Monday, December 21, 2015

December Link Collection Part Two

I can post the links but I can't make you think:
Merkels Rede auf dem CDU-Parteitag: umjubelte autistische Jahrespresseschau
Fluchtursachen bekämpfen: Das müsste bedeuten, den die Weltherrschaft durch Krieg und Gewalt anstrebenden Vereinigten Staaten in den Arm zu fallen und den europäischen Neo-Kolonialstaaten England und Frankreich die Gefolgschaft zu verweigern. Die Migrationsbewegung hat zwischen Afghanistan über Irak und Syrien nach Libyen und Mali nur eine Ursache. Diese besteht in der Mord- und Totschlagspolitik der USA und den kolonialen Aspirationen unserer wichtigsten westeuropäischen Nachbarn.
Putin: Eines von Europas Problemen: Es hat Teil seiner Souveränität abgegeben, nickt Befehle aus...
Ein Problem Europas besteht darin, dass es keine selbständige Politik betreibt, wie Russlands Präsident Wladimir Putin in einem Interview des TV-Senders Rossiya…
Donald Trump Accuses Israel Of Funding ISIS – Your News Wire
Shortly before cancelling his Israel trip, Presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared on national
Israel Admit To Creating ‘ISIS’ In 1990 – Your News Wire
Long before the creation of ISIS in 2006, this C-Span TV interview from 1990…
Benghazi cover up tied to U.S. gun-smuggling operation: Documents
Clinton State Department approved U.S. weapons shipment to Libya despite ban
Gary Null's Vaccine Nation (Full)
< I also have two kids my daughter who is 23 and got 19 total vaccines by age 5. My son who is now 8 had 44 before his first birthday. Fuck that and fuck big pharma>
Weather modification: programs, problems, policy, and potential
Weather modification: programs, problems, policy, and potential
"Weather modification: programs, problems, policy, and potential"
US Senate Report: Chemtrails Are Real And Killing Us
“Conspiracy Theorists” Are Vindicated: U.S. Senate Reports Chemtrails Are Real and Are Killing Us!
German police forces shut down mosque, Islamic cultural center for supporting ISIS - ARA News
ARA News BERLIN – German police forces on Thursday shut down a mosque in the southwestern city of Stuttgart for promoting terrorism and raising funds to…
Double Game: Washington Escalates Campaign Against Forces Battling Daesh
As American political activist Caleb Maupin noted in his article, despite the fact that the West continues to proclaim that fighting Daesh is one of its main tasks for the…
<US ‪#‎logic‬: we fight ‪#‎Daesh‬, but we have a problem with everyone else who does. ‪#‎Syria‬>
Police stopped, released Paris terror suspect Salah Abdeslam 3 times after attacks – getaway driver
Oil prices plummet to 11-yr low as US lifts export ban
<US running out of money or trying hard to sink Russia's economy>
Su-24 flight recorder confirms Russian aircraft did not violate Turkish airspace
Flight recorders of the Su-24 aircraft downed by Turkey confirm the plane did not violate Turkish airspace
Saudi-Led Coalition Killed 60 Civilians While Bombing Yemen in Fall - Human Rights Watchdog
<During a ceasefire!>
ISIS Leader: We Are Funded By The Obama Administration
ISIS Leader: We Are Funded By The Obama Administration
ISIS leader says he was given $600 for each recruit. Whistleblower Scott Bennet tracked the funds to CIA Swiss Bank accounts.
Dissolve NATO Before it's too Late
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a war-prone institution that poses the biggest threat to world peace. Since the disappearance of the Soviet Union, which turns out to be the greatest disaster for the stability of the international…
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a war-prone institution that poses the biggest threat to world peace. Since the disappearance of the Soviet Union, which turns out to be the greatest disaster for the stability of the international system, NATO expansionism and aggression is rampant. Although NATO was established to contain the Soviet Union, in reality, however, it has always been a complacent vehicle for U. S. hegemony. After the Soviet break-up, NATO's illegal expansion in Eastern Europe was relatively successful as long as Russia kept quiet. President Vladimir Putin's speech at the Munich Security Conference in 2007, more accurately a gathering of Western war-hawks, should have rung the warning bells in the West.
NATO's 'gift' to the world: Number of people forced to flee their home countries this year has...
In six months in 2015 over 20 million people fled wars and persecution, more than in the whole of 2014, the UN has reported. Total global forced displacement this…
Graphic Video Released in “Firing Squad” Style Police Killing of Mentally Ill Man
Saginaw, MI -- The gruesome dashcam video of a summary execution of a mentally ill man by police has been released to the public this week. The video shows six…
Turkish-ISIL Oil Trade: The Role of Britain, Israel, and the Kurdistan Regional Government
Turkish officials were involved in illegal transport of oil from Iraq long before the emergence of the so-called Islamic State (ISIL/ISIS/IS/DAESH). Their illegal trade…
Syria: The break for the border
Who is the supreme profiteer of the Russia-Turkey drama? No question: it’s the Empire of Chaos. A desperate Ankara increasingly depends on NATO’s embrace.
Imagine a Kurdish unification corridor – running from Afrin to the rest of Rojava. This means Turkey cut off from Syria; crucially, the end of the Jihadi Highway; the end of Turkish secret services offering lavish logistical support for Daesh, from Big Macs to holidays in Turkey; the end of the Syrian stolen oil Daesh Highway. (Op-Edge by Pepe Escobar)
<everything hinges on what happens next on the Turkish-Syrian border. Here are the stakes.>
Maltese ships owned by Turkish president’s son being implicated in ISIS oil trade - The Malta...
As Russia continues to accuse Turkey and its presidential family of directly benefitting from the trade in oil with the Islamic State, it transpires that the oil…
Ronald Reagan On The Holocaust Lie 1967
Ronald Reagan On The Holocaust Lie (1967)
The IMF Changes its Rules to Isolate China and Russia
The problem is that the Donbass is where most Ukrainian exports were made, mainly to Russia. That market is being lost by the junta’s belligerence toward Russia. This should have blocked Ukraine from receiving IMF aid. Withholding IMF credit could have been a lever to force peace and adherence to the Minsk agreements, but U.S. diplomatic pressure led that opportunity to be rejected.
The oil and pipeline war designed to bypass Russian energy exports has engulfed the Near East in anarchy for over a decade. It is flooding Europe with refugees, and also spreading terrorism to America. In the Republican presidential debate on December 15, 2015, the leading issue was safety from Islamic jihadists. Yet no candidate thought to explain the source of this terrorism in America’s alliance with Wahabist Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and hence with Al Qaeda and ISIS/Daish as a means of destabilizing secular regimes seeking independence from U.S. control.
Costa Rica closes 2015 with 99% renewable energy
What's the Trick? Bashar Assad Still Enjoys Public Support in Syria
Security Council Unanimously Adopts Resolution 2254 (2015), Endorsing Road Map for Peace Process in Syria, Setting Timetable for Talks

“The Syrian people will decide the future of Syria,” the text stated. By other terms, the Council requested that the Secretary-General — through his good offices and the efforts of his Special Envoy — convene representatives of the Syrian Government and opposition to engage in formal negotiations on a political transition process “on an urgent basis”, with a target of early January for the initiation of talks.  It expressed support for a Syrian-led political process facilitated by the United Nations which would establish “credible, inclusive and non-sectarian governance” within six months and set a schedule and process for the drafting of a new constitution.
Resolution No. 2254 affirms that the Syrians are the only ones who determine the future of their country without any foreign intervention, and the terrorist organizations are out of any political process.
The Public Pays Twice for Some Schools
US guards with guns to patrol British airports for the first time under controversial new plans being discussed by London and Washington
    US Department of Homeland Security wants to introduce the scheme
    It's a worldwide proposal, including including Heathrow and Manchester
    Policy makers hope it will reduce the risk of IS terrorists flying to America
Guards from Customs and Border Protection would carry out immigration and customs checks before passengers board.
They would be given diplomatic immunity so they could not be prosecuted for any crime committed on British soil.
Obama Admits US is Training ISIL (ISIS)
Obama accidentally admitted US government is training ISIL (ISIS, Islamic State) which White House later denied and corrected
<Finally! Obama busted on a truth.>
What's the Trick? Bashar Assad Still Enjoys Public Support in Syria
Bashar al-Assad, the democratically elected leader of a sovereign country, has been labeled as a "dictator" and "tyrant" by the West; however, the Western…
Syria Slams Israeli Airstrike on Damascus Suburb as “Terrorist Act’
A senior ‪#‎Hezbollah‬ official and about 10 innocent civilians were killed in an Israeli airstrike on a Damascus suburb on Saturday evening. ‪#‎Syria‬
Rachel Maddow Slams Rick Snyder For 'Poisoning Flint's Children' With Water Crisis [VIDEO]
"The spigot they turned on poisoned the kids. The kids of Flint, Michigan have…
Washington Plans to Disintegrate Iraq, Syria into Eight New Smaller Countries. Iranian Official
Iranian Supreme Leader's top adviser for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati warned that Washington plans to disintegrate regional states into smaller…
The US is after implementing its plot to create a Greater Middle-East whose aim is disintegrating Iraq into three countries and dividing Syria into five states in a bid to downsize countries to provide security to the Zionist regime,” Velayati said on Saturday.
Is the EU the new USSR?
As in the Soviet Union, in the European Union the nation state is subordinate to the Union. If the USSR was an ‘evil empire’, then what is the EU?
Inconvenient Truth: Leaked Report Proves Daesh Smuggling Oil to Turkey
A report compiled by an independent Norwegian oil and gas consulting firm verified earlier claims that Daesh, also known as ISIL/ISIS, smuggles most of its oil to…
Twisted East-West Diplomacy: Bizarre Kerry Claim About US Not Seeking Regime Change in Syria
10 Iconic American Muslim Women Everyone Should Know About
10 American Muslim Women You Should Know
Bashar Al-Assad Has More Popular Support than the Western-Backed "Opposition": Poll
In the view of Syrians, the country’s president, Bashar al Assad, and his ally, Iran, have more support than do
President Bashar Al Assad. The Truth from Damascus.
Earlier this morning, Zionist warplanes struck a residential building in Jaramana city in Damascus countryside killing the famous Hezbollah resistance fighter, Samir Quntar and reportedly massacring up to 9 innocent civilians.  We are still awaiting confirmation of the total number of deaths and casualties from this illegal raid that has been celebrated by members of the Syrian “moderate rebel” opposition…going so far as to thank Israel for their good work.
New World Order Is Losing Battles in Syria
Putin is ending 2015 with a bang. A big bang. A colossal bang. We only have a few days left, and one can say that 2015 has certainly been a productive year for him.
One Hundred Years of Competition: History of Russo-Turkish Relationship
Washington's New Islamic Front: Expanded U.S. Support to Al Qaeda Rebels in Syria
From the outset, the Western military alliance has (covertly) supported the terrorists with a view to destabilizing Syria as a nation state. Financial support and…
Hezbollah, Syrian Army cutoff the Aleppo-Damascus Highway after seizing Khan Touman in southern...
It took several weeks for the Syrian Armed Forces and Hezbollah to seize the imperative town of Khan Touman that is located along the vast Aleppo-Damascus
Putin: Russia Will Improve Nuclear Weapons as Deterrence, Security Factor
#‎NuclearWeapons‬ for security: "The American nukes in Europe can reach ours, which makes them strategic and poses a greater risk to us than our strategic missiles pose to America," – ‪#‎Putin‬.
Israeli airstrikes kill a popular resistance fighter in rural Damascus
Earlier this morning, the Israeli Air Forces truck a residential building in city of Jaramana, killing the famous resistance fighter, Samir Quntar. Accordi
Putin: Europe Handed Over Part of its Sovereignty to US, Has No Independent Foreign Policy
Gegen das Völkerrecht: Israel bombardiert Damaskus - Tel Aviv weicht klarer Antwort aus --
Die israelische Luftwaffe hat am Sonntagmorgen einen Raketenschlag gegen einen Stadtbezirk von Damaskus geführt, wobei vermutlich einer der Anführer der…
Auf Wunsch der USA: EU beschließt Verlängerung der Sanktionen gegen Russland
Die EU hat trotz massiver Warnungen aus den Mitgliedsstaaten die Verlängerung der Sanktionen gegen Russland beschlossen. Die Sanktionen sind Teil des…
NATO's Ambitions Behind EU Visa-Free Regimes With Ukraine, Georgia - German Media
'I Was Already Packing': Assad 'Thanks' West for 'Allowing' Him to Lead His Own Country
Israel Assassinates Senior Hezbollah Leader In Syria - nsnbc international
The Israeli Air Force assassinated, on Saturday at night, the former political prisoner and senior Hezbollah leader, Samir al-Kuntar, in an air strike in the…
Russian airstrikes obliterates half of Daesh oil trade --
Russian airstrikes have halved Daesh's (also known as ISIL/ISIS) proceeds from its illegal oil trade, according to America's Fox News channel quoting unnamed…
Russian airstrikes have halved Daesh's (also known as ISIL/ISIS) proceeds from its illegal oil trade, according to America's Fox News channel quoting unnamed sources from the ground. Retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney suggested that the jihadist group might be tempted to take more fields, but Russian airstrikes prevent them from doing so. Not only is Russia 'far more effective' in Syria than the US, they are accomplishing their goals under international law. Those in the US saying otherwise should look in the mirror at the US' own refusal to abide by international law.
'Moon rock' given to Holland by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin is fake
A moon rock given to the Dutch prime minister by Apollo 11 astronauts in 1969 has turned out to be a fake.
Assad visits church before Xmas
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad makes a visit to a Christian church in the capital Damascus before Christmas.
Denver Cops Break Up Homeless Camp in the Middle of a Snowstorm
Is this the new definition of "protecting and serving?"
Turkey’s forces kill 69 Kurdish fighters in 4 days of military ops – sources
At least 69 Kurdish fighters and 2 Turkish officers have been killed in four days of military operations near the Syrian and Iraqi borders against the members of the…
Many American Voters Are In Favor Of Bombing Fictitious Land Of "Agrabah" From Aladdin
Bad enough that many Americans support bombing countries that exist but they can't identify on a map. Now they'll bomb even ones that don't exist.
Whom should we bomb next?
Man Gets 2.5 Years in Prison for Having Sex on the Beach While a Cop Rapes a Toddler and Walks
The man who was caught having sex on the beach with his girlfriend learned his terrible fate this week.
Greco-Turkish War (1919–22)
Greek War of Independence
“Popular Science” Warns About “Weather As A Weapon” - Zen Gardner
I recently acquired two exceptional original copies of "Popular Science" from June of 1958. Almost 60 years ago the dialog about weather warfare was more open.
Secret Death Squads Backed by Thatcher Gov’t Killed Hundreds in N. Ireland
Following the broadcast of an Irish documentary, a number of human rights groups are calling on London to take responsibility for its role in colluding with…
Damascus suburb hit by ‘Israeli strike targeting Hezbollah leader’ – reports
<Where are the S400 and S300 when Israel Terrorist state is striking Russias Allies in Damascus Syria? Are we supposed to believe Samir Quntar killed a child just because Israel tells is he did?, the call everyone who resists their occupation terrorists so their opinion is one of hypocrisy as no one has brutally killed more children than the Israeli Offense Forces...
PS: Unfortunately, our side of the news does not always inform us of the losses, so we can use this to verify against the news from the Axis of resistance...>
‘US not after regime change in Syria, but Assad must go’ – Kerry to Russian TV
“We are not trying to do a regime change. We are not engaged in a color revolution.  We’re not engaged in trying to interfere in another country … We’re trying to make peace,” he explained.
<i hate to say it but from my experience people often say thay aren't something when they are something and i have seen this fact many times so lets fix this so it's understandable "We are trying to do a regime change. We are engaged in a color revolution.  We’re engaged in trying to interfere in another country … We’re trying to make war,” there that makes better sense.>
‘It’s Assad or ISIS’: French MP talks to RT after visiting Syria
"Syria's UN ambassador Bashar Jaafari said there was a "glaring contradiction" between outside countries talking about letting Syrians decide their future yet also insisting on replacing Mr Assad."
Saudi Arabia to behead teenage boy over participation in protest
Teenage beheading brought to you by the head of the UN Human Rights Council
No Nuclear Weapons in Iran Means West, NATO Lied for Decades
Sheriffs Caught EXECUTING UNARMED Man Then Planting Gun On Him
Absolutely horrifying and disturbing cellphone video has just been released in California. It shows Los Angeles County Sheriffs deputies executing an unarmed…
These Are The People Running The World – And You’ve Never Heard of Them Before
Science has now proven that America is run by prominent, extraordinarily wealthy politicians and large corporations. Yes, we are supposedly a democracy, and…
Jordan’s Role in Syria Border-Crossings of Islamist Rebels, Saudi and Qatari Weapons Transfers
Although Jordan has claimed that it is neutral in the conflict between the forces that are loyal to the Syrian government and the Islamist rebels, many news outlets…
US-Historiker Zuesse: USA verfolgen eine „Strategie der Zerstörung Europas“
Who Owns the Federal Reserve Bank—and Why is It Shrouded in Myths and Mysteries?
It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before…
Keiser Report: Immortality (E851)
How Black Boxes Work
Black boxes help investigators determine what happened in an airplane accident. What's inside a black box and…
Die Anstalt vom 8. Dezember 2015 - Folge 16 - Alle Jahre wieder -HQ
<Gekaufte Journalisten - gekaufte Satire Sendung!>
< Lies and Ptopaganda this time. What a pitty>
<Was für ein Schwachsinn, wenn ich mich anlügen lassen will kann ich unsere Medien schauen. Dass nun die Anstalt auch den gleichen Lügenscheiss verkündet nervt. Schade, die Anstalt ist tot!>
Congress Just Passed The Second Patriot Act And Nobody Noticed: How CISA Became The Law | Zero Hedge
U.S. Government and Top Mexican Drug Cartel Exposed as Partners
the Bush and Obama administrations let the Sinaloa cartel import tons of drugs into the United States while wiping out Sinaloa competitors and ensuring that its leaders would not be prosecuted for their long list of major crimes. Other revelations also point strongly to massive but clandestine U.S. government involvement in drug trafficking.
Europe, Turkey Close Airspace to Russian Warplanes Fighting Daesh
Europe and Turkey closed airspace for Russian Long-Range Aviation planes carrying out airstrikes on Daesh positions in Syria, forcing Russian pilots to…
<Europe, Turkey Close Airspace to Russian Warplanes Fighting Daesh
Europe and Turkey closed airspace for Russian Long-Range Aviation planes carrying out airstrikes on Daesh positions in Syria, forcing Russian pilots to…>
America Is Dramatically Changing its Syria Policy. Here's Why.
BEIRUT -- Washington may be coming to the understanding that neither Russia nor Iran nor Hezbollah believe for one second the U.S. narrative that if Assad stepped…
MH17: Australia Say Russia Not To Blame, Evidence Tampered With –...
The official Australian investigation into the cause of the crash of Malaysian…
The official Australian investigation into the cause of the crash of Malaysian Airlines MH17 have accused the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) of failing to provide “conclusive evidence” of what exactly destroyed the aircraft, and say that Russia did not shoot down the plane despite accusations to the contrary from DSB.
Deutsche Wirtschaft protestiert scharf gegen neue Russland-Sanktionen
In ungewöhnlich scharfen Worten protestiert der Ostausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft gegen die Verlängerung der Russland-Sanktionen durch die EU. Der…
Israel’s Attack on the Liberty, Revisited
The inquiry was headed by Rear Admiral Isaac C. Kidd. Kidd didn’t have a free hand. He’d been instructed by Vice-Admiral McCain to limit the damage to the Pentagon and to protect the reputation of Israel.
John McCain Praises Father’s Whitewashing of Israel’s Attack on the USS LIBERTY!
EXCLUSIVE: Sarin materials brought via Turkey & mixed in Syrian ISIS camps – Turkish MP to RT
ISIS stole sarin gas from Libya stores & has already used it, Gaddafi’s cousin tells RT
Islamic State militants have managed to steal chemical weapons from underground storage facilities in Libya that were not properly guarded and the gas has already been used, a cousin of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi told RT Arabic in an exclusive interview.
U.S. Republicans want to bomb Agrabah, Arabia . . . fictional home of Aladdin | Toronto Star
A Public Policy Polling survey revealed U.S. Republicans want to bomb Agrabah, the home of Aladdin.
"Can’t quite remember where Agrabah is on a map?
Fear not! It’s not on a map.
At least, not a real one.
It’s the home of Aladdin, the Disney character.
Hidden in a 41-question survey by polling company Public Policy Polling (PPP) was a seemingly innocuous query: “Would you support or oppose bombing Agrabah?”
A whopping 30 per cent would back U.S. forces dropping explosives on a kingdom fabricated entirely for kids’ enjoyment."
UN Security Council unanimously adopts Syrian roadmap resolution
The UN Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution calling for a ceasefire and political settlement in Syria. The resolution envisions the formation…
<This UNSC resolution states that the Syrian people, NOT the Enemies of Syria, will decide whether President Assad stays or goes, through elections!>
You Want War? Russia is Ready for War
Nobody needs to read Zbigniew “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski’s 1997 opus to know US foreign policy revolves around one single overarching theme: prevent – by all means necessary – the emergence of a…
Russia is ready for war - and the Pentagon knows it
Libya Seeks Russia’s Help in Battling Terrorism
John McCain: 'The Libyan Rebels Are My Heroes!'
Fake CIA Agent for FOX News Has Spewed Horse S**t for 12 Years, and Americans were Eating It Up
A Fox News "analyst" was arrested Thursday for pretending to be a CIA agent. For over a decade, he's been filling Foxaholics' heads with lies.
4 out of 5 Brits prefer Putin over Cameron as UK leader in reader poll
Asked 'Who would you rather was Britain's prime minister?', 78 per cent chose the Russian president, while 22 per cent voted for Mr Cameron.
How LSD Affects Your Consciousness
New research may be opening the way to the use of LSD in studying psychosis, as well as in the treatment of addictions and depression.
The team found a potential explanation for the hallucinations and distortions that are so common in LSD intoxication — blood flow in the visual cortex at the back of the brain. The MEG picked up a change in brain oscillations as well, specifically a decrease in alpha waves across the brain. These changes were highly correlated with visual hallucinations, suggesting that while under the influence of LSD, “the visual system is tethered more to the internal than external world.”
EU to prolong anti-Russian sanctions for 6 more months
Obama signs $1.1 trillion spending package, approves CISA surveillance legislation
‘Alarming’ drug overdose deaths in US hit record high of over 47,000 – CDC
Syria unity government ‘possible’ within 6 months, political transition within 1.5yrs – Lavrov
Militärexperte: Russland ist wesentlich glaubwürdiger als die Türkei | MDR.DE
Der Abschuss eines russischen Kampfjets hat sich offenbar so ereignet, wie von Moskau dargestellt. Das ist die Erkenntnis eines US-Experten. Demnach wartete…
List of colors: A–F
VIDEO emerges purporting to show deadly US airstrike against Iraqi forces
When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink?
Every generation brings a new definition of masculinity and femininity that manifests itself in children’s dress
The march toward gender-specific clothes was neither linear nor rapid. Pink and blue arrived, along with other pastels, as colors for babies in the mid-19th century, yet the two colors were not promoted as gender signifiers until just before World War I—and even then, it took time for popular culture to sort things out.

For example, a June 1918 article from the trade publication Earnshaw's Infants' Department said, “The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. The reason is that pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.” Other sources said blue was flattering for blonds, pink for brunettes; or blue was for blue-eyed babies, pink for brown-eyed babies, according to Paoletti.
Western media use Russian strikes footage to show US bombings in Syria - MoD
Tödlicher US-Angriff auf Regierungsarmee: Irak will vor Gericht ziehen
Vor rund zwei Wochen hatte eine US-geführte Koalition in Syrien ein Lager der Regierungsarmee angegriffen und syrische Soldaten getötet. Sowohl die irakischen als auch die syrischen Regierungstruppen kämpfen gegen die Daesh-Terroristen, die weite Teile Syriens und des Irak kontrollieren. Damaskus und Moskau werfen der Koalition vor, den Kampf gegen die Terroristen vorzutäuschen.
US, Turkey failed to Inform UN Security Council about ISIS Oil Smuggling
Russia says both the US and Turkey failed to inform the UN Security Council (UNSC) about the illegal smuggling of oil from the territories held by Takfiri Daesh terrorists in Syria and Iraq although they were obliged to do so under international law.
"Solar Geoengineering as a Tool to Manage Climate Risks"
Putin on S-400 Deployment in Syria: Let Turkish Aviation Fly Now
Turkey will not be able to violate the Syria airspace after Russia had deployed S-400 defense system in Hmeymim airabse, Russian president Vladimir Putin…
Chemtrails the secret war
Putin Q&A wrap up: Key points of 3-hours-long presser
'Russia & US not in line on Syria's peace deal' - White House spox contradicts John Kerry
NATO chief misinterpreted Putin’s words on military presence in Ukraine – Kremlin
30+ Iraqi soldiers killed, 20 injured after US airstrike - Iraqi MP cited by Sputnik
 More than 30 Iraqi soldiers have been killed and 20 more injured in an airstrike carried out by the US military, an Iraqi said in a statement cited by Sputnik.
“30 Iraqi servicemen from the 55th brigade of the Iraqi Army have been killed and 20 injured after an airstrike carried out by US aviation in the town of Al-Naimiya, Fallujah province ,” Hakim al-Zamili, the head of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, said in a statement cited by Sputnik. Al-Zamili said he called upon the Iraqi Prime Minister “to carry out an immediate investigation into the airstrike on the 55th brigade that earlier achieved success in battling” Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) militants.
Max Uthoff: Gegendarstellung 20.09.2015 - 3sat festival 2015 - Bananenrepublik
Foreign experts, journalists verify unsealing of Turkey-downed Russian Su-24 flight recorder
The experts who agreed to participate in the study of the flight recorder, which is to provide further evidence into the highly controversial incident, come from the UK and China, Lieut. Gen, Sergey Dronov, deputy commander of the Russian Air and Space Forces, told the media.
US military in Syria violate sovereignty, not fighting terror – Damascus
“Some of the participants that Saudi Arabia allowed to the conference are not really opposition. Others represented terrorist groups. We can only say that Syria does not negotiate with terrorists. The only place we meet them is the battlefield,” he said.
Ukraine defaults on $3bn Eurobond to Russia
In November, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered a three-year restructuring plan for Kiev’s debt, provided loan guarantees were in place from the US, the EU and the International Monetary Fund. Under the offer, Russia would forgo payment this year and Kiev would pay $1 billion a year for the next three years.
The deal fell through after Ukraine's Western backers were unwilling to provide such guarantees.
Turkish-ISIL Oil Trade: Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Russia All Accuse Turkey of Smuggling Oil
MAHDI DARIUS NAZEMROAYA: Because of the Turkish government’s role in the multi-spectrum US-led war against the Syrian Arab Republic, a war of words has ignited between Ankara and Moscow. Russia, however, is not alone in accusing Turkey of being involved in the theft of Syrian and Iraqi oil. Turkish opposition politicians, Turkish media, and various governments in the Middle East have also raised their voices about the role of Turkish officials in smuggling from the conflict zones in Syria and Iraq.
Erdogan calls MP ‘traitor’ for telling RT that ISIS got chemical weapons via Turkey
What Erdem actually revealed in an interview with RT on Monday were the details from a criminal case opened, and then abruptly closed, by the General Prosecutor’s Office in the Turkish city of Adana. His account alleges that Turkish authorities had acquired a great deal of evidence concerning sarin gas shipments to those Al-Qaeda militants in Syria that later became known globally as Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), but did nothing to stop them.
Sneak peek: A look at Russian air shield in Syria, including guided S-300 missile cruiser and S-400
Windows 10 1511 Build 10586 November Update Is Out, Here’s How To Update Now
Putin’s best Q&A quotes from ‘Ankara sucking up to US’ to ‘Trump being absolute frontrunner’
Russia won’t cease its military campaign in Syria because of the Su-24 downing, even if Ankara expected that, said Putin.
“[Ankara] thought we would flee [Syria]! No, Russia is not a country to act like that. We increased our presence in Syria; we increased the strength of our air forces. There were no anti-aircraft weapon systems there before – now there is the S-400,” he said.
“Turkey used to violate Syrian airspace on a regular basis, now let’s see them fly there”
Putin reiterated that, despite constant accusations, no regular Russian troops have been stationed in Ukraine.
“We never said there were no people fulfilling certain tasks there (in Donbass region of Ukraine), including in the military sphere. But that does not mean there are regular Russian troops. Feel the difference?” Putin said.
Erdogan Calls Opponent ‘Traitor’ for Revealing Toxic Gas Sales to Daesh
ISIS Beheadings of Journalists: CIA Admitted to Staging Fake Jihadist Videos in 2010
Questions arise after experts say Foley ISIS beheading video likely "staged"
This article was first published by Global Research on September 4, 2014. It sheds light on the role of US intelligence in “war on terrorism” propaganda and the hate campaign against Muslims.
Germany shuts down mosque over ‘ISIS sponsoring & recruiting’
German authorities have raided and shut down a mosque in Stuttgart on grounds of promoting violence and raising money for terrorist organizations such as Islamic State militants. Authorities said that some of its parishioners traveled to fight for IS to Syria.
Syrian Forces Regain Control of Crucial Infrastructure and Supply Routes Held by Terrorists
NATO to send military aid to Turkey
NATO plans to send air defense support to Turkey following Turkey's recent downing of a Russian bomber.
US Refuses to Tell France Who Financed Paris Terror Attacks|By Sputnik
Tentacles of terror: Chilling map shows the 31,000 mercenary 'gun for hire' jihadis from 86 countries who left their homes to join ISIS... and a third may return to carry out Paris-style attacks
Maps Show 31,000 Mercenaries from 86 Countries Fight for ISIS
The number of foreign fighters who have joined ISIS and other extremist groups on the battlefield has doubled to more than 30,000 in the last 18 months, a new…
US pilots in Syria leak info - ordered to 'ignore' ISIS oil...
According to reports, U.S. pilots in Syria have 'flown over oil tanker convoys 4 lanes wide at times and been told to stay silent' American officials and responsible…
Australische Ermittler und Gerichtsmediziner bezweifeln Abschlussbericht zu MH17
Am gestrigen Dienstag hat im australischen Melbourne eine gerichtliche Anhörung zu den MH17-Ermittlungen begonnen. Dabei äußerten australische Ermittler und Gerichtsmediziner starke Zweifel am Abschlussbericht der niederländischen Behörden. So seien Untersuchungsstandards nicht eingehalten worden, und der zuständige Gerichtsmediziner hat auch nach "intensiven Untersuchungen" keine Schrapnellsplitter in den Opfern gefunden, wie sie sonst für Raketenexplosionen typisch sind.
Der zuständige Gerichtsmediziner, David Ranson, wurde gestern ebenfalls angehört. Er hatte nach einer intensiven Untersuchung der Körper ausgeschlossen, dass sich darin Splitter von Schrapnell befinden, wie sie bei einer Raketenexplosion typischerweise auftreten.
Navigating the opaque world of mainstream media, it can be easy to get lost in the fray. With that in mind, RT offers its roadmap to the major MSM players to help viewers see the final destination that each has in store for the public
80% of Britons would ‘leave a refugee out in the cold’ – survey
Results show only 20 percent of Britons would accommodate a refugee, while 80 percent would leave a refugee out in the cold.
Britain is well below the 35 percent average of the countries surveyed.
However, according to the survey, Bulgaria has the lowest score, with a mere 14 percent saying they would host a refugee.
This is despite the overwhelming migrant crisis engulfing the country; in the first eight months of 2015, Bulgaria processed 10,600 asylum requests.
Spain appears to be the most welcoming country, as 62 percent of Spanish citizens said they would happily let a refugee live under their roof.
Each glass of tap water contains 10mn 'good bacteria' from water pipes – study
"A previously completely unknown ecosystem has revealed itself to us. Formerly, you could hardly see any bacteria at all and now, thanks to techniques such as massive DNA sequencing and flow cytometry, we suddenly see 80,000 bacteria per milliliter in drinking water," Paul said.
US refuses to bomb Islamic State’s ‘media centers’ over possible civilian casualties
Ahrar ash-Sham
Syrian rebel leader was bin Laden’s courier, now Zawahiri’s representative,
By Thomas Joscelyn | December 17, 2013
Russians deliver a devastating blow to Turkey as the Syrian Army captures large parts of...
Last month in the Latakia Governorate's northern countryside, the Turkish Air Force committed a fatal error inside this coastal province when they decided
Berliner Presse: Das Lügenkonglomerat für Washington
Im Informationskrieg nehmen westliche Medienvertreter, insbesondere die Berliner Riege, eine Schl...
ZDF “Machtmensch Putin” – Ist das noch billige Propaganda oder schon subversive Satire?
LAPD Investigated 1,356 Racial Profiling Complaints Against Itself, Dismissed Them All
The Los Angeles Police Department has announced that of 1,356 allegations of biased policing against them by civilians, zero of those allegations were valid.…
‘It’s a freakin’ noodle’: Georgia blacksmith makes video to debunk 9/11 jet fuel claims
Popular Mechanics said Tye’s demonstration was entertaining, but slightly flawed.
“He openly admits that the forge he was using heated the steel beam several hundred degrees above the temperature at which jet fuel burns,” the magazine observed. “That, and he doesn’t say how long the beam has been in the forge, or offer any evidence of the forge’s actual temperature. His little experiment here is more party trick than perfect simulation.”
US calls on Turkey to withdraw ‘unauthorized’ troops from Iraq
 The US has urged Turkey to withdraw its “unauthorized” military forces from northern Iraq, calling on Ankara to respect the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.
US Vice President Joe Biden has spoken to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi regarding Turkey’s troop deployments.
“The Vice President reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to Iraqi sovereignty and territorial integrity and called on Turkey to do the same by withdrawing any military forces from Iraqi territory that have not been authorized by the Iraqi government,” the White House said in a statement.
Speaking to Italian media last week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov questioned Ankara’s real goals.
“We need to examine how a member of the US-led coalition – the Republic of Turkey – performs goals set by the coalition,” Lavrov said. “Why is it not bombing terrorists as such, but the Kurds instead?”
Why Global Warming Would be Good for You
Syria: 'Moderate Rebel' Massacres and Everyday Propaganda
Sadly, eyes often glaze over at the latest massacre in Syria, because the story is so repetitive. But what story? A double massacre by 'moderate rebels' in Homs and…
FBI on San Bernardino massacre: Alleged shooters did NOT post support for jihad on social media
"We have found no evidence of a posting on social media by" the alleged shooters, said FBI Director James Comey
FBI Head Says ‘No Evidence’ San Bernardino Attackers ‘Were Part of Terrorist Cell’ Like Police Claim
The FBI is coming clean about the San Bernardino attackers, and it is not making local law enforcement and media very happy. For starters, the FBI head said that…
'Street-style brawl': Ukrainian minister throws glass of water at ex-Georgian president (FULL VIDEO)
Chemical agent sarin smuggled from Turkey to ISIS – Turkish MP (EXCLUSIVE)
Carbon dioxide emissions cause tropical rainforests to grow faster
Researchers from Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California have found that tropical forests account for
Deserts 'greening' from rising carbon dioxide: Green foliage boosted across the world's arid regions
Increased levels of carbon dioxide have helped boost green foliage across the world's arid regions over the
If carbon dioxide is so bad for the planet, why do greenhouse growers buy CO2 generators to double plant growth?
Seventy-Two Percent of Americans Support War Against Iraq
Minister Avakov throws glass of water at Saakashvili for calling him 'a thief'
Here are 5 reasons to suspect Jesus never existed
Most antiquities scholars think that the New Testament gospels are “mythologized history.” In other words, based on the evidence available they think that around the start of the first century a controversial Jewish rabbi named Yeshua ben Yosef…
Exclusive: Combat Vet Now Being Monitored by Police for Speaking the Truth in a Senate Meeting
After an articulate and peaceful senate floor rant, a marine combat vet was notified by the Senate police that they are watching him.
Fail Caesar: Exposing the Anti-Syria Photo Propaganda
US missile shield can't protect vs massive Russian ICBM attack – chief of strategic missile forces
Syria Shatters Pentagon Dream
 No wonder Full Spectrum Dominance practitioners in the Beltway and beyond are consumed by deep denial.
They look at the Syrian chessboard and as power projection goes, they see Russia comfortably settling down, with a serious land and air base, to conduct all sorts of operations across MENA (Middle East-Northern Africa) in the near future. The Pentagon obviously never saw it coming.
EU Unable to Help Create No-Fly Zone on Turkish-Syrian Border
A high ranking EU official said that European Union cannot participate in the creation of a no-fly zone on the Turkish-Syrian border that Ankara has been…
Emergency meeting to be held after U.S. gave air cover to ISIS, attacked Russian coalition --...
Would you be willing to defend your country against a foreign invasion? That's all Putin is doing in Syria. He's just preempting the tidal wave of jihadis that'll be…
Turkish mafia
Turkish criminal groups participate in a wide range of criminal activities, internationally the most important being drug trafficking, especially heroin. In the trafficking of heroin they cooperate with Bulgarian mafia groups who transport the heroin further to countries such as Italy.[1] Criminal activities such as the trafficking of other types of drugs, illegal gambling, human trafficking, prostitution or extortion are committed in Turkey itself as well as European countries with a sizeable Turkish community such as Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Belgium.
You Want War? Russia is Ready for War
Nobody needs to read Zbigniew “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski’s 1997 opus to know US foreign policy revolves around one single overarching theme: prevent – by all means necessary – the emergence of a power, or powers,…
Italy vs. Germany: Nord Stream-2 debate splits EU
Islamic State or Wahhabi Colony?
In other words, Ahrar al-Sham openly wanted Al Qaeda’s Al Nusra Front in Riyadh as well – and along with Jaysh al-Islam, the only other militant group mentioned by name by the BBC as attending the confab – reveals that the entire so-called “opposition” are all direct affiliates of Al Qaeda – fighting alongside Al Qaeda on the battlefield and supporting them politically off of it.
Ahrar al-Sham and Jaysh al-Islam are part of the US and Saudi Arabia’s wider shell game in which they train, fund, arm, and back Al Qaeda terrorists under a myriad of varying and constantly shifting aliases and front groups. The result has been Al Qaeda and ISIS’ otherwise inexplicable rise upon and domination of the battlefield, not to mention a large and steady stream of US-provided weaponry and vehicles “falling into” Al Qaeda’s hands.
First appeared:
Turkey abuses refugees, deports them back to warzones – Amnesty
Mission creep? UK troops may deploy with Muslim ground army against ISIS – reports
 British troops may deploy alongside a new multi-nation Muslim coalition, combining troops from 34 Sunni nations and spearheaded by Saudi Arabia, to fight Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), according to reports.
The UK has suggested it supports the formation of such a force in principle and perhaps in practice.
Turkish MP faces treason charges after telling RT ISIS used Turkey for transiting sarin
Ankara’s Chief Prosecutor's Office opened the case against Istanbul MP Eren Erdem of Republican People's Party (CHP) after his interview about sarin was aired on RT on Monday.
"Chemical weapons materials are being brought to Turkey and are being put together in Syria in ISIS camps, which was known as Iraqi Al-Qaeda at that time."
Erdem noted that the chemicals used for the production of weapons did not originate from Turkey. “All basic materials are purchased from Europe. Western institutions should question themselves about these relations. Western sources know very well who carried out the sarin gas attack in Syria,” Erdem told RT.
GOP debates Syria, Assad: Moderate rebels ‘like a purple unicorn, they never exist’
As GOP presidential candidates clashed on foreign policy Tuesday, some voiced support for keeping Syrian President Bashar Assad in power, despite current US policy. Senator Ted Cruz also questioned the US’s support for moderate Syrian rebels, comparing them to “a purple unicorn.”
 The Great Holocaust Mystery
Reconsidering the Evidence
Prof. Butz's Short Introduction to Holocaust Revisionism
Deaths in German Concentration Camps
11/13 Paris Attack by Israeli Intelligence Services: Ken O'Keefe
Press TV - Kevin Barrett - Gladio B
Is Chomsky complicit in covering up Western terrorism?
ISIS Showcases Massive Arsenal Of American-Made Weapons In New Video
NATO’s Got a Brand New (Syrian) Bag
 not only did NATO follow the whole operation with an AWACS, but another AWACS from Saudi Arabia actually guided the Turkish F-16s.
The F-16s are incapable of launching air-to-air missiles without guidance from AWACS. Both Russian and Syrian data – which can be independently verified – place the American and the Saudi AWACS in the area at the time. And to top it off, the detailed US-Turkey deal on the F-16s stipulates permission is mandatory for deploying the jets against a third country.
AIPAC: To Those Willing To Worship At Its Altar Go The Political Spoils
“… no politician can be elected into office without AIPAC’s support. No president can take the White House without affirming unbreakable allegiance to Israel, and attendance at the annual AIPAC meeting is mandatory. Once in office every member of Congress is expected to act, vote and defend the state of Israel on almost every issue, or face the consequences.”
Is Christmas All About a Magic Mushroom?
Millionaire cleared of rape after claiming he ‘accidentally penetrated’ teenager
QI XL G06 - Genius
QI XL G07 - Girls and Boys
Stephen Fry on American Prisons Facts
Slavery By Consent: Understanding The Human Farm
I Do Not Consent.I Claim Common Law Jurisdiction
Skewed: Income Inequality in America. The American Dream has Gone...
First published in December 2013
Trump says our friends fund ISIL
“Some of our so-called allies that we work with and that we protect militarily, they are sending massive amounts of money to ISIS and to al-Qaeda and to others,”
Bernie Sanders backs the prosecution of Edward Snowden - World Socialist Web Site
The call by Sanders for Snowden to be jailed for his exposure of illegal NSA spying starkly reveals his support for the American military-intelligence apparatus.
Exposed By Wikileaks: US Empire According To Itself
By Robert J. Burrowes for Popular Resistance. In the book 'The Wikileaks Files: The World According to US Empire' which has just been published, we are taken on a journey to understand just how the...
Wealth Inequality: The 1% versus The 99%. Realignment, Repression or Revolution
Wealth Inequality Is Putting the US on Course for a Showdown The richest 20 Americans now own as…
Democracy denied: US turning Haiti into another vassal state
Robert Baer just made an incredibly important admission that for me comes way too late, but still it’s good to know. The former CIA officer admits he was given…
Donald Trump Not Wrong When He Said That Hillary “Has Killed Hundreds of Thousands of People”
Noam Chomsky: The United States, Not Iran, Poses Greatest Threat to World Peace
In a speech Saturday at The New School in New York, Noam Chomsky explained why he believes the U.S. poses the greatest threat to world peace. "[The United…
Paper Tiger: US govt agency stopped 0 of 88,000 projects posing potential risk to endangered species
The Anti-Assad Wahhabi Confab: The Saudi-Hosted “Opposition Talks” Fiasco
A Saudi-led plan to draw “moderate” Syrian opposition groups into a unified political front collapsed on Wednesday when a powerful Islamic militia refused to…
Hackers trace ISIS Twitter accounts back to internet addresses owned by Department of Work and Pensions
Meet The 88 Democrats Who Just Voted To Enable Racial Discrimination In Car Buying
They were joined by 244 Republicans. America!
The analyst further added that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) militants have received TOW anti-tank missiles, and the army could no longer use armored vehicles without advanced explosive reactive armor (ERA).
Der ganz große Knall steht bevor: Deutschland und Europa im Ausnahmezustand
US-backed Syrian rebel group on verge of collapse
Unlike the Islamic State and other more extremist groups, however, the FSA has failed to achieve any significant victories or create a “liberated” zone of its own. On many occasions, its former fighters say, FSA units have cooperated closely with the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front, which is strong in the north and shares the same battlespace as the FSA in southern Syria.
Montenegro Is Absolutely Rife with American Agents
Originaly appeared at Off GuardianI’ve been working on this post for a long time, meticulously collecting scraps of information piece by piece to give you a comprehensive picture.
 « Is Erdogan's Mosul Escapade Blackmail For Another Qatar-Turkey Pipeline? | Main | Sistani Orders Turkey Out Of Iraq - Syria Oppo-Conference Fails »
ZDF: Moderate Terroristen eines schrecklichen Moderators
Erst recht nicht so zuverlässig und unabhängig zu erwähnen, dass die katholische Nachrichtenagentur einen Erzbischof als Augenzeugen brin
gt. Zitat:
"Die westliche Propaganda redet weiterhin von gemäßigten Rebellen, doch die gibt es nicht: in der Galaxie der bewaffneten Gruppen sind die Soldaten der Syrischen Befreiungsarmee nur mit einer Lupe zu finden. Alle anderen, abgesehen vom IS, haben sich in der Al-Nusra-Front zusammengeschlossen, ein Ableger der Al Kaida in Syrien.”.
These 17 Journalists Were Killed by Israel In Gaza
Report: At least 60 journalists killed in 2014
Fifty days of fighting in Gaza between Israel and the Palestinians over the summer saw at least four journalists and three media workers ki
138 journalists killed worldwide in 2014
We have 19 journalists killed in Syria in 2014 and not 13 as previously reported
Gaza came second with 16 journalists being killed during Israel's attack on the Strip last summer.
Pakistan was third with 12 casualties and Iraq the fourth most dangerous place for media work, with
10 journalists killed, many of whom lost their lives following a surge of attacks by the ISIL.
Ukraine took fifth place with nine journalists killed.
Anna Politkovskaya
RT exposed in leaked video: Watch how evil ‘Kremlin propaganda bullhorn’ REALLY works (HILARIOUS!! MUST SEE)
Erdogan to Putin: 'Let's Blame My Ambush of Your Plane on Your Deceased Pilot'
Originally appeared at Hurriyet Daily News
U.S. columnist: NATO not capable of beating Russia --
Russia has a number of advantages that can ensure the country's military forces will succeed in a hypothetical armed conflict, if it ever happens, American columnist…
Terrorist crimes’: 2 Swedish nationals sentenced to life in prison for role in Syrian executions
According to security police, around 280 Swedes have joined terrorist organizations in Syria or Iraq since 2012. Around 115 of those have since returned to Sweden.
Report: US Pilots in Syria Ordered to Ignore ISIS Oil Convoys
American officials and responsible western news pundits have had a hard time explaining why the U.S.-led “anti-ISIS” coalition, after more than one...
Exclusive: Marine Combat Vet Kicked Out of Senate Meeting for Speaking Too Much Truth
Israeli officer detained in London for Gaza war crimes
Classified Evidence: US Soldiers Raped Boys In Front Of Their Mothers
Now, over a decade later the evidence of these events are beginning to surface, but the Department of Defense is still doing their best to keep it under the radar.
NATO’s got a brand new (Syrian) bag
The FSB, SVR and GRU in Russia, while drawing all the right connections, cannot help but conclude that Washington is letting Cold War 2.0 escalate to the boiling point.
 "Which brings us back to the downing of the Su-24. Venturing one step further, Russian expert Alexei Leonkov maintains that not only did NATO follow the whole operation with an AWACS, but another AWACS from Saudi Arabia actually guided the Turkish F-16s.
The F-16s are incapable of launching air-to-air missiles without guidance from AWACS. Both Russian and Syrian data – which can be independently verified – place the American and the Saudi AWACS in the area at the time. And to top it off, the detailed US-Turkey deal on the F-16s stipulates permission is mandatory for deploying the jets against a third country.
All this suggests an extremely serious possibility; a direct NATO-GCC op against Russia, which may be further clarified by the Su-24’s recovered black box."
Bashar Al-Assad Has More Popular Support than the Western-Backed "Opposition": Poll
In the view of Syrians, the country’s president, Bashar al Assad, and his ally, Iran, have more support than do the forces arrayed against him, according to a public…
In the view of Syrians, the country’s president, Bashar al Assad, and his ally, Iran, have more support than do the forces arrayed against him, according to a public opinion poll taken last summer by a research firm that is working with the US and British governments.

In the article, Castro writes that John McCain is Israel's "most unconditional ally" and has been in cahoots with Mossad to create IS.
The former Cuban leader alleges that the US Senator, "together with [Mossad, conspired] in the creation of the Islamic State, which today controls a considerable and vital portion of Iraq and reportedly one-third of Syria as well."
Castro then turns to Nato and compares the alliances leaders to that of Nazi Germany's SS corps.
How John McCain Crippled Obama’s War on ISIS | New Eastern Outlook
14.12.2015 Author: Gordon Duff How John McCain Crippled Obama’s War on ISIS Column: Locations A story leaked out of Washington credits Senator John…
‘Pilot’s mistake’ mustn’t hurt Russia-Turkey ties: Erdoğan
The San Bernardino Shooting – What Really Happened Behind The Scenes?
The latest media driven shooting attack said to have taken place in San Bernardino, California over a week ago now – and still there’s a growing list of details that…
VVC students help law enforcement in campus drill
<Don't forget the 'active shooter drill' that took place at Victor Valley College, San Bernardino, 2 days before.>
Ruble back to Black Monday lows on crude prices collapse
15 Easy Things You Can Do to Help When You Feel Like Shit
10 Quotes From an Oglala Lakota Chief That Will Make You Question Everything About Our Society
IDF soldiers mock & disrupt Palestinian reporter blasting 'Israel’s racist policy' (VIDEO)
US failed to prevent Turkey from downing Russian jet despite air safety deal – Moscow
As the leader of the international coalition against Islamic State, the US failed to ensure the implementation by its Turkish allies of the Syria air safety agreement, which was signed between Moscow and Washington, the Russian Foreign Ministry says.
"Despite the fact, that the defense ministries of the two countries (the US and Russia) signed a memorandum on ensuring the safety of military aviation flights in Syrian airspace, Washington - which took the responsibility for the actions of the entire coalition it leads - hasn’t ensured compliance with the relevant provisions of the document by its ally Turkey,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Monday.
'Russian pilots’ mistake shouldn’t affect bilateral relations' – Erdogan
‘Not justified, but not criminal’: No charges for Paradise cop who shot motorist in the neck
The Paradise, California police officer who shot in the neck and possibly paralyzed a man last month will not be charged. Releasing the footage from the officer’s…
Russian Navy chased off Turk vessel impeding Russian drill platform transit in Black Sea
Russia delivers up to 40 airstrikes daily to help Free Syrian Army fight terrorists - General Staff
Some 5,000 FSA troops together with the Syrian Army are on the offensive in Hama, Homs, Aleppo and Raqqa provinces.
The number of FSA personnel that have come over to the Syrian Army is constantly growing, Russia’s Defense Force Chief of Staff, Army General Valery Gerasimov, said.
 They are pathetic. Classic psychopathic projection technique, blame others for something that you are actually doing. Their mask of bearing liberty and "democracy" slipped forever with Bagram, Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. Add deppleted uranium.
Al Kindi Hospital in Aleppo destroyed by Obama...
Anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists destroy what"s left of Al Kindi Hospital north of Aleppo
US only country to oppose UN holding Israel accountable for war crimes, yet again
Hezbollah Delivers a Lethal Blow to ISIS on the Syrian-Lebanese Border
On Sunday evening in Lebanon's eastern countryside, the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) launched a surprise offensive to capture the the Beqa'a Go
Agents Throw Grenades Into Room Full of Children, Leave Them Bleeding on the Ground
They knew ahead of time that there were children inside, and they did it anyway.
Lombardy bans burqas, niqabs citing security reasons
The northern Italian region of Lombardy has banned the wearing of Islamic veils, such as burqas and niqabs in public offices and hospitals citing security concerns.
US-Led Coalition Strikes on Syrian Army Possibly Not Accidental - UN Envoy
US ‘killed hundreds of thousands' in Syria
The Unknown War Ep1 June 22 1941
EXCLUSIVE: Sarin materials brought via Turkey & mixed in Syrian ISIS camps – Turkish MP to RT
ISIS terrorists in Syria received all necessary materials to produce deadly sarin gas via Turkey, a Turkish MP claimed, citing evidence from an abruptly closed criminal case. Speaking to RT, Eren Erdem said there is grounds to believe of a cover up.
The investigation revealed that a number of Turkish citizens took part in negotiations with Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) representatives on the supply of sarin gas. Pointing to evidence cited in the criminal case, he said that wiretapped phone conversations proved that an Al-Qaeda militant, Hayyam Kasap, acquired sarin.

“There is data in this indictment. Chemical weapon materials are being brought to Turkey and being put together in Syria in camps of ISIS which was known as Iraqi Al Qaeda during that time. These are all detected. There are phone recordings of this shipment like ‘don't worry about the border, we’ll take care of it' and we also see the bureaucracy is being used,” Erdem told RT.

Based on the gathered evidence Adana authorities conducted raids and arrested 13 suspects in the case. But a week later, for some inexplicable reason, the case was closed and all the suspects immediately crossed the Turkish-Syrian border, Erde says.
UNSC rejects Russian draft as Damascus condemns ‘discriminatory silence’ on Syria terror acts
The UN Security Council has failed to condemn a terrorist attack in the city of Homs on Saturday that took the lives of 22 civilians, rejecting a Russian draft statement. Syria criticized the international community’s double standards.
Following a deadly attack in Homs, the Syrian Foreign Ministry sent two identical letters to the UNSC and the office of the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemning the series of terror attacks which took place in the country last week, urging the international community not to turn a blind eye to terrorism.
The Dirty War On Syria: Chemical Fabrications, The East Ghouta Incident
The dirty war on Syria has involved repeated scandals, often fabricated against the Syrian Government to help create pretexts for deeper intervention. Perhaps the…
Cop Opens Fire on Minivan Full of Children
The raw video shows the cop shooting into a van full of five small children. This is really intense, you have been warned.
Audio Released of Cop Shooting and Killing College Student for Speaking Disrespectfully
In spite of shooting Robert Cameron Redus, a 23-year-old student at the university, Corporal Christopher Carter was not arrested, indicted, nor even fired. The San…
It’s Time to Stop “Supporting Our Troops”: Thirty Million People Killed by U.S. Since the End of...
With the 115 year old tradition of the annual Army-Navy football classic on Saturday, the so called “America’s game” and “rivalry for the ages” is now once again upon…
Welcher Staatsführer ist der grösste Lügner 2015?
Über 3000 ASR-Leser aus 40 Ländern haben abgestimmt. Hier das Ergebnis:
grössten Lügner sind:
Merkel, Obama und Erdoğan, gefolgt von Netanjahu und Poroschenko.
Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, Recep Erdogan Crowned "Liars of the Year": Poll
A new international survey has ranked German Chancellor Angela Merkel, US President Barack Obama and his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as…
Paul Craig ROBERTS - Neoconservatives’ Hegemonic Goal of Making Sovereign Countries Extinct is...
Washington's 'Bravado' Risks Sparking War With Moscow
In other words, Moscow seems to be offered a choice between backing the "hegemon" or preparing for war, Crooke concluded.
Ten years on, Iraq Lies in Ruins as New Evidence confirms U.S. used Death Squads to Manufacture ‘Civil War’
Dirty Business: Swiss Oil Traders Caught Exporting Daesh-Extracted Oil
Swiss oil traders might have gotten themselves into some trouble after it was revealed that they regularly imported oil from terminals in Turkey, where Daesh,…|By Sputnik
Territorial sea
A state's territorial sea extends up to 12 nautical miles (22.2 km; 13.8 mi) from its baseline. If this would overlap with another state's territorial sea, the border is taken as the median point between the states' baselines, unless the states in question agree otherwise. A state can also choose to claim a smaller territorial sea.
12 nmi: Possible future extension of territorial waters and airspace under international law
History of the forest in Central Europe
Retired priest: ‘Hell’ was invented by the church to control people with fear
Religion is always in the control business, and that’s something people don’t really understand. It’s in a guilt-producing control business.
‘RT’s work has never been more important than now’ – Jesse Ventura
In the center of Moscow for the 10th anniversary celebration for RT, former US governor and aspirant to the US presidency, Jesse Ventura, offered his candid…
Russian destroyer fires warning shots at Turkish fishing boat on collision course in Aegean
U.S. Police Routinely Travel to Israel to Learn Methods of Brutality and Repression
Police are not learning from the Israeli criminal law sector that deals with Jewish residents.  U.S. police are learning from Israel’s military justice system, which controls Palestinians through paramilitary and counterinsurgency tactics.  Residents of Gaza and the West Bank live in what is essentially a giant prison camp, where oppression and brutality from the IDF is a way of life.  The use of excessive or deadly force for crowd control is rarely questioned.
US urges Germany to commit more military might against ISIS – report
Boiling point: 100 detained at Greek camp after migrant group attempts to blackmail others
“I was told that a group of Moroccans were blackmailing people to give them money, or be forced to leave,” Greek Alternate Minister Yiannis Mouzalas on migration policy told Greek MEGA TV.

Most refused and were attacked by the group of extortionists. The scuffles caused a Hollywood type fight and migrants used everything available to them to protect themselves. However, in doing so they trashed the place.  Windows were shattered and broken furniture was left everywhere.
Wie der reichste Mann der Welt die USA von Riad aus regiert
Wie der reichste Mann der Welt die USA von Riad aus regiert von Eric Zuesse 09.12.2015 Übersetzung FritztheCat Saudi Arabien führt die…
<audio with Susan Lindauer - Interview starts at 7 minutes>
Britain’s secret ties to governments, firms behind ISIS oil sales
Key allies in the US and UK led war on Islamic State (ISIS) are covertly financing the terrorist movement according to senior political sources in the region. US and British oil companies are heavily invested in the murky geopolitical triangle sustaining ISIS’ black market oil sales.

The Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq and Turkish military intelligence have both supported secret ISIS oil smuggling operations and even supplied arms to the terror group, according to Kurdish, Iraqi and Turkish officials.
SPECIAL REPORT: ISIS Oil? Follow the Money (Back to Europe)
If you are still relying on the mainstream media for your information, then what we will reveal below in this report might come as a shock to you. When you follow the ISIS oil money, it traces straight back to the west.
An exclusive investigation in July by INSURGE intelligence uncovered startling evidence that the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) and Genel are tied to local firms secretly facilitating black market Islamic State (ISIS) oil sales.
Weather in Syria
Weather in Finland
Weather in Russia
All-Seeing Eye: Russia to Deploy 1,500 km-Range Radar
Iraq Seeks To Cancel Security Agreement With US, Will Invite Russia To Fight ISIS
German spy chief warns of 1,000+ radical Islamists ready to attack
Germany is increasingly vulnerable to security threats from the overwhelming refugee influx, new figures show. German security services say over 1,000…
<These kinds of ridiculous pronouncements are usually the pre-cursor to a false flag op (carried out by the usual right wing loonies - many of whom are sounding off below Doh!!!!!)>
Pavel Dremov, CO of Pervomanysk militia: "Better die as free men than live like slaves".
Pavel Dremov, CO of Pervomanysk militia: "Better die as free men than live like slaves".
Mit großem Bedauern habe ich soeben erfahren, dass dieser tapfere Mann, Pavel Dremov, NAF Kommandeur, heute um13:20 durch eine Autobombe gemeuchelt wurde! Kamerad Pavel, Ruhe in Frieden und Friede Deiner großen Seele! Wir werden Deiner gedenken und Dich in ehrender Erinnerung behalten.
UK Army Having Trouble Recruiting Cannon Fodder
New Video Emerges Clearly Showing Gilbert Flores with Hands Up in the Air as Police Shot Him...
New video clearly shows Gilbert Flores with hands in the air when police shot him. Was this justified? The Cops who investigated Cops say it was.....
Busted ex-police chief blocked FBI probe of Gilgo Beach murders
Disgraced former Suffolk County Police Chief James Burke — who was denied bail on a misconduct case Friday — stymied the FBI’s investigation into the Gilgo…
At least 15 dead, dozens injured in terror attack near hospital in Homs, Syria
Cops Break Into Wrong Home, Shoot Innocent Homeowner, Kill His Dog, Then Shoot Each Other
Atlanta, GA — An almost unbelievable tale of police incompetence comes out of Dekalb County Tuesday after police responded to the wrong home on a burglary…
Syrian Army Liberates Latakia’s Border With Turkey From Terrorists
Syria won’t negotiate with foreign terrorists, but only national & patriotic opposition – Assad
Syria will not negotiate with terrorists to end the conflict on their terms, no matter how hard the West tries to present armed gangs as grassroots political…
Additionally, there is an ongoing survey in Germany with currently 12,583 participants and the results of this survey show that unvaccinated children are far less affected by common diseases than vaccinated children.The results are presented in the bar chart below
30 Solid Scientific Studies That Prove Vaccines Cause Autism –...
We have compiled a list of 30 scientific studies that show a link between vaccines…
Russia Today Just Destroyed Fake News on Paris Terror Attack
You’ll see more truth in 10 minutes from RT in this interview than in 10 years of watching the Fake News
US State Department Spokesperson Loses Composure Under Heavy Questioning By Russia Today Reporter- Full 10 Minute Version
Lactose intolerant? Canadian film about 18 cows causes indigestion for Israeli Culture Minister
An animated film produced by Canadian…
Non-Muslims Carried Out More than 90% of All Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil
Law enforcement, including “informants and undercover agents,” were involved in “almost all of the Muslim-American terrorism plots uncovered in 2012,” the Triangle team finds. That’s in keeping with the FBI’s recent practice of using undercover or double agents to encourage would-be terrorists to act on their violent desires and arresting them when they do — a practice critics say comes perilously close to entrapment. A difference in 2012 observed by Triangle: with the exception of the Arizona attack, all the alleged plots involving U.S. Muslims were “discovered and disrupted at an early stage,” while in the past three years, law enforcement often observed the incubating terror initiatives “after weapons or explosives had already been gathered.”
Non-Muslims Carried Out More than 90% of All Terrorist Attacks in America
Based on our review of the approximately 2,400 terrorist attacks on U.S. soil contained within the START database, we determined that approximately 60 were carried out by Muslims.
In other words, approximately 2.5% of all terrorist attacks on U.S. soil between 1970 and 2012 were carried out by Muslims.*  This is a tiny proportion of all attacks.
(We determined that approximately 118 of the terror attacks – or 4.9% – were carried out by Jewish groups such as Jewish Armed Resistance, the Jewish Defense League, Jewish Action Movement, United Jewish Underground and Thunder of Zion. This is almost twice the percentage of Islamic attacks within the United States.
Iraqis protest Turkey troop deployment
Thousands of Iraqi protesters have staged demonstrations across the country to denounce Turkey’s deployment of military forces near the embattled northern city of Mosul.
Elephant in the Room: Terrorism and the U.S.-Gulf States Alliance
Rebranding Al-Qaeda’s Jabhat Al Nusra as “Moderates” | New Eastern Outlook
Project for the New American Century
Scientific study reveals conspiracy theorists the most sane of all
9/11 - firemen , police saying there are bomb's in the buildings
More proof a plane did not hit PENTAGON
Not a shred of evidence that any 9/11 ‘hijackers’ boarded any planes
The Criminalization of Parliamentary Democracy
Syria is being bombed as part of a "counter-terrorism campaign" allegedly against the Islamic State, an elusive "outside enemy" based in Raqqa, Northern Syria. While the ISIL is said to be "threate...
MICHEL CHOSSUDOVSKY: The justification to wage war on Syria is a Big Lie, it borders on the absurd. Prime Minister Cameron claims that the “plots against Britain” are decided upon in Raqqa, Northern Syria by an entity which just so happens to be supported (covertly) by the US, NATO, not to mention Turkey and Saudi Arabia.
‘Not honest’: Erdogan criticizes Iraqi plea to UNSC over Turkish invasion
Baghdad however keeps on reminding Ankara daily that the latest deployment of some 150 soldiers and a few dozen tanks was done without the permission or consent of from Iraq. Iraqi MPs told RT that Erdogan’s justification of the deployment is an “absolute lie” as it
First marijuana growing and consumption permits issued in Mexico
Fukushima report declassified: Worse than we were told
We now know that "100% of the total spent fuel was released to the atmosphere from unit 4."
According to nuclear expert and whistleblower Arnie Gundersen in an interview with WBAI in New York, unit four contained more cesium "than in all 800 nuclear bombs exploded above ground".
Cesium has been linked to thyroid cancer, which is on the increase in the Fukushima area since the tsunami, according to the US National Library of Medicine.
Turkey will suffer a major catastrophe if Russia cuts gas supplies
CIA Private Armies: 15 Blackwater mercs, including commander, killed in Yemen since Tuesday
The chief of Blackwater mercenaries in Yemen has been killed in clashes with Houthi Ansarullah fighters and allied forces in the country’s southwest, reports…
INTERVIEW-Syrian antiquities chief says Turkey refuses to return looted art
MIDEAST-CRISIS/SYRIA-ANTIQUITIES (INTERVIEW, TV, P:INTERVIEW-Syrian antiquities chief says Turkey refuses to return looted art
Israel Supports Syrian Al Qaeda Rebels including the Islamic State (ISIS). UN Report
A report submitted to the United Nations Security Council by UN observers in the Golan Heights over
Islamic State militants seize 70% of Syria’s territory — Russian defense minister
The number of terrorists amounts to about 60,000 people, Sergey Shoigu notes
49 Former NASA Scientists Send A Letter Disputing Climate Change
NASA is cracking up.
Gun linked to Paris attacks traced back to Florida arms dealer implicated in Iran-Contra scandal
The serial number for a M92 semi-automatic pistol linked to the deadly Nov. 13 terrorist attacks matched one for a weapon delivered by the Zastava arms…
How the US sent $12bn in cash to Iraq. And watched it vanish
Special flights brought in tonnes of banknotes which disappeared into the war zone.
Pirkanmaan käräjäoikeus vangitsi kaksi 23-vuotiasta irakilaismiestä. Keskusrikospoliisi epäilee kaksosveljeksiä 11 terroristisessa tarkoituksessa tehdystä murhasta Irakissa kesäkuussa 2014.
Stanley Kubrick Confesses to Faking Moon Landings
NATO’s absurd denials amid acts of war in Syria
In two weeks we have seen two apparent acts of war by the US-led NATO military alliance in Syria. First, the Turkish shoot-down of a Russian warplane inside Syrian airspace; now this week the Syrian army is hit in a deadly airstrike.
Daesh: 'Big Dirty Game of Money, Power and Oil' - William Engdahl
F. William Engdahl, noted geopolitical expert and author. --- The Syrian General Staff has provided information revealing Western coalition strikes against Syrian…
Wayne Madsen - CIA-Islamic Jihadist Alliance Against Russia is 63 Years’ Old - Strategic Culture...
"The use of Uzbek mercenaries by the CIA is almost as old as the American spy agency itself. In fact, CIA-Uzbek jihadist cooperation dates back some 63 years. According to its own formerly TOP SECRET Central Intelligence Bulletin, dated December 4, 1952, during the waning days of the Harry Truman administration, the CIA embarked on a program to foment nationalism tinged with jihadism among the Uzbek tribes of northern Afghanistan in order that it might spill across the border into the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic, a constituent republic of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics."
Stanley Kubrick Confesses To Faking The Moon Landings
Ukraine's Yatsenyuk Faces Dismissal Pressure From Protesters, Poroshenko
Syrian Army Inches Closer to the Most Important Turkish Border-Crossing
Two days ago, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) managed to impose full control over the village of Ateiri in the Lattakian countryside whilst also advancing some
How Stanley Kubrick Faked the Apollo Moon Landings
Part II
Part I
This is the unedited raw footage of Stanley Kubrick apparently admitting that the NASA moon landings were faked. He says "the moon landings ALL were faked , and I was the person who filmed it.”
Filmmaker T. Patrick Murray interviewed Kubrick three days before his death in March 1999. He was forced to sign an 88-page NDA to keep the contents of the interview a secret for 15 years. This is part of that interview.
Stanley Kubrick Confesses To Faking The Moon Landings
“You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”
The FBI Creates, Then “Foils” Terror Plots – False Flags Exposed By Judge Napolitano [Video]
Julie Telgenhoff| It is called manufactured terrorism via creating and setting up patsies by the criminal…
If computer problems:
State Dept. dodges RT’s question about Turkish troops in Iraq, gets personal
Iraq is furious at Turkey’s military incursion, but the US State Department doesn’t seem too concerned. Its spokesman stonewalled RT’s questions about the…
Turkish troops in Iraq? Kirby mocks RT journalist. 10 Dec 2015
USA Illegally Building Military Airbase in Northeastern Syria
US Building Military Airbase in Northeastern Syria US experts are reconstructing and equipping a desolate airport special to carrying agricultural products in the…
The US Is Openly Sending Heavy Weapons From Libya To Syrian Rebels
The Lies of London’s Sunday Times regarding Obama’s counter-terrorism campaign against the ISIS is refuted by an earlier Sunday Times report. The Sunday Times report quoted below confirms that Obama has been arming the terrorists for the last three years, since 2012.
You think we shoul
d be vague about these suspicious anomalies? No videos when everyone everywhere has a smart phone? No videos from surveillance cameras of which there were many? Three people seeing three white men with long guns get away? Let it go? While the TV makes endless unsubstantiated attacks on a Muslim couple whom they murdered in handcuffs? Ignore this part? Why, exactly?
Cruz Threatens to Nuke ISIS Targets
December 8, 2015
Other Republican candidates, even the more “moderate” ones, also talked tough about Muslims in what shaped up as a heated competition to outdo one another in appealing to the angry and frightened right-wing “base” of the GOP.
Turkey Puts NATO Regime Change Lessons to Use in Iraq
This isn't about ISIS, just good old fashioned regime change
It must be difficult to be Syrian today. Not only are you seeing your country crumble before your very eyes and overrun by foreigners intent on imposing a system you…
Cop Acquitted for Tasering Unconscious Handcuffed Native American Man 28 Times on Video
Rapid City, SD — Caught on video shooting a handcuffed and unresponsive man 28 times with her Taser, a former Oglala Sioux police officer was acquitted Tuesday…
Largest “moderate” group in Syria calls for “an Islamic state” in country, Sharia law imposed in...
Ahrar Al-Sham militants in Syria. Al Masdar News reports: The largest Islamist rebel faction operating in Syria – Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham – has issued a statement…
ISIS fighters killed by Kurds were members of Turkish MIT (Intelligence Services)
We've published images before of captured ISIS fighters who were part of the Turkish MIT (Military Intelligence Services). If you wonder why the Turkish…
NEO - Mad King Erdogan’s Oil Lies
Gordon Duff - Would Erdogan have downed a Russian bomber if it weren’t for the Paris attack? What about the Russian airliner downed over Syria?
REPORT: The US Is Openly Sending Heavy Weapons From Libya To Syrian Rebels
Diplomatic sources admit what many have suspected.
Mercenaries in Yemen: the US Connection
Latin American mercenaries are leaving the ranks of the national armies of their countries to fight in the deserts of Yemen, wearing the uniform of the United Arab Emirates. They have been contract…
‘Turkey acts like ISIS ally, should not be EU member’– Czech president
Turkey should not become an EU member, said Milos Zeman, adding that Ankara sometimes behaves like ISIS ally, even though Turkey is part of NATO.
Debate: The Syria Chessboard
Watch this spirited discussion about the twisted rhetoric in the west – and the real facts on the ground in Syria.
CrossTalk says: “Recent claims that the US bombed a Syrian military installation may be a telling example of how Washington and its allies intend to escalate their war on the Syrian regime and NOT against terrorists. It would appear Assad remains target number one.”
Crippled in Syria, Turkey goes for a ‘Sunnistan’ in Iraq
Turkey’s “incursion” into Iraq is a cold, calculated move. And once again, the name of the game is – what else? – Divide and Rule.
The new narrative rules that the Pentagon deliberately “instructed” the Iraqi Army to run away, as a sort of tactical retreat, leaving behind all that fabulous hardware.
San Bernardino Shooting Exposed as Total Hoax with Synthetic Gore Dummy| The following two images were sent to from an alert poster. This poster has broken the case wide open, exposing it as a total hoax.
100,000 foreign troops incl. Americans to be deployed in Iraq, MP claims
The US is to send some 10,000 troops to Iraq to provide support for a 90,000-strong force from the Gulf states, a leading Iraqi opposition MP has warned. The…
PressTV-'Blackwater mercs replace UAE forces in Yemen'
Recruits from the notorious US security firm Blackwater are said to be replacing Emirati forces in Yemen.
PressTV-Blackwater chief in Yemen killed
The chief of Blackwater mercenaries in Yemen has been slain in southwest of Yemen, raises the death toll of the security firm to 15.
West’s reaction to Turkish invasion – an exercise in hypocrisy
Just days ago, the mainstream Western press was so concerned about the “possible breach of Turkish airspace” for a few seconds by a Russian airplane,…
"Just days ago, the mainstream Western press was so concerned about the “possible breach of Turkish airspace” for a few seconds by a Russian airplane, that it was ready to justify not only the downing of the jet, but even the murder of one of the pilots.

London’s The Daily Telegraph wrote: “Should Turkey produce evidence to show that the Su-24 was in its airspace then NATO must send the strongest message possible to Russia that such infractions will not be tolerated. If Moscow was seeking to test the resolve of NATO countries to defend their borders then President Putin has had his answer.” Please note: “the strongest message possible” is not to Turkey, which downed the plane, but to Russia, which lost two servicemen and the plane.

A few days passed, and all of NATO, including the US and the UK, is ready to condone a much bigger infraction by Turkey on the territory of the neighboring state of Iraq. A whole Turkish battalion, with tanks and ammunition, enters Iraq’s Mosul province and refuses to leave it, despite the protests of the Iraqi government.
Constitution of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea,_1994
Crimean referendum, 1994
On 5 May 1992 the Crimean Supreme Council declared independence, dependent on a referendum that was planned for August. However, the Ukrainian Parliament ruled that the declaration was illegal, and gave the Supreme Council a deadline of 20 May to rescind it. Although the Supreme Council complied with the order on 22 May, the referendum was only postponed rather than cancelled.[1]

The referendum idea was resurrected in 1994 after Yuriy Meshkov was elected President of Crimea in January. Although the Central Election Commission of Ukraine and Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk declared it illegal, it still went ahead.[1]
Greater autonomy  --- for 78.4%
Dual citizenship for 82.8%
18-month-old baby yanked from airplane for being on no-fly list
The TSA successfully prevented an alleged terrorist from boarding a JetBlue flight out of Florida on Tuesday. Initial reports describe the suspect as having curly…
Israel Key Link in Exporting ISIS Oil
Vijay Prashad says that ISIS oil is smuggled through Turkey to Israel and is a major source of ISIS funding
BREAKING: Putin Says ‘Russia Has Proof ISIS Oil Flows Through Turkey on an Industrial Scale’
The 'How' and 'Why' ISIS has been growing financially is finally coming to the surface after Turkey downed a
Raqqa's Rockefellers: How Islamic State oil flows to Israel
How ISIS Oil Flows Through Turkey And Israel On Its Way To Europe
Russia Speaks — Germany Buries Its Head in the Sand
The leading German print publications are today largely hostile in their reporting on Russian foreign policy, at best noncommittal.
Donald Trump Shut down internet. Says free speech foolish. Urges Bill Gates to "close down internet"
Donald Trump Wants To Ban the Internet, Will Ask Bill Gates To ‘Close It Up’
ISIS is working on Mossad/CIA Plan to Create Greater Israel

dispatches - inside Britain's Israel Lobby
George Carlin Illuminati Speech Exposed
Turkish jets strike Kurdish positions in Iraq amid rising tension between Ankara & Baghdad
Ankara carried out airstrikes targeting Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) forces in northern Iraq on Wednesday. The action comes in the wake of rising tensions…
<ErDoggyan - Sultan of Bullshit/ Yesterday Turkish government claimed that Turkey sents ground troops in Iraq "to train Kurdish fighters".>
War Is On The Horizon: Is It Too Late To Stop It? > - Strategic Culture...
. ISIS . Russia. Syria. Strategic Culture Foundation
Saudi Arabia's Royal Family to Select the West’s "Moderate" Jihadists Who Will Take Over Syria
ERIC ZUESSE: The Saud family, Saudi Arabia’s royals, have called together a meeting on December 15th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, of their fellow fundamentalist Sunnis who are fighting against the secular Assad government to take over Syria, and the Sauds will announce after the conference which groups will have the West’s blessings.
Rußland bombardiert Nato-Hilfskonvoi für IS nähe türkischer Grenze
Why is a Hate Campaign being Waged against Muslims?
Why is a hate campaign being waged against Muslims? Why are Muslims increasingly categorized as terrorists? Why is this hate campaign part of the US…
Philadelphia Mayor Says Donald Trump 'Is An A__hole'
Michael Nutter Philadelphia Mayor Calls Donald Trump An Asshole
Bill O'Reilly Responds To Donald Trump's Muslim Comments "We are 1938 Allover Again"
Turkish jets strike Kurdish positions in Iraq amid rising tension between Ankara & Baghdad
Lavrov proposed a thorough examination of how Turkey performs goals set by the coalition in Syria. “We need to examine how a member of the US-led coalition – the Republic of Turkey – performs goals set by the coalition,” the minister said. "Why is it not bombing terrorists as such, but the Kurds instead?”
Destroying Syria to Create Sunnistan
Court Rules President Can Use Drones To Assassinate Americans In Secret
A federal appeals court has upheld the Obama administration’s secrecy surrounding the controversial targeted assassination program. Washington D.C. — While…
Third Eyewitness To San Bernardino Shooting Says It Wasn’t ‘Terror Couple’ Who Carried Out Attack
“It’s not him,” a third San Bernardino shooting witness proclaimed about Sayd Farook and his wife. The so-called
Halt! German Business Community Demands End to Russian Sanctions
Common sense prevailing? Germany's agricultural and car sectors are asking to please stop anti-Russian ‪#‎sanctions‬.
Israeli military showcases 3-year-long medical support operations for Islamic State terrorists...
Under cover of darkness, an Israeli armoured car advances down the potholed road that leads to Syria. As it crests a small hill, the driver picks up the radio handset…
What Are the USA and Its NATO Allies Fighting for in Syria and Iraq? | New Eastern Outlook
09.12.2015 Author: Alexander Orlov What Are the USA and Its NATO Allies Fighting for in Syria and Iraq? Column: Politics Region: Columns Country: Politics On…
Valentin KATASONOV – Washington Has Scheduled IMF’s Suicide for Dec. 8 - - Strategic Culture...
<Most likely the IMF will come to the rescue of the Kiev fascist regime. The IMF, like most of international agencies, gets its marching orders from Washington.>
Syrian Army Within 10km of the Turkish Border in Northeastern Latakia After Capturing Ruweisat...
The Syrian Arab Army's 103rd Brigade of the Republican Guard continued their large-scale offensive in the Kurdish Mountains (Jabal Al-Akrad) of northeaster
‘Hopefully, no nukes will be needed’ against ISIS – Putin
Putin praised the Russian cruise missiles fired against terrorists in Syria from the sea. He hopes the weapons would not have to be armed with nuclear warheads.
'The Kalibrs (sea based cruise missiles) and KH-101 (airborne cruise missile) have proved to be modern and highly effective, and now we know it for sure - precision weapons that can be equipped with both conventional and special warheads, which are nuclear. Naturally, this is not necessary when fighting terrorists and, I hope, will never be needed' - Putin
Before Su-24 downing Putin personally apologized to Erdogan over airspace violation
4 US-led coalition jets seen over Deir ez Zor in Syria on day govt troops attacked - Moscow
Damascus says the airstrike against Syrian troop positions was carried out by the US-led coalition.
Innocent Unarmed Man Shot in the Head While Asking Cops for Help has to Sue to Get Justice
Los Angeles, CA — Thanks to Los Angeles’ finest, Walter DeLeon has lost a quarter of his skull, almost all his eyesight, the ability to walk, and his life is in…
Illegal Turkish Troops Remain in Iraq After Partial Withdrawal
Deutschland stimmt gegen Atomwaffenverbot
In der Generalversammlung der Vereinten Nationen wurden heute mit großer Mehrheit vier Resolutionen verabschiedet, die ein Verbot von Atomwaffen vorantreiben sollen. Mit zwei Enthaltungen und zwei Gegenstimmen stellt sich die…
3rd Phase of the Southern Aleppo Offensive Begins: Aleppo-Damascus Highway is the Objective
Earlier this morning, the Syrian Arab Army's 4th Mechanized Division - in coordination with Hezbollah, Harakat Al-Nujaba (Iraqi paramilitary), and the Nati
2015 UNHCR country operations profile - Turkey
For the last five years, UNHCR's Turkey operational budget has steadily increased from USD 17.7 million in 2010 to USD 320.16 million in 2015. This increase is primarily due to the influx of refugees from neighbouring countries, including people displaced by the Syrian crisis and developments in Iraq.
Of the comprehensive needs-based budget of USD 320.16 million for 2015, USD 291.8 million corresponds to the planned activities to provide support to Syrian refugees, and USD 28.37 million for other people of concern. In light of the evolving situations in Iraq and Syria, any changes in requirements will be presented in the 2015 Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) for the Syria situation, and in a supplementary appeal for the Iraq situation.
Ahead of the Game: Russia Moving Faster in Syria Than US Media Can Report
"In an attempt to predict Russia’s further moves in Syria, US diplomacy expert Robert Farley has put forward what he considers “Russia’s five next big moves in Syria”, which are set to come in the nearest days or weeks; however, as it turns out, the first four are already very active on the ground..."
EXCLUSIVE: Moment Israeli commandos rescue Islamic militants in Syria
SPECIAL REPORT: MailOnline embedded with Israeli commandos on the Syrian border to witness first-hand the dramatic rescue of enemy Syrians by Israeli forces.
<Saving their sworn enemy: Heartstopping footage shows Israeli commandos rescuing wounded men from Syrian warzone - but WHY are they risking their lives for Islamic militants?>
NATO’s Absurd Denials Amid Acts of War in Syria :  Information Clearing House -…
The Need to Raise American Costs in Syria
<Nun kann die Schweizer Regierung beweisen, dass sie alle Bewohner gleich behandelt. Bei der Verhaftung der Fifa-Leute handelte man sehr schnell, auf Anweisung der USA. Nun soll man auch den russischen Haftbefehl befolgen und umgehend Chodorkowski in Auslieferungshaft nehmen.>
Western Front (World War II)
Total German casualties between September 1939 to 31 December 1944, on the Western Front for both the army, Waffen SS, and foreign volunteers amounts to 128,030 killed, 399,860 wounded. 7,614,790 were held in POW camps by early June of 1945 (including 3,404,950 who were disarmed following the surrender of Germany)[4] See also: Disarmed Enemy Forces
Eastern Front (World War II)
June 1942 , (80% Germans in the East), July 1943 (63% Germans in the East)
Downed Su-24’s black box to reveal truth about Turkey’s treacherous strike – Putin
 The flight recorder of the Russian Su-24 recently downed by Turkey in Syria has been recovered and presented to President Putin, who said it must be opened in the presence of international experts to reveal truth about the treacherous “stab in the back.”
Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu provided Russian President Vladimir Putin with the recovered flight recorder on Tuesday during their meeting in Moscow. Shoigu said that Russia has been actively conducting operations on Syrian territory, where the Russian Su-24 pilot was “gunned down” by Turkmen militants after he had ejected from the plane.
“As a result of this work, these territories were liberated by the special operations forces and the Syrian army’s special force tasked with the crew search. Surveying the area, the Syrian military found the plane’s crash site,” he said.

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