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chemtrails german weather channel
Aerodynamic contrails appear also at cruise levels where they may persist when the ambient atmosphere is icesupersaturated
Corporations Pay Historically Low Tax Rates While Lobbying To Make Them Even Lower
As large American companies continue to lobby Congress for tax reform that would lower their tax rates, a study of historical corporate tax rates found that they are in fact paying at rates roughly half of those they
KP Korea (North) (People's Republic)
Think What a Leader Like Chavez Could Do in the Arab World » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names th
The Millionaire Tour (Action,2013,USA) FULL MOVIE in English
Robert Anton Wilson on Psychedelics
Robert Anton Wilson: Everything Is Under Control - 1/2
Robert Anton Wilson: Consciousness, Conspiracy & Coincidence -- Thinking Allowed w/ Jeffrey Mishlove
“Intelligence is the capacity to receive, decode and transmit information efficiently. Stupidity is blockage of this process at any point. Bigotry, ideologies etc. block the ability to receive; robotic reality-tunnels block the ability to decode or integrate new signals; censorship blocks transmission.”

“The Bible tells us to be like God, and then on page after page it describes God as a mass murderer. This may be the single most important key to the political behavior of Western Civilization.” Robert Anton Wilson
In an interview to disinformation the great Robert Anton Wilson:'There are two kinds of crimes. Crimes which everybody agrees are a crime, that's crimes with victims. If I get mugged or burglarized or somebody in my family gets hurt
The only way the gov­er­ment has any chance at all of win­ning is to estab­lish a total­i­tar­i­an­ism wack­ier and more total than Orwell’s 1984. We’ve already got the ‘Piss Police’ which is some­thing that Orwell dind’t even dream of
European governments step up repression of anti
-austerity activists
Protests by the unemployed in southern Algeria are raising the specter of rising unrest in the country's sensitive oil regions, and are increasingly attracting the attention of al-Qaeda.
Iraq and Afghanistan wars set to be the most expensive conflicts in U.S. history with a $6 trillion.
The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are set to be the most expensive military conflicts in history, costing as $6 trillion, a new report by Harvard public policy professor Linda J. Bilmes estimates.
Die Koreanische Halbinsel: ein unerklärter Krieg
Der Krieg, den die KDVR Südkorea erklärte, wurde zu einer Folge der falschen Übersetzung von westlichen Nachrichtenagenturen. Im Originaltext einer Erklärung aus Pjöngjang heißt es, dass die Republik im Falle von feindlichen
EZB bestätigt: Die Bank-Guthaben in Europa sind nicht sicher
Der niederländische EZB-Mann Klaas Knot bestätigt: Die Enteignung von privaten Bank-Guthaben wird künftig Teil der „europäischen Liquidierungs-Politik sein“. Die EZB will, dass die Banken ihre Bilanzen in Ordnung bringen. Der einfache Sparer sollte sich nun gut überlegen, wie viel Geld er auf welcher Bank belassen will.
Benefit cuts: Monday will be the day that defines this government
£18bn reduction will send those who are already poor into beggary.
Allan Savory: How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change
'Obama proves more brutal than Bush'
Disabled Woman Thrown by Milwaukee Police
Milwaukee police refuse to identify themselves while using force to make an arrest during a protest against police brutality. Coincidentally, it is this sort of police behavior that was being protested. The march was in supporters of Derek Williams, who died while in Milwaukee
14 Ways to Cleanse the Body from Chemtrails, GMOS, Flouridated Water, and other Environmental Toxins
WikiLeaks: Iraqi children in U.S. raid shot in head, U.N. says | McClatchy
A U.S. diplomatic cable made public by WikiLeaks provides evidence that U.S. troops executed at least 10 Iraqi civilians, including a woman in her 70s and a 5-month-old infant, then called in an airstrike to destroy the evidence, during a controversial 2006 incident
16 Year Old American Killed By Drone Strike
US imperialism's brutal war against the Korean people: 1945-1953
[This is a useful description of the US's genocidal war against the Korean people. However, it does not discuss the important role of the "People's Volunteers" that socialist China sent to ...
Iraq, Afghan wars to cost US up to $6 trillion: study
WASHINGTON — The Iraq and Afghanistan wars will cost the United States between $4-6 trillion in the long term, constraining the government's budget for decades to come, a study said.
Global cloud seeding activities contribute to the formation of "chemtrails" and artificial clouds by mixing with jet air traffic;
weather modification via cloud seeding is toxic, counter-productive and insufficient as a solution to our water needs; and
the formation of artificial clouds worldwide may be contributing to climate change more than CO2.
The father of U.S. Army veteran Eric Harroun, arrested on Tuesday night by the FBI for fighting alongside an Al-Qaeda group in Syria, says his son was working for the CIA.
Goodbye Blue Sky
Climategate Leaker: Our Civilization Is Being Killed By Lying ‘Science’ Elitists
Hippie Commune Thrives as Europeans Tire of Chaos
People opt out of the troubled economy in Italy, Alternative "commune" thrives, Has own currency - A
Over 90% of ice clouds are supersaturated with respect to ice at −45°
<saturated with respect to ice is the "frost point" see yellow chart. Supersaturated means a higher humidity than the frost point. Getting closer to the turqoise chart>
Dust Dries Clouds by Gobbling Up Water Vapor
At −40°C the relative humidity over ice is midway between saturation over ice and liquid
<saturation over ice = frost point aka yellow chart. Midway would be a RH of 83.7%>
(As a general approximation, clouds form when the relative humidity is about 70%.)
The formation of cirrus clouds in the upper troposphere requires that the relative hu-midity (with respect to ice,
RH) exceeds certain freezing thresholds. These are gener-ally much higher than 100%; for instance, homogeneous freezing of aqueous solution
droplets at temperatures below the supercooling limit of pure water (≈−40◦C) needsRHi >140% (Koop et al.,2000)
At −40°C the relative humidity over ice is midway between saturation over ice and liquid. A parameterization for the relative humidity in ice clouds is suggested.
According to observations, a large relative humidity with respect to ice, RHi 100%, often persists outside and inside upper tropospheric cirrus ice clouds. The persistence of the large in-cloud RHi means that H2O is slowly deposited onto cloud ice crystals. This unusual physical situation is similar to one in which a released body would slowly fall owing to gravitation. Here we present a physical mechanism which can be responsible for the persistence of large in-cloud RHi. We find that clear-sky RHi up to 176% can be built up prior to the formation of ice cirrus by the homogeneous freezing of aqueous droplets containing H2SO4 and HNO3.
North Korea and the United States: Will the Real Aggressor Please Stand Down?
North Korea is really not a significant threat compared to what the US is doing with nuclear weapons.
Factors of Cirrus
Consequently, to form and persist, cirrus
require relative humidities over ice (RHI) that exceed 100%; hence cirrus
develop predominantly in ice-supersaturated regions.
Independent measurements in
an aerosol chamber as well as in the field have confirmed the critical RHI
(~150–170%) (Möhler et al. 2003; Haag et al. 2003; Hoyle et al. 2005),
Kentucky: House and Senate Lawmakers Pass Industrial Hemp Legislation
House and Senate lawmakers yesterday passed an amended version of Senate Bill 50, “An Act relating to industrial hemp.” The floor votes took place with only hours to go before the close of the 2013 legislative session. Proponents of the measure acknowledged
Obama signs 'Monsanto Protection Act' written by Monsanto-sponsored senator
United States President Barack Obama has signed a bill into law that was written in part by the very billion-dollar corporation that will benefit directly from the legislation.
Quasi Steady Relative Humidities and Relaxation Times in
Ice Clouds:
preliminary results from model calculations
in comparison with measurements
< kraemer2>
Anthony Gucciardi | This means crops that were approved and later found to damage the environment or the public will be immune from United States government action.
Luxembourg is the next Cyprus
The offshore countries of the European Union are gripped by fear. No one wants to repeat the fate of Cyprus but it seems that the European authorities are set to destroy the “business model” of the...
<Heymsfield et al GRL 1998>
20 architecture students and their professor killed at Damascus university by FSA mortar
Last year, the federal government collected $2.3 trillion in taxes. Most of that came from two sources: Individual income taxes and payroll taxes.
Government subsidies of gasoline, electricity and other energy sources amount to about $1.9 trillion a year and should be ended or offset with taxes used to battle climate change and pay for social programs, the International Monetary Fund said Wednesday in a major foray into the global warming debate.
BBC Reported Building 7 Collapse 20 Minutes Before It Fell
DemocracyNow: Bldg 7, BBC Footage Is Real, Massive 911 video archive avail.
<Democracy Nows Amy Goodman, covers BBC report, showing Bldg 7 still standing , while reporting it had fallen 26 minutes before its so called collapse, video archive proves the video is real and legit, and 100 percent shot by BBC, But BBC cant explain how it happened.>
Hundreds of foreign terrorists forming a Brigade and invading the streets of Aleppo
Mother Nature Becoming More Irritated As Even Geoengineering Scientists Admit They Might Be Making Things Worse
But They’ll Keep Doing It, Anyway
Fuerteventura: Ermittler zerschlagen Drogenring innerhalb der Polizei - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Es klingt wie eine Szene aus einem Gangster-Film: Spanische Polizisten sind von Kollegen auf frischer Tat dabei erwischt worden, wie sie eine Tonne Haschisch von einem Boot an Land bringen wollten. Die
Cyprus Popular Bank’s large deposit holders could face 80% cut
Cyprus Popular Bank’s richest clients with uninsured deposits over €100,000 could get only 20% of their money, as the government eyes to wind down its operations, says Finance Minister Michalis Sarris.
Egyptian mosque turned into house of torture for Christians after Muslim Brotherhood protest
Islamic hardliners stormed a mosque in suburban Cairo, turning it into a house of horrors for Christians who had been demonstrating against the ruling Muslim Brotherhood in the latest case of violent persecution that experts fear will only get worse.
SULPHUR SPRINGS, AR -- A cop from Bella Vista, Arkansas, negligently killed a suspect in 2010. He plead guilty to "Negligent Homicide" and was fired, but kept his credentials.
Now only three years later, he has become the new chief of police in another town, Sulphur Springs.
"Castrate them!" "Burn them!" "Bullet in the head!": Facebook Israelis react to photo of Palestinian kids,0,218591.story
Jordanian council calls King Abdullah a Zionist agent
AMMAN, Jordan -- A tribal council long allied with the Jordanian monarchy has labeled King Abdullah II a Zionist agent because of comments he made in an interview with the Atlantic magazine .
Nadine Schweigert marries herself: Is self-marriage becoming an international trend?
Che Guevara speech at UN 1964 (English subtitles!!)
<Everything was owned by US on Cuba before Castro>
Beyond Rightist Lies, The Real Legacy of Che Guevara
Disappearing Witnesses
hortly after dark on Sunday night November 24, 1963, after Ruby had killed Lee Harvey Oswald, a meeting took place in Jack Ruby's apartment in Oak Cliff, a suburb of Dallas, Texas. Five persons were present. George Senator and Attorney Tom Howard were present and having a drink in the apartment
US mortgage company Freddie Mac claims it suffered more than $3 billion in losses between 2007-2010 due to bank manipulation of Libor, a benchmark borrowing rate run by the British Banking Association.
Stefan Rahmstorf FOS Again! Prophecy Of Gulf Stream Tipping Refuted By New Comprehensive European Study
Big freeze to grip Britain until the end of April say forecasters after jet stream which brings us m
A jet stream, which normally brings milder weather, has been pushed to an unusually southerly location, and is currently flowing around the north of
Missä vika? Kuusi vuotta sitten oli yli 15 astetta lämpimämpää!
Meteorologi kertoo: onko näin kylmä pääsiäissää normaalia?
Ei pärjää tämä kevät edeltäjilleen. 2000-lukuun mahtuu kymmenen kevättä, jolloin lämpötilat maaliskuun lopulla ovat ylittäneet 10 plusasteen rajan.
Pitkäperjantaina 2002 syntyi uusia maaliskuun lämpöennätyksiä, kun Porvoosta löytyi Suomen lämpimin paikka 15,2 plusasteella. Helsinki-Vantaalla ylin lämpötila oli tuolloin 15,1 astetta. Muualla maan eteläosassa lämpötila kohosi yleisesti 12 - 14 asteen.
ltalehti kokosi listan 2000-luvun maaliskuiden korkeimmista päivittäisistä lämpötiloista. 2000-luvulle mahtuu vain kaksi kevättä, jolloin maaliskuun lämpötila on jäänyt alle 10 plusasteen.
Vuosi 2000 20.3 14,1 astetta Jomala, Södersunda
Vuosi 2001 30.3 8,6 astetta Salo, Hattula
Vuosi 2002 29.30 15,2 astetta Porvoo
Vuosi 2003 27.3 13 astetta Jomala
Vuosi 2004 30.3 13 astetta Jomala
Vuosi 2005 24.3 11,5 astetta Kauhavan lentokenttä
Vuosi 2006 17.3 7 astetta Pello ja Multia
Vuosi 2007 27.3 17,5 astetta Helsinki-Vantaan lentokenttä
Vuosi 2008 31.3 13,2 astetta Pori lentoasema
Vuosi 2009 31.3 10,1 astetta Jomala
Vuosi 2010 20.3/31.3 8,8 astetta Jomala ja Ähtäri, Myllymäki
Vuosi 2011 22.3 11,3 Jomala
Vuosi 2012 22.3 15,8 Jomala
The Corbett Report | Episode 263 – Remembering Splitting The Sky
Outsiders are killing Syrian People, destroying Churches and mosques - Christian Bishop — RT Op-Edge
His forefathers were Orthodox Christians long before Islam
EZB verleiht Milliarden an Banken – Geld scheffeln ohne Risiko
Lizenz zum Gelddrucken: Kreditinstitute werden sich bei der Europäischen Zentralbank bald günstig mit Geld eindecken, bis zu eine Billion Euro könnten es werden. Den Instituten winken Profitmargen von bis zu 500 Prozent, das Ausfallrisiko trägt am Ende der Steuerzahler.
Das Bundeskabinett hat ein Rettungspaket für die deutschen Banken im Umfang von 500 Milliarden Euro beschlossen. Unmittelbar nach der Entscheidung informierte
Moon landing:
...private landing companies are just now developing rockets that can land and take off again. How did they do it back in 1969?
Media Reacts: The Easter Bunny's Springless Steps - CONAN on TBS
Die Meinungsmache der Medien - Klartext von Andreas Popp - Wissensmandufaktur - die Bananenrepublik
26.03.2013 Die Rettung von Zypern - bis neulich Dienstag Volker Pispers! die Bananenrepublik
Fast 200.000 spanische Kunden wurden per Dekret teilenteignet - und verloren wesentlich mehr als die Einleger in Zypern.
Graphic: 900-mile-long “front” of most contaminated water from Fukushima Daiichi moving across Pacific toward U.S., Canada (VIDEO)
BRICS plan new 50bn bank to rival World Bank and IMF — RT Business
The ‘big five’ of the developing world will discuss creating their own global World Bank as their 5th annual summit kicks
Uruguay Requests to Join SUCRE Regional Currency
Ewan Robertson (VA),- Uruguay has requested to join the regional SUCRE currency, a move that will bring it into greater cooperation with the leftist ALBA alliance of Latin American nations.
US Weapons Deliveries to “Terrorists in Syria” a Systematic Violation of the Convention against the.
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has helped Arab countries and Turkey increase military aid to Syrian rebels in the past few months
Under Gaddafi, Christians in Libya were free to preach. After western backed "freedom fighters" (Islamic terrorists) took over, Christians are now being imprisoned and tortured, and Christian churches are being attacked.
In U.S., 65% Support Drone Attacks on Terrorists Abroad
Less than half of Americans are closely following news on drones
Die Fesseln der mentalen Kontrolle, der Wahrnehmungsfilterung und der kulturellen Konditionierung sind heute schwerer abzustreifen als jemals zuvor.
Eine Analyse der Medienstruktur in Deutschland.
“Trust Us We're Experts” dieses Buch sollte man unbedingt gelesen haben. Wie das aussieht, wenn man mit dem vermeintlichen Klimawandel richtig Geld macht, sieht man im Hinblick auf den selbsternannten Klimaexperten Al Gore. Sein Film ist voller fachlicher Fehler, dass selbt per Gesetz in GB verordnet wurde, im Unterrricht vorm Anschauen des Filmes auf 11 gravierende Fehler hinzuweisen. Und dennoch glauben genug diesen fachlichen Müll... welche Propaganda es ist, sieht man schon daran dass dieser Film einen Oskar bekommen hat..(man schaue sich einfach die Oskars bezüglich Dokumentationen an, dann müsste man irgendwann unweigerlich verstehen) aber es gibt auch Menschen, die an der Glaubwüridigkeit eines Filmes festhalten, genau weil er eben einen Oskar bekommen hat. Manchmal verstehe ich die oben wirklich..warum sollen die sich eigentlich einen Kopf um die Menschen machen, so lange die einfach nicht mal gewillt sind, sich selber einen zu machen.
BRICS nations plan new bank to bypass World Bank, IMF
The biggest emerging markets are uniting to tackle under-development and currency volatility with plans to set up institutions that encroach on the roles of the World Bank and International Monetar...
Die Aktivität der Sonne schwächelt
French General Truth About NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia 1999 - English Subtitles Part 2
French General Truth About NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia 1999 - English Subtitles Part 1
Nice Guy (Comedy,2013,USA) FULL MOVIE in English
U.S. Government Preparing for Collapse (and Not in a Nice Way)
Assad death report dismissed as ‘ridiculous’ rumor
CIA aids huge arms smuggling to Syria – report — RT News
Documentary Reveals Pentagon’s Ties to Iraq Torture Centers - Truthdig
The Guardian has released a full-length documentary on the ties between “dirty wars” veteran and retired Col. James Steele, who played a crucial role in setting up and overseeing a network of detention and torture
At least 3,500 tons of arms have been smuggled to Syrian rebels by Gulf States -
some ending up on the black market, with the Turkish government an active player - report.
Europe: €100,000 Savings Now Considered “Wealthy”
the precedent is now set. Bankers can seize the deposits of anyone with over €100,000 euros in the bank to cover their gambling losses.
Below is a link to a memo from Andrea Psoras dated May 5, 2008, who is from QED International, to the Secretary of the Commodities Future Trading Commission (CFTC) discussing the ‘legitimacy’ of trading insurance risk related to weather events, as commodities.
At the present time, insurance companies provide compensation in the event of a natural catastrophe.
So the question is, according to this memo, “Should insurance companies be liable for the “weather manipulation” events that occur that are covered under insurance policies?”
Basically, the insurance industry wants the term “natural event” to be completely redefined to mean “only natural events” and leave out any “weather manipulation/modification or earth shaking events” from the policies. The insurance companies don’t want to be liable for providing compensation for what the government, military, and intelligence agencies are creating with weather manipulation technologies.
They cite a report from August 1996, to the Air Force, that the government wants to rule the weather by 2025. So if a particular tornado, earthquake, hurricane, or flooding is found to NOT BE A NATURAL event, then the insurance companies don’t want to pay for it – and want that defined in the policies.
Via email:
Elizabeth M. Murphy, Secretary
Securities and Exchange Commission
100 F Street, NE
Washington, DC 20549-0609
Rothschilds Now Own Control of Weather Central!
<scroll down to:The website the caller was referencing is:>
Maine officials seeking pepper-spray video leak | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram
The Department of Corrections wants to know how the media obtained video and documents about how a prison captain pepper-sprayed a restrained inmate.
the climate
Science, governance and uncertainty
September 2009
<Will crash Firefox. Use IE and "save as">
<saved as:geoengineering8693>
Geoengineering methods
Geoengineering methods can usefully be divided into two
basic ‘classes’:
1) Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) techniques which
remove CO2 from the atmosphere;
2) Solar Radiation Management (SRM) techniques that
reflect a small percentage of the sun’s light and heat
back into space.
Geoengineering the climate: science, governance and uncertainty
Geoengineering has now been defined as
“the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment to counteract anthropogenic climate change.”
“Geoengineering may provide a means to create a time buffer against catastrophic cli- mate change while long-term emissions reduction actions take effect. One approach is to disperse sulfur compounds at high altitude to reduce the effective solar flux entering the atmosphere. This report will evaluate the means of delivering sufficient mass of this or similar material to affect climate change on a global scale. The goal of this study is to use engineering design and cost analysis to determine the feasibility and cost of a delivering material to the stratosphere for solar radiation management (SRM). This study does notexamine effectiveness or risks of injecting material into the stratosphere for SRM. Its goal is simply to compare a range of delivery systems on a single cost basis.” – Aurora Flight Sciences: Geoengineering Final Report
Weather Modification Company Uses Electromagnetic Waves to Make Rain
Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025
A Research Paper presented to Air Force 2025
It is dated August 1996---Bear in mind this is 11 years old!
What was discussed as being in preliminary stages back then is now a reality.
"The purpose of this paper is to outline a strategy for the use of a future weather-modification system to achieve military objectives rather than to provide a detailed technical road map. "
US Govt Rewards Companies who Traffic in Young Women & Little Girls?
Gregor Gysi zum Diktat gegen Zypern 21.3.13
<saved as: 25_1_2010_University_of_Calgary_Geoengineering_Cost_Analysis_Using_Jets_October_30_2010_Aurora_Flight_Sciences_Final_Report_Keith>
Geoengineering Cost Analysis
Final Report
Prepared Under Contract to
The University Of Calgary
New Aircraft Acquisition Cost: $8.7 Billion FY10 USD
Yearly Operations cost: $3.6 Billion FY10 USD
Yearly Total Cost (including depreciation and interest): $4.7 Billion FY10
5.3.4 Business Jet Type
Business jets are designed for higher altitude flight above commercial aircraft traffic but
are expensive to purchase and operate. Their large fuel capacity for long range flight
allows them to carry large volumes of geoengineering payload when flying short duration
missions. The Gulfstream G550/650 can operate regionally from 1 or more bases
and carry 16,300 kg of payload per sortie, requiring 168 sorties per day
Global Change Research Act of 1990
Such human-induced changes, in conjunction with natural fluctuations, may lead to significant global warming and thus alter world climate patterns and increase global sea levels. Over the next century, these consequences could adversely affect world agricultural and marine production, coastal habitability, biological diversity, human health, and global economic and social well-being.
Spaniens größte Zeitung El Pais hat einen Artikel mit dem Titel „Deutschland gegen Europa“, wo die Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel mit Adolf Hitler verglichen worden war, veröffentlicht. Der Artikel erschien am 24.
< Frau Merkel führt einen Krieg gegen die anderen europäischen Bevölkerungen sowie gegen den Durchschnittsdeutschen. Wenn uns klar ist, dass nicht die Portugiesen oder Griechen auf unsere Kosten leben, sondern umgekehrt, dann ist viel gewonnen. Auch landet das Geld ja nicht bei den Bevölkerungen, sondern bei Banken und Versicherungen.>
2013 NEW Loose Change 3rd Edition! MUST SEE! 9/11 Truth
WikiLeaks: Iraqi children in U.S. raid shot in head, U.N. says | McClatchy
A U.S. diplomatic cable made public by WikiLeaks provides evidence that U.S. troops executed at least 10 Iraqi civilians, including a woman in her 70s and a 5-month-old infant, then called in an airstrike to destroy the evidence, during a controversial 2006 incident
Black Water: Extension of CIA | Big Brother Watch
Abby Martin takes a look at how executives at Academi, the military contractor formally known as
Syria - The REAL Story -- MUST SEE -- CIA & MOSSAD Death Squads Exposed
Webster Tarpley Exposes Obama/Nato War Agenda on Syrian TV
NATO – Rogue Arm Of America’s War Machine Must Be Dismantled
"Let’s get something straight ~ NATO is the rogue arm of America’s war machine whereas it has become a global military alliance and obviously designed to engage in aggressive invasions, preemptive wars as well as collaborate with the CIA in numerous illegal activities. Don’t be fooled, America has created an unaccountable international cold war mechanism that enables it to willfully ignore and evade national and international law ~ and it must be dismantled."
Diplomat was banned from talking about Dr David Kelly when giving evidence at Iraq Inquiry
Carne Ross, the UK’s Iraq expert at the UN Security Council between 1998 and 2002, said he was told by the ‘very
Society of droids: Startling new research suggests humans are losing ability to process emotions
Society of droids: Startling new research suggests humans are losing ability to process emotions
Kniefall des EU-Parlaments vor Peres Märchenstunde
US Mercenary leader orders for Alawites to be massacred
05/apr/12 This is one of the leaders of US Mercenaries, a group of armed gangs armed,
Israel fires rockets at Syrian army
The Israeli military says its forces have fired rockets at the Syrian army near the occupied Golan Heights.
Weather and Climate Modification Problems and Prospects
Don't Talk About The Weather
Dark City - 1998
same as below
Prof. K.E. Ewert : NASA-GISS Temperaturdaten wurden geändert - warum?
Die Rohdaten historischer Wetteraufzeichnungen sollten sakrosankt sein. Es zeigt sich jedoch, dass insbesondere das Goddard Institute for Space Science (GISS) eines der damit vom IPCC beauftragten Institute zur Bestimmung einer globalen Durchschnittstemperatur diese Rohdaten ständig verändert. Mit eindeutiger Tendenz, die Vergangenheit kühler erscheinen zu lassen, um die Gegenwart zu erwärmen. Eine Erläuterung wird dazu nicht gegeben. Der Vortrag zeigt die stärksten Veränderungen auf und fragt nach dem Warum:
Klaus Eckehard Puls, Dipl. Meteorologe, ehemaliger Leiter der Wetterämter Essen und Leipzig
Solar Geoengineering to Manage Climate
contrails 70% RH minus 40C
Herzlich Willkommen auf der Webseite der German Skywatch,
wir sind eine lose Gruppe von Bürgern die seit 2005 Aufklärungsarbeit zum Thema:
"Chemtrails und Geoengineering" leisten.
German Skywatch vom 09.09.2012
Cyprus and Troika agree to 20% tax on deposits over 100,000 euros at Bank of Cyprus
Cyprus and the Troika have agreed to a 20 per cent tax on deposits over 100,000 euros at the Bank of Cyprus and 4 per cent on deposits held at other banks.
Chemtrails: on the trail of our assassins
Chaff - Radar Countermeasures
Because of its effects on radar, inadvertent release of chaff is a safety concern.
Chemtrail aus dem Flugzeug gefilmt.flv
German Scientist Exposes
Chemtrails As Military Operations
Chemtrails are Covert Weather Warfare
Against Unsuspecting Populations
ZDF nano - Geisterwolken Düppel Chemtrails 2/2
<Düppel is the germen term for staffs, used by military airplanes to generate false radar cloud shields ... a 240 mile long "Ghostcloud" was detected in Germany some month prior in 2012, leading to confusion and wrong weather forecasts. In this report the staffs are looked at under health aspects .... 2,5 tonn of them were dumped over Baden Würtemberg in one NATO Operation>
<Düppel Chemtrails are military clouds against radar made of fibreglass 25 micrometer thick with aluminum (60%), boric ,silicide, calcium and magnesium (40%). >
ZDF nano - Geisterwolken Düppel Chemtrails 1/2
Iraq War Vets Want To Know Why Bush & Cheney Are Allowed To Profiteer From Their War Based On Lies |
CIA feeds intelligence to Syria militants’
The CIA is feeding intelligence to the Syria militants in Turkey, a report says.
Chemtrails, Aerosol Geoengineering and Bioengineering: A Massive Biological Experiment of Unknown Purpose
Millions were in germ war tests
Much of Britain was exposed to bacteria sprayed in secret trials
Problem, Reaction, Solution
What is Problem > Reaction > Solution?
Also known as The Hegelian Dialectic, or Diocletian’s Theory, it was seen to perfection by the Blair Government in the UK (1997-2007) spin machine it is a basic psychological method, developed in the early 20th Century, of manipulating an agenda, whether it be an individual salesman making a sale, a Government wanting to push through potentially unpopular legislation or a Corporation trying to increase its profit margin.
Simply Put:
Problem - Manipulate “customer” reaction by creating a perceived problem, perhaps by leaking stories to the press e.g.: Iraq WMD, Terrorist threat, Global Warming
Reaction – Your “customer” obviously is concerned by this apparent turn of events and demands help and protection
Solution – Eh Voila, you come up with the solution to save the day, the same “solution” that you would never have been able to sell before making the customer worried e.g.: 5 years of Iraq war; an endless war on a noun (terror); and people for the first time being willing to pay more taxes and cut back on their consumption to “save the world” all under a false pretext.
The question is does the end ever justify the means?
Silence Treatment
The degree of silence and cover-up of this toxic spraying is Orwellian. The most stunning aspect of this phenomenon, besides the absence of admission by any authority, is the lack of media coverage of such an obvious and intrusive phenomenon. While in some ways that is sadly not surprising in today’s clamp-down state controlled media, the idea that someone is purposely poisoning the very air we breathe on such a massive scale is harrowing.
Couple this massive spraying with the campaign for “clean air” and the emissions crack down on the victim citizens below, (even the life giving CO2 we emit!) and you have cognitive dissonance at its best. The two ideas are so contradictory the average citizen gives up trying to reconcile the two and goes into a state of rationalization. This translates into enforced acceptance of the status quo or phenomena being introduced which eventually puts them into a docile state of controlled apathy. It’s a known method of scientific social and cultural manipulation, and it’s used at every level of public information. Make war, get peace prize. Promise transparency, everything hidden. No lobbyists, all lobbyists. Global warming, planet cooling. Preserve freedom by more control. Save nations by destroying them..etc. etc.
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chemtrails from Eesti
Scientists Admit Chemtrails Are Creating Artificial Clouds
Chemtrails: Air Force Pilot Admits Spraying
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While the magnitude of the climatic impact of "greenhouse gases" is currently uncertain, the
prospect of severe failure of the climate, for instance at the onset of the next Ice Age, is undeniable.
The proposals in this paper may lead to quite practical methods to reduce or eliminate all climate
failures.The starting point of the
present paper is the widely-appreciated fact
that increases in average world-wide temperature of
the magnitude currently predicted can be canceled
by preventing about 1% of incoming solar
radiation – insolation – from reaching the Earth
Some of these insolation-modulating scattering systems may be re-configured to effectively
increase insolation by an amount – perhaps 3% – sufficient to prevent another Ice Age
Chemtrails N-W Estonia (30.07.2010)
Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires who was elected Pope by the papal conclave on Wednesday, was intimately involved in Operation Condor’s “Dirty War” in South America.
A product of Chile’s DINA secret police and five other national security states in Latin America — Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay – Operation Condor was an intelligence operation designed to monitor, assassinate and disappear leftist dissidents who threatened the bankster economic operation underway in South America.
HomeLand Security & FEMA-"CLASSIFIED" Plans to Kill 80% of US Citizens!
This Tunisian man, Abu Zayd is telling the reality behind the so-called 'Free Syrian Army'. He used to fight alongside them. Abu Zayd, who had previously appeared in a documentary on foreign jihadists in Syria, has now returned to his home country disgusted by what he saw and is giving interviews on Tunisian TV station al-Tunisiyya, exposing the 'Free Syrian Army' (FSA), whom he says that the vast majority are basically misguided thieves who love money and are only motivated by self-interest.
'US a police state, George Orwell's 1984 happening before us'
People do not need governments: rulers serve banks and corporations and do not care about the well-being of their citizens, believes Jeff Monson, a famous American mixed martial artist, who positions himself as an anarchist.
Globalists created Wahhabi Terrorism to Destroy Islam and Justify a Global State | Global Research
Obama Now Global Head of Al-Qaeda
President Barack Obama is now the global head of Al-Qaeda – bankrolling, arming and equipping terrorists around the world in order to achieve his administration’s geopolitical objectives – while simultaneously invoking the threat of terrorists domestically to destroy the bill of rights.
Since it has now been established that those merely suspected of engaging in terrorism, including US citizens, are subject to targeted drone strikes, under the terms of his own prosecution of the fake war on terror, Obama must immediately order a drone strike on the White House because the facts documented below incontrovertibly demonstrate that it represents the headquarters of Al-Qaeda operations worldwide.
US accused of colluding with Taliban in Afghanistan as President Karzai hijacks Hagel's visit
Karzai implies US bid to convince Afghans that US forces needed after 2014
He claims Saturday's Taliban bombs that killed 17 people 'in service of US'
Afghan president accuses US forces of colluding with Taliban
West Caught Running Al-Qaeda
The fact that Al-Qaeda was created by western intelligence and has always been controlled by these interests demonstrates that the Al-Qaeda threat is one of the greatest ongoing hoaxes in world history.
The administration has sent nearly half a billion dollars ($365 million plus another $60 million) and is now using US Special Forces to train militants in Syria who have pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda and who continue to carry out grisly beheadings, terrorist bombings targeting innocent civilians and chemical weapons attacks against women and children.
Cyprus Should Let the Banks Go Bankrupt
<private debt in to public debt>
Keiser Report: Financial Fascism (E421)
In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the big picture of bank holidays and wealth confiscation in order to pay off
We never used to see these trails 10-15 years whats the difference..? CHEMTRAILS
President Hugo Chavez: A 21st Century Renaissance Man | Global Research
President Hugo Chavez was unique in multiple areas of political, social and economic life. He made significant contributions to the advancement of humanity. The depth, scope and popularity of his accomplishments mark
Cyprus bank insolvency crisis quickly escalating; may set off EU bankageddon
The climatological summer (June-August) of 1936 was the warmest nationwide on record (since 1895) with an average temperature of 74.6° (2nd warmest summer was that of 2006 with an average of 74.4°) and July of 1936 was the single warmest month ever measured with an average of 77.4° (beating out July 2006 by .1°). Ironically, February of 1936 was the coldest such on record with an average nationwide temperature of 26.0° (single coldest month on record was January 1977 with a 23.6° average). In February of 1936 temperatures fell as low as -60° in North Dakota, an all-time state record and Turtle Lake, North Dakota averaged -19.4° for the entire month, the coldest average monthly temperature ever recorded in the United States outside of Alaska. One town in North Dakota, Langdon, went for 41 consecutive days below zero (from January 11 to February 20), the longest stretch of below zero (including maximum temperatures) ever endured at any site in the lower 48.
Russia is enduring its harshest winter in over 70 years, with temperatures plunging as low as -50 degrees
China is experiencing its coldest winter in decades
But the winter of 2009-10 was quite different, being the snowiest and harshest for 30 years, and the winter of 2010-11 even harsher. The present winter is fitting this pattern, but it is far too soon to predict what the outcome of this season as a whole will be.
Summer was hottest in 234 years
Monday 2 Oct 2006 8:16 am
Links to everything about Climategate here. Relevant links posted in comments will be added.
Climategate - A who's who of the scientists in the emails
ClimateGate Who's Who
List of Registered Parties
Registered parties (16) (names in english are unofficial translations):
Russian Leader Warns, “Get All Money Out Of Western Banks Now!” |
A Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) “urgent bulletin” being sent to Embassies around the world today is advising both
Eurorettung? Wie Merkel und Schäuble das Volk anlügen
<Deutschland folgt stringent der Logik einer Exportnation, da hat Henry Fords Einwand wenig Bedeutung, wen interessiert schon noch der Binnenmarkt?
Das Problem ist nur, dass diese Politik den €-Raum in den Ruin treibt.>
West Turns a Blind Eye that Their Terrorists in Syria Used WMDs, Against all Evidence
Heckler Interrupts Obama Speech In Jerusalem
Palästina - Freunde Palästinas
Die Rede des Präsidenten M. Abbas vom 29. November 2012 vor der Generalversammlung der Vereinten Nationen Auszüge aus der Rede des Präsidenten M. Abbas vom 27. September 2012 vor der Generalversammlung der Vereinten Nationen Die Rede des Präsidenten M. Abbas vom 23. September 2011 vor der Generalver...
Cypriots prefer euro-zone exit over EU tax: report
LONDON (MarketWatch) — An overwhelming majority of the citizens in Cyprus would rather leave the euro zone than accept an unprecedented levy on bank deposits as part of bailout package, Greek daily Ekathimerini reported on Thursday, citing a survey by
"Powerful countries are getting away with murder."
DHS to let Saudi passengers skip normal passport controls --
A Department of Homeland Security program intended to give "trusted traveler" status to low-risk airline passengers soon will be extended to Saudi travelers, opening the program to criticism for accommodating the country that produced 15 of the 19 hij...
Despite Obama's claim in Israel, new studies estimate Iron Dome's success rate near zero.
A Secret Service agent readjusting a shotgun mounted on a vehicle in former President George W. Bush’s motorcade discharged the weapon by accident as President Ahmadinejad left the InterContinental Hotel in New York.
Fight delusions. Demand facts and empirical evidence. Believe in nothing that cannot be proven. Peace:)
Land Destroyer: US-British Al Qaeda Airlift: 3,000 Tons of Weapons Fuel Syria's Destruction
Meet the new Terrorists - Animal Rights Activists who expose Industrial Farms' Inhumane Practices:
Cost analysis of stratospheric albedo modification delivery systems
We perform engineering cost analyses of systems capable of delivering 1–5 million metric tonnes (Mt) of albedo modification material to altitudes of 18–30 km.
Syria and Russia demand independent Investigation into Aleppo Chemical Weapon Attack
Russia´s EU Ambassador Vladimir Chizov “NATO repetition of Libya-like scenario in Syria a flagrant and outrageous strategic mistake”.
For the entire book "Did Six Million Really Die?", click here.
Detoxing from Radiation, Heavy Metals, Cleansing & Restoring Your Body – Naturally
Should be at least aware of the fact that there is a world outside his/her personal-only worries endangered by ignorance and 'laissez faire' non-involvement.
Citizens' campaign to arrest Blair continues
The Western Media’s War Against Cyprus And Russia
Russia hopes US, France won’t protract Syrian chemical attack investigation — RT News
Moscow hopes that the US and France won’t intentionally protract or hamper the investigation into the chemical attack in Syria, Russia’s envoy to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, said.
don't fit anymore
The Spoils of War: Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade | Global Research
Since the US led invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001, the Golden Crescent opium trade has soared. According to the US media, this lucrative contraband is protected by Osama, the Taliban, not to mention, of course, the regional warlords, in defiance of the “international community”.
Cocaine Importing Agency
Sound like paranoia? In fact, this information has been confirmed by scholars and researchers throughout the past three decades. Any honest scholar that has researched the issue will tell you that this is the truth, but you will find very little information about it in the mainstream mass media. The...
Syrien fordert Untersuchung - die syrische Regierung hat die UN aufgefordert, eine unabhängige Experten-Kommission zu bilden, die den Einsatz chemischer Waffen in Khan al-Asal bei Aleppo untersucht.
Detainees at the notorious Guantanamo Bay prison have been on hunger strike for nearly six weeks. While the world is silent, RT has been badgering the UN, prison officials, detainees’ attorneys and activists to give you a full account of the situation day by day.
Iraq 10 years after the invasion: no remorse and no lessons learned
Tuesday has become the deadliest day in Iraq in six months, with over 60 people killed and more than 150 injured in a series of bomb attacks across the country, mostly in Shia areas. Hardly coincidentally, this happened on the eve of the 10 th anniversary of the
FUKUS (France-UK-US): Neo-Imperialistic trash
And here we have François Hollande and David Cameron on yet another imperialist venture, this time trying to arm the Syrian terrorists who wish to murder men, women and children, impose Sharia law and kick Russia out of the Mediterranean, in return for greyish promises from Cameron and Hollande and their master across the seas.
François Hollande and David Cameron indeed emulate Napoleon and Churchill, Britain's version of everyone knows who... and like Napoleon and Churchill they both show a total disrespect for international law. You do not arm, aid and abet terrorists engaged in undermining the government of a sovereign state. It is illegal and it is proscribed as such under international law.
But then again, after Iraq, after Libya, who believes a word Paris and London say? And if they are not war criminals, then who is? But don't worry, The Hague ICC will never prosecute them... why, they are above the law, aren't they?
Michael Moore: Rumsfeld is a war criminal | The Raw Story
Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore bitterly complained Tuesday night that no major Bush administration figure faced serious consequences for the invasion of Iraq.
Pentagon Papers lawyer on Obama, secrecy and press freedoms: 'worse than Nixon'
Glenn Greenwald: Career First Amendment and transparency advocate James Goodale sounds the alarm about the current president
The Purpose of War According to George Orwell (1984)
"In the long run, a hierarchical society was only possible on a basis of poverty and ignorance. "
Police kill 8th-grader armed with pellet gun at Texas school
The 'Conspiracy of Silence' on the 10th Anniversary of the Iraq War
A decade’s gone by since the invasion of Iraq and many in Washington and big media would like to forget their role in war.
Project for the New American Century (PNAC):
Cheney's Monstrous Scheme
In September 2000, the PNAC updated and refined Cheney's original version into a new report entitled: "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategies, Forces, and Resources for a New Century" calling for unprecedented hikes in military spending, American military bases in Central Asia and Middle East, toppling of non-complying regimes, abrogation of international treaties, control of the world's energy sources, militarization of outer space, total control of cyberspace, and the willingness to use nuclear weapons to achieve "American" goals.
The Neocons’ Project for the New American Century: “American World Leadership” – Syria next to Pay the Price?
Without a glance towards international law, the letter continued: “.U.S. policy should have as its specific goal removing Saddam Hussein’s regime … Only the U.S. can (demonstrate) that his rule is not legitimate. To accomplish (this) the following political and military measures should be undertaken …” The first “measure to be taken” was what has now become the blueprint for each planned overthrow of a sovereign government:
“We should help establish and support (with economic, political and military means) a provisional, representative and free government of Iraq in areas of Iraq not under Saddam’s control.”
That Iraq’s “sovereignty and territorial integrity” was guaranteed in law and by the United Nations was not an issue for consideration. Signatories, a veritable “Whose Who” of neo-cons, included John Bolton, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Robert Kagan, James Wolsey, Zalmay Khalizad and PNAC co-founder Robert Kagan.
In 1998 Perle led an effort known as the Project for the New American Century with close neoconservative allies Wolfowitz, Woolsey, Elliott Abrams, and John Bolton. The Project culminated in a letter sent to US President Bill Clinton calling for the military overthrow of Saddam Hussein's regime
And the Most Outrageous Neocon Iraq War Anniversary Remark Is...
From—no surprise—Richard Perle.
The existence in the developing world of 146 million underweight children under 5 contrasts with the reality of Cuban children, recognized worldwide for being oblivious to
Soda kills 180, 000 people a year — RT USA
Your sweet tooth could be deadly: researchers have found that 25,000 people died from drinking sugary beverages in the US in 2010 – and 180,000 have died worldwide.
Charlotte Iserbyt - Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World
US’ New “Syrian PM” Yet Another Muslim Brotherhood Extremist
NATO Proxies Using WMDs in Syria – Dozens Dead
(LD) UPDATED - After a 10 year war/occupation in Iraq, the death of over a million people including thousands of US
'The company was given $39.5 billion in Iraq-related contracts over the past decade, with many of the deals given without any bidding from competing firms.' Angelo Young, International Business Times
Cyprus - Oh The Irony!?
ASSASSINATION? Indigenous Truther, artist, and activist “Splitting the Sky” died from a head injury? Push for Truth!
NSA Whisteblower speaks
NSA expert: "It's all heading towards
a fascist totalitarian state."
And it started before 9/11
Iran has been considered a nuclear threat to the U.S since 1946, Korea 1951, Vietnam 1954, Iraq 1958, China 1958...
IMF chief's residence searched amid inquiry into her handling of €285m payout to Nicolas Sarkozy supporter Bernard Tapie
'According to sources inside the administration, George W. Bush was planning to invade Iraq and remove its government well before the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.' Marjorie Cohn, RSN
Scottish council vows to boycott Israel | JTA - Jewish & Israel News
A county council in Scotland has expressed its support for boycotting Israel.
Michael Moore -
Right now Washington (both Republicans and Democrats) are getting ready for a "grand bargain" to slash Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. And only *7%* of us have representatives in Congress who have sworn to fight this. Join with to find out where your congressperson stands and take action:
"Tell the truth, but make it so shocking that no one wants to hear about it."
No one wants to hear about the military having the power to detain you on American soil, without due process, indefinitely, at the discretion of the President. It sounds too Stalin. It reeks of conspiracy theory. Besides, it's clearly unconstitutional. So let's go get some lunch."
An alleged audio recording of a phone conversation between two members of the Free Syrian Army contains details of a plan to carry out a chemical weapons attack capable of impacting an area the size of one kilometer
Noam Chomsky: The Amazing Rise and Fall of Presumption of Innocence
'No one wants to hear about the military having the power to detain you on American soil, without due process, indefinitely, at the discretion of the President. It sounds too Stalin. It reeks of conspiracy theory.' Jan Wellmann,
US Commander: Working on Plans for Syria Intervention -- News from
European Command leader Admiral James Stavridis has confirmed that the US and other NATO member nations are engaged in joint planning for the possibility of military intervention in Syria’s Civil War.
<weird shit, read later>
‘No global warming for 16 years’
Global warming stopped 16 years ago, reveals Met Office report quietly released... and here is the chart to prove it
Global Warming Melts Away
The trend of annual mean temperatures since 1880 is warming of 0.59 degrees Celsius per century.
The trend over the last nine years (since 2002) is one of cooling.
Syrian rebels fire chemical weapons in Aleppo, killing at least 25 - government (PHOTOS) — RT News
Climategate 3.0 has occurred – the password has been released
Die Daten führender IPCC-Wissenschaftler zeigen, dass die globale Temperatur seit 1990 um noch nie da gewesene 1°C GEFALLEN ist
Klimaschwindel: Keine Globale Erwärmung seit 20 Jahren - das bestätigen auch offizielle Behörden - I
Am 22.08.2012 veröffentlichte EIKE einen Artikel, der ebenfalls zum verblüffenden Schluss kommt, dass die globale Mitteltemperatur in den letzten 20 Jahren um ein Grad Celsius gefallen ist.
„Bei einer solchen Abkühlungsrate, also von 15,5°C 1990 auf 14,5°C 2012 würden wir am Ende des Jahrhunderts tief in einer Eiszeit stecken.
'Syria rebels, Israel band to crush Mideast'
A Lebanese politician says militants in Syria have formed an alliance with Israel to destroy the region.
Assemblyman who wants weed to be illegal busted for smoking in his car
CIA and MI6 knew that Saddam had no WMDs and chose to ignore the evidence
Dying vet’s ‘fuck you’ letter to George Bush & Dick Cheney needs to be read by every American
Fraud: Chemotherapy
It's been 10 years since the US & the UK decided it was their duty to rid Iraq of Saddam Hussein & thus estsablish democracy! Of course woe betide anyone in the mainstream media if they were to mention how Saddam ever attained power in Iraq! You see the US & the UK were pretty pissed off with General Qassim when he told them 'IRAQI OIL IS FOR THE IRAQI PEOPLE!' So the CIA sent two Iraqi assassins to kill General Qassim. Sadly they were not quite up to the lofty standards the CIA demand of their assassins - Saddam Hussein & his brother blew their assigned assassination! Saddam & his brother went into hiding while the CIA sent in the big boys to do the job properly! In 1963 Qassim was duly assassinated. Western media proclaimed the Baath Party was responsible even though BP were already busy siphoning off all the profits it wanted from Iraqi oil!. Cut a long story short Saddam became President of Iraq in 1979. Without the CIA this would have been impossible! Just saying, isn't it strange how the MSM never mention how Saddam ever got to be top dog in Iraq!
So 10 years after the 2nd gulf war, listening to the bullshit of the BBC anyone would think the US & UK were shining knights in white armour! Look how we came along & freed iraq? What a Joke! No mention is made of the appalling civilian casualties, some 1.5 million & counting; no mention is made of how the US military were mowing down innocent civilians in their 1000s; no mention is made of the 5 million or so Iraqis rendered homeless; no mention is made of the aftermath of the horror of depleted Uranium, illegal weapons used against an army that was no match to the firepower they were up against; no mention is made how every drop of Iraqi oil goes through the grubby mitts of Halliburton; no mention is made of how Americans are ever so kindly building a pipeline all the way through Jordan just so the Israelis can acquire Iraqi oil for an astonishing cut price $2 a barrell while the rest of the world pays in excess of $100 per barrell! NO MENTION WHATSOEVER!
Fortunately we have RT, the one news channel that gets near the truth -
Tariq Ali: US, UK never faced justice for Iraq war crimes
Confirmation that US Govt. uses Death Squads to create 'Civil War' in Iraq
Ten years ago, more or less to the day, I wrote the following on the then Signs of the Times page: "As I sit
Chemical Weapons Attack On Aleppo by Rebels Syria
Cypriot Parliament Vote Against Bank Account Raid – News & Views
Cyprus vote no on raiding the bank accounts of citizens, but bankruptcy looms if deal cannot be met.,1471908,22158662.html
Abstimmung im Parlament : Zypern lehnt Rettungs-Paket ab
Banking Chief Calls For 15% Looting of Italians’ Savings
When Truth Is Suppressed Countries Die
By Paul Craig Roberts
"Today the bulk of the population knows nothing except the propaganda fed to them by the oligarchic interests. They sit in front of Fox News or CNN and ingest it all. Those who fancy themselves more sophisticated get the same dose of lies from the New York Times."
The corrupt corporations, the corrupt media, and the corrupt US government have insulated the country from truth. The result will be a massive crash. A country built on lies is like a house built on sand:
Ugly Facebook Post From The Police Union In Columbia, Missouri
Al Jazeera Chief Resigns
Al-Jazeera satellite TV channel has announced Tuesday that its director has stepped down after serving the network for eight years.
Wadah Khanfar's resignation follows release of documents by Wikileaks, purporting to show he had close ties with the U.S. and agreed to remove some content in response to American objections.
The leaked 2010 U.S. diplomatic cable indicated that Khanfar was in constant contact with the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency
Syrian rebels fire chemical weapons in Aleppo, killing 15 - state news agency — RT News
'Chemical weapons used by militants'
CONTAGION! Depositor Haircut Bail-Ins Spread to New Zealand, Gov’t Discussing Cyprus Style Solution for Bank Failure!
The rule of law in the entire Western financial world is apparently vaporizing faster than the spent fuel at Fukushima.
Cost of U.S. wars in Iraq, Afghanistan will linger over 100 years
The U.S. government will be paying for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for the next century. History says so: the federal government is still making monthly payments to relatives of veterans from wars dating back to the Civil War and the Spanish-American War.
The biggest owners are foreign companies.
Robert Mundell, evil genius of the euro
Greg Palast: For the architect of the euro, taking macroeconomics away from elected politicians and forcing deregulation were part of the plan
Iraq records huge rise in birth defects
It played unwilling host to one of the bloodiest battles of the Iraq war. Fallujah's homes and businesses were left shattered; hundreds of Iraqi civilians were killed. Its residents changed the name of their "City of Mosques" to "the polluted city" after the United States launched two massive milita...
ARUNDHATI ROY: When the United States invaded Iraq, a New York Times/CBS News survey estimated that 42 percent of the American public believed that Saddam Hussein was directly responsible for the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. And an ABC News poll said that 55 percent of Americans believed that Saddam Hussein directly supported al-Qaeda. None of this opinion is based on evidence, because there isn’t any. All of it is based on insinuation or to suggestion and outright lies circulated by the U.S. corporate media, otherwise known as the "free press," that hollow pillar on which contemporary American democracy rests. Public support in the U.S. for the war against Iraq was founded on a multitiered edifice of falsehood and deceit, coordinated by the U.S. government and faithfully amplified by the corporate media.
Of the 29 Ministers entitled to attend Cabinet meetings, 23 have assets and investments estimated to be worth more than £1million.
Our Price: £45.00
9/11 The Great American Psy-Opera
Climate change links: Beware of disinfo
1.Sea level rise has decelerated –
3.Temperature history/CO2 – (pg.4) and
New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism
Alarmist computer models assume human carbon dioxide emissions indirectly cause substantial increases in atmospheric humidity and cirrus clouds (each of which are very effective at trapping heat), but real-world data have long shown that carbon dioxide emissions are not causing as much atmospheric humidity and cirrus clouds as the alarmist computer models have predicted.
<cirrus clouds are caused by stratospheric spraying of nucley and chemtrails or "persistent-contrails" aka contrail-cirrus>
The man made global warming agenda: Control. Currency. Profits
Al Gore, the former US vice president, could become the world's first carbon billionaire after investing heavily in green energy companies.
9/11 The Great American Psy-Opera
Selling the Iraq war: Experts knew the intel was faulty. Why didn’t they blow the whistle?
Putin: Cyprus bailout deposit grab unprofessional & dangerous
The Russian leadership has lashed out at Cyprus' plan to tax bank deposits. President Vladimir Putin
Open the Saudi File on the Sept. 11th 2001 Attack NOW!
The battle to open the file on the Saudi role in the 9/11/2001 attack is now at a critical point, in the aftermath of the bipartisan attack on Barack Obama's unconstitutional seizing of power in the United States. According to well-placed intelligence sources in Washington, D.C., the White House was...
Globalists Created Wahhabi Terrorism to Destroy Islam and Justify a Global State
A discussion of the thesis that the British established sects such as the Ahmadiyya to sow discord among Muslims.
The photos Saudi Arabia doesn't want seen – and proof Islam's most holy relics are being demolished.
The authorities in Saudi Arabia have begun dismantling some of the oldest sections of Islam’s most important mosque as part of a highly controversial multi-billion expansion.
Pakistan Pushes Global Ban on Unilateral Drone Strikes -- News from
Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry is reporting that it is pushing for a global ban on “unilateral drone strikes” against sovereign nations, something it hopes to secure support for at the United Nations.
"Media manipulation in the U.S. today is more efficient than it was in Nazi Germany, because here we have the pretense that we are getting all the information we want. That misconception prevents people from even looking for the truth." - Mark Crispin Miller
"Following the same course that virtually every other major industry has in the last two decades, a relentless series of mergers and corporate takeovers has consolidated control of the media into the hands of a few corporate behemoths. "The result has been that an increasingly authoritarian agenda has been sold to the American people by a massive, multi-tentacled media machine that has become, for all intents and purposes, a propaganda organ of the state." - David McGowan
"When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic." - Dresden James.
As I said previously many times that in most of the crimes of US government and military the ordinary people of "Land of Brave" are equally responsible because they support murder, massacres, crimes, destruction and approve killings of innocent people around the world just because their government thinks someone far away on different side of the world is "suspected" terrorist, not even proven but just "suspected" he/she should be killed.
These people of "land of the brave" also known as America clearly are the most statist and sheeple people of the world as a recent survey shows that 65% of Americans support the targeted killing of "SUSPECTED terrorists" and not just that these statists ignorant McDonald abused, Kim & Kanye addicted zombies brainwashed by FOX news approve killing of their own citizens in their own land that percentage hits near 51%, so now imagine what the fascist government of US can do to innocent people of the world if their own majority of people approve killing of their own people?
Read the survey results here:
Pimco CEO Mohamed El-Erian told CNBC today that the decision to loot the bank accounts of Cypriot savers could blow up Europe and lead to civil unrest across the continent.
Invading Iraq was a terrible mistake and violation of UN charter - Hans Blix
Hans Blix, who was the head of U.N. weapons inspections
Cyprus banks shut until Thursday amid pressure to rethink savings tax – live
Crisis? What crisis? Let's hit Syria
By Pepe Escobar
So now everyone is faced with the very likely possibility that Paris and London will simply ignore yet one more EU policy - which, by the way, they are signed up to - and start "doing the right thing", as in merrily weaponizing the Syrian "rebels", al-Qaeda-style Salafi-jihadis included, by May or June. That's exactly what Paris and London did in the case of Libya in 2011. And that's exactly what Desert Storm Hollande - supported by David of Arabia - did recently in his invasion of Mali.
Israel’s surprising best seller contradicts founding ideology
Economics and Finance Fanatic
Putin: Cyprus bailout deposit grab unprofessional & dangerous
The Russian leadership has lashed out at Cyprus' plan to tax bank deposits. President Vladimir Putin
Meet Maxim, the young inventor of a truly jaw-dropping new technology with limitless applications that will eliminate the need for screens and monitors — and all manner of electronic junk.
US drone strikes in Syria ‘dangerous escalation’
U.S drone strikes in Syria are “the most disturbing manifestation of the international drone warfare policy.”
Economy of Cyprus is going to be killed
Cyprus will collect 3.5 billion euros from Russian citizens, taking into account the total amount of deposits. The country is in the process of discussing one-time write-off of 9.9 percent of all deposits exceeding 100,000 euros. The banking system …
"False Flag" in Syrien führte zur Stationierung von Patriot-Raketen in der Türkei.
Es ist mittlerweile hinlänglich bekannt, dass die US-Politik und die amerikanischen Geheimdienste seit jeher vor keiner Tat zurückschrecken, um ihre Interessen durchzusetzen. Für Millionen von Mens...
Gilad Atzmon - Writings - Is Palestinian Solidarity an Occupied Zone?
Ronnie Kasrils: “This is much worse than Apartheid..Israeli measures, the brutality, make apartheid look like a picnic. We never had Jets attacking our townships; we never had sieges that lasted months after months. We never had tanks destroying houses.”
News that the International Monetary Fund initially demanded to loot a shocking 40% of savings from the private bank accounts of Cypriots underscores how residents of the Mediterranean country could be the latest victims of the infamous “IMF riot,” as the chief economist of the German Commerzbank calls for Italians to be similarly plundered for 15% of their savings.
This Is What European Banks' Loan-To-Deposit Ratios Look Like
Actually, there is one more thing. Deposits, or specifically, the Loan to Deposit Ratios of European banks. The chart [above] explains why not only is Europe's several asset constrained, it is also running out of funding, in the form of depositor cash: the most critical bank liability. Remember: without incremental deposits, banks can not invest in new assets, unless they generate cash from operations, and thus grow shareholder equity. There is a problem: as the final chart below shows, Europe, and especially Scandinavia which has consistently remained off the radar, is literally off the charts when it comes to LTD ratios.
With banks such as Danske, SHB, Swebank, DnB, and Nordea literally at 200% Loan-to-Deposits, but most other European banks too, even the tiniest outflow in deposit cash (ala what is happening in the PIIGS) will send the system into yet another liquidity spasm. Only this time, since what little unencumbered assets remaining have already been pledged to the ECB, there will be no quick LTRO collateral-type fix this time.
The Rape Of Cyprus By The European Union & The IMF
17 Signs Of A Full-Blown Economic Depression Raging In Southern Europe
Katainen valehtelee jälleen: Kyproksen pankkiralli ja 'tallettajavastuu'
MI6 and CIA were told before invasion that Iraq had no active WMD
BBC's Panorama reveals fresh evidence that agencies dismissed intelligence from Iraq foreign minister and spy chief
The adage ‘the best way to rob a bank is to own a bank’ has perhaps never before held more truth than now in Cyprus. Deposit-holders got a nasty surprise when they learned that EU ministers and the IMF agreed to massive bailout plan for Cyprus, which includes a one-time tax of 9.9% on bank deposits that exceed 100,000 euros, as well as a tax of 6.75% on smaller deposits.
The unprecedented decision has sparked panic as people queued up at ATM machines to rescue their savings. Many cash machines ran out of banknotes because of the panic withdrawals – one bank had its entrance blocked with a bulldozer by one disgruntled customer.
This Is The Most Unpopular Opinion On Child Porn You'll Ever See — And I'm Asking You To Agree With It.
Sara Critchfield
VIDEO: Why Is 30% Of The U.S. Being Planted With Corn?
<and free chemtrails in the background>
Mielenosoittajat valtasivat Olli Rehnin toimiston – ”Tämä rakennus on täynnä rikollisia!”
2 Monkeys Were Paid Unequally; See What Happens Next
More Iran lies exposed by WikiLeaks, honest intelligence | Green Left Weekly
Former US National Intelligence Council chairperson Thomas Fingar received the 2013 Sam Adams Award for Integrity in
"Fukushima: Two Years After" - VVH-TV News Special Report
<close to 10% of the Japanese landmass recieved fallout>
“Plumes of radioactivity from Fukushima are migrating in the Pacific towards the U.S. West Coast” -C
2 Year Anniversary of Fukushima: The Accident Is NOT Contained
Syrian army wipes out extremist ringleader
The Syrian army has wiped out a large group of terrorists in the vicinity of Damascus, report local media sources.
Steven Seagal - Into The Sun - Full Movie
The Quiet Earth.1985. Full movie.English. Geoff Murphy
Keiser Report: Financial Pearl-Harbor (E419)
Growing Glaciers
8 Feb 11 - Glaciers are growing on two different mountains in Italy - Mount Canin and Mount Montasio. Will you see this in the main-stream media?Glaciers growing in Italy
Anti-marijuana New York assemblyman busted for weed possession | The Raw Story
A Republican lawmaker in New York who has a record of voting against medical marijuana legalization has been arrested and charged with
There's Something Rotten In Your Fridge, But It's Made Of Plastic
CONFISCATION: Panicked Europeans Rush ATMs as Leaders Move To Seize Funds Directly From Bank Account Holders
Fruits and veggies that are good for detoxing
This man reports his top 5 foods that have kept him alive and not sick a day in his life:
Garlic:Olive Oil:Cinnamon:Chocolate:Honey: Prostitutes
AIDS was deliberately created to deliberately depopulation development of humanity - created at Fort Dietrick through US Bioweapons development.
This Crazy Cyprus Deal Could Screw Up A Lot More Than Cyprus...
The Eurozone powers-that-be (mainly, Germany) insisted that the depositors in Cyprus's banks pay part of the tab.
Not the bondholders.
The depositors. The folks who had their money in the banks for safe-keeping.
When Cyprus's banks reopen on Tuesday morning, every depositor will have some of his or her money seized. Accounts under 100,000 euros will have 6.75% of the funds seized. Accounts over 100,000 euros will have 9.9% seized. And then the Eurozone's emergency lending facility and the International Monetary Fund will inject 10 billion euros into the banks to allow them to keep operating.
Cyprus Savers Get Robbed By Eurozone Bail Out
Bail In means private citizens are responsible for the bail out. These masked terms mean anyone with over €100,000 has a whopping 9.9% of their money seized and anyone with deposits in a Cyprus bank below €100,000 is going to lose 6.75% of their savings deposited in Cyprus financial institutions. Unbelievable. The savings deposit seizure was announced when the banks are closed, so instead of a run on the banks, we have a run on the ATMs. Needless to say those ATMs are limited in withdrawals and also ran out of money fairly quickly . Lockdown of Cypriot Savings was preplanned and has already taken place before the announced private deposit seizure.
The Euozone has just crossed the Rubicon, directly making citizens pay for financial follies of the global banking system.
A Tale of Three Tailors
Think about this for second, the cost of a suit, shoes and belt hasn't really changed (in gold terms) in more than two thousand years!
Real Syria Updates: Al Jazeera Reporter Raped by Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists
The Coming Derivatives Panic That Will Destroy Global Financial Markets
FINANCIAL IMPLOSION: Global Derivatives Market at $1,200 Trillion Dollars … 20 Times the World Economy
Top Derivatives Expert Estimates Size of the Global Derivatives Market at $1,200 Trillion Dollars … 20 Times Larger than the Global Economy
The point of this detour being that if any of these four banks fails, the repercussions would be disastrous. And no, Frank Dodd’s bank “resolution” provision would do absolutely nothing to prevent an epic systemic collapse.
Free, Open Source Smartphone Apps to Encrypt Communications Now Available!!
The Fed's $16 Trillion Bailouts Under-Reported
The audit of the Fed’s emergency lending programs was scarcely reported by mainstream media – albeit the results are undoubtedly newsworthy. It is the first audit of the Fed in United States history since its beginnings in 1913. The findings verify that over $16 trillion was allocated to corporations and banks internationally, purportedly for “financial assistance” during and after the 2008 fiscal crisis.
Fed made $9 trillion in emergency overnight loans
Federal Reserve Lost 9 TRILLION Dollars.
Subatomic calculations indicate finite lifespan for universe
If confirmed, the discovery would help resolve a key puzzle about how the universe came into existence some 13.7 billion years ago - and perhaps how it will end.
Earth will likely be long gone before any Higgs boson particles set off an apocalyptic assault on the universe. Physicists expect the sun to burn out in 4.5 billion years or so, and expand, likely engulfing Earth in the process.
June 26, 2012 — Scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have invented a new toilet system that will turn human waste into electricity and fertilisers and also reduce the amount of water needed for flushing by up to 90 per cent compared to current toilet systems in Singapore
Fed President: Too-Big-To-Fail Banks Need To Be Broken Up
(Adds details from speech) By Pedro Nicolaci da Costa NATIONAL HARBOR, Md., March 16 (Reuters) - The largest U.S. banks are "practitioners of crony capitalism," need to be broken up to ensure they are no longer considered too big to fail, and continue to
Imagine a country in which the government pays convicted con artists and criminals to scour minority religious communities for disgruntled, financially desperate, or mentally ill patsies who can be talked into joining fake terrorist plots, even if only for money.
A Dangerous Man - Steven Seagal - Full Movie
Brooklyn Under Seige: Bloomberg's Riot Continues--Martial Law, Nearly 50 Arrests, 5 Days Of Rioting.
Riots broke out on the streets of Brooklyn as residents in Flatbush are outraged by the killing of 16-year-old Kimani Gray by NYPD last Saturday (Mar. 9). For three nights straight, protesters have gathered, with demonstrators
It's all play money anyway, so don't fret. I keep reading where so and so bank is being fined $600 million for insider trading or laundering drug money. Ever wonder who they pay the fine to? It's all an illusion, a mindfuck game they play for the sheeple to BELIEVE it's all above board. I just laugh and shake my head.
Good Agent is A Bad Agent (Action,2013,USA) FULL MOVIE in English
Operation Ajax - CIA operation against Iran
Protest for 16 year old Kimani Gray Murdered by undercover NYPD cops with NO badges !
A peaceful protest in Brooklyn at the 67th Precinct was spun to look like a riot so police could have a reason to beat and arrest unarmed protestors angry at...
The NYPD Declares Martial Law in Brooklyn
"During the height of the Iraq War, the Bush administration and the media framed the US military's role as a neutral peacemaker in the middle of a sectarian civil war.
"According to a new BBC/The Guardian documentary, the Bush administration deliberately fomented the civil war by arming death squads and operating a vast network of torture centers, organized by veterans from Reagan's dirty wars in Central America." (K)
Canadian police arrest over 250 at anti-brutality rally
<Canadian Police beat up anti-police-brutalit y protesters! You couldn't make it up!!!>
Syrjivä vähemmistöpolitiikka ja kurjat elinolosuhteet ajavat romanit pois kotimaastaan. Euroopan parlamentin palkitsema Tero Koskisen tv-raportti kuvaa romanien elinolosuhteita Helsingissä.
Mossad Truck Bombs on Sept 11
Rare recording of Police radio from September 11th 2001. Police capture 2 Mossad agents caught delivering a Truck Bomb next to the WTC building in
The Road to World War 3
No need for intifada, Palestine can achieve goals peacefully – Abbas to
"One of our major achievements is the fact that now Palestinian territories are officially called an occupied state. For many years now Israel, supported by many Western countries, has considered Palestine disputed territories. And if the territories are disputed, they could argue about who this land belongs to and to what extent. Israel cannot do this anymore. And we have the right to become full, permanent members in any international organization."
Geoengineering by Increasing Aerosols Could Make Blue Skies a Thing of the Past
Some new research looks at the unintended consequences of injecting aerosols into the atmosphere to block solar radiation and cool the planet, finding that doing so could turn skies everywhere into a brighter, whiter,
The involvement of the then Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio with the crimes committed by the Argentine dictatorship
weakened their criticism of the political and economic decisions of the Kirchner government, according to the U.S. embassy in Buenos …
Sibel Edmonds Explains Who's At The Top Of The Pyramid
In this sixth part of the ongoing Sibel Edmonds Gladio B conversation, we ask the question: Who is
Hugo Chavez instead sought to make morality and ethics the great issues of the day. He did this by confronting the "privileged elite who have destroyed a large part of the world," and by making sure the marginalized were also "a part of the human community."
Recognizing that "frivolous consumerism was irrational" and that, "Capitalism leads us straight to hell!", he believed the "North American Empire was the biggest menace to our planet." After an attempted coup and several assassination attempts on his life by the U.S. Empire, specifically for nationalizing international oil cartels, Hugo Chavez understood that, "When imperialism feels weak, it resorts to brute force," and "the attacks against Venezuela are a sign against weakness, ideological weakness." He also believed it was necessary to transcend capitalism, and that the kind of socialism the Soviet Union attempted to promote had to be reinvented.

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