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December Part 1 Links

Shirtfront: What Abbot threatened to do to Putin becomes word of year in Australia
"The penalty for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." - Plato
UN human rights expert: US legally obliged to prosecute senior Bush officials for torture crimes
3,400 dead at sea: UN slams Europe for snubbing safety over immigration barriers
Why Are U.S. “News” Media Ignoring Important News? Western Media is Hiding War Preparations Directed against Russia
On December 5th, it was “U.S. House Votes 98% to Donate U.S. Weapons to Ukraine; U.S. Public Is 67% Against. Is this Democracy?”
Humanitäre Lage im ‪#‎Donbass‬ spitzt sich zu
Feds say cleaning up most contaminated nuclear weapons site in US is too costly

Putin 2000 – 2014, Midterm Interim Results: Diversfication, Modernization and the Role of the State in Russia’s economy
US secretly selling nukes worldwide via Israel
According to the Russian report, Israel used remanufactured W-54 warheads, reconfigured as micro-nukes, for terror bombings in Bali, London and to destroy the Fukashima nuclear reaction site in Japan.

With weapons around the world, stored in embassies and consulates, and their powerful friends in the American “right,” Israel has managed to maintain nuclear superpower status without a real production facility, using only pirates and traitors, something America, according to our Russian sources, seems to have no shortage of.
Reserviläisliiton toiminnanjohtaja: Näinä aikoina asia kiinnostaa
Reserviläinen, saatat saada pian postia paikastasi sodan ajan joukoissa
New long article with new details - 10.December
Malaysia Airlines MH17 Investigation: Trail of Guarded Secrets
@Assandro It´s interesting that you say that Svoboda would get 2-4% of the vote and yet the leader of Svoboda was front and center on the stage when the war-monger McCain spoke at the rally and all the rest of the time as well. Most reports claim that between 25-40% of the "demonstrators" were right-wing extremists - and a group of protestors so comprised are now supposed to be seen as the "legitimate" government of Ukraine? What a joke! Since when is a coup legitimate? Why didn´t they just wait for elections? Oh, yea, because Yanokovich would probably have won just like he did the last time - and if not, certainly not the hand-picked American crew now in power  (see the REST of the tape of that neo-conservative accolade Victoria Nuland saying "fuck Europe" where she NAMES the eventual leader of today!). Wake-up. Ukraine is just a pawn in a geopolitical game and NEITHER SIDE gives a damn about the people of Ukraine no matter the MSM propagandizes!!!
Sahra Wagenknecht about the EU Crisis and the civil war in Ukraine
The Rise of German Imperialism and the Phony “Russian Threat”
Venäjä harkitsee Murmanskin strategisen laivaston siirtoa kauemmas Nato-rajalta
Report: China arming submarines with nuke missiles that could reach US
How Germany Was Partitioned. Lessons for Ukraine
Spede show – Suomen ilmatilan loukkaus
"Am Montagabend versammelten sich in Dresden circa 10.000 Pegida (Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes)-Anhänger und 9.000 Gegen-Demonstranten. Besonders pikant: Der Anteil der Muslime in Dresden beträgt etwa 0,5%, unter den politisch Verantwortlichen und Wirtschaftsführern der Stadt ist kaum jemand bekannt, der dem Islam anhängen würde."
MEDVEDEV: "The European economy has lost 40 bln euros this year and will lose 50 bln euros next year because of cancelled contracts with the Russian Federation."
Ukraine braucht weitere 15 Mrd. USD zur Verhinderung von Finanzzusammenbruch – IWF
UN Committee against Torture condemns US human rights record
«Putin hat sich selber in eine Sackgasse gebracht»
imf warns ukraine bailout at risk of collapse
George Osborne, the UK finance minister, expressed surprise at the request, attendees said, saying the EU was now asking for help from Russia at the same time it was sanctioning the Kremlin for its actions in Ukraine.
Nigel Farage: Stop playing wargames with Putin
British Nigel Farage in EU Parliament - Stop playing wargames with Putin and do not provoke him. The EU leaders were staging a coup d'état, which brought down the Ukrainian president, which has led to this instability. Yes, yes, you (EU) are the guilty people and you refuse to accept it.
"Brittiläinen Nigel Farage EU parlamentissa - Lopettaakaa sotapelit Putinin kanssa ja älkää provosoiko häntä. EU:n johtajat lavastivat vallankaappauksen, joka kaatoi Ukrainan presidentin, joka sitten johti tähän epävakauteen. Kyllä, kyllä, te (EU) olette ne syylliset ihmiset, mutta kieltäytytte tunnustamasta sitä.
35 countries where the U.S. has supported fascists, drug lords and terrorists
13. Greece

When British forces landed in Greece in October 1944, they found the country under the effective control of ELAS-EAM, the leftist partisan group formed by the Greek Communist Party in 1941 after the Italian and German invasion. ELAS-EAM welcomed the British forces, but the British refused any accommodation with them and installed a government that included royalists and Nazi collaborators.
Selvitys: CIA maksoi Puolalle suuren summan salaisesta vankilasta
China stealth jet could shoot down F-35: Aviation offcial
Old Tricks, Old Dogs: Israeli Attacks on Syria
Whooping Cough Outbreak at Massachusetts High School Affected Only Vaccinated Students
If unvaccinated children don’t contract whooping cough while vaccinated children do, then there is no rational basis for continuing the vaccine program.
Whooping cough vaccines making disease more virulent

If anything, vaccinated individuals are actually the ones responsible for spreading disease. In the case of whooping cough, a study out of the Netherlands found that whooping cough has mutated genetically and become more virulent as a result of whooping cough vaccines, which would explain why outbreaks are escalating.
Florida Cop Literally Just Shot Unarmed African American With His Hands Up, Begging Not To Be Shot
POLICE BRUTALITY @ UC Berkeley Student March 12/6/14
<coward protestors bt they are also outnumbered and/or out-gunned>
‘War crime’: Amnesty Intl says IDF destroyed Gaza blocks as ‘collective punishment’
Ich bin sicher, meine Tochter wurde im Auftrag von Julia Timoschenko vergast
(P.S. der Artikel im Link lässt sich problemlos ins Deutsche übersetzen, einfach oben links bei "Sprache auswählen" auf Deutsch stellen)

What You Are About to See in This Video, You Will Never Forget: Cops Exist to Protect Governments, Not You
Facing justice: UN, HRW, Amnesty call for prosecuting US officials for torture
 The ACLU has urged US President Barack Obama to appoint a special prosecutor to look into the “role played by the senior officials most responsible for it and by those who tried to cover up crimes...if there is sufficient evidence of criminal conduct, the offenders should be prosecuted.”

The report released to the public consists of only a 524-page summary out of the full 6,000-page document. It also has most of the details blacked out, such as the names of those involved.
CIA-FolterberichtAuch die widerlichsten Details müssen raus
Elite Think Tank Admits to Ongoing Climate Engineering Experiments
China Blocks US Imports Over GMO Contamination
Senate report on CIA torture claims spy agency lied about 'ineffective' program
Report released by Senate after four-year, $40m investigation concludes CIA repeatedly lied about brutal techniques in years after 9/11
Non-Muslims Carried Out More than 90% of All Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil
All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 94% that Aren’t
The Terrorism Statistics Every American Needs to Hear
Number of American civilians who died worldwide in terrorist attacks last year: 8 — Minimum number who died after being struck by lightning: 29.
“Since 9/11, foreign-inspired terrorism has claimed about two dozen lives in the United States. (Meanwhile, more than 100,000 have been killed in gun homicides and more than 400,000 in motor-vehicle accidents.) “
Here is the Senate’s 500-page report on Bush-era torture
Confronting the Chemical Lies in Syria - Mother Agnes Mariam on GRTV
From 12:30
FSA. In case of an American aggression, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra and ISIL will have the supremacy and will slaughter everybody 12:59  (listen to the end )
'I saw rebels beheading men for religion' - Syrian cleric
Europe should decide its fate without using US ‘disservices’ – Russian Duma speaker
US flag on Ukrainian Security Service building shows who’s in charge
GERALD CELENTE: Economic Chaos Points to Kinetic Warfare
FREEZING Britain: UK hit by HEAVY SNOW as 80mph Arctic gales and blizzards sweep in
The most popular French politician Marine Le Pen admire Putin and condemn the Kiev backed Ukrainian Nazis who bombard and kill own people.
-Yes. I admire his cool head. Because there is a cold war being waged against him by the EU at the behest of USA, says Marine Le Pen to Euronews.
-When I talk about Nazis in Ukraine, I’m talking about Nazis, Nazis, meaning Nazis with Nazi flags. But once again history will prove us right! But it’s "alright" (sarcastically). I see, (you think), that there are "nice" Nazis. When they’re Ukrainian they’re "nice" Nazis, not "nasty" Nazis! I’ve seen in the past governments condemned for brutalising their people, for firing on them. But that one in Kyiv is bombarding its own people, and no one is making noice of it.
Putin macht Obama und die EU-Führer sprachlos mit dem Türkei-Gas-Deal (update)
The US State Department's covert/overt avant gard: "As one of the founders of the NED, Allan Weinstein, said, “A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.”

"The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is a most troublesome entity. It is funded nearly entirely by the US government, but as a non-government entity it is not at all answerable to the hand that feeds it (nor the pockets picked to provide the food). The relationship is mutually beneficial: the US government can task it with regime change overseas while keeping the appearance of clean hands; the NED has free reign to pursue its mission (regime change) with zero governmental oversight."
No to War, Hot or Cold, with Russia
Petition: Say No to War, Hot or Cold, With Russia
"Wieder Krieg in Europa? Nicht in unserem Namen!"
Roman Herzog, Antje Vollmer, Wim Wenders, Gerhard Schröder und viele weitere fordern in einem Appell zum Dialog mit Russland auf. ZEIT ONLINE dokumentiert den Aufruf.
Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault
According to the prevailing wisdom in the West, the Ukraine crisis can be blamed almost entirely on Russian aggression. Russian President Vladimir Putin, the argument goes, annexed Crimea out of a long-standing desire to resuscitate the Soviet empire, and he may eventually go after the rest of Ukraine, as well as other countries in eastern Europe. In this view, the ouster of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014 merely provided a pretext for Putin’s decision to order Russian forces to seize part of Ukraine.

But this account is wrong: the United States and its European allies share most of the responsibility for the crisis. The taproot of the trouble is NATO enlargement, the central element of a larger strategy to move Ukraine out of Russia’s orbit and integrate it into the West.

American War Plans Would Fail if Europe Stumbles
Gilbert Doctorow: Yes, let’s go back a little bit further. November 11, the online edition of Foreign Affairs magazine published a poll of this 29-men brain trust of experts on Russia. This is a follow-up to the essay originally published in the September-October issue by John Mearsheimer, asking the question – who is to blame? – and answering that the West is to blame for the present confrontation crisis over Ukraine.
US-Repräsentantenhaus verabschiedet scharfe Resolution gegen Russland
Zweierlei Maß

Tiefpunkt im deutschen Journalismus: Neuer Sammelband über den Ukraine-Konflikt nimmt Meinungsmache unter die Lupe
CA Cop is Being Fired for NOT Using Violence to Resolve a Situation
In Case You Missed It: Judge Dropped Case For Cop Who Killed 7-Year-Old Sleeping Girl
<Police have compete immunity in the United States' judicial system. It certainly is not a justice system! Though, under US Federalism, each state has its own criminal laws, the real criminals are the police and the capitalists who profit from our people by law. Property before people means that's what's the police are for: protecting property. In return, they get "get out of jail free" cards, just like in the game of Monopoly. Only it is not a game. It's the law.>
Israel Bombs Syria ... Again: Hits Ag Centers, Warehouses
These targets, of course, fit in with the larger trend of both Israeli and American airstrikes in Syria in the past that have targeted civilian locations, Syrian infrastructure, Syrian oil refineries, and, particularly, food centers such as grain silos.
Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.
Prominent Israelis join petition calling on Europe to recognize Palestine
International poll: Anti-Russian sentiment runs very strong
According to polls in 2004, 62% of Finnish citizens had a negative view of Russia International poll: Anti-Russian sentiment runs very strong in Finland
Only Kosovo has more negative attitude
Just nine percent of Finns say that they have a very positive or fairly positive attitude toward Russia
Complete List of BANKS Owned/Controlled by the Rothschild Family
 Dieser Russland-Aufruf ist ein peinliches Dokument

60 prominente Deutsche von Roman Herzog bis Wim Wenders warnen Politik und Medien vor einer "Dämonisierung" Russlands. Ein peinlicher Aufruf, der die Tatsachen auf den Kopf stellt.
‘Heinous crime’: Syria urges UN to sanction Israel over Damascus airstrikes
Syrian officials demanded the UN impose sanctions on Israel after Tel Aviv conducted airstrikes near Damascus Airport. They say the attack was a heinous crime against their sovereignty by a country which doesn’t hide its policy of supporting terrorism.
What brings prosperous Westerners to join E. Ukraine militias?
There’s somewhat of a consensus in the West that the Syrian war is a fair fight against the regime, whereas the Donbass events are a treacherous attempt to destabilize Ukraine...most foreigners coming to east Ukraine are fully aware of the threats they may experience back home'
Ewald Stadler - EU-Parlament ist ein heuchlerisches, russlandfeindliches Propaganda-Institut
Desperate Ukraine turns to Russia for Gas and Coal to Survive the Winter
Archbishop of Canterbury: Food poverty in UK ‘more shocking’ than Africa
UN details Israel helping Syrian rebels at Golan Heights
Kiev ignored EU request to close E. Ukraine airspace days before MH17 crash – report
European air traffic control regulator urged Kiev to close the south-east of the country for civilian aircraft days before the MH17 flight was downed near Donetsk, but the plea was ignored by the Ukrainian authorities, a new report claims.
Ukraine: Fascist Dictatorship Masquerading As Democracy
Israeli Warplanes Attack Multiple Sites in Syria
Attacks Target Damascus International Airport
A poll made in late 2011 revealed that the majority of the Finns viewed Finland as a racist country.
[19] Two thirds considered the country to be fairly racist, 12% recognised a moderate amount of racism, and 2% admitted to be very racist; 35% agreed partly or wholly to the statement "Islam is a threat to Western values and democracy", and 29% agreed more or less to that "people belonging to certain races simply are not suited to live in a modern society". One in five thought "it needs to be recognised as a fact that some nations are more intelligent than others", and 11% agreed partly or completely to "people whose appearance and culture differ much from those of the Finns are unpredictable and frightening".
HS-gallup: Puolet suomalaisista haluaa tiukempia Venäjä-pakotteita
Almost half the Fins want more boycotts for Russia
 6.5.2014 18:56
Suomalaisista hieman alle puolet on sitä mieltä, että Euroopan unionin tulisi asettaa Venäjää kohtaan tuntuvasti nykyistä tiukempia pakotteita. Pakotteiden tiukentamista kannattavat etenkin vihreiden tukijat. Suomalaisista kolmannes puolestaan torjuu ajatuksen pakotteiden kiristämisestä.
Suomalaisten Venäjän-pelko kaksin­kertaistunut neljässä vuodessa
Jo 42 prosenttia suomalaisista arvioi, että Suomella on syytä pelätä Venäjää
42% of the Fins think there are valid reasons to be afraid of Russia
27.9.2014 8:04
HS:n tuoreen kyselyn mukaan 42 prosenttia suomalaisista arvioi, että Suomella on syytä pelätä Venäjää. Neljä vuotta sitten näin ajatteli vain 21 prosenttia.
HS-gallup: Enemmistö pitää Suomea rasistisena
Finland: 29% of the Fins think that some races are not fit to live in a modern society
Perussuomalaisten kannattajat suhtautuvat moniin gallupissa kysyttyihin asioihin selvästi muuta kansaa tiukemmin.

Perussuomalaisten kannattajista 27 prosenttia eli yli neljännes tunnistaa itsessään paljon tai melko paljon rasistisia piirteitä.

35 prosenttia suomalaisista on täysin tai osittain sitä mieltä, että islam on uhka länsimaisille arvoille ja demokratialle. Perussuomalaisten kannattajista tätä mieltä oli 58 prosenttia.

Kansasta 29 prosenttia ja perussuomalaisten kannattajista 51 prosenttia allekirjoittaa täysin tai osittain ajatuksen, että "joihinkin rotuihin kuuluvat ihmiset eivät kerta kaikkiaan sovi asumaan moderniin yhteiskuntaan".
Most of True Finn members racist, study finds
Monday, 14 November 2011
UN confirms Israeli links with Syrian terrorists
Reports by UN observers in the Golan submitted to 15 members of Security Council detail regular contact between IDF officers and armed Syrian terrorists at the border.
Israeli Fighter Jets Bomb al-Dimas and Area next to Damascus Int'l Airport
Right now, the poverty threshold for one-person households in Finland € 1,166 a month

Statistical Center in Finland estimate the poor to about 700 000 people. Many people think that poor amounts to nearly one million Finns, and as I said, all indicators show that poverty has increased.
Sailas Lännen Medialle: Euroalueen hajoaminen mahdollista
Jiddu Krishnamurti Talks : Attention leads to learning - Rare Talks
Israeli airstrikes hit near Damascus airport – Syrian state TV
Chicago Cops Used Stingray to Intercept Protester’s Conversations
Anonymous leaks government communication detailing real-time cell phone surveillance
Whatever happened to UK investigative journalism? Yorkshire TV's Tim Tate
The Media's Propaganda Campaign against Russia
What the UNITED STATES thinks of EUROPE (by Aleix Saló)
The Most Complex International Borders in the World
Kiew hat zugegeben, dass es unter den ukrainischen Streitkräften ausländische Söldner gibt. Einer Meldung des ukrainischen Generalstabs zufolge nehmen über 1.000 Ausländer an den Kriegshandlungen gegen die Donbass-Volkswehrleute teil.
Ukraine gibt zu, ausländische Söldner einzusetzen
Krishnamurti - The Basic Nature of Man - Audiobook
Pinky und der Brain Intro (deutsch)
Kiev gestapo orders provocations
06.12.14.Photo from leaked document of SBU order to carry out provocations on the territory of Novorossiya.

Putin Pipeline Moves and EU Stupidity
 Internal conflict, above all with the CIA-linked Fetullah Gülen movement as I detail in Amerikas Heiliger Krieg, has increased distance between Erdogan and Washington despite Turkey’s NATO membership.

Erdogan has also asked to be accepted in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization led by Russia and China.

It takes 4 hours and 25 minutes for the signal to cover 4.7 billion kilometers and reach the mission operations team
Choke-hold cop sued in prior misconduct cases
Seattle police officer who broke handcuffed woman’s eye socket with punch not charged
TV: Ukrainian Cop So Proud to Be Nazi - Boasts About It On Social Media - Politnews
WAR is a racket. It always has been.
Hundreds of FBI homicides unaccounted for in US crime statistics
EU will have to transport Russian gas from Turkey on its own – Gazprom chief
More than 7,000 ISIS supporters barred entry to Turkey
Arizona Cop Caught on Cam Brutally Attacking Teen Girl While Mother Begs Them to Stop
Video Shows Cop Sarcastically Waving To Cameraman After Choking Eric Garner
Jiddu Krishnamurti - The Clear Mind Does Not Choose
Jiddu Krishnamurti - Can We Be Free From The Desire Of Love.
Iraq’s True Liberators

"Björk: Biophilia Live (2014)"
SWAT Shoot Out In Dave Chappelle’s Home Town Highlights the Problem With Police
Prominent Germans urge West to stop sabre rattling toward Russia

What's the difference between ignorance and apathy?
I don't know and I don't care.

This is bigger than anything that's happened in a long time. ‪#‎HandsUpDontShoot‬ is a movement and it is not going anywhere. People from all walks of life are risking arrest to demand ‪#‎PoliceAccountabilityNow‬!
John Kerry asks to delay CIA torture report
The Ukraine Deception: US/EU-Directed Coup D’état Exposes Itself
There’a an old adage that goes something like this:

    “The more guilty one is in the perpetration of a dastardly crime,
    the more likely they are to accuse innocent parties of the very
    same atrocity.”
Lavrov: Why don’t the BBC and CNN show "Russian troops in Ukraine"?
Читать далее:
Man dies after being shot by police in Hollywood near Walk of Fame
"Police say they found a combination knife, similar to a Swiss Army Knife, at the scene".
Valtioneuvoston kirjelmä Eduskunnalle luon-noksesta Euroopan vakausmekanisminperustamista kos-kevaksi valtiosopimukseksi (Euroopanvakausmekanismi)
US Annexes Ukraine, Parliamentarians Rumble
Fight Breaks Out In Parliament When Ukraine Learns It Has Quietly Become The Newest US State

How The Ukrainian Government Is Giving Away Citizenships So Foreigners Can Run The Country
US Annexes Ukraine, Parliamentarians Rumble
Fight Breaks Out In Parliament When Ukraine Learns It Has Quietly Become The Newest US State
Natalie Jaresko, United States -- Finance Minister
Aivaras Abromavicius, Lithuania -- Economy Minister
Aleksandr Kvitashvili, Georgia -- Health Minister
'In a remarkable disjunction between voters and their elected (supposed) representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives, the members of the House voted on December 4th, by 411 “Yea” to 10 “Nay,” to donate U.S. weapons to the bankrupt Ukrainian government, which is engaged in trying to eliminate the civilian population of the portion of Ukraine that had voted 90% for the former Ukrainian President whom the U.S. Government (CIA, State Department, USAID, etc.) had overthrown in a violent coup in February of this year.'
Jiddu Krishnamurti - Rupert Sheldrake (subtítulos en español) 1/4
min 22
<Me,me,me,me culture>
SCIENCE SET FREE - Rupert Sheldrake - Deepak Chopra
Rupert Sheldrake - The Science Delusion: Why Materialism is not the Answer
10 Scientific Dogmas That Should be Questioned to Support Our Evolution
300 Years of FOSSIL FUELS in 300 Seconds
<Good minus the carbon nonsense >
Telephone Telepathy with the Nolan Sisters
Rupert Sheldrake's 'Banned' Talk – The Science Delusion at TEDx Whitechapel
Auszeichnung für die Gefrierhühnchen in die Vagina-Performance im Supermarkt,
Ficken in der Öffentlichkeit, Katzen in McDonalds durch die Luft schmeißen und Blasphemie in orthodoxen Kirchen - dass die NATO-Nutten dafür im Westen geehrt werden, ist sebstredend.
Undercover Cops Busted At Anti-Police Brutality Protest
Finns green light $8.7bn Russian nuclear plant order
Ron Paul: ‘US provoking war with Russia, could result in total destruction’
passed 411-10
Reckless Congress 'Declares War' on Russia
Today the US House passed what I consider to be one of the worst pieces of legislation ever. H. Res. 758 was billed as a resolution “strongly condemning the actions of the Russian Federation, under President Vladimir Putin, which has carried out a policy of aggression against neighboring countries aimed at political and economic domination.”

In fact, the bill was 16 pages of war propaganda that should have made even neocons blush, if they were capable of such a thing.
NOVA: B-29 Frozen in Time
Large Islands of the World
ext Messaging Abbreviations & Shortcuts
What does LOL mean? - LOL Definition - Meaning of LOL
Top Secret Underground Arctic City in Greenland - Documentary
Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 - spectacular flight over Greenland en route to Los Angeles
flying over dark Greenland ice
Do you think race played a factor?
When Officer Frank Phillips, a Knox County Sheriff’s officer, was caught on video choking a white college student, he was fired almost immediately.

Compare and contrast this with the Eric Garner assault, homicide and refusal to indict. Comments Reveal Double Standard for Black Americans
New York City Total population     8,175,133    
White     44.6%    
Black     25.1%    
Asian     11.8%    
(any race)     27.5%
Unarmed Arizona man killed by cop
America is on a “Hot War Footing”: House Legislation Paves the Way for War with Russia?
Raw video: Kelly Thomas police beating
Security camera footage showing the police beating of Kelly Thomas, a mentally ill homeless man who later
America is on a “Hot War Footing”: House Legislation Paves the Way for War with Russia?
Global security is at stake. This historic vote --which potentially could affect the lives of hundreds of millions of people Worldwide-- has received virtually no media coverage. A total media blackout prevails.
West behind falling ruble, oil prices - Russian spy chief
It will take two to four years to reach the “more objective understanding needed for lifting some barriers and cooperation,” Fradkov concluded.
‘Terrorism exported to Middle East from Europe’ – Assad

The truth is that ISIS was created in Iraq in 2006. It was the United States which occupied Iraq, not Syria. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi [IS leader] was in American prisons, not in Syrian prisons. So, who created ISIS, Syria or the United States?”
Who are the Global Terrorists?
Noam Chomsky

Evidently, we have to qualify the definition of "terrorism" given in official sources: the term applies only to terrorism against _us_, not the terrorism we carry out against _them_. The practice is conventional, even among the most extreme mass murderers
A Grand Jury Did Indict One Person Involved In Eric Garner's Killing -- The Man Who Filmed It
On Wednesday, a Staten Island grand jury decided not to return an indictment for the police officer who put Eric Garner, an unarmed black man, in a chokehold shortly before his death. A different Staten Island grand jury was less sympathetic to Ramsey Orta, however, the man who filmed the entire incident.
Noam Chomsky calls US 'world's leading terrorist state'
Message to MSM: stop calling those who killed children of Beslan rebels! They are terrorists.
Netanyahu:Israel is the National State of the Jewish People and Only Theirs
Yhdysvaltain kongressi hyväksyi aggressiivisen Venäjän vastaisen päätöslauselman
Former Police Captain Ray Lewis: "Police are an oppressive organization" - Truth And Action
Former Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis quit his job as a cop because he no longer wanted to be
“It’s an oppressive organization now controlled by the one percent of corporate America.
Corporate America is using police forces as their mercenaries,” Lewis said during a recent interview.
 New York Times propagandists exposed: Finally, the truth about Ukraine and Putin emerges
NATO was the aggressor and got Ukraine wrong. Many months later, the media has eventually figured out the truth
Cold Turkey: Ankara Buckles Against Western Pressure, Turns to Russia
Stop having faith in "the system." It's not broken. It works perfectly well.

For the people it works for. And that ain't you.
War Is Bad for the Economy
According to Nobel Prize Winning Economists, Federal Reserve Chair and Other Top Experts
 Hochbrisante News im Fall MH17
(von Niki Vogt) Obwohl die Vorgänge um Flug MH17 immer noch nicht aufgeklärt sind, sollen aber jetzt die Wrackteile verschrottet werden. Und siehe da, die Niederlande mit den meisten Opfern haben nichts dagegen. Gleichzeitig bekommen die Niederlande in einem Geheimabkommen ihr Gold aus den USA zurück. Und ein hochkarätiger Privatermittler lobt 47 Millionen Dollar Belohnung aus für Beweise und Zeugen der tatsächlichen Vorgänge bei dem Flugzeugabsturz.
Natürlich haben diese ganzen Vorgänge üüüüberhaupt und ganz und gar nichts miteinander zu tun. Alles andere wäre ja Verschwörungstheorie, oder?
 Adoption of House of Representatives Resolution: Provides De Facto “Green Light” to Obama to “Declare War on Russia”
The US House of Representatives has overwhelmingly approved a document which strongly condemns Moscow’s actions against its neighbors, calling them a policy of aggression.

Passed with 411-10 votes, the resolution slams Russia’s “continuing political, economic, and military aggression” against Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova and the “continuing violation of their sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.”

“The US, Europe and our allies must aggressively keep the pressure on Mr. Putin to encourage him to change his behavior,” Rep. Adam Kinzinger, the resolution’s sponsor, said.

The resolution calls for Russia to stop supporting local militias in eastern Ukraine and for the cancellation of Crimea’s decision to join Russia. In addition, it calls on Moscow to withdraw its troops which the US claims are in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

The House calls on President Barack Obama to provide Ukraine with defense equipment and training.

“Ukraine is clearly in need of urgent military assistance,” Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen said as quoted by The Hill.
LIVE - Vladimir Putin’s annual address to Federal assembly (English)
Das Video hat einen langen 'Vorspann'. Es geht erst etwa ab Minute 30 los... Dann gibt es noch einen kleinen Trick. Ich finde das gar nicht schlecht. Bei mir kommt der russische Ton aus der linken Box und der englische aus der rechten. So kann man entscheiden, welchen man hören will und kann auch zugleich nachprüfen, ob die Übersetzung richtig ist.

Whistleblower Dr Udo Ulfkotte, journalist on RT
Published on Oct 7, 2014

Dr Udo Ulfkotte, journalist and author, on RT Deutschland Germany US America CIA Newspaper News collonie Europa United states of America USA Media UK Control Propaganda Russia Russland Frankfurter Allgemeine Bild Zeitung Der Spiegel
Lügen bezahlt
Jurnalisten GEKAUFTE JURNALISTEN Journalistenschule author
Julian Assange Edward Snowden Nachrichten Deutsche whistleblower Wutbürger wahrheit truth Press Freedom Reporters
Primary Sources: Emails Show FBI Worked to Debunk 'Conspiracy Theories' Following Michael Hastings' Death
“I Hate N*ggers, That is All.” — Five Cops Probed Over Racist Text Messages
6,000 Ukrainian Jewish Refugees to be Granted Israeli Citizenship while West supports Neo-Nazi Parties
The Israeli government is holding closed-door meetings about receiving some 6,000 Jewish citizens who have been displaced due to the Ukrainian civil war, reports the Israeli Maariv newspaper. Meanwhile, western support for overtly National Socialist and Ultra Nationalist parties and militants in Ukraine continues.
Orwellian 'Ministry of Truth'? OSCE lashes out at Kiev’s new ministry amid journalists’ outcry
No One Tracks Police Killings
No Charges for Cop Who Sneaked Up Behind Black Man and Choked Him to Death, Cop Was Previously Sued for Racist Abuse
A living, breathing man is choked to death by a police officer WHO IS FILMED CHOKING THIS MAN TO DEATH!! The victim begs for help---says he cannot breathe----AND THE OFFICER CONTINUES THE CHOKEHOLD UNTIL HE IS DEAD---- ON CAMERA!!
H.Res.758 - Strongly condemning the actions of the Russian Federation, under President Vladimir Putin, which has carried out a policy of aggression against neighboring countries aimed at political and economic domination.
Summary: H.Res.758 — 113th Congress (2013-2014)
House of Representatives passes resolution against Russia
The US House of Representatives has overwhelmingly approved a document which strongly condemns Moscow's actions against its neighbors, calling them a policy of aggression.

Passed with 411-10 votes, the resolution slams Russia’s “continuing political, economic, and military aggression” against Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova and the “continuing violation of their sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.”

"The US, Europe and our allies must aggressively keep the pressure on Mr. Putin to encourage him to change his behavior," Rep. Adam Kinzinger, the resolution's sponsor, said.

The resolution calls for Russia to stop supporting local militias in eastern Ukraine and for the cancellation of Crimea’s decision to join Russia. In addition, it calls on Moscow to withdraw its troops which the US claims are in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

 The resolution calls for Russia to stop supporting local militias in eastern Ukraine and for the cancellation of Crimea’s decision to join Russia. In addition, it calls on Moscow to withdraw its troops which the US claims are in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

The House calls on President Barack Obama to provide Ukraine with defense equipment and training.

"Ukraine is clearly in need of urgent military assistance," Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen said as quoted by The Hill.
>complete utterly BS>
LAS VEGAS, NV -- An attorney faces up to 12 years in prison after being convicted of three felonies stemming from a violent encounter with police. The situation arose from an unpaid "High Occupancy Vehicle" ticket. (Using the carpool lane with too few passengers.)

Jim Duensing was tased, then shot in the back 3 times by LVMPD. The anonymous "Use of Force Board" unanimously claimed the shooting was justified. For 5 years he fought for justice against the corrupt prosecutor in Clark County, but was finally convicted and now faces prison time.
Only 53% of white South Africans think Apartheid was a crime against humanity. Am I surrounded by Neo Nazis or what?
New York Times on Syria and Ukraine: How Propaganda Works
 Down on your luck, feeling suicidal? Don't call the cops, they will kill you in seconds.
This family has been separated from each other now for over 3 weeks as their babies were forced into substandard government custody.
The Importance Of The Cancellation Of South Stream
The gas volumes involved in the Turkish deal almost exactly match those previously intended for South Stream. The Turkish deal replaces South Stream.
Cop Throws a Temper Tantrum After Not Finding Drugs, Smashes Man’s Face into His Car
Hungary fuming after McCain calls PM Orban ‘neo-fascist dictator’
Jihadist From California Goes to Syria (VIDEO)
Aiming for Two Militant Leaders in Pakistan, U.S. Drone Pilots Killed 233 People, including 89 Children

Over Kill: Aiming for Two Militant Leaders in Pakistan, U.S. Drone Pilots Killed 233 People, including 89 Children
The "taming" of Europe or Putin's new compromise
"We will reroute the flow of our energy resources to other regions of the world, including through the promotion and accelerated implementation of projects for liquefied natural gas. We will develop other markets, and Europe will not receive these volumes, in any case, from Russia. We believe that this is not consistent with the economic interests of Europe and undermines our cooperation. But this is the choice of our European friends"
UK has ‘b******t attitude’ towards immigration – UN investigator
British have invaded nine out of ten countries - so look out Luxembourg
Should one tolerate the intolerant? Only in the language they truly understand. A verbal kick in the ass. Today I told to someone who tolerated and defended Nazism that he must be a Nazi too. He could not tolerate my comment and banned me. Told because I "insulted" him.Seriously: I have an allergy against racism and fascism. Anything else I can tolerate.
Congress is voting on what amounts to a declaration of war on Russia this week, writes RPI Board Member Dennis Kucinich. If H. Res. 758 is passed (debate likely tomorrow), US saber-rattling will suddenly become much more serious and dangerous...
Press TV: Permanent War Economy Of US: Part II
US targets Iran, Russia with OPEC oil: Dean Henderson
Israeli forces take Syria militants to Israel's hospitals
AP: CIA Working With Al Nusra Al Qaeda in Syria!
The Biggest Scandal in America Is Its Controlled Press
How many Americans know that the current regime in Ukraine was installed in a very bloody February 2014 coup d’etat, that was planned in the U.S. White House, and overseen by an Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, and run by the CIA, and carried out for the White House by one of Ukraine’s two racist-fascist, or nazi, political parties, whose founder and leader still controls Ukraine though not officially, even these many months after his coup, and which nazi party has been up to their elbows since then in a genocidal policy to exterminate the people in the region of Ukraine that had voted approximately 90% for the man whom Obama and those nazis overthrew in February? (
Deutschland wird NATO-Speerspitze in Osteuropa bilden
Entgegen der bisherigen Planung soll die beim NATO-Gipfel in Wales geplante Eingreiftruppe „Speerspitze“ für Osteuropa bereits im Frühjahr 2015 einsatzbereit sein. Hauptteil der Eingreiftruppe wird das deutsch-niederländische Korps in Münster bilden. Außenminister Frank-Walter Steinmeier spricht von einem „guten und wichtigen Beitrag“.
Die Entscheidung wurde beim NATO-Treffen am Dienstag in Brüssel getroffen. Deutschland hat für die bestehende NATO-Eingreiftruppe (Nato Response Force) insgesamt 4.000 Soldaten zugesagt.
Ukrainian Major and military expert Oleksandr Taran: "There are no Russian troops in Ukraine."
Flight fright: Russian MiG-31 jet pulls midair maneuver on Norwegian F-16 (VIDEO)
When NATO fighter jets intercept Russian bombers and other warplanes, or vice versa, pilots are usually polite and keep their distance. The previous incident with hazardous proximity took place back in 2012, when a Russian MiG-31 fighter jet intercepted and approached “uncomfortably close” to a Norwegian Orion reconnaissance aircraft over the Barents Sea.
Brazil, Uruguay move away from US dollar in trade
<The American Historical Review October 1993 Soviet Union penal system.pdf<
Lies Concerning the History of the Soviet Union

 1,053,829 died in the Gulags of Stalin between 1934 and 1953. Political prisoners and criminal convicts.

To HUGE, scroll way down..>
9/11 Update: More proof no Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon
And it is physically impossible because the effects of a plane flying over 500 mph hitting a series of stationary lampposts would be the same if the plane had been stationary and hit by lampposts flying at over 500 mph: they would have ripped the wings open, where the jet fuel stored in them would have burst into flames and the plane could have cartwheeled across the lawn.
Since there were 96 — ninety-six — outwardly aimed CCTV cameras ringing the Pentagon, it is entirely reasonable to assume there must exist at least one clear frame of this world-changing event. Pentagon officials claim all ninety-six cameras mysteriously malfunctioned simultaneously just prior to the incident, and as a result no photographs are available.
Who won? Who lost? You tell me!
Fear and Loathing in Turkey: Erdogan versus the Gulenists
Salafism and the CIA: Destabilizing the Russian Federation?
Loose Lips Threaten Turkey’s Powerful
As the corruption scandal rages, eye-opening wiretapped conversations of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his main rival, Fethullah Gülen, have been leaked to the public
Erdoğan received Al-Qaeda’s banker in secret
Jamaat intertwined with sharia banks and Islamic charities
Erdogan's Son Caught with Al-Qaeda Financier
Episode 298 – Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia
Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia
How the BBC whitewashes mass murder and war crimes in Iraq
“The truth,” US historian Howard Zinn once wrote, “is so often the reverse of what has been told us by our culture that we cannot turn our heads far enough around to see it.”
Local authorities said about 60 percent of all houses in the city were totally destroyed or seriously damaged while the Fallujah Compensation Committee reported that 9,000 shops, 65 mosques, 60 schools and a heritage library had been demolished. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced.
Thank God Nazis shot gays’: Latvian MP in hot water over offensive tweets
SWAT Team Kills 80 Year Old Retired Engineer in Bed During Raid For Non-Existent Drugs
Mike Brown’s Church Burned In Ferguson, KKK Suspected
The Reverend who led the church says that he received threats from the KKK that they would burn the church down.... Then they burned the church down.

He had warned the Ferguson Police Department that the church was a target for arson, but the police were too busy spraying tear gas on protesters to protect the church. The cops were, however, the first to let him know the church was on fire... Interesting.
A map of European genetics [986x1118] (
best so far
Tumbling oil prices ‘net positive’ for advanced countries, risk for Russia – IMF chief
A 30 percent drop in oil prices translates into a 0.8 percent boost in growth for “most advanced economies,” and “probably 0.6 percent for the US,” Lagarde explained.
Maps of Neolithic & Bronze Age migrations around Europe
Ukraine War Driven by Gas-Dollar Link
Defending Dollar Imperialism
Washington wants to preserve its position as the world’s only superpower by controlling China’s explosive growth. (The US wants a weak, divided China that will do what it’s told.)
As long as Washington can control the world’s energy supplies and force the world to trade in dollars, it can spend well in excess of what it produces and not be held to account. It’s like having a credit card you never have to pay off.

That’s a racket Uncle Sam is prepared to defend with everything he’s got, even nukes.
Defending Dollar Imperialism: Ukraine War Driven by Gas-Dollar Link
“The Fed’s ‘need’ to take on an even more active role as foreigners further slow the purchases of our paper
Russland: Licht und Schatten, kluge Politik – Nato: aggressiv-dümmlich
Police Call for St Louis Rams Players to be “Disciplined” for Making Hands-Up Gesture
Cleveland cops who shot black suspects sue over suspension, discrimination
List of countries by external debt
Debt-to-GDP ratio
Die Lösung der Weltschuldenkrise
Der Höhepunkt der weltweiten Schuldenkrise steht uns noch bevor, meint Eckart Langen von der Goltz. Alles, was bislang unternommen wurde, habe nur zu einer Insolvenzverschleppung in den wichtigsten Industriestaaten geführt.
Es kann in der Europäischen Union noch so gespart oder Steuern können erhöht werden - eine Rückzahlung der Staatsschulden ist auf normalem Weg nicht mehr möglich. Auch ein staatlich verordneter Schuldenschnitt zulasten der Sparer, wie bereits in Griechenland geschehen, würde der EU den Rest geben. Die Privatwirtschaft ist heute mit etwa 200 Prozent zum Bruttosozialprodukt verschuldet. Sie kann weder Staat noch Banken retten. Der jüngste Vorschlag des Internationalen Währungsfonds, zehn Prozent aller Sparguthaben in der EU zur Rückzahlung von Staatsschulden zu verwenden, führt direkt in die nächste größere Wirtschaftskrise.
Cheaper oil takes Russian ruble to new lows; officials say no reason to worry
Terror groups using chemical weapons: Syria
Putin: Russia forced to withdraw from S. Stream project due to EU stance
Russia's Patience Is Wearing Thin – Dmitry Orlov
Ebola - Fear, Lies And The Evidence
Germany: Immigrant workers boost Berlin's bank by €22 bn/year - study
Some may see the flood of immigrants into Germany as a problem, but a study's found that they actually turn in a profit. Foreigners bring in an extra 22 billion euros, according to a social research report. The author behind the study, Holger Bonin, joins RT to discuss this issue.
Apparently using ballistic missiles against the Donetsk population shows respect for the Minsk protocol but Russia sending humanitarian help to the Donetsk is a sign of Russian aggression according to the "new and improved" Nato secretary general. That the Kiev fascist government is no longer paying pensions to the Dontesk population, that it has cut off all services and that it continues to shell the area is a sign of respect of the Minsk protocol.
A Texas Oil Bubble Could Pop Due to Low Prices
Energy producers on average need oil prices of about $96 a barrel to break even on wells drilled in Permian layers known as the Cline Shale and Mississippi Lime, says Mike Kelly, an analyst at Global Hunter Securities. Other areas of the Permian need a price of just $70 to $74. That compares with average break-even prices of about $78 a barrel in the Eagle Ford Shale a few hundred miles east of the Permian and $84 in the Bakken of North Dakota.
Russia launches ‘wartime government’ HQ in major military upgrade
And following OPEC's announcement on Thursday, Russian oil CEO Igor Sechin said that Russia could withstand a drop in crude prices to $60 a barrel.
Libya's Breakeven Price For Oil Is Literally Off The Chart
Fiscal break-even oil prices for major OPEC members
NYC: 10,000+ Jews Against Israel (U.S. Media Blackout)
ARD/Adrian: Seine Ente bekommt Gänsehaut
Also welcher der Toten starb für das "Recht Europäer zu sein"?
Sie alle starben für die geopolitischen, strategischen Interessen der USA und ihrer Mitläufer in NATO und EU und ihrer Oligarchen. Für wie dumm muss ARD-Adrian sein Publikum halten, wenn er einem Oligarchen auf der Lohnliste der USA „mit Gänsehaut“ bescheinigt Recht zu haben?!
Einem Kriegsverbrecher, der faschistische Banden und Granatwerfer gegen „sein eigenes Volk“ einsetzt.
Man kann nur noch wie Dirk Müller sarkastisch lachen.
The truth is that there are no signs of even a slight de-Nazificaton in the Ukraine, quite to the contrary, all the signs are of a rapid and strong Nazification of the Ukrainian society.
Now let's begin by the first question.

I don't think that anybody will deny that the Ukraine is a sinking ship.  The Ukrainian economy is gone, finished, dead.  There is no money left, no cash, no gold.  Right now, the Ukraine is literally "coasting by inertia on an empty tank" and when it finally comes to a standstill things will get really, really ugly.  Right now, the regime in power is busy doing all sorts of very "patriotic" but utterly useless things. They are re-writing history books (even though they lack the money to print them), they are accepting non-citizens in top government positions (Americans, Poles, Germans, Lithuanians, Georgians, etc.) and they are changing the name of WWII.  Great stuff, for sure, but it is painfully clear that they Junta has no plan to fix the economy and that it won't even pretend.  So we are dealing with a sinking ship whose crew is not even pretending to make an effort to prevent her from going to the bottom of the ocean.  How viable is that?
Auschwitz - Myths & Facts
By Mark Weber
Comedian Facing Felony Charges After Officer “Feared for his Life” Over a Banana
Human Rights Ignored Amid NATO’s War in Ukraine
Grad rockets fired indiscriminately into populated areas by Kiev regime – a war crime NATO has condemned before, but only when politically convenient.

“The Grad rocket cannot be targeted, so shooting it into a town full of civilians, with no specific military objective, violates the laws of war.” These words were found in a 2011 Human Rights Watch (HRW) document titled, “Libya: Rocket Attacks on Western Mountain Towns – Grads Striking Civilian Areas,” one of many reports ceaselessly cited by the United Nations and in turn, NATO as part of justifying a military intervention in the North African nation.

At the time, accusations of indiscriminate bombardment of populated areas by air and artillery, and the use of punitive squads to detain, beat, torture, and/or arbitrary arrest citizens served as the rhetorical and legal foundation of NATO’s “humanitarian war.”
The Holodomor was a fraud
1. No intentional mass starvation occurred
2. A number of factors lead to a legitimate famine, again not intentional
3. This "genocide" was a smear campaign against the USSR and a pretext to help justify Nazi invasion of USSR
4. This same "genocide" used today to stir up anti-Russian sentiment amongst far right Ukrainian nationals (Right sector and Svoboda)

the Holodomor (intentional genocide directed towards Ukrainians) myth began with William Randolph Hearst, the media mogul who owned vast tracts of land in Mexico which were taken away during the Mexican revolution.

He was an ardent Hitler and Mussolini supporter, an anti-communist, and used his publications to fabricate and create war hysteria in a number of situations.

He hyped the false flag USS Main explosion in order to get the US to war with Spain.

He hyped up a Mexican threat in order to get the US to intervene in the Mexican revolution, in order to protect his economic interests in that country.

He hyped up the Holodomor in order to justify Nazi invasion of USSR. His publications used false pictures to depict mass starvation. This is on record. If so many died, why use fake pictures ?

The counterinsurgency was ferocious and horrible, some would say downright evil. Millions of Ukrainians were deported to Siberia, and there were many executions. When it was all over, 390,000 Ukrainians were killed by the state. If you want to argue that’s a genocide, be my guest. But there was no artificial famine.
Webster Tarpley on the Holodomor myth
Russian famine of 1891–92
 by the end of 1892 about half a million people were dead, mostly from cholera epidemics triggered by the famine.
Facts About The Holodomor
Cop Who Killed a Handcuffed Man is Same Cop Who Gave Homeless Man Boots
Athens 1944: Britain’s dirty secret

When 28 civilians were killed in Athens, it wasn’t the Nazis who were to blame, it was the British. Ed Vulliamy and Helena Smith reveal how Churchill’s shameful decision to turn on the partisans who had fought on our side in the war sowed the seeds for the rise of the far right in Greece today
Kai's Super Goo SuperGoo Morpher
Plattform: Windows 98 / 2000 / XP / Vista
 2 neu ab EUR 8,90 1 gebraucht ab EUR 16,95
OSHO: Meditation Is a Very Simple Phenomenon
OSHO: Don't Use This Planet Like a Waiting Room
OSHO: God Is Not a Solution - but a Problem
OSHO: You Have Everything, but You Don't Have Yourself
OSHO: There Are No Devils
<your religions are childish>
OSHO: In the Beginning There Was Silence
Noun Examples
man, mountain, state, ocean, country, building, cat, airline
OSHO: There Is No Creator
<nouns don't grow, only verbs grow - godliness>
OSHO: About Drugs
Police Caught Planting Drugs In Small Business
Darren Wilson: Police officer who shot Michael Brown quits
Darren Wilson had been on administrative leave since 9 August shooting that sparked protests across the US

<That he was paid six figures(reported to be $500,000 )for the interview on ABC and high six figures from his supporters raising money for him . Congratulations Mr. Wilson you got away with murder and became a millionaire for it. Police who murder children and innocents have found a true haven in America. And what about the 12 year old boy they shot to death? It is happening all the time everyday. Stop killing children in America.<
Dutch media do not believe Ukrainian propaganda anymore
Chris Hedges: ‘We’ve decapitated more civilians than ISIS ever has’
Russia responds to extremist statements from Lithuanian president
Russian Foreign Ministry posted a message on its official website in response to a recent statement from Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite. According to the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Lithuanian president surpassed "radical nationalists in Kiev" with her remarks. Grybauskaite, a consistent critic of the EU position with regard to the Russian Federation, called Russia a "terrorist state" in connection with the situation in Ukraine.
Indian jihadist ‘kills 55 for ISIS, quits because no pay’
An Islamic State recruit from Greater Mumbai was intercepted in Turkey, and then interrogated and arrested by India’s secret service. Suspected of killing up to 55 people, he allegedly left because they didn’t pay enough, India’s media reported.
SWAT Police Caught Setting Fires In Ferguson
This video captures images worthy of investigation. The video seems to show military-clad police setting fire to a car outside of auto parts store. The store and the one next to it burned down. In other videos where fires were started or stores had windows broken you can hear protesters saying ‘leave that store alone’ or ‘don’t start a fire’.  We know organizers in Ferguson trained 600 people in nonviolent resistance tactics. Burning cars and looting building is not part of that training, indeed typically people are taught that the idea is to grow the movement into a larger movement and that looting and rioting is counterproductive. We are not saying that all the fires were started by police, but this one raises questions that deserve investigation — were fires started by police?
Manslaughter Charge Dropped For Police Officer Who Fatally Shot Sleeping 7-Year-Old
 How Egypt is Stopping the Next "Syrian War"
The West's next proxy war is being stopped before it starts in Egypt.

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