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Link Collection April Part II


The Cloud Mystery (2007)
<Low clouds cool. More low clouds = cooler>
<If you double the CO2 on Earth you get 1 degree Celsius more. There were times were Earth was cooler but had 10 times more CO2 in the atmosphere>
Warning! Abrupt Climate Change!!! Cooling not Warming! New Evidence!
US Military Kills 300 More Civilians - No End In Sight
Why North Korea Needs Nukes - And How To End That
BEIJING, March 8 (Xinhua) -- China proposed "double suspension" to defuse the looming crisis on the Korean Peninsula, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Wednesday.
"As a first step, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) may suspend its nuclear and missile activities in exchange for the suspension of large-scale U.S.-Republic of Korea (ROK) military exercises," Wang told a press conference on the sidelines of the annual session of the National People's Congress.
US Atomstreit mit Nordkorea Was die westlichen Medien sagen
Weitere interessante Informationen finden Sie auf: Video übernommen von KLA TV. Die US-Kriegstreiber schwingen wieder ihr…
Rachel Maddow Gets Called Out For Beating W-A-R Drum With Russia
MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Sees a “Russia Connection” Lurking Around Every Corner
Rachel Maddow Has Lost Her Mind & People Are Noticing
How To Talk To Statists - Larken Rose on The Corbett Report
Trump Reignites War on Weed - #NewWorldNextWeek
OPCW’s block of on-site probe shows Western powers now aiming to oust Assad – Lavrov
<This is the second consecutive chemical weapons event that the OPCW has refused to investigate.  If their job is to investigate and they refuse to do it, why do they still exist?>
Jehovah’s Witnesses banned as ‘extremist’ in Russia, property to be seized – court decision
Delivering the verdict on Thursday, Judge Yury Ivanenko ruled that all 395 branches of the religious group on Russian territory are subject to disbandment and the property is to be forfeited to the state.
UN doesn’t send experts to Idlib 'chemical incident' site as West & US are blocking it - Assad
“We formally sent a letter to the United Nations, we asked them in that letter to send a delegation in order to investigate what happened in Khan Shaykhun,” Assad said. “Of course till this moment they didn't send (the experts), because the West and the US blocked any delegation from coming,” he added.
Syria: Media Cover Up of Crimes Committed by US Backed Al Qaeda “Rebels”
Through selective reporting, the omission of facts and reliance on dubious sources of information, media outlets have sought to twist the facts and whitewash crimes committed by the rebels.
Runic alphabet
New study shows UV levels have increased over last 50 years
Don’t Believe UV Radiation Levels are “Off the Charts”?
Sun Damage
The outer layer of the lip is thin, so in their natural state lips are not adequately shielded from the sun. In fact, lips have almost no melanin, the natural pigment in skin that helps screen out the sun's harmful rays. As a result, lips rarely tan, but they can easily burn.
Manhunt underway for CIA ‘traitor’ who leaked ‘Vault 7’ to WikiLeaks – report
The FBI and CIA are investigating hundreds of possible suspects in one of the biggest security breaches in CIA history, CBS News reports. The WikiLeaks “Vault 7” release, which contained thousands of top-secret documents, revealed the agency’s hacking tools.
BREAKING: Assad speaks to BBC, chemical attack “100% fabrication.” US working “hand and glove” with ISIS
    “We gave up our arsenal 3 years ago. Even if we had them we wouldn’t use them. We have never used our chemical arsenal in our history.”
    “Our information, that the West, mainly the United States, is hand and glove with the terrorists. They fabricated the whole story in order to have a pretext for the attack.”
    “There was no investigation, no complete evidence about anything, the only things were allegations, and propaganda and they struck.”
Dear Washington: the era of the false flag attack is now over
Watch White Helmets spray water from "sarin victims" onto each other.
If this was sarin they'd all be dead
NOTE: No gloves
Lawsuit Warns $234 Billion In Aid To Israel Violates US Law Against Supporting Secret Nuclear States
A lawsuit warns that U.S. aid to Israel violates a law meant to prevent nuclear weapons proliferation, even as the United States prepares to increase the already massive Israeli aid program.
NOAA Whistleblower Confirms Global Warming Is A Scam
A high-level whistleblower from the world's leading source of climate data has…
European Scientists Discover Bee Resurgence After Banning These 3 Pesticides Still Used in The US
Picture credit to Shawn Caza of Toronto Honeys by PAUL FASSA Whether or not…
Pyongyang's military parade forces Trump to put his tail between his legs
When the whole world saw for the first time Pyongyang's Pukkuksong-2 submarine-launched ballistic missiles and other state-of-the-art weapons of North Korea, the…
FBI Evidence Proves Innocence of Accused Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
FBI Evidence Proves Innocence of Accused Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar…
A Lot of What You Know About North Korea Is Racist Nonsense
Pyongyang is not crazy
E250 Nitraatti
Syria: The sadistic Kafria and Foua massacre by “moderate rebels” (w/videos)
Some of the victims of the Kafria and Foua massacre in Syria. The sadism of western-backed terrorist ‘rebels’ and their White Helmets apologists knows no…
Start of BRICS Gold-Backed Trade Pushing Deep State Desperation at All-Time High
Assessing Russia’s Military Strength
Is America Seeking "Preventive War" to Forestall the Rise of Russian Power?
SB18 Bill Will Allow Authorities To Enter Unvaccinated Kids Homes
Trump has lost control over the Pentagon
Lancet Psychiatry Needs to Retract the ADHD-Enigma Study
For the last 30 years, voting has been pointless, because there was no real difference between the major parties. Thatcher, Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clegg, May - all the same- illegal wars, austerity, poverty, cutting of welfare, tax money to the rich, endless self-righteous sermons to justify inhumane policies. The coming of Corbyn and the rise of the Green party will at least offer alternatives.
Stockman: The Trump Reflation Fantasy Ends On Day 100
The Golan Heights: Sold to the Highest Bidder Until Everyone Loses
The Golan Heights, internationally recognised as Syrian territory, were seized by Israel during the Six-Day War in 1967. The ostensible reason for this was that the Heights could be used to terrorise Israel, being mountains with Israeli plains below, and thus Israel was merely ensuring its security.
Monsieur Verdoux 1947 720p BluRay x264 anoXmous
>I invested on those machines that turn waves in to electricity. 43m>
 We need a government by the people for the people but that would be anarchism to let the mob rule. So we just let the mob think that they rule via "their" representatives. Lol.
The Other Great Chaplin Speech / The Tyranny of Authority
Charlie Chaplin's speech at the end of The Great Dictator has become famous as one of the most inspirational ever recorded. 17 years later, having been forced from the United States because of his political views, Chaplin made A King In New York, satarising McCarthyism and once again using an epic speech to share his views. This time it is his 10 year old son, Michael Chaplin, who delivers it..
Died 25 December 1977 (aged 88)
Corsier-sur-Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland
Chaplin did not attempt to return to the United States after his re-entry permit was revoked,
Here Is Why The FBI Wanted To Ban Charlie Chaplin
Putin Addressing G-A-S Attack Using Logic & Facts
MSNBC Asks Viewers “Should The U.S. START A W-A-R?"
<Despite all MSM propaganda and lies only 13% of the viewers wanted a preemptive war. I would see that as positive news.>
Civilians attacked: UN condemns bombing of evacuees, Western media acquit rebels
<Is Trump going to send cruise misses to kill Isis? Ah wait, US and Isis is on the same side?>
Serbia first in Europe by cancer mortality rate, main reason: NATO
White Helmets video with fake life-saving procedures deceived UN sec council
The White Helmets video and How to NOT correctly perform intracardiac injection
Bernie Sanders' Voting Records
Bernie Sanders, the Company Man
As I pointed out back in July of 2015, U.S. Senator Bernie Senator (“I”-VT) is not the independent left politician many progressives claim he is. He’s a Democratic Party company man. That was …
Ordered Censored by Trump: Swedish Medical Associations Says White Helmets Murdered Kids for Fake Gas Attack Videos
President Trump is now threatening to take America into a war against Syria, Iran and even Russia, a war he says is justified by “evidence” he has received from the Syrian White Helmets.  We will prove beyond any doubt that this is a “Deep State” organization, a melding of CIA, al Qaeda and Britain’s intelligence services.  We now have “slam dunk” proof that Trump and the “fake news” MSM are and always have been in lockstep, playing us all.
Please note that at no time has the White House or any western media acknowledged the controversy regarding the White Helmets, which we allege is part of al Qaeda’s propaganda operations.  Nor is any mention of the dozens of proven gas attacks by FSA, ISIS and al Nusra which are suddenly “forgotten” as though by magic.

The White Helmets, supposedly an independent NGO, receives up to $100m from the CIA and UK Foreign Office, “dark project” funding.  Murdering children is their stock and trade as we will prove.  Sharing headquarters with Turkish Intelligence in Gaziantep, Turkey this organization is far more “death squad” than civil defense.  Please review the included videos.
Al-Qaeda Suicide Attack Kills 100+ Children, Women - Whodunit?
Walid‏ @walid970721 40m40 minutes ago
Bana's handlers have her crying about the bombing but fail to mention that it was committed by rebels. Misleading ppl to blame govt #Syria
300 NATO-equipped military instructors arrive at Mariupol and Gorlovka areas
The DPR reconnaissance has detected the redeployment of 300 foreign military…
Al-Qaeda Suicide Attack Kills 100+ Children, Women – Who’s Behind It?
It is obvious that the suicide attack was committed by al-Qaeda in Syria. No government aligned element could have crossed into rebel held territory. The government aligned forces have not committed any suicide attacks while al-Qaeda as well as Ahrar al Sham have committed hundreds. This was a “rebel” suicide attack, likely by al-Qaeda, against government aligned civilian refugees.
Report from the UN: The US, UK, France and South Korea Are In Violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
Their boycott of the UN Conference to Negotiate a Treaty Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons is an Act of Bad Faith, in Violation of Article VI of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
America’s Peace Making Nukes vs. North Korea’s WMD: Simultaneous Nuclear Weapons Tests by U.S. and North Korea
11 Canadian Mercenaries Go Home in Bodybags After "Master Class" in Donbass
Translated by Ollie Richardson 03:16:19 13/09/2016 A master-class of “maple leaves” in the fight…
U.S. Delivers 3,000 Tons Of Weapons And Ammo To Al-Qaeda and Co. in Syria
The United States via its Central Intelligence Service is still delivering thousands of tons of additional weapons to al-Qaeda and others in Syria. The British military…
No ‘Red Lines’ After Western Backed Terrorists Massacre of Idlib’s Foua Civilians
WW3: Trump Grants Military Full Authority To Declare War
President Trump announced that he has given the United States military the “full authority” to strike foreign targets and declare war without the “interference” of elected officials in Congress or the Senate, as military generals say WW3 is “almost guaranteed.”
Army Chief of Staff General Mark A. Milley kicked off proceedings by stating that an upcoming major war between nation states “is almost guaranteed”.
Rebels Promised To Bomb Buses Evacuating Shi'ite Civilians
Bernie Sanders to CNN, "Assad has got to go. US must convince Russia and Iran to withdraw support for Assad" [Video]
Wikileaks Documents Prove Syria Chemical Attack Orchestrated By US
Attack was used to oust Assad from power - Wikileaks previously released…
Humanitarian hypocrites: 20mn face starvation but Western focus is on Putin and Assad
Russia's Newest Hypersonic Missile to 'Weaken' US Navy's Global Role
Ostermarsch 2017 München- Demonstration: vom Karlsplatz zum Max-Joseph-Platz
Demonstrators rally in Berlin against NATO
The Last Country We "Liberated" from an "Evil" Dictator Is Now Openly Trading Slaves
We "liberated" Libya from Gaddafi, but now the country is worse off than before.
The Crimes of America in Korea
Blast hits bus convoy near Aleppo, women & children among dozens killed (GRAPHIC IMAGES)
Effect of Nanoparticles on the Fuel Properties and Spray Performance of Aviation Turbine Fuel
The U.S. war crime North Korea won’t forget
Pyongyang’s hatred of America is partly based on U.S. actions during the Korean War.
*****************very long article****************************
The Origins and Ultimate Purpose of ISIS: A Brief History of the US-Middle East Proxy War
< al-Zarqawi = CIA asset.  See Gladio B by Sibel Edmond. Baghdadi another CIA asset who met McCain in Syria in 2013>
Blast hits bus convoy near Aleppo, women & children among dozens killed (GRAPHIC IMAGES)
The blast was reportedly caused by a suicide attacker detonating a car bomb. While Syrian state media said at least 39 were killed, sources on the ground told Xinhua that at least 70 people died and 128 others injured in the bomb attack. That number was confirmed by another source to RIA.
Humanitarian workers were among the victims of the attack, according to Arabic Asharq Al-Awsat.
US should use ISIS as a proxy - New plan for Syria published in New York Times
Humanitarian hypocrites: 20mn face starvation but Western focus is on Putin and Assad
This is the neocon agenda of the warmongering elites and not of those who really care about humanity. Next time you come across a “humanitarian” saying that toppling Assad and “dealing” with Putin is the most pressing issue, ask them why it's more important than saving 20 million people close to starvation. They won’t have a satisfactory answer.
Saudi banks, bin Laden companies sued by US insurers over 9/11 terror attacks
Worst case scenario? You die. Best case scenario? You die. But a few decades later. Either way, you die.
Keiser Report: Horrible Advice for Generation X (E1058)
Trump Won't Be Cancelling World War 3 After All #Stand Down Mr Trump
Big Pharma LOVES The Opioid Epidemic!
US 'can create any story as a pre-text' to start military campaign - Assad’s key advisor
chemtrails US Patent 5003186 Stratospheric welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming
Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming
US 5003186 A
China sounds the alarm: Trump prepares for war against Korea
It must be remembered that the DPRK has consistently offered to suspend nuclear weapons tests in return for the United States cancelling its massive, annual military exercises that simulate the destruction of the North. Both the Obama administration and the Trump administration immediately rejected this offer. The DPRK has also made it clear that what it actually seeks is a peace treaty with the United States to formally end the Korean War that began nearly 70 years ago.
Meanwhile in Nevada...US tests a NUKE, while threatening attack on North Korea if it tests one
The US has tested deployment of an upgraded nuclear bomb at a Nevada test…
How much Putin earned in 2016
The Russian President Vladimir Putin has earned about 8,858,432 roubles in 2016. That is about 157,502 dollars. The declaration has been released on the Kremlin website.
WikiLeaks: The Afghan Tunnels the US Just Bombed — "They were built by the CIA"
WikiLeaks just pointed out the truth about the US dropping the "Mother of all…
Korean War Gangnam Style
 Noam Chomsky provides a more dramatic description of the situation: “When US forces entered Korea in 1945, they dispersed the local popular government, consisting primarily of antifascists who resisted the Japanese, and inaugurated a brutal repression, using Japanese fascist police and Koreans who had collaborated with them during the Japanese occupation. About 100,000 people were murdered in South Korea prior to what we call the Korean War, including 30-40,000 killed during the suppression of a peasant revolt in one small region, Cheju Island.”
US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II
62 Interesting Facts about the Korean War
4-The Korean War took a heavy toll—up to a total of 5 million dead, wounded, or missing, and half of them civilians.[1]
11- The U.S. dropped more bombs in Korea (635,000 tons, as well as 32,557 tons of napalm) than in the entire Pacific theater during WW II.
Geoengineering Affects You, Your Environment, and Your Loved Ones
BREAKING: North Korea threatens to destroy US targets in Japan and South Korea if attacked
Air China has suspended flights to North Korea as regional tensions continue to rise.
Black Judge With History Of Holding Cops Accountable Found Dead In River
Some things just don't add up. On Wednesday evening, cops responded to a call…
Salaam is the 2nd black judge to be killed this week. The other, Judge Raymond Myles, was shot in his home in Chicago. "
Days of Revolt: America's Death Squads
Jewish Supremacist Girl Speaks Candidly
Tourist who took a camera inside North Korea shocked
Photographer Aram Pan witnessed bustling markets, men and women enjoying themselves at a Western looking water park and miles and miles of crops ready for harvest, shattering all of his illusions about what a holiday to the communist…
Top 20 Evil Bible Stories
Why Russia's Anti-Submarine Aircraft 'Encircle' Japan
Russian warplanes have flown near Japan at a time when Washington is increasingly assertive in its foreign policy, particularly with regard to North Korea's nuclear and missile programs. Journalist Alexander Khrolenko maintained that this is no…
Russia Says Evidence Growing Syria Chemical Attack Was Staged
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said a chemical-weapons attack in Syria that provoked U.S. missile strikes on the Middle Eastern country may have been…
Vietnam’s horrific legacy: The children of Agent Orange
Nearly 4.8 million Vietnamese people have been exposed, causing 400,000 deaths; the associated illnesses include cancers, birth defects, skin disorders, auto-immune diseases, liver disorders, psychosocial effects, neurological defects and gastrointestinal diseases.
According to the Red Cross of Vietnam, up to one million people are currently disabled or have health problems due to Agent Orange, 100,000 of which are children.
US coalition air strikes hit ISIS chemical weapons depot–‘hundreds killed’,-examination-of-the-drone-revealed-that-it-was-manufactured-in-israel
Iraqi Forces Shot Down ISIS Drone, Examination Of The Drone Revealed That It Was Manufactured In Israel - AWD News
Kelan tutkija: Tukien leikkaaminen voisi ajaa turvapaikanhakijoita leipäjonoon
Tutkijan mukaan yli kymmenen vuotta Suomessa oleskelleista pakolaismaista muuttaneista ihmisistä yli kolmannes on vielä työttömyysturvan varassa.
To what extent do the Taliban “control” Afghanistan…?
Afghan Taliban lists ‘Percent of Country under the control of Mujahideen’
Green is minimal Taliban control.
Busted! US Mainstream Media Ends Up Supporting Daesh in Syria
The New York Times' recent opinion editorial has gone even so far as to suggest…
<The Pentagon revealed June 22, 2015 that "rebel" recruits are being paid up to $400 a month, and they are being brought out of country for their training. And now Friedman openly . . .>
Every Flat in a New South London Development Has Been Sold to Foreign Investors
When the Heygate Estate was demolished there were promises of social housing…
Stephen F. Cohen: Russia Is Preparing for the Possibility US Will Start a War
The great Russia scholar Stephen F. Cohen continues his weekly discussion with…
BREAKING: Israeli war planes bomb Syria
The bombing took place near the Lebanese border in an area with a high Hezbollah presence.
8 ways White House "evidence" exonerates Assad from chemical attack
The rock solid evidence that Assad was behind the chemical weapons attack is…
<NO ONE was willing to put their name on the report. NO ONE! This says a lot. No one wants to be on record for these lies put in writing.>
Wikileaks drops Syria bomb. Email to Hillary Clinton assures her "AQ [Al Qaeda] is on our side in Syria"
Hillary Clinton’s former policy adviser told the presidential candidate that Al-Qaeda…
BREAKING: Assad speaks to BBC. Chemical attack "100% fabrication." US working "hand and glove" with ISIS
NYT just comes out and says it: US should partner with "territorial ISIS" to overthrow Assad
New York Times asks, "Why should our [US] goal right now be to defeat the…
Doctors for Human Rights Accuses White Helmets Of PR Stunt To Trigger War In Syria
A bombshell analysis from the Swedish NGO Doctors for Human Rights…
BREAKING: 50,000 US troops are being prepared by McMaster to invade Syria - Bloomberg
Trump's biggest foreign policy surprise (and global nightmare) may be yet to come.
‘How many civilians killed there?’ Twitter rages as Trump drops 'mother of all bombs' on Afghanistan
Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes Steve Bannon
President al-Assad to AFP: Khan Sheikhoun incident totally fabricated..the US is not serious in achieving any political solution-video
Damascus, SANA–President Bashar al-Assad gave an interview to AFP in which he said what happened in Khan Shaikhoun is a fabricated story, stressing that Syria does not possess a chemical arsenal and that even if it has such an arsenal, it will not use it.
US-led coalition killed more Syrian civilians than Isis or Russia in March, figures show
<Looks like some sanctions against the US are needed, but then this never happens as the US are the only 'legal' terrorist organisation. >
<What absolute balderdash! The Syrian government has not killed 400,000 people. In your figure are all the victims of the war, which includes 100,000 dead members of the Syrian Arab Army killed by the American backed Islamist scum.>
US-led coalition airstrike mistakenly killed 18 SDF ally fighters in Syria – Pentagon
Days of Revolt: Junk Economics and the Future
Part II
Days of Revolt: How We Got to Junk Economics
Part I
Cheat, Lie & Steal: Michael Hudson on the Capitalist Way
63% of American voters want more US intervention in Syria – poll
A new poll has found that the majority of American voters, 63 percent, want the…
U.S. Intelligence Source: Syria Chemical Weapons Attack Launched From Saudi Base »
 Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Award-winning Iran-Contra journalist Robert Parry says the chemical weapons attack in Syria was launched from a joint Saudi-Israeli special operations base in Jordan, according to his intelligence sources.
Harte Arbeit - schlechter Lohn
In Deutschland nehmen ungeschützte Beschäftigungsverhältnisse rasant zu. Millionen Menschen besitzen nur noch befristete Arbeitsverträge oder leben von Niedrigeinkommen. Eine Entwicklung, die die Gesellschaft spaltet. Selbst Vorzeigebranchen unterlaufen gute Tariflöhne über Leiharbeit und Werkverträge. Folge: Betroffene erhalten Hungerlöhne, die vom Staat aufgestockt werden müssen.
Hart arbeiten, und dennoch Hartz IV
2016 war für Daimler das beste Jahr der Konzerngeschichte. Dazu beigetragen haben auch viele Leih- und Werkvertragsarbeiter. Einige von ihnen, so SWR-Recherchen, verdienen so wenig, dass sie auf Hartz-IV-Zuzahlungen angewiesen sind.
Large U.S. Military Convoy Seen Heading To New Base In Northern Syria
We have finally reached a point where American aggression is threatening the stability of the world. Syria appears to be the staging ground...
US coalition air strikes hit ISIS chemical weapons depot
Hundreds have reportedly been killed.
‘We are sending an armada’: Trump ready to eliminate N. Korean ‘menace’ with or without China
Reuters Reports on UNSC Meeting: 'Look at This Russian Sarin Lover!'
They're not even trying anymore.  We decided to keep an eye on the 'live updates'…
Harvard: Marijuana Doesn’t Cause Schizophrenia
New research from Harvard Medical School, in a comparison between families with a history of schizophrenia and those without, finds little support for marijuana use as a cause of schizophrenia.
“The results of the current study suggest that having an increased familial morbid risk for schizophrenia may be the underlying basis for schizophrenia in cannabis users and not cannabis use by itself,” note the researchers.
Cannabis and Schizophrenia: Trigger or Treatment?
Given the increased rates of cannabis use among people with schizophrenia, along with the role of the endocannabinoid system in the pathophysiology of the disease, some experts have begun investigating whether some cannabinoids could help manage some of the symptoms of schizophrenia.
CIA Pushed “Oust Assad Family” Doctrine across 6 US Presidents
Wikileaks recently discovered a CIA document summarizing the situation of Syria…
Breaking: Israeli Air Force bombs Syrian Army in northwest Damascus
BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:35 A.M.) - Minutes ago, the Israeli Air Force struck the…
White House claims on Syria chemical attack ‘obviously false’ – MIT professor (VIDEO)
<white house claims it was sarin>
Lavrov: Avoiding Idlib ‘attack’ probe would mean intl community not looking for truth
These Factory Farming Images Have Gone Viral
1983 CIA Document Reveals Plan To Destroy Syria, Foreshadows Current Crisis | Zero Hedge
Prophetically foreshadowing the current crisis (and apparent action plan), leaked…
Trump Withholds Syria-Sarin Evidence
Exclusive: Despite President Trump’s well-known trouble with the truth, his White House now says “trust us” on its Syrian-sarin charges while withholding the proof that it claims to have, reports Robert Parry. By Robert Parry After making the…
Swedish NGO's Head Receives Threats After Claiming White Helmets' Video Fake
Marcello Ferrada de Noli, one of the leaders of the Swedish Doctors for Human Rights non-governmental organization (SWEDHR), said Wednesday he and his…
US missile strike killed people fighting terrorists – Assad’s top advisor
Bernie Sanders War Votes
Google Puts CNN, Washington Post, NYT In Charge of 'Fact-Checking' News
Censorship of the truth is on the horizon.
Having CNN and Washington Post determine what are facts, when they serve as lapdogs for the state and the banks that own it, is a blatant case of the fox guarding the hen house.
This must be challenged before freedom of the press is destroyed.
Syrian events demonstrate collapse of analytical journalism in the West
Western media transmit information about events in eastern Aleppo at the time when there was not a single Western correspondent in the zone of the conflict
White Helmets handle deadly toxic "sarin gas" samples, while lighting up cigarettes (Video)
The White Helmets are now expert forensics and chemical weapons investigators.
Every Leader Who Has Stood Up For Africa’s Right To Economic Self-determination Has Been Eliminated
Almost every single leader who has stood up for Africa's right to economic self-determination has been eliminated -- either physically or politically!!!!!!! The…
Before and after the “Holocaust”: Jewish population numbers in 1933…
Bernie Sanders on Syria attacks: NBC's Meet The Press (04/09/17)
<Um, Bernie pretends to be a humanitarian knowing darn well that Assad would be too chicken shit to take that step with his own people. and to pretend that ISIS is not a creation of the CIA exposes that Bernie is a control opposition. Period. I do not. trust our congress.>
Idlib ‘chemical attack’ was false flag to set Assad up, more may come – Putin
<You're either with the terrorists ( USofA and it's allies ) or you're against the terrorists, which includes the Al CIAda mercenaries.>
<The patient is wearing gloves but not the doctor. Clearly a sarin attack. Those terrorists suck at making videos but the Western whore media is even dumber.>
Syria’s “Rebels” Trained In Chemical Weapons Use By Pentagon
Western media refutes their own lies
Putin Calls US Allies Brain-Dead Dolls for Their Mindless Support of Syria Missile Strike
Russian President Vladimir Putin has kept a relatively low profile since Trump's…
50 km Stretch of Great Barrier Reef to be Cleared for Coal Ship ‘Express Lane’
Russia is not Syria's ally nor master, Russia is Syria's partner
Russia's view of international partnerships is based on international law, mutual…
Russia's view of international partnerships is based on international law, mutual respect and realism. America's is based on a master/servant mentality that is anathema to Russia.
America fails to understand Russia's relationship with Syria, because America doesn't respect anyone's sovereignty but its own
The United States Used Depleted Uranium in Syria
The airstrikes on oil trucks in Islamic State-controlled areas employed the toxic material, which has been accused of causing cancer and birth defects.
Trump Should Rethink Syria Escalation
More than two dozen ex-U.S. intelligence officials urge President Trump to rethink his claims blaming the Syrian government for the chemical deaths in Idlib and to pull back from his dangerous escalation of tensions with Russia.
Trump has obviously decided to join Neo-Cons and Netanyahu
April 10th, 2017 - Fort Russ News -  - Op-ed by Vladimir Golstein - Chekhov once observed that between "there is God" and "t...
Israel Reconfirms Commitment To Treating Wounded Syrian Al-Nusra Fighters
Israel has reconfirmed that it will continue to treat “war-wounded” fighters from…
Inventing Enemies, Manipulating Public Opinion, Selling Escalated War on Syria
Selling war requires inventing enemies, fear-mongering, substituting fake news for truth-telling, manipulating public opinion, and manufacturing consent.
Media (MSM) play along, feeding the public a steady diet of managed news misinformation, suppressing full and accurate reporting – featuring state-sponsored press agent journalism instead of the real thing, most people none the wiser.
Migrants from west Africa being ‘sold in Libyan slave markets’
UN migration agency says selling of people is rife in African nation that has slid…
>Libya after it's "liberation" by fascist NATO>
Tillerson offers Russia a choice: US or Assad
The US State Secretary Rex Tillerson has claimed that Russia should make a choice between the US with its allies and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Such a…
Free book. Over 600 pages
Has the USA forgotten? Millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians massacred and gassed by Agent Orange. By them.
George Galloway on Twitter
“Has the USA forgotten? Millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians massacred and gassed by Agent Orange. By them.”
Arise Sir Nige! Queen urged to honour Farage in Birthday Honours for 25 years Brexit work
Michael Savage Turns on Trump, Says Syrian Attack was False Flag
The #SyriaStrikes: An Open Source Investigation
NATO, EU countries give go-ahead to ‘hybrid threat’ center in Helsinki
<If you want an example of propaganda, I give you one: All Western MSM oultlets accuse Assad of using sarin against civilians while showing videos of terrorists pretending to be doctors touching alleged sarin victims with their bare hands. THAT's propaganda! Anybody exposing Western supported terrorists propaganda videos is accused of spreading fake news. Orwell is turning in his grave.>
Clif High-Fed Will Crash & Fed Is the Market
Whistleblower From NSA Exposed Sick Secrets About USA [Must-See]
Whistleblower From NSA Exposed Sick Secrets About USA [Must-See]
 Credits to:
Top 41 JW books (according to Amazon sales rankings, selected by me)
Five books you should read about Jehovah’s Witnesses
White House Draws a New Red Line: Syria's Use of Barrel Bombs Could Lead to More Strikes
In the latest apparent shift of the White House's official stated position on what could draw a U.S. military response in the Syrian conflict Sean Spicer warned that the…
United Airlines stock plummets by over $800mn after passenger fiasco
The stock price of United Continental Holdings Inc. fell dramatically on Tuesday as…
PROOF: Workers Are Being Implanted With Microchips!
Putin: Idlib ‘chemical attack’ was false flag to set Assad up, more may come
"The Assad Regime is a Moral Disgrace": Noam Chomsky on Ongoing Syrian War
As worldwide outrage mounts over an alleged chemical weapons attack in Idlib province, which was reportedly carried out by the Assad government, we speak…
<Chomsky is a chump. Worse. A class traitor, a mercenary- leftisht-for-profit.>
In Video: Russian airstrike kills 22 jihadi commanders in Syria's Idlib
DAMASCUS, SYRIA (3: 55 P.M.) - Up to 22 leaders from the al-Qaeda affiliate Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham have been killed as a Russian fighter jet targeted a buil
Two deputies from the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) have claimed that the government is against investigating Turkey’s role in sending toxi...
Turkey Should Be the Prime Suspect in Syria 'Gas Attack'
Turkey is, in principle, uniquely placed to call for an independent investigation into…
<Turkey, which supplied poison gas for the 2013 Ghouta false flag attack, sees no need to investigate last week's alleged chemical weapons attack>
BREAKING: ‘Intel shows more attacks planned in Syria to blame Assad,’ Putin says at press conference (VIDEO)
Ex-CIA Agent: Story About Assad Gassing Syrians Is A "Massive Sham"
An Ex-CIA agent claims that the official story suggesting Assad committed a…
White Helmets 'Made Up Syria Gas Attack Story in Campaign for No-Fly Zone'
The White Helmets, a volunteer force operating in terrorist-controlled areas of…
<The White Helmets, a volunteer force operating in terrorist-controlled areas of Syria that claims to be a "search and rescue" team, released a fake video pretending to show the effects of a gas attack carried out by the Syrian army, Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli of Swedish Doctors for Human Rights, told Radio Sputnik.>
Why Israel wants to destabilize the Middle East:
‘$64 question: Where is US evidence Assad behind Idlib chemical attack?’
Trump’s ‘Wag the dog' gambit in Syria echoes the 1983 Reagan invasion of…
Fake news story in mainstream AND alt-media slanders Russia and Iran
The story says that Russia and Iran threatened to attack US forces if a 'red line'…
<MUST SHARE. The Duran debunked this Reuters fake news on Sunday, but mainstream media, CNN and Fox News, are still using this fake news to escalate a war with Syria.>
BREAKING WIKILEAKS BOMBSHELL! Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Was DNC LEAKER: "He Was My Whistleblower" »
'CIA created ISIS', says Julian Assange as Wikileaks releases 500k US cables
WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange today said the CIA was responsible for paving the way for ISIS as the whistle blowing organisation released more than half a…
UK Ambassador blasts BBC, 'expect ISIS to stage more chemical weapons attacks' thanks to Trump
"Trump has just given jihadis a thousand reasons to stage fake flag operations,"…
Rand Paul Calls For Congress To Demand War Powers Authorization . . . John McCain Says Paul Is 'Wrong' and Alone In The Senate
CIA full doc: "Bringing real muscle to bear against Syria" (1983)
Everytime John McCain makes secret trips to Syria chemical weapon attacks follow
John McCain made a "secret" Syria visit on May 27, 2013. The Ghouta, Syria false…
‘I am a passionate Zionist,’ declares Boris Johnson
In the heat of a debate about Gaza this week, London Mayor Boris Johnson declared himself “a Zionist” on......
A multi-level analysis of the US cruise missile attack on Syria and its consequences
The US attack happened in direct violation of US law, of international law and of the UN charter.  First, I would say that there is strong legal evidence that the US attack violated the US Constitution, Presidential War Powers Act and the 2001 Authorization of Military Force (AUMF) resolution
The UK Is The Most Corrupt Country In The World, Says Award Winning Investigative Journalist
Syrian Kurds: Turkey Providing ‘Clear Transit Route’ for Sarin Gas Deliveries to ISIS
21WIRE | Chemical weapons are being sent directly into Syria through Turkey.
‘No words to describe this’: Residents of Syrian village share details of US strike with RT (VIDEO)
Villagers were the majority of victims of the US strike on the Shayrat Airbase on April 6, portrayed as retaliation against the Bashar Assad government, according to the governor of Homs Talal al-Barazi. A total of 14 people including nine innocent civilians were killed in the US missile attack.
US Too Afraid to Bomb Syria After Russia Cuts Communication Channels
By striking the Syrian military on April 6 with cruise missiles the US demonstrated…
US bombing missions over Syria are way down since the missile attack on April 6
Everything You See About Syria On TV Is Fake News
<FUN FACT: This video has been "De-monetized" from Youtube. Meaning they won't advertise on this video, so we don't make any money off it, so we won't want to do any more stories like this.>
White Helmets video with fake life-saving procedures deceived UN sec council
DISTURBING IMAGES: White Helmets BUSTED killing babies in PR stunt to start war in Syria
Netanyahu Calls for Buffer Zones in Syria to Protect Israeli-Occupied Syria
Rand Paul: Syria Attack Proves US Supports ISIS
Republican Senator Rand Paul has criticised President Trump's decision to attack Syria, claiming that his actions have strengthened ISIS.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

7 pics

 An old story. All about a gas pipeline. From Qatar, through Iraq and in to Syria. The reason why "Assad has to go".

 Israel killed 2400 people in Gaza in Summer of 2014 and destroyed 12.000 houses.

Monday, April 10, 2017

April Collection Part One

Breaking: Entire Nation Experiencing Collective Amnesia About Iraq War
In the first documented case of total national amnesia, the population of the United…
BBC, CNN News Caught Staging FAKE News Chemical Attacks In Syria - HNN - Higgins News Network
A leaked CNN video and a Truth Seeker RT documentary details the multiple times…
N. Korea Calls U.S. Strikes on Syria "Unforgivable"
North Korea said on Saturday U.S. missile strikes against a Syrian airfield on Friday were an unforgivable act of aggression that showed its decision to develop nuclear weapons was the right choice a million times over.
Panic spreads in Iraq, Syria as record numbers of civilians are reported killed in U.S. strikes
The escalation comes as ground forces close in on the Islamic State’s strongholds…
Airbase hit by US missiles ‘heavily involved’ in anti-ISIS campaign – relative of strike victim
The US bombardment of the Syrian airbase only serves to encourage Islamic State terrorists as the base was actively involved in the anti-terrorist campaign, including in Palmyra and Raqqa, a man whose relative was killed in the airstrike told RT.
About 100 DPR civilians and military die in hostilities this year
90 DPR Army’s soldiers and 10 civilians perished as a result of the Ukrainian military aggression this year, reports the representative of the press service of the…
History: How African Muslims “Civilized Spain”
Today marks the anniversary of the end of nearly 700 years of African Muslim rule over Spain, Portugal and Southern France. Four hundred and eight years ago…
US Fails to Prove Existence of Chemical Weapons at Syrian Airfield - Russian MoD
The Pentagon and the US State Department have failed to prove the existence of chemical weapons at…
6 charts which show the employment barriers faced by British Muslims
Unemployment rates among Muslims are more than double that of any other community in the UK
North Korea 'feeding workers crystal meth' to speed up skyscraper project
North Korean workers are being given a methamphetamine-based drug in the hope it will speed up a major construction project, according to reports.
2003 invasion of Iraq
The 2003 invasion of Iraq lasted from 20 March to 1 May 2003 and signalled the start of the Iraq War, which was dubbed Operation Iraqi Freedom by the United States (prior to 19 March, the mission in Iraq was called Operation Enduring Freedom, a carryover from the War in Afghanistan).[22] The invasion consisted of 21 days of major combat operations, in which a combined force of troops from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Poland invaded Iraq and deposed the Ba'athist government of Saddam Hussein. The invasion phase consisted primarily of a conventionally fought war which included the capture of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad by American forces with the implicit assistance of the United Kingdom alongside Australia and Poland
The Running Horse - Exhibitions
About ten days after 911, retired general Wesley Clark visited his ex-colleagues at the Pentagon. One of them hurriedly asked him to step into his office to share some thoughts with him. He informed him that the decision was already taken and that they were going to go to war against Iraq. No proof had been found linking Saddam to Al Qaeda, and anyway they were already bombing Afghanistan. Visiting the Pentagon to follow up two weeks later, General Clark was then informed by a memo from the Secretary of Defense Office that a plan had been developed to take down seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and finishing with Iran.
Secret War: US and EU Intervention in Yugoslavia
In November 1998, President Clinton launched a plan for the overthrow of the government of Yugoslavia. The initial emphasis of the plan centered on supporting secessionist forces in Montenegro and the right-wing opposition in Serbia. (1) Several months later, while NATO bombs fell on Yugoslavia, Clinton signed a secret paper instructing the CIA to topple the Yugoslav government. The plan called for the CIA to secretly fund opposition groups and the recruitment of moles in the Yugoslav government and military. (2) The effort to recruit moles in the police and army eventually yielded fruit nearly two years later, when renegade policemen aided the mob assault on the Federal Parliament.
Idlib "chemical weapons attack" reality: Syria bombed REBEL chemical weapons storehouse,
Russia says military support will continue, vetoes U.S./UK/France UN resolution
Syrian Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faisal Mekdad confirmed that the Syrian government provided the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the United Nations Security Council with necessary documentation and reports which prove that the chemicals, used in yesterday's gas attack on Khan Sheikhoun in Idleb province, were in fact stored and possessed by the terrorist groups, operating in the area.
Bashar's Brilliant 'Response' to US Ambassador Haley's 'Assad Must Go' Rant
US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley took a page out of the Obama administration's playbook on Monday, claiming that the Syrian people no longer…
Haley: US Planning on Regime Change in Syria
US ambassador to UN says removing Assad and "Iranian influence" from Syria are top US priorities
Haley says removing Assad and "Iran" from Syria are top US priorities. So basically: get ready for war.
Iraq (again): Depleted Uranium, War Crimes and U.S. Troops
Syrian “Rebels” Admit Responsibility for Sarin Gas Attack…It was NOT Assad!
Swedish Medical Associations Says White Helmets Murdered Kids for Fake Gas Attack Videos
Originally appeared at Veterans Today Introduction by Gordon Duff President Trump is now threatening to take America into a war...
Putin: ‘95% Of World Terrorist Attacks Are Orchestrated By The CIA’
"CIA does not work on behalf of the American people or act in their interests."
Trump Kills "Beautiful Babies" In Syria Because Killing Children Is "Horrible"
Since these children were murdered by America’s missiles, we can only assume they were not “beautiful babies.” They must not have been children at all...
When Ukraine dropped chemical weapons on Donbass, the west didn't care (VIDEO)
Confirmed Ukrainian use of chemical weapons in Donbass continues to be ignored…
Sarin, or GB (G-series, 'B'), is a colorless, odorless liquid,[5] used as a chemical weapon due to its extreme potency as a nerve agent. It is generally considered a weapon of mass destruction. Production and stockpiling of sarin was outlawed as of April 1997 by the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993, and it is classified as a Schedule 1 substance. In June 1994, the UN Special Commission on Iraqi disarmament destroyed the nerve agent sarin under Security Council resolution 687 (1991) concerning the disposal of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.[6]
Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
The Khan Sheikoun Show Proudly Presented By Trump Production
"Having the fewest wants i am nearest to the gods" - Socrates
The mind is the root to most of our suffering; it creates desires, wants, unhappiness, discontent, anger, jealousy, etc. Life is a lot more fulfilling without the burden that lives inside your head. Learn how to turn the mind off most of the time, your life will improve in all ways: Click the link to learn how to access 'The Present', a free book that will teach you how to switch off your mind
The New York Times’ Unbelievably Stupid Explanation For Assad’s Alleged Gas Attack
<click on text only if you use firefox>
Pentagon Trained Syria’s Al Qaeda “Rebels” in the Use of Chemical Weapons
Not only do they confirm that the Pentagon has been training the terrorists in the use of chemical weapons, they also acknowledge the existence of a not so secret “US-backed plan to launch a chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad’s regime”
‘They’re terrified that peace was going to break out’ – Ron Paul on US Syria strike
BREAKING: Bombed Syrian Sharyat air base 'back in operation'
Syria's Sharyat air base targeted by US missile strike reported to be back in…
PressTV-'US-led airstrike kills 15 civilians in northern Syria'
Reports said the strike targeted the village of Hanida, some 30 kilometers west of Raqqah.
ISIS and Al Qaeda praise Trump. Celebrate the US attack on Assad
ISIS praises Trump's action in Syria.
SYRIA: Nikki Haley Threatens to “Do More” Despite International Outrage at US Criminal Act of Aggression
Bill Auken | US expanding its campaign of criminal and lawless aggression in Syria
Bolivia mercilessly trolls US over Iraq WMD lie in front of UN Security Council (VIDEO)
Bolivia delivered an epic blow to the US at the emergency UN Security Council…
US afraid of real investigation into Syria chemical incident – Russian deputy UN envoy
Silence of Russian S-300 and S-400 systems in Syria prevented nuclear war
The most important question that all are asking today is why Russia did not use its air defenses in Syria to shoot down US missiles. Most people believe that Russia…
BBC redacts article on Idlib to hide unwelcome facts
The push for “action” following the alleged chemical attack in Idlib, Syria is reaching fever pitch. Indeed, it may already have had disastrous consequences. The…
'It's No Coincidence': Pentagon Attacks Syria After Bannon's Removal From NSC
It's no accident that the Pentagon launched an unprecedented airstrike against…
How the Media Transformed 'Committed Jihadist' to Humanitarian Rescuer
Zakharova: US Missile Strikes Were Planned BEFORE Alleged 'Gas Attack' in Syria (VIDEO)
In a statement given on Friday morning in Moscow, Russia's Foreign Ministry…
How will Russia respond to the US missile attack on Syria?
Having launched the missile attack on Syria at night, Trump has shown that he is…
EXCLUSIVE: Act of Revenge. Observations from Syrian political commentator Afra'a Dagher
This is not humanitarianism, it is aggression and it is terrorism.
US 'Looking Into' Russian 'Participation' in Syrian Sarin Gas Attack
Senior US military officials say the Pentagon is "looking into" whether Russia…
What US Officials Fail to Mention When Blaming Assad for Idlib Chemical Attack
Toxic chemicals, which claimed dozens of lives in the Syrian town of Khan Shaykhun, were previously used by radical armed groups against the Kurds in Aleppo,…
US Attack in Syria Proves US is 'the Most Unpredictable State in World' - Moscow
US Missile Attack in Syria Proves US is 'the Most Unpredictable State in the World' - Moscow
Media Goes Quiet as Russia Exposes US Lies at Security Council
by Richard Brandt via Information Clearing House Russia just called out the West…
Assad 180: Will Trump prove to be no better than Hillary Clinton in Syria?
Remarkably, it only took weeks before the US started to talk about the possibility of…
Peter Hitchens: Idlib attack is WMD all over again! Why don't you see it? --
Actually knowing something, remembering history or having experience of the world is becoming a disadvantage. How much easier it would be to join in with…
CONFIRMED: Russian warship armed with cruise missiles head towards US destroyers
Russia is taking action.
Bernie Sanders on Twitter
“Syria’s Bashar Assad's use of chemical weapons against the men, women and children of his country makes him a war criminal.”
<Bernie, the phony socialist, calls President Assad leading a fight against genocidal Qaeda and ISIS a "war criminal." >
Bolivian Ambassador to UN Sacha Llorenti Gives a History Lesson
<Watched this live, the contemptuous look the US War hog gives him tells more than her lies. The Bolivian Ambassador is a giant, standing truthfully, head and shoulder, above the lying and deceitful warmongering cowards.>
PressTV-Putin rebukes ‘baseless’ accusations on Syria raid
Russian President Vladimir Putin has condemned as unacceptable the “unfounded accusations” about a purported chemical attack in Syria’s province of Idlib earlier…
Israel Lobbyist - We Need a False Flag to Start War with Iran!
The Worst is Yet to Come? US Nurturing Plan of 'Full-Scale Invasion of Syria'
On Thursday night, the United States launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at…
Nearly 300 died in Mosul airstrike, making it one of the deadliest attacks on civilians in recent memory
UK-trained doctor hailed a hero for treating gas attack victims in Syria stood trial on terror offences ‘and belonged to the group that kidnapped British reporter John Cantlie’
    Dr Shajul Islam was arrested for kidnapping journalists is back in Syria
Dr Islam said that it was 'definitely not a chlorine attack', suggesting that the more severe sarin was used.
Syria, Chemical Weapons and the Britam Defence emails
 28 Aug 2013
Syria, Chemical Weapons and the Britam Defence emails
U.S. 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad's regime'
    Leaked emails from defense contractor refers to chemical weapons saying 'the idea is approved by Washington'
    Obama issued warning to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad last month that use of chemical warfare was 'totally unacceptable'
Syria: New U.S. Air Support On Request Scheme For Al-Qaeda
    In 2013 the Syrian government had given up all its chemical weapons. UN inspectors verified this.
    The target was militarily and strategically insignificant.
    There was no immediate pressure on the Syrian military.
    The international political atmosphere had recently turned positive for Syria.
Jumping to conclusions; something is not adding up in Idlib chemical weapons attack
This would suggest that on the eve of upcoming peace negotiations, terrorist forces have once again created a false flag scenario. This bares resemblance to the Ghouta chemical weapons attack in 2013 where the Syrian Army was accused of using the weapons of mass destruction on the day that United Nations Weapon’s Inspectors arrived in Damascus.
<Terrorist Mohammed Alloush is not a gas expert, he is just one of the participants in the crime>
Michael Lüders; Wahrheit über Giftgas / Assad / Syrien
Evidence Suggests S-Y-R-I-A G-A-S ATTACK Is False Flag
False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria?
Alleged Chemical Attack Khan Sheikhoun 4 April 2017
Suspected gas attack kills dozens in northern Syria
<Euronews spreading terrorist propaganda>
Suspected gas attack kills dozens in northern Syria
<terrorist made video. Allegedly sarin attack and nobody is wearing protection against sarin>
Trump Attacks #Syria starts WW3 #Syriastrike
Syrian Rebels Behind Sarin Gas Attack
Published on Apr 5, 2017
The media is at again blaming the Syrian President Assad for gassing innocent civilians. Remember 2013 the gas attack that was meant to justify putting boots on the ground. Eren Erdem exposed this sinister plot by ISIS and Turkey to blame Syria. Now the famed White Helmets are working with the Syrian Rebels in what appears to be another blame game gas attack.
'Emergency' protests across US demand 'Hands off Syria' (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)
Hundreds of protesters gathered in cities across the US to speak out against President Donald Trump’s missile strikes on a Syrian airbase. Despite the demonstrations being mostly peaceful, there were arrests.
<"7 countries in 5 years". Those wars were planed by US-Israel long time ago.>
The Nazi death gas so horrific even Hitler feared using it: How Sarin was accidentally created in 1938...
and can lead to death in less than 10 seconds #sarin
Tokyo Police Conducts Anti-NBC Terror Drills
Tokyo- (PanOrinet News) Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police anti-terrorism squad today held a drill in preparation of a sarin gas attack in Shibuya Mark City Building, located in the busy Shibuya station in Tokyo.
Britam Defence
Anyone Else Remember The Hacked Britam Defense…
Syrian rebels used Sarin nerve gas, not Assad’s regime: U.N. official
May 6, 2013
Seymour Hersh Says Hillary Approved Sending Libya’s Sarin to Syrian Rebels
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
SARIN (GB) : Nerve Agent
You don't handle sarin-saturated bodies *without gloves* - unless you're a Syrian rebel trying to pull off yet another hoax.
Gloves Are for Sissies: Photographs Show White Helmets Are Immune to Sarin
Who needs basic protective gear when dealing with chemical WMDs? The White Helmets have superhuman abilities
Mr. Brexit, Nigel Farage turns against Trump over Syria
Zakharova: US Missile Strikes Were Planned BEFORE Alleged 'Gas Attack' in Syria (VIDEO)
The "gas attack" in Idlib province was a convenient excuse to justify US strikes, says Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman
Vladimir Safronkov  said that the US-drafted resolution blaming Assad for Tuesday's "gas attack" in Idlib province was based on "falsified reports from the White Helmets", an organization that has been "discredited long ago".
Only 23 out of 59 US missiles hit target, damage is "laughable" - Syrian officer
Russia To Upgrade Syria Air Defenses, Halts Air-Safety Agreement With The U.S. | Zero Hedge
Russia will reinforce Syrian air defences and is sending a missile carrying warship to the eastern Mediterranean in response to a US cruise missile…
Putin believes US attack on Syria violates international law – spokesman
President Putin “regards the strikes as aggression against a sovereign nation,” his spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, noting that the president believes the strikes were carried out “in violation of international law, and also under an invented pretext.”
On Friday night, the US launched 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian military airfield that Washington claims was used on Tuesday to conduct a chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town in Idlib province. The missile strike has been condemned by Russia and Iran and sparked debate among US senators.
Trump Has Surrendered. Will Putin Be The Next To Surrender? -
Trump Has Surrendered Will Putin Be The Next To Surrender? Paul Craig Roberts The Washington Establishment has reasserted control. First Flynn and now Bann
Syria: The Toxic Meltdown
“These heinous acts by the Assad regime cannot be tolerated.” Thus spoke the President of the United States.
Real sarin attack
Fake sarin attack in Syria
WTF. Trump fires 50 missiles on Syria air base used against ISIS after a kangaroo court finds Assad guilty of a chemical attack despite denials and international calls for a proper inquiry!
The First Iraq War Was Also Sold to the Public Based on a Pack of Lies
General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years
Originally published in March 2007 General Wesley Clark: Because I had been through the Pentagon…
Average usual weekly hours worked on the main job
Germany 34.4 Finland 36.2
Average annual hours actually worked per worker
Unemployment rate at 10%, every fifth young person without work
Statistics Finland reports that the unemployment rate in Finland reached ten percent in June 2015, up from 9.2 percent one year earlier. Youth unemployment is over 22 percent already, with no signs of improvement in sight because there are no jobs or internships to be had.
According to a Labour Force Survey from Statistics Finland, there were 280,000 unemployed in June 2015, a number 22,000 greater than one year earlier.
There were over 110,000 long-term unemployed – people who have been unemployed and seeking work for more than a year - in June, an increase of close to 20,000, according to the Ministry.
According to Statistics Finland's employment statistics, there were 2,231,000 employed persons and 375,000 unemployed persons aged 18 to 64 at the end of 2015.
According to the Job Vacancy Survey of Statistics Finland, there were 26,400 open job vacancies in the last quarter of 2016, which is 21 per cent more than one year earlier (21,900).
Finland Unemployment Rate
Unemployment Rate 9.2%  Employed Persons     2390.000  , Unemployed Persons  242.000 - Labor Force Participation Rate  64.10% - Youth Unemployment Rate     20.20% -
Shine a Light on Who’s Watching You
Two Years Ago: The Ghouta Chemical Attacks: US-Backed False Flag? Killing Syrian Children to Justify a “Humanitarian” Military Intervention | Global…
Russia vetoes US co-authored resolution against Syria
US threatens unilateral action.
<Stop Press: Did you know, people, that unilateral military action without a UN mandate against a sovereign nation is this little thing we call 'against the law'? Old-fashioned, I know. Did you also know that aggressive war is the 'ultimate war crime' and anyone ordering it should be hanged? Kids today, eh?>
<By the way. When the USA and Britain's greatest friend and ally in the middle East, used its military to kill over 2000 unarmed civilians which included over 500 children, in the open are prison that is Gaza, you never heard any of their leaders or MSM outlets, proclaiming how hurtful it was to see children ripped to pieces.

Even when Israel rocket attack and killed these 4 boys playing football on a Gaza beach, the western journalists sitting in a hotel Watching, didn't create such out rage as the pictures sent by the terrorists groups, they now claim to be upset about.

It seems like as Hilary Clinton calls them, some sand niggers mean more to them that other sand niggers, especially if they are as rich as the ones who are running Saudi Arabia?>
SYRIA: President Bashar Al Assad Interview on Chemical Weapons
President Bashar al-Assad gave a speech to Rossiya 24 TV channel. Following is the full transcript of the interview largely focusing on the issue of chemical…
Media Goes Quiet as Russia Exposes US Lies at Security Council
Twitter was flooded with commentary about Nikki Haley's call to arms against…
Syria Hits Rebel Chemical Stockpile
Russian officials have evidence that a Syrian airstrike hit a chemical weapons storage facility run by the US-NATO backed terrorists.  The Russian defense…
On Tuesday's Massive Criminal Chemical Weapons Lies against Syria | Syria News
Seymour Hersh Says Hillary Approved Sending Libya’s Sarin to Syrian Rebels
US Submitted Draft Resolution on Syria to UNSC Based on Fake Reports - Moscow
 « Iraqi WMDs Anyone? Washington Post Makes Unfounded Claims Of Iranian Supplies To Insurgencies | Main
Flexible retirement age in Finland
US finally admits "ISIS HQ" that we blew up was actually an innocent family's home
100 Years of War Lies DEBUNKED
The Psychology of Cognitive Dissonance - The Eyeopener
Undercover Reporter Finds Subversive Sermons in 'Normal' Mosques Across Germany
Experts agree that the majority of German mosques are home to imams who urge followers to reject German values, Sputnik Deutschland reported.
<Germany supports the barbaric monarchy of the Saudi and in turn the Saudi are free to spread their poison through mosques and imams they finance.
Germany is only getting what it deserves. What kind of ruling elite is an elite which sees aggression (Russian) that doesn't exist and is blind to the aggression that is being spread through mosques?>
<All by design. Germany is preaching tolerance while supporting intolerant groups of people who oppress or kill others.>
The Fisherman and the Businessman
Assyrian calendar
6767 Years of New Year Celebration in Iraq and Syria
 Every year on the 1st of April, New Year holiday is celebrated in accordance with the old Assyrian/Babylonian/Syrian calendar. It is known as “Akitu”. On this day the life cycle gets renewed in nature through the spring equinox (and for the 6767th time in 2017).
Manufacturer investments in technology over the last two decades have reduced the amount of mercury used in lamps by nearly 95%.
CFLs average less than 4 milligrams of mercury - about the amount that would cover the tip of a ballpoint pen. By comparison, older thermometers contain about 500 milligrams of mercury - an amount equal to the mercury in 125 or more CFLs.
4 social networks that will not censor, shadow ban or prohibit free speech
Multiple Bubbles Are Going To Bring America To Its Knees: "The Warning Signs Are There"
The DEA Has Stolen $3.2 Billion From Americans Without Charges Since 2007
In my post published earlier this week, Recent TSA Molestation Video Proves Americans Have Become Authority Worshipping Slaves, I noted the following:
Standing Order vs Direct Debit
Direct Debit and Standing Order are both automatic payment methods but have some important differences.
Free Drawing Software
Windows draw 6 by Micrografx wont install on Win 7 home premium 64 bit
Turn off the default Windows 10 keylogger
Like it or not, Windows 10 comes with an embedded keylogger that tracks what you type and sends the data to Microsoft's servers. Here's how you can turn it off.