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The New Yorker today launched ‘Strongbox,’ a whistleblower submission system designed to allow anonymous leakers to digitally transmit important information to journalists. "The underlying code, called 'Dead-Drop,' is an
In 2011, Abu Sakhar (heart eater) was shown on AJ as an army defector. Then, in a march holding an olive branch!!,0,7829634.story

America Keeps Honoring One of Its Worst Mass Murderers: Henry Kissinger

Including ten quotes that illustrate his megalomania and indifference to the deaths of untold numbers of civilians.
Mr. Kissinger's most significant historical act was executing Richard Nixon's orders to conduct the most massive bombing campaign, largely of civilian targets, in world history. He dropped 3.7 million tons of bombs** between January 1969 and January 1973 - nearly twice the two million dropped on all of Europe and the Pacific in World War II. He secretly and illegally devastated villages throughout areas of Cambodia inhabited by a U.S. Embassy-estimated two million people; quadrupled the bombing of Laos and laid waste to the 700-year old civilization on the Plain of Jars; and struck civilian targets throughout North Vietnam - Haiphong harbor, dikes, cities, Bach Mai Hospital - which even Lyndon Johnson had avoided. His aerial slaughter helped kill, wound or make homeless an officially-estimated six million human beings**, mostly civilians who posed no threat whatsoever to U.S. national security and had committed no offense against it.
Alexander Pearce
Van Diemans Land (Action,Adventure,2013,USA) FULL MOVIE in English
How to Make Hydrogen Gas
It's easy to generate hydrogen gas at home or in a lab using common household materials. Here's how to make hydrogen safely.
Herd Immunity: Three Reasons Why I Don’t Vaccinate My Children… And Why Vaccine Supporters Shouldn’t Care That I Use Vaccine Exemption Forms
Overview & Features
MeCam is the hands-free wearable video camera that pins to your shirt, can be worn as a necklace, or pinned on to anything to capture video from that point of view. Unique features include its small size, light weight, and ability to shoot in low-light/dark conditions through Infrared (IR) LED lights built into the device.
50-70 $
Winston Churchill's Secret Poison Gas Memo
New App Lets You Boycott Koch Brothers, Monsanto And More By Scanning Your Shopping Cart
CIA: Assad to Get 75% of Votes in Next Term, Syrian Gov’t in Advance
The FSA Scavenger Identified Working for Qatari Aljazeera -
Military sexual assault prevention officer accused of running prostitution ring
The US military officer overseeing sexual assault prevention at the Fort Hood base in Texas is now under investigation for sexual assault, including allegations of maltreatment of subordinates and running a prostitution ring.
Churchill - the truth
Black history month starts tomorrow, but what we really need is white history month to dispel all the myths
Alleged British use of chemical weapons in Mesopotamia in 1920
Iraqi revolt against the British - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Iraqi revolt against the British, also known as the 1920 Iraqi Revolt or Great Iraqi Revolution of 1920, started in Baghdad in the summer of 1920 with mass demonstrations by Iraqis, including protests by embittered officers from the old Ottoman army, against the British occupation of Iraq. The r...
The Churchill you didn't know

Thousands voted him the greatest Briton - but did they know about his views on Gandhi, gassing and Jews...
"I do not understand the squeamishness about the use of gas. I am strongly in favour of using poisonous gas against uncivilised tribes." Who said this? Bashar Al-Assad? Nope. It was Winston Churchill.
False Flag-O-Meter reaches the red zone: Why a government-orchestrated distraction event is highly likely to occur in the next 7 days
Right now, Hilary Clinton and President Obama are facing the possible downfall of their political careers over the Benghazi cover-up. Thanks to recent testimony, we now know that the Obama administration actually ordered the stand-down of U.S. military forces, directly causing the death of a U.S. ambassador as well as those in the embassy who attempted to save his life.
2012 Bilderberg Meeting Participant List
Revealed: Military emails show that NO U.S. sailors witnessed Osama bin Laden's secret burial at sea

The heavily redacted internal emails released by the Defense
Navy sonar 'did cause mass dolphin deaths' say scientists who blame war games exercise off Cornish c

The Royal Navy has been blamed for driving dozens of dolphins to an agonising death during anti-submarine war games near Falmouth Bay, Cornwall.
Tom Hurndall: a remarkable man's photographs of the Middle East

Peace activist Tom Hurndall died at 22 after being shot by an Israeli sniper. His images and articles, that grew in intensity as his journey became more difficult, are published in a new book, writes Sean O'Hagan
Netanyahu Summoned to China
25389 Bush
5375  Bush
3130  *****<government troll>
1430  Al Gore
Sugar: The Bitter Truth
 1:26:21 Farmageddon - The truth about the food and dairy industry
TheTruth About Your Food with FOOD, INC. Filmmaker Robert Kenner
The World According to Monsanto (FULL LENGTH)
One-Third of U.S. Honeybee Colonies Died Last Winter, Threatening Food Supply
US Military's Colonialist Wars | Interview Eric Margolis

Abby Martin talks to Eric Margolis, award-winning columnist and author, about the US's role in
Miksi meille syötetään tällaista roskaa?

Suomalaista ruoan ostajaa vedätetään mennen tullen. Meille myydään lisäaineilla pumpattua ruokaa, joka on oikeasti ihan muuta kuin mitä sen sanotaan olevan. Lihapullia, jotka ovat kanannahkaa, ja ruokaa, jossa on pyykkipulvereissakin paheksuttuja fosfaatteja,
Holder Begs Court To Prevent Public From Seeing Obama’s “Executive Privilege” Records Relating to “F

Attorney General Eric Holder and his Department of Justice have asked a federal court to indefinitely delay a lawsuit brought by watchdog group Judicial Watch. The lawsuit seeks the enforcement of open records
Russia’s counterintelligence agency FSB says it has detained a CIA agent in Moscow trying to recruit an officer of the Russian secret service. The agent was operating under guise of career diplomat
'Abuse of Power': Obama's DOJ Blasted for Seizure of AP Phone Records

Obama's Justice Department is under fire following revelations revealed by the Associated Press that the government secretly obtained two months worth of private phone records from the news agency in 2012 during what
Syria: Brigade Fighting in Homs Implicated in Atrocities | Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch has reviewed graphic evidence that appears to show a commander of the Syrian opposition “Independent Omar al-Farouq” brigade mutilating the corpse of a pro-government fighter. The figure in the video cuts the heart and liver out of the body and uses sectarian language to insult Al...
BBC News: Outrage at Syrian rebel shown 'eating soldier's heart'
Reports suggest Syrian opposition involvement in Turkish bombings - World Socialist Web Site

Despite evidence that groups involved in the campaign against the Syrian regime were behind the bombings, Turkish leaders are pushing to use them as a pretext for war.
9/11 - How to convince people by TheGMMuk!107685/
Perverse Waffen
Strafrechtlich und völkerrechtlich sind die Probleme, die der Einsatz von Drohnen aufwirft, so groß, dass Obama – nach den Wahlen – verkündete: „Wir brauchen ein legales Fundament.“ Juristen hatten ihn auf zwei Lücken aufmerksam gemacht. Erstens sind gezielte Tötungen von Menschen in Friedenszeiten strafrechtlich schlicht illegal – reine Willkürakte. Und zweitens handelt sich bei diesen Einsätzen um einen Bruch des Völkerrechts.
911 by GMM - Pt 1/9 Victim's families & the Stand Down order
911 by GMM - Pt 6/9 Pentagon, CCTV & Vaporising Planes
Afghanistan Demands Arrest of ‘American’ Death Squad Leader
The US and Afghanistan are at loggerheads again after new accusations that an American citizen has ‘disappeared’ fifteen people in the province of Wardak, where continued NATO presence has been hotly opposed.
Phone Records of Journalists of The Associated Press Seized by U.S.

The Associated Press reported that the Justice Department had secretly obtained the phone records of its offices and journalists, calling it a “massive and unprecedented intrusion.”
Relative humidity values for natural forming cirrus clouds.
"Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the person that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool."
― Plato
Ancient Mayan pyramid destroyed by construction company in Belize

One of the oldest and most famous Mayan pyramids has been destroyed by a construction company in Belize, while digging for crushed rock for a road they were building.
Syria rebel cuts, eats soldier’s heart

A video emerges on the Internet, showing a militant cutting out the heart of a Syrian soldier and eating it.
Car bomb kills at least 15 outside hospital in Benghazi, Libya

At least 15 people, including three children, were killed and another 30 injured when a car bomb
CIA and Contras cocaine trafficking in the US - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The involvement of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in cocaine trafficking in Central America during the Reagan Administration as part of the Contra war in Nicaragua has been the subject of several official and journalistic investigations since the mid-1980s.
The Vaccine Hoax is Over. Documents from UK reveal 30 Yeas of Cover-up
" Freedom of Information Act in the UK filed by a doctor there has revealed 30 years of secret official documents showing that government experts have

1. Known the vaccines don’t work
2. Known they cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent
3. Known they are a hazard to children
4. Colluded to lie to the public
5. Worked to prevent safety studies "
America is Loosing its Covert Syria War: US Sponsored Al Nusra Rebels Defeated by Syrian Armed Force
FSA Terrorist Abu Saqqar Eats the Heart of a Syrian Soldier after Ripping it Out (Warning: 18+)

Warning: Graphic content (not for shock, 18+, not for faint-hearted, viewer discretion advised, aimed only at documenting crimes by FSA terrorists in Syria) ...
Unusually Large U.S. Weapons Shipment to Israel: Are the US and Israel Planning a Broader Middle Eas

A very large delivery of US weaponry to Israel consisting of 3,000 tons of “ammunition” is scheduled to sail to Israel. The size and nature of the shipments are described as “unusual”:
 Reyhanli residents blame Turkish government for deadly bombs
CNN Busted For Faking Satellite Interview.
CIA Agents Confirm Obama Told Them Not To Aid Ambassador Chris Stevens - The White House Disinformat
Israeli 'Settlers' Caught Poisoning Water Wells of Palestinian Villages. AKA-Ethnic Cleansing.

Press TV Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of

ProPalestinian Ad Ignites Jew Fury
Death Squads in El Salvador:
A Pattern of U.S. Complicity
27% of Spaniards are out of work. Yet in one town everyone has a job
Al Gore Admits Chemtrails are Real and Meant to Block Out the SUN
<Actually he said those proposals for blocking the sun are wrong because animals and plants need the sun and we would loose our blue sky. We have lost our blue sky. The sky is mostly a whitish blue or just white. He also mentioned silver iodide. This is exactly what they are using and not the sulfur scientists are proposing in the media campaign to promote geoengineering and prepare the public for geoengineering.Al Gore knowing about silver iodide when in reality sulfur is mentioned is the evidence for me that Al Gore knows that geoengineering is gong on and that silver iodide is being used.>
Israel attempts to prevent Russian S-300 delivery to Syria

Early next week, Israeli PM Netanyahu will meet Russian President Putin in Sochi for what seems to be an attempt to dissuade the latter from sending S-300 anti-aircraft batteries to the Syrian armed forces. Chances for a successful mission seem small.
Mitä pirua päällemme oikein sumutetaan? 1/7
l miss the world I thought we had,
before finding out the rulers are all mad.
Jail sentences for every corrupt politician,
who sold us out for their own ambition.

I miss those days gone by,
before the chemtrails littered the sky.
I look forward to the day all wars end,
and we can call all the world friend.

I look forward to the day the media dies,
because it is now just government lies.
Death to Monsanto is coming soon,
and jail for every corrupt corporate tycoon.

A great world awaits if we stick to our guns,
and people wise up to the bankers' runs.
Killing our currency through inflation,
taking the rest with criminal taxation.

People worldwide need to come together,
to get through the Elite's stormy weather.
The world needs to rise as one,
just like New World Order has done.

It's our world to do with as we please,
and we won't be reduced to our knees.
By fake governments run by crooks,
who have changed all our history books.

A New World Order is destined to fail,
and all its supporters thrown in jail.
Enslavement is not a good fit,
so never will we surrender or quit.

Ok, that's all I have to say,
other than have a Happy Mothers' Day!

Thanks C.A.N.
Turkish protesters call for Erdogan's resignation

Angry Turkish protesters have poured into the streets, calling on Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to step down after two car bombings in a town near the Syrian border.
Bitten (2008) - Full Movie [Eng]
Frank Herbert's Dune (part 1 of 2)
How Cirrus Clouds Form — And Why It Matters
 Cirrus clouds are made of ice particles and can cover 30% of Earth's atmosphere.
CREDIT: Michael Thompson / NASA

Give the upper atmosphere dust, and it will make cirrus clouds.

It has long been a mystery exactly what causes the formation of cirrus clouds, the wispy billows of ice that can be seen high in the sky. But new research, detailed in the May 9 issue of the journal Science, finds that the clouds condense and freeze, or nucleate, on very specific mineral and metal particles high in the atmosphere. That makes cirrus clouds unique: Most other clouds form primarily by condensing onto organic particles, said study author Dan Cziczo, an atmospheric chemist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

It's important to know how these clouds form, as they can cover up to 30 percent of the Earth's atmosphere at any given time, and have a big effect on the climate, Cziczo told OurAmazingPlanet.

Clouds and climate

In fact, clouds have about 10 times the impact on climate that man-made greenhouse-gas emissions do, said Brian Toon, a researcher at the University of Colorado at Boulder who wasn't involved in the study. "
The new study shows, however, that humans actually impact the formation of cirrus clouds (just as climate change affects cloud formation and vice versa, in little-understood ways), by sampling the ice crystals making up the clouds and seeing what particles they formed on. Although mineral particles have always found their way into the upper atmosphere, where cirrus clouds hang out, humans have increased the amount of mineral dust that arrives there through land-use changes such as deforestation and land development, Toon said. Cziczo estimates that the level of these minerals has increased by about 50 percent since the beginning of industrialization. Metallic particles are also introduced by humans through the burning of fossil fuels and other industrial activities, he said.
At the moment, important issues are carried out in the atmosphere, in particular experimental research techniques, rules of the game, as well as the introduction of the issues, says Academy Research Fellow and Group Manager Hannele Korhonen, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Kuopio Unit. If climate engineering techniques will be discussed by various international bodies and contract schemes, there is a risk that they will end up in part to differing results. Therefore, international co-operation and co-ordination issues have a central role in the near future.

Ilmastonmuokkauksella refers to technologies that have negative impacts of climate change could seek to annul the. In particular, some of the solar radiation reflected back to space technologies have attracted recent interest, since they are expected to be able to significant climate cooling in a relatively low cost. This has raised fears that individual countries or country groups may in the future be independently climate editing the mitigation of climate change, the consequences of its own territory. Climate editing methods, however, the problem is that their effects evenly distributed to every corner of the globe. They may be caused by severe drought in the tropics populous areas.
Pakistan Court Decision Finds US Drone Strikes Are ‘War Crimes,’ Which Are ‘Absolutely Illegal’ |

A high court in Pakistan has found that United States drone strikes carried out in Pakistan by the CIA are war crimes, which are “absolutely
Turkey Protesters March in Support of Assad
Turkish people despite their government are supportive of Assad government and the Syrian people.

The weekend bombing in the border city of Turkey has escalated the tension, Turkey government has accused groups linked to Syrian government responsible of attack. Many suspect this accusation as it does not benefit the Government in Damascus.

Many believe the bombing was a smart FSA-Mossad co-venture to bring Turkey involved to do the job for them.
Vicious Cycle: Thousands in Ohio too poor to pay debts, jailed with no trial

The American Civil Liberties Union is warning the US public against being bogged down in too much debt.
Belarus Prepares to Confront NATO Military Aggression | Global Research

On Novermber 4th, President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko told reporters in Grodno, that  the NATO terrorists who murdered Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi were worse than the Nazis. The President of Belarus said:
“There was an act of aggression and the national leaders, including Gaddafi, were killed. He was not killed on a battlefield. NATO security services helped abduct the national leader. He was tortured and shot and treated worse than the Nazi did in their time. Libya was destroyed as a sovereign state”
arctic melt via chemhaze
9-11 Explosive Evidence : Experts Speak Out
Misfire: NATO mortar ‘gift’ from Turkey to Syrian rebels – newspaper — RT News

The mortar used to attack the Turkish town of Akcakale is a design specific to NATO and was given to Syrian rebels by Ankara, according to Turkey’s Yurt newspaper. The mortar killed one adult and four children from the same family on Wednesday.
545 vs. 300,000,000 People - By Charlie Reese
Dr. Stan Monteith, a 35-year orthopedic surgeon on Jeff Bauman’s leg amputations: “I believe that this young man was an actor”
US Senate declares the entire USA to be a "Battleground".

A bill passed late last night (93-7 votes) that declares the entire United States of America a battleground. What this means is that the U.S. Military can now operate with impunity, and grant the U.S....
Staatlicher kontrollierter VerkaufMünsteraner Polizeipräsident für Cannabis-Freigabe
VLC media player
Wierdest Chemical Reaction I have Ever Freaking Seen!!
Dad who died during arrest 'begged for his life'; witness videos seized
Researchers establish link between racism and stupidity -

Researchers establish link between racism and stupidity. Findings taken from numerous research projects strongly indicate that prejudice racism and intolerance are more likely to be present in individuals with greater cognitive rigidity less cognitive
Everything is a powerful search tool that locates files and folders by file name instantly, and includes an FTP and Web server interface. Unlike Windows search Everything initially displays all files and folders on your computer. You simply type in part of the desired file name to limit what files and folders are displayed instantly. The more you type, the more specific the list becomes.
Everything could be that replacement you're looking for. This simple, fast tool indexes absolutely all the contents on your hard drive (hence its name) and puts them into an ever-growing database that you can search with keywords, like you use any regular search engine
Trolls, agents and forum spies! How dissent is controlled on the Internet:

Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media:

The need to protect the internet from 'astroturfing' grows ever more urgent:

The Fake Persuaders:

The Gentleperson's Guide To Forum Spies (spooks, feds, etc.):
California dad 'begged for his life' as police beat him to death - witnesses — RT USA
A California father of four died Wednesday shortly after a group of police allegedly beat him with batons as he lay defenseless on the sidewalk. Cops, before confiscating witness' cameras, also reportedly unleashed a canine unit on him.
The Vaccine Hoax is Over. Documents from UK reveal 30 Yeas of Cover-up

May 10, 2013 - Educated parents can either get their children out of harm’s way or continue living inside one of the largest most evil lies in history, that vaccines – full of heavy metals, viral diseases, mycoplasma,
US approves new pesticides linked to mass bee deaths as EU enacts ban

In the wake of a massive US Department of Agriculture report highlighting the continuing large-scale death of honeybees, environmental groups are left wondering why the Environmental Protection Agency has decided to approve a "highly toxic" new pesticide.
Boston Bomber Suspect Tamerlan Buried in Secret Despite Families Request for Independent Autopsy
Are children being zombified?
No More “Fast Food” in Bolivia: McDonald’s Has Closed Down All Its Restaurants
“I won't be a party to a conspiracy to mobilize the Arabs against the Persians. Only the forces of colonialism benefit from such a conspiracy. I won't be a party to a conspiracy that splits Islam into two - Shiite Islam and Sunni Islam – mobilizing Sunni Islam against Shiite Islam.”
~ Colonel Gaddafi
Most Americans seem to not notice, in denial, or just don't care.
The NWO Corporate Fascists appreciate that lack of concern.
Alien Cargo
The Arrival (1991)
Rep. Ann Wagner on The Dana Show 5-8-13
In comments that went largely unnoticed, Missouri Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R) directly blamed President Obama for ordering the stand down which facilitated the assault on the US consulate in Benghazi.

Wagner was asked by talk show host Dana Loesch, “Because you have been an ambassador, you have been overseas with similar responsibilities and similar missions – who gives such an order to stand down? Where does that come from?”

“The President of the United States,” responded Wagner.
Feathery cirrus clouds have a cold metallic heart
Cirrus clouds trap heat, so they play a role in global warming. Understanding the processes behind their formation is essential for assessing the feasibility of any geoengineering efforts designed to negate their warming affect, says David Mitchell of the Desert Research Institute in Reno, Nevada.
REPORT: The US Is Openly Sending Heavy Weapons From Libya To Syrian Rebels
"Free Syrian Army rebels defect to Islamist group Jabhat al-Nusra"
US drone strikes illegal – Pakistani court

The Peshawar High Court has recommended the Pakistani government advance a resolution against the attacks in the United Nations. The court issued its verdict on the CIA-run air strikes in response to four petitions charging the attacks killed civilians and caused
Frequently Asked Questions about IrfanView
There’s more to climate fraud than just tax hikes
Colorado lawmakers approve regulation and tax bills for legal marijuana

The Colorado state legislature passed two historic bills this week that could officially regulate the sale of marijuana.
COINTELPRO: The FBI’s War on Black America
Liste von Mitgliedern der Atlantik-Brücke
Ice Planet 2001
Out of Reach (2004) - Full Movie
Seems Like Old Times (1980)
 1:31:12 My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)
How to Stop Apps Spying On Your Location in Windows 8
Microsoft spies on all your Windows 8 installs – badly encrypted
Ender's Game - Chapter 6: The Giant's Drink
Gun Homicides Hit 20-Year Low In The US Wait, What? [Report]
33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True
Use These Secret NSA Google Search Tips to Become Your Own Spy Agency

'Conspiracy Theory' Counseling Ordered For Pop Singer By Judge Following IRS Trial | Conspiracy Theo
This story is straight out of 'Orwellian's New America' paradigm. Reclusive singer Lauryn Hill has been ordered by a judge to undergo counseling to deal with her 'conspiracy theories' following Hill being sentenced to three...
Roger Pion, Victim of Police brutality and harassment and Mighty Destroyer of cop cars free on bail.
One wants equal rights, the other wants ethnic cleansing... One is backed by the strongest military on earth, the other with stones, bottle rockets and AKs... I stand on the side of the Oppressed.
Stephen Hawking confirms he pulled out of Israel conference due to boycott, not "health" reasons
UN: Rebels – Not Syrian Government – Used Chemical Weapons
Just Like Iraq: U.S. Arms Butchers Who Use Chemical Weapons On Civilians … and Then Tries to Frame Someone Else
UN investigator Carla Del Ponte said that there is strong evidence that the rebels used chemical weapons, but that there is not evidence that the government used such weapons.
Italy appeals court sentences ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi to 4 years in jail over tax fraud

Italy appeals court has upheld the tax fraud conviction against former PM Silvio Berlusconi sentencing him to four years in prison.
The Myth 2005 Jackie Chan Full Movie English Subtitles
Judges are now ordering people to 'undergo counseling because of their conspiracy theories.'
This is like waking up in North Korea
Recreational Marijuana Is Officially Legal In Colorado Today
Today, Governor John Hickenlooper signed an Executive Order making an "official declaration of the vote" related to Amendment 64. The declaration formalizes A64 as part of Colorado's state constitution and makes legal the personal use, possession and limited home-growing of marijuana under Colorado law for adults aged 21 and older
Declassified: Human Experimentation (1/5)
Syria threatens to hit back after deadly Israel raids
Secret Human Testing Revealed in Declassified U.S. Army Documents; Lawsuit Follows
The 13 Most Evil U.S. Government Experiments on Humans - R
Unethical human experimentation in the United States
A History Of US Secret Human Experimentation
Humans Used for Radiation Experiments: A Shameful Chapter in US History
'Conspiracy theory' is a term used by idiots who are quick to dismiss critical thinking and facts.
'Obama runs risk of WWIII'
10 Health Problems Smoking Marijuana Can Help With
A showdown between the federal government and the States is heating up, as two more States join Kansas in passing Federal Gun Control Nullification Acts.
Terror Drills Gone Live
63 Drills Since 93: Where the Drill and Reality Were ‘Coincidently’ Identical – That we Know of.*

Again, if you could stomach the propaganda of at least after the fact accessories to murder. You heard from all the ‘Talking Heads’ about what a great job they were doing with the recent ‘fertilizer explosion’ near Waco. Surely, you heard of the ‘coincidental’ drill?
Russland werde Syrien mit allen Mitteln ausstatten, um feindliche Angriffe abwehren zu können
The mass exodus of Christians from the Muslim world
100,000 Christian Copts have fled Egypt since the "Arab spring".
Over 600,000 Christians have fled Iraq or been killed since the 2003 invasion. 80,000 Christians in the Syrian town of Homs alone have fled or been killed by western-backed rebels. Why is the supposedly Christian west launching wars that kill or displace huge numbers of Christians?
Eyewitnesses to the shootout involving the alleged Boston bombers have thrown up another contradiction to the official narrative, asserting that MBTA Transit Police Officer Richard H. Donohue Jr. was not shot by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev but by other cops in a friendly fire incident
Health of Vaccinated Vs. Unvaccinated Children
Survey: Vaccinated children five times more prone to disease than unvaccinated children

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum - even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there's free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.”
~Noam Chomsky
Mother Faces Down Swat Team & Tank For Refusing to Drug Daughter
 -BREAKING NEWS- Man rounded up by government for being paranoid that government was going to start rounding people up! HA!
Jewish Dominance Of
America - Facts Are Facts
The Federal Reserve -
Zionist Jewish Private Bankers,0,4676183.column
How Jewish is Hollywood?
Do The Jews Own Hollywood
And The Media?
Zionist-dominated media losing audience
From the drug war to the war on terror, the United States is wreaking havoc around the globe
Majority Says the Federal Government Threatens Their Personal Rights

The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted Jan. 9-13 among 1,502 adults, finds that 53% think that the federal government threatens their own personal rights and freedoms while 43% disagree.
“Imran Khan is taking a courageous and principled stand. . . Let us hope that other nations will follow his lead.”– Jim Fetzer

May 6, 2013 - "Obama Violates US and International Law in Pakistan" by Dr. Jim Fetzer

An outcry is growing over the increasing use of drones by the United States both at home and abroad, an American professor says President Barack Obama is now “violating not only American constitutional law but international law.”

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan Saturday reiterated that he would order that Pakistan Air Force to target U.S. drones in country’s airspace if people elected him as Prime Minster. We know from past experience that vast numbers of civilians who have nothing to do with any political issue are being killed by drone attacks”, he added.
Dzhokar Tsarnaev Unarmed When Captured

WASHINGTON -- Two U.S. officials say the surviving suspect in the Boston bombings was unarmed when police captured him hiding inside a boat in a neighborhood back yard. Authorities originally said they had exchanged gunfire with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (joh-KHAHR'
Zenah Khalsa: "Remember how the Police say Jahar was armed with bombs and shot at police and later it was acknowledged he was unarmed when found in the boat and massively fired upon?

By all accounts, the government has manipulated media to RAILROAD the tsarnaev brothers. Absolutely NOTHING is clear or even credible ABOUT the suspects... including whether or not CGI trickery is involved in government deception at the highest levels.

But one overwhelming fact remains above all... this Boston marathon bombing incident has been used to ERODE every American's Constitutionally safeguarded protections.

What we have here is a fact pattern where police SHOOT first, and determine if the suspect is unarmed later. Where police use trickery and possibly murder the suspect then frame the brother. Where lies are told regarding a written confession and plans to attack Times Square adding to charges when suspect has been shot multiple times and is sedated and in serious condition recovering in a hospital WITHOUT legal representative present OR being advised of his right to remain silent.

It is a SHOWPIECE of how a Police State repeals the rights of American citizens. And anyone following this story, and how it's unfolding, who isn't concerned about how these violations may in future impact EVERY American... is sleeping."
"The teen’s wounds were extensive to his head, neck, legs and hands, and came from Tsarnaev being shot multiple times and then injured again by Boston cops with the three flash grenades. Cops first said the wound in his neck came from a botched suicide. Boston police commissioner Ed Davis said Dzhokhar Tsarnaev fired a weapon from inside the boat. The lie died when it was revealed by federal officials that he wasn’t armed."
UN investigator: Testimony indicates rebels, not Assad, used chemical weapons

One of the lead United Nations investigators probing human rights abuses in Syria said Sunday that testimony from victims and field medical staff indicates that Syrian opposition forces -- and not the regime of Bashar al Assad -- may have deployed sarin gas. "Our investigators have been in neig...
Crushing response awaits Israel for aggression against Syria: Iran
Report: Israeli strikes killed dozens of troops, says Syrian official
The Israeli airstrike on Sunday in Syria hit several critical military facilities near Damascus and killed dozens of elite troops stationed near the presidential palace, a high-ranking Syrian military official told the New York Times on Monday.

A doctor at the Syrian military’s Tishreen Hospital said there were at least 100 dead soldiers and many dozens more wounded, the Times reported.

Meanwhile, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights watchdog said on Monday that the Israeli strikes on Syrian military targets at the weekend killed at least 42 soldiers and dozens more were unaccounted for.
President Barack Obama gave a speech to Ohio State University graduates yesterday during which he urged them to “reject” warnings about government “tyranny” and to place more trust in the state.
Terror : Israel führt Krieg gegen Syrien / UNO empört Israels Verhalten - Krisenherde | Kriegsberich

Israel macht mal wieder was es will: Bereits zum zweiten Mal in Folge haben Israels Kampfjets Syrien bombardiert. Das ist zwar ein klarer Verstoß gegen internationales Recht,
"Wie dreist Israel das Völkerrecht verletzt, zeigt sich alleine an der geografischen Tiefe des von israelischen Kampfjets geflogenen Angriffs gegen Syrien. So bombardierte Israel ein angebliches Waffenlager in der Nähe des Flughafens von Damaskus. Man stelle es sich einmal vor: Syrien hätte Stellungen Israels in der Nähe von Tel Aviv mit Kampfjets bombardiert. Noch innerhalb von drei Stunden hätten die USA gemeinsam mit Israel zurückgebombt. So aber "verteidigt" US-Präsident Barack Obama sogar die israelischen Bombenangriffe auf Syrien, die aber nach UN-Definition letztlich staatsterroristische Aktionen gegen ein souveränes Land darstellen."
Syria pinpoints targets in Israel |Middle East |

The Syrian army has pinpointed targets inside Israel to hit in case of further Israeli attacks against Syria, the state TV
UN notes 'concrete suspicions' that Syrian rebels used chemical weapons

UN human rights investigators have spoken to the victims of Syria’s civil war and gathered medical testimonies which point to the Syrian rebels having used sarin nerve gas, while any allegations of its use by the government
Obama administration is fully supportive of Israel's airstrikes in Syria, diplomatic sources and US.

Obama administration is fully supportive of Israel's airstrikes in Syria, diplomatic sources and US officials tell @NBCNews
‘Israel used depleted uranium shells in air strike’ – Syrian source

Israel used "a new type of weapon", a senior official at the Syrian military facility that came under attack from the Israeli Air Force told RT.
Top News Today | Venezuela rejects Obama comments on arrested US film-maker Tim Tracy | World
More and more high-altitude vapour trails appear in our skies as the flight density of commercial aviation increases.
Are all telephone calls recorded and accessible to the US government?

Glenn Greenwald: A former FBI counterterrorism agent claims on CNN that this is the case
"It's a Trick, We Always Use It." (calling people "anti-Semitic")
Israel Helps Its Al-Qaeda Ally With Attack on Syria

Paul Joseph Watson | Tel Aviv emboldens western-backed jihadists.
Israel’s attack on Syria again highlights the fact that Al-Qaeda is an organization under the control of the United States and Israel which is used to destabilize Israel’s enemies in the region. Not only has Israel supported Al-Qaeda-led rebels in Syria, even setting up field hospitals for injured fighters, but back in 2002 Israel was caught actually creating an Al-Qaeda group in order to justify attacks on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.
Full Text of Human Rights Record of the United States in 2012[1]|

The State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China published a report titled Human Rights Record of the United States in 2012 on Sunday.
Above the Law: Israel’s Latest Military Rampage Over Syria

21st Century Wire | This latest unprovoked attack proves that Israel is the single greatest threat to world peace today.
Unprovoked Attack on Syria: US-backed Israel Commits Egregious Interna
The Data is Very Strong: Marijuana Plant Extract Stops Cancers From Spreading
Zur Medienschuld am Syrien-Krieg
Bush cancels Europe trip amid calls for his arrest

<War On Syria _Cartalucci_Bowie2>
 Unprovoked Attack on Syria: US-backed Israel Commits Egregious International Crime
The US feigns disassociation with Hitlerian act of Israeli aggression - as was planned since 2007.
Image: The West has carefully cultivated Israel into "regional bully." Immune from international condemnation, it is now being used to commit egregious war crimes against neighboring Syria, in hopes of provoking a retaliation and giving the US and its regional axis the justification it has long sought to militarily intervene.
Blatant Blitz: Israel bombs Syria, targets chem weapons depot?
Keiser Report: Interest Rates Apartheid (E440)
Analysis of NATO Backed Militants Used WMDs in Syria, 8 of 8
Israel bombs Syrian military research center outside Damascus, U.S. official confirms

"We're witnessing the beginning of the end of Zionism and Imperialism. Israel has just bombed Damascus, and Syria has a defense pact with Iran. Any attack in Syria means that Iran must oblige its commitments or lose face. If Iran responds, then war with Iran will begin and China and Russia must align themselves with Iran because both nations have long realized, that it is they themselves, not Syria or Iran, which are the actual targets of this confrontation. WWIII. Fuck it, let this shit blow over. I hope to wake up one morning to only to see a giant parking lot where Zionazis once occupied. Good night, and fuck Israel"
Syria: Israel bombed research center near Damascus, other targets

Two days after attack on Hezbollah-bound arms convoy, powerful blasts hit outskirts of Syrian capital; US official tells NBC News Israeli fighter jets bombed military research facility north of Damascus early Sunday; Syrian rights group says ammunition depot, missile brigades also hit
We reached our target, the ads are coming to Canada!
Congratulations! Earlier this week, we reached our initial goal of $25,000 for an ad campaign for Palestinian human rights in Canada. Help us expand the campaign - you can still donate, and please "like" and "share" our success so far!
Please donate:
This DHS employee found that 23 people from the list of countries on the HIGH ALERT LIST were being allowed into the US in one day!!!! And---they were NOT being questioned or double-checked!!! She called the FBI to tell them----and SINCE THEN SHE HAS BEEN HARASSED AND RAIDED BY THE GOVERNMENT!!
Instead of investigating those immigrants, THEY CREATED 54 DIFFERENT INVESTIGATIONS INTO HER PAST!!!
FBI classified information about OWS assassination plot

Only one month into the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations last year, plans were formulated to identify key figures in the movement and execute them with a coordinated assault using sniper rifles, new documents reveal.
A young Yemeni writer on the impact and morality of drone-bombing his country
Turbulence 1997
Nobody can steal your woman/man unless... unless she/he was never yours. In that case you lost somebody who was never close to you.
Actual Footage Boston Bombing Suspects Fire Fight With Police, Watertown

So the police fired first not the suspects.

They are trying to surrender and still being fired upon.

What a disgrace.
I also heard (We didn't do it) now thats major.
Boston Bombing Suspects Tsarnaev Brothers tell Police - " We didn't do it "
Kent State Massacre (4 Dead In Ohio)
On May 4th, 1970 Ohio National Guard troops opened fire on unarmed students who were protesting the Vietnam war & the US invasion of Cambodia, wounding nine and KILLING four. This date serves as a gruesome reminder that the US Government has killed its own people before. The war on terror is our generations Vietnam.
Triangle full movie "Time Travel" /Mind Messing Movies like Inception
<closed loop story>

Everyone’s Talking about “False Flags … Isn’t that Another Bogus Historical Conspiracy Theory?
Sibel Edmonds on the Boston Bombing: The US roots of "Chechen" terrorism
Shocking Clip: Israeli Checkpoint Cruelty
Italian Court Rules MMR Vaccine Caused Autism: Why is this story blacked out of the US Media?
Report: U.S. Government WORKED WITH BIN LADEN … 3 MONTHS AFTER 9/11 !!! [W/ VIDEOS]
Report: U.S. Government and NATO Worked with Bin Laden and His Top Lieutenant 3 Months AFTER 9/11
Edmonds translated terror-related communications for the FBI right after 9/11. In that capacity, she read communications between terrorists and other radicals.

Edmonds said last week that Bin Laden – and his number 2 Al Qaeda lieutenant – Ayman al-Zawahiri – worked with the U.S. government for 3 months after 9/11 to coordinate destablization in the Caucus region:
Syrian False Flags in The Works

Former chief of staff to Colin Powell, Retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, told the Young Turks the early "indications" of the use of chemical weapons by the...
US backed “Free Syrian Army” has “Crossed the Line”: Threatens to Kill Russians and Ukrainians in Syria
Press TV Journalist Killed By Sniper Was Investigating Turkey Sending Al-Qaeda Terrorists Into Syria
Western Journalists Killed in Syria Were Embedded with 'Free Syrian Army' in an Apartment
Demand an end to the targeting of journalists in the Syrian conflict!
<Lies and war propaganda by CIA controled Amnesty International>
Syrian Rebels tried to get Alex Thomson Channel 4 Reporter killed to boost anti-Assad Propaganda
Syria's chemical weapons: won't get fooled again?
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Free Syrian Army "set monitor and journalist up to be killed"
Free Syrian Army threatens life of Russian-Ukrainian journalist (VIDEO)
Russian-Ukrainian reporter Anhar Kochneva faces imminent death unless her Free Syrian Army (FSA) captors are paid a ransom of $50 million, according to The Guardian. - Mika Yamamoto killed by FSA
Media war against Syria: 3 journalists killed by the FSA
Sins of Omissions: The United Nations Ignores Terrorism Within Syrian Rebel Organizations
so that we may well have a president beholden to this international criminal organization, an agency that has left a trail of blood, turmoil, and assassinations around the globe.
Israel attacked at least one military installation in Syria - U.S. official | Citizens for Legitimat

A multi-partisan activist group established to expose and resist US imperialism, corpora-terrorism, and the New World Order
“People get used to anything. The less you think about your oppression, the more your tolerance for it grows. After a while, people just think oppression is the normal state of things. But to become free, you have to be acutely aware of being a slave.” -- Assata Shakur
Dogma (1999) - 1080p HD - Full Movie
'West lets Israel play with nukes so Egypt quits talks'
Israel's alleged cache of nuclear arms is in the spotlight again. Egypt withdrew from Non-Proliferation Treaty talks in Geneva on Monday, over the failure to plan for a Middle East free of nuclear weapons - clearly referring to Israel.
12 Year Old Girl Tells The SHEEPLE the Truth about ROTHSCHILD CORRUPT BANKERS and ECONOMY

The Truthseeker: Boston Bombing - What You Aren't Told (E14)
New Documents Reveal Homeland Security Deeply Involved in Boston Bombing
The Truthseeker: Boston Bombing - What You Aren't Told (E14)

Triggers pulled on 4th, 2nd & 1st Amendments distracted by flag waving; clunky FBI propaganda; and unleash the War on Bathtubs. Seek truth from facts with fo...

Published On: Fri, May 3rd, 2013
Africa / news | By Finian Cunningham
Chad and beyond: US, NATO using proxy terrorism to achieve neo-colonialistic goals
What we are seeing on a global scale is the pernicious consequences of Western imperialist powers recklessly trying to carve up the planet to suit their capitalist ruling interests. There seems no end to this trail of violence and destruction as one consequence inexorably leads to another deadly consequence.
Sorry John I don't agree - there is only one corporatist/fascist party now - any semblance of there being two is just political theater that keeps you distracted from looking behind the curtain - they are all warmongering neocons now and the little people are just dirt in their eyes to be tossed aside.
Q&A: The FBI's role in 'manufacturing' terrorism - World - CBC News

When investigative journalist Trevor Aaronson analyzed 10 years of terrorism cases prosecuted in the United States after Sept. 11, he found that almost all the men became terrorists with the help of the FBI.
Britain, Saudis, Wahhabism: a look
There are accounts, including the Memoirs Of Mr Hempher, The British Spy To The Middle East, that show British Foreign and Commonwealth Office created Wahhabism that takes an intolerant view of other interpretations of Islam and other religions.
Wahhabism/Saudis A Colonial British Creation & Puppets Of US
Surveillance State Unchecked: Secret Spy Court Rejected Zero Requests in 2012 | The Dissenter

An annual report to the United States Senate by the Justice Department shows the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court did not deny one single request
US, Western backed terrorists demolish sacred Christian and Muslim sites

Wahhabi funded terrorists, same animals blowing car bombs around the world are hidden from
Iraq: A Decade of Hell
To the city of Bani Walid were brought 17 bodies of the citizens of the city, who were tortured untill death in the prisons of the occupation regime in the city of Misurata. Residents of the city met cars with bodies on the road and on the streets
They were kidnapped at October 2012 from Bani Walid by armed gangs of regime and taken to Misrata. In March 2013 in some morgue of Misrata were found more than 30 bodies of people who were kidnapped during siege and capture of Bani Walid city.All them were tortured. In photo you can to see faces 20 of them
But from Bani Walid were kidnapped few hundreds citizen which fate are unknown still.
"This is why I am supporting the Syrian Arab Army defending Syria from western backed insurgents: Libya: 30 tortured to death and 100s disappeared ... Libya after "liberation" has become a rogue state where the oil is cheap and the living and wellbeing of Libyans is of no value any more."
High school student faces 20 years in prison for Facebook messages

An 18-year-old high school student from the greater Boston area has been arrested and charged with making terroristic threats after police were alerted to “disturbing verbiage” on his personal Facebook page.
Iraq: A Decade of Hell
Poll: 29% of Registered Voters Believe Armed Revolution Might Be Necessary in Next Few Years
Poll: 29% of Registered Voters Believe Armed Revolution Might Be Necessary in Next Few Years
Bloomberg Refused Second Slice of Pizza at Local Restaurant

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was denied a second slice of pizza today at an Italian eatery in Brooklyn. The owners of Collegno's Pizzeria say they refused to serve him more than one piece to protest Bloomberg's proposed soda ban,which would
Locked Up in Land of the Free
Inmates: The United States has surpassed Russia as the nation with the highest percentage of citizens behind bars.
by Scott Shane
May Day mayhem in Seattle: Police mace and fire flash bang grenades at protesters (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Violent clashes marked the final hours of May Day protests in Seattle, as police officers fired pepper spray and launched ‘flash bang’ grenades into crowds, leading to two local reporters being pepper-sprayed and 17 arrests.
Amazonenbrüste, alte Götter und das Ende des Bösen
Wie wird man den Staat nun los? - FreiwilligFrei
Das größte Problem (und seine Lösung) in 2min
A Simple Twist Of Fate (1994)
Bolivia to expel USAID for conspiracy

Bolivian President Evo Morales says he will expel the US Agency for International Development (USAID) from the country, accusing the agency of seeking to "conspire against" the Bolivian people and government.
"Accept our offer of a carpet of gold or we bury you under a carpet of bombs."

~~US representative to Taliban before 9/11. The offer was about deal of pipeline with UNOCAL company.
A man who attacked Infowars as being insensitive to the Boston bombing victims during a guest spot on MSNBC appears in a YouTube video in which he jokes about killing homeless people and prostitutes while laughing at Iraqis being blown to pieces.
Rules of Intelligent Discussions
By: Barry Belmont

After having argued a great deal of hot air out of myself in our Campus Discussions, I’ve come to discover that there are certain modes of debate which simply are not conducive to intelligent discussion. This includes things like talking with someone who is unwilling to be convinced or unconvinced of a position and simply not understanding what it means for an argument to fail or succeed. But don’t worry, I found a flow chart on the internet to help us out!

Context of 'September 28, 2001: Bin Laden Again Denies Involvement in 9/11 Attacks'
Bin Laden says he wasn't behind attacks
September 17, 2001 Posted: 11:21 AM EDT (1521 GMT)
Full text: bin Laden's 'letter to America'
Pakistan's Musharraf: Bin Laden probably dead

Pakistan's president says he thinks Osama bin Laden is most likely dead because the suspected terrorist has been unable to get treatment for his kidney disease.
Interview with Osama bin Laden. Denies his Involvement in 9/11
We bring to the attention of our readers the following text of Osama bin Laden’s interview with Ummat, a Pakistani daily, published in Karachi on September 28, 2001. It was translated into English by the BBC World Monitoring Service and made public on September 29, 2001.
Al-Qaeda/Bin Laden (Al-CIAda)
The CIA met Bin Laden while undergoing treatment at an American Hospital last July in Dubai
Fake Terrorist Boogeyman Osama Bin Laden Died 2001,2933,41576,00.html

Report: Bin Laden Already Dead
Published December 26, 2001
The Death of bin Ladenism
By Amir Taheri
Published: July 11, 2002
Osama bin Laden is dead. The news first came from sources in Afghanistan and Pakistan almost six months ago: the fugitive died in December and was buried in the mountains of southeast Afghanistan. Pakistan's president, Pervez Musharraf, echoed the information. The remnants of Osama's gang, however, have mostly stayed silent, either to keep Osama's ghost alive or because they have no means of communication.
Chemtrail Commercial to be aired on PSTV .Channels 191 and 192..
Oregon Teachers Traumatized by Unannounced Shooter Drill

The Daily Sheeple | Panic erupted on Friday at Pine Eagle Charter school in rural Oregon when two masked men carrying handguns burst into a teachers’ lounge and opened fire.
FBI Whistleblower Says That The CIA Was Involved in The Boston Bombings (Video)

Intellihub | FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds connects the Boston Bombings suspects with CIA backed terrorist
"In the last few days details ties between Boston Bombers Uncle Ruslan and former top CIA official Graham Fuller have been revealed by the alternative media. In an attempt to do damage control the corporate media acknowledged the ties and downplayed the links. But now FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds who is familiar with Graham Fuller’s involvement in backing terrorist operations overseas has stepped forward with new details about Fuller."

The theory of Co2 emissions causing Global warming was formulated in the boardroom of the Club of Rome. The Club of Rome is a group of Global elite wealthy financiers, bankers and business people aiming for complete economic, political and geographical domination of our planet. The Club of Rome was…
Oregon Teachers Traumatized by Unannounced Shooter Drill

Panic erupted on Friday at Pine Eagle Charter school in rural Oregon when two masked men carrying handguns burst into a teachers' lounge and opened fire.
Chemtrails, Aerosol Geoengineering and Bioengineering: A Massive Biological Experiment of Unknown Purpose
Boston Bombings: Police Fired At By Other Police, Not Suspects | Scandals

The police involved the manhunt for the alleged Boston Bombers are now under investigation for unprovoked shootings at other officers. For those who listened to the live radio transcripts this is just one of
The REAL threats to Americans
15 Styles of Distorted Thinking
10.9 miles.
BOSTON UNDER SIEGE: Converted-Militarized Police Swarm Boston. PATRIOTS Day? .. how ironic!
Just as our leaders do not declare War when they have them, they do not declare Martial Law either - they call it a Lockdown,
Storm troopers - forcing women from their homes with hands in the air without warrants.
"All of The Bill of Rights that was put in place to protect us was made mute when Obama signed NDAA."
Israel killed 4 Palestinians and arrested 259 in April

Share Ahrar– In its monthly report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Ahrar center for human rights and Prisoners studies found that there were 259 abducted cases across West Bank and Gaza strip. In April the highest numbers of
Judge Napolitano On Government Faking Terror Plots
Mr. Wrong || Complete Movie

The killing of 45,000 civilians in early 1980s by El Salvador's right-wing death squads, trained and armed by the US, didn't generate much interest in the West. Hollywood makes films about persecution of Buddhists in Tibet, but genocide in Rwanda -nearly one million dead out of a population of seven million-barely gets mentioned.
Nevertheless, the issue is often used to score political points. For example, critics point to an Amnesty report on Iraqi "atrocities" in autumn 1990 as an instance in which abuse allegations were used to set the stage for war. That report included a widely-quoted story about babies being taken from incubators and killed by Iraqi soldiers in occupied Kuwait. Amnesty later admitted that the story had no basis in fact. The report was issued just weeks before a crucial UN vote to authorize the use of force against Iraq.
Since the end of the Gulf War, most Western human rights organizations have failed to highlight the suffering of Iraqi children under UN sanctions, which continues without legal or moral justification. According to researchers, over a million children have died in Iraq in the past six years, victims of disease and malnutrition.
How the War Party Sold the 1991 Bombing of Iraq to US
Subsequent investigations, including one by Amnesty International, found no evidence for the incubator claims.
A Debate on One of the Most Frequently Cited Justifications for the 1991 Persian Gulf War:
 Did PR Firm Hill & Knowlton Invent the Story of Iraqi Soldiers Pulling Kuwaiti Babies From Incubators?
<Notice the important role Amnesty International plaid in this>
Incubator Lie war correspondent propaganda PR goebbels gulf usa

The entire move towards the Gulf War had thus been motivated by a blatant lie. The girl had been "trained" by Hill and Knowlton. The renowned international human rights group Amnesty International took out full-page newspaper spreads to publicise the babies incident. It had unwittingly (and not for the first time) transformed itself from a charity to a propaganda tool.
CIA, Cocaine, and Death Squads
"Roundup more toxic than officially declared - new study"

'The most widely used herbicide in the world contains compounds more toxic than declared - new research shows'

In a new research(1) published in the highly ranked scientific journal Toxicology, Robin Mesnage, Benoit Bernay and Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini, from the University of Caen, France, have proven (from a study of nine Roundup-like herbicides) that the most toxic compound is not glyphosate, which is the substance the most assessed by regulatory authorities, but a compound that is not always listed on the label, called POE-15.
Video: Boston Crisis Actor Caught Red Handed
Wenn man eine richtige Frage stellt, keine falsche Frage, dann liegt die Antwort bereits in der Frage, so auch hier.
Ich kann dieses dumme und durchsichtige Gelüge unserer Regierungen und Medien zu Chemiewaffeneinsätzen in Syrien, mit dem einzigen Ziel, den Krieg anzuheizen, nicht mehr ertragen. Dann diese verbrecherischen Unterdrückungsmethoden, um die vernünftigen Teile der syrischen Opposition davon abzuhalten, mit der Regierung zu reden, um das Blutvergießen und die Zerstörung zu stoppen. Und die Islamische Bewegung der Sunniten lässt sich hier auch nur verheizen. Einzelne ihrer Führungskräfte sind völlig korrumpiert und erpressbar. Es ist ekelhaft hoch drei!!!
‘Syria rebels conduct new chemical raid’

The Syrian envoy to the UN says militants have used chemical material in an attack near Idlib.
Spot The Fake Smile
<got 14 out of 20>
Israel gets 5th nuclear-capable sub, 'аrms race in Middle East ongoing'

Israel's alleged cache of nuclear arms is in spotlight again. Egypt withdrew from Non-Proliferation Treaty talks in Geneva on Monday, over a failure to
Foreigners in Finland
FASCISM (pron.: /ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism that came to prominence in mid-20th century Europe. Fascists seek to unify their nation through a totalitarian state that promotes the mass mobilization of the national community, relying on a vanguard party to initiate a revolution to organize the nation on fascist principles. Hostile to democracy, liberalism, socialism <socialism at that time was authoritarian too>, and communism < there never was a communist country>, fascist movements share certain common features, including the veneration of the state< as does authoritarian socialism>, a devotion to a strong leader<See Mao and Stalin>, and an emphasis on Ultranationalism, Ethnocentrism, and Militarism. Fascism views political violence, war, and imperialism as a means to achieve national rejuvenation and asserts that "superior" nations and races should attain living space by displacing weak and inferior ones.' WiKi
BBC criticised for dropping film with 'severe ramifications' questioning the mass exodus of Jewish p
The one-hour programme, Jerusalem: An Archaeological Mystery Story, was due to air on BBC4 last week but was scrapped at the last minute.
New law will ban protesters from riding mass transit in California

Risking arrest isn’t the only obstacle for Northern California protesters — under a new rule about to go into effect, political demonstrators could lose their right to ride public transportation.

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