Friday, March 16, 2018

5 Motivational Pics

The last is the BIG one. No Russian hacking the DNC as wikileaks has been telling since over a year. If lies can start wars ( they do ),perhaps the truth in the right time cold prevent wars from starting?!

March Collection Part Two


So much happen the last few days, I had to do an upload 4 days before schedule.
 Britain’s Not So Distant History of State Sponsored Assassinations
Britain’s self-righteous tone when denouncing Russia for the alleged assassination of Sergei Skripal ignores its own not so distant history of engaging in state-sponsored assassinations.
Syria: 40 Links That Prove Regime Change Plans
Russian nuclear subs quietly reached US coast & left undetected – Navy officer
 Russian nuclear-powered submarines conducted an exercise near American military bases with the objective of avoiding detection as they came close to the US coast, a submarine squadron commander told a Russian military TV channel.
The stunning revelation was made in a military TV series set to air on Zvezda (‘Star’), the Russian Defense Ministry’s official broadcaster. The episode focuses on Akula-class Shchuka-B nuclear-powered attack submarines.
German NGO seeks arrest warrant for Donald Trump's deputy CIA director
A Berlin-based human rights organization has called on German prosecutors to issue an arrest warrant against Gina Haspel, appointed CIA deputy director in February. Haspel oversaw questioning of prisoners in Thailand.
Hillary Clinton Email Archive
On March 16, 2016 WikiLeaks launched a searchable archive for over 30 thousand emails & email attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton's private email server while she was Secretary of State. The 50,547 pages of documents span from 30 June 2010 to 12 August 2014. 7,570 of the documents were sent by Hillary Clinton. The emails were made available in the form of thousands of PDFs by the US State Department as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request. More PDFs were made available on February 29, 2016, and a set of additional 995 emails was imported up to February 2, 2018.
 US to Extract Minerals From Afghanistan to ‘Defray Cost of US Assistance’
The U.S. military has had its eyes on Afghan mineral deposits for some time. A 2007 Pentagon memo that the New York Times quoted in a 2010 article says that Afghanistan could be the “Saudi Arabia of lithium.”
New evidence has left Theresa May’s Russian spy story in tatters
Doubts Novichoks even exist
The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is the intergovernmental organisation overseeing the elimination of chemical weapons. In 2013, the organisation’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) reportedly seemed uncertain that Novichoks even existed:
 Shall we call out the BIG LIE everyone?
First this is a snippet, the UK UN representatives response re. OCPW article 9, and why the UK do not need to follow the OCPW procedure, the UK say that Russia is not an inspected state party... Here's what was written
" There were no provisions requiring the United Kingdom to share samples collected as part of the criminal investigation, he said, adding however that they could be shared with inspected State parties, which the Russian Federation was not "
This can be found here...
Now lets go to the OCPW web site... the member states page, there's a list, journalistic shock horror...
Go down to R..... aha, yes Russia is on that list that the UK government UN spokesperson has says they are not and why they are not required to share the evidence, or lack of, and follow proper OCPW rules.
The OPCW Member States represent about 98% of the global population and landmass, as well as 98% of the worldwide chemical industry.
Moscow ‘Highly Likely’ Behind Salisbury Chemical Attack, Prime Minister of United Kingdom Says in Letter to Security Council
Russian Federation Calls Statement Irresponsible, Threatening
<'Highly Lkely' in English means they have no evidence>
Trump, May, Merkel and Macron issue joint statement blaming Russia for Sergei Skripal poisoning
Who needs evidence when you can issue a joint statement blaming Russia and demanding that it acknowledges a crime planned and executed by the UK and its allies in the UK.
Note that the joint statement does not ask the UK to provide anything, facts, proofs...nothing.
Haley: World Must Punish Russia or They’ll Chemical Attack New York City Next
Most people may not draw an immediate connection between Salisbury and New York City.  US Ambassador Nikki Haley sees a direct route from the one to the other as part of a Russian chemical weapons plot for which no real evidence exists.
Statement by Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the OPCW,
Ambassador Alexander Shulgin, at the 87th session of the OPCW Executive Council on the chemical incident in Salisbury,
The Hague, March 13, 2018

Russia’s statement to the OPCW in response to allegation of complicity in alleged Skripal poisoning
A fair warning, we will require material evidence of the alleged Russian trace in this high-profile case. Britain’s allegations that they have everything, and their world-famous scientists have irrefutable data, but they will not give us anything, will not be taken into account. For us, this will mean that London has nothing substantial to show, and all its loud accusations are nothing but fiction and another instance of the dirty information war being waged on Russia.
Sooner or later, they will have to be held accountable for their lies.
Are 'Novichok' Poisons Real? - May's Claims Fall Apart
Mirzanyanov urged to included the substances he described into the OPCW list of controlled material. But the OPCW, as seen above, rejected that. Neither its scientific board nor the head of the Porton Down detection laboratory were convinced that these substances or the Soviet program Mirzanyanov described existed at all.
The Soviet chemical weapon laboratory in which Mirzanyanov had worked was in Uzbekistan, not in Russia as Theresa May falsely claims. The laboratory was dismantled with the active help of the United States.
Theresa's May claims that the Skripals were poisoned with 'Novichok' agents is highly questionable. Her claim that only Russia could be responsible for the Skripal incident is obviously bollocks.
Britain’s war chest REVEALED: May’s missiles and ships ready to take on Putin
AS THERESA May unveiled a series of Cold War-style sanctions against Russia today, the UK’s arsenal of missiles, ships and planes ready to take on Vladimir Putin’s regime should the need arise has been revealed.
'Fishwife’s rhetoric' reveals 'intellectual impotence' of UK Defense Secretary – Russian MoD
Israel's influence of US policy & the Israeli lobby
Inside Iraq - Hans Blix - 10 Oct 08 - Part 2
Hans Blix: "Cheney threatened to discredit me" (Closed Captioned)
Blix slams US, UK over Iraq war
'Absurd’ that Russia would leave its ‘signature’ on Skripal crime – George Galloway (VIDEO)
“Here is the killer question that was not asked by anybody in parliament either on Monday or Wednesday,” Galloway said. “If this Novichok is exclusively Russian, why would Russia choose that weapon to mount a terrorist attack on the streets of Salisbury? They may as well be leaving a pair of boots covered with snow and painting ‘Vladimir Putin was here’ on the nearest wall.
Troops "Prepared to Die" for Israel as US Readies for War
Lavrov warns that Moscow won't tolerate Western ultimatums
Interview with 2 men who were among the thousands who got out of #Hammouriyeh today after the Syrian army took control. They talk about how the "rebels" killed anyone who protested against them & how they hoarded the food aid & sold it at unaffordable prices #Syria #EastGhouta
British Govt. Finances PR for Army of Islam, Eastern Ghouta?
How Britain funds the 'propaganda war' against Isis in Syria
Government contractors effectively run a press office for opposition fighters but communications conceal UK’s role
An InCoStrat spokesman confirmed: “InCoStrat is providing media and communication support to the moderate Syrian opposition to assist Syrians to better convey the reality of war and those involved in it.”
<The "moderates" are Al Qaeda>
CIA's Phoenix Terror Program: used in Vietnam, Latin America, Africa, ISIS - is CIA behind ISIS terror in Europe?
The Collossal US Security Complex Propaganda Apparatus
<Very extensive>
Double agent and daughter were poisoned by BRITAIN, claims Russia's former spy chief after May accuses Moscow
A top Moscow chemical weapons expert has even claimed the deadly nerve agent novichok does not exist
Nikolay Kovalyov, who succeeded Vladimir Putin as the FSB secret service chief, claimed the UK's Porton Down laboratory - which identified Russian-made novichok as the agent that poisoned the Skripals - was likely to have been behind the attempted murder.
He said: “I was dealing with elimination of Russian chemical weapons and with all the responsibility I can say that we have never had a weapon under this name.
Russia’s statement to the OPCW in response to allegation of complicity in alleged Skripal poisoning
U.S., France and Germany join Britain in saying Russia likely responsible for chemical attack against former spy
Gun violence: ‘Enough is enough’
Accused Florida shooter Nicholas Cruz entered a not guilty plea Wednesday on all 34 charges he faces. Meanwhile on Capitol Hill, the House overwhelmingly passed a bill to fund security at schools. RT America’s Ed Schultz speaks with Erica Thomas, Georgia state representative.
Hundreds of civilians evacuated from E. Ghouta during ceasefire – Russian military
Gabriele Krone-Schmalz: Wer profitiert von der Aufregung? Markus Lanz 13.03.2018 - Bananenrepublik
Corbyn Responds Rationally To Russian Nerve Attack - Immediately Smeared
The Jimmy Dore Show
Maidan Icon Faces Arrest For Admitting Current Ukraine Officials "Led Snipers To Central Kiev"
“Lutsenko called to go on offensive from the podium. He promised weapons. I saw armed people arriving in a blue van. Those people are now in the parliament,” she said, adding that she saw “[current Rada Speaker Andriy] Parubiy leading the snipers to the hotel ‘Ukraine’, from which shots were later fired."
Her story confirms what many had speculated previously, namely that the entire violent coup was staged as a "false flag" affair, meant to draw western ire at the then-pro Russian president Yanukovich who was subsequently overthrown with US assistance.
Yale's Two Climate Bombs
List of school shootings in the United States
2000 to October 2009  109 killed. About 10 annually
2010 to March 2018  27+28+83+22 = 160. About 20 annually
Is Ron Paul Right that Corporatism is Soft Fascism?
“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” ― Benito Mussolini
<Campaign finance reform does not even come close to cutting it. Revolving doors between corporations and elected offices. Revolving doors between pentagon and key bureaucratic positions and corporations. Insider trading by congress. Conflicts of interest Control of media by corporate interests, Control of access to bandwidth and frequencies by corporate interest. Media consolidation Corporations rich enough to game the legal system and on... I think you are very naive about the scope. >
The Death of Dr. Kelly: An Open Case
This documentary studies the suspicious death of Dr. David Christopher Kelly, an internationally recognized British authority on biological weapons, after his .
The Death of Dr. Kelly: An Open Case
This documentary studies the suspicious death of Dr. David Christopher Kelly, an internationally recognized British authority on biological weapons, after his claims before the Iraq war.
WATCH: The death of David Kelly: an open verdict
If David Kelly had died on March 4 this year, and had he been a Russian exile, we can be sure the media would be screaming that Putin murdered him, and the numerous inconsistencies in his alleged “suicide” would be front page news. But when Kelly actually died in 2005, the only country potentially implicated in his death was Britain. And so the UK media were silent .
The Novichok Story Is Indeed Another Iraqi WMD Scam 305
It's the Russians... unless it's anybody else who got the formula from my book
(Kindle edition is only $8 on Amazon), Novichok whistle-blower Mirzayanov tells AFP
<Only Russians can read Kindle books, it's a secret KGB technique.>
Inside Porton Down: Britain's Secret Weapons Research Facility
Dr Michael Mosley investigates Britain's most secretive and controversial military research base, Porton Down, on its 100th anniversary. He comes face to face with chemical and biological weapons old and new, reveals the truth about shocking animal and human testing, and discovers how the latest science and technology are helping to defend us against terrorist attacks and rogue nations.
Skripal Likely Poisoned by British Intelligence in Effort to Smear and Silence Russian World View
<Britain has gone full barmy over this 'chemical weapons attack carried out by Putin on British soil'.
Just as in Syria, whatever really happened was of course most likely another false-flag incident.>
Bitter Labour row erupts after Jeremy Corbyn refuses to say Russia definitely committed nerve agent attack
Jeremy Corbyn's spokesman sparked a bitter Labour row by warning British intelligence had been "problematic" before - after his boss refused to condemn Russia for the attack
List of countries the U S has invaded
A map of all the countries the United States has invaded
Don't argue with war criminals and their supporters. It's like wrestling with somebody covered in shit.

Russian to Judgement
The same people who assured you that Saddam Hussein had WMD’s now assure you Russian “novochok” nerve agents are being wielded by Vladimir Putin to attack people on British soil. As with the Iraqi WMD dossier, it is essential to comb the evidence very finely. A vital missing word from Theresa May’s statement yesterday was “only”. She did not state that the nerve agent used was manufactured ONLY by Russia. She rather stated this group of nerve agents had been “developed by” Russia. Antibiotics were first developed by a Scotsman, but that is not evidence that all antibiotics are today administered by Scots.
Sergei Skripal – The Emerging Picture of a Desperate Government
DEA Slapped in Face: American Epilepsy Society Accepts Marijuana Extract Obliterates Seizures in Epileptic Children
Unlikely that Vladimir Putin behind Skripal poisoning
Attack would have been counterproductive for Russia and jeopardise future spy swaps
Syrian army finds militants’ chemical weapons workshop in Eastern Ghouta
Syrian army troops have discovered a workshop used by foreign-backed militants to manufacture toxic chemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta, near the capital Damascus, according to Syrian state media.
Breaking: Syrian Air Force bombs FSA HQ in East Ghouta, many commanders killed
Crimea is Russian, the matter is finished
Excerpt: It should be borne in mind that Crimea’s status was changed not by Russia, but by the unconstitutional and illegal coup, actively supported by the British and other Western governments, which succeeded in toppling Ukraine’s elected and internationally recognized government in Kiev in February 2014.
 The (UK) minister stressed, noting that European countries must "behave within the rule of law and not like gangsters."

So the minister of the country which participated in the invasion, destruction of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and is doing the same in Yemen and Syria through proxies, the country that participated in the killing of millions of people who never did anything to harm the UK thinks that he can give lessons on how to behave according to International Law to Russia?
WATCH: An ex-MI5 agent just showed precisely why the Tories are so desperate to ban Russia Today [VIDEO]
Hillary Clinton slips twice on stone steps during India visit
US threatens unilateral action against Russian & government forces in Syria
UK claims of Russian responsibility for Skripal poisoning discredited - govt-manufacturing propaganda operation against Russia
US Political Meddling Is Very Real, Spans the Globe
US plans to remain in Syria ‘for a long time, if not forever’ – Lavrov
Some fficials in Washington are aiming to maintain a foothold in Syria for a long time, “if not forever,” using chemical weapons provocations to achieve this objective, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.
Moscow not accepting groundless threats & ultimatums, has nothing to do with Skripal case – Kremlin
Snowden: New CIA boss wanted for arrest in Europe for ties to US torture programs
Former US intelligence officer, Edward Snowden, has stated that the new CIA director, Gina Haspel, will not be able to visit EU countries without the risk of being arrested.
He recalled that in June 2017 the European Center for Constitutional Rights and Human Rights asked the German authorities to issue an arrest warrant for Haspel, for torture of terror suspects. The reason for this was the case of Abu Zubaida, who was tortured 83 times in a secret CIA prison in Thailand.
Seth Rich lawsuit: Fox News sued over WikiLeaks-DNC claims
‘Godmother of Torture’ Haspel should be in dock at The Hague, not head of CIA – John Kiriakou
<The US has now surpassed even the Nazi in fascism. They call their mass-murders "spreading democracy". Torture "singing lessons".>
Ukraine Gets Official NATO Status: Weighing Up The Pros And Cons
Skripal Likely Poisoned by British Intelligence in Effort to Smear and Silence Russian World View
The anglo-American establishment hates Putin because he took the broken pieces of a Soviet Union that was supposed to be one more Western vassal state and fashioned them into a modern, sovereign Russian Federation capable of pushing back against the Western vision of a unipolar world, a Pax Americana at gunpoint.
Russia to destroy last chemical weapons on Wednesday, ahead of schedule – Kremlin
Published time: 27 Sep, 2017 09:25
US planning missile and bombing raid against Damascus — top brass
After the provocation, the US plans to accuse Syria’s government forces of using chemical weapons, according to Russia's top brass
Novichok – toxic questions about chemical at center of Skripal saga
Russian officials say the timing of the allegations is particularly notable. “Presidential elections are looming in Russia, and the country is accused of committing every mortal sin,” Sergey Stepashin, former FSB director, told Interfax. “Tell me, which idiot in Russia could carry out such [an attack]? Where is the logic [in that]?”
<Where is Collin Powell and his tiny vial when you need him? The UK regime needs you urgently to substantiate its latest theatrics. Come on mate, shake the vial one more time for old time's sake.>
Militants killed 9 civilians in Eastern Ghouta while suppressing protests – Russian MoD
“New Chemical attack”, staged Hollywood movie coming soon from Syria East Gouta.
Starring White Helmet Al-Qaeda Oscar winners, produced by the best clowns at all American-British-French media.
‘Just because the poison was made in Russia doesn’t mean they’re behind it’ – ex-MI5 officer (VIDEO)
- caught by the Russians
- tried and convicted
- sent to prison
- released and pardoned by the Russians
- sent back to the UK
- debriefed – picked clean, intelligence-wise, both by the Russians… and by MI6

What is the motive there?
Skripal crisis: Russia rejects UK ultimatum; demands chemical samples
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says UK not meeting its international obligations
<“The Russians are being asked to provide proof of their innocence – already a bizarre request – whilst being denied the evidence which supposedly ‘proves’ their guilt.”>
Russia Threatens Military Action Against US If Washington Strikes Syria
Jaafari To US, UK & France Envoys: They Are Liars!
correction: 3:35 "to put an end to the violation of UNSC resolutions related to fighting terrorism"
No Trump-Russia collusion found by House intel probe
UK gives Moscow 2 days to explain alleged use of nerve agent from Russia
Washington ready to strike Syrian army, fires threats at UN
CIA Agents Running As Democrats In 2018 Elections
The Jimmy Dore Show
Rachel Maddow Slams Peace Talks With North Korea
The Jimmy Dore Show
The United Nations is turning a blind eye to child rape within its own ranks
Google 'UN sexual abuse' and see just how much comes up and for how long it comes up. See for how long Kofi Anan, Ban Ki Moon and now Antonio Guterres have been saying 'something must be done'
Gaslighting about the realities of “state-sponsored murder”
Russia now effectively is being called upon to prove its innocence by tomorrow (Tuesday) or face Theresa’s wrath.
India slashes Monsanto's GMO seed royalty, says US firm 'free to leave' anytime
MoD: Russia to Respond if its Military Threatened by Possible US Strike in Syria
After the false flag chemical weapons attack, the US planned to strike government held districts in Damascus as a "response," according to the Chief of the Russian General Staff Valery Gerasimov.
According to Gerasimov, "White Helmets" activists and film crews had already arrived at the scene with satellite video transmitters are already in place.
"This has been confirmed by the discovery of a laboratory for the production of chemical weapons in the village of Aftris, which was liberated from terrorists," Gerasimov stressed.
Russia won’t respond to UK ultimatum until samples of alleged chemical weapon received – Lavrov
Moscow will not respond to the British request about a clandestine Soviet chemical weapon allegedly used in an ex-double agent’s poisoning until a sample of the agent is provided, the Russian foreign minister said.
UK intelligence may be complicit in Skripal’s poisoning – ex-FSB head
“It looks like British secret services are complicit in it,” Kovalev went on. “[Defectors] are fully under surveillance … the secret services are monitoring them, they know their whereabouts and schedules. And then you have such strange events happen in a row.”
Kovalev, who led the FSB from 1996 until 1998, said he believes that a series of assassination attempts targeting defectors in the UK makes him think that the British “scapegoat this or that traitor after having utilized him to the maximum extent, and then say the Russians did it.”
Kovalev dismissed the claim, saying the nerve agents could have been stored in any post-Soviet country, including Ukraine.
Doctors claim cover-up over death of weapons expert Dr David Kelly
Ten Years Ago: The Death of Dr. David Kelly. Murdered on the Orders of Her Majesty’s Government?
David Bartlett, the paramedic who pronounced Dr. Kelly dead at the scene, claimed that his body had obviously been moved and confirmed there was surprisingly little blood near the body, saying “I’ve seen more blood at a nosebleed than I saw there.” He also said that as soon as the body was found, the police threw a “blackout” around the scene. He was even banned from speaking to his own control room over radio, the first time that this had happened in his career.
Perhaps the most compelling evidence, however, is the testimony of a group of doctors who have come together in recent years to provide expert testimony challenging the official claim of suicide.
'Kelly was Murdered' Says UK Intelligence Insider
Why I know weapons expert Dr David Kelly was murdered, by the MP who spent a year investigating his death
Given that his death was clearly not an accident, that leaves only one alternative - that he must have been murdered.
This is not a conclusion I have come to lightly. I simply set out to examine the facts, to test the evidence, and to follow the trail wherever it took me.
BLAIR BLASTED MI6 spy bosses knew Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction a YEAR before the war, former secret agent reveals
Secret mission to destroy weapons bases aborted in 2001 ... because there weren't any
BRITISH intelligence chiefs knew there were no Iraqi weapons of mass destruction almost a year before Tony Blair’s “45 minute” claim, a former agent says.
The ex-Secret Intelligence Service operative revealed a secret mission to destroy Iraq’s chemical and biological installations was aborted in October 2001 as none could be found.
45-minute claim on Iraq was hearsay
The irony is that the government launched a furious attack on the BBC for broadcasting allegations that the dossier was "sexed up" based on a single, anonymous, uncorroborated source. That source was Dr Kelly.
Mr Campbell told the foreign affairs select committee: "I find it incredible ... that people can report based on one single anonymous uncorroborated source."
In fact, the foundation for the government's claim was even shakier, according to the document: a single anonymous uncorroborated source quoting another single anonymous uncorroborated source.
45-minute WMD claim 'may have come from an Iraqi taxi driver' | World news
An Iraqi taxi driver may have been the source of the discredited claim that Saddam Hussein could unleash weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes, a Tory MP claimed today.
Adam Holloway, a defence specialist, said MI6 obtained information indirectly from a taxi driver who had overheard two Iraqi military commanders talking about Saddam's weapons.
Just 45 minutes from attack
by CHARLES REISS, Evening Standard
Saddam Hussein's armoury of chemical weapons is on standby for use within 45 minutes, Tony Blair's dossier revealed today.
The Iraqi leader has 20 missiles which could reach British military bases in Cyprus, as well as Israel and Nato members Greece and Turkey.
He has also been seeking to buy uranium from Africa for use in nuclear weapons. Those are the key charges in a 14-point "dossier of death" finally published by the Government today.
Agriculture makes much more money for Russia than arms exports – Putin
Today, agriculture exports exceed arms sales by more than a third. $28.8 billion from agricultural sector, $15.6 billion from the defense industry," Putin told farmers in Krasnodar on Monday.
The president said that Russia should be aiming at exports of environmentally friendly and quality products. GMO has been banned in Russia since 2016. Putin previously said he wants to make Russia the world’s largest seller of GMO-free food.
White Helmets Movie: Updated Evidence From Swedish Doctors Confirm Fake ‘Lifesaving’ and Malpractices on Children
White Helmets video with fake life-saving procedures deceived UN sec council
Trump touts House Intel findings of 'no evidence of collusion' between campaign, Russia
Skripal case: Theresa May now demands Russia prove itself innocent
British government lacking evidence of Russian guilt reverses the burden of proof
The US Finally Admits There Is No Evidence Assad Used Sarin Gas in Syria
U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis confirmed that the U.S. government has no evidence that the Syrian government used sarin gas on its people— a claim that was used by the White House as justification for an April 2017 launch of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Al Shayrat airfield in Syria
Fatal Quad: Who Is Assassinating Former MI6 Assets On British Soil?
You can accuse Russians of anything, Salisbury spy poisoning craze shows
The Telegraph is reporting “...the Conservative Party will not hand back £820,000 in donations from Russian oligarchs and their associates, the chancellor has said, because it would be wrong to ‘tar them with Putin’s brush.’”
It would also be painful to the bank account of the governing party.
The Death of Dr. Kelly: An Open Case
This documentary studies the suspicious death of Dr. David Christopher Kelly, an internationally recognized British authority on biological weapons, after his claims before the Iraq war.
Bush says Iraq had no WMDs
Blair Lies About Iraq's WMDs
The Prime Minister Tony Blair and his government have lied to the British people in order to wage war in Iraq and this irresponsible action has resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent individuals.
Iraq could deploy chemical and biological weapons in 45 minutes.
Blair's journey from 45-minute claim to 'qualified apology' over Iraq
September 2002
Blair makes the infamous claims to MPs: “It [the intelligence service] concludes that Iraq has chemical and biological weapons, that Saddam has continued to produce them, that he has existing and active military plans for the use of chemical and biological weapons, which could be activated within 45 minutes.”
'Circus' at the British Parliament – Russian Foreign Ministry reacts to May's words on Skripal case
"Before creating new fairy tales, let somebody in the kingdom tell us what was the result of the previous investigations into the Litvinenko, Berezovsky and Perepilichny cases," Zakharova suggested.
“I want to remind people that Litvinenko’s death was also attributed to Russia, but hasn’t been investigated, because court proceedings, which were called ‘public,’ were, in fact, closed. They were carried out in a very strange way, and numerous facts, which emerged throughout the investigation, haven’t come into the public domain,” the minister said.
Britain gives Moscow 36 hours to explain alleged use of nerve agent from Russia (WATCH LIVE)
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for a “robust” dialogue with Russia. "We need to continue seeking a robust dialogue with Russia on all the issues dividing our countries, both domestic and international - rather than simply cutting off contact and simply letting tensions and divisions get worse, and potentially even more dangerous.”
He caused uproar among Tory MPs by raising the issue of £800,000 donated by Russian oligarchs to the Conservative Party.
The Prime Minister chaired a National Security Council (NSC) meeting on Monday, which brought together senior ministers with intelligence and security officials.
Russia has denied any involvement in the attack.
<Because it makes so much sense, Russia would kill an agent in Britain shortly before the Russian election and leaving the fingerprints of a Russian chemical. Sure! Has false flag allover written on it.>
<Seriously, if you were going to kill someone, why use a chemical that will point a finger right back to you. This was staged, all it does is make me wonder who is really responsible.>
How the Media Works with the CIA & NSA to Intercept & Censor Whistleblowers Exposed!
Newsbud Founder and Editor Sibel Edmonds is joined by Investigative Journalist Whitney Webb to discuss Webb’s recent three-part investigative report exposing billionaire founder of the Intercept- Pierre Omidyar. Webb delves deep into Omidyar’s long-ongoing multi-billion dollar partnership with government agencies, including the CIA and NSA, questionable coincidences and ties between Omidyar-Snowden, Glenn Greenwald’s hushed contract and arrangements with Omidyar to privatize Snowden’s 500+K page leak, Freedom of Press Foundation’s betrayal of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, and much more. Do not miss this explosive interview exposing the new trend in intercepting and neutralizing whistleblowers and their information.
Russian spy may have been poisoned at home, police believe, as military deployed to Salisbury
The investigation into the attempted assassination of Sergei Skripal took a dramatic turn today when it emerged the detective made seriously ill in the nerve agent attack was poisoned at the home of the Russian spy.
Radical Kurdish Terrorists Prevent Civilians From Fleeing Afrin
As Turkish troops advance towards Afrin city centre where remaining PKK aligned YPG terrorists are preparing for a final battle against Turkish troops, civilians have attempted to flee the area before the battle commences. However, video has emerged showing YPG militants violently impeding the flight of civilians who seek to head towards areas outside of the YPG’s self-proclaimed zone of occupation.
US prepared to act on Syria if UN Security Council won't - Haley
<US desperately trying to remain relevant in Syria! They will lie about anything to get Assad ousted. I will not fall for their BS, thank you RT for your great reporting!>
The Lobby P1: Young Friends of Israel – Al Jazeera Investigations
dispatches - inside Britain's Israel Lobby
‘Stark evidence of US-Israeli influence ignored’ – author
Russia warns about Nato's "Military Schengen" zone
In "various parts of Europe the arsenals of weapons, ammunition and food supplies are being created for a speedy deployment of an additional force grouping. Eight coordination centers for deploying the contingents have been set up in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia."
Porno, Peitsche, Pädophilie – Perversion im Klassenzimmer
Breaking map : Syrian forces divide East Ghouta into 3 parts, take key jihadist town
Greece approves Monsanto’s glyphosate weedkiller for 5 years
Greece was among the nine member states that opposed the EU’s plan to re-authorise glyphosate during a crucial vote last year. The reapproval was ultimately endorsed by a qualified majority thanks to Germany, which had previously abstained.
 US Provides Military Aid To More Than 70 Percent Of World’s Dictatorships
About three-quarters of the world’s dictatorships currently receive military assistance from the United States. This is a strange record for a nation that consistently justifies its sweeping foreign interventions as aimed at “promoting democracy” and “thwarting evil dictatorships.”
Bayern: Katastrophale Konzentration von Aluminium, Barium und Arsen in der Atemluft amtlich bestätigt!
Who Gains From Poisoning a Russian Exile in Britain?
The British are well known for their dramatic flair when it comes to stories of Cold War espionage and murder mystery. Think Ian Fleming, John Le Carré and Agatha Christie.
But this week's episode of a former Russian spy being poisoned on a public park bench in a quaint English town has suspiciously a tad too much drama about it.
The CIA Democrats: Part one
An extraordinary number of former intelligence and military operatives from the CIA, Pentagon, National Security Council and State Department are seeking nomination as Democratic candidates for Congress in the 2018 midterm elections. The potential influx of military-intelligence personnel into the legislature has no precedent in US political history.
Theresa May to Blame Russia for Nerve Gas Attack; 'Full Spectrum' of Sanctions to Follow
Militantly Russophobic UK Extremists
 Sergey Skripal’s nerve agent poisoning has Britain in an uproar.
Russophobes are having a field day, Russia bashing at a fever pitch – despite no evidence suggesting Kremlin involvement in what happened.
Irresponsible media reports claim access to nerve agents isn’t possible without state support, Russia alone mentioned.
Putin Says US Cannot be Trusted in Any Political Negotiations
The US used Russia to prevent Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovich from using his military against rioters in Kiev, and then ‘cheated’ Moscow by supporting an armed coup, President Vladimir Putin said.
Free speech or hate speech? Right-wing activists ‘banned’ from Britain (VIDEOS)
Border police are currently holding three high-profile members of GI just months after the group opened its UK wing. Martin Sellner, Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern have all been detained as they tried to make their way to London.
CONFIRMED: DNA From Genetically Modified Crops Can Be Transferred Into Humans Who Eat Them
MoD: Russia's Newest Hypersonic Missile Capable of Destroying Aircraft Carriers
Finland faces setback in push to abolish Daylight Saving Time
Finnish MEPs in particular had thrown their weight behind the proposal to pull the plug on Daylight Saving Time.
The Litvinenko Inquiry: London’s Absurd Show Trial
Britain had more motivation to kill Aleksandr Litvinenko than Russia, brother claims
"My father and I are sure that the Russian authorities are not involved. It's all a set-up to put pressure on the Russian government,” Litvinenko told the Mirror, adding that such reasoning is the only explanation as to why the inquiry was launched 10 years after his brother's death.
He called the British report a “smear” on Putin, and stressed that rumors claiming his brother was an enemy of the state are false. He added that Aleksandr had planned to return to Russia, and had even told friends about the move.
The Elephant In The Room
Nerve agents including Sarin and VX are manufactured by the British Government in Porton Down, just 8 miles from where Sergei Skripal was attacked. The official British government story is that these nerve agents are only manufactured “To help develop effective medical countermeasures and to test systems”.
„Westen will Wahrheit nicht wissen“: 24 Tonnen C-Kampfstoffe in Syrien gefunden
Syrische Experten haben 24 Tonnen chemischer Kampfstoffe auf den Territorien des Landes gefunden, die früher unter Kontrolle der Terroristen gestanden waren. Dies teilte der stellvertretende Außenminister Syriens, Faisal Mekdad, gegenüber der Presse am Samstag mit.
„Die westlichen Länder wollten nur beweisen, dass die syrischen Regierungstruppen chemische Waffen benutzt haben. Wir haben aber eine große Produktion chemischer Stoffe entdeckt. Wir haben es mehrmals gesagt, aber der Westen will nur die Terroristen hören“, sagte Mekdad.
Men Legally Allowed to Finish Sex Even If Woman Revokes Consent, NC Law States
North Carolina is the one state where the law explicitly says you cannot revoke consent once it's given. A bill that would remove this "unacceptable loophole" has little traction.
Former CIA Officer Exposes Clinton Charity Fraud As Biggest Scandal In US History
We don't want a unified Korean Peninsula': Hillary Clinton
A WikiLeaks document leaked on Apr. 12 quotes former U.S. Secretary of State and presidential contender Hillary Clinton as saying the U.S. government does not want a unified Korea.
The comment was made during a private paid speech to Goldman Sachs staff in 2013.
US and Saudi Arabia arms significantly enhanced Isis’ military capabilities, report reveals
Number of US and Saudi supplied weapons in Isis’ hands goes 'far beyond those that would have been available through battle capture alone'
Cop suing mother of 6yo boy he killed, because 'emotional distress'
When a Holocaust survivor compares Israel to Nazi Germany, it's time to take note
‘Toxic, damaging & shameful’: Fury as UK and Saudi Arabia sign huge arms deal
The Syrian Army units continue operation Damascus Steel in order to dislodge hardline Islamist militants from the east Ghouta pocket
Mainstream Media Slammed for Not Reporting Pro-Gov't Rallies in Syria’s E Ghouta
Why the West Cannot Stomach Russians
The Western mind generally doesn’t like things unknown, spiritual and complex. Since the ‘old days’, especially since the crusades and monstrous colonialist expeditions to all corners of the world, the Westerners were told fables about their own “noble deeds” performed in the plundered lands. Everything had to be clear and simple: “Virtuous Europeans were civilizing savages and spreading Christianity, therefore, in fact, saving those dark poor primitive souls.”

How Monsanto and Weather Modification Are Really Related!
The Regulation of Geoengineering - Science and Technology Committee UK Parliament
Science and Technology  Committee - Fifth Report
The Regulation of Geoengineering
Monsanto’s Toxic Legacy: An Investigative Reporter Talks Glyphosate
“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East
The Infamous "Oded Yinon Plan". Introduction by Michel Chossudovsky
A Timeline of CIA Atrocities
Putin Explains Why Russia’s New Weapons Can’t be Stopped by ABMs
In a “Russia Insight” TV interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin that was uploaded to youtube with English subtitles on March 10th, NBC’s Megyn Kelly asked him why America’s ABMs wouldn’t be able to knock out Russia’s new missiles. He answered (16:40): “We have created a set of new strategic weapons that do not follow ballistic trajectories, and the anti-missile defence systems are powerless against them. This means that the U.S. taxpayers’ money has been wasted.”
Truth and Lies of the Syrian Conflict
Conversations with Eva Bartlett, Tom Duggan and Patrick Henningsen. Global Research News Hour episode 212
 Government’s Own Data Shows US Interfered In 81 Foreign Elections
Ask an average American who makes a habit of following government-mouthpiece corporate media about interference in national elections and you’ll likely elicit a nebulous response concerning Russian hackers and a plan to install Donald Trump in the White House — but you probably won’t hear a single syllable pertaining to United States government’s actual attempts to do the same.
GMO, roundup
Britain's 'worst ever' child grooming scandal exposed: Hundreds of young girls raped, beaten, sold for sex and some even KILLED
SPECIAL SUNDAY MIRROR INVESTIGATION: Authorities failed to act over 40 years - despite repeated warnings to social workers - with up to 1,000 girls, some as young as 11, abused in Telford
„Was wir haben, ist eine Scheindemokratie“ – Dirk Müller über unsere akuten Probleme
Dirk Müller, auch bekannt unter dem Spitznamen „Mr. Dax“, betont, dass er kein Zyniker ist, wenn er von einer „Scheindemokratie“ spricht. Er konstatiert lediglich, dass trotz Wahlen die großen Entscheidungen schon längst in Hinterzimmern getroffen wurden und der Bürger diesbezüglich kein Mitspracherecht hat.
Dirk Müller: Wir werden von den USA in den 3. Weltkrieg getrieben PRO & CONTRA Puls 4
Dirk Müller: So werden wir von den Eliten geplündert – exklusives Interview // Mission Money
USA verlegen weitere 300’000 Soldaten nach Europa
The crime situation in Sweden compared to the US, in 4 charts
Facts about migration, integration and crime in Sweden
In figures: 2017's shootings in Sweden
In the 306 confirmed shooting incidents during 2017 there were 41 deaths and 135 instances of injury
Odessa Fire: What Western media doesn't tell -- Full documentary 02.05.2014
The EU to Become a “U.S. Colony”? The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) would Abolish Europe’s Sovereignty.
The Constitution of the EU’s Dictatorship
In other words: it establishes the European bureaucracy to serve global aristocrats, so as to help them asset-strip the European populations of corrupt member-nations.
Remote Control - How the EU controls your lives
End Of Nations - EU Takeover And The Lisbon Treaty
TOWER OF BABEL: The Unelected and Undemocratic Regime of the United States of Europe
Higher Wages Will End Recession
The Necessity for Higher Wages - Heiner Flassbeck on RAI (4/5)
Capitalism Will Hit the Wall Again, Hard - Heiner Flassbeck on RAI (5/5)
Mr. Flassbeck says people must get politically engaged and find an alternative or we will face dictatorship, because today's capitalism is out of answers
Heiner Flassbeck: Is Mercantilism Doomed to Fail? 2/5
Heiner Flassbeck - The systemic crisis of the Euro - true causes and effective therapies
The Undemocratic EU Explained - It Will Never Change
The EU's law-making process is fundamentally undemocratic. Power is vested in the unelected and unaccountable elite who make laws - in secret - to preserve the status of large multinationals at the expense of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Multinationals achieve their preferential status by spending enormous sums of money on lobbying. They create a complicated regulatory framework, which only large companies with their Human Resources departments can comply with. This drives small competitors out of business, destroys competition and encourages monopolies, forcing the consumer to pay a higher price for poorer quality goods and services.
A Totalitarian Europe Now on Our Doorstep
Quietly, without most people noticing, the European Commission is moving ahead with a strategy that will arguably make the EU into the first fully operational model of a centralised ‘one state’ supranational authority:
dispatches - inside Britain's Israel Lobby
Inside AIPAC And The Pro-Israel Lobby | Direct From With Dena Takruri - AJ+
The Israeli Lobby - A Danger To The World. Banned Documentary
The Brussels Business - Who Runs the EU ? - HD (sub - serb/cro)
THE BRUSSELS BUSINESS is a docu-thriller that dives into the grey zone underneath European democracy. An expedition into the world of the 15,000 lobbyists in the EU-capital, of the PR-conglomerates, think tanks and their all embracing networks of power and their close ties to the political elites.
The European Union: Part of America's Imperial Project - Michel Chossudovsky on GRTV
The Nazi roots of the European Union
The structure of decision-making in the European Union is complicated and lacks mechanisms which hold the top leaders of the EU accountable to nations. The European Parliament, the only democratic institution of the union, has only an advisory status and is therefore not a real legislature. In fact, the ordeal of European integration is in the hands of only a narrow circle of people.
Russian trolls behind anti-Clinton video game
CNN talk trash in on-site hunt for Russian trolls
Why Have So Many People Never Heard Of The MOVE Bombing?
 the 30th anniversary of the MOVE siege in West Philadelphia in 1985, in which Philadelphia police dropped a bomb on a residential neighborhood, leaving 11 dead — including five children
Todenhöfer: Interview With Al-Nusra Commander "The Americans stand on our side"
Social Services Worker Fired, Escorted Out by Cops for Having a Gun Permit—NOT a GUN
Trump says it will be hard to unify country without a ‘major event’
 Coke, Nestle Near Ownership of World’s Second Largest Aquifer
A concerted push is underway in South America that could see the Guarani Aquifer, one of the world’s largest reserves of fresh water, soon fall into the hands of transnational corporations such as Coca-Cola and Nestle.
by Elliott Gabriel
The poisoning of Sergei Skripal leads right to Hillary Clinton and the DNC
What did Skripal know about the Steele dossier?
Entire Health Ranger video channel deleted - 1700 videos, gone
Abby Martin Exposes Untold History of U.S. Empire
Reality Check: Obama/Clinton to Blame for Slave Trade in Libya?
Google Admits Working for Pentagon's Drone Murder Program
Just an innocent private IT company? Yeah right, it's part of the military-industrial complex, profiting from empire's endless wars and up to its elbows in blood
Do You Believe There Is an Internet Purge of Anti-Establishment Voices?*
A Conspiracy Theory That Became a “Conspiracy Fact”: The CIA, Afghanistan’s Poppy Fields and America’s Growing Heroin Epidemic
Libya: From Africa’s Richest State Under Gaddafi, to Failed State After NATO Intervention
GARIKAI CHENGU: In 1967 Colonel Gaddafi inherited one of the poorest nations in Africa; however, by the time he was assassinated, Gaddafi had turned Libya into Africa’s wealthiest nation. Libya had the highest GDP per capita and life expectancy on the continent. Less people lived below the poverty line than in the Netherlands.
Hillary Clinton: “We Created Al Qaeda”. The Protagonists of the “Global War on Terrorism” are the Terrorists
Britain set to sell 48 new Typhoon jets to Saudi Arabia - despite protesters accusing the state of war crimes
A 'memorandum of intent', which aims to finalise the deal, was signed today between the government and the nation's Crown Prince despite huge protests
Reality Check: The Guardian Restarts Push for Regime Change in Russia
Russia Shows No Signs of Aggression in the Baltic - NATO General
Homeless ex-soldier, 82, dies hours after being evicted from squat
E Ghouta Militants Plan to Stage Chemical Attack to Blame Gov't - Damascus
‘Go back to Raqqa & bury bodies’: Putin calls for investigation into strikes on civilians in Syria
“As for crimes, go back to Raqqa and at least bury the dead bodies, which are still lying amid the ruins after the air strikes on residential neighborhoods – and investigate these attacks,” the Russian leader said as he sat down for an “at times combative” interview with NBC’s Megyn Kelly. Putin also raised the point that the battle for Iraq’s Mosul involving the US-led forces left the city “razed to the ground.”
Breaking: Huge Syrian Army reinforcements flood into central Syria as part of new operation against US-backed forces
Bulgarian Journalist Confronts US Officials at EU Over Offshore Bioweapons Labs
How a journalist gets expelled from the European Parliament when asking the Assistant Secretary at the US Department of Health questions about the Pentagon bio laboratories around Russia, China and Iran.
MH17 One Year On: What Really Happened and Why
MH17 Verdict: Real Evidence Points to US-Kiev Cover-up of Failed False Flag
Milliardenhilfe für Ukraine: EU genehmigt weitere Finanzspritze