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Link Collection March Part two

EU allies defy US to join China-led Asian Bank
Daddy – what’s a ‘neocon’?! Ethnic mafia wars is the USA
Dutch dismiss reports alleging MH17 downed by Buk missile

<They have a Kiev pilot by the name of Voloshin claiming he accidentally shot it why does it take months to interview this guy?<
Texas Executed An Innocent Father After Prosecutor Hid Evidence In Kids’ Arson Deaths
It's official, the State of Texas executed an innocent man - an innocent father -

after prosecutors deliberately concealed evidence in his children's arson
Russia's Advanced Combat Gear to Be Equipped With Drone Connectible Kit
"These are the guys, he and President Bush and some others, who invented Daesh, or

Sean Penn 'Thanks' Dick Cheney for Creating ISIL
Kiev Rejects Minsk Mandated Donbass Self-Rule
Minsk II terms Kiev agreed to mandated parliamentary legislation affording Donbass

"special regime" self-rule within 30 days of the document's February 12 signing. Kiev

missed the deadline. On Marc...

West to East: Global power balance shifting - the American empire is dying --
A major recent event last week largely went unnoticed by both MSM and independent news

sources alike. The British are apparently jumping ship away...
Future Russian army could deploy anywhere in the world – in 7 hours
In the future, a fleet of heavy transport aircraft will be capable of moving a

strategic unit of 400 Armata tanks, with ammunition, to anywhere in the world. And

Video: Border Patrol Rips Innocent Family Out Of Car
This is what it looks like to live in a police state
Using the excuse of attempting to apprehend illegal immigrants, Border Patrol agents

have set up a network of internal checkpoints inside the United States. As InfoWars

has documented, in some cases the checkpoints are as much as 100-200 miles from the

US Drone Downed in Latakia Spied on Syrian Army for ISIL – Analyst
USA:n hävittäjät Suomeen ensi viikolla
Talvella kohua herättänyt Suomen ja USA:n ilmavoimien yhteisharjoitus alkaa ensi

viikolla. Ensimmäiset lennot tapahtuvat 24.4–1.4. Harjoitus toteutetaan...
New Alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory function
Australian researchers have come up with a non-invasive ultrasound technology that

clears the brain of neurotoxic amyloid plaques - structures that are...
Hidden Potential: Russia Builds Two More Submarines
Delivery of US Weapons and Ammunition to ISIS: Iraqi Commander Wiretaps ISIS

Communications with...
A commander of Iraq's popular forces disclosed that...

“The wiretapped ISIL communications by Iraqi popular forces have revealed that the US

planes have been dropping weapons and foodstuff for the Takfiri terrorist group,”

Commander of Iraq’s Ali Akbar Battalion told FNA on Wednesday.

He noted that tapping on ISIL disclosed the terrorist group’s regular contacts with

the US army.
Lithuania Panics, Confuses Train of Russian Students With Full-on Invasion
Paranoia Express, literally: the 'invaders' were armed with schoolbooks and extremely

sharp pencils ‪#‎Lithuania‬
Ukraine Declares Resumption of War Against Donbass
Eric Zuesse On Wednesday, March 18th, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the Prime Minister of Ukraine

— who was selected for that post by Victoria Nuland of the U.S. Stat
US warns Damascus of interfering with its ‘aerial assets’ in Syrian airspace
The Pentagon is yet to officially acknowledge the downing of a surveillance drone over

ISIS-free territory controlled by the Syrian govt, but scarce details of the...
A new example of "American exceptionalism"; warning a sovereign state of "interfering"

against a blatant US VIOLATION of its airspace??

Jen Psaki: "We, of course, reiterate our warning to the Assad regime not to interfere

with US aerial assets over Syria,”

RT. The Pentagon is yet to officially acknowledge the downing of a surveillance drone

over ISIS-free territory controlled by the Syrian govt, but scarce details of the

incident hint at US involvement going beyond its self-mandated anti-ISIS plan in

Russia-led military bloc ready to send peacekeepers to Ukrainian regions
Kremlin awaits Europe reaction to Ukraine’s Donbass status laws - Peskov
University Honor Student Singled Out and Beaten by Cops For Fake ID
Early Wednesday morning, a University of Virginia (UVA) student was arrested by

Virginia's Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. The VDABC is the agency
NO CHARGES for Cops Who Formed Firing Squad and Executed Young Man While He Sat in His Car
WTF! They straight up murdered this man in right out in the open and none of them are

being charged??
Russia slaps personal sanctions on 200+ foreign citizens – report
Jesus & Mary Magdalene were 'married with children,' ancient manuscript claims
‘Common enemy’: Former ISIS member calls Turkey an ‘ally’ in fight against Kurds
5 nuclear scientists assassinated near Damascus – report
If Damascus falls, Europe won’t be far behind – US senator
US warns Damascus against interfering with its ‘aerial assets’ in Syrian airspace
“We, of course, reiterate our warning to the Assad regime not to interfere with US

aerial assets over Syria,” she added.
Poroshenko Shifts Goalposts With Tacit Approval From West – Cunningham
Al Gore We MUST Punish Climate Change Deniers
Al Gore, chairman of the Climate Reality Project, spoke at the South By Southwest

(SXSW) festival on Friday saying that there was a need to 'punish climate-change
9 Trillion Dollars Missing from Federal Reserve
Rep. Alan Grayson asks the Federal Reserve Inspector General about the trillions of

dollars lent or spent by the Federal Reserve and where it went.
Stratfor: "US aims to prevent a German-Russian alliance”
The head of the private intelligence agency Stratfor has for the first time publicly

said that the US government considers to be its overriding strategic objective the...
Blocking that alliance is the only way to prevent an alternative world power capable

of challenging extension of the American position of being the world’s lone

Two Teens Have Sex… Neither Could Legally Consent, Only The Boy Went To Jail
We all know that an adult preying on children is a crime, but age-of-consent laws were

never intended to criminalize underage teenagers from being intimate
Stratfor Chairman Straight-Talking: US Policy Is Driven by Imperative to Stop

Coalition between...
George Friedman, Founder and Chairman of Stratfor, or what is called by many

"private/shadow CIA" for its well known connections and close cooperation with...
Syrian air defenses bring down US surveillance drone – reports
‘Crisis level’: Report says many govt. officials in US convicted of child porn, sex abuse crimes
History, Repeated: Ukraine Neo-Nazis Turn to Old Ally US For 'Help'
The ‪#‎CIA‬ didn't mind working with ‪#‎Nazi‬ collaborators over 60 years ago, what will

stop them now?
‘Like living inside space station’: Julian Assange marks 1,000 days in limbo
It has been exactly 1,000 days since whistleblower Julian Assange was forced to hide

out at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where outside powers can’t...
Three More European Countries to Join China-Backed Bank / Sputnik International
Three more European countries have decided to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment

Bank (AIIB), proposed by China.
U.S-Cuba Relations and the Long Road to Nowhere. "Regime Change is on the Table"
The much anticipated U.S-Cuba talks continues this week as Reuters reported “Cuba and

the United States meet for talks on restoring diplomatic relations on...
Key EU Countries Join China-Backed Bank Despite US Protests
Supersonic Russian strategic bombers drill over Crimea – military source
Russia’s Air Force is deploying an unspecified number of strategic nuclear-capable

supersonic bombers to Crimea, according to a source. The major drills also...
Ukraine's Prime Minister Is a Garbage-Spewing Clown - Russia Insider
This article originally appeared at Czech Free Press. Translated for RI by Anthony

Leaders of 26 States to Visit Moscow for Victory Day Celebrations
These include the leaders of China, Cuba, the Czech Republic, Greece, Slovakia and

Cyprus, according to the minister.
Putin: Attempts to Rewrite WWII History Aimed at Undermining Russia / Sputnik

Russian President Putin said that attempts to rewrite history of WWII are aimed at

putting nations at loggerheads and using historical speculation in geopolitical...
Waffen SS march in Latvia | Nazis honored in the heart of Europe
In Latvia, a parade's taken place to hail the Latvian Legion of Waffen SS. Several

hundred people took part including Latvian politicians. There were 46 Nazi...
Greece Hopes to Increase Global Influence Through BRICS Ties - Official
The World on the Brink of WWIII / Sputnik International
As Washington continues to sound its war drums despite the second Minsk ceasefire,

it’s worth asking why NATO continued to remain such a bellicose...
Putin signs law on ratification of $100 billion BRICS New Development Bank deal
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law ratifying the deal establishing the

BRICS New Development Bank (NDB), according to a document published on...
Progress in
Part I: High Energy Lasers
Pentagon blocks UN torture investigator from meeting Gitmo detainees - report
The Pentagon said it will refuse the United Nations special rapporteur on torture from

interviewing or even meeting detainees held at the US military prison at...
Dennis Grigsby: Spoon-carrying, mentally ill man shot dead by Texas police
A Texas police officer is on administrative leave after shooting and killing a

Texarkana man holding a metal
Raw Body Cam Footage Shows Police Executing Mentally Ill Man With Screwdriver
His mother called 911 for medical help because he had schizophrenia, instead the cops

arrived and shot him to death right in front of her.
Over 30 Countries Accepted Invitation to Join Victory Day Celebrations
Cop Says Killing Black People Is Okay Because ‘It’s Not Against The Law To Put An

Animal Down’

Police officers in San Francisco, California are under investigation after they were

caught exchanging racist texts. The text messages were exchanged
9/11 Pentagon Attack - Behind the Smoke Curtain - Barbara Honegger
Barbara Honegger's presentation titled "Behind the Smoke Curtain" in Seattle's Town

Hall Theater, January 12, 2013, on what happened and what didn't happen a...
Libya: From Africa's Richest State Under Gaddafi, to Failed State After NATO


This article was first published on October 19, 2014. This week marks the three-year

anniversary of the
The Destruction of Libya, the Destabilization of a Nation. US-NATO Crimes against


The late Col. Muammar Gaddafi, hailed as the “Great Leader” by the Libyan people

during his incumbency, was murdered by Chad, Somali and Sudanese...
America’s “Dirty Brigades” in Iraq
Last August, the United States government and the media responded to the brutal

decapitation of American journalist James Foley by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria

(ISIS) with a show of moral in...
It has now emerged that even as Obama and other officials were declaring their

abhorrence of ISIS atrocities, they were concealing, with the connivance of the media,

photographic and video evidence of similar crimes being carried out on a large scale

by US-backed forces in Iraq.
Press Laughs After U.S. Spokeswoman Claims We Do Not Support Coups
I would have laughed, too.
History Turned Inside Out: Nazi Vets Annual March Kicks Off in Riga

While the rest of the world honors the memory of millions of ‪#‎WWII‬ victims, Riga

glorifies fallen ‪#‎Nazi‬ legionnaires.
Among the “Conspiracy Theory” Theorists
Saakaschwili spricht Klartext: Ukrainer kämpfen für USA / Sputnik Deutschland -

Michail Saakaschwili hat in einer Talkshow den wahren Grund für den Ukraine-Krieg

verraten. Laut dem georgischen Ex-Staatschef sind die ukrainischen Truppen, die...
Ungarn brennt 500 Hektar Felder mit Genmais ab, um Nahrungsmittelversorgung frei von


Wenn es darum geht, die Öffentlichkeit vor GVO zu schützen, weiß Ungarn, was zu tun

ist: Die Felder abbrennen, auf denen Genmais wächst! Umweltschützer...
Smashed Antiquities in Iraq Not Real: ISIS A Propaganda Op For War
Fawzye al-Mahdi, head of the antiquity department in Iraq’s cultural heritage

authority, has told Deutsche Welle in Germany the statues and other antiquities...
Putin: Machtwechsel in der Ukraine war Putsch mit Hilfe der USA (erstmals offiziell)
Russlands Präsident Wladimir Putin hat den Machtwechsel in Kiew erstmals offiziell als

einen „bewaffneten Putsch“ bezeichnet, der von den USA „ermöglicht“ worden...
Hacker Holds Police Department Website For Ransom After They Stand Behind Killer Cops
The City of Moore, Oklahoma says they are standing behind the cops who beat a father

to death in front of his family. The wife of the man is filing suit
Дочь командующего 1-м Украинским фронтом попросили забрать останки отца из-под

памятника в Киеве
Overthrowing other people’s governments: The Master List –...
US, World's Biggest Bully, Must Be Isolated by Its Allies – Eric Zuesse / Sputnik

The United States, the world's big bully, should be isolated by its allies, otherwise

it will lure the globe into a large-scale confrontation, deems an investigative


555.000 ruble for a house made of wood
Global Threat? US Policymakers Admit Iran is Defending Itself | New Eastern Outlook
15.03.2015 Author: Tony Cartalucci Global Threat? US Policymakers Admit Iran is

Defending Itself...
Massive military drills in Venezuela as govt stands up to perceived US threat (VIDEO)
Nearly 100,000 soldiers are taking part in massive 10-day military exercises across

Venezuela, which were staged to counter an alleged US threat. It follows...
"Truth in Media is the Enemy of Washington, Truth is Our Country": Dr. Paul Craig


Dear Colleagues, Thank you for this recognition, for this honor. As Jesus told the

people of Nazareth, a prophet is without honor in his own country. In the United...
PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS AT THE MEXICAN PRESS CLUB; In the United States journalists receive

awards for lying for the government and for the corporations. Anyone who tells the

truth, whether journalist or whistleblower, is fired or prosecuted or has to hide out

in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London, like Julian Assange, or in Moscow, like Edward

Snowden, or is tortured and imprisoned, like Bradley Manning.
Surprise UK Nuclear Attack Against Russia This Week Is Averted by Intelligence Leak


The European Union Times reported Sunday morning March 15th, under the headline,

“Russia Warns...
Report: Hezbollah to send forces to fight alongside Iraq in Mosul, against ISIS
800 men to be sent to Iraqi Samarra in new few weeks.
chilli seeds
Putin Reveals Details of Russia-Crimea Reunification, Maidan in Documentary
Radio Liberty Fires Reporter for Video of Civilians Killed by Kiev Forces
Putin in film on Crimea: US masterminds behind Ukraine coup, helped train radicals
Sleepwalking Into World War Three? Why The Independent Media Is Vital
NATO countries are to all intents and purposes at war with Russia
. The US knows it and

Russia knows it...

NATO countries are to all intents and purposes at war with Russia. The US knows it and

Russia knows it too. Unfortunately, most of those living in NATO countries remain

blissfully ignorant of this fact. The US initiated economic sanctions on Russia, has

attacked its currency and has manipulated oil prices to devastate the Russian economy.

It was behind the coup in Ukraine and is now escalating tensions by placing troops in

Europe and supporting a bunch of neo-fascists that it brought to power. Yet the bought

and paid for corporate media in the West keeps the majority of the Western public in

ignorance by depicting Russia as the aggressor.
Syria, The War Started Four Years Ago in March 2011: Who Was Behind The Protest


The ultimate purpose is to trigger sectarian violence and political chaos within Syria

by covertly...
ISIS Terrorists: The US Creates them, Turkey Trains them, Qatar Finances them
We used to believe it is a crime to organize, support and give political cover to

terrorist organizations. Things have changed. “If the (American) Joint Chiefs are.
Lauffeuer - Eine Tragödie zerreißt Odessa zu Beginn des Ukrainischen Bürgerkrieges.

‘Freedom in jeopardy’: Nationwide protests in Canada as thousands denounce new anti-

terror law

Thousands of demonstrators have united across Canada to take action against proposed

anti-terrorism legislation known as Bill C-51, which would expand the...
ARD / ZDF: 95,8 Prozent sind gegen den Rundfunkbeitrag
Anlässlich des jüngst in NRW gescheiterten Klageprozesses gegen den

Zwangsrundfunkbeitrag, hat der Privatsender Sat.1 NRW in seiner lokalen...
Video Shows Cop Choking Teenager Until He Stops Moving
Syrian Air Force Strike Kills 120 Nusra Front Militants in Golan Heights
NYPD Cops Arrest, Beat Woman Who Filmed Garner Death | TruthVoice
NYPD Cops Arrest, Beat Woman Who Filmed Garner Death 0Descent Into Tyranny, Police

BrutalityMarch 13, 2015 A+ A- Email Print The woman who filmed a video...
Russians Have Had Enough of the West - Russia Insider
Peter Lavelle is host of RT’s political debate program “CrossTalk.” His expressed

opinions may or may not reflect those of his employer.
STRATFOR: US-Hauptziel seit einem Jahrhundert war Bündnis Russland+Deutschland zu


4 Februar 2015. Der Gründer und Vorsitzende des...
Finland: A Terrorist Haven
The initiative is targeted at drastic changes related to defining the borders with

Russia and encompasses Karelia, the Karelian Isthmus, the islands of Finnish Gulf and

Novgorod region bringing all these territories into the Finnish sphere of interests.

Finland plans to invest around 80 billion dollars into the program till 2020…
‘No evidence that mass surveillance saves lives’ from terror attacks – human rights


Allowing a terror attack to take place in Britain is the “price we should be willing

to pay” to maintain levels of privacy and ensure surveillance agencies do not have...
Canada, State Sponsor of Terrorism? Role of Canadian Embassy in Jordan in ISIS


There is a consistent pattern. NATO member states including Turkey, France, Britain as

well as NATO partner countries (Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar) have been...
US Armed Islamist Jihadists, Why Wouldn't It Arm Ukraine Neo-Nazis? - Russia Insider
This article originally appeared at Lew Rockwell
75% of Ferguson Citizens Have Arrest Warrant
In the wake of the FBI's scathing report on the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department,

there is one very important detail that has largely been glossed over
US/Israeli military advisers to ISIS arrested in Mosul, Iraq --
Iraqi Special Forces said they have arrested several ISIL's foreign military advisors,

including American, Israeli and Arab nationals in an operation in Mosul in the...
Very interesting interview of Paul Craig Roberts with Ellen Brown! (UPDATED)
Is the U.S. a Fascist Society? Fascism is a Political Economic Structure Which Serves

Corporate Interests

Pedophilia in Britain ‘woven into the fabric of society’ – Theresa May
YouTube gets new star as Polish Defense Minister ‘can’t tell a mic from a lamp’
The Defense Minister of Poland became a YouTube star as the man who "can't tell a mic

from a lamp." The video went viral, gathering hundreds of thousands of views.
Israel treats Takfiri terrorists wounded in Syrian conflict: Report
Kiev Admits Existence of Contracts on Delivery of Lethal Weapons From EU
Central Intelligence Agency Wises Up: Brennan Says Assad Better for Syria Than ISIL
Israel Supports Syria Terrorists out of Golan Heights: 85 Wounded Al-Qaeda Militants


On Tuesday, as many as 85 wounded militants from the Syrian Al-Qaeda group “Jabhat

Al-Nusra” (Victory Front) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) were...
US National Guard Troops Are Being Sent To Ukraine
Colonel Michael Foster at the Center for Strategic and International Studies said the

current plan is for US forces to stay six months, but there have been discussions

about how to increase the duration and the scope of the training mission.

Qatar/West Says Public Statement by Al-Nusra Will Wipe Away Jihadist Sins
Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis in late 2010, I have been writing repeatedly

that there are no “moderate rebels” in Syria. Many other credible researchers and...
The process by which one becomes a “moderate rebel” vs. a radical jihadist is not by

the common sense messages of radical clerics or by taking a firm stand against a

totalitarian government. Nor does one become a moderate rebel by joining al-Qaeda,

committing atrocities, and imposing Sharia Law. One becomes a moderate rebel by

joining al-Qaeda, committing atrocities, imposing Sharia Law and subsequently stating

that you do not belong to al-Qaeda. At that point, you are fit to receive all the

funding available from the coffers of the GCC and NATO.
Wiederwärtige Aussage im US-TV! Militäranalyst: Wir müssen anfangen Russen zu töten!
Fox-News März 2015: Militäranalyst Robert H. Scales sieht die einzige Möglichkeit für

die USA das Blatt in...
STRATFOR: US-Hauptziel seit einem Jahrhundert war Bündnis Russland+Deutschland zu

RAW FOOTAGE: Cop Uses Knee to Crush Man's Neck as Man Begs for Breath of Air
The cops tried to claim that the man was "combative," but the body cam footage has now

shown that they were abusing him.

Venezuela Sounds Alarm after Obama Invokes International Emergency Act
Santa Elena, March 10th, 2015. ( Venezuelan foreign minister

Delcy Rodriguez sent an alert to international solidarity groups this...
The Venezuelan leader branded the declarations as “hypocritical,” asserting that the

United States poses a much bigger threat to the world. “You are the real threat, who

trained and created Osama Bin Laden… “ said Maduro, referring to Bin Laden’s CIA

training during the late 1970s to fight the Soviet army in Afghanistan.
Texans hope to secede from US, Californians aim to split state

EU joins US State Dept's anti-RT bashing campaign
A Bosnian scenario for Ukraine?
The future for America’s shipments of lethal weapons to Ukraine is not yet clear.

However, the current situation there is distinctly reminiscent of another conflict

from 20 years ago – the Bosnian War – during which the United States and NATO worked

actively to arm one side, eventually leading to tr
Evolutionary tree: Humans may have evolved with plant genes, study claims
Russia's Eastern Military District to Get Advanced Battle Tanks / Sputnik...
Russia Reacts With Compassion to US Concerns Over Its Deterring Abilities / Sputnik


Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin says he sympathizes with US concerns over

Russia’s growing military deterrence capabilities.
Donezk und Lugansk schreiben an Merkel und Hollande: Kiew sabotiert Minsker Abkommen
Iran’s supreme leader slams ‘backstabbing’ Americans over senators’ letter
Ayatollah Khamenei has lashed out at US Republican senators who warned in a letter to

Tehran that any nuclear deal between the two countries could be voided....
NATO's Massive Show of Force in Latvia - What's the Endgame?
The Western powers have never been interested in peace processes. What they are

interested in is victory. … The point about Minsk is that France and Germany have a

slightly, and I emphasize, slightly different perception from Washington, London, and

Brussels, the NATO headquarters. France and Germany are to some extent trying to find

a peace agreement. But they are being fought by the Americans and by the British, to

put it very simply.
Plunge into darkness: 83% of Syrian electricity wiped out
22 Iraq soldiers killed in Anbar airstrike
The airstrike is believed to be launched by a US-led coalition aircraft.
Germans Fed Up With Media Lies
A poll by German public broadcaster NDR has found out that 63 percent of Germans have

little or no confidence in the Ukraine reporting by German media. Of th...
Deal-Breaker? Germany, NATO in First Open Conflict Over Ukraine Crisis
Russia Launches Criminal Case Against Retired US General Over Calls for War
The Enemy is Not Russia or Putin
The real enemy is hypocrisy.
Father Faces 20 Years Prison for Treating Daughter’s Cancer with Cannabis Oil
Is this how we should treat medicine?
The US government has been aware of cannabis’ cancer-curing qualities sinceat least

Spy arrested in Turkey for helping 3 British schoolgirls join ISIS – Turkish foreign


A spy from an intelligence agency that is supporting the US-led coalition fighting

Islamic State has been arrested in Turkey on suspicion of helping three British...
Björn Wahlroos: ”Voisimme huutokaupata lisääntymisoikeuksia nuorillepareille”
Talousvaikuttaja Björn Wahlroos pohtii, että lapsista voisi tulla rikkaiden

How Iran and the US intersect in “Syraq”
The ‘Empire of Chaos’ keeps alive the ambivalent cover story of a Global Coalition

fighting ISIS/ISIL/Daesh, with the hidden agenda of weakening Assad on the backburner.
Escobar on 'Syraq': 'The Global Coalition keeps alive the fiction it is bombing the

fake Caliphate into oblivion. But it’s really Iran-coordinated forces which are

winning the battle' - OP-EDGE
Russian S-300 missile systems capable of targeting near space 'enter service'
Near space targets can now be hit by Russian army’s mobile tactical air defense S-300

and S-400 systems as a much anticipated long-range missile enters...
Rape statistics
Disclosure: The Four ”Swedes” in Custody For Gang Rape Are Somali Citizens
Eight Swedish men have been arrested on suspicion of raping a woman onboard a cruise

ship, according to several media reports.
Zweiter Weltkrieg: Merkel sagt Gedenkfeier in Moskau ab
Unter den derzeit frostigen Beziehungen zwischen Deutschland und Russland leidet auch

die Gedenkf...
NATO not amused by EU plan to create separate army
NATO says a plan by the European Union to create its own army would be ineffective.

The military alliance’s secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg, says the EU should make

sure everything they do is complimentary to NATO and avoid...
Ukraine volunteer brigade sergeant praises Nazis, pledges march on Kiev after war
An Azov Battalion sergeant has confessed to USA Today of praising Nazi ideology. He

also pledged a march on the Ukrainian capital after the war. A spokesman for...
Wegen des Ukraine-KonfliktsUS-Atomwaffen bleiben in Deutschland
"Washington Should Support Al Qaeda to Defeat ISIS". Council on Foreign Relations
U.S. "would be better served by keeping the terrorist organization afloat..." The

Council on Foreign Relations, a Washington DC think tank with large influence...
Israel destroys EU-funded West Bank shelter for Palestinians while expanding

A New World Order: A Threat to Sovereign States
New World Order a big threat to sovereign states, speakers at an international

conference say. The anti-war initiative, Perdana Global Peace Foundation, has a single

goal of putting an end to war. ...
"Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad warned that Malaysia might lose

its independence if the government falls prey to the ploys of the US to increase its

global hegemony through economic means. Referring to the Free Trade Agreement as a

regulated trade deal, he said countries that sign on the deal would be subjected to

more rules and regulations than ever before."
By busting up peace efforts, AIPAC may have burst its own bubble
If we are to stop a catastrophic war with Iran or finally solve the Israel/Palestine

conflict, an essential element is breaking AIPAC’s grip on U.S. policy. That may...
Teen accused of assaulting NYPD cop, charges dropped after video proved he was victim
Prosecutors dropped charges against a 17-year-old for assaulting a police officer

because footage of the incident between the teenager and New York Police...
Greeks March in Support of Spaniards Charged for Fighting with Donbass Rebels - Russia

This article originally appeared at New Cold
"The eight Spanish men were arrested on February 27, 2015 by Spanish police and are

facing criminal charges of violating laws which supposedly prohibit Spanish citizens

from taking part in foreign military conflicts. None of the right-wing extremists in

Spain who have traveled to fight with their counterparts in Ukraine have been charged.

The eight Spanish men were released from detention within 24 hours of their arrest."
Open Door Policy: Ukrainian Army Recruiting 'Addicts, Alcoholics, Morons'
Could an SU-25 fighter jet down a Boeing? Former pilots speak out on MH17 claims
As the investigation into the MH17 tragedy continues in eastern Ukraine, the SU-25's

chief designer has told German media that the fighter jet could not...
ISIL Not the Only Ones Who Damage Iraqi Heritage Sites, US Did it Too / Sputnik

A former US Foreign Service employee reveals the scale of the destruction of ancient

artifacts in Iraq during the occupation of the country.
‘Rather be in prison than work for fascists’ – Crimean Prosecutor Poklonskaya
The chief prosecutor of Russia’s Crimean Republic says Ukrainian law enforcers

threatened her with prison and death for accepting the post, but failed to make her...
German Chancellor Merkel to Miss WWII Victory Day Parade in Moscow
Russia Completely Withdraws From Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty / Sputnik

Russia suspends its participation in the work of the Joint Consultative Group under

the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe.
"But don't go blaming Russia. Russia had ratified the treaty, it's the Nato members

that refused to do the same.

"An “adapted” version of the CFE treaty was signed in 1999, but NATO members refused

to ratify it until Russia withdrew troops from Georgia and the breakaway Moldovan

region of Transdnestria, a criterion Russia regards as an “artificial linkage.” In

December 2007, Russia imposed a unilateral moratorium on the CFE treaty, citing it’s

“irrelevance” over NATO's plans to increase its military presence in Eastern Europe

and the alliance's refusal to ratify the adapted version. In November 2011, NATO

member states said they would no longer exchange information on conventional weapons

and troops with Russia. In November 2014, Russia suspended the implementation of the

CFE Treaty.""
Creation of EU Army Would 'Liberate Europe From US and NATO'
Abbott Infuriates Aboriginal Communities Over Lifestyle Choice Remark
"On behalf of the thinking people of Australia, I do apologise for this retarded

You Think A Lot of People in Ukraine Speak Ukrainian? Think Again - Russia Insider
The author submitted this piece to Russia Insider. A slightly different version also

appeared at the No Bread and Circuses For You blog.
Senate GOP letter to Iran sparks outrage
47 Senate Republicans stand by their letter to Iran. Is this a case of political

"They, I think, actually want a war with Iran..."

- Ed Schultz
Russia’s Remarkable Renaissance
Something remarkable is taking place in Russia, and it’s quite different from what we

might expect. Rather than feel humiliated and depressed Russia is undergoing what I

would call a kind of renais...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March Link Collection Part One

Dr. Heiner Flassbeck
Living Well with a Rheumatic Disease
Lie Before Sex? You're a Rapist
Dirk Müller: Massive Spannungen innerhalb der NATO - Tagesausblick 09.03.2015 - Bananenrepublik
Washington’s Al Qaeda Ally Now Leading ISIS in Libya | New Eastern Outlook
09.03.2015 Author: Eric Draitser Washington’s Al Qaeda Ally Now Leading ISIS in Libya Column: Politics Region: Middle East Country: Libya The revelations that...
rape statistics,000_-_country_comparison_-_United_Nations_2012.png
rape statistics
If Jews leave, Europe will face ‘economic disaster’, Jewish leader warns
European leaders should be quick in adopting real measures to counter anti-Semitism or witness Jews leave, taking away their money and businesses,...
Don't Hate The Media, BECOME The Media
Darkwallet is an open source bitcoin wallet that provides a solid foundation of well designed asynchronous code for scalability.
Keiser Report: War is racket, that's why EU needs an army (E729)
Keiser Report: War is racket, that's why EU needs an army (E729)
Combat Vet Illegally Detained and Shaken Down for the “Crime” of Chewing Tobacco
"If you don't want to give me your ID there is obviously some reason." This is what a police state looks like.
Ukraine: Trotz drohendem Staatsbankrott wird das Militärbudget vervierfacht
Wie das Verteidigungsministerium in Kiew heute mitteilte, will die ukrainische Regierung trotz de...
Rationalizing Lunacy: The Intellectual as Servant of the State
Policy intellectuals -- eggheads presuming to instruct the mere mortals who actually run for office -- are a blight on the republic. Like some invasive species, they infest...
Rationalizing Lunacy: The Intellectual as Servant of the State
West’s ‘propaganda war for public opinion’
The West, particularly NATO states, have launched an aggressive and sophisticated propaganda war accusing Russia for the Ukraine crisis in order to get public support, Patrick Heningson of 21 Century, told RT’s In the Now.
US Uses Current Credit Rating System to Spread Its Hegemony – Dagong CEO
‘US troops drills in Baltic states is more a political than military show’
The deployment of US troops to the Baltics is saber-rattling, which also partly exposes NATO’s and Washington’s impotence over events in Ukraine, James...
Fort Russ: Suspects named in Nemtsov's murder
Home > Russia > Suspects named in Nemtsov's...
corporate America flag
China's mega international payment system is ready, will launch this year - report
The China International Payment System (CIPS) is due to kick off this year, bringing the yuan a step closer to becoming a global trading currency, as the new system...
Venezuela: "U.S. sanctions seek to topple government"- Maduro
U.S. President Barack Obama is trying to defeat...
Maduro: US trying to ‘defeat’ Venezuela govt with sanctions, we’ll fight back
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused the US of trying to “defeat” and “intervene in” his government, after Washington labeled Caracas a national...
Moscow Will Respond to NATO Military Buildup Near Russia's Border - Lavrov
Yemen minister on child marriage: Enough is enough
Joint Viking: Norway buzzes Russian border with biggest military drill in 50yrs
Norway is planning a large joint air force exercise for May, in which more than 100 planes from eight NATO member states are going to take part in the Arctic Challenge Exercise in the skies of the Barents Sea region. The joint task force will be performing training lights from airfields in Luleå (Sweden), Rovaniemi (Finland) and Bodø (Norway).
Dutch drug money scandal prompts ministers’ resignations
USA:Der große Profiteur des Weltkriegs
Bevor die USA in den Krieg eintraten, betonte die Regierung ihre Neutralität. Doch der Handel mit...
China warnt USA: stoppt den ukrainischen Stellvertreterkrieg gegen Russland
Eine weithin ignorierte wichtige Nachricht von Reuters am Freitag, dem 27. März, lautete “Chinesischer Diplomat sagt dem Westen, die russischen...
Five High-Ranked Ukrainian Officials Die in String of Mysterious Suicides
Updated How to Reverse Arthritis Naturally
Patient information: Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and diagnosis (Beyond the Basics)
home remedies for rheumatism
The Ultimate Guide to Herbs and Supplements for RA
Washington’s War Agenda Towards Russia Unnerves German Leaders
Islam in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Islam in United Kingdom is the second largest religion with results from the United Kingdom Census 2011 giving the UK Muslim population in 2011 as 2,786,635, 4.4% of the total population. The vast majority of Muslims in the United Kingdom live in England: 2,660,116 (5.02% of the population). 76,737…
Nearly at ‘Full Employment’? 10 Reasons Why the Unemployment Numbers Are a Massive Lie
On Friday, we learned that the official “unemployment rate” has fallen to 5.5 percent. Since an...
Die US-Army vor der Pleite – Europa soll die Last tragen
Den USA geht es nicht schnell genug. Den USA laufen die Budgets weg. Den USA brechen die milit&am...
Europe the continent with the lowest fertility
trasparent airplane
Demographics of Russia
Russia's Total Fertility Rate Is Rapidly Converging With America's
J. Krishnamurti - The challenge of change
The Most Common Body Language Gestures Associated With Liars: Face Touching, Ear Pull, Neck Scratch, Hand-To-Eye, Nose And Closed Language And Eye Patterns
Media Blackout of Unarmed Teen Shot by Police In His Own Home
The shooting death of an unarmed African American 19-year-old by a Caucasian police officer has led to local protesters to take the streets Saturday. But
ISIS militants destroy ancient remains of 2,000yo city of Hatra – Iraq govt
Iraqi authorities said that Islamic State extremists have demolished the remains of the ancient city of Hatra in the north of the country, following a “bulldozing” of the...
In order to "save" Kobane from ISIS, the US had to destroy it.
There is no word on how many of the 200,000 former residents were killed in the airstrikes. Next up for US "liberation" is the Iraqi city of Mosul. Their future can be seen in the rubble of Kobane. Meanwhile, ISIS considers the "loss" of Kobane a victory, as the city exists no more and its destruction came from American bombs.

The Future of Mosul is Kobane

5 suspects arrested over Nemtsov murder, 1 confessed
America's Coup Machine: Destroying Democracy Since 1953
U.S. efforts to overthrow foreign governments leave the world less peaceful, less just and less hopeful.
Russia Grows Maritime Potential, Returns to Global Geopolitics
Kiew: Milizen bauten zerbombtes Bahnkreuz Debalzewo in nur 12 Tagen wieder auf / Sputnik...
Die Donezker Milizen brauchten laut dem ukrainischen Armeesprecher Andrej Lyssenko nur zwölf Tage, um den völlig zerbombten Eisenbahnknoten Debalzewo...
Russia's Most Notorious Hitman Claims Nemtsov's Killers Were Amateurs
Weapons for the Islamic State (ISIS), Weapons and Sanctions against Russia:
 Obama Prioritizes Weakening Russia, Over Weakening ISIS

US, Israeli Military Advisors Accused of Aiding ISIL Arrested in Iraq
American and Israeli military advisors were arrested while aiding Islamic State terrorists in Iraq.
Three of the arrested military advisors are dual citizens of the United States and Israel, while the fourth advisor is from a Persian Gulf country, Iraq’s Sarma News Agency said.
Iraqi counter-terrorism forces arrested four foreign military advisors from the United States and Israel who were aiding the Islamic State, Iranian Tasnim News Agency reports.
EU won’t be pushed into confrontation over Ukraine – foreign policy chief
'NATO has a dream - Maidan in Russia' - envoy
The latest statements by the deputy head of NATO testify to the fact that the leaders of the bloc want to intervene in Russia’s internal politics, and are “dreaming of Russian Maidan.” This is the view of Russia’s permanent envoy to NATO.
Popular Russian Political Activist: Who Killed Boris Nemtsov and Why? - Russia Insider
Translated from Russian for RIIn each story there is always a beneficiary. In politics, nothing happens "just like that". And even more so, no political...
Italians Show World How to Deflate Terror Propaganda
Italians take to Twitter to mercilessly mock the latest al-CIA-duh terror propaganda. This is how it's done. Thanks to the Revelations Radio News podcast at ...
Ex-Mossad chief calls Netanyahu’s Iran speech ‘bullshit’
Meir Dagan says current policy vis-a-vis Palestinians will lead to either bi-national or apartheid state
ISIS generates up to $1bn annually from trafficking Afghan heroin
Drug money is a massive source of profit for ISIS, who makes up to $1 billion annually from sales throughout its conquered lands, according to the Russian...
Former Tripoli Brigade leader Mahdi al-Harati outed as US asset
An article in Ireland’s Sunday World has drawn attention to relations between Mahdi al-Harati, former leader of the Tripoli Brigade of the National Transition Council which played a central role in the NATO assault on Libya, and an unnamed US intelligence agency.

According to an unattributed article November 6, €200,000 in cash was stolen from al-Harati’s Dublin house a month previously.
Mahdi al-Harati, an Irish citizen from Firhouse in Dublin, was chosen as the city head by the Libyan capital’s new municipal council on Wednesday, state news agency Lana said."
this is from 2011:
"An article in Ireland’s Sunday World has drawn attention to relations between Mahdi al-Harati, former leader of the Tripoli Brigade of the National Transition Council which played a central role in the NATO assault on Libya, and an unnamed US intelligence agency.

According to an unattributed article November 6, €200,000 in cash was stolen from al-Harati’s Dublin house a month previously.
African Union blames US, UK, Norway for South Sudan civil war – leak
Libyan FUBAR – John McCain’s Libyan “Moderate” Abdelhakim Belhadj Has Joined ISIS – Now Heads ISIS Through Libyan Dawn Construct…
CIA Asset Joins Islamic State in Libya
Belhadj worked with U.S. and NATO to overthrow Gaddafi
<Would that be the same Abdelhakim Belhadj that @SenJohnMcCain is so chummy with? Asking for a friend. <
VIDEO McCain Backed Libyan Terrorist Abdulhakim Belhaj, Joins Hands with ISIS
ISIS advance: Libya loses control over oil fields amid Islamists’ sweeping advance
< Abdul Hakim Belhadj,<
We saved Jews 3 times, Netanyahu should revise history lessons – Iranian FM
Iran has no intention of destroying Israel and has actually saved the Jews three times across history, but the current Israeli regime is a threat to Tehran, Iranian...
RT’s special report on the Islamic State: Newly formed, newly armed, newly funded
<ISIS is run by the CIA an Mossad>
‘Military pressure’ may be needed to oust Syrian President – John Kerry
Last November, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov commented on the issue, saying that: “Russia condemns the use of extremist groups in efforts to change the regime [in Syria].”
Geopolitics most dangerous since WWII, Lord Rothschild warns investors
The world now faces greater geopolitical risks than since the end of the Second World War as unemployment threatens European welfare and chaos engulfs the...
Not practicing what they preach. 2014 US / Russia trade grew by 7%, while...
"As the US State Department continues to order the EU to stop doing business with Russia, Russia’s trade with the US grew by 7 percent in 2014."
Zufall? Innerhalb von 24h sterben drei Journalisten – Sie planten Dokumentarfilm über 9/11
Drei bekannte US-Journalisten von CBS, NBC und der New York Times sind innerhalb von 24 Stunden unter bisher nicht geklärten Umständen gestorben. Sie...
Schiffsverband der Nato zu Übung im Schwarzen Meer eingetroffen / Sputnik Deutschland -...
Sechs Nato-Schiffe sind am Mittwoch im Schwarzen Meer eingetroffen. Wie das Bündnis mitteilte, wird der Verband gemeinsam mit bulgarischen, rumänischen...
Russian Jets Penetrate NATO Ships' Air Defenses in Black Sea / Sputnik...
LSD cures depression? Scientists plead for cash to fund ‘exciting’ drug study
„Rassistischer Drecksack“ - Abby Martin knüpft sich John McCain vor
Nachdem John McCain in einem Tweet vom 19.Februar behauptete, dass ein vorheriger Beitrag Abby Martins, der John McCain extrem kritisierte, eine direkte...
US hoped to cause mass protests in Russia by sanctions — senior security official
But Russia is strong, Patrushev said
HS: Kokoomus lupasi USA:lle vievänsä Suomen Natoon | Kotimaan uutiset |
Seuraava kokoomusvetoinen hallitus vie Suomen Natoon, kokoomuksesta luvattiin.

Amanpour thought that old Nemtsov friend will engage in anti-Putin rant but she gets owned
Bibi's back in town, to the delight of the neocons and the military-industrial complex.
 Again he brings a pack of lies, hoping to convince Congress to declare war on Iran. Can US lawmakers resist the Israeli prime minister's charms?

America Must Reject Netanyahu’s War Cry on Iran
Libya declares force majeure at 11 oil fields in midst of ISIS crisis
Ceasefire violations on decline in E. Ukraine – OSCE
The number of ceasefire violations in war-torn eastern Ukraine is dropping, said OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine spokesman Michael Bociurkiw. He added that observers can’t confirm the withdrawal of heavy armaments by the conflicting sides.
Marode US-Infrastruktur :Die verfallenden Staaten von Amerika
Die USA mahnen Deutschland, mehr in die Infrastruktur zu investieren. Doch für die eigenen maroden Straßen, wackelnden Brücken und leckenden Wasserleitungen...

Just Business: US Grows Russia Trade While Urging EU to Back Off

"How is it that in 2014 trade between the US and Russia grew by 7 percent?"
Hausverbot für eine Schule - Bayern: Wegen kritischer Fragen in einer... Unabhängig, engagiert und kritisch....
Unannounced Test of Strategic Nuclear Weapons Readiness Starts in Russia
Manmade Weather from Blue to Haze
Exposing the chemtrail-geoengineering coverup

Oops! All Our Syrian Rebels are now Obviously Al Qaeda. What Should We Do?! Time for Some Propaganda... and Reuters delivers.

So if you are still following (and believing) the West's narrative regarding Syria, all the "rebel" groups have finally, admittedly merged with Al Qaeda.

But now, allegedly and all so conveniently, all these Al Qaeda groups are claiming they will magically, overnight cut their ties with Al Qaeda which is for all intents and purposes ALSO ISIS, and become "secular" so the US and its partners can continue arming and funding them.

Yes, Reuters is actually suggesting that Al Qaeda should be funded and armed so it can fight "ISIS" which is in fact exactly the same organization.

 If you believe that, there is nothing you wouldn't believe.

More plausible is that all the "rebels" were terrorists from the very beginning as warned by 2 time Pulitzer Prize-winner Seymour Hersh in his 2007 report "The Redirection..."

And this is the latest in a long series of lies told by the West to perpetuate yet another unjust war of aggression far beyond its borders in the pursuit of more unwarranted power and global influence aka "empire."
Norway Hopes Most NATO States Will Send Arms, Troops to Ukraine - Russia Insider
This article originally appeared at National Radio Company of Ukraine"Norway is ready to help with training the Ukrainian military," Defense Minister Ine Eriksen...
Chomsky: Greece’s Syriza & Spain’s Podemos Face "Savage Response" Taking on Austerity "Class War"
Watch: Democracy Now! interviews world-renowned political dissident and scholar Noam Chomsky. See extended interview:

The life span of Lord Brahma, the creator, is 100 'Brahma-Years'. One day in the life of Brahma is called a Kalpa or 4.32 billion years.
'Not the time for business as usual with Russia' – US presses EU
A US State Department deputy spokesperson urged European partners to restrain from doing business with Russia because of the developments in Ukraine. The US...
Gitmo in Chicago
What London's Guardian reported on Tuesday is shocking, disturbing, yet unsurprising given the scourge of neocon fascist governance in America. Washington's war on humanity at home and abroad shoul...
The alarming state of today’s America should scare everyone. Fundamental rights don’t matter. Anyone can be targeted, arrested and disappeared. Perhaps never heard from again.

If Lavrov stood up and said that Russia expects a full and thorough investigation into the murder of Michael Brown, there would be international outrage - Ben Aris In the NOW
Russia’s 17th Humanitarian Aid Convoy Leaves for Ukraine’s Donbas – EMERCOM
Kosovo side may face EU court for crimes
The EU is setting up a new court. It's expected to prosecute war crimes committed by the Kosovo Liberation Army in the late 90's. European investigators clai...
Up until now only Serbian side had to face court in ‪#‎Kosovo‬ conflict. That may change.
Ukraine: Watch Rada ERUPT in mass brawl
A fist fight exploded in the Ukrainian Rada on Tuesday, after Ukraine's Radical Party leader Oleg Lyashko reportedly started an altercation with Sergei Melnychuk, the leader of the Aidar volunteer battalion.
Donbass prevents full Ukraine-Russia war. Nikolai Starikov
The war against DNR/LNR is blocking Ukraine from a...
George Galloway Savages Biased BBC.
The BBC Exposed - Corbett Report Podcast #253
Declining Standards and Deception at the BBC
How BBC bias justifies war crimes in Gaza by conforming to Israeli state propaganda
The BBC: A Biased Propaganda Arm of Anglo-American Power
'Money can’t buy all airwaves': RT host launches campaign against US media empire
Ukraine replenishes Donbass tank supplies amid ceasefire
Global Debt Is MORE THAN TWICE AS BIG As the Entire World Economy … What Does It Mean?
Total debt as a share of GDP stood at 286% in the second quarter of 2014 compared with 269% in the fourth quarter of 2007.
New Evidence Proves Israel Attacked USS Liberty With Orders to Kill 294 Americans
It appears that once again, a conspiracy theory has turned out to be conspiracy fact.
Missile Forces Drills From Baltic Fleet Kick Off in Russia's Kaliningrad
Originally, "fascism" referred to a political movement that was linked with corporatism and existed in Italy from 1922 to 1943 under the leadership of Benito Mussolini.
noun: fascism
an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
600 US Paratroopers to Arrive in Ukraine by Week End - Russia Insider
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The United States will...
US Intelligence Chief Wants to Arm Ukraine Even If It Leads to Open Russian Intervention -...
This article originally appeared at
From elite English school to Ukraine’s frontline
Adam Osmayev, once arrested for alleged Putin...
US Patent Application for Ebola Virus – Five Years Ago Today
that could be caused by the use of environmental
modification techniques as defined in article II of the Convention: earthquakes;
tsunamis; an upset in the ecological balance of a region; changes in weather
US-NATO Preparing for War Against Russia: Holding Largest Arctic War Games in Decade; Training...
Below is a list of article excerpts from various...
2 more NATO warships to arrive in Black Sea – Russian Navy source
Two more NATO vessels are expected to arrive in the Black Sea on Wednesday, bringing up the Alliance presence in the area to four warships, a Russian Navy...
Russian Military Unveils Revolutionary Electronic Warfare System
The radar and sonar jamming system is said to have no global equivalent
Why the rise of fascism is again the issue
Jon Stewart: Republicans gave Netanyahu ‘the longest bl*wjob a Jewish man has ever received’
“[Netanyahu] comes here, publicly slaps Obama in the face, and the president’s response is, ‘It’s OK, everyone should know I’m buying him gloves so when he hits me, it doesn’t hurt his hand as much,’” Stewart said.
Chris Matthews livid after Netanyahu’s speech: GOP assisted a ‘takeover...
Benjamin Netanyahu Speech To Congress: Final Judgment
Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) gives his...
Netanyahu threatens war on Iran and gets 26 standing ovations from US Congress -...

Netanyahu Threatens to Drop Nuke on Iran and Murder Millions
If USA does NOT do as Bibi Wants, a Nuclear Israel Will Go It Alone Against Iran said The Butcher of Gaza at the USA Congress Earlier Today.
Wayne Madsen - Netanyahu’s Speech in Washington: The Breaking of a Taboo is Now Permitted -...
Wayne Madsen - Netanyahu’s Speech in...
A story of a tail wagging a dog.
"Never before in the history of the United States has a foreign leader been invited to denounce a sitting American president from the same pulpit where the American president delivers the traditional State of the Union address."
Prof. Dr. Niels Harrit about nanothermite on 9/11
911 Truth: Distinguished Scientist Dr. Niels Harrit Sues Danish Newspaper for Libel
Two days ago, we announced that Dr. Niels Harrit, the distinguished co-author of the landmark nano-thermite paper, will be appearing in Danish High Court two...
Cyprus: U.S. To Dominate All Europe, Mediterranean Through NATO
Muslims Play Soccer With The Heads Of Their Victims
<from 1:45 on. Terrible sound the first 40 seconds>
Last gasp: Air pollution killing Europeans en masse, says environment body
Greece and EU discuss third bailout of up to €50bn – Spanish economy minister
DEA Claims ‘Rabbits’ Will Get Stoned If Utah Passes Medical Marijuana Bill
As unbelievable as it sounds, the Drug Enforcement Agency has come up with the most ridiculous argument against marijuana legalization yet. You see, the
Int'l Coalition Turns Blind Eye on ISIL Abduction of Christians – Official

According to a Kurdish military official, the US-led international coalition did nothing to prevent the Islamic State militants from abducting hundreds of Assyrian Christians in northern Syria.
Suomi ja Ruotsi työstävät sotilasliittoa Venäjää vastaan
Näin otsikoidaan Suomen ja Ruotsin uusi sotilaallinen ryhtyminen Venäjän ja Ruotsin mediassa, vaikka
"MUST WATCH: Nov 2013 (pre-Maidan!): Ukraine Deputy has proof of USA staging civil war in Ukraine".
Saa avautua Kunhan muistetaan, että 2000 terroristia kaappasi vallan Ukrainassa, siitä lähti Ukrainan sota liikkeelle.
Toisin kuin Suomessa, on tsekkien johtajilla selkärankaa
"Czech President Milos Zeman wants to cancel the sanctions against Russia.
He has again called for the EU to a rapid lifting of the sanctions and to restore the partnership with Russia. Sanctions have a negative impact on economy, says Zeman.
- 'I am not an advocate of the Kremlin. I am an advocate of the Czech Republic. There are others who are more strongly against sanctions than me, such as the German Chancellor, the Prime Minister of Slovakia and the Hungarian Prime Minister,' said Zeman in a new interview."
Cohen: USA valitsi ehdokkaan Poroshenkon tilalle, jos hän ei selviä...
Venäjä moittii Suomea kovin sanoin - "syvästi valitettava päätös"
Venäjän ulkoministeriö ihmettelee, miksi Suomen hallitus on antanut luvan laseretäisyysmittareiden vientiin konfliktin keskellä olevaan Ukrainaan.
"Suomi on solminut NATO:n isäntämaasopimuksen.
Venäjä on vahvistanut joukkojaan pohjoisessa ja muutenkin käyttäytyy uhittelevasti lännen hegemoniaa kohtaan.
Norjan pohjoisimmassa läänissä Finnmarkissa järjestetään suuri talvisotaharjoitus 1.-20.3.2015
Suomen Lapissa järjestetään suuri lentosotaharjoitus 2.-20.3.2015." Jos otetaan huomioon Ämarin ilmasotaharjoitus, Suomi on mukana NATO:n harjoituksessa pihtiliikettä Venäjää vastaan samanaikaisesti Itämereltä ja Barentsinmereltä."
ISIS-terroristeille aseita kuljettanut amerikkalaishelikopteri ammuttiin alas...
CIA Whistleblower Faces 100 Years In Prison
CIA whistleblower, Jeffrey Sterling, faces up to 100 years in prison and a fine of $2.25 million for blowing the whistle on the CIA planting false evidence of nuclear weapons in Iran.
Ilmavoimat: Helsinki-Vantaalla käynyt amerikkalaiskone kuljetti ihmisiä
Suomen ilmavoimilla ei ole käynnissä harjoitusta, jossa...
Netanyahu Is "The Right Man" to Address the US Congress on Iran
Israel's Prime Minister is well-placed to explain to the U.S. Congress the alleged danger of a nuclear Iran. After all, it was Israel and its allies in Washington who...
Ukraine Battalion Commander Dies After Crashing Into WWII Memorial / Sputnik International
The commander of the "Azov" volunteer battalion and his driver crashed to their death in an off-road car retreating from the village of Shirokyne in the Donetsk...
Fort Russ: Korsun massacre anniversary - what really pushed Crimea away from Ukraine
Home > War Crimes > Korsun massacre anniversary - what really pushed Crimea away from Ukraine Analysis Antimaidan Crimea Documentary Human Rights...
US to Deploy Six National Guard Companies to Ukraine This Week
They tell Russia they must stay out of their own back yard, yet the USA are willing to send the children's of the mothers in the nation to find their way to cross one of two Oceans the Pacific or Atlantic to the country with the largest land mass Russia only dysfunctional neighbor on their border.

Since the end of the USSR all satellite countries to Russia have managed to transform themselves peacefully apart from Yugoslavia which NATO involved themselves in committing the first Ariel bombing of civilian populations since the end of WW2. The only country unable to form a stable path because of the corruptions of oligarchs allowed to grow wealthy after the fall of the USSR to rather destroy the country for their own gains was basically Ukraine.

The USA seems to be able to fund over 900 bases in over a 150 countries but not education, universal healthcare, maintenance of infrastructure. Willing to subsidize Israel alone with over 30 billion a year, while spending much more on apparently funding other countries.

Even Hadrian the Roman emperor accepted that the expansion of the Roman empire would lead to it's downfall. He Decided to bvuild wall across the borders of Britain and the whole continent of Africa to hold the north, history will show his actions were to late to save the Empire. The current empire understands they have passed that point and are going for broke.

This shit has nothing to do with the preservation of ordinary peoples lives, they don't give a fuck or the way we all live now would be different?
New Greek govt furious over EU 'unequivocal' anti-Russia statement
The new Greek government has spoken out against the EU partners over the statement that lays the blame for Saturday’s fatal attack on the Ukrainian city of Mariupol on Russia. Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria voiced similar objections earlier.
OSCE confirms Donetsk & Lugansk militias withdrawing heavy weapons from contact line
The report said that the OSCE monitored the withdrawal of weapons by eastern militias, though it did not mention any similar actions by Kiev troops.
Paul Craig Roberts – Putin Can Destroy NATO And The Entire Western Financial System
NATO Would Probably Lose a War Against Russia
conspiracy documentary 2015 | World War 3 And The End Of Civilisation On Earth
World War 3: America Will Lose Nuclear War To China And Russia, U.S. ‘Expert’ Predicts On Iranian TV
The U.S actions in Syria, as well as those in regard to Russia and China, give those two nuclear superpowers “every right to exercise or display their military power, which in my opinion is actually capable of defeating the United States in a nuclear exchange,” Fetzer told Press TV.
Spanish Press is Tough on “Pro-Russian Gangs,” Soft on Anti-Assad Jihadists / Sputnik International
The news about the arrest of 8 Spanish nationals fighting on the side of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) spread like a...
Russian Opposition: Putin Did NOT Assassinate Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov
U.S. media is quick to blame Putin for the assassination of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov....
Itina Khakamada – a top ally of Nemtsov in the opposition – said the killing was “clearly not in Putin’s interest. It’s aimed at rocking the situation.” Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev says the the killing is aimed at “destabilizing the situation in the country, at heightening confrontation” with the West.
Government Claims That 12-yr-old Child Caused Himself to be Shot and Killed by Police Officer
WTF!! The kid never even had a chance and this cop basically did a drive by shooting on him judging by the video, but we're supposed to believe the "child...
Kyllä on tosiaan aika hulluksi mennyt.
Without Mariupol Ukraine Will Lose Currency Receipts
Prostitution and the internet
More bang for your buck
»Um die Gesellschaft zu verändern, musst du dich von ihr lösen.
Du musst aufhören, wie die Gesellschaft zu sein:
besitzgierig, ehrgeizig, neidisch, machthungrig, egoistisch usw.«
<the way "egoism" is used in English, it sounds like egotism in Greek>
Google Gives New Meaning to “Orwellian” - Becomes Ministry of Truth
“…if all records told the same tale — then the lie passed into history and became truth.” (1984, George Orwell) The New Scientist has the stunning story (2/28/15,...
US support for Israel comes at hefty price

    Boycotting Netanyahu’s speech is missing the point: It is time for Israeli practices to be sanctioned too. “The much-needed discussion — on the unbridled support for a regime that supports ethnic cleansing, colonisation and bombing refugee camps — does not appear to be on the agenda.”
“The real situation in Ukraine” by Costas Christodoulides,
 Head of the International Relations and European Affairs Department of the C.C. of AKEL
Russian Minority Struggles In Post-Soviet Estonia
The country took a hard line when it declared independence, refusing to grant citizenship to ethnic Russian families who were not in the country before Soviet times. Now, the government has intensified its efforts to push the Russian...n
Michigan Newaygo Sheriff's Officer admits to breaking federal state law Commissioners approve
Bombshell Video: Sheriff & Entire Board of Commissioners Admit to Breaking Federal & State Laws
" I know you're not allowed to do it by federal law and by state law." Police and Bureaucrats laugh about breaking the law in their revenue generation scheme.
Hinter der Fichte: Studie in Zahlen: Der goldene Goebbels geht an Deutschland
Studie: Deutschland führt die Hitliste der antirussischen Propaganda an - noch vor den USA....
Zahlen aus 60 Ländern beweisen, Deutschland führt die Hitliste der antirussischen Propaganda an - noch vor den USA. "Wollt Ihr den totalen Krieg? Wollt Ihr ihn,...
Main U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebel Group Disbanding, Joining Islamists
One of the last moderate Syrian rebel groups trusted by Washington is waving the white flag—and picking up the Islamists’ black one.
Venezuela Bans Bush and Cheney, Labeling Them 'Terrorists' for Iraq Invasion
The travel bans, Maduro said, target those who “violated human rights and bombed villages as in Iraq, Syria and Vietnam.”
Ukrainian Soldier Confirms: Ukraine’s Military Shot Down Malaysian MH17 Plane
A Ukrainian soldier who was part of the crew that operated the supposed missile-battery that the Ukrainian Government claims shot down the Malaysian MH17...
3 American Journalists Die within 24 Hours – One Hours After Interviewing Edward Snowden -...
3 American Journalists Die within 24 Hours – One Immediately After Interviewing Edward Snowden
Investigative Journalist: McCain must be ‘arrested’ for his ties to al-Qaeda
(PressTV) -- Hawkish US Senator John McCain must be “arrested” for his ties and "assistance" to al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups in Syria fighting against the...
Political assassinations
Murder in Moscow
How do you now it’s a false flag? When John McCain surfaces to express his ‘heartfelt’ condolences to his friend Boris Nemtsov…
Schwindel entlarvt: Masern und Mumps erleben Comeback, weil Impfstoffe bewusst so ausgelegt...
Schwindel entlarvt: Masern und Mumps erleben Comeback, weil Impfstoffe bewusst so ausgelegt sind, dass sie versagen, wie Merck-Virologen bestätigen
Das Impfstoff-Imperium ist zusammengebrochen!
Vielleicht haben Sie die Explosion nicht gehört, aber sie ist passiert. Die Cochrane Collaboration, ein hoch angesehenes Forschungs- und Analyse-Team, hat alle Beweise geprüft und das Ergebnis bekannt gegeben: Kein Grippe-Impfstoff bietet...
12 US top political figures murdered like Boris Nemtsov
At this moment when Russia is being hit with a new propaganda attack over ‘political murder’ in Moscow it’s a good time to recall 12 notable US national political figures, all found murdered or suspiciously...
Cell Phone Video Saves Man From Lying Cops And Prosecutors | Truthvoice
Cell Phone Video Saves Man From Lying Cops And Prosecutors 0State CorruptionMarch 1, 2015 A+ A- Email Print Douglas Dendinger’s two-year...
Kadyrow: Nemzow-Mord von westlichen Geheimdiensten organisiert / Sputnik Deutschland -...
Nach dem Mord an Oppositionspolitiker Boris Nemzow in Moskau zweifelt Ramsan Kadyrow, Chef der Nordkaukasus-Republik Tschetschenien, nicht daran, dass...
Terrorists Supported by America: U.S. Helicopter Delivering Weapons to the Islamic State (ISIS), Shot Down by Iraqi "Popular Forces"
The Iraqi popular forces who shot down a US helicopter carrying weapons for the ISIL forces in
A group of Iraqi popular forces known as Al-Hashad Al-Shabi shot down the US Army helicopter that was carrying weapons for the ISIL in the western parts of Al-Baqdadi region in Al-Anbar province on Thursday.
Tojo Hideki
The 'Rape of Nanking' results in the indiscriminate murder of between 200,000-350,000 Chinese civilians and surrendered soldiers. It is the worst single massacre of unarmed troops and civilians in the history of the 20th Century.
Fracking beendet als die Miliz kam :D В освобожденном Шишкове ополченцы нашли газовое оборудование
Hemp Plant Found To “Eat” Radiation and Drive Away Toxicity – Hemp Fields Should Be Planted...
Activists have been shouting they want an end to GMO foods for more than a decade now, and Cannabis Sattiva L. supporters have been at it for even longer,...
Police Arrest Ukrainian MP Involved in Odessa Tragedy at Nemtsov's Mourning...
According to the lawyer, Goncharenko has diplomatic immunity as a Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe member, and has to be released immediately. "In the extreme case, he can be sent to Ukraine," Feygin said. "He will be handed over to representatives of the Russian Investigative Committee for further proceedings," a police spokesperson said. Goncharenko posted photos of dead activists in Odessa on Twitter and expressed public support for "cleansing" of the camp of the opponents of the newly-installed Ukrainian authorities.
Land Destroyer: Obama-Netanyahu "Fallout" is Theater - Planned in 2009
This theater, with "Obama" and "Netanyahu" having a fallout, was scripted verbatim in 2009 in "Which Path to Persia?" with the most recent twist being claims "Obama" was going to "shoot down" Israeli jets (bought from the US) if they tried to attack Iran.

Wow! That makes the US sound so reasonable, and will make it look very unlikely that they were behind an Israeli attack on Iran they look very likely to be about to unilaterally carryout against Iran...

But go read "Which Path to Persia?" they literally mention just this scenario and many more, all with open admissions that they'd love the world to believe Israel attacked Iran on their own. They will be crafting as many lies to create that perception as possible.
Die Nachricht vom Tod von Nemzow erschien 3 Tage vor dem Mord
Zur Destabilisierung des Landes benötigt man den Tod eines heiligen Opfers, die sie beschuldigt persönlich VV Putin. Um dies zu sehen, einfach auf die Seite...
UPDATE: LAPD Cops Shoot Man in Street: "He Reached for My Gun (Again!) | Cop Block
Earlier today, video showed the LAPD fighting with a man. About 22 seconds into the video a tazer can be heard and then 4 or 5 gunshots in rapid succession.
Immigrants Better Educated Than UK-Born, Unlikely to be Unemployed
[eng subs] "Get out of Crimea!" - Poroshenko was booed by Crimean residents 28/02/2014
Volker Pispers: Russland hat noch nie den Westen angegriffen (2015)
Deutschlands beliebtester Kabarettist Volker Pispers - Auftritt beim Deutschen Kleinkunstpreis 2015 in Mainz.
ICE AGE COMETH? North Pole Frozen Solid – South Pole Re-Freezing
Clandestine efforts to control and warm the climate with aerosol geoengineering are probably failing to overcome the inconvenient truth of a powerful mini ice-age.  This could explain the increase of carbon-black aerosol dumps in daylight hours as a desperate attempt to provide credibility to the failed IPCC, climate warming model predictions.
Neuer Klimaskandal: Nasa soll bei Erderwärmung Daten gefälscht haben - Klima
Laut neuesten Verschwörungstheorien soll die Nasa Klimadaten gefälscht und so eine Erwärmung belegt haben, die es gar nicht gibt. Tatsächlich scheinen...
Israel is galloping to the next war in Gaza
Israel is heading to the next violent eruption with the Palestinians as though it is some sort of natural disaster that can't be avoided. HAARETZ The next war will break out in the summer. Israel w...
MASSIVE BRIBERY: Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has been fined nearly $500 billion for allegedly setting up a “massive bribery network” to get doctors and hospitals to use its products.
Police Shoot Unarmed African American Mother and Infant
Cop Slams Girl’s Head Onto Concrete, Shatters Her Teeth For Walking In Front of Police Cruiser
A 22-year-old Texas woman had he teeth bashed out by a San Marcos police officer... all because she crossed the street in front of his parked police cruiser.
Stratfor Report: Fifty Shades of Lie
"The whole report should be seen as a rallying call for the new world order to establish the Western or the US hegemony. It is not any real analysis, it is a collection of propaganda statements", says expert.
Bombshell: Michelle Obama Admits Her Husband Is From Kenya
Venezuela: Maduro verhängt Einreiseverbot gegen „Terrorist“ George Bush / Sputnik Deutschland
Girl Dumped on Street from Moving Squad Car after Cop Sexually Assaults Her: Lawsuit | Filming Cops
Girl Dumped on Street from Moving Squad Car after Cop Sexually Assaults Her: Lawsuit 50 She was about to graduate with a business degree, but ended up with...

Dramatic video captures LAPD shooting of homeless man
Russian Think Tank Monitors Foreign Media Hostility towards Russia. Results Will Not Surprise You
Yeah and after Udo Ulfkotte's book Gekaufte Journalisten. (Bought Journalists) revealed how the CIA and BND are planting propaganda stories in the western media cartel, it should be no surprise. Operation Mockingbird continues...
Ehemaliger CIA-Auftragnehmer über ISIS: "Komplett erfundener Feind der USA"
Der frühere CIA-Auftragnehmer Steven Kelley sagte in einem Interview mit Press TV, dass die Terrorgruppe Islamischer Staat, ISIS, ein zur Gänze von den...
Pilot says.._ Chemtrails are a necessary EVIL=for the Love of shekels
Is Barack Obama Actually Trying To Help the Islamic State (ISIS) Take Over Syria?
That headline sounds crazy, right? It must be untrue, right? Well, read on, because you might be absolutely shocked by what you learn. As you will read about below,...

Derzeit spricht man von 7000 Demonstranten beim Trauermarsch der Opposition in Moskau. Nur mal zur Erinnerung, Moskau hat 11 Millionen Einwohner!
Greece Asks Russia to Partially Lift Food Embargo

Russia ready to repel any nuke strike, retaliate – missile forces command chief
Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces are ready to react to any nuclear strike even if it is lightning fast, SMF Central Command chief said. A retaliatory strike would take...
Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Spikes 7,000% as Contaminated Water Pours into the Ocean
Cleanup crews trying to mitigate Japan's never-ending radiation crisis at Fukushima ran into more problems recently after sensors monitoring a drainage gutter...
Moscow police briefly detain Ukrainian MP at Nemtsov mourning march
Ukraine’s consul in Russia, Genady Breskalenko, was allowed to see Goncharenko and they left the police station together. Goncharenko was taken to the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow.
Украинский депутат Алексей Гончаренко, которого считают одним из виновников трагедии в одесском Доме профсоюзов 2 мая 2014 года, задержан в Москве на акции в память о Борисе Немцове.
"The Ukrainian lawmaker Aleksei Goncharenko, considered to be one of the perpetrators of the massacre in the Odessa House of trade unions on May 2, 2014 years was detained in Moscow at a rally in memory of Boris Nemtsov."

So not just a violent lunatic, stupid too.
‘Execution of Saddam Hussein wasn’t about justice, but about US profits ‘
The former Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein was not executed as justice for crimes he committed, but for his opposition to Wall Street, political analyst Caleb Maupin told...
 Profits dominate everything- nothing is really sacred. Look at all the countries the US has invaded whether it’s Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yugoslavia, which suffered from US bombing. Never do they bring stability, never do they bring peace, they bring further chaos and destruction. War is really motivated by profits and this is just a further illustration of that.
Totalitarian Rule in America: False Flags, Secret Prisons, Extrajudicial Assassinations, Media...
Every day signs are looming larger than life as we know it in the wealthiest nation on earth that it’s...
Terrorists Supported by America: U.S. Helicopter Delivering Weapons to the Islamic State (ISIS),...
The Iraqi popular forces who shot down a US helicopter carrying weapons for the ISIL forces in Al-Baqdadi region released the photos of the shot down chopper...
Russia Today Declares 9/11 Was An Inside Job!
Ex-guerrilla, pot-legalizing, champion of the poor president: Uruguay's Mujica steps down
Varoufakis is Proposing Austerity on the Banking Class
Euro Banks vs. Greek Labor
The Reckless Lies of War Mongers
Why the Rise of Fascism is Again the Issue
Who Killed Boris Nemtsov?
Obama’s “Fake War” against the Islamic State (ISIS). The Islamic State is Protected by the US and its Allies
The Islamic State is not only protected by the US and its allies, it is trained and financed by US-NATO, with the support of Israel and Washington’s Persian Gulf allies.
Donetsk rebels announce full heavy weapons withdrawal in E. Ukraine
Eastern Ukrainian rebels say they have withdrawn all heavy weaponry in Donetsk and relocated 80 percent of hardware in Lugansk, in accordance with the Minsk-2...

Der ermordete "Putin-Kritiker" Nemzow und gesamte "Oppositionsführung" von US-Botschaft gesteuert
Russia's SMF Ready to Repel a 'Lightning-Speed' Nuclear Strike
Russia Today Declares 9/11 Was An Inside Job!
Angebliche Beweise sollen wahre Täterschaft von 9/11 beweisen (Videos)