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Link Collection Part One

Dick Cheney Has Anti-Torture Protesters Arrested At Demonstration Outside of His House
A massive protest just took place outside of the home of former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney. The Saturday protest at the McLean, Virginia property was
List of children killed by drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen
Compiled from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reports PAKISTAN Name | Age | Gender Noor Aziz | 8 | male Abdul Wasit | 17 | male Noor Syed | 8 | male Wajid Noor | 9 | male Syed Wali...
Colonial atrocities explode myth of Dutch tolerance
Colonial atrocities in Kenya: another crime to lay at the door of British Imperialism
Massive artillery shelling committed by Kiev junta
As a sequence of artillery shelling are mass damages of houses and communications. Kievskiy, Kirovskiy, Kuybyshevskiy and Petrovskiy districts were subjected to artillery shelling on 8 January. Two ci
50 dead in Yemen after terror attack
Gaza child whose home was bombed by Israel dies in freezing weather
Charlie Hebdo false flag RT news interview
France Bans Pro-Palestine Demonstrations
Anyone who breaks the ban faces a year in prison and a 15,000 euro fine.
Israel: White Phosphorus Use Evidence of War Crimes | Human Rights Watch
(Jerusalem) - Israel's repeated firing of white phosphorus shells over densely populated areas of...
Twentieth Century Atlas - Death Tolls and Casualty Statistics for Wars, Dictatorships and Genocides
Algeria (1954-62): 537,000 [make link]
Biden’s Admission: US Allies Armed ISIS
Speaking to students at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy Forum Thursday, US Vice President Joseph Biden committed what the US media characterizes as a “gaffe.” In other words, he told an embarrassing trut...
Phone interview: Chérif Kouachi claims Paris terror plot financed by al-Qaeda
Chérif Kouachi, one of the two brothers who killed 12 in a massacre at French magazine Charlie Hebdo this week tells TV news channel BFM-TV he received financing by al-Qaeda preacher Anwar al Awlaki in Yemen
Charlie Hebdo fired cartoonist for anti-Semitism in 2009 - World Bulletin
As mocking young Mr Sarkozy converted to Judaism...
PressTV-CIA carried out Paris attack: Roberts
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says Wednesday’s deadly...
Syrie & cas Charlie Hebdo : l’hypocrisie de l’élite politique occidentale encore et toujours
L’attaque terroriste contre le bureau parisien de l’hebdomadaire « satirique » Charlie Hebdo a démontré plusieurs choses. Tout d’abord que le terrorisme cela...
Unsere "liebe" Bundesregierung empfängt ukrainische Faschisten mit dem roten Teppich #Ukraine...
ARD: Unwidersprochener Geschichtsrevisionismus in den "tagesthemen"
Das hätte ein NPD-Kader im Interview nicht anders formuliert - wenn der jemals in den tagesthemen zu Wort kommen würde. Es war allerdings kein NPD-Kader,...
Over 600 Islamist Fighters Return to EU from Syria, Iraq: Spanish Official / Sputnik International
At least 600 Islamist militants have returned to Europe from Syria and Iraq,according to Spanish Minister of the Interior, Jorge Fernandez Diaz, said...
Twenty-six Things About the Islamic State (ISIL) that Obama Does Not Want You to Know About
The US led war against the Islamic State is a big lie. Going after ”Islamic terrorists” is used to justify a military agenda. The Islamic State is a creation of US...
PARIS SHOOTING: Charlie ‘Magazine Murders’ Reveals Evidence of Deliberate Staging
Charlie Hebdo shooting suspect defended by classmates on Twitter
Students say suspected getaway driver Mourad Hamyd was in class at time of attack, in series of tweets under hashtag #MouradHamydInnocent
Käsittämätön tilanne Suomessa: ”Päättäjät valvovat itse itseään ja päättävät, mitä kerrotaan...
Harmaa talous on aina mukana isoissa suomalaisissa julkisissa rakennusprojekteissa, uskoo keskusrikospoliisin komisario Juuso Oilinki. Korruptio...
Planted ID card exposes Paris false flag
‘2,000 killed in Nigeria’: Boko Haram’s latest attack deadliest in history, Amnesty says
 Kenyan Bloodbath: Reaping the "Benefits" of US AFRICOM Collaboration
NATO's North African terror tidal wave predictably sweeps into Kenya.
‘Terrorism exported to Middle East from Europe’ – Assad
Terrorism is being exported to the Middle East from Europe, especially from France, said Syria’s President Bashar Assad in an interview to French media. He also...
A Timeline: Where'd Paris Shooters Get Their Weapons?
January 8, 2015 (Tony Cartalucci - LD) Heavily armed, well-trained gunmen executed what appears to be a well-planned attack in Paris, France, killing 12, including 2 police officers. Where did these terrorists get their weapons, training, political backing, funds, and inspiration? A short timeline featuring news stories from 2011 to 2014 helps explain how France's recent national tragedy was a direct result of its own insidious, callus, terroristic foreign policy that has visited this very same carnage seen in Paris, upon the people of Libya and Syria, a thousand fold.
Putin’s Opportunity to Bust the US Petro Dollar
Has the OCC unknowingly created its own financial trap with ISIS/ISIL/Daish?

Has the Organized Crime Cabal that owns these criminal banks, the folks that started ISIS/ISIL/Daish aka Al CIA Duh version 2, actually set its own final financial trap by selling oil stolen from Iraq and Syria on the World market for $20 USD a barrel?

How come some major oil distributors are showing up with new quantities of oil that show no clear trail from the field of production? Could it be this crude oil ISIS has been “confiscated” and is selling at such a deep discount has actually itself suggested an appropriate response for President Putin?
Reactions to France Terror Attacks include Citizens’ Calls “to Kill All Muslims”
Unprecedented: ‘Cataclysmic’ Die-Off of Birds on Entire West Coast — Beaches Covered with Dead...
Statesman Journal, Jan 2, 2015 (emphasis added):...
Hezbollah leader on Charlie Hebdo: ‘Extremists more offensive to Islam than cartoons’
Land Destroyer: Paris Shooting Suspects Under French Radar for YEARS
„Jaz“ neonazistisches Geschichtsverständnis in der ARD: „Sowjetischer Einmarsch in die Ukraine...
„Jaz“ neonazistisches Geschichtsverständnis in der ARD: „Sowjetischer Einmarsch in die Ukraine und Deutschland“ Der ukrainische Ministerpräsident Arsenji...
Riesen ARD Skandal weil es eine Aufzeichnung war!!
Der Putschist > "Wir können uns alle sehr gut an den sowjetischen
Einmarsch in die Ukraine und nach Deutschland erinnern. Das
muss man vermeiden.."
Saudi Arabia blogger flogged 50 times out of 1,000 for 'insulting Islam', to be continued weekly
The corporal punishment will be carried out for 20 weeks after Friday prayers outside the mosque in Jeddah, according to Amnesty International. That is the place famous for executions carried out in and it has got a nickname "Chop Chop Square".
Jim Rickards: Coming Economic Depression
Curious timing - Paris shootings occur just as Islamic State gets exposed as fake U.S. enemy --...
With information just breaking that the United States has been air dropping arms, food and medical supplies to Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) forces in Iraq,...
Plenty about Palestine
These 17 Journalists Were Killed by Israel In Gaza
ISIL claims Paris attack, warns US, UK
U.N. Says Syria Deaths Near 200,000
A total of 191,369 people were killed between March 2011, when the conflict erupted, and April 2014, according to the report, which was commissioned by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.
<Syrian population 22.5 million - According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), over 3 million have fled to Syria's immediate neighbours Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan ...>
<174 people were killed pr day in Syria mostly by the radical and moderate Western supported head-choppers. France has almost 3 times the population of Syria. It's like if 500 people were murdered in France every day over the past 3 years >
The population of metropolitan France alone stood at 64,200,000 on December 1, 2014
 Syria: 120 French Troops Captured Fighting With Al Qaeda Terrorists
01 Mar 2012
France admits it directly supplied arms to Syrian “rebels”
President François Hollande confirmed in a Le Monde interview on August 19 that France has been directly supplying arms to the “rebels” of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in its proxy war to remove the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. This came ahead of the recent US decision to intervene militarily in Syria, ostensibly to crush the Islamic State (IS) opposition militia operating in Iraq and Syria.
<It's like if in France 500 people were murdered every day for the past 3 years, mostly by radical and moderate head-choppers supported by foreign countries claiming to be democracies but have a huge record of mass-murder, foreign invasions and genocide.>
French cartoonist Sine on trial on charges of anti-Semitism over Sarkozy jibe
Maurice Sinet, 80, who works under the pen name Sine, faces charges of "inciting racial hatred" for a column he wrote last July in the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. The piece sparked a summer slanging match among the Parisian intelligentsia and ended in his dismissal from the magazine.
Yatsenyuk Rewrites History: ‘USSR Invaded Germany’ / Sputnik International
Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has amazed the world with his knowledge of history: in his interview with the German TV channel ARD, the...
<Rewriting history to whitewash fascism and the fascists.<
‘Pork or nothing’: Mayor makes Muslim kids to go meatless at French school
‘Muslims don't believe in freedom of speech’ – radical cleric Chaudry
Situation in Ukraine ‘nearing humanitarian catastrophe’ – Amnesty Intl
Planned Regime Change in Syria
By Stephen Lendman
Global Research, March 01, 2012
Roger Cohen uses NYT column to call for Aggression
February 5, 2013
Wikileaks has already revealed through their publication of Stratfor emails that the plan for the West “is to commit guerrilla attacks, assassination campaigns, try to break the back of the Alawite forces, elicit collapse from within.” This has not been enough, so now Western media is openly calling for “an aggressive program to train and arm the Free Syrian Army” and “to use U.S. cruise missiles to destroy Assad’s aircraft on the runway,”

The U.S. and its regional allies have for nearly two years condemned and ridiculed al-Assad for his violence while they have backed an armed group to destabilize the government and terrorize the population. Yet the “balance of power” is still not “decisively against” al-Assad. This is disconcerting for the West and their media allies.
Intervene in Syria
Published: February 4, 2013
It is time to alter the Syrian balance of power enough to give political compromise a chance and Assad no option but departure. That means an aggressive program to train and arm the Free Syrian Army. It also means McCain’s call to use U.S. cruise missiles to destroy Assad’s aircraft on the runway is daily more persuasive.
Having no leaders means having no person, religious or otherwise having access to my mind. Talk to god directly and religion is powerless. Not believing any economical or social ideology makes you realize you live under enforced slavery by the banking mafia. Now you know your are pretty alone and surrounded by zombies. Zombies have no compassion for other people and not even zombies. Killing millions abroad based on lies? Who cares? Millions of homeless people in a rich country? Who cares? Not zombies. Now you know the problem and why it isn't a problem for the zombies. If you are ain't dead yet, it's your fault.
On Jan. 17, 1893, Queen Lili`uokalani of the independent kingdom of Hawai`i was overthrown as she was arrested at gunpoint by U.S. Marines. American businessmen, particularly sugar plantation owners, led by Lorrin Thurston, had supported annexation of the islands to the United States. The Queen had been working on a new constitution that would restore voting rights to native Hawaiians.
PressTV-320 bodies found in Iraq mass graves
Five mass graves containing remains of around 320 people are found near Iraq’s ISIL-held city of Mosul.

Lets do the number game: 15 people killed allegedly by Muslim terrorists. Over 200.000 people killed in Syria over a period of 3 years by terrorists trained and financed by USA-NATO and their allies. That's about 183 people killed every fucking day on average over the past 3 years. Fuck the French racists.
Paris Shooters Just Returned from NATO's Proxy War in Syria
Shooters were radicalized in Europe, sent to Syria, returned, have been previously arrested by Western security agencies for terrorism and long on the watch-list of...

Die Wand [The Wall](2012)+ English subs.
Die Wand [The Wall](2012) Part 1/2 subbed
Charlie Hebdo Suspect Surrenders to Police, Claims to Have Alibi
MOSCOW, January 8 (Sputnik) — The youngest of the three suspects in the Wednesday terror attack at Charlie Hebdo magazine office in Paris, 18-year-old...
<18-year-old Hamyd Mourad surrendered to police at 22:00 GMT Wednesday “after seeing his name circulating on social media” and was placed in custody.<
NATO calls Russia anti-terror ally after Paris attack
Two Cheers for Syrian Islamists
<Who's to blame for the Paris shooting? How about the cretins who cheered on terrorism, funded it, armed it for years. Remember this article in Foreign Policy? <
Paris Attack Suspects Had Recently Returned From Syria
Suspicion of the attackers in the Wednesday strike on a satirical Paris magazine has centered around a pair of brothers, Said and Cherif Kouachi, French-born men born to Algerian parents.A third named...
The First Question to Ask After Any Terror Attack: Was It a False Flag?
Governments from around the world admit they’ve used the bully’s trick … attack first, and then blame the victim: -- Japanese troops set off a small explosion on a...

Most Americans have zero interest in what is really going on at home and abroad unless it effects them in a very direct personal way, like a bomb being dropped on their house.
One of 3 Paris gunmen surrenders
Russia's "Startling" Proposal To Europe: Dump The US, Join The Eurasian Economic Union
Slowly but surely Europe is figuring out that as a result of the western economic and financial blockade of Russian, it is Europe itself that is suffering the most. And...

I just want to make something very clear: I will not tolerate Islamophobic hysteria on my timeline because of what happened in Paris yesterday.

To me human life is sacred, but hypocrisy is revolting. The US and its Israeli and NATO lapdogs are waging a brutal war against the Muslim world. Obama alone, with his cowardly drone attacks, has killed more than 3 thousand Muslim men, women and children, none of whom were found guilty of anything in a court of law.

Recently Israel killed more than 2 thousand Palestinians in the latest Gaza massacre.

When you weep about 12 Westerners who pushed the limits of free speech perilously close to hate speech, also weep about the multitudes of Muslims killed as part of an imperialist war.
CIA routinely reviews Hollywood scripts
Does the CIA have too cozy of a relationship with Hollywood? Scripts for The Americans, Zero Dark Thirty and multiple other works are routinely approved by a...
France become first country in world to ban pro-Palestine demos
In what is viewed as an attack on democracy, Socialist Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said mass demonstrations planned for the weekend should be halted.
U.S. Cops Kill at 100 Times the Rate of Other Capitalist Countries
MH17 Disappears from Headlines as Anti-Russian Agenda Falters | New Eastern Outlook
08.01.2015 Author: Ulson Gunnar MH17 Disappears from Headlines as Anti-Russian Agenda Falters Column: Politics Region: Southeast Asia Country:...
France Announced Aircraft Carrier For Gulf The Day Before Hebdo Attack
While the two events may indeed be unrelated, such brazen attacks inside France will undoubtedly serve to drum up even more support for French military action in...
Paris Shooters Just Returned from NATO’s Proxy War in Syria | New Eastern Outlook
08.01.2015 Author: admin Paris Shooters Just Returned from NATO’s Proxy War in Syria Column:...
Iowa cop shoots woman dead in front of family, while trying to pacify their dog
Paris Attack on Charlie Hebdo: Gunmen Showed “Advanced Military Skills”
The gunmen who stormed the offices of the newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris “displayed a degree of skill and calmness that comes only from advanced military...
189 dollars
Charlie Hebdo: 1 terroriste aurait été abattu et les 2 autres arrêtés… | JSSNews
Selon des informations reçues par JSSNews, un des trois terroristes de Charlie Hebdo aurait été tué, et les 2 autres auraient été arrêtés.

<While CNN still tells us that the police is still looking for the Terrorists, jssnews (French speaking Israeli news source) already announced 2 hours ago that 1 of the terrorists has been killed and 2 got arrested! What's going on?<
This is the policeman who #CharlieHebdo terrorists executed on sidewalk. His name was #AhmedMerabet. He was a Muslim
One police officer killed in Charlie Hebdo attack was Muslim
Image of the cover of Charlie Hebdo, renamed Charia Hebdo. The bubble reads "100 lashes if you don't die of laughter!".
Charlie Hebdo
is a French satirical weekly newspaper, featuring cartoons, reports, polemics, and jokes. Irreverent and stridently non-conformist in tone, the publication is strongly antireligious[2] and left-wing, publishing articles on the extreme right, Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, politics, culture, etc.
the identification of something as having been previously seen, heard, known, etc. 3. the perception of something as existing or true; realization. 4.
SWAT Team Demolishes Home To Arrest Man For DUI, Family Left Homeless
Danby, New York - A SWAT team in New York entirely demolished a family's home last week in order to arrest a DUI suspect. The aftermath of the raid looked more...

Come on guys, this isn't fair for police. They're trying to keep us safe and if that means blowing up a house with a family inside then praise Jesus at least they got the bad guy. ‪#‎CopLogic‬
US: Historical Mythology in the Service of Fascism | New Eastern Outlook
13.12.2014 Author: Caleb Maupin US: Historical Mythology in the Service of Fascism Column: Society Region: USA in the World The United States...
Rand Paul moves to ban aid to Palestinians until ICC bid withdrawn - Diplomacy and Defense
The U.S. senator met with a group of Jewish donors to the Republican Party before introducing his bill, according to the National Journal.
US a ‘rubber stamp for Israeli policy’

“Israel could not have maintained its occupation without both the moral and the financial support of the United States”
Sota ja väkivalta on barbariaa. Aina.
Ukraine meldet 450 Millionen Dollar aus dem Militär-Etat als gestohlen.
Der ukrainische Präsidentenberater Juri Birjukow gab bekannt, dass etwa ein Viertel des Budgets des Verteidigungsministeriums gestohlen worden sei. Niemand wisse, wohin die Gelder geflossen seien. Der verschwundene Betrag könnte bei etwa 400 Millionen Dollar liegen. Eine Strafverfolgung ist wegen der aktuellen Korruptions-Gesetze so gut wie ausssichtslos.
Auschwitz-Gedenken an die Befreiung, ohne die Befreier?
Half der IS? US-Senator McCain und andere US-Spitzenbeamte reisten illegal nach Syrien
Study Says Homeless-Killing Albuquerque Police Department Most Lethal In Nation
A new study has determined that the Albuquerque Police Department is the single most lethal police department in the United States. The department has been...

The crappy satirical magazine published its islamophobic cartoons in 2012;
and NOW someone 'muslim' decided to avenge the cartoons? Two years
later? I wonder what 'solution' the zionist tyrants running France will
come up with? The zionist tyrants of France have banned the burka, and they've made pro-Palestine protests illegal. What next? Ban islam? Ban muslims? Strip and search muslims in the street? Gulags? Concentration camps? France recently tried to make its homeless population wear yellow stars.....maybe they can tattoo all muslims on the forehead?
Were NATO Dogs Used to Rape Afghan Prisoners at Bagram Air Base?
Buried accounts of horrors in the U.S.-led war on terror...
Cop Trying to Kill the Family Dog, Kills Woman Instead, In Front of her Husband and 4-year-old Son
Burlington, IA -- A Burlington Police officer, supervising a domestic dispute, shot and killed a woman in front of her house Tuesday morning. The victim has been...
Land Destroyer: A Timeline: Where'd Paris Shooters Get Their Weapons
France has been arming, funding, backing, and exploiting armies of terrorists from North Africa to the Middle East as part of NATO's larger bid to use Al Qaeda to overthrow governments and rearrange regions to better align to their hegemonic agenda. Now these same extremists are running rampant in France's own streets - either as a form of blowback, or as a means to manipulate public perception as NATO did with Operation Gladio during the Cold War.
 "You can't support jihadists abroad and be against jihadists at home". Yep!
French Muslims condemn ‘barbaric’ attack on Charlie Hebdo office
Protesters demand answers on ‘Missing 43’ from Mexican president outside White House
Protests against the Mexican government spread to the United States on Tuesday, as demonstrators took to the streets outside the White House. Inside, US...
Paris Attack: Gunmen Showed “Advanced Military Skills”
Trained killers sent by ISIS or a government?
‘Who’d dare publish now?’ Swedish cartoonist’s concerns after Paris attack
Lars Vilks, a Swedish cartoonist, who met the editor of Charlie Hedbo Stephane Charbonnier just months ago, says he fears for the freedom of publications to...
Chris Kyle Shot: The Devil is Dead in Texas
by Scott Creighton
The real American Sniper was a hate-filled killer. Why are simplistic patriots treating him as a...
Lindy West: Clint Eastwood’s film about Navy Seal Chris Kyle has hit a raw nerve in America, with right wingers calling for the rape or death of anyone ungrateful...

"The only resistance group of Muslims I know that have not been created from US and Israel, and who have not received assistance from US and Israel is Hezbollah backed by Iran and their smaller off-shoots in Iraq and Syria (Al Abbas Brigades), and they are not radical. They have been supported by all the Lebanese (Sunni, Christian, Druz, Alavi, Agnostic, whatever) for protecting them."
Land Destroyer: France Armed Terrorists that Struck Paris
Obama Has Killed More People with Drones than Died On 9/11
Law school teacher Marjorie Cohn – president of the National Lawyers Guild – writes: "Obama has killed more people with drones than died on 9/11. Many of...
Blair may face war crimes charges’ – Liberal Democrat peer
Black October '93
On October 4th, 1993, what had started as a row between then-President Boris Yeltsin and Russias Parliament culminated in an all-out battle for Russias destiny between legislators who had barricaded themselves inside Russias White House...
Peter Schiff, Heiner Flassbeck Economics
Right Sector refuses to obey Ukraine’s Defense Ministry - presidential aid
Paramilitary units of the ultranationalist Right Sector movement have refused to come under the command of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, President Petro...
Tony Blair 'could face war crimes charges' over Iraq War - Telegraph
Lord Dykes asked: 'Is my noble friend aware that more and more people think it is some kind of attempt to prolong the agony of Mr Blair facing possible war crimes...
‘Perhaps 60% of Today’s Oil Price is Pure Speculation’
The price of crude oil today is not made according to any traditional relation of supply to demand. It’s controlled by an elaborate financial market system as well as by the four major Anglo-Americ...
ISIS perusti oman pankin – varat 25 miljardia
Suuria alueita ja useita kaupunkeja Irakista ja Syyriasta vallannut ISIS-jihadistijärjestö on avannut ensimmäisen pankkinsa.
More than £30bn wiped off UK markets over Greece euro exit fears
Länsi-Eurooppa tarvitsee 1800 miljardia lisää velkaa |
Euroalueen ja muun läntisen Euroopan valtiot tarvitsevat ensi vuonna bruttomääräisesti 1? 800...
Black and Jewish? Try explaining that to Israel's airport security - Jewish World Features
Michael Twitty, a Jewish African-American culinary historian, who was a guest of the Jewish Film festival in Jerusalem, endured humiliating treatment at Ben-Gurion...
CIA Must Be Banned | New Eastern Outlook
06.01.2015 Author: Vladimir Odintsov CIA Must Be Banned Column: Politics Region: USA in the World The American and international media with each passing month publishes an increasing number of articles that expose the dubious facts of...

It's easy to forget, even for those who closely follow geopolitics, but the recent CIA torture/mass murder scandal isn't the first. During the early stages of the Vietnam War, one may recall Operation Phoenix where the CIA tortured and mass murdered TENS of thousands of Vietnamese.
Tit For Tat
China Steps In as World's New Bank
Beijing's move to bail out Russia signals the death of the post-war Bretton Woods world -- and the beginning of the end for America's linchpin role in the global economy.
<Cheats, suckers, grudgers,  >
America accuses Russia of "imperialism."

Number of Russian military bases abroad? About 2-3.
Number of American military bases abroad? 900+.

Even if you try to count Russian bases in former Soviet territory where people speak Russian, you still won't get more than 10. Let's not mention that the countries Russia has bases in are all allies, none of whom were invaded and bases established as part of a lasting occupation. Russia's facility in Cuba, for example, versus America's facility there.

And this shameless lying is bad enough, but shouldn't American's realize how shameless this is? There are many, both Conservatives and profoundly confused Liberals who go along with this fairy tale of "Russia the conqueror."
BBC Horizon - Nice Guys Finish First (Richard Dawkins, 1987)
Another bit of classic Dawkins from 1987. *Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes su...
Tutkimus: Evoluutio rankaisee itsekästä – matemaatikkolegenda oli väärässä
Evoluutio rankaisee lopulta itsekästä ja ilkeää, väittävät Michigan yliopiston tutkijat. Ryhmän peliteoreettisen tutkimuksen tulos haastaa aiemman tutkimuksen, jossa...
McCain & other top officials accused of illegally visiting Syria
Several senior US and French officials, including US Senator John McCain, entered Syria illegally – without proper visas – on separate occasions, thus violating the country’s sovereignty, Syria said in a complaint submitted to the United Nations.
Minä olen ylpeä Suomesta, joka hoitaa omat asiansa ja pn hyvissä väleissä naapureidensa kanssa. Häpeän Suomea, joka käy muualta kysymässä mitä me saadaan tehdä.
Prince Andrew ‘immune’ to US trial, Buckingham Palace rejects sex abuse claims
Buckingham Palace has been forced to defend Prince Andrew over sex abuse allegations as news outlets revealed a secret deal allegedly designed to protect...
Czech President: "Only Poorly Informed People" Don’t Know About Ukraine Coup
The Czech Republic’s President Milos Zeman said, in an interview, in the January 3rd edition of Prague’s daily newspaper Pravo, that Czechs who think of the...
LIVE aus Dresden: Erste PEGIDA-Demo 2015
<gegen religions krieg. Ha? Dennoch gegen Assad hetzen und ISIS unterstuetzen? Islamisierung? Und Amerikanisierung, Man achte auf die Feindbilder und ihre Größenordnung. Einwanderer und Flüchtlinge sind ganz oben auf der Liste. >
London police spend millions snooping on journalists, FoI request reveals
Euro hits lowest level in 9 years amidst Greece uncertainty
Consumer goods sector in Russia: Winds of change
What is the Russian Middle Class? Probably Not What You Think
UK govt wants nurseries to report potential terrorist toddlers
It may become a “duty” of nurseries and elementary schools in the UK to track and report any child that shows signs of sympathy with terrorists or is a risk of...
‘Something wrong with Ukraine, EU’: Czech leader condemns ‘Nazi torchlight parade’
The chilling slogans and a flagrant demonstration of nationalist symbols during the neo-Nazi march in Kiev reminded the Czech President Milos Zeman of Hitler's...
Keine Rosen aus Athen
Die Diskussion um eigene Fehler, Realpolitik und „notwendige Reformen“ führt in die
Irre – in Griechenland wie anderswo
Heiner Flassbeck
Heiner Flassbeck
The Necessity for Higher Wages - Heiner Flassbeck on RAI (4/5)
Das Ende des Euro kommt 2017
Heiner Flassbeck erklärt kurz und bündig warum der Euro im Jahr 2017 endgültig aufgegeben werden könnte. Flassbeck ist ehemaliger Chefökonom der UNCAT in Gen...
The Walls Are Crumbling Down Around the "Official 9/11 Story" - Why?
An absolutely monumental shift is in process that most have not recognized yet. The truth, or at least some truth, is about to be shown to the American masses...
How can you treat heavy mucous build-up?
5 Airway Clearance Techniques to Help Clear Mucus From the Lungs
Breathing & Phlegm

M of A - Obama Gambled, Lost U.S. Credibility On Cyber Claims
The Obama administration claims that North Korea was responsible for the Sony hack even though early analysis already pointed to an insider attack by a disgruntled former Sony employee.
Russia and China mock divide and rule
The Empire of Chaos is as lousy at chess as it is at history, writes Pepe Escobar.
If you think about russia/soviet union has been under sanctions for the past 100 years or so,
nothing's changed it seems that different people are running the west but the end agenda is the same keep russia down, what are they so afraid of? Very interesting video
New Study Finds GMO Soy Toxic to Kidneys, Liver and Reproduction
Rats given GM soy found to have deadly amounts of toxicity in kidneys, liver, testes, sperm, blood and even DNA.
Syria: The hidden massacre
The attack took place shortly after the first stirrings of trouble in the southern Syrian city of Daraa in March 2011.

New elections will only be good for Greece if they elect people who have the interests of the population as paramount and not greedy selfish EU criminals. Do as Iceland did - take a knock for two years and rebuild an independent economy free of foreign entangling alliances. The debt must be written off and charged back to the bankers who asset stripped Greece
British newspaper THE DAILY BEAST has released pictures of snipers who shot people on 20 February in Kiev.
Уникальные фото снайперов - убийц на укрофашистском майдане 20 февраля
..Британское издание THE DAILY BEAST обнародовало фотографии снайперов, которые расстреливали людей 20 февраля в Киеве..... ......... ...
UN-Experten wollen Bestrahlung von Lebensmitteln ausweiten
Bei der Haltbarmachung von Lebensmitteln propagieren Internationale Organisationen wie UN und WHO die Bestrahlung von Lebensmitteln als sichere...
Gerald Celente-Very Serious Economic & Geopolitical Game Changer Coming in 2015
F-Securen Hyppönen: Pankkihyökkäysten takana suomalaisteinit
Tietoturvayhtiö F-Securen tutkimusjohtaja Mikko Hyppönen ei usko OP:n ja Nordean pankkitoimintaa...
2015 Will Be All About Iran, China and Russia : Information Clearing House - ICH
In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who...
Ionospheric Heaters and Destroying the Van Allen Belts
Joint DoD Facility Creates Mini Ionosphere
"The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, a program known as HAARP, is basically a joint Air Force-Navy program to investigate ionospheric physics and radio science," explained James Battis, HAARP program manager at the Air Force Research Laboratory in a Feb. 24 interview on Pentagon Web Radio's audio Webcast "Armed with Science: Research and Applications for the Modern Military."

Battis was joined in the interview by Dr. Craig Selcher, HAARP program manager at the Naval Research Laboratory, and Dr. Todd Pedersen, a senior research physicist at AFRL.
Weather blamed as ‘triggering factor’ in AirAsia crash
Open-crotch pants
Beyond the foreign policy lies: Our compliant media and the truth about American exceptionalism
A new year begins, and America must resolve to do different & better. Here's a roadmap. It starts with clear eyes
Cops are running an extortion racket: they know it and we know it. And checkpoints are just another tool in their arsenal for generating revenue and boosting their records.

Jeff shows a great no-bullshit way to travel through checkpoints without being hassled by officers hoping to extort money over minor infractions.
Keiser Report: Deglobalization & Internet 2.0 (E701)
<with the taxi driver>
Geoengineering Scientist Tells All About Chemtrails
Der Plan zur Einkreisung Russlands - Die Welt als Schachbrett

Jan Becker und seine verblüffende Prognose für das Jahr 2015
Man muss sich den ersten Buchstabe von 9 Worten merken. alle 9 Worte passen in Kiwi aber in keiner anderen Frucht.>
10 Spectacular Bees Native To The U.S.

Honeybees aren't native to U.S., but these other amazing bees are. And they contribute to pollinating delicious American crops such as pumpkins, blueberries and tomatoes.
Tiny Flying Robots Are Being Built To Pollinate Crops Instead Of Real Bees
A RoboBee is a flying robot that is the size of a bee.
>Lets say 500 Dollars for a beehive with 50.000 bees and they need no batteries and will make honey for you. Can they create 50.000 robot bees that pollinate and make honey for 500 Dollars? <
old tech transfer team book (ontario) puts max bees at about 100 000 early july
a spring colony at start up 30 000
Thinking About Keeping Bees? Part 1: Costs, Time and Intangibles
Each colony of bees requires its own living structure, called a hive. That investment is about $200/hive
If you take advantage of an offering like Kelley’s beginner kit, and purchase a package of bees, you can get into beekeeping for less than $500.
‘Premier of war’: Czech president says Yatsenyuk not seeking peaceful solution for E. Ukraine
Czech President Milos Zeman has slammed Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk, calling him “a prime minister of war” because he is unwilling to...
Police Recorded Telling Reporter He Would ‘Like It Too Much’ If Officers Touched His Genitals
An independent journalist was arrested by Beavercreek Police during a protest against the shooting of an unarmed African American father, talking on his
Witness Says NJ Man Killed by Police During Traffic Stop Had Hands Up
“I’m hurt. I’m disgusted. My biggest fear has come true. I lost my best friend, my soulmate. The man that promised to love me indefinitely and beyond is gone …...
Hypnotist gets out of speeding ticket!!! AMAZING!!!
Suomessa menestyvät vain oman edun tavoittelijat
Suomesta uhkaa tulla yhä enemmän yhteiskunta, jossa kyynärpäätaktiikka toimii, sanoo lahjakkuustutkija Kari Uusikylä. – Kasvattaako Suomi vain huippuoppilaita, huippujohtajia ja huippuköyhiä, hän kysyy ja peräänkuuluttaa...
CIA helped Sony produce The Interview: Analyst
Israeli police forcibly evict Mizrahi (Middle Eastern) Jews to make way for Ashkenazi (European) development in Tel Aviv's Givat Amal neighborhood
Sweden joins Europe-wide backlash against immigration

In Malmo, where about 80,000 of the 300,000 population are immigrants, the limits of Swedish openness are being tested. "It's a very divided city," said Daniel Sandström, editor of the main city paper, Sydsvenskan. "It's made a successful transition from being an old industrial city to a new, postmodern place of middle-class consumers. That means winners and losers. The losers are the old, the poor, and the immigrants."

Prof Ekberg also does not expect any big policy change. "The problem is not immigration, it is integration, especially in the labour market. If there are no jobs, the consequences are segregation, housing problems and divided cities."
Soros: EU soll für Krieg gegen Russland neue Schulden machen
Der US-Investor George Soros fordert Europa auf, in einer „Kriegs-Anstrengung“ höhere Haushaltsdefizite in Kauf zu nehmen, um für einen Krieg gegen Russland...
This Animated Map Shows How European Languages Evolved
The Indo-European Language Family
BUSTED! AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes Dumped 944,800 Shares 1 Day Before...
Stricken AirAsia plane soared 'as fast as a fighter jet' and then dropped almost vertically into...
Two analysts examining flight data leaked from the Indonesian investigation into Flight 8501 say the plane behaved in ways 'bordering on the edge of logic' before...
Suomalainen valehtelee aina
 – YK:ssakin saduillemme naurettiin
Suomalainen on joukosta se, joka valehtelee patologisesti mutta luulee olevansa viisas totuudenpuhuja, kirjoittaa Taneli Heikka.
<Totisinta totta. Juuri noin meillä toimii puoluediktatuuri.<
WTF. He was trying to help an animal. After he didn't show his government-issued ID, police shot him to death
for being "combative." We guess the officers "feared for their lives." Watch video now:
KKK claims it’s not racist in Arkansas billboard ad for ‘White Pride Radio’
“Harrison has the image that it’s a white-racist town, and I’m glad the town has that image. It probably prevents some of the nonwhites from settling here.”
Mentally ill Cleveland woman’s death by police ruled homicide
Crimes of the Clintons: Murder, Mass Murder and Involvement in 9/11 -
[ An author has written a book that is of interest if one wants to kow about the "Great Bitch", Hillary Clinton & her hubby, "Slick Willy" Clinton. It is an eye-opener, a dangerous
Castro compares NATO to Nazi SS, slams US, Israel for ‘creating ISIS’
Cuba’s former president Fidel Castro compared NATO’s recent statements to that of Nazi SS and accused US and its allies of igniting conflicts abroad. Castro...
Former White House Official Warns The World Is Dangerously Close To Collapse
NYPD Cops Stop Patrolling Streets, Crime Rates Begin Falling; Traffic Violations Down 94%
Arrests are down 66% since NYPD cops decided to stop doing their jobs.
Russian news: Famous US Director Oliver Stone to Shoot a Documentary on 2014 Ukraine Coup -...
This article originally appeared in The Moscow Times
Restaurant Owner Tells 9-1-1 to Send Anyone But Police, “We Don’t Allow Police”
Ignorance of the law is no excuse, unless you are a cop.
Supreme Court Rules You Have No 4th Amendment Protection Against Cops Ignorant of the Law:
Russian journalists attacked, robbed at nationalist torchlight march in Kiev (VIDEO)
Police Are Shooting More Suspects Than Ever, But Now 56% More Cops Are Being Shot
According to data recently released by the FBI, violent crime has plummeted in the United States. That drop, however, has two major exceptions: police
Die verlogene Neujahrsansprache der Kanzlerin Merkel - oder ist es schiere Dummheit?
Das Netzwerk für Linke
US plans to deploy armored brigade to Europe pre-date Ukraine hostilities
By the end of next year, Washington plans to station about 150 tanks and armored vehicles in Europe, according to a US military commander, who said the decision...

A:Enemy is within and the average citizen does not care

B:The "average citizens" are ignorant of the fact; they're too filled with BS from the mainstream news outlets. The citizens that I know who actually are aware of what the hell is really going on are, just as myself, mad as hell and talking about it to anybody and everybody. I hope that you are too!
Sony Hack Was an Inside Job; North Korea Scapegoated as Distraction Strategy
Did the FBI get it wrong when identifying who, or what entity, was responsible for the recent hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment? Yes, according to cyber security...
Oliver Stone: Ukrainians are suffering from US 'ideological crusade' against Russia
Not BUK-M1 Part II
January 1, 2015 We will visualize what was explained in Part I but still urge you to read it because it contains... SKY WATCH ~ BAN CLIMATE ENGINEERING!
UK Sky Watch ~ Campaigning to end the Geo...
Putins Neujahrsansprache 2015 auf Deutsch
2014: The year Russia-bashing got ugly - and dangerous
The western media narrative blames Russia’s “aggressive” foreign policy for triggering the collapse of US-Russian relations. Nothing could be further from the truth, and two major events of the last year prove it.
Suomessa on liki miljoona köyhää
–”Heikoimmassa asemassa olevista on tullut muukalaisia”
Sosiologian professorin mukaan Suomi on hyvä yhteiskunta korkeasti koulutetulle keskiluokalle ja duunareille, mutta köyhistä ei osata pitää huolta. Pitkään...
Cop Shoves a Gun in a Teen’s Face in a McDonald’s Drive-thru, for Taking Too Long
"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." - John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton When sociopaths with guns are claiming to 'protect and...
Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Speaker of Russia's State Duma: US Should be Indicted on Criminal Charges...
The Russian Lower House speaker wants to instigate an international investigation into the 1945 nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the US military – a...
BREAKING: “Doors Stormed” Ferguson Protesters have Occupied the STL Police Department
"We are informing you that the police department is scheduled to be reclaimed by its citizens today" Ferguson, MO -- Protesters have occupied the police station in...
Reminder: The FBI's 'Police Homicide' Count Is Wrong
According to the FBI's newest Uniform Crime Report (UCR), released this week, 461 people were killed by police in "justifiable homicides" in 2013. This number has gotten some media attention, both ...
At least 1,098 people have been killed by U.S. police since January 1, 2014.
Think you might be safer in America without police? You might be right... This is truly horrifying.
Europe Beware! – World War III Could Destroy Europe for the Third Time in a Century
Washington is determined to go to war with Russia. Its military industrial complex demands it. Its financial...
Noam Chomsky "Every Post-War American President Should Be Hanged"
Please Share! "If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American president would have...
War on Black America
Black Americans are in the eye of the storm. Militarized cops target them nationwide. According to Operation Ghetto Storm, police, security guards, and other self-appointed enforcers kill black you...

One in every eight black males is incarcerated on any given day. According to Law Professor Michelle Alexander: “More black men are in prison or jail, on probation or parole than were enslaved in 1850 before the Civil War began.”
Whistleblower Cop Calls Out Corruption in Her Department, Naturally She’s Being Fired for It
"She is being disciplined for bringing those allegations to light" Louisville, KY -- A New Albany police officer of 19-years is being fired after she blew the whistle on...
Cops Almost Completely Quit Policing in New York, People Get Along Peacefully and Society Continues
But I thought that if police go away, there would be crazed murderers and motorcycle gangs with flamethrowers breaking into our homes. I guess that was...
What Putin is not Telling Us: The Raid on the Ruble was supposed to be a Checkmate. It’s Not
Even facing what under any circumstances is a perfect storm; President Putin delivered an extremely measured performance at his annual press conference and Q&A marathon. The perfect storm evolv...
Syria News 29/12/2014, Army seizes five cars loaded with rockets, part of Saudi aid to terrorists
The Continuing US War in Afghanistan
On December 28, the US-led International Security Assistance Force, or ISAF, formally ended its combat operations in Afghanistan. President Barack Obama issued a statement declaring the step “a mil...

Over 18,000 foreign troops will continue to occupy Afghanistan—about 10,600 of them American. While ISAF—created after the US invasion of Afghanistan to lend multinational legitimacy to the country’s occupation—is being wound up and its flag furled, Operation Resolute Support is being launched under a virtually identical green banner (with the letters RS substituted for ISAF).
Biopiracy: Monsanto Tries Patenting Natural Tomatoes
Many individuals are aware that biotech has developed a seed monopoly largely by patenting genetically modified organisms, but not everyone realizes that Monsanto tried to patent a tomato that had ...
EU irritiert über Sanktionen: USA bauen Handel mit Russland aus
Die EU-Außenbeauftragte Federica Mogherini empfindet Unbehagen über die Sanktionen gegen Russland: Während die EU Verluste zu verzeichnen hat, nimmt...
Scientist Terrified of Geoengineering Technology Being Developed Under Guise of Halting Global...
A prominent climate scientist who's actively involved in developing technologies to thwart the natural weather patterns of the globe says he's disturbed by the...
Private Dashcam Footage Captures Police Audacity at its Finest
The brazen jack boot attitude that this police officer exhibits is a prime example of the divide between the people and the...

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