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July Links Part One

Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve
Kiev's bloody eastern Ukraine campaign LIVE UPDATES
 “The Russian side expresses strong protest to the Ukrainian side and demands the cessation of bombardments on Russian territory,” the statement says, adding that "if such incidents are repeated, all responsibility for their consequences will lie with the Kiev authorities."
Truth Crushed to Earth: Why Ukraine crisis won't be solved by Kiev's atrocities
Instead, we see a beleaguered junta clinging to a fantasy of 'victory' at having finally taken a small town after months of siege with overwhelming 'superiority,' while letting the entire besieged army with all of its equipment escape unscathed. Wackjob nazis are shooting at each other in its capital, making it completely unsafe for ordinary people. Mass defections and mass casualties continue unabated, and its shrill cries and ridiculous goals are getting more insane by the day: "We will retake Crimea!" "We will rejoin Europe!" "We'll launch pre-emptive nuclear strikes!" Good luck with all *that!*
The true Gaza back-story that the Israelis aren’t telling this week

OK, so by this afternoon, the exchange rate of death in two days was 40-0 in favour of Israel. But now for the Gaza story you won’t be hearing from...

OK, so by this afternoon, the exchange rate of death in two days was 40-0 in favour of Israel. But now for the Gaza story you won’t be hearing from anyone else in the next few hours.
The last time this specious argument was used was in 2008, when Israel invaded Gaza and killed at least 1,100 Palestinians (exchange rate: 1,100 to 13)
The Vineyard of the Saker: Interview with Igor Strelkov, First Republican Channel (DPR), July 8,...

The so-called United Europe does not want any competition from the Donetsk industry. They do not wish any competition from [our] scientists. All they want to remain here is a territory where they can source several hundred thousand or maybe even a few million units of cheap workforce, so as to put t… - 18+ Graphic Content -Video from Afghanistan/Pakistan - Playing soccer with heads...
Documentation of war crimes, crimes against humanity and terrorism. This video has not been uploaded to glorify the crimes but to document them. Video supposedly recorded at Pakistan-Afghan borde
FSA brigades pledge allegiance to ISIS in Al Bukamal, east Syria SYRIA NEWS | ZAMAN ALWSL #syria
FSA brigades pledge allegiance to ISIS in Al Bukamal, east Syria
Where Does $2 Trillion in Subsidies for the Wealthiest Hide in Plain Sight?
Research shows that government subsidies for the 1 percent are creating greater inequality.
Pastor, church members plead guilty to torturing 13-year-old boy, forcing him to dig his own grave

The pastor and two members of a Corona church pleaded guilty Monday to state charges of beating and threatening the life of a 13-year-old boy, who was forced to dig his own grave, authorities said.
Gaza death toll surpasses 60 as Israel’s offensive enters third day
The death toll in Gaza has risen to 64 after 14 people – including seven women and children – were killed in Israeli airstrikes as Operation Protective Edge entered its third day. At least 18 children have been killed since Tuesday.
US prosecutors refuse to review jailed Russian pilot’s case
Aus der grünen Friedenspartei wurde eine widerliche Kriegspartei
Ukrainian Air Force Bombing Villages, Killing Civilians

“Respected Andre, I am from Kharkov. Here is the video, showing how the Ukrainian air force is bombing the peaceful inhabitants of East Ukraine. Please show this to the world; Let the world see wha...
6. Do many people know that the Hague Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia keeps behind bars Vojislav Seselj for more than eleven and half years for his speeches and political activity and without conviction?
7. Do you know that when the US invaded Afghanistan with 140,000 troops (more or less) to fight al Qaeda 50-200 men strong--according to the Pentagon's own public statements?
Ex-Greenpeace member scared of imminent ‘global cooling’
Germany Still In
Juridicial Limbo

By Christopher Bollyn

"The Second World War has not ended, because a peace treaty has not been signed between Germany and the Allies," " Ebel says, "The peace contract is the most important thing that we need and want." Because there is no formal peace treaty between Germany and the Allies, headed by the United States, German sovereignty is compromised. "Until we have a peace treaty, Germany is a colony of the United States."
Whatsupic - Declaring Undying Allegiance to Israel Is Prelude to Reaching the Upper Echelons of...
L'Allemagne livre 120 panzer Leopard 2 à la Pologne pour renforcer le Front est européen de...
Article AC pour La nouvelle…
Hitlers.-. Krieg? Was. Guido. Knopp. verschweigt
Too bad Poroshenko doesn't own Hobby Lobby. If he did maybe the pseudo left would find the shelling of eastern Ukraine worth covering.
CHEMTRAILS: There is NO Debate! | Alternative News & Commentary
Those who deny the existence of chemtrails are either willfully ignorant or dangerously arrogant, or both; therefore, why bother debating with them? Of course, there are those who run Facebook pages who are paid government agents or corporate shills with a vested interest in the multi-billion dollar…
Kramatorsk city center is getting shelled mortars by Ukraine army near Slavyansk Donbass

BREAKING NEWS Kramatorsk city center is getting hit by mortars. The explosions started at 2225 local time. I am here with blogger and writer Christian B. Mal...
Iraq Cash Cow: Part III
On February 23rd, 1991 the US launched its ground assault.  Bush had drawn his “line in the sand” between advancing Iraqi troops and the oil interests owned by son George W.’s Harken Energy. by Dean Henderson (Excerpted from Chapter 12: The Gulf Oil...
Maidan and the business of forced organ harvesting.
Originally published at “New Eastern Outlook” by Anthoni Cartalucci Unlike the terrorist offenses in Libya, Syria, and now Iraq, backed by the United States, the UK, the EU, members of NATO as well as regional collaborators such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Qatar, where any attempts to stop extremis…
"The extremists in the Ukrainian revolutionary regime today are more dangerous than the Hitler's regime was in the 1930s. Why? Hitler didn't have nuclear weapons", says Johan Bäckman, Doctor of Social Sciences, Adjunct professor of sociology of law, University of Helsinki

Yet the US supports Kiev government that murders civilians in the east of the country... That 'our-son-of-a-bitch' approach is just too sickening to accept. Read more and listen to the Burning Point program to find out what experts think:
"Canadian Prime Minister ""Stephen Harper""" and Australian Prime Minister ""John Howard"" give the same speech on Iraq"
Salvadoran Farmers Successfully Oppose the Use of Monsanto Seeds

(Photo: Edgardo Ayala) Farmers across El Salvador united to block a stipulation in a US aid package to their country that would have indirectly required the purchase of Monsanto genetically modifie...
The United Nations is Complicit in the Massacre of Civilians in Ukraine
In what at first appears to be a neutral statement on the violence in Ukraine, urging "all sides to put down their arms" and condemning "strong hate speech from all sides", United Nations Human Rig...
Paul Craig Roberts - Washington’s Arrogance Will Destroy Its Empire - Strategic Culture...

Paul Craig Roberts - Washington’s Arrogance Will Destroy Its Empire - Strategic Culture Foundation - on-line journal. Asia-Pacific. Switzerland. US. Strategic Culture Foundation
U.N . Inspects Former Bioweapons Factory
fro m 2002

This facility was demolished in the late 1990s under UN control. It remained under UN control until the US kicked out the UN prior to making war on Iraq in 2003. What is there now are the remnants, which were never completely destroyed
 Massenverhaftungen in Slavyansk
Feds Threatening ‘Third Wounded Knee’ with Eminent Domain Land Grab on Sioux Indian Reservation
Patrick Henningsen | Feds are now targeting Indian land in Washington's latest massive land grab, in an effort designed to kill off Indian cattle ranchers.
Gleichgeschaltete Massenmedien:

Zeitungsverleger wollen mehr Geld von der Bundesregierung

"Die Zeitungsverleger betrachten ihre Produkte als "sensible Kultur- und Wirtschaftsgüter" und fordern, dass sie auch über Jahre von der Bundesregierung subventioniert werden.

Auch auf europäischer Ebene rufen die einstigen Hüter der Idee vom freien Markt nach staatlichen Interventionen."
Gov Bill PROVES Chemtrails & Mind Control are Being Used on the Masses!
This Is Huge! Gov Bill Proves Chemtrail and Mind Control Cover-Up Is Real! UN Leaker Makes a Stunning Statement! (Bone-Chilling Video)
SCHWARZES MEER: ein Schauplatz für Flotten-Übungen
Nato-Kräfte rücken weiter vor, planen Großübung.
Wir sollten statt dessen deeskalieren! Im Schwarzen Meer hat die Nato NICHTS zu suchen!
Cynthia McKinney at the "March on the Pentagon" Rally
Former member of Congress, Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), shares her views on stopping the Iraqi War at the "March on the Pentagon" rally. She charged: "The countr...
My favorite speech, given in 2007, on my birthday, when I declared my independence from U.S. warmongering, torturing, war criminal national leadership--both Democrat and Republican.
Israeli army confiscates $3.5 million worth of Palestinian property
Army seized jewelry, cash, electronics and cars from families, hospitals and universities.
Genocide In Eastern Ukraine: Eye Witness Account Confirms that Ukraine Armed Forces Are...
I interviewed an American photographer in Kramatorsk about life under bombs: “The civilians are dying here and something needs to happen to stop it” Early this morning I call Italian writer Christi...
Israeli army confiscates $3.5 million worth of Palestinian property
Army seized jewelry, cash, electronics and cars from families, hospitals and universities.
How the public was manipulated into believing the teens were alive | +972 Magazine
Details under gag order could have suggested early on that the abducted teens were murdered. The government-led
Netanyahu government knew teens were dead as it whipped up racist frenzy
Government lied to victims’ families and the world after three Israeli teens went missing in the occupied West Bank.
Der Crash ist die Lösung (Video)
The Fed won't let Germany inspect its own gold

The National Security Agency isn't the only American organization upsetting some Germans. The US Federal Reserve holds 45 percent of Germany's gold assets, a...
Washington starts selling legal marijuana, 2nd state to allow pot without prescription
On Tuesday morning Washington State legal recreational pot facilities opened their doors to their first customers.
Virtual Economy’s Phantom Job Gains Are Based on Statistical Fraud. And More Fraud Is in the Works
Since 1994 there has been no official measure than includes discouraged people who have not looked for a job for more than a year. Including all discouraged workers produces an unemployment rate that currently stands at 23.1%, almost four times the rate that the financial press reports.

Washington can’t stop lying. Don’t be convinced by last Thursday’s job report that it is your fault if you don’t have a job. Those 288,000 jobs and 6.1% unemployment rate are more fiction than rea...
Trickserei bei den Defizitzahlen: Das wahre Ausmaß der Schuldenkrise wird vernebelt
ARD färbt Krieg schön
Sunni tribes rise against ISIL in northern Iraq

Sunni tribes in northern Iraq rise against the ISIL terrorists, killing 30 Takfiris.
Operation Protective Edge: Israel Air Force strikes 50 targets in Gaza; army prepares troops for ground invasion

<The victims of sophisticated weaponry used against densly crowded civilian towns and infrastructure are called ...: 'terrorists'.>
US State Department (Jen Psaki) endorses Ukrainian government actions by confirming government right to "conduct [airstrike] attacks on civilians, as this upholds the unity of the country" -- so what's the issue with Syrian government actions to uphold the unity of that country?
The right of self determination stands above the right of national unity. See Kosovo and the former Czechoslovakia. Plus false accusation about Gaddafi bombing "his own people" were used as an excuse for NATO to drop 30.000 bombs on Libya which killed mostly civilians and damaged the Libyan infrastructure while helping to put Al Qaeda in power in Libya..
US ‘kidnaps’ Russian MP’s son to ‘exchange him for Snowden’
20 strong “powerful elite” abused children for decades – whistleblower
The Vineyard of the Saker: Polkovnik (Colonel) Strelkov

Abandoning Slavyansk to the Nazis and the various other ambulatory offal that makes up the Western offensive may have been a strategically wise decision, but it still smacks of a defeat. They couldn't hold the city (against overwhelming odds albeit) and now the residents are going to be left to what…
Israel launches fresh airstrikes on Gaza Strip
Israeli fighter jets launch a series of fresh airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip.
Is the U.S. Backing Neo-Nazis in Ukraine?
<old but many good and valid links>
16-year-old Nick Rubin taught himself to write code and developed an app that tracks exactly how much politicians have sold out for corporate campaign cash.
Black Sea boiling: US missile cruiser enters waters as Russian Navy monitors NATO drills

US missile cruiser Vella Gulf has reportedly entered the Black Sea, joining six other vessels for NATO’s naval drills. Meanwhile, Russia is having its own exercises in the sea, keeping a watchful eye on the alliance’s war games.
Ukraine and 21st Century Neo-Fascism: Left-Wing Support for Imperialism and White Supremacy

The U.S.-European “Left’s” tepid – and even supportive – response to NATO’s destabilization of Ukraine reveals the deep workings of white supremacy on the “western” mind. We face the specter of a “...
<I just watched a debate on France 24 about Ukraine, it was a panel of 5 plus the host, only one person suggested the National Guard was 'nationalist' (he didn't even mention Right Sector) and was shouted down. Oh, and they also praised the new ability of the Ukraine Army to kill its own people after being previously squeamish about it, and by the way, they also put Slavyansk in Crimea on a map. Again, I want off this planet. >
The US State Department recognizes right of Kiev to apply airstrikes on civilians
US State Department spokesman Jen Psaki said to reporters at a press briefing that the Ukrainian government has every right to conduct attacks on civilians, as this upholds the unity of the country.&
<If the US SD says Kiev can, that means they would also approve of the US killing its own civilians.
Is that a logical conclusion?
Wakey wakey, hands off snakey.>
He noted studies that showed that under 10 percent of attacks on Palestinians by Jewish settlers were ever prosecuted.
Government data: US in decade-long cooling period
New government data suggests that the average temperature in the United States has cooled by approximately 0.7 degrees Fahrenheit during the last decade.
Israel and the US are proudly showing off what Israel can do against "terrorists" and what Russia cannot do in order to protect people from fascist terror. And both Israel and the Kiev regime call their enemies "terrorists"--thanks to the exclusive intellectual property rights shared with the US on official use of the term. To resist or fight against them would be aggression. So there is not much that can be done about it. Even the old-new left, many Russophiles, and Putin feel that way.

Once upon time, the Word was God, and God became the Word, and the Word became Empire, and it could not suffer any other beside it.
Breaking: John Kerry Minister of Foreign Affairs in USA says Russia has the right to attack Ukraine ... actually, no ... John Kerry actually said that Israel has the right to attack Gaza (and anyone else in the region).
Abandoned’ barrels containing deadly sarin seized in rebel-held Syria
Compostable Bags
Biodegradable bag
Make your own bioplastic
Lavrov: Ukraine crisis reminds of Belgrade bombing in 1999
Washington should feel responsibility for the crisis in Ukraine, said Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov pointing out that the current events in the country recall NATO bombings of Yugoslavia in 1999.
UN and OPCW confirm two cylinders of Sarin found in rebel held area
Major Studies of Drugs and Drug Policy
National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse

After the Commission's widespread study and analysis, it concluded that "Looking only at the effects on the individual, there, is little proven danger of physical or psychological harm from the experimental or intermittent use of the natural preparations of cannabis."

Ukraine separatists not on the Europe map
on the Ukraine map only
Israeli Lawmaker’s Call for Genocide of Palestinians Gets Thousands of Facebook Likes
A day before Palestinian teenager Muhammad Abu Khudair was kidnapped and burned alive allegedly by six Israeli Jewish youths, Israeli lawmaker Ayelet Shaked (left) published on Facebook a call for ...
War Crimes and Atrocities Committed by Ukraine's Armed Forces and National Guard
Image: Nazi emblems of the Azov brigade of the Ukraine National Guard which operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior We bring to the attention of Global Research Readers a video on t...
Iraq’s Revolutionary History
a coalition led by Prime Minister Nouri Maliki’s State of Law Party emerged victorious in last month’s violence-plagued parliamentary elections in Iraq. Saudi-backed militants from Islamic State in...
Israeli Police Arrest 6 Jewish Extremists For Burning Palestinian Teen Alive
In the sick mind of Israeli nationalist extremists, burning a 16 year old alive as retaliation is 'justified'.
We sat in a basement and prayed they don’t shoot us’ – E.Ukraine refugees
“We are getting the most troubling information, saying that the Ukrainian troops are continuing mass shelling of the territories like Slavyansk and Kramatorsk which were abandoned by the self-defense forces,” Russian Foreign Ministry’s commissioner for human rights, Konstantin Dolgov, said.
Liebe Grüße an Frau Merkel aus Kiew - ukrainische Faschisten überfallen russische Zeitung

5 Juli 2014. Im Zentrum von Kiew wurde das Redaktionsgebäude der russischen Zeitung "Vesti" (="Nachrichten") von Maskierten, vermutlich von den Vetretern des...
Ukraine becomes Europe’s capital of organ trafficking
With Ukraine’s medical infrastructure and legislation making vital transplant organs hard to come by, the illegal trade in human organs is thriving as desperate people turn to the black market.
EU will Schweiz der Brüsseler Gerichtsbarkeit unterstellen
Die EU verlangt von der Schweiz, dass sie den Europäischen Gerichtshof als oberste juristische Instanz anerkennt. Dass sei der Preis für einen Zutritt in den EU-Binnenmarkt. Doch das Land wehrt sich dagegen. Es möchte nicht bevormundet werden.
Obama issues threats to Russia, NATO
Writer Dr. Paul Craig Roberts looks at threats issued by the Obama government against Russia and examines their consequences.
Kuvaraportti kansanmurhasta Euroopassa, jota Suomen valtamedia ei halua sinun näkevän
Viiden päivän ajan tiedotusvälineet länsimedian ulkopuolella ovat täyttyneet järkyttävistä kuvista ja raporteista, jotka osoittavat siviileille säälimättömän sotilasoperaation Itä-Ukrainassa jatkuvan koko voimallaan. Länsimediat vaikenevat, jotta totuus kansanmurhasta ei vaikuttaisi mielipiteisiimme.
HAARP: Secret Weapon Used For Weather Modification, Electromagnetic Warfare
U.S. Military "Advisers" in Iraq Spies for ISIS and Kurdish Militants - Analyst
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki called plans to hold a referendum on independence of Kurdistan unconstitutional. U.S., Turkish, and other lobbies behi
Ukraine Crisis: War Crimes/Atrocities committed by Ukrainian Army [ENG] (Banned on mainstream media)

Ukrainian War Crimes in the East Exposed (VIDEO)
Bundeswehr probt Einsatz gegen Volksaufstand
Von der Öffentlichkeit völlig unbemerkt probte die Bundeswehr in einem großen Manöver den Einmarsch in einen fremden Staat und den Einsatz gegen einen Volksaufstand mit der Sondereinsatztruppe "Cro...
Pyongyang calls for Koreas’ federalization & reunification without outside interference
The TPP means Massive Efforts to Undermine:
- Our Sovereignty
- The Middle Class
- U.S. Jobs
- Our Health
- Our Environment
- Internet Freedom
- Financial industry Regulations
- Service Sector Regulations
Abmachung 1990: "Keine Osterweiterung der NATO" || Aussenminister Genscher & Baker
The US-Al Qaeda Alliance: Bosnia, Kosovo and Now Libya. Washington’s On-Going Collusion with...

U.S. collaboration with Muslim fundamentalists dates back to 1953, when the CIA recruited right-wing mullahs to overthrow Prime Minister Mossadeq in Iran.
Mossad chief's chillingly prescient kidnap prophecy
Smoking gun proof of “Israeli teen kidnapping” false flag
Mossad Chief predicted “three teens will be kidnapped” one week before it happened
Murdered Israeli Teens: A Cabalistic Conspiracy?
CCTV footage showing faces of slain Palestinian teen’s suspected killers revealed
Israeli police say they have arrested six Jewish people in connection with the murder of a Palestinian teenager in East Jerusalem. It follows the release of new CCTV footage revealing the faces of the suspects who are thought to have abducted him.
114 files missing from 'Westminster pedophile ring' dossier, Home Office admits
Der Unbequeme: Das Morden geht weiter, Europa schaut verschämt weg
Cabbage is great for the stomach and intestines, is used to treat constipation, and has a high sulfur content which destroys parasites and purifies the blood. It promotes circulation within the lungs and the elimination of waste. Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) is wonderful for cleansing the digestive tract, improving the good bacteria necessary for digestion in the intestines, and treating constipation. Look for fresh, raw sauerkraut as opposed to canned. Add sauerkraut as a regular side dish to your meals for a savory flavor. -
Ukraine: Black smoke covers Lugansk after mortar shelling

Video ID: 20140706-027 W/S Black smoke rises over Lugansk SCRIPT Ukraine: Black smoke covers Lugansk after mortar shelling Several districts of Lugansk are r...

Iranischer TV-Sender: USA versorgen Extremisten im Irak mit Software
Die US-Regierung versorgt die radikalen islamistischen Gruppierungen im Irak und in Syrien mit Software, die sie bei der Vorbereitung von Terroranschlägen nutzen, berichtet der iranische Fernsehsender Press TV unter Verweis auf eine örtliche Quelle.
Bill Text
107th Congress (2001-2002)
H.R.2977 -- Space Preservation Act of 2001 (Introduced in House - IH)
         (B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as--

            (i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons;

            (ii) chemtrails;

            (iii) high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems;

            (iv) plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons;

            (v) laser weapons systems;

            (vi) strategic, theater, tactical, or extraterrestrial weapons; and

            (vii) chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons.
Lost again: CNN map places E. Ukraine’s Slavyansk in… Crimea?

CNN, already infamous for its embarrassing geography goof-ups, has mistakenly relocated the Eastern Ukrainian city of Slavyansk in an infographic – all the way to the Crimea peninsula.
Amerikanische Berater empfehlen Poroshenko Erschießungen und KZs
Ukrainian forces shelling residential areas of Lugansk (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Electrifying: Giant futuristic 'Tesla Tower' in abandoned woods near Moscow (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Rache für Banken-Strafe: Frankreich droht mit dem Ausstieg aus dem Dollar-System
Frankreich möchte offenbar seine Währungsreserven nicht mehr in US-Dollar halten. Nach Angaben des Notenbank-Chefs Christian Noyer ist die US-Währung risikoreich. Zuvor hatten die USA die BNP Paribas zu einer milliardenschweren Geldstrafe verurteilt. Die Bank hatte US-Sanktionen gebrochen und Geschä…
Kiev promises war against Russia?
Alex Jones Movie (2013) State Of Mind The Psychology Of Control Full Version HD
Israeli Government and Press Knew Teenagers Were Dead for Weeks
July 1, 14
Were the Three Settler Kidnappings an Israeli “False Flag” Operation?
Israel, Censorship and The Huffington Post
Ukraine: Atrocities committed by the US-Supported Ukrainian National Guard
War Crimes and Atrocities Committed by Ukraine’s Armed Forces and National Guard
Ukraine’s National Guard which is supported and financed by the West is controlled by Neo-Nazis with Nazi emblems.

Documented in the video, war crimes are being committed by both the Ukrainian Army and the Ukrainian National Guard.

In the media’s coverage of unfolding atrocities directed against civilians in Eastern Ukraine, the words Nazi, Fascist or Neo-Nazi are a taboo. They have been eliminated from the anthology of investigative reporting.

The mainstream media by denying the very existence of these crimes against humanity committed by Neo-Nazi military and paramilitary formations on the orders of the Kiev government is complicit under the Nuremberg Principles of “crimes against peace”
Analysis of July 5 Slaviansk Developments

Ukraine: Kiev’s Ticking Time Bomb
US ‘profoundly troubled’ by brutal beating of Palestinian teen who turned out to be American
Lil Guy Stun Gun
At least 40 UK politicians complicit in alleged Westminster 'pedophile ring' – report

A whistleblower who kicked off UK police pedophile probe Operation Fernbridge believes as many as 40 British MPs and peers were involved in or turned a blind eye to child abuse.
TPP isn’t about Trade, it’s about Investment Rights

“‘It’s called free trade, but that’s just a joke,’ Chomsky said. ‘These are extreme, highly protectionist measures designed to undermine freedom of trade. In fact, much of what’s leaked about the TPP indicates that it’s not about trade at all, it’s about investor rights.’
Ukraine's Kramatorsk sinks into 'scary silence'
Kidnapped and slain Arab teen was burned alive – autopsy results
Soot found in the lungs of an East Jerusalem youth, whose funeral drew thousands on Friday, means the teenager was still alive and breathing when he was burned, according to the preliminary results of an autopsy.
The Vineyard of the Saker: The Fall of Slaviansk, its meaning and implications
Caught on camera: Israeli police beating 15yo cousin of murdered Palestinian teen (VIDEO)
A shocking video, showing Israeli police officers savagely beating 15-year-old Palestinian-American Tarek Abu Khdeir – cousin of Mohammad Abu Khdeir who was burnt alive in East Jerusalem – has prompted outrage in the Palestinian community.
1 Minute Redezeit !!!
Published on Jul 4, 2014
Harald Vilimsky:
Herr Präsident, meine sehr verehrten Damen und Herren von den Mehrheitsfraktionen hier im Hause! Glauben Sie wirklich, dass Sie Ihre Staaten, Ihre Völker oder Ihre Kulturen repräsentieren? Wir hatten teilweise eine Wahlbeteiligung von unter 20 %, 80 % der Menschen verwehren sich längst und sagen, sie wollen mit dieser Form des europäischen Einigungsprozesses nichts mehr zu tun haben. Wären wir ehrlich und würden all die Sitze frei lassen für die Menschen, die nicht gewählt haben, dann wären vier Fünftel des Saales leer, und dieses Haus wäre in einer Art und Weise repräsentiert, dass deutlich wird, dass endlich Reformbedarf besteht.
Ich komme aus Österreich. Ich bin nach acht Jahren im österreichischen Parlament jetzt hier, um eines klarzumachen: Mein Land, mein Volk, will Kompetenzen zurückhaben. Wir wollen unsere Souveränität zurückerhalten. Wir wollen uns nicht länger gefallen lassen, dass hier von einer europäischen Nomenklatura, die von 80 % der Menschen in Europa nicht einmal mehr gewählt wird, bestimmt wird, und nicht mehr in einer integren Art der demokratischen Willensbildung gehandelt wird.

Mit dem Personalpaket, das hier geschnürt wurde, und wo ein Herr Juncker heute ...

(Der Präsident entzieht dem Redner das Wort.)
Nach Spionage-Skandal: USA drohen Deutschland mit Abbruch des Dialogs zum Thema Aufklärung
Ein ranghoher Vertreter der US-Administration hat Deutschland im Zusammenhang mit der Verhaftung eines mutmaßlichen US-Spions mit dem Abbruch des Dialogs zum Thema Aufklärung gedroht, schreibt die „New York Times“ am Samstag.

It has taken the Ukrainian military 2 months but they have finally battled their way into Slavyansk. The resistance fighters whom they claim to have surrounded meanwhile have retreated to Kramatorsk..
What Fuels the Violence Against Palestinian and Israeli Youths?
"As most of the media have focused on the three Israeli youths, there has been almost no mention of the collective punishment that has been unleashed on the overwhelmingly civilian Palestinian population. The Israeli occupation forces have gone on a rampage that has included: arbitrarily destroying Palestinian homes; burning down two farms and destroying a Mosque; abducting over 600 Palestinians including over 50 children, and bombing the people of Gaza with 34 air strikes in one night.
The U.S. Elite Run A Ukrainian Genocide While American Public Are Ignorant of It By Eric Zuesse

� � � The U.S. Elite Run A Ukrainian Genocide While American Public Are Ignorant of It By Eric Zuesse 05 July, 2014
Total population = 80.2 million[24]

    German citizens = 74 million (92.3% of total population)[24]
    German citizens of no migrant background: 64.7 million (80% of total population)[25]
    German citizens of immigrant background (including people of partial immigrant background): 9.9 million (12.3%)
    "Foreigners" (persons without German citizenship): (7.7%)[
The Worldwide Network of US Military Bases
The Global Deployment of US Military Personnel
In Europe, there are 116,000 US military personnel including 75,603 who are stationed in Germany.
Taliban torch hundreds of 'NATO-supplying' fuel trucks near Kabul
An assault by militants at a large parking lot on the outskirts of Afghan capital, Kabul, Friday night left at least 200 fuel tankers incinerated. The Taliban said
ISIS: The Bombshell Interview to Impeach Obama
Nabeel Naiem: No, I am telling you I was once in charge of a camp of 120 men and we were spending that time thousands (of Dollars), imagine how much this ISIS is spending?! Let me tell you something.. The wounded from ISIS during (terrorist) operations, are they being treated here in Lebanon? No, neither in Syria, nor in Saudi nor in Egypt, where do they go? They go to Israel. Now as we speak there are 1,500 of ISIS & Nusra (Front) are in Tel Aviv hospitals.

So they’re working on igniting the war between the Sunna and the Shiites, just like what Abu Mussab (Zarqawi) used to blow up Sunnah mosques then blow up Shiite mosques, to start the sectarian war in the region; and this is of course an American plot, and I tell you ISIS didn’t kill a single American.

ISIS didn’t behead a single American and didn’t play football with his head, they beheaded Muslims and ate livers of Muslims and didn’t kill a single American though it’s established since 2006..
West Should Stop Turning World Into ‘Global Barracks’

By Vladimir Putin

The remarks below are excerpted from President Putin’s meeting with Russia’s ambassadors on July 1, 2014.
Putin to West: Stop turning world into 'global barracks,' dictating rules to others (FULL SPEECH)
Achtung, Putin spricht: USA wollen die Welt in eine Weltkaserne verwandeln
Russia launches large-scale naval drill in Black Sea same day as NATO (VIDEO)
Leaked: US think-tank plan on E.Ukraine suggests internment camps, executions, nationalizing citizens’ property
President Poroshenko Uses RAND Corporation "Action Plan" for Eastern Ukraine including Ground...
Confidential document on Ukraine by the RAND Corporation leaked. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko follows the action plan proposed by RAND analysts. This Memorandum on the "advisable course of ...
NATO arming Ukraine with Soviet weapons – Deputy PM Rogozin
NATO’s newest Eastern European members are handing over their Soviet arms stockpiles to the Ukrainian army, Russia’s Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin says, adding that the alliance is in danger of pouring gasoline on the flames of that country’s civil war.
There are No Neo-Nazis in Ukraine. And the Obama Administration does not support Fascists
"We are putting our hopes in a new generation of politicians"
Ukraine's Kiev Regime is not "Officially" A Neo-Nazi Government
President Petro Poroshenko, “Our Ukraine Insider” for the U.S. State Department
Is he still working for his former masters in Washington, DC?
Independence Day? 79 Percent Of Americans Are Completely Okay With The Current Level Of Tyranny
George Galloway explaining to a Jew that they have no right in Palestine.
George Galloway talking about how the Brits gave Israel Palestinian territories.
Gen. Wesley Clark: Syrian Invasion Planned 10 Years in Advance
General Wesley Clark is former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, which granted him overall command of NATO military forces in Europe from 1997 to 2001. C...
Israel’s SodaStream closes main UK store after 2-yr boycott campaign
15-year old Tariq, cousin of recently murdered Muhammad Abu Khdeir (16), was beaten and abducted by Israeli police on Thursday. He was refused medical treatment for his broken nose and other injuries while in custody. Read the full article here:
"Right Sector" of Euromaidan. Part I
"Right Sector" of Euromaidan. Part II
Правый сектор Евромайдана. Часть II
Правый сектор Евромайдана. Часть I
Ukrainian Armed Forces resume artillery fire against Metalist village
The village of Metalist outside of Lugansk, eastern Ukraine, again came under artillery fire on Thursday evening, a spokesman for the self-proclaimed "Lugansk People's Republic" told Interfax. "The U
UK planned to train Syrian rebels
The UK drew up plans to train and equip a 100,000-strong Syrian rebel army to defeat President Bashar al-Assad, BBC Newsnight has learned.
<"Once the Syrian force was ready, it would march on Damascus, with the cover of fighter jets from the West and Gulf allies.""

This too fits perfectly what the US and its NATO and regional allies tried to do using as a pretext for this very dash to Damascus the false flag attack organized as a PR event last August in the East Ghouta. >
The BRICs Are Morphing Into An Anti-Dollar Alliance
Groovy, baby! Magic mushrooms & LSD can cure depression – study
UN Report Shows Israelis Responsible for Most Violence Against Children in Israel-Palestine Conflict
America’s Nazis in Kiev: “Russians are Subhuman”

Tony Cartalucci (LD/NEO): Self-appointed prime minister of Ukraine, Arseny Yatsenyuk of the “Fatherland Party,” referred to Russians as “subhuman,” echoing the racist vitriol of Nazism Yatsenyuk and others in his regime subscribe to. It was a violent, armed coup spearheaded by Neo-Nazi militants that placed Yatsenyuk into power in the first place, along with the Neo-Nazi political front Svoboda, and paved way for fraudulent elections that predictably yielded a pro-US-EU client regime.
One must wonder what the West’s reaction would have been if an Iranian diplomat referred to Israelis as “subhumans.” Unlike the current regime in Kiev which are literal Nazis tracing their poisonous ideology back to Nazi-collaborators like Stepan Bandera, Iran has no sociopolitical link to Nazism. Its comments regarding Israel have generally been geopolitical, not racial or religious in nature – considering Iran is host to the largest Jewish community in the Middle East outside of Israel. Still, comments made by the Iranian government over the years have been twisted, manipulated, portrayed as “Nazism,” and most certainly condemned by the West in every possible manner.
The International Journalists Federation expels Israel, refuses to accept Syrian insurgent journalists
The “Battle for Europe” is Raging. How America Undermines Franco-Russian Relations
US Blackmailed France using the Banque Nationale de Paris as Hostage
The US Administration used its unilateral (and de facto illegal) sanctions against Cuba, Iran and Sudan to punish France and in particular the Banque Nationale de Paris – Paribas. The Bank was blackmailed in to paying $8.97 billion for not submitting to the malicious diktat of the power-drunk but weakening hegemon, even though the sanctions are not a decision agreed to by France.
Saudi Arabia deploys 30,000 troops at border after alleged Iraqi withdrawal
Water Wars directed against Syria and Iraq: Turkey's Control of the Euphrates River
by Abdulrahman Al-Masri The water level of the Euphrates Lake has decreased by six metres in the body of the dam, RMC reported. Criticism of the Turkish government has been voiced by civil society ...
Radio : Burning Point
How good are the chances that people in the West come to realize that Washington’s ambitions are turning our world into a global wreck? The Voice of Russia is discussing it with  Giulietto
Thanks, Ukraine Air Force’: Bombarded villagers accuse Kiev of killing civilians
The village of Kondrashovka in eastern Ukraine lies devastated after shelling by Kiev troops which killed seven people. Bodies torn to pieces are strewn across the settlement and those who survived are asking: why did Kiev kill their families?
"America’s “news” media are not reporting on America’s ethnic-cleansing program in Ukraine" [nor are European media]. "It’s happening in the dark, as far as the American [+European] public are concerned: they don’t know about it. But, here it is: this, is what they are hiding from you."
The U.S. Elite Run a Ukrainian Genocide While American Public Are Ignorant of It Washington's Blog
On Wednesday, July 2nd, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko resumed unlimited war against the residents of southeastern Ukraine, whom he calls “terrorists” for their wanting not to be killed by his troops. European leaders (especially Merkel of Germany, Hollande of France, and Putin of Russia) urge…
Missing Israeli teens found dead in West Bank
The bodies of three Israeli teenagers who authorities said were kidnapped this month have been found in the West
The teens -- Eyal Yifrach, 19; Gilad Shaar, 16; and Naftali Frankel, a 16-year-old dual U.S.-Israeli citizen -- disappeared late June 12 or early June 13 from the Jewish settlement of Gush Etzion in the West Bank, the military said.
The three bodies were found northwest of Hebron, according to the Israeli military, which said they were still in the process of being identified.
Jewish Youth Movement Head Calls For Israeli Army To Take 300 Palestinian Foreskins
The leader of one of the world's biggest Jewish youth movements has refused to apologise for a Facebook post which appears to call for Israelis to take the foreskins of 300 Palestinians as retribution for the killing of three Israeli teenagers. The post comes as violence flared again in east Jerusal…
Revealed: US operating secretly in Somalia since 2007

American military advisers have been operating secretly in Somalia since around 2007, a revelation that shows the United States has had a presence in the African country for years without acknowledging the situation publicly.
Las Vegas Is "Screwed"; The Water Situation "Is As Bad As You Can Imagine" | Zero Hedge
"It's just going to be screwed. And relatively quickly," warns Tim Barnett, of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, telling The Telegraph, the situation in Las Vegas is "as bad as you can imagine". After a devastating, 14-year drought drained the reservoir that supplies 90% of the city’s water,…
 The vapors used as a tracer are among the same metals used much more extensively in common fireworks. The tracer materials, such as barium, lithium, and aluminum compounds, are used to make fireworks colorful and to provide bright light displays
Barium is a chemical element with symbol Ba and atomic number 56. It is the fifth element in Group 2, a soft silvery metallic alkaline earth metal. Because of its high chemical reactivity barium is never found in nature as a free element. Its hydroxide was known in pre-modern history as baryta; this substance does not occur as a mineral, but can be prepared by heating barium carbonate.

The most common naturally occurring minerals of barium are barite (barium sulfate, BaSO4) and witherite (barium carbonate, BaCO3), both being insoluble in water. Barium's name originates from the alchemical derivative "baryta", which itself comes from Greek βαρύς (barys), meaning "heavy." Barium was identified as a new element in 1774, but not reduced to a metal until 1808, shortly after electrolytic isolation techniques became available.
Barium compounds are added to fireworks to impart a green color. Barium sulfate is used as an insoluble heavy additive to oil well drilling fluid, as well as in purer form, as X-ray radiocontrast agents for imaging the human gastrointestinal tract. Soluble barium compounds are poisonous due to release of the soluble barium ion, and therefore have been used as rodenticides.
Ukraine President Once Agent for U.S. State Department
UK establishment closes ranks as organised child sex abuse network leads back to No. 10
UK establishment closes ranks as organised child sex abuse network leads back to No. 10. For decades, vulnerable children from care homes and other
9/11 Pentagon Attack - Behind the Smoke Curtain - Barbara Honegger
Centennial of World War I Outbreak: Are We in July 1914 Right Now?
06-27-2014 - Tarpley: France Moves to Curb MEK Terror Group
Burning Point: US imperial ambitions in East Asia could push region to the brink of war
"US continuously sends signals to its allies in East Asia that whatever they do, if it is harmful to China, the US will support it. For example, the Philippines and Vietnam are now continuously trying to make trouble in the South China Sea under the Diaoyu Islands dispute between China and Japan", says Dr. Dai Changzheng
NATO Accuses Moscow of Covertly Funding Western Anti-Fracking Activists
At a June 19 speaking event at London's Chatham House, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen claimed the Russian government is covertly working to discre...
The End of Fukuyama: Re-Starting History After a Quarter Century of Unipolar Globalization
Zionist 9/11 PSYOP: Dancing Palestinians or Dancing Israelis?
Benjamen Netanyahu openly rejoiced in the tragedy of 9/11. Where were the mainstream media reports on this disgusting criminal’s statements celebrating 9/11 as a “good thing for Israel”? Nowhere to be found, of course.
Zionist 9/11 PSYOP: Dancing Palestinians or Dancing Israelis?
The Jew-owned and run US media plastered a phony clip of Palestinians allegedly celebrating the 911 attacks all over TV on 9/11/01
911 Palestinian Frame Up
Israel is the Real Terrorist State
NYC: 10,000+ Jews Against Israel (U.S. Media Blackout)
Orthodox Jews protest against Zionism
The Five Dancing Israelis - 9/11/2001 - Our Purpose Was To Document The Event
Hamas is a Creation of Mossad
Israel is a Terrorist State by Definition: Chomsky
1 mn more working Brits plunged into poverty, trade unions outraged
"Inclusive Capitalism": How to Keep Accumulating by Dispossessing Through Philanthropy
If you’ve been reading the financial news lately, you may have noticed that two much-celebrated summits have taken place on either side of the Atlantic. A California conference organized by the Koc...
Court Decision: U.S. "Government Agencies" Found Guilty in Martin Luther King's Assassination
After four weeks of testimony and over 70 witnesses in a civil trial in Memphis, Tennessee, twelve jurors reached a unanimous verdict on December 8, 1999 that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assass...
Israeli jets pound Gaza as Netanyahu blames Hamas for teenagers' deaths
Bodies of three abducted students found in a shallow grave near Hebron, but Hamas denies involvement in murders
The ISIS Caliphate: A Viable Project | Chronicles Magazine
Large-scale fighting raged in Iraq on Monday, following Sunday’s proclamation of an Islamic caliphate over large areas of Syria and Iraq by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
The ISIL or DAISH Caliphate in Iraq and Syria is a US Project
Press TV has conducted an interview with Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, author and geopolitical analyst from Montreal, about heavy clashes underway among foreign-backed insurgents in Syria and about the ...
One Palestinian child has been killed by Israel every 3 days for the past 13 years
How to Make Sauerkraut
‘Humdinger’: Swine flu virus which killed half-million modified to 'incurable'
 “He took the 2009 pandemic flu virus and selected out strains that were not neutralized by human antibodies. He repeated this several times until he got a real humdinger of a virus,” a scientist familiar with Kawaoka’s research told the British newspaper.

“He’s basically got a known pandemic strain that is now resistant to vaccination. Everything he did before was dangerous but this is even madder. This is the virus,” he added.
<Last time their lame swine flu virus killed far less people than the common flu but the psychopaths have been working on it to murder next time hundreds of people for rea>
How to Make Sauerkraut Fast Delicious, #3 Part of 3 Easy Method
How to Make Sauerkraut, Fast, #2 of 3 Parts, Delicious and Healthy, Easy Instructions
<add some horseradish - pipperjuuri>
How to Make Sauerkraut, Fast, #1 Part, Delicious and Healthy, Easy Instructions

VERY IMPORTANT information about how to make Sauerkraut !! This way is fast and delicious. My Printable Ebook with sauerkraut and cabbage roll recipes is ava...
TISA-Abkommen steht hierarchisch über TTIP -
Finanzdienstleistungen werden nur in TISA verhandelt, die Deregulation der Wasserversorgung kam von dort ins TTIP. Heute begann in Genf die nächste, geheime TISA-Verhandlungsrunde.
<TISA ist das ENDE der parlamentarischen Demokratie - wenn das abgeschlossen wird, sind wir wohl eher eine Kolonie oder wie auch immer man das bezeichnen will!

TISA-Abkommen steht hierarchisch über TTIP

Finanzdienstleistungen werden nur in TISA verhandelt, die Deregulation der Wasserversorgung kam von dort ins TTIP. Heute begann in Genf die nächste, geheime TISA-Verhandlungsrunde.>
French ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy charged with corruption and influence peddling
US hegemony in world has ended’ – Russia’s deputy security chief
Lukyanov also touched upon the current situation in Ukraine and mentioned that US advisors were actively helping the Kiev regime.
Chemtrails Confirmed Again: Modern Turbofan Engines Less Likely to Produce Contrails
Since 80% of the air providing thrust bypasses direct combustion, the engine exhaust is not capable of producing the water vapor required to form a contrail.
The CFM56 first ran in 1974[1] and, despite initial export restrictions, is now one of the most common turbofan aircraft engines in the world, with more than 20,000 having been built[2] in four major variants. It is most widely used on the Boeing 737 airliner and, under military designation F108, replaced the Pratt & Whitney JT3D engines on many KC-135 Stratotankers in the 1980s, creating the KC-135R variant of this aircraft. It is also the only engine (CFM56-5C) used to power the Airbus A340-200 and 300 series. The engine (CFM56-5A and 5B) is also fitted to Airbus A320 series aircraft.  (Wiki)
Executive Orders: Washington - Obama
ISIS Unveiled: The Identity of The Insurgency in Syria and Iraq

The ISIS/ISIL offensive of June 2014 in Iraq and any political or military responses to it cannot be understood without first "unveiling ISIS". ISIS/ISIL b
Blindgänger einer Streubombe im Donetzk gefunden

Der Ministerpräsident der Volksrepublik Donetsk, Alexander Boroday sagte heute Abend, dass der Widerstand in der Nähe von Donezk eine nicht explodierte Streubombe ukrainischer "Gesetzeshüter" gefunden haben!

Solche Munition wird durch internationale Konvention verboten.
Zur Zeit wird über das WIE der Entschärfung- bzw. Sprengung der Bombe nachgedacht.

Facebook Emotional Experiment Linked To Pentagon Research On Civil Unrest
Researcher who worked on social media experiment was funded by DoD
(+18) Donbass sagt: "KIEW stopp den Krieg!" Zivilisten erzählen...
Who is Responsible for the Catastrophes in the Middle East?
Seattle Cop Kills Man Over Not Paying Transit Fare
More evidence cops are completely out of control in America
Libya: Ex-US base now headquarters of Al Qaeda-linked forces
Eine Neue Rezession und eine Neue Welt frei von der Arroganz Washingtons?
Paul Craig Roberts
EU Association Agreement with Ukraine Is a Gift to Kleptocrats
Michael Hudson: The agreement, by worsening economic conditions of Ukraine, will guarantee unending violence in the east
Cryptome claims all Snowden files will be published in July to avert a war
​ All of the National Security Agency files accessed by former contractor Edward Snowden could be published in the month of July if vaguely worded
Donezker Volkswehr unternimmt Anti-Terror-Operation gegen rebellischen „Feldkommandeur“
Im ostukrainsichen Donezk hat einer der Feldkommandeure versucht, die Macht in der Stadt zu ergreifen, wie ein Sprecher des „Premiers“ der so genannten Volksrepublik Donezk (VRD), Alexander Borodaj, am Dienstag RIA Novosti mitteilte.
BUZZKILL: GALLUP reports American public has no faith in government
The American people don't believe in news and politicians according to a new Gallup- choosing to browse cat videos and Buzzfeed clickbait instead.
BNP Paribas agrees to record $8.8bn settlement for US sanctions violations
French banking giant BNP Paribas has agreed to plead guilty to two criminal charges of violating US sanctions, and will pay a record-breaking $8.8 billion settlement.
Number of the Week: Total World Debt Load at 313% of GDP - Real Time Economics - WSJ
Advanced economies tend to draw attention at the government and household levels. But emerging markets are gathering debt at an increasing pace to drive their economic development.
Seven-eighths of world’s oceans covered by plastic junk – study
At least 88 percent of the surface of the world’s open oceans is polluted by plastic debris, says a new scientific report. The findings raise large
Putin to West: Stop turning world into 'global barracks,' dictating rules to others
Putin to West: Stop turning world into 'global barracks,' dictating rules to others (FULL SPEECH)
They come for truth to find the death – Radio VR's first-hand account from dire eastern Ukraine
"Strange it might seem, but no Ukrainian journalists have been spotted in the east of Ukraine. You can come across Russian crews, Reuters, AFP, Deutsche Welle covering the ongoing military conflict,
The Fall of Iraq - What You're Not Being Told
The Fall of Iraq - What You Aren't Being Told
More than 2,400 killed in Iraq in June, highest monthly toll since 2007
At least 2,417 people have been killed in Iraq in June 2014, the majority of them civilians, according to figures released by the United Nations. The death toll in the violence-plagued country is the highest since May 2007.
'Saudiphile CIA chief behind ISIL rise'

Wyane Madsen says CIA director John Brennan is behind the rise of ISIL.
Andrei Petrov's final Slavyansk video for now / Последний Славянск видео Андрея Петрова теперь
 Published on Jun 30, 2014

29 June, Slavyansk, reports of 5 killed by Ukraine army shelling.

29 июня Славянск, информация что 5 погибли потому что украинский армий обстрел город.

Poroshenko - oikea nimi Valtsman.
Yatseniuk - oikea nimi Buckeye.
Turchinov - oikea nimi Kogan.
Klitschko - todellinen nimi Etinzon (Internet on valokuva, jossa hän synagogassa).
Tyahnibok - oikea nimi Frotman.
Tymoshenko - todellinen nimi Kapitelman (isoisäni).
Russia warns US over Syria militants

Russia warns the US against increasing its support for the Syrian armed opposition.
Europäischer Gerichtshof: Lügen über Katyn entlarvt!
Lügen über Katyn entlarvt. Die liberalen Massenmedien schweigen 20.01.2014 Am 18. Juni 2012 faßte der Europäische Gerichtshof den sensationellen Beschluß, daß die bei Gorbatschow und Jelzin vorgele...
Global warming data FAKED by government to fit climate change fictions
Al-Nusra Front
The group announced its creation on 23 January 2012 during the Syrian Civil War.[21] Since then it has been described as "the most aggressive and successful"[22] or "one of the most effective rebel forces" in Syria.[23] The group has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United Nations,[24] the United States,[25] Australia[26] the United Kingdom,[27] and Turkey.[28]

In April 2013, the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) released an audio statement announcing that Jabhat al-Nusra is its branch in Syria.[29] The leader of Al Nusra, Abu Mohammad al-Jawlani, responded by denying any merger had taken place and affirmed the group's allegiance to Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.[30] However, in May 2013, a faction of Nusra loyal to the Islamic State of Iraq leadership began acting under the name of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham. [31][32][33] Starting around November 2013, members of the group in Syria, and supporters online, began circulating banners, flags, and flyers using the name Tanzim Qa'edat Al-Jihad fi Bilad Al-Sham or Al-Qaeda in Syria instead of, or in addition to, the name Jabhat al-Nusra.[3
Isis & Al Nusra Merge & Announce Islamic Caliphate - Obama to Send them $500 Million
Apparently the Obama administration wanted to send Al Qaeda a house warming gift. Sound like an exaggeration? It's not.
US Plans 'First Strike' Nuclear Attack on Russia or China
Scotland's Independence from the United Kingdom: What Happens to England?
As if Prime Minister David Cameron hasn’t got enough problems, the promised referendum allowing Scotland to vote on whether people want independence from the rest of the United Kingdom looms ever c...
Anatoly Klyan death: Russian cameraman fatally shot in Ukraine 'by government forces'
A Russian cameraman has died in Ukraine after a bus he was travelling in was attacked with gunfire, it has been reported.
"Rethinking Money" presentation by Bernard Lietaer and Jacqui Dunne
What About Money? Bernard Lietaer interviewed by Lars Schall
Bernard Lietaer : Wie funktioniert Geld ?
Группировки ИГИШ объявили о создании исламского халифата
500 British nationals recruited by ISIL
Some 500 UK nationals have been recruited to join the ISIL Takfiris fighting in Syria and Iraq.
Europa schiebt Verantwortung für Ukraine auf Russland
Die Europäische Union hat am letzten Freitag den Wirtschaftsteil des Abkommens über die Assoziierung mit der Ukraine unterzeichnet. Im Grunde ist das ein Vertrag über den freien Handel
Mosul maelstrom: ISIS and the turning point of American adventurism in Middle East
"Color Revolutions": US State Department Document Confirms Regime Change Agenda in the Middle East
The Obama Administration has been pursuing a policy of covert support for the Muslim Brotherhood and other insurgent movements in the Middle East since 2010. MEB has obtained a just-released U.S. ...
The October 22, 2010 document, titled “Middle East Partnership Initiative: Overview,” spells out an elaborate structure of State Department programs aimed at directly building “civil society” organizations, particularly non-governmental organizations (NGOs), to alter the internal politics of the targeted countries in favor of U.S. foreign policy and national security objectives.
Syrian Al Qaeda Offshoot Pledges Allegiance to ISIS
Fighters from the Al Nusra front, the group known as Syria’s Al Qaeda affiliate, has taken an oath of allegiance to support the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) militant Islamist group.
Consolidation of Power Begins In Syria – REPORT: Al Nusra Front Joins The Stronger ISIL Army…
SYRIA – A Syrian rebel group closely aligned with al Qaeda’s official central leadership has switched sides and is now supporting an ultra-violent offshoot, following the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant’s blitzkrieg attack on Iraq, according to U.S. officials and reports from the region.

A local unit of the Al Nusra Front—the official rebel group of al Qaeda in Syria—agreed to back the ISIL on Wednesday.
Complete List of Who Voted NO in 2002 on Iraq War
Opposing the Use of Military Force Against Iraq
Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)
October 10, 2002
Putin allows Russian banks to share tax data with US
<on the contrary this is brilliant move by Putin.
The oligarchs who looting Russian money will have to declare it now to the U.S. because many of them took up U.S. citizenship to safeguard to massive loot of Russian people's money.>
Global Research Annual Membership – $48.00/year
(Students / Seniors / Low-Income)
'No place to hide': Iraq's Christians face ISIS slaughter as country disintegrates
The Failure of Mainstream Media
The Fragmentation of Iraq and the Middle East: "Muslim Civil War"?
As the world's eyes turn to Iraq, flabbergasted at the brutality and partial success of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, takeover of major Iraqi cities with the goal of building a so-c...
"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." ~ Albert Einstein
"If you don't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." ~ Albert Einstein
5-year-old slapped with sexual misconduct after dropping pants in playground
The mother of 5-year-old Eric Lopez, who signed a paper attesting to the act of voluntarily ‘depantsing’ in his school playground, is now fighting authorities
TISA = Unglaublich dreister Plan!
Handel mit Dienstleistungen: In Sachen Geheimniskrämerei stellt TISA alles bisher bekannte in den Schatten!

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