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August Part I Link Collection

August  2012 Part I
The U.S. and Its Comrade in Arms, Al Qaeda
And other tales of an empire gone mad
9 More Ways The U.S. Government Is Waging War Against America
Rebel Violence in Syria Turning Population Firmly Against the Opposition -- News from
A growing number of Syrians in the embattled city of Aleppo harbor bitter resentment towards the violence brought by
The Roman Style Collapse of Western Civilization
this aerosol is predominately
anthropogenic and transported from Europe and Asia (Shaw 1982, 1988; Norman et al. 1999)
98% Aerosol Sky, Massive Chem Dump *TIME-LAPSE* 21/07/12, Herts UK
**AMAZING** Best footage Chemtrails 2010 Timelapse England London - Debunk this!
Chemtrails time lapse
Watch Live News, TV Channels And Videos Online
Hamppumies Timo Haara ei saa syytettä
Hinter der Fichte: Syrien: Keine Bilder von Gräueltaten!
Sie führen das Volk hinter die Fichte: Konservative Politiker von schwarz bis grün, von NATO bis UNO. Dort müssen wir
A Brief History of False Flag Attacks: Or Why Government Loves State Sponsored Terror
How to End World Government Organized Crime
Afghan Massacre The Convoy of Death
The U.S. and Its Comrade in Arms, Al Qaeda
And other tales of an empire gone mad
Armed rebels in Syria. The U.S. has admitted that al-Qaeda has joined the ranks of rebel forces against the Assad regime. (Photo: Press TV)
Afghanistan in the 1980s and 90s … Bosnia and Kosovo in the 1990s … Libya 2011 … Syria 2012 … In military conflicts in each of these countries the United States and al Qaeda (or one of its associates) have been on the same side.[1]
What does this tell us about the United States’ “War On Terrorism”?
Investors Prepare for Euro Collapse
Banks, companies and investors are preparing themselves for a collapse of the euro. Cross-border bank lending is falling, asset managers are shunning Europe and money is flowing into German real estate and bonds. The euro remains stable against the dollar because America has debt problems too. But unlike the euro, the dollar's structure isn't in doubt.
Is The Global Collapse Being Engineered?
'Iraq war based on lies and deception'
World fears US as a war-hungry drunk' - ex-Senator
UN Designates “Free Syrian Army” Affiliates as Al Qaeda
Tony Cartalucci | US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey stand accused of state sponsorship of terrorism.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Security forces in Syria have arrested five Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO also known as the MEK, PMOI and NCR) terrorists along with 35 armed
Propaganda, truth and lies in Syria
Humans Are Free: “All Legal Bank Deposit Protections Are Now Officially Gone” -- What Should You Do
The Gulf State Despots: Ten Facts about Saudi Arabia
US Treasury Confirms that Al Qaeda Runs Syrian "Rebellion"
US fails to sell militants in Syria as "freedom fighters," tells truth for prete
xt to liquidate monsters of their own creation. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in its article, "Al Qaeda's War for Syria," cited officials from the US Treasury Department stating, "Al Qaeda in Syria (often operating as th...
Muslim Brotherhood is a Tool of CIA!
Ron Paul 2012- Votes Ignored- Election Fraud- Worse Than Imagined
220+ Senior Military, Intelligence Service, Law Enforcement, and Government Officials
1,500+ Engineers and Architects
250+ Pilots and Aviation Professionals
400+ Professors Question 9/11
300+ 9/11 Survivors and Family Members
200+ Artists, Entertainers, and Media Professionals
400+ Medical Professionals
41 U.S. Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Agency Veterans Challenge the Official Account of 9/11 – Official Account of 9/11: “Terribly Flawed,” “Laced with Contradictions,” “a Joke,” “a Cover-up”
Commander Muga: The maneuver at the Pentagon was just a tight spiral coming down out of 7,000 feet. And a commercial aircraft, while they can in fact structurally somewhat handle that maneuver, they are very, very, very difficult. And it would take considerable training. In other words, commercial aircraft are designed for a particular purpose and that is for comfort and for passengers and it's not for military maneuvers. And while they are structurally capable of doing them, it takes some very, very talented pilots to do that. ...
When a commercial airplane gets that high, it gets very, very close to getting into what you refer to as a speed high-speed stall. And a high-speed stall can be very, very violent on a commercial-type aircraft and you never want to get into that situation. I just can't imagine an amateur even being able to come close to performing a maneuver of that nature.
And as far as hijacking the airplanes, once again getting back to the nature of pilots and airplanes, there is no way that a pilot would give up an airplane to hijackers. ...
I mean, hell, a guy doesn't give up a TV remote control much less a complicated 757. And so to think that pilots would allow a plane to be taken over by a couple of 5 foot 7, 150 pound guys with a one-inch blade boxcutter is ridiculous.
And also in all four planes, if you remember, none of the planes ever switched on their transponder to the hijack code. There's a very, very simple code that you put in if you suspect that your plane is being hijacked. It takes literally just a split-second for you to put your hand down on the center console and flip it over. And not one of the four planes ever transponded a hijack code, which is most, most unusual. ...
Commercial airplanes are very, very complex pieces of machines. And they're designed for two pilots up there, not just two amateur pilots, but two qualified commercial pilots up there. And to think that you're going to get an amateur up into the cockpit and fly, much less navigate, it to a designated target, the probability is so low, that it's bordering on impossible."
Pilots for 911 Truth org
Confused About Norad Interception, can't find a source
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
Twin Towers' Dust Clouds
Photographic Evidence of Dust Clouds From the Twin Towers' Destruction
The dust clouds that issued from the Towers' explosive collapses were unlike anything seen in the history of man-made structures. Even conventional explosive demolitions of large buildings produced far less dust. Their appearance and rate of travel resembled the pyroclastic flows of volcanoes.
This page lists photographs which show the dust clouds that continued to expand after the waves of destruction that demolished the towers reached the ground. Photographs listed on the collapses page also show a great deal of dust, whose production started within the first second of each collapse.
The NORAD Battle Management Center tracks nearly 3
million aircraft a year to prevent any overflight by hostile
aircraft and to detect cruise missile threats. Relevant? The
center tracked 670 "unknowns" in 1997, many of them
suspected drug traffickers. The center tracks these "UFOs,"
then turns such information over to other agencies, such as
the Drug Enforcement Administration, for action.
The Missile Warning Center detects missile and rocket
launches anywhere on Earth and determines whether they
threaten North America or U.S. and Canadian troops stationed
overseas. Relevant? Twenty nations now have the capability
to launch ballistic missiles, according to Air Force Col.
Tim Kelly, director of the NORAD Space Operations Center.
The Space Control Center detects, identifies, tracks
and catalogs all manmade objects in space, down to the size
of a six-inch bolt. Relevant? "More than 8,000 manmade
objects currently orbit Earth," Hollingshead said. Most of
these objects travel in near-earth orbit, at a speed of
17,000 miles per hour. "A small piece striking the space
shuttle at that speed would be catastrophic," she said.
Concrete Pulverization
Twin Towers' Concrete Turned to Dust in Mid-Air
A striking feature of the Twin Towers' destruction was the pulverization of most of the concrete into gravel and dust before it hit the ground. This is evident from the explosive mushrooming of the towers into vast clouds of concrete as they fell, and from the fact that virtually no large pieces of concrete were found at Ground Zero, only twisted pieces of steel. 1 Estimates put the size of the particles, which also included gypsum and hydrocarbons, in the ten- to 100-micron range
NORAD Stand-Down
The Prevention of Interceptions of the Commandeered Planes
It is standard operating procedure (SOP) to scramble jet fighters whenever a jetliner goes off course or radio contact with it is lost. Between September 2000 and June 2001, interceptors were scrambled 67 times. 1 In the year 2000 jets were scrambled 129 times. 2
This message was sent on Sept 11, at 1323Z (9:23AM Eastern, 20 minutes after the time of the crash) to United Flight 175, tail number N612UA, routed through the PIT remote ground station (Pittsburgh International Airport).
According to the above statement made by Mr. Ballinger, all of the above messages were received by the aircraft.
1. Foreknowledge and "Time Line" of 9-11
2. Why did the US Air Force fail to intervene on 9-11?
3. The so-called "war on Terrorism" is a total fabrication: Who "harbors" whom? Osama-CIA links. Washington's has consistently supported and abeted Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda, from the Cold War to the present (2002)
4. Business "connections" between the bin Ladens and the Bushes
5. Foreknowledge by Wall Street? Insider Trading prior to September 11
6. Lessons of History, Operations Northwoods and Pearl Harbor
The US Justice Department Lacks Evidence To Indict Bin Laden For 9/11 Attacks
But most of all, the former employee said, they considered him a very bad pilot. "I'm still to this day amazed that he could have flown into the Pentagon," the former employee said. "He could not fly at all."
Where was Osama bin Laden on 9/11? Bush Administration knew the Whereabouts of Osama

If the CBS report by Dan Rather is accurate and Osama had indeed been admitted to the Pakistani military hospital on September 10, 2001, courtesy of America's ally, he was in all likelihood still in hospital in Rawalpindi on the 11th of September, when the attacks occurred. In all probability, his whereabouts were known to US officials on the morning of September 12, when Secretary of State Colin Powell initiated negotiations with Pakistan, with a view to arresting and extraditing bin Laden.
According to Le Figaro:
"Dubai... was the backdrop of a secret meeting between Osama bin Laden and the local CIA agent in July [2001]. A partner of the administration of the American Hospital in Dubai claims that "public enemy number one" stayed at this hospital between the 4th and 14th of July. While he was hospitalized, bin Laden received visits from many members of his family as well as prominent Saudis and Emiratis. During the hospital stay, the local CIA agent, known to many in Dubai, was seen taking the main elevator of the hospital to go [up] to bin Laden's hospital room. A few days later, the CIA man bragged to a few friends about having visited bin Laden. Authorized sources say that on July 15th, the day after bin Laden returned to Quetta [Pakistan], the CIA agent was called back to headquarters. In the pursuit of its investigations, the FBI discovered "financing agreements" that the CIA had been developing with its "Arab friends" for years. The Dubai meeting is, so it would seem, within the logic of 'a certain American policy.'"
Usama Bin Laden is wanted in connection with the August 7, 1998, bombings of the United States Embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya. These attacks killed over 200 people. In addition, Bin Laden is a suspect in other terrorist attacks throughout the world.
The Rewards For Justice Program, United States Department of State, is offering a reward of up to $25 million for information leading directly to the apprehension or conviction of Usama Bin Laden. An additional $2 million is being offered through a program developed and funded by the Airline Pilots Association and the Air Transport Association.
If you have any information concerning this person, please contact your local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.
Field Office: New York
Poster Classification: Most Wanted Terrorists
Lack of 9/11 Air Defence Explained?
9/11 Omissions and Distortions - David Ray Griffin.
Stratfor emails reveal secret, widespread TrapWire surveillance system
Anonymous Operation TrapWire - Press Release
Ted Olson's Report of Phone Calls from Barbara Olson on 9/11: Three Official Denials
Olson’s Story Contradicted by the FBI
The most serious official contradiction of Ted Olson’s story came in 2006 at the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called 20th hijacker. The evidence presented to this trial by the FBI included a report on phone calls from all four 9/11 flights. In its report on American Flight 77, the FBI report attributed only one call to Barbara Olson and it was an “unconnected call,” which (of course) lasted “0 seconds.”9 According to the FBI, therefore, Ted Olson did not receive a single call from his wife using either a cell phone or an onboard phone.
Back on 9/11, the FBI itself had interviewed Olson. A report of that interview indicates that Olson told the FBI agents that his wife had called him twice from Flight 77.10 And yet the FBI’s report on calls from Flight 77, presented in 2006, indicated that no such calls occurred.
This was an amazing development: The FBI is part of the Department of Justice, and yet its report undermined the well-publicized claim of the DOJ’s former solicitor general that he had received two calls from his wife on 9/11.
(9:20 a.m.) September 11, 2001: Barbara Olson Said to Call from Flight 77, but Account Is Full of Contradictions
9/11 Books by David Ray Griffin
1. The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7 — Why the Final Official Report about 9/11 is Unscientific and False
2. Osama Bin Laden Dead or Alive?
3. The New Pearl Harbor Revisited
4. 9/11 Contradictions: An Open Letter to Congress and the Press
5. Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory
6. The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions
Caught In Their Own Web of Contradictions: New Video shows Official 9/11 Story Defenders Espousing Opposing and Impossible WTC Theories
25 Intolerable Contradictions: The Final Undoing of the Official 9/11 Story
Review of David Ray Griffin's book
Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA Full Length
TerrorStorm Full length version
Fall of the Republic HQ full length version
The Obama Deception HQ Full length version
You don’t need to have 5,000 friends of Facebook to know that social media can have a notorious mix of rumor, gossip and just plain disinformation. The Pentagon is looking to build a tool to sniff out social media propaganda campaigns and spit some counter-spin right back at it.
Republicans are those folks who believe poverty is laziness, ignorance, perversity,and indifference, or any combination of the above, and when they become what they believe are losers like that, they keep blaming it on a liberal government and the national deficit, instead of themselves, owing nothing to anyone, expecting everyone is for oneself, especially when that one is a government administration of their stripe.....
Question authority. We do.
NATO's War against Yugoslavia was based on Lies
Same technology used now: photos taken in Iraq in 2003 are used by the media to show the deaths of Syrian civilians

Many Terrorists Killed and Wounded in Aleppo and Homs...The Terrorists behind al-Marjeh Blast in Damascus Arrested
MOSCOW, (SANA) – Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Gennady Gatilov, stressed that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has acknowledged in a letter to the chairman of the Security Council concerning the implementation of the international resolution on settling the situation in Syria that the armed opposition shoulder the responsibility of escalating violence in Syria in general, and in Aleppo in particular.
Gatilov: Ban Ki-moon Acknowledges that Armed Opposition Shoulder Responsibility of Escalating Violence in Syria
EndGame HQ full length version
Robot Hijacks End Game Film!
New EU president confirms New World Order desire (19Nov09)
US Army Tactical Manuals Describe How to Control Domestic Insurrection
The globalist Fascists who are turning our free nation in to a Dictatorship view this probable fact as a threat and are preparing to quash it right now. Because of this infiltrated takeover of our country, we are all in grave danger.
The Civil War of 2016
U.S. military officers are told to plan to fight Americans
Bankers Declare U.S. & Europe Conquered
A recent CNBC clip in which financial analysts admit to viewers that America is under the control of a group of central bankers who are building a world government is a damning insight into how the establishment has dispensed with any pretense of trying to hide their agenda as it is finalized.
During the video, the host asks guests, “Do we all work for central bankers – is this global governance at last – is it one world – the central bankers in charge….aren’t we all just living and dying for what the central banks do?”
“To answer your question, we are absolutely slaves to central banks,” responds the guest.
“We beholden to what central bankers and policy makers do rather than the fundamentals in the economy,” adds another.
This is just one of a deluge of examples where it is now being thrown in our faces that a banking elite is building a world government at the expense of the American people.
From treating the issue as a “conspiracy theory” for decades, the establishment is now tearing away the veil in an effort to force Americans to blithely accept what has been planned all along.
World Bank President and Bilderberg elitist Robert Zoellick also openly admitted the plan to eliminate national sovereignty and impose a global government during a speech on the eve of the G20 summit.
Calls for a one world currency to be a key component of global governance have been consistent.
Hillary Clinton Admits the U.S. Government Created al-Qaeda
Maybe this explains U.S./NATO backing of Al-Qaeda in Libya. The former U.S. Secr
etary of Defense Robert Gates memoir he admits to foudning Al-Qaeda. Alex Jon...
Turkish opposition slams government over Syria
The Turkish opposition has slammed the government over warmongering in Syria as
Turkey has intensified its calls on the international community to immediately act to avert escalating violence in Syria.
U.S. Forces Deployed Along Syrian-Jordanian Border?
Welcome to NEXUS Magazine!
Who benefits from US wars?
The latest objective estimate for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is between $3.7 trillion and $4.4 trillion, according to the research project "Costs of
U.S. Intelligence Agencies Agree: No Evidence of Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program :
LIZZIE PHELAN: "Libyan" "freedom fighters"
The United States and its Comrade-in-arms, Al Qaeda
Regime change has been the American goal on each occasion: overthrowing communists (or "communists"),
James Corbett 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
Morbid Addiction: CIA & the Drug Trade
downloaded from Please visit site and consider a donation. Just as the British Empire
Britain faces legal challenge over secret US 'kill list' in Afghanistan
Afghan man who lost relatives in missile strike says UK role in supplying information to US military may be unlawful
US elections, rigged and computer codes. ELECTION FRAUD!
Computer Programmer Testimony He Was Requested to Write Code to Rig U.S. Electio
ns "US elections, rigged and computer code," UPDATE: 1/4/12 (LOOKIE HOW THEY ...
MIT Professor Emeritus of Linguistics Noam Chomsky on the electoral process in America.
Turkey already has troops in Syria and has threatened military action to protect the site they guard. A 1921 agreement
Cops Strip Search Mom, 'Forcibly' Pull Tampon Out of Her for Maybe Rolling Through Stop Sign
Getting pulled over for rolling through a stop sign is whack. But getting pulled over, having a gun pointed in...
Delega­tes from 28 countr­ies gather in the Irania­n capita­l.
Romney’s Death Squad Ties: Bain Launched With Millions From Oligarchs Behind Salvadoran Atrocities
Huge, many links
Turkey 'training Syrian rebels'
Turkey is providing 'professional' training for Syria's rebels, one fighter tells the BBC's Richard Galpin.
International Terrorism: Image and Reality
Noam Chomsky
The message is clear: no one has the right of self-defense against US terrorist attack. The US is a terrorist state by right. That is unchallengeable doctrine.
Is the U.S. a Terrorist State?
The World's Foremost Terrorist -
The US Government
Consciousness TV | Dolphins are Mysteriously Dying Around the World
Dolphins are mysteriously dying around the world in Cape Cod, The Gulf of Mexico & Brazill. Since January, dead
Diaoyu Islands Dispute
Pope John Paul II Declares Evolution to be Fact!
Pope John Paul II, on the 23rd of October, 1996, while speaking to the Ponti
fical Academy of Sciences plenary session at the Vatican, declared the evolutionary theories of Charles Darwin to be fact, tacitly acknowledging that man evolved from the apes, and reducing the biblical account o...
The Church Has Admitted That The Book Of Genesis Is Fictional And Calls Evolution Fact. This Makes O
Christianity, now has NO creation hypothesis. The church has admitted that Genes
is is fictional. As examples of passages not to be taken literally, the bishops cite the early chapters of Genesis,...
Obama Wants To Make Sure The Government Can Lock You Up Without Trial
How to Use Lemon Juice to Replace Toxic Chemicals in Your Home
National disaster: Millions of children prescribed antipsychotic drugs they don't need — RT
Are doctors going crazy? US psychiatrists prescribe antipsychotic drugs to children in one third of all visits,
New York Times fights NYPD after photographer brutally arrested
$18,000 worth of gear taken by the police as evidence,
Time for sanctions against the USA
5 Ways You Don't Realize Movies Are Controlling Your Brain
In other words, fictional stories shaped your entire world.
5 Ways Hollywood is Conditioning You
Fight Allergies Naturally
Kony Droney, Utility Searches, CopBlock'd - New World Next Week
Catherine Austin Fitts The Looting Of America
Kim Schmitz owner of Megaupload facing 50 years in jail
Behind Syrian Revolution Why? Who? How? Gilles Jacquier
Amnesty International: An Instrument of War Propaganda?
The BBC reports, quoting Amnesty: "Images from Anadan revealed more than 600 probable artillery impact craters
Parkinson's disease sufferer, 54, held by police at Olympic cycling road race 'because he would not smile'
James Holmes’ father, Robert Holmes, set to provide crippling info on Libor & other banking scandal
Hillary Clinton Admits U.S. Government Funded and Trained Al-Qaeda
Jandar’s Massacre – The Pattern is Clear
USA, UK, France, Germany and their stooge in the region Turkey, all members of the criminal organization known as NATO, the North Atlantic Terrorism (or Treaty) Organization, in addition to this organization stooges in the Middle East, Near East and North Africa are all now supporting Al Qaeda fighters openly and with no shame using it as a tool to further their goals in their sick dream of a New World Order, creating a One World Government, where all the people have equal rights in slavery, and they reign awaiting their king, the anti-Christ.
Take back the banks, create money that benefits people. Take back the factories,
make jobs for people. Take back the local MSM, tell the truth to the people. Take back food production, feed the people. Take back health-care, make people healthy. Take back the houses. House the homeless. Take back our elections, expose the electronic voting scam. Take back the police, protect the human rights of the people. Investigate 911, London 7/7, free the people from the manufactured fear that has enslaved them
Spill Thrill: FBI on hunt for 'unauthorized' top-level leakers
Security leaks from the Obama Administration continue despite an ongoing, internal investigation,
Journalist Faces 21 Years In Jail After Reporting School Police Brutality
Adam "Ademo" Mueller, a journalist and co-host of radio show Free Talk Live, is facing 21 years in prison for
Subject: When Was The Trinity Invented?
Date: Saturday, July 14, 2001 5:55 AM
The Trinity is late-fourth century, having been passed into law during the Nicene Council in C.E. 381. But the idea predates this and even predates Christianity, though in various forms. In other words, the Christians didn't invent it, they glommed it. And some say they butchered it, as well.
The concept of a Trinitarian godhead harkens from Egypt, and is also part of the Hindu godhead. Both cultures had heavily influenced Roman thought by the time the Trinitarian disputes came about, but by then, Egypt was an important center of Christian power. To try to develop a Trinitarian concept of deity from Hebrew Scripture is a stretch, at best, and even to develop it from Christian scripture is sketchy. When Erasmus published his New Testament, people objected that it did not have any passages which teach the Trinity, so he introduced, on very flimsy evidence, I John 5:7:
"When you have 2 shirts give one shirt to the one who has non". Feed the hungry, protect those who can't protect themselves, Don't judge others for their sins if you don't want to be judged for your sins, whip the money changers, when 3 or more are gathered in my name.. this is my church ( no buildings needed ) ...what you have done to the lowest of my brothers you have done to me...
Court gives government the go-ahead for warrantless wiretaps
A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that the government is immune to wireless wiretapping lawsuits in a decision that
CIA Terrorists In Syria Hang Child In Public After Executing His Family
Iranian FARS News Agency reported yesterday August 6, 2012 that so-called Syrian “rebels” have committed yet another atrocity in the city of Damascus. ( Source )
Targeting the Innocent: Govt links a death sentence in Syria
Competent authorities cause the terrorists huge losses in Homs, Deir al-Zour and Hasaka
Syria's "Liberated" Future: Ethnic-Religious Cleansing and Genocide
Pharmaceutical Drugs are 62,000 Times More Likely to Kill You than Supplements
The Ultimate Mitt Romney Flip-Flop Collection
Romney's Long History of Hiding His Business Practices
Mitt Romney's Skeleton Closet: Scandals, Quotes, and Character
CFR Strategist Praises Al-Qaeda Bombings In Syria
Senior Council on Foreign Relations fellow Ed Husain has hailed the presence of Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria, praising their fighting prowess in aid of FSA rebels while also lauding the increasing number of successful bombings carried out by Al-Qaeda fighters.
“The Syrian rebels would be immeasurably weaker today without al-Qaeda in their ranks. By and large, Free Syrian Army (FSA) battalions are tired, divided, chaotic, and ineffective. Feeling abandoned by the West, rebel forces are increasingly demoralized as they square off with the Assad regime’s superior weaponry and professional army,” writes Husain, a Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies with the CFR.
“Al-Qaeda fighters, however, may help improve morale. The influx of jihadis brings discipline, religious fervor, battle experience from Iraq, funding from Sunni sympathizers in the Gulf, and most importantly, deadly results. In short, the FSA needs al-Qaeda now,” he adds.
Megaupload mogul claims NZ police abuse
Internet giant Kim Dotcom, charged with masterminding the biggest copyright case in US history, has accused NZ police of beating him. During the police raid on his multi-million
The U.S. government has given itself unchallenged power to shut down or block access to websites, and search engines with virtually no oversight. The failed SOPA bill attempted to limit the online freedoms of individuals and small business ventures while protecting the interests of the Motion Picture Association of America, U.S. politicians and major advertisers. Even without SOPA, the U.S. Government is making a major push to enforce its laws abroad with complete disregard for sovereignty of other nations in order to extradite so-called "criminals" to the US where they will be tried for their "crimes" in American court.
Iran is not known to currently possess weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and has signed treaties repudiating the possession of weapons of mass destruction including the Biological Weapons Convention,[1] the Chemical Weapons Convention,[2] and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).[3] Iran has first-hand knowledge of WMD effects--over 100,000 Iranian troops and civilians were victims of chemical weapons during the 1980s Iran–Iraq War.[4][5] On ideological grounds, a public and categorical religious decree (fatwa) against the development, production, stockpiling and use of nuclear weapons has been issued by the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic Ali Khamenei along with other clerics,[6][7] though it is approved by some relatively minor clerics.[8] Iran has stated its uranium enrichment program is exclusively for peaceful purposes.
WHY in the World Are They Spraying? Lifts Veil on Geo-engineering | Farm Wars
Geo-engineering - The insidious program of altering natural weather patterns, changing soil chemistry, and taking
Convoy of Turkish military forces enters Syrian town of Jarablos
A convoy of Turkish military forces enters the Syrian town of Jarablos in a Kurdish area.
The fairy tales of the brothers Grimm
ALLUHA-AKBAR = while murdering civilians.
Allahu Akbar (Arabic: الله أكبر) is a phrase, called Takbir in Arabic, meaning "God is greater" or "God is [the] greatest".
At least 2,000 people, including many children, have been killed since Georgia launched a military offensive against its breakaway republic of South Ossetia.
Israeli gangsters hijacking US govt.
A political analyst says that the Israeli lobbies are hijacking the US ruling elites and government.
War on home gardens - Canada town outlaws food self-sufficiency
Disturbing Quotes From
Leading Zionists
UN resolutions against Israel - Dark Politicks
SBS interview with IDF Captain Benjamin Rutland re the use of white phosphorus a
rtillery shells in Gaza, 2008. Along with Israeli gvmt spokesman, Mark Regev, he is an Australian Jew:- From 2.07 @ 2.45+ "I can confirm that the use of the phosphorus [shells] not being used as a weapon of war..." [I guess the Israeli soldiers were just cooking their dinner with it, uhh?!?!] "During the Gaza conflict, photographic evidence emerged of the Israeli army using stocks of white phosphorus smoke shells. Amnesty International has identified the pale blue 155mm rounds, clearly marked with the designation M825A1, as an American-made white phosphorus munition..."
20including%20white%20phosphorus%20shells%7Coutline January 5, 2008 - Israel rains fire on Gaza with phosphorus shells "White phosphorus is a material made from a common allotrope of the chemical element phosphorus that is used in smoke, tracer, illumination and incendiary munitions..... As an incendiary weapon, white phosphorus burns fiercely and can set cloth, fuel, ammunition and other combustibles on fire, and cause serious burns or death..." "The Gaza War was a three-week armed conflict that took place in the Gaza Strip and southern Israel during the winter of 2008–2009. In an escalation of an ongoing conflict, Israel opened the attack with a surprise air strike against the Gaza Strip on December 27, 2008..... attacked police stations and other Hamas government buildings in the opening assault, striking in the densely populated cities of Gaza, Khan Younis and Rafah..."
Rain of Fire: Israel's Illegal Use of White Phosphorus On UN School in Gaza
Vasemmistopuolueen teettämä kysely on ensimmäinen, jossa yli puolet tanskalaisista suhtautuu myönteisesti kannabiksen laillistamiseen.
Al-Qaeda thrives as US helps to 'flip' Syria
In Syria, the government's reportedly massing tens of thousands of troops, and columns of tanks around the commercial capital, Aleppo. The
Syria arrests Turkish, Saudi officers
The Syrian army arrests a group of Turkish and Saudi officers in the city of Aleppo.
Israeli children are being allowed to write “messages” on missiles dropped on Lebanon. The following photographs were snapped by AFP photographer Pedro Ugarte a few days ago on the border between the two countries shortly before the weapons were used. More than 300 civilians (less than 20 of whom are Israeli civillians) have died in the ongoing conflict and between 600 and 1,000 Lebanese civilians have been wounded by Israel’s illegal military action.
Israeli children leaving messages on missiles meant for Lebanon in KeryatShmouna
Message to the Voting Cattle - Larken Rose
The UK Journalist: None of insurgents in Syria were Syrian, but foreign extremists
A British photographer who was captured by insurgents in Syria has said that his captors were foreign extremists including several Britons with “not a Syrian
Tuesday 6 September 2011
England riots to cost taxpayers at least £133m in policing and compensation
Cost of compensation and policing starts to emerge as Boris Johnson says prisoners must not be abandoned
Johnson revealed that in London the Metropolitan Police Authority had already received 100 applications for compensation under the RDA, totalling £9.3m – a figure which is likely to increase –
Health Benefits of Soursop (anti-cancer treatment)
We can’t win media war with West but it’s not battle that counts - Assad
Syria: Attack on TV staff 'worst massacre against journalism' (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Bomb blast rocks Syrian TV station, multiple injuries reported - state TV (PHOTOS)
Syrian state TV host Mohammed al-Saeed has been executed, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported. A militant Islamist group has claimed responsibility for the killing.
Toppling Syria planned years ago
War crime? Syrian rebels execute POWs (GRAPHIC VIDEO) — RT
A horrifying amateur video from Syria emerged online, showing an apparent mass execution of Assad supporters
Weather as a Force Multiplier:
Owning the Weather in 2025
Massive Aerosol Spray Geoengineering HAARP Wave Weather Manipulation
Massive Aerosol Spray Geoengineering HAARP Wave Weather Manipulation
Once the sky is covered, the chem trails appear to be zapped with electromagnetic waves. These HAARP wave patterns suddenly materialize as ripples across the expanding chem dumps. The man-made clouds line up in small and large rows like a moiré pattern.
Crazy CHEMTRAILS over London UK (((Waking People UP)))
Five Signs Of Geoengineering
Evidences of sprayed chemtrail-aerosols in satellite pictures.UK-Ireland-Scandinavia-Iceland.wmv
Chemtrail-sulfur-svavel-aerosol over Scandinavia 13-17 juli-july 2012. Satbilder-satpictures
Witness: 4 Men Dressed in Black Opened Fire on Congregation
An eyewitness to the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin says that a team of four
men dressed in black carried out the massacre, contradicting the official nar...
CIA recruits 6000 "Black Water" mercenaries to commit massacres in Syria
50 police officers arrested in child porn raids
Fifty police officers across the UK have been arrested as part of a crackdown on suspected paedophiles who pay to access child pornography websites, detectives revealed
The West and the Glorification of Terrorism
No one doubts that terrorism in Syria is being sponsored by NATO and the GCC but until now it was being carried out behind a veil of hypocrisy. Unable to bombard and raze the country because of the Russian and Chinese double veto, the Western powers and their Arab partners decided to bleed the country while setting it up for an attack by mercenaries. Then on February 12 came the call to jihad issued by Ayman al-Zawahiri. Suddenly, NATO, the GCC and al-Qaeda found themselves pursuing the same objective. Notwithstanding, Brussels took the view that the Egyptian sheik’s declarations were his alone and were therefore unworthy of comment as if to underline that NATO doesn’t revise its positions in response to such fatwas. This rationale remained unconvincing because it ignored the issue of the common objectives shared by the self-proclaimed advocates of democracy, on the one hand, and Islamism, on the other. It did allow appearances to be preserved. The masks are now off. The Western powers have acknowledged their links with terrorists.
NATO's Slow Genocide in Libya: Syria is Next
What the world has to look forward to if NATO and the UN gets its way in Syria.
Whistleblowers Talk at Chemtrails Symposium – THE BELFORT GROUP, EU
A person with chronic bronchitis has a mucus-producing cough most days of the month, three months of a year for two years in a row without other underlying disease to explain the cough. After a long period of irritation:
Excess mucus is produced constantly
The lining of the airways becomes thickened
An irritating cough develops
Air flow may be hampered
The lungs become scarred
The airways then make an ideal breeding place for infections.
COPD, also known as emphysema and chronic bronchitis, is a very serious disease, and the third leading cause of death in the United States. The good news is that COPD is often preventable and treatable.
Annihilation - CHEMTRAILS - The Silent Killer
Chemtrails Secret Confirmed
Chemtrails Truth
Everything you need to know on whats going on over your head, what you breath,why people have weird illnesses and why the Goverment and military denies everything
How To Survive The End Game
“My main wish is that before I die, I get to see real deep blue skies again.”
The Best Source for Chemtrail Stories, Explanations and Pictures
Chemtrails Causing Illness
Everything you need to know on whats going on over your head, what you breath,why people have weird illnesses and why the Goverment and military denies everything
Re: Chemtrails Disease (question/answers)
Government Spending Details
Food Assistance — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Geo-engineering side effects: Heating the tropical tropopause by sedimenting sulphur
The absorption of long wave radiation by the aerosol increase tropopause
temperatures rise and as a consequence the entry mixing ratio of water vapour increases.
Geo-engineering side effects: Heating the tropical tropopause by sedimenting sulphur aerosol?
The impact of geoengineering aerosols on
stratospheric temperature and ozone

Anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions are warming the global climate at an unprecedented
rate. Significant emission reductions will be required soon to avoid a rapid temperature rise. As
a potential interim measure to avoid extreme temperature increase, it has been suggested that
Earth’s albedo be increased by artificially enhancing stratospheric sulfate aerosols. We use a 3D
chemistry climate model, fed by aerosol size distributions from a zonal mean aerosol model, to
simulate continuous injection of 1–10 Mt/a into the lower tropical stratosphere. In contrast to
the case for all previous work, the particles are predicted to grow to larger sizes than are
observed after volcanic eruptions. The reason is the continuous supply of sulfuric acid and
hence freshly formed small aerosol particles, which enhance the formation of large aerosol
particles by coagulation and, to a lesser extent, by condensation. Owing to their large size, these
particles have a reduced albedo. Furthermore, their sedimentation results in a non-linear
relationship between stratospheric aerosol burden and annual injection, leading to a reduction of
the targeted cooling. More importantly, the sedimenting particles heat the tropical cold point
tropopause and, hence, the stratospheric entry mixing ratio of H2O increases. Therefore,
geoengineering by means of sulfate aerosols is predicted to accelerate the hydroxyl catalyzed
ozone destruction cycles and cause a significant depletion of the ozone layer even though future
halogen concentrations will be significantly reduced.
Climate engineering and the risk of rapid climate change
Focus on Climate Engineering: Intentional Intervention in the Climate System
Geoengineering techniques for countering climate change have been receiving much press recently as a `Plan B' if a global deal to tackle climate change is not agreed at the COP15 negotiations in Copenhagen this December. However, the field is controversial as the methods may have unforeseen consequences, potentially making temperatures rise in some regions or reducing rainfall, and many aspects remain under-researched.
AGU Meeting: To geoengineer or not to geoengineer
Part of Focus on Climate Engineering: Intentional Intervention in the Climate System
Modification of cirrus clouds to reduce global warming
Modification of cirrus clouds to reduce global warming
High-level clouds:
High-level clouds occur above about 20,000 feet and are given the prefix “cirro.” Due
to cold tropospheric temperatures at these levels, the clouds primarily are composed
of ice crystals, and often appear thin, streaky, and white (although a low sun angle,
e.g., near sunset, can create an array of color on the clouds). The three main types of
high clouds are cirrus, cirrostratus, and cirrocumulus.
Cirrus clouds are wispy, feathery, and composed entirely of ice crystals
Low-level clouds:
Low-level clouds are not given a prefix, although their names are derived from “strato”
or “cumulo,” depending on their characteristics. Low clouds occur below 6500 feet,
and normally consist of liquid water droplets or even supercooled droplets, except
during cold winter storms when ice crystals (and snow) comprise much of the clouds.
A People's History Of The United States
by Howard Zinn
Neil Kantor - "Here's the Black man who doesn't help the Blacks, here's the Peace candidate that expands the's the "transparent" candidate who spent 2 MILLION dollars to lock up all his records, here's the "constitutional law professor" who is violating the constitution, ...
Blood Root kills cancer cells : :: Natural Health 365
Artikkelihakemisto 1990-1994
EPA Reverses Itself on Fluoride
Main Show Only - Chemtrail Phenomena - Coast to Coast AM
False Flag Investigation Intensifies: Alex Jones Breaks Down The Psyop
Chemtrails: An Updated Look at Aerosol Toxins
Raja-arvo: 0,2 mg/l. Hyvässä kaivovedessä alle 0,1 mg/l
( 0,2mg/l = 200µg/l )
Lounais-Suomen vesi- ja ympäristötutkimus Oy
Mä vein ne tänne. Luultavasti on monta muutakin instanssia, jotka voi tehdä samat analyysit.
Respiratory diseases are second to cardiovascular conditions in terms of mortality,
incidence, prevalence and costs. The biggest contributors to respiratory death in
Europe are lung cancer, pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
(COPD). Worldwide hundreds of millions of people suffer every day from chronic
respiratory ill-health. According to WHO global estimates, 300 million people
have asthma, 210 million people have COPD while millions more have allergic
rhinitis and other, often under-diagnosed, chronic respiratory conditions.
Chronic lung disease is now the 3rd leading cause of death in United States, say new CDC health statistics
Mortality Due to Respiratory Diseases
Aerosol Crimes (aka 'Chemtrails') Clifford Carnicom, 2005
<Cloud formation in humidity 70% or higher. Chemtrails form in 30-40% humidity. Pilot speaking at minutes 55>
chemtrails aerosol crimes carnicom
Clouds, Contrails & Aerosols
Contrail Formation: Aerosols and Sulphur
Back to the lab: barium has a much lower “specific heat” value of 0.19 as compared to air (1.003) and water (4.184). When introduced at higher altitudes, barium will have a net effect of increasing the temperature of the atmosphere. Ergo: it gets hot and dry.
Chemtrail Info
Chemical Skies: Aerosol Pollutants From Planes Cause Disease
Chemical Skies: Aerosol Pollutants From Planes Cause Disease
There is widespread aerosol pollution (gray pixels) over the region that appears to be converging on the low-pressure center.

This true-color Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view Sensor (SeaWiFS) image of central Europe shows an atmospheric low-pressure system centered just south of the Baltic Sea. There is widespread aerosol pollution (gray pixels) over the region that appears to be converging on the low-pressure center.
The northern and eastern Gulf of Bothnia, the Gulf of Finland, and the Gulf of Riga remain covered by ice (click on the image above to see the full scene at high resolution).
Epidemic Of Police Brutality Against Children & The Poor In U.S. And Obama Says NOTHING!
Romney and the “Culture” of White Supremacy
In truth, white supremacy is foundational to Euro- American culture, which celebrates five hundred years of relentless pillaging, extermination, mass enslavement and racist subjugation of the vast majority of humanity as the march of civilization and progress. It is the culture of a pirate’s bazaar, strewn with stolen goods and bloody booty, guts and bones. Israel is there, too, with a sword between its rotten teeth.
Labor journalist Mike Elk notes that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today that 4,547 Americans died on the job last year.
CHART: Only 15 Americans Died From Terrorism Last Year — Fewer Than From Dog Bites Or Lightning Strikes
James Holmes Family Tied To DARPA And Mind Manipulation Work
July 26, 2012
UPDATED 7/30/12: These Aren’t the Same Man
Equally curious to note about this massacre is that the American intelligence website TheIntelHub.Com in their 23 July article titled “Hallmarks of a False Flag: Colorado University Held Identical Drill on Same Day as Aurora Theater Mass Shooting, Mind Control, and Multiple Suspects” states that just mere hours before this shocking crime was committed the Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine was holding an identical drill that simulated a shooter in a movie theater.
Given the fact that Holmes was a graduate student in neuroscience, where did he obtain the skills to create a maze of bombs so complex that it took the FBI two days to disarm them? According to experts, the intricacy of the bombs was reminiscent of war zones – how could Holmes have set all this up without help from an explosives expert?
Wealth doesn't trickle down – it just floods offshore, research reveals
A far-reaching new study suggests a staggering $21tn in assets has been lost to global tax havens. If taxed, that could have been enough to put parts of Africa back on its feet – and even solve the euro crisis
Battyman, if not the true story then a plausible black op. Why? DAD a LIBOR potential whistleblower who had to be stopped / Batman Massacre: BATTYMAN...WHY and HOW and WHO
Batman Massacre Crime Scene – There were 2 Hitmen
Bandar Dead?, Flash Crash Knight, Harvest Solution - New World Next Week
Reports of Libyan chemical weapons brought in through Turkey, caches discovered in Damascus point to possible false flag
American spy satellites have been listening in on communications from Syrian government forces and
Turkish warplanes and helicopter gunships have attacked Kurdish rebel positions in the south east of the country.
How well can a family of four eat on just $68.88 a week? For more than 38 million Americans, it's more than a matter of conjecture.
With job growth and the economy still only sputtering along, a record number of Americans have turned to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the formal name for federal food stamp program.
At the end of last year, roughly 1 in 8 Americans received food stamps, the highest rate ever, according to Lisa Pino, the program's deputy administrator.
The Relevance of Anarcho-syndicalism
Noam Chomsky interviewed by Peter Jay
The Jay Interview, July 25, 1976
27.82 Greece June 12 2012
Meteorologist Decodes Chemtrails and Weather Manipulation
Cold-Blood Mass Murder in Syria by the West’s "Pro-Democracy Opposition"
New video footage [1] obtained by Agence France Presse shows a gruesome scene of cold-blooded murder of unarmed Syrians in Aleppo, the northwestern commercial city. It provides a glimpse of the Jihadi armed groups in Syria that are being funded, trained and directed by Washington, London, Paris and Berlin along with their Turkish, Israeli and Arab allies. These are the “heroic” groups that the Western political leaders and media have championed for the past 17 months as a “pro-democracy movement” against the “dastardly” government of Bashar Al Assad.
U.S. Drought 2012: Half Of Nation's Counties Now Considered Disaster Areas
What Is In Our Skies, Part 1, Introduction (better volume) 720x480
What Is In Our Skies, Parts 1-9, Louder Audio, 720x480, DVD
San Bernardino in California files for bankruptcy
California's city of San Bernardino officially files for bankruptcy protection, becoming the state's third city to go bust in just over a month.
Stockton - a city of nearly 300,000 in California's Central Valley - filed last month for bankruptcy amid a $26m budget gap.
(Reuters) - President Barack Obama has signed a secret order authorizing U.S. support for rebels seeking to depose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government, U.S. sources familiar with the matter said.
List of Companies Engaged in Weather Modification, Related Patents, and Much More
Chemtrail vs. Contrail 1.2
The Death of the State in Marx and Engels
Karl Marx & the State
NGO News: The sky is an LCD Screen / Hologram 2
NGO News: The sky is an LCD Screen / Hologram
Yes its a big 39 doc attachment. But we need to get this data into so many boxes while it LASTS.
Francis Mangels,
Retired bioscientist"
With lab test results in pdf
and many more
The Marketing of Madness: The Truth About Psychotropic Drugs (Part 1/2)
Scientific Report Provides Conclusive Evidence of Secret Contrail Geoengineering
'US backs chaos, ally Al-Qaeda seeks Iraq-style war in Syria'
Presentation Feb 2010 - Clouds.m4v
Below links about chemtrails are on my chemtrail web page: August 1st 2012
Greenland ice sheet
Bill Gates admits to chemtrails
Geo-engineers are finally coming out of the "chemtrail" closet, as reports are now emerging about deliberate plans in the works to dump untold tons of sulfate chemicals into
Gov't Controlling People Through Food
Flipping The Script: The Western Media’s Syria Propaganda Is Falling Apart
LiborGate dwarfed by geo-engineering of entire planet
US to al-Qaeda, Iran and Taliban: You owe us $6 billion for 9/11
US Treasury Admits Al-Qaeda Runs Syria ‘Rebellion’
White House chef says future food to be made from chemicals, not real food ingredients
White House chef says future food to be made from chemicals, not real food ingredients
Sea salt contains 64 micrograms of iodine versus 46-76 milligrams in standard iodized table salt.
<As far as iodine content in table salt. Two weeks after opening the container of iodized salt, half has evaporated. Iodine salts oxidize and evaporate quickly. If the conditions are humid, such as summer in South, it happens more quickly. I don't know about everyone else, but it takes me a lot longer than two weeks, try a couple of years, to consume a container of salt.>
#OccupyWallStreet NYC Police Brutally Beat Peaceful Protestors – This One Needs To Go Viral
NYC police acting like pit bulls, attacking and beating the hell out of non-violent protestors who were not trying to
Sweden rejects offer to meet Assange, whistleblower still in sanctuary
<As far as i know the accussation is made by two, not four, women. And one is accussing him for rape because of a broken condom. The other accuse him for penetrating her when she werer asleep after they had sex earlier. >
"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference"
USA loi pitkälti itse nykyisen terrorismin
Terrorismi vähenee n. 90% kun USA sulkee 700 sotilastukikohtaansa 140 eri maassa Ulkomaan uutiset
International Terrorism: Image and Reality
The message is clear:
no one has the right of self-defense against US terrorist attack. The US is a terrorist state by right. That is unchallengeable doctrine.
The World Trade Center Demolition
and the So-Called War on Terrorism
Noam Chomsky On the Middle East
and the US War on Terrorism
The United States is a Leading Terrorist State
The United States is a Leading Terrorist State
"Free Syrian Army" is Al Qaeda: WikiLeaks Propaganda About Chemical Weapons in Syria
Al-Qaeda has been used by the US government in insurgent recruitment and in destabilizing Middle Eastern
Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the (U.S.) media."
Noam Chomsky

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