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Link Collection April- the lost part

"Time has come for international efforts to eliminate the Israeli arsenal of WMD". Syria Foreign...
Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad said the only danger which poses a threat to the region is the Zionist entity, affirming that there is no...
Latin American countries are going to close all US military bases in the region ‪#‎istandwithrussia‬
The central theme of the upcoming Forum of Latin American Union of Nations (USAN - an analogue of the EU in Latin America) in Panama will be the issue of the closure of all US military bases on the continent - the general secretary of the organization Colombian Ernesto Samper. The summit will be held in Panama on April 10-11.
Iraqi army stands ‘no chance’ if ISIS continues intl recruitment & brainwashing – PM
Regional armies have “no chance” of defeating the Islamic State horde if the terror group continues its brainwashing and recruiting campaign that replenishes its...

US-Israel Wage War on Iran in Syria.
the BBC’s article, “Netanyahu row with Obama administration deepens,” reported that:

    A row between the US and Benjamin Netanyahu has deepened, with the Israeli leader accusing America and others of “giving up” on trying to stop Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. The US secretary of state questioned Mr Netanyahu’s judgement on the issue.

This is precisely the political charade implied by the Brookings Institution in their 2009 report as being necessary before any so-called “unilateral” action by Israel could be taken. In reality there is no row, simply a need for establishing plausible deniability ahead of an egregious act of unwarranted, unjust military aggression
Johns Hopkins Sued For $1 Billion Over Deliberate STD Infection Scheme
More than 750 plaintiffs are suing the Johns Hopkins Hospital System Corporation over its role in medical...
Medicine good ol' USA style: give them disease and then don't treat them: Tuskegee, Alabama; Guatemala, where else?
US-Israel Wage War on Iran in Syria
The ongoing conflict in Syria has always been a proxy conflict aimed at Iran, as well as nearby Russia, and more distant China. As far back as 2007, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh wa...
Airstrike kills family of nine in Yemen – residents
A family of nine has been killed in an airstrike on a Yemeni village near Sanaa, residents report. Five others have been wounded, while several others remained trapped under rubble, according to Yemeni media.
Massive EU Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia Contribute to Fuelling International Aggression and...
A large quantity of the weapons sold to Saudi Arabia by EU member states has ended up in the hands of Libyan and Syrian “rebels" including terrorists, thus...
Breaking the Ice: British Sub Suffers $750K in Damage Tracking Russian Ships
Washington's Agenda: The Destabilization and Destruction of Syria. "Islamic State" Terrorists...
The military forces of the Bashar al-Assad government have collapsed on two fronts. The capital of Idlib province in northwest Syria has been lost to Islamic State...

The military forces of the Bashar al-Assad government have collapsed on two fronts. The capital of Idlib province in northwest Syria has been lost to Islamic State terrorists sanctioned by the United States, Israel and their Persian Gulf allies and mobilized by the CIA.

Government forces in the south have also lost the border crossing at Nasib, the only functioning crossing with Jordan—the key southern import/export route. The surrender of this border to Al-Nusra Front Al-Qaeda terrorist “rebels”—CIA/Washington proxies—further threatens a Syrian economy already devastated by years of warfare, relentless US-led terrorism of every variety, and endless NATO economic and political terror.
 In 2011, Zuckerberg ranked first on the list of the "Most Influential Jews in the World" by The Jerusalem Post.
Watch as 1000 years of European borders change (timelapse map)
Silesia (Schlesien in German) was an area that stretched along the 220 mile Oder River valley and had been part of Prussia since the 1740s. It was divided into two sections: the northwestern part known as Lower Silesia and the southwestern part known as Oberschlesien (Upper Silesia). The latter area was the home of IR63.
How big Germany should be? - Page 14 - Historum - History Forums
Germany lost two World Wars; they should be grateful...
Whole eastern part of Germany was somewhere between 5th-12th ct. controlled by Slavic tribes. Berlin itself was originally Slavic settlement and there was famous Slavic pirate nest on island of Rugen (Rujana in Slavic) off the Baltic coast. There was legendary Slavic pagan shrine and fortress of Cape_Arkona Cape_Arkona
there. It was finally conquered and christianized by Danish kings in 12th ct. Remnants of those Slavs in Germany are Lusitanian Serbs, called also Sorbs and Wends.
Third Russian Evacuation Plane With 160 People From Yemen Lands in Moscow
The plane carried 160 people, including citizens from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Syria, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Yemen itself. There are 31 children among the evacuated.
Moscow calls for additional weapons withdrawal in E. Ukraine
Russia supports the proposed withdrawal of weapons of less than 100-millimeter caliber from the front line in eastern Ukraine, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey...
ISIL used chemical weapons in Tikrit

The ISIL Takfiri militants had used toxic chemical arms to prevent the advance of Iraqi forces on the newly-liberated city of Tikrit in northern Iraq, Press TV reports.

Click on the link to watch the video:
Mehr Kontrolle über Geldgeschäfte: Angriff auf das Bargeld
Banken und Staaten ziehen gegen das Bargeld ins Feld. Ohne Bargeld hätten sie die Kontrolle über uns.
Griechenland will Bargeschäfte im Wert von über 150 Euro
global verbieten und damit praktisch den Umlauf von Bargeld
in der Wirtschaft abschaffen. 4.4.
Civilian homes bombed by Saudi warplanes in Yemen’s Sana’a

Many civilian homes are destroyed as Saudi warplanes carry on with their air raids the Yemeni capital city of Sana’a.

Infowars reporter Lee Ann McAdoo uncovers the potentially prophetic blood moon taking place this Saturday, the night before Easter Sunday. A total lunar eclipse is rare, yet this is the third time we’ve seen a blood moon in less than a year. Does this signal a world changing event that’s soon to take place? Is this a prophecy of WWIII on the horizon? Regardless of your personal beliefs we are currently witnessing a pivotal time in the middle east and the threat of nuclear war continues to grow exponentially.
Obama's Dirty War on Yemen Murdering Civilians
Civilians suffer most in all wars. Yemen is no exception. Sanaa is becoming a ghost town. One shopkeeper said "(t)here are very few people left here. Everyone has fled, and those who have stayed li...
Israeli Fighter Jets Join Saudi Arabia in War on Yemen
Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Share on Google Israel’s fighter jets have taken part in the Thursday Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen, sources in Sanaa disclosed on Friday. “This is for the first time that the Zionists are conducting a joint operation in...
<Sudan and Israel on one side with Saudi Arabia ... al Qaeda ... none of the former expressed even a remote wish to bomb al Qaeda.>
Lugansk Residents Voluntarily Hand Over Weapons in April Amnesty
Trotz Sanktionen: Russland meldet überraschendes Wirtschafts-Wachstum
Die russische Wirtschaft hat die Analysten überrascht und sich im vierten Quartal 2014 als erstaunlich robust
Merkel warnt Finnland vor "Alleingang" bei Lockerung der Russland-Sanktionen
Beim Staatsbesuch in Finnland warnte die deutsche Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel vor Alleingängen europäischer Mitgliedstaaten in Bezug auf Russland-Sanktionen....
Russia boosts air defense in face of US Prompt Global Strike capacity
Russia’s active steps in boosting its air and missile defense capabilities are aimed against the potential threat of Prompt Global Strike which US “under certain...
Finnish parliament to consider crowdsourced copyright law…. sike!
More might come out about what they’re up to soon — Parliament is due to vote on the ”Common Sense in Copyright Act” next week.

The decriminalization of file-sharing will also put a stop to house searches and online surveillance of suspected copyright infringers, not uncommon events in Finland.

Last year a house search resulted in international outrage when it was revealed that a police unit raided a 9-year-old girl and confiscated her Winnie the Pooh laptop after an allegation of sharing.
File-Sharing Copyright Trolls Invade Finland
Letters that have recently gone out to some Finnish Internet subscribers (translated example below, from a DNA customer)  accuse them of downloading porn using BitTorrent and include an offer to settle for ‘only 600 euros’ (about US$825). A vague reference to the police is also included,  ratcheting up the pressure to comply.
PressTV-‘Israel must be forced to destroy WMD’
Syria says the intl. community should focus its efforts on pressuring Israel to destroy its WMD.
At Least 25 States to Take Part in WWII Victory Day Celebrations in Moscow
"25 leaders of states and several international organizations have confirmed their participation." ‪#‎VictoryDay‬
Russia to Benefit From Guarding Nicaragua Canal if Allowed
"The buildup of Russian military presence in ‪#‎LatinAmerica‬ will become an answer to ‪#‎NATO‬'s growing presence near the Russian border over the past year … because these actions are aimed against ‪#‎Russia‬."
Two Germanwings Airbuses make unscheduled landings in 24 hours
A Germanwings Airbus A319 was forced to divert to Stuttgart after it started losing oil – just a day after another flight operated by the company was forced to make an...
New Pipelines Start Supplying Fresh Water to Crimea / Sputnik International
Russian geologists have tapped a fresh water supply in Crimea which will allow for the delivery of water throughout the peninsula via new pipelines; the Russian...
Pentagon upgrades biggest ‘bunker buster’ bomb in case Iran talks fail - report
The Pentagon has upgraded and tested the largest bunker-buster bomb in the US, powerful enough to disable Iran’s most heavily fortified nuclear facilities in case of...
Polish Mercenaries and Arms Flood into Ukraine as Media Looks the Other Way
Western governments have flooded the media with false reports of Russian troops in Ukraine. By contrast, reports of Polish troops and mercenaries in Ukraine’s civil war...
Poroshenko Wants Internment of Russians Living in Ukraine / Sputnik International
Ukrainian President Poroshenko has submitted a bill to his country's parliament allowing for the internment of Russian citizens living in Ukraine.
Germany’s Emsland nuclear power plant shut down after leak
The Emsland nuclear power plant in Germany has been taken off grid after leakage was detected, according to its operator RWE Power AG and the German state of...
Deutsche halten die Tagesschau für Lügen-Propaganda – das gibt jetzt sogar die ARD zu
Können 71 Prozent der Deutschen Opfer von Verschwörungstheoretikern werden?
Yes, ISIS Burned a Man Alive: White Americans Did the Same Thing to Thousands of Black People
The United States practiced a unique cultural ritual that was as least as gruesome as the "medieval" punishments meted out by ISIS against its foes.
Shocking/ Apartheid 2015: wide part street for Jews only, narrow, rough side passage for...
Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Share on Google Separation policy in Hebron: Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) renews segregation on main street; wide part –...
Yemen War Kills Over 500 People in Past Two Weeks - UN
519 people, including 90 children, have been killed and about 1,700 injured in the past two weeks of warfare in ‪#‎Yemen‬.
Stratfor - George Friedmanns Rede auf deutsch und Putins Gegendarstellung | komplett vertont
How do I uninstall antivirus or antispyware programs?
Donbass' Struggle, Europe's Shame
This article originally appeared at SputnikI am standing on sacred territory in Donbass, which also happened to be sacred territory during the former Soviet Union. On the top of this hill roughly halfway between Donetsk and Lugansk, there used to be an...
Guy Asks Cop Why He Shot Him, Cop Responds: ‘You’re Lucky I Didn’t Shoot You In The Head’!
A video going viral right now records an African American man shot in the stomach by a police officer. The shooting victim asks the Caucasian cop why he
Cop Who Raped Woman During Traffic Stop, Shot By Woman. Police Say Incidents are Related
Judging from the allegations against this officer, the shooter could have been any number of past female victims.
US-Israel Wage War on Iran in Syria | New Eastern Outlook
04.04.2015 Author: Tony Cartalucci US-Israel Wage War on Iran in Syria Column: Politics Region: Middle East Country: Israel The ongoing conflict in Syria has...
If CDs cost £8 where does the money go?
<One dollar for a digital CD via the Internet and half the price if it's 5 years old or older. The same for movies. Sharing with up to 10 people should be permitted.>
Record sales: Where does the money go?
I remember when new CDs used to cost at least $19.95. Since the whole MP3 and file sharing phenomenon, the...
Let’s say your CD is for sale for in stores at $16.00 and that you are a band of 4 that also writes their own material. Your deal is to receive a royalty rate of 11%, but your producer takes 3% of that. So in the end you make 8% net royalty. $16.00 – $8.32 (30% for retailers, 22% for distributors) = $7.68.

Let’s round this off to $8.00 (a very optimistic round up by the way) $8.00 - $2.00 (25% for packaging deducted by the label) = $6.00 X 8% = $0.48.  So you make $0.50 per CD sold.
Finland Citizens Poised to Rewrite Their Nation’s Copyright Laws
Most notoriously, a 9-year-old girl had her house raided and her Winnie the Pooh laptop seized by police last year after she was accused of downloading a single music album.
The West Recruits Terrorists: 25,000 ISIS Fighters from Foreign Countries since Mid-2014. UN Report
According to a just released UN report that monitors...
The EU Commission should impose Sanctions on Israel until it Dismantles Settlements and Ratifies...
As Binyamin Netanyahu tries to impose his will upon the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council: the U.S., UK, Russia, China, France plus Germany...

On Hitler's Birthday, US Will Begin Training Ukraine's Far-Right National Guard
This article originally appeared at Alternet
Saudi Airstrikes against Yemen Use Weapons "Made in Israel"
TEHRAN (FNA)- Senior Yemeni officials disclosed that the Riyadh government has used Israeli-made weapons in its airstrikes on Yemen. "The Saudis are using Israeli...
US Flexes Military Muscle to Get Rise Out of Russia for Ukraine Invasion / Sputnik International
The war party in Washington is making every effort to lure Moscow into a direct invasion of Ukraine: American tanks rolling across Europe, US military maneuvers...
"Stephen Cohen underscored that the ultimate goal of the US "war party" is to undermine the Minsk ceasefire agreement, which it sees as a major hindrance to its war plan in Ukraine."
I like Cohen but lost a LOT of respect when he was on Democracy Now! and said he didn't know the US had backed the Maidan coup
US to refuel Saudi warplanes in Yemen
New German Study DESTROYS Global Warming Hysteria

The Effect of File Sharing on Record Sales
An Empirical Analysis
Downloads have
an effect on sales which is statistically
indistinguishable from zero,
Each week there are more than one
billion downloads of music files alone.
Participation in file sharing
has also grown. Over 60 milli
on Americans above the age of
twelve have downloaded music
(Ipsos-Reid, 2002b).
Kiev Army Has Neither Skills Nor Capabilities to Regain Lost Territories
Iceland Prepare For Money Revolution
Iceland have announced plans to strip power from commercial banks in creating money, handing all of the power over to a central bank. report: The
US military creates fake online personas to influence Social Media
The US military awarded a contract for software to create 500 fake personas on social networks in order to secretly influence online debate in its favour, it...
USA geht kaputt: Marode Häuser, Straßen, Brücken in ganz Amerika
Auch viele Tage nach der tödlichen Explosion im New Yorker Trendviertel East Village sagen Anwohner: 'Der Schock sitzt tief.' Viele Amerikaner überall in den USA...
Greece preparing for Euro, own currency - media
Athens is currently trying to negotiate a new bailout deal with its Troika of creditors, but if that falls ‘Plan B’ could reportedly involve getting rid of the euro and cutting off its banking system from the European Central Bank.
Old Habits Die Hard: US Reluctant to Scrap European Missile Defense System
Neo-Nazi Right Sector Becomes Part of Ukrainian Armed Forces
Meanwhile, Interpol has put ‪#‎RightSector‬ leader Dmitry Yarosh on its wanted list. ‪#‎Ukraine‬

TTIP | EU Investment Policy: Looking behind closed doors
TTIP In June 2013, US President Obama and...

The TTIP/TAFTA will also contain very powerful investment protection rules and an investor-to-state dispute settlement process, which is the subject of the
Greece draws up drachma plans, prepares to miss IMF payment
'We are a Left-wing government. If we have to choose between a default to the IMF or a default to our own people, it is a no-brainer,' says senior Greek official
Obama Just Freed a Man Who Was Sentenced To Life In Prison For Pot
President Obama just commuted the sentences of 22 drug offenders on Tuesday. This marks the largest of such "pot pardons" since Obama took office. Earlier,
Russia to give Tajikistan multi-billion military aid to fight ISIS
Russia is ready to supply about $1.2 billion worth of weapons and military equipment to the Central Asian nation of Tajikistan, which is currently threatened by invasion...
PressTV-‘Congress must impose sanctions on Iran’
Republican Sen. Tom Cotton says Congress must “immediately” impose new sanctions against Iran.
New Jersey Man Dies in Custody After ‘Brutal’ Beating by Police - Witnesses
"They punched him, stomped him, kicked him and then they let the dog out of the car. The dog bit him on his face and around his body.
10 Evil Crimes Of The British Empire - Listverse
At its height, the British Empire was the largest to have...

Chaos In Yemen: Rebels Turn Aden Into Warzone, Al Qaeda Stages Prison Break, Saudi Arabia...
Yemen descends into chaos as rebels storm central district in key port city of Aden while Al Qaeda...
10 Evil Crimes Of The British Empire - Listverse
At its height, the British Empire was the largest to have...
Indian Fairy Tales
Russian Military Equipment, Unit Presence in Donbas Unrecorded by OSCE|By Sputnik
Our Updated Listings Of Fairy Tales For Your Child
'Historic Deal' With Iran Reached - Obama|By Sputnik

#‎Obama‬ delivered his address on breakthrough deal: "If ‪#‎Iran‬ shifts, we will know it. If we suspect anything, we will inspect it." ‪#‎IranTalks‬
How Long Would the US Navy Survive in a Shooting War?
America sees itself as a ruler of the world’s oceans. After all, the country — which spends 10 times more on its military forces than the following nine countries — has...
ISIS is a US creation, says CIA contractor. EXACTLY
Russia Ready to Sell S-300 Missiles to Iran if Sanctions Fall
American Police Killed More People in March Than UK Cops Have Since 1900
Jen Psaki: Yanukovich Left Kiev, Lost Legitimacy; Hadi Left Yemen, Remains President
Geheimtreffen in Deutschland: 'Times': Putin drohte mit Atomwaffen
Der Kalte Krieg ist plötzlich wieder in greifbarer Nähe: Russische Generäle haben einem Bericht der Zeitung 'The Times' zufolge mit dem Einsatz von
Vorstufe zum TTIP: Bundesregierung bringt Fracking nach Deutschland
In Berlin hat das Bundeskabinett das umstrittene...
Animals raised for food produce more than 10 TIMES the poop & pee as humans do, much of which ends up in our water
Russian MiG-29 Fighter Pilots Begin Military Drills in Armenia
Russian Consulate in Aden Damaged Amid Coalition Strikes
.Pentagon Chief: We Might Bomb Iran Even if Nuclear Deal Reached / Sputnik International
As the P5+1 nuclear negotiations - ostensibly seeking to ensure a peaceful future for the Middle East - conclude, they were prefaced by a surprising announcement. On...
.US Army Readiness at Historically Low Level
The ‪#‎Army‬ is dealing with cuts so severe that only a third of the troops would be ready for any deployments, says Gen. Ray Odierno.
Chinese Overwhelmingly Support Four-Day Work Week Proposal
Le Pen says Washington attempting to start ‘war in Europe’
The leader of France’s rightwing Front National (FN), Marine Le Pen, has called Brussels “American lackeys” over the EU's Ukraine policy. She further accused...

former French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that Europe was part of “a common civilization with Russia,” saying they needed to avoid conflict on the continent. “The interests of the Americans with the Russians are not the interests of Europe and Russia,” he said, adding that “we do not want the revival of a Cold War between Europe and Russia.”
Calcute – Scientific Calculator
Βίντεο:Η Τουρκία θέλει αεροσκάφη EA-18G Growler που τυφλώνουν τα...
Τί κρύβει η αμφισβήτηση των 16 ελληνικών νησιών από την Τουρκία και η αυξημένη προκλητικότητα στο Αιγαίο;
Merkel’s 'Anti-Russian Front' Falls Apart – German Newspaper
"Attempts to save 'European unity' are doomed" - Die Freie Welt.
Nine-year-old's home raided by Finnish police for illegal download
US citizens protest Border Patrol checkpoints, refuse questioning, post videos online
A growing number of Americans is protesting invasive Border Patrol checkpoints deep inside US territory by refusing to answer questions, and posting online their...
"By way of illustration, one can point to the oft-repeated statistic that Poland and Ukraine were similarly run and sized economies in 1990; and yet today Poland's economy is three times larger."
Specifically, the Minister eyes expanding the list to involve websites that include pornographic material showing animals, and "violent porn."

The idea does not have unanimous support even within the Finnish government, however. Finland's Interior Minister, Päivi Räsänen, doubts the need to expand pornographic censorship at all. Indeed, even Finland's own child pornography blocklist has, in the past, included websites that had nothing to do with such vile content.

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