘hostile intelligence service’ — whatever that means
German nurse suspected of killing at least 90 in bizarre game to test his skills
Why is the USA engaged in such a slaughter at the service of Syrian Kurds?
The answer is easy. The USA plans a puppet Kurdistan, which will serve the same role as puppet Kosovo and puppet Bahrain. Puppet Kurdistan will serve as a huge military base from which the Americans and Israelis can project military force into the region.
HS: Suomalaismies syytti 16-vuotiasta somalityttöä Turun tapahtumista ja pahoinpiteli tätä
Pundits And Politicians Are Tacitly Admitting That They Lied About Russia
US airlifts ISIS fighters to safety for the second time in a week, war monitor claims
It's Official: Sky Will Be Sprayed in Geoengineering "Experiment," Blocking Sun for Climate Change
Geoengineer David Keith Admits to Dangers of Spraying Aluminum ( )
Chemtrails - Fully Exposed
Is your smartphone listening to everything you say? We asked the experts
Is your smartphone listening to everything you say? We asked the experts
The Rise and Fall of
"Russian Hack an Inside Job?" Ray McGovern / VIPS Interview
Intel Vets Challenge ‘Russia Hack’ Evidence
Intel Vets Challenge ‘Russia Hack’ Evidence
Weaponization of History and Journalism
Writing the truth is no way to succeed as an author. Only a small percentage of readers are interested in the truth. Most want their biases or brainwashing vindicated. They want to read what they already believe. It is comforting, reassuring. When their ignorance is confronted, they become angry.
The Cop That Killed Eric Garner Gets Pay Raise To $120,000 For Desk Duty
Aerosols to protect Earth from global warming will be sprayed into the stratosphere NEXT YEAR, but scientists warn the results could be 'catastrophic'
12 April 2017
    Experts will test the feasibility of 'solar geoengineering' to stop global warming
    Material will be pumped into the stratosphere to reflect the sun's rays
    Researchers will test a range of materials that could be used at scale in future
    But scientists have warned of the potential 'catastrophic' consequences
The first-of-its-kind experiment could begin as early as next year and will pump small amounts of material into the stratosphere to reflect the sun's rays.
A Cheap and Easy Plan to Stop Global Warming
Intentionally engineering Earth’s atmosphere to offset rising temperatures could be far more doable than you imagine, says David Keith. But is it a good idea?
    February 8, 2013
 WATCH: Brave Congressman Explains How US Keeps Afghan Heroin Trade Alive at Your Expense
Congressman Thomas Massie blows the lid off the US subsidized opium trade and taxpayer funds flowing into the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan.
To put this number in perspective, the entire amount of money the United States allocates to spend on rebuilding America’s crumbling highways every year is less than half of what it’s blown on failed projects alone in Afghanistan.
Saudi Arabia and Israel Might 'Directly Intervene' in Syrian Conflict
"There is a danger that some external forces would not agree with the settlement of the Syrian war. Those forces are Saudi Arabia and Israel," Shamir told Sputnik.
SYRIA WAR DIARY: Terrorists, Thieves and Thugs, Reality of Life Under “Moderate Rebel” Occupation
Eva Bartlett | Western corporate media are guilty of some of the worst war…
Inconvenient Facts: JIT Likely to Ignore New Russian MH17 Evidence
Despite Russia supplying new additional data relating to the MH17 plane crash to Dutch investigators, Western governments will likely ignore these facts in favor of their own agenda, according to a Russian political analyst.
"The West would contend with only one kind of statement from Russia: the one that would confirm that we supplied the Buk missile launcher that the militia downed the Boeing with. All other facts, documents and evidence simply won't be accepted. Because objective facts and objective reality are Russian inventions that the West doesn't care about," Ostashko warned.
Say what?! UN Human Rights Council declares Israel world's No. 1 human rights violator
According to the U.N.'s top human rights body, Israel is the worst human rights violator in the world today. That’s the result of the latest session of the UN Human Rights Council which wrapped up in Geneva on Friday by adopting five times more resolutions condemning Israel than any other country on earth.
<The rest is Anglo-Zionist BS>
USA continues disconnecting Russian banks from SWIFT
Two Russian banks will be disconnected from international SWIFT payment system. The sanctions have been imposed on the Russian National Commercial Bank (RNCB) and Tempbank.
Russia Warns the US Over Afghanistan
Russia has hinted in the past that the United States is covertly sponsoring the Islamic State in Afghanistan. On Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson raised the bar by alleging that “foreign fighters” who were transferred by “unknown…
Supporting climate action through the EU budget
Climate action is a key priority for the EU. To respond to challenges and investment needs related to climate change, the EU has agreed that at least 20% of its budget for 2014-2020 – as much as €180 billion − should be spent on climate change-related action.
International climate finance
At least 20% of the EU budget will be spent on climate action by 2020.
Is AI Real or Is It All Hype? Convince Me.
A History Of Violence – The Myth Of The Moderate Kurdish Rebel
Abed also examined the Syrian government’s attempts at keeping the country united by addressing and implementing constitutional changes that benefit the Kurds – attempts that have still failed to convince separatist Kurds to abandon their goal of Balkanizing and illegally confiscating parts of Syria at the cost of the people who reside there.
Geoengineering Assault Captured On Film
( Dane Wigington )
Blatant And Inarguable Geoengineering Jet Spraying Captured On Film
 ( )
Chemtrail Pilot Signals World! 100% Proof!
<Yes Chemtrails are real. But that's NOT an SOS in Morse code. They turn it on and off to make separate clouds , and make it less obvious.>
Obama Administration Voted Against UN Anti-Nazi Resolution
Obama Administration Voted Against UN Anti-Nazi Resolution
Russia's New Hypersonic Missile Will Meddle With Your Navy
Russia's top-secret Zircon hypersonic missiles are likely to change the balance of power at sea
[162] Russian Hacking Narrative Debunked, CIA Torture Settlement, Burger King Arming Amputees
8 Reasons Oregano Should Grow In Every Garden
Senate Declares War On Wikileaks - With Philip Giraldi
The new Prostitute Protection Act
(Das neue
Over 25,000 Fighters Join Together in New Syrian Terrorist Merger - Russian MoD
Meanwhile, Korobov said that around 9,000 terrorists from the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly known as Nusra Front) terrorist group were attempting to take control over the Syrian province
1,500 Reports of War Crimes Committed by the Pro Nazi Ukraine Regime, Sent to European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)
Documented reports also include the murder of 171 civilians, serious and grave bodily harm and property damage this year 2017.
Breaking: US Occupation of Syria Now Official | Global Research
- Centre for Research on Globalization
Over the last 24 hours, the United States has…
ISIS – Always-Always Claims Responsibility
Why not? – That would also explain why never anybody questions the ISIS claim to murder and mayhem. Why would ISIS / ISIL / Daesh want to hurt those who fund them, train them, arm them, feed them? – It’s not even secret any more. Hillary said so already years ago, We created them, now we have to deal with them. Former CIA officials admitted that they recruited, funded, trained and armed them – later the ISIL / Daesh reign was expanded with additional financial backing by the Saudis, other Gulf States and Turkey – and, of course, all the holy western allies. – So, why would ISIS want to hurt the cow whose milk they drink? Strange – isn’t it?
Israeli court orders al-Araqib residents to pay costs of Israel demolishing their village
Even More US-Made Anti-Tank Weapons Are Turning Up In ISIS Hands
The Structure of Power in American Society: A Military Junta is Now Ruling the United States
Notes on the Junta, an Unnecessary Land-Corridor and a Regular Russian Maneuver
The US has airlifted a number of Daesh Takfiri terrorists near the eastern Syrian city of Dayr al-Zawr, where Syrian troops are closing in on the Takfiri terrorists, the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says.
New 25,000-strong Syrian terrorist force unites 70 gangs – Russian General Staff
A new terrorist formation, Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham, consists of 25,000 militants, with Jabhat al-Nusra jihadists at its core, the intelligence chief of Russia’s General Staff said. He also spoke of the terrorists’ favorite tactics, state-of-the-art equipment and ways of getting profit.
Anonymous Bulgaria - "Silkway Airlines Helps Terrorists" - New 313Mb RAR File Leak
350 diplomatic flights carry weapons for terrorists
At least 350 diplomatic Silk Way Airlines (an Azerbaijani state-run company) flights transported weapons for war conflicts across the world over the last 3 years. The state aircrafts of Azerbaijan carried on-board tens of tons of heavy…
Unbequemes Denkmal
Ein Verein bewahrte eine nach dem Anarchisten Michail Bakunin benannte Hütte in Thüringen vor dem Abriss
Organisiert waren diese Arbeiter in der lokalen Gruppe der anarchosyndikalistischen Gewerkschaft »Freie Arbeiter Union Deutschland«. Schon bald entstand auf dem Areal eine Schutzhütte; benannt wurde diese nach dem russischen Revolutionär Michail Bakunin. Dieser - wie könnte es anders sein - gilt als ein geistiger Vater der anarchistischen Bewegung.
Denn, so Mence, dieses »unbequeme Denkmal« sei für ihn auch ein Anlass, heute darüber nachzudenken, »wie eine sich selbst verwaltende Gesellschaft aussehen könnte«.
Washington’s new strategy in Afghanistan aimed against China, expert says
Birds of a feather: White supremacy and Zionism
White supremacy and Zionism are two of a kind, with both modelled on ethnic exclusion. Therefore, if one opposes exclusion, and the desire for a racially or religiously 'pure' nation, one must oppose Zionism
Mathematical mystery of ancient Babylonian clay tablet solved
The Thanks of a Grateful World Go with Steve Bannon
>Good article>
Israel Revokes Citizenship of Hundreds of Negev Bedouin, Leaving Them Stateless
Some were citizens for 40 years, served in the army and paid their taxes, but had their status canceled with a single keystroke and no further explanation
Telling Tales: Why US Continues to Write 'Assad and Chemical Weapons Saga'
<Thank goodness the moderate terrorists were imune to sarin. What a BS>
My eight months as a racist troll
DER BRENNESSELKRIEG - Gesundheit unerwünscht
Brennessel - Kräuer und Pflanzenkunde
Kleine Kräuterkunde: Brennnessel
Verbot der Brennessel als Heilmittel: Der Brennessel-Krieg
Media Silent as Saudi Arabia Does to Itself What Assad Was Accused of Doing in Syria
“When we got to Awamiya, the scale of devastation was shocking. It looked like a war zone – as if we were in Mosul or Aleppo,” Nabil writes.
“The town, which lies in the Qatif region of oil-rich Eastern Province, was home to about 30,000 people, most of them Shia…Now, there is nothing left of the once vibrant residential area but bullet-riddled houses, and burned-out cars and shops – a testament to the heavy fighting.”
Canada admits letting in 2,000 Ukrainian SS troopers – J.
LOS ANGELES -- The Canadian government, with British complicity, admitted more than 2,000 members of a notorious Ukrainian Waffen-SS division in 1950...
In a related case, the CBS news program "60 Minutes" reported that about 1,000 SS men and Nazi collaborators, mainly from the Baltic states, moved to Canada about the same time.
And the German public broadcasting network reported that 50,000 war criminals receive "victim pensions" from the German government. German sources say 1,882 are Canadian residents.
Almost all the suspected war criminals and collaborators have lived openly under their own names in Canada for 47 years.
 CIA ‘Accidentally’ Destroyed 6,700-Page Senate Torture Report
The 6,700-page report contains secret files about the CIA’s use of “enhanced” interrogation methods, including waterboarding, sleep deprivation and other aggressive interrogation techniques at “black site” prisons overseas.
RISE AND FALL OF GIANTS: US-Russian VISA Suspension Begins the Next Cold War
Additionally, starting today, the Trump State Department has
officially suspended of all non-immigrant VISA’s, and effectively
stopped all Russian people from traveling to the United States. This
marks the official re-start of the American-Russian “Cold War 2.0”.
How We Know The So-Called “Civil War” Was Not Over Slavery
Blaming the war on slavery was the way the northern court historians used morality to cover up Lincoln’s naked aggression and the war crimes of his generals. Demonizing the enemy with moral language works for the victor. And it is still ongoing. We see in the destruction of statues the determination to shove remaining symbols of the Confederacy down the Memory Hole.25_______________________________________________________
Korea, Afghanistan and the Never Ending War trap
While the US-backed 'Hunger Games' in South Korea plow on, a 'new strategy' for Afghanistan is really all about business. But China is already there
AIPAC video describes decades-long role in US laws against BDS
AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, is a powerful Washington DC lobbying organization. In this 2016 video, AIPAC describes how it has succes
Ukraine marks Independence Day with parade attended by NATO units
This year military hardware was not displayed during the parade
TRUMP JUST WON: His Laywer Just Leaked Loretta Lynch's Worst Nightmare on live TV
Netanyahu to Putin: Iran must withdraw from Syria or Israel will ‘defend itself’
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that…
David Irving debunks holocaust in 3 min
Cynthia: Flesh-Eating Synthetic Bacteria that has Gone Wild
Pentagon Denounces American Nazis While Arming Ukrainian Nazis
Finian CUNNINGHAM: What makes the Pentagon’s response to…
UN ‘deeply concerned’ about US-led Raqqa airstrikes that reportedly killed dozens of civilians
The UN has expressed “deep concerns” over the mounting number of civilian…
Why Global Warming Would be Good for You
DON'T MISS A MINUTE, because we're BLOWING THE LID off how
you and your family are being SILENTLY POISONED..., for money.
Opioid Crisis National Emergency, Sends Troops To Guard Afghan Poppies
There is no way to uncouple the massive surge in Afghan’s opium production from the burgeoning crisis of opioid use in the United States.
Our Coming Environmental Catastrophe: Geoengineering and Weather Warfare
GlobalResearchTV - James Corbett
CIA Funding Geoengineering to Weaponize Weather - #NewWorldNextWeek
CIA Director speaks about Geoengineering to fight Climate Change
Geoengineering Chemtrails Cloud Seeding SAI John Brennan CIA CFR - WARN YOUR VICTIMS
<CIA boss talks in the first half>
Weather War Explained by Alex Jones to Eddie Bravo & Joe Rogan
Eddie Bravo on Infowars - talks Joe Rogan, Fake Dinosaurs, #Pizzagate and More
Joe Rogan Experience #911 - Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo
GMO's Revealed: Episode 1
<No GMO's in 1995 and no starvation>
The U.S. Can Not Be Trusted - Case XXXIV: Trump Cheats On China Sanction Deal
World's healthiest and oldest living people share their secret recipe
The valley of the Hunza River on the border between India and Pakistan is known as an "oasis of youth". The life span of the inhabitants of the valley reaches 110-120 years. Those people are hardly ever sick and they look young even at respectable age. This suggests the existence of an ideal lifestyle, when people feel healthy, happy, and they do not look old by the age of 40 or 50. Curiously, residents of Hunza Valley, unlike peoples of neighboring nationalities, look very like Europeans.
The Hunza people have a simple recipe for their healthy longevity: be a vegetarian, always work physically, move constantly and do not change your rhythm of life. In this case, they say, people can live up to 120-150 years.
Conflict in Syria Far From Resolved. US Bombings Targeting Raqqa Residential Areas. 78 Civilians Killed in Last 24 Hours.
In the last 24 hours alone, local media sources and survivors reported US-led so-called coalition warplanes massacred 78 civilians in three Raqqa neighborhoods.
Homes and infrastructure were targeted, no ISIS or other terrorists at or around areas struck. The attack was cold-blooded murder like so many others in all US war theaters – Nuremberg-level high crimes.
Kids were playing outside as coalition strike ‘directly targeted’ Raqqa civilians – witness to RT
 Civilians who escaped from Raqqa, an Islamic State stronghold in Syria, have told RT about the horrors they faced during an airstrike by the US-led coalition, which they say “directly targeted” their homes while children were outside.
The witnesses told RT’s Ruptly video news agency that they believed coalition forces were aware that there were no insurgents in the area, as what they think was a coalition aircraft had filmed them hours before the strike. The aircraft targeted the civilian houses while children were playing in the streets, one man said.
The Kurdish Connection: Israel, ISIS And U.S. Efforts To Destabilize Iran
Trump’s betrayal is complete as military-industrial complex rises to power
Bournemouth geoengineering
 Ron Paul: Oppose Fascism of the Right and the Left
“While we should be willing to form coalitions with individuals of good will across the political spectrum, we must never align with anyone promoting violence as a solution to social and economic problems. We must also oppose any attempts to use the violence committed by extremists as a justification for expanding the police state or infringing on free speech. Laws against hate speech set a dangerous precedent for censorship of speech unpopular with the ruling elite and the deep state.”
Barcelona attack suspect reveals bigger attack with explosives was planned
 imam Abdelbaki Es Satty, died earlier in an accidental blast in a house in Alcanar. There, police found 120 butane canisters believed to be used in bomb manufacturing.
<Notice the carefully placed EU propaganda in the picture...keep the Gladio False Flags coming !>
‘Role of US in Syria unnecessary, they should withdraw as soon as possible’
Syrian President Bashar Assad said he sees no role for the US or its coalition in Syria as long as they are supporting terrorists, explains Elizabeth Murray, a former US Deputy National Intelligence officer.
President al-Assad: Everything related to the destiny and future of Syria is a 100% Syrian issue,
unity of Syrian territory is self-evident and not up for debate
Afghanistan - Trump To Announce Four More One-Year Wars
For the military it is all about optics. The generals do not want to concede that they lost another war. The CIA wants to keep is militarized forces and drones which it justifies through its engagement in Afghanistan. The drug production in Afghanistan, which the U.S. never really tried to suppress, is rumored to finance "black" CIA operations just like it did during the Vietnam war and throughout various South American conflicts. The members of the Afghan government all live off U.S. largess. The war in Afghanistan is a racket paid for with the lives of countless Afghans and U.S. taxpayer money.
1,000s of Muslims march against terrorism in Barcelona after van attack (PHOTOS)
The terror attack in Barcelona, a popular tourist destination, took place on Thursday, when a hired white Fiat van veered off the road and plowed into pedestrians at high speed for several hundred meters. The driver, later identified as a 22-year-old Moroccan national by the name of Younes Abouyaaqoub, killed 14 people and injured more than 100.
<The racists are having a heyday again. I just count corpses and so far the empire leads thousand to 1.>
Roundup Linked to Global Boom in Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance
Roundup is linked in Samsel and Seneff’s new review paper to a major increase in celiac disease. A recent estimate suggests that one in twenty people in North America and Western Europe now suffer from this gluten intolerant disease.
15 Health Problems Linked to Monsanto's Roundup
Roundup: Quick Death for Weeds, Slow and Painful Death for You
Glyphosate Disrupts the Functioning of Beneficial Gut Bacteria
America's Last Minuteman
35 dollar
America's Last Minuteman Hardcover – 2011
Who is Running America?
The Bankruptcy of America,
the Corporate United States
and the
New World Order
Greta Van Susteren - James Traficant
<longer version of below video>
How Pro-Israel Neocons Pushed for War in Iraq (Alison Weir)
 WikiLeaks: US Sought Syria Regime Change For Israel’s Sake
The Clinton ideal was that the US would impose regime change with arms, and without troops, and that Russia wouldn’t dare oppose America
Finnish court names knife attack suspect Abderrahman Mechkah
The 18-year-old Moroccan asylum seeker suspected of killing two women and wounding eight people with a knife in Finland on Friday is called Abderrahman Mechkah, a court said on Monday. The crimes are being treated as murder and attempted murder with terrorist intent, the court said. Police have requested that Mechkah, who is currently in hospital, be detained during preliminary investigations. (Reuters)
Barcelona – The Hypocrisy of Sorrow
Fortunately, the alleged chief perpetrator leaves, as usual and conveniently, an ID behind in the cabin of the white van. So, he can be traced to Melilla, a Spanish enclave in Morocco
Who Was Behind the Barcelona and Cambrils Attacks? Can We Trust the Official Reports? Update
A police manhunt to arrest Younes is ongoing. Will he be arrested or killed like all the other suspects
Reports state without a shred of evidence that the ISIS claimed responsibility and that the attack in Barcelona was carried out by “soldiers of the Islamic State” against “countries participating in the coalition against the ISIS in Syria and Iraq (CBC, August 18, 2017). An absurd proposition: It was the Syrian government SAA forces with the support of Russia and Iran which drove ISIS rebels out of Syria. And Russia is not the target of acts of retribution led by ISIS.
The US-led counterterrorism operation initiated by Obama in 2014 was not meant to go after the ISIS. Quite the opposite: the coalition was killing civilians while providing covert support including weapons to the ISIS.
Gas canisters recovered from house where Barcelona terrorists planned attacks
The house exploded the night before the attack.
Meet The Hell Cannon, The Free Syrian Army's Homemade Howitzer
In a place where heavy weaponry is scarce, yet war…
Being Poor Is Still A Crime In America
YouTube's War on Independent Media
You Are Being Gamed
'History Will Show It Was the US That Introduced Chemical Weapons' to Syrian War
On Wednesday, the Syrian Foreign Ministry accused the US and the UK of supplying toxic agents to terrorists based on evidence found in Aleppo and a Damascus suburb. Sputnik Radio spoke with political scientist Dr. Kevin Barrett about the significance of this discovery and whether it could become a turning point in the Syrian conflict
According to Syria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the toxic agents found in Aleppo and a Damascus suburb were produced by one British company and two American companies. A corresponding statement was made by Syrian Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faisal Mekdad during a press conference in Damascus
Beware: The Neocons are pushing the USA and the rest of the world towards…
As Russia-Gate Story Stalls, Cue Trump Neo-Nazi Scandal
Finian CUNNINGHAM: The political opponents of President Trump have found a…

Bannon Driven Out by Media in Service of War Agenda, the Ultimate Hate
Rising Iran is another waking nightmare for Washington
Recent Iranian victories on the battlefield coupled with closer ties to China and Russia must greatly alarm the US.
New Insights on the Physical Nature of the Atmospheric Greenhouse
Effect Deduced from an Empirical Planetary Temperature Model,tel-aviv-will-be-destroyed
The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Israeli ambassador in Moscow:If you continue bombing Palmyra,Tel Aviv will be destroyed - AWD News
The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn
– Alvin Toffle
BOMBSHELL: New evidence suggests Charlottesville was a complete SET-UP
Not good.
Rechtspopulisten bekennen sich zur israelischen Besatzungsmacht
Tarnen & Täuschen - Rechtspopulistische…
The Neocons are pushing the USA and the rest of the world towards a dangerous crisis
Breaking: US Coalition bombs Syrian Army near ISIL lines in southern Raqqa – [unconfirmed]
A declaration of war? Does this have anything to do with Bannon leaving?
A couple of sources are reporting that the US led coalition attacked the Syrian Arab Army today.
What’s in your wormery?
To break the cycle you can cover the top of the food waste in your wormery with a thin layer of garden soil or clean newspaper and refrain from adding waste for 2-3 weeks.
Can Cold Temperatures Kill Fruit Flies?