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Link Collection December Part Three

Please be critical and use your brain. I know it ain't easy but what are the options?

Turkey Should Get Its Story Straight on Who's to Blame for Su-24 Downing
'The dog ate my homework,' or ‪#‎Turkey‬'s unraveling ‪#‎BlameGame‬: we were the ones who ordered Russia's ‪#‎Su24‬ shot down!.. No, sorry, it wasn't us, it was just the military... Wait, it's all Fethullah Gülen's fault!
US Spins Ramadi Capture as 'Vindication' for Failed Tactics in Daesh War
As US officials tout the successes of their own strategy in Iraq, they ignore the heavy costs of the ‪#‎Ramadi‬ operation: the damage caused by US warplanes was more extensive than that done by ‪#‎Daesh‬.
Brink of Civil War: Civilian Casualties Soar in Turkish Assault on Kurds
#‎Turkey‬'s government forces have killed over 150 civilians and at least 200 Kurdish insurgents within the last week, according to ‪#‎humanrights‬ groups and local officials. ‪#‎Kurds‬
Turkish Actions in Syria, Iraq Prove Erdogan’s Imperial Ambition - Syrian Opposition Party
Are ‪#‎Turkey‬’s calls to impose a "safe zone" in Syria and its military deployment to Iraq a cover-up of Ankara’s plan to regain the territories lost after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire? ‪#‎SyriaCrisis‬ ‪#‎TurkishInvasion‬
Iran denies it fired rockets near US aircraft carrier in Gulf, reports 'psychological warfare'
"The naval forces of the Guards have not had any exercises in the Strait of Hormuz during the past week and the period claimed by the Americans, for them to have launched missiles and rockets," Reuters quoted Revolutionary Guards spokesman Ramezan Sharif as saying.
The alleged dangerous missile launch was reported by NBC News, which cited two unnamed US military officials as saying that the USS Harry S. Truman was about 1,400 meters away from the Iranian vessels, which launched two missiles as part of naval exercises.
"The publication of such false news under the present circumstances is akin to psychological warfare," Sharif said.
December 30, 2015 weather conditions for some
locations within the Arctic Circle
Islam Army Sheikh Zahran Alloush || Jabhat al-Nusra are our Brothers
Leader of Largest Rebel Group in Syria: Let's Bring Back Omayyad Caliphate & Crush the Magi's Heads
Court Acquits Turkish Suspects Involved in Sarin Gas Supply to Syria
So, let us get this straight: Eren Erdem, who pointed to ‪#‎Turkey‬'s involvement in ‪#‎Sarin‬ gas supplies to ‪#‎Syria‬ got accused of treason, while the folks who apparently actually did the deed got acquitted.
Analysis: Human Rights Watch and Western media lament death of self-proclaimed genocidal terrorist
North Pole, AK Weather
US Petition Blasting Erdogan's Support for Terrorism Nets 30,000 Signatures
Cop Runs Away as Woman is Held Hostage by Gunman
First the cop fired his gun wildly into the air - when that didn't work, he ran away, leaving the woman to experience a gruesome shooting.
Saudi “Anti-Terror Coalition” a Facade to Hide Yet More Terrorism Behind | New Eastern Outlook
30.12.2015 Author: Tony Cartalucci Saudi “Anti-Terror Coalition” a Facade to Hide Yet More Terrorism Behind Column: Politics Region: Middle East Country: Saudi…
American Cops Now Steal More Property than All US Burglars Combined
Cops in America have stolen $600,000,000 more from Americans that actual criminal burglars.
It’s Time We Start Calling ‘Civil Asset Forfeiture’ What it Really Is: ‘Armed Robbery by Police'
This is the reality of the situation.
Freak storm in North Atlantic to lash UK, may push temperatures over 50 degrees above normal at North Pole
The abrupt warming at high latitudes triggered by this event is forecast to shift the Arctic Oscillation more towards a negative phase, which will favor colder air in the mid-latitudes of North America and Europe in early January.
This Is How Many People Police Have Killed in 2015
Heightened visibility alone, however, has not effectively ended such slayings or brought justice to victims The Black Lives Matter movement that swept the country in 2015 has—among other accomplishments—forced global media outlets to…
Lavrov: US Belief in Being Exceptional Nation Hampers Anti-Terrorism Fight
“The factor which is not helping the matter [of fighting terrorism] is the American comprehension of being an exceptional nation <…> They believe they can conquer everyone else,” – ‪#‎Lavrov‬.
IMF Tricks Did Not Save Ukraine From Economic Collapse – German Newspaper
Putin signs bill allowing reciprocal impounding of foreign nations’ property
RT talks to Syrians rescued from ISIS-besieged Shia villages after UN swap (EXCLUSIVE)
We’re looking at a potential 28-fold increase in the number of adults alone
The Land That Time Forgot Full Movie (Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi)
Horrifying Video Shows Cops Sic K-9 on Infant Daughter of a Man they Mistook for a Suspect
After police mistook the father of a baby for a suspect, they released a K-9 allowing the dog to maul the baby.
‘Provocative, close call’: US military fume after Iran test-fires missile 1.3km away from USS Truman
 Elävä onkimato -- prisma
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New Scandal? The Erdogans Spotted Laundering Money in EU
SouthFront: Syria-Iraq battlespace, Dec. 29, 2015
...from SouthFront Russian air strikes had destroyed 556 militant targets in 164 combat sorties conducted since December 25. Successfully hit targets were located in Aleppo, Idlib, Latakia, Hama, Homs, Damascus, Deir ez-Zor, and Raqqa…
Iraqi Forces Capture 'Daesh Finance Minister' - Military
#‎Daesh‬ may have some trouble keeping track of their cash now, with the terror group's top financier ending up in ‪#‎IraqArmy‬'s custody after trying to flee ‪#‎Ramadi‬.
Saudis predict $29 oil price in 2016 - report
Saudi Arabia’s 2016 budget is allegedly based on an average crude price of about $29 per barrel, Bloomberg reports, quoting Riyadh-based Jadwa Investment.
Federal judge says cops can hold your family at gunpoint if you drink tea or grow tomatoes —...
A Kansas couple lost their lawsuit after a federal judge essentially ruled that drinking tea and gardening were probable cause for a drug search warrant — but…
SWAT Yanks 11-yo Girl from Shower, Hold Children at Gunpoint in Search of Non-Existent Plant
A family was terrorized yet nobody in the home was suspected of committing a criminal offense and no evidence of criminal misconduct was found.
The UN Security Council Has Become A "Rubber Stamp" To Wage US-NATO's Illegal Wars. Disastrous...
Tick-Tock: Why EU-Ukraine Association Agreement Is 'Political Dynamite'
However, the fact that the "association" includes not only a free-trade agreement, but also participation in the EU's defense policy demonstrates a serious security challenge to Moscow, the newspaper wrote.
Ceasefire's Vicious Cycle: Rebels 'Cross to Turkey, Rearm, Come Back to Syria'
‘Toxic stress’: Max blood lead levels in Flint children 7 times higher than CDC guidelines – doctor
Experts who blew the whistle on lead-contaminated water in Flint, Michigan, and its impact on children said that some kids had blood lead levels far higher than those…
Uncomfortable Truth: Al Jazeera Caught Trying to Sweep Criticism of Saudi Arabia Under the Rug
The Empire Files: 'This Ship is Sinking' Says Former Bush Official
ISIS And Saudi's - Profiteers Of Syria's Slave Trade
Off the buses: Driverless robot revolution threatens mass cull of transport jobs
Government plans to introduce driverless buses as part of a digital revolution could see Britain lead the way in new technology, but could also put tens of thousands…
As the East Creates, the West Tries to Destroy – F. William Engdahl
Why Daesh Leader Voiced Grave Threats Against Israel
Militant: Turkey trains Daesh on its soil
Syria: Assad not Responsible for Ghouta Gas Attack, Says Freed Hostage Pierre Piccinin
Belgian hostage held with Italian war reporter Domenico Quirico by Syrian rebels said captors denied Assad involvement.
VIDEO: NYPD Cops Break Into Student’s Home and Beat Him for Walking His Dog With No Leash
At least a half-dozen NYPD cops broke into a student's home and took turns beating and pepper spraying him after he walked his dog without a leash.
Government Forcibly Sterilized Latina Women Without Their Consent
Disturbing revelations about a U.S. government program to forcibly sterilize Latina women are now coming out, and the evidence is more damning that previously…
Redacted Tonight on who became the biggest jokes of 2015
Omaha Funny Bone Doug Thompson
Omaha Funny Bone Hypnotist
Man sues over not so funny bone break at Nebraska comedy club
Are EU Country Central Banks “Illegally” Buying Government Bonds?
Turkish branch of the CIA Lie Factory: Here's what Turkey's media reports daily about Russia --...
Want a chuckle over what the pro-President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Turkish media has been broadcasting to corroborate the Machiavellian heroism of the downing…
Cop Sits On Pregnant Woman’s Belly, Beats Her Until She Has Miscarriage
A new lawsuit, filed by a Georgia woman, claims that Albany police officers beat her so badly, and sat on her noticeably pregnant belly that it caused her to have a…
Schizophrenia at the UN: “The Post 2015 Sustainable Development Agenda”, No More Poverty, No More War…
In fact, 5% of the world’s military budget could completely fund the entire Post-2015 Sustainable Development goals.
Why is Erdogan soft on Daesh?
Why is Erdogan attacking PKK not Daesh?
Mush for brains! 'Anti-Russian' sanctions are costing the West thousands of jobs and billions of dollars
Over 120 Wounded Syrian Rebels to Undergo Treatment in Turkey
#‎RedCrescent‬ ambulances arrived at a ‪#‎Damascus‬ suburb on Monday to transport over 120 wounded militants to Beirut. "From there they will be airlifted to a hospital in ‪#‎Turkey‬.”
The emergence of the Turks from Mongolia is a gradual and uncharted process. Each successive wave makes its first appearance in history only when Turkish tribes or warriors acquire power in some new region, whether they be the Khazars, the Seljuks or one of many other such groups.
Good Cop Files Lawsuit Against Corrupt Department That Told Him ‘If you snitch, your career is done’
“Where are all the good cops?” Critics of police brutality and abuse of power often wonder this – sometimes aloud, often on social media. But there is an answer to…
ECONOMICS - Saudi posts record $98 billion deficit in 2015 due to oil plunge
OPEC kingpin Saudi Arabia posted a record $98 billion budget deficit in 2015 due to the sharp fall in oil prices, the finance ministry said on Dec. 28
Mexican Supreme Court Rules That Citizens Can Grow And Distribute Marijuana
Last November, the Mexican supreme court sent down a ruling that individuals have the right to grow and even distribute marijuana legally if it is for personal use. The…
Russia’s ‘Terminator’ Chopper to Become Immune to Missiles, Radar
Russia’s ‪#‎Mi8AMTSh‬ armored assault helicopters are being fitted with ‪#‎ElectronicWarfare‬ technology, making them immune to enemy missiles.
When Stories Disappear: Israeli-made air-to-air missile may have downed MH17 – report
©Maxim Zmeyev / Reuters 455 A report on Malaysian Airlines MH17 air disaster in Ukraine last year by a group of old-hand aviation security experts maintains that…
Police Anally Penetrate Man in Public for "Rolling Through a Stop Sign"
The man screams in agony as they forcibly cut off his boxers and begin pushing their fingers into his anus.
Pilot Who Flew The Airplanes That Crashed On 9/11 Blows The Whistle
Retired Pilot Who Flew Airplanes On 9/11 Blows The Whistle
< It didn't hit the Pentagon. It over-flew the Pentagon. Something else hit the Pentagon>
Pilot Who Flew The Airplanes That Crashed On 9/11 Blows The Whistle.
Capt. Russ Wittenberg is a unique individual in that he actually flew two of the planes that were “hijacked” on 911. Flight “lets roll” 93 and flight 175, the plane…
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US Only Pretending to be Fighting Daesh – Russian MoD
2015 – The year Russia exposed Western barbarism
2015 was the year Russia exposed the barbaric nature of Western powers, from their criminal conspiracy for regime change in Syria, to aggression against Yemen, Iran, Russia, China and any country that does not toe the line.
The embargo was unjustly imposed upon Iraq by the U.N.(U.S.) and Mr. Ekeus was responsible for prolonging the suffering of the Iraqi people. Iraq has met all the requirements for lifting the sanctions, but he created more and more problems by fabricating more lies to prolong the embargo,and the war…
Saudi Arabia and Turkey are 'Diluted Flavors' of 'Sunni Supremacism'
Captured ISIS fighter says 'trained in Turkey, ISIL thinks it’s safer here than Syria'
Turkey is training Islamic State terrorists in a camp disguised as a training ground for the Free Syrian Army, a 20-year-old jihadist captured by the Kurdish YPG told…
Syria: It’s Not a Civil War and it Never Was | New Eastern Outlook
28.12.2015 Author: Ulson Gunnar Syria: It’s Not a Civil War and it Never Was Column: Politics Region: Middle East Country: Syria The weapons are foreign,…
War Crimes: Israeli Planes Spray Crop-killing Chemicals on Gaza Farms
Dr Don Easterbrook Exposes Climate Change Hoax
Study: True size of federal government debt is $210 trillion
U.S. government debt stands at $210 trillion, not the official $13.1 trillion, according to a new working paper published by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. That's equivalent to $654,205 per person in the United States, 16 times higher than the current official level.
The true level of government debt is 12 times larger than the entire U.S. economy, compared to the 74 percent of the economy calculated by the government.
Russia Government Debt to GDP  1999-2015
Syrian journalist & filmmaker who exposed ISIS Aleppo atrocities assassinated in Turkey
Congress Seeks to undermine Iran Deal by Linking Iran with ISIS
PHILIP WEISS: One of the consequences of the Iran Deal was the declaration by countless politicians that they were going to crack down on Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism. Even the White House signed on to this idea. Well now some of the backlash has officially begun: Congress is linking Iran with ISIS, even though Iran is fighting ISIS. [and ISIS is supported by the US, GR ed.]
The many faces of Sheikh Ahmad Moaz Al-Khatib , by Thierry Meyssan
Completely unkown to the international public only a week ago, Sheikh Moaz al-Khatib has been catapulted to the presidency of the Syrian National Coalition, which represents pro-Western opposition in the Damascus government. Portrayed by an intense public relations campaign as a highly moral persona…
NATO: Seeking Russia’s Destruction Since 1949
GARY LEUPP: In 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, U.S. president George H. W. Bush through his secretary of state James Baker promised Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev that in exchange for Soviet cooperation on German reunification, the Cold War era NATO alliance would not expand “one inch” eastwards towards Russia.
Switzerland: Poised for a revolution?
When Iceland jailed its bankers something changed. The unthinkable had happened: the real criminals had been held to account. Now Switzerland is also threatening to go off the fiat-bankster reservation. But will it happen?
‘As long as the people keep slaving away and let the bankers give them pieces of paper or blips on a computer screen in exchange for their blood, sweat and tears, everything is fine. But if a nation begins to wake up to the con and starts pushing back it is visited by a color revolution, cultural invasion, or simply bombed back into the Stone Age. That’s it. You now understand economics’ - Op-Edge by Sam Gerrans
UN Resolution on Palestinian Sovereignty over its Natural Resources, Opposed by Israel, US and...
The United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday adopted a resolution demanding Palestinian sovereignty over natural resources under Israeli occupation.
The draft solution, “Permanent sovereignty of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and of the Arab population in the occupied Syrian Golan over their natural resources,” was adopted with 164 votes in favor and five against.

Member states that voted against the measure included Canada, Federated States of Micronesia, Israel, Marshall Islands, and the United States. Ten other states abstained from the vote.
Everything You Know About Composting is Wrong: Mike McGrath at TEDxPhoenixville
Russian Air Force kills the prominent commander of Ahrar Al-Sham in southern Aleppo
Yesterday morning, the Russian Air Force carried out a powerful airstrike inside the Aleppo Governorate's southern countryside, targeting a large gathering
Republican Candidates Defend Killing Civilians to Fight Terrorism — and So Do Democrats
There has been a lot of consternation expressed in the media at a series of statements by Republican presidential candidates during their most recent debate…
Iraq Refuses Turkish 'Help' Offer in Liberating Mosul
New polymer made of sugar molecules purify water ‘in seconds,’ study says
Libya requests military assistance from Russia in anti-terror fight --
Libya's self-proclaimed government in Tripoli is grateful to Russia for its consent and readiness to help the crisis-hit Libya in its fight against terrorism, Prime Minister…
Major CIA Operative in Syria, Zahran Allouch of Jeish Al Islam Killed by Russians
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian airstrikes targeted the command center of Jeish al-Islam (Army of Islam) terrorist group in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus…
Iraqi forces take control over last ISIS stronghold in Ramadi- military spokesman
Iraqi government forces have seized the government complex in the center of Ramadi – the last Islamic State stronghold in the western city, a military…
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Redworms vs Black Soldier Grubs - Which is better for vermi-composting?
Raising Black Soldier Flies - Robert Olivier @ Natural Farming Hawai'i
Black Soldier Fly Larvae: From Worm Bin to Chicken Feed
Worm Castings - What are they? How do they work?
Love Thy Enemy? US Plot to Evacuate Top Jihadis From Ramadi Uncovered
Choose your friends: seems that the US have gotten into a mess fighting and saving terrorists at the same time. ‪#‎Iraq‬ ‪#‎Daesh‬ ‪#‎Ramadi‬
Bringing Up Baby Frankenstein: Daesh May 'Consume' Turkey One Day
Watch Politicians Snap When Alternative Media Journalist Asks them One Short Question
The Dirty War on Syria: Washington Supports the Islamic State (ISIS)
The Evidence
[Featured image: Head of US armed forces General Martin Dempsey, Senate Armed Forces Committee Chairman Senator Lindsey Graham and US Vice President Joe Biden have all admitted that their close regional allies (especially the Saudis, Qatar and Turkey) finance ISIS.]

“It is always difficult to play a double game: declaring a fight against terrorists and simultaneously trying to use some to place pieces on the Middle Eastern chess board to pursue their own interests … [but do the] so-called moderate bandits behead people moderately?” – Vladimir Putin (2015)

Reports that US and British aircraft carrying arms to ISIS were shot down by Iraqi forces (Iraqi News 2015) were met with shock and denial in western countries. Yet few in the Middle East doubt that Washington is playing a ‘double game’ with its proxy armies in Syria. A Yemeni AnsarAllah leader says ‘Wherever there is U.S. interference, there is al Qaeda and ISIS. It’s to their advantage’ (al-Bukaiti 2015). However key myths remain important, especially to western audiences. Engaging with those myths calls for reason and evidence, not just assertion.
North Vietnam, 1972: The Christmas bombing of Hanoi
Angry Libyans lash out at Obama’s independence congratulations
<bombs them then congratulates them fucking war criminal >
Cops DESTROY Single Mother's Entire Home and Children's Christmas Tree – "By Mistake"
Galena, KS — On Tuesday, Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves and his heroic team of militarized storm troopers descended on the home of a single mom and…
Turkish ‘traitor’ MP’s revelations on sarin transfers must be probed, reported to UNSC – Moscow
Russia has expressed hope that a joint OPCW-UN investigation of deadly sarin attacks in Syria will not ignore reports from a Turkish MP, who faces charges of…
Michael Moore- The Awful Truth
Michael Moore sheds light on the fact that some cops have a hard time distinguishing a wallet from a gun.
Cold War-era document reveals US plans to nuke 1,200 cities
Declassified file shows US planned to use bombs far more powerful than the one it dropped on Hiroshima.
UN Sponsored Evacuation of Insurgents from Damascus to Raqqa Delayed
War, Terrorism and the Global Economic Crisis in 2015: Ninety-nine Interrelated Concepts
Everything is interrelated: war, terrorism, the police state, the global economy, economic austerity, financial fraud, corrupt governments, poverty and social inequality, police violence, Al Qaeda, ISIS, media disinformation, racism, war propaganda  weapons of mass destruction, the derogation of international law, the criminalization of politics, the CIA, the FBI, climate change,  nuclear war, Fukushima, nuclear radiation, crimes against humanity, The China-Russia alliance, Syria Ukraine, NATO, false flags, 9/11 Truth, ….

An overall understanding of  this Worldwide crisis is required: the last section deals briefly with reversing the tide of war, peace-making, instating social justice and real democracy.
Failed Leadership
We all know by now that Hillary Clinton has a problem with lying.
Talking Points: Putin's Best Statements in 2015
Santa Claus:
Where Did That Guy in the Red Suit Come From?
This Entrepreneur Just Created a Device that Can Stop Drones Using Radio Signals
The drone war just got a whole lot more complicated.
12.AZK: Migrationswaffe & Terrormanagement (Christoph Hörstel)
Syrian Air Strike Exterminates Commander Behind 2013 Chemical Weapons Attack in Ghouta - nsnbc...
Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Zahran Alloush, the commander of the Jaysh al-Islam alliance was killed in a Damascus suburb. August 21, 2013 the Saudi intelligence asset Alloush was commanding Liwa-al-Islam when he gave the order to launch the chemical weapons attack against the East Ghouta suburb of Damascus. Zahran Alloush has been on the payroll of Saudi intelligence since the 1980s.
Cocaine tea sold for years in Italian shops – newspaper
After having one for the road – a cup of tea from a local Peruvian food shop – a bus driver from an Italian city unexpectedly tested positive for cocaine and barely escaped being fired, local media reported.
Zahran Alloush: His Ideology and Beliefs
Zahran Alloush’s rhetoric and propaganda videos provide much insight into his world view, attitude toward Syria’s religious minorities, and vision for Syria’s future. The difference between his ideology and that of al-Qaida groups is not profound. Rather, it is one of shades of grey.
Zahran calls for cleansing Damascus of all Shiites and Nusayris. (“Nusayris” is the old term that referred to the Alawites prior to the adoption of “Alawite.” It is considered a term of abuse by Alawites.
'An Enemy Within': Are US Financial Elites Interested in Daesh Rise?
Let's face it: America's ‪#‎Muslims‬ can by no means be regarded as the "enemy within," however there is an entity that supports ‪#‎Daesh‬ from inside the United States,
Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques
US Military Outclasses Russia's in Only One Area…Corruption
In spite of prevailing clichés about ‪#‎corruption‬ in Russia being out of control, the scale of the ‪#‎scourge‬ is incomparably larger in the United States; nowhere is this more obvious than in the case of the ‪#‎USmilitary‬ industrial complex.
The Dirty War on Syria: Washington Supports the Islamic State (ISIS)
TIM ANDERSON: Reports that US and British aircraft carrying arms to ISIS were shot down by Iraqi forces (Iraqi News 2015) were met with shock and denial in western countries. Yet few in the Middle East doubt that Washington is playing a ‘double game’ with its proxy armies in Syria. A Yemeni AnsarAllah leader says ‘Wherever there is U.S. interference, there is al Qaeda and ISIS. It’s to their advantage’ (al-Bukaiti 2015). However key myths remain important, especially to western audiences. Engaging with those myths calls for reason and evidence, not just assertion.
World Conquest: The United States' Global Military Crusade (1945- )
The following article by professor Eric Waddell was first published twelve years ago by Global Research in December 2003 in the immediate wake of the invasion and occupation of Iraq by US and British forces, with a postscript added in 2007. The article provides an incisive historical perspective on America’s “long war” against humanity, which is being carried out under a fake humanitarian mandate. Let us be under no illusions as to the intent of the US and its allies.
We are dealing with World Conquest under the disguise of a “Global War on Terrorism”.
Turkish ‘traitor’ MP’s revelations on sarin transfers must be probed, reported to UNSC – Moscow
Russia has expressed hope that a joint OPCW-UN investigation of deadly sarin attacks in Syria will not ignore reports from a Turkish MP, who faces charges of treason for exposing Ankara’s alleged role in hiding ISIS-bound shipments of gas precursors.
Switzerland to hold referendum on banning private banks from creating money
 A radical initiative to strip private banks of their power to “create money” and make it exclusively a central bank privilege has gathered enough support for the Swiss government to announce a referendum on the issue. A vote in favor may result in a return to 100 percent reserve banking.

“Banks won’t be able to create money for themselves anymore, they’ll only be able to lend money that they have from savers or other banks, or even, if necessary, money that the Swiss National Bank has provided them,” the campaign said in a statement on their petition website.
“One should understand that Syria is being looted, and revenue from smuggling any products goes to ISIL. Any country participating in this illegal business is an accomplice of international terrorism,” Rudskoy stressed.
Turkey: A Criminal State, a NATO State
 It is now openly discussed even in mainstream media the fact that Turkey has been intimately involved in fomenting and supporting the war on Syria, with its ultimate goal of the overthrow of the S...
‘Thanks for destroying our country’: Angry Libyans lash out at Obama’s independence congratulations
In a message to the Libyan people, the US President said the 2011 Libyan revolution liberated them from “42 years of dictatorship.” Now there are “profound…
“You Don’t Have a Dog Anymore” Cops Take Turns Shooting Family’s Dog While Laughing
My dog starts screaming. I scream. More shots. Five, six, seven, eight. There’s 2 cops taking turns shooting him with smiles on their faces. I run out yelling “What…
ISIS sanctions organ harvesting from living ‘apostates’… even if it kills them
Islamic State’s human organ harvesting is sanctioned by a fatwa issued last January, when the group’s Islamic scholars explained that internals of ‘apostates’…
World must know Turkish regime affair with ISIS is global threat – Iraqi militia to RT
Terrorists are freely crossing the Turkish border back and forth with Ankara providing militants with logistical support, military spokesman for the Iraqi Popular…
Turkish military crackdown & curfews force 200,000 civilians flee Kurdish southeast – report
Escalating violence, ongoing clashes, curfews and brutal crackdowns on Kurdish nationals have squeezed hundreds of thousands of people out of Turkey’s…
Anti-Terrorist Hacker Group Reveals 40 ISIS Websites Protected by US Tech Firm
The terrorist organization ISIS, or the Islamic State, is known to promote its activities by exploiting the open nature of the Internet. This includes recruiting…
Daesh reportedly conducts slave trade via office in Turkey
A Turkish legal firm has filed a criminal complaint against the country's law enforcement and intelligence agencies. That's after the German broadcaster,…
A Turkish legal firm has filed a criminal complaint against the country’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies. That’s after the German broadcaster, ARD, aired a documentary, alleging that Daesh is conducting a slave trade via an office in Turkey. It involves women and children from the Yazidi Kurdish minority who were kidnapped in Syria.
Iraqi Forces Prevent Terrorist Attack in Ramadi
At least 7 ‪#‎Daesh‬ would-be suicide bombers were reportedly taken out in the operation.
Sickening: US Evacuating ISIS/Israeli Military Commanders from Ramadi
Editor’s note:  We begin with a report of American helicopters ferrying ISIS commanders out of Ramadi as Iraqi Army forces close in.  To this, we add our…
Russian Aviation in Syria Completed 5,240 Sorties Since Operation Beginning
Top Syrian rebel leader Zahran Alloush killed in air strike in Damascus suburb - reports
Zahran Alloush, head of the powerful jihadist group Jaysh al-Islam, operating in the suburbs of Damascus, has been killed in an airstrike, local sources told Reuters…
“Isolated Incident” Every Police Dept in America Failed to Meet Minimum Standard for Use of Force
A new report by the largest human rights organization in the world exposes the failure of every single police department in America in regards to preserving life.
France's Participation in Gaddafi Overthrow Mistake - Lawmaker
French authorities made a mistake, when took part in a military operation in Libya to overthrow the country's long-standing leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, French…
ISIL allows harvesting captives' body organs: US
Daesh has sanctioned harvesting human organs in a memo, the US confirms.
Unexpected side effects of Compost Tea
40,000 worms, one perfect learning experience
Russian jets bomb ISIS oil tankers in Syria (MoD VIDEO)
Congress drops ‘country of origin labeling’ rule on meat products
Russian TV exposes Lies of ZDF German TV ‘documentary’ about Putin
Someone let them cross borders’: Messages from Turkish intelligence found in ISIS phone
Russian intel spots 12,000 oil tankers & trucks on Turkey-Iraq border - General Staff
“The [aerial] imagery was made in the vicinity of Zakho (a city in Iraqi Kurdistan), there were 11,775 tankers and trucks on both sides of the Turkish-Iraqi border,” Lieutenant-General Sergey Rudskoy told journalists on Friday.
“According to satellite data, the number of oil tankers moving through the ‘northern route’ towards the refinery in the [Turkish] city of Batman has considerably diminished,” Rudskoy said, adding that the number of tankers using the ‘western route,’ between the Turkish cities of Reyhanli [on the Syrian border] and the city of Iskenderun, has decreased to 265 vehicles.

The Russian Air Force in Syria has destroyed about 2,000 tankers used by the Islamists for oil transportation. In the last week, Russian warplanes eliminated 17 convoys of oil tankers and a number of installations used by terrorists for oil extraction and processing.
Japan’s Cabinet Approves $42 Bln Military Budget
Precht - Wozu Glauben? mit Feridun Zaimoglu
How Many Has God Killed?
2015: The year Russia told America 'enough'
Since 2003, Moscow has watched with infinite patience as US-led forces have steadily steamrolled a path of chaos and carnage across a large swath of Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. This year Vladimir Putin drew a line at Syria.
'Incredibly, Moscow seems to be having less of a problem handling Islamic State than it is with those Western states that had proclaimed their dedication to wiping out the terrorist organization in the first place' - Op-Edge by Robert Bridge
Top Iranian Commander General Soleimani Placed on Israel's Terror List for Seven Resistance Leaders
Following the assassination of Hezbollah commander, Samir Kuntar, by Israeli airstrike on this December, an Israeli newspaper disclosed that the regime has a…
Yemeni Forces Kill More Blackwater Mercenaries
Wed Dec 23, 2015 4:34 Yemeni Forces Kill More Blackwater Mercenaries in Ta'iz TEHRAN (FNA)- The Yemeni army and popular forces killed several other Saudi-hired Blackwater militias in an attack on a...
POPEYE The Sailor Man Cartoons Full Episodes Compilation 2014
Turkey ‘officially acknowledges’ attack on Su-24 was a planned step - Russian MoD
Amnesty’s report full of ‘cliches,’ includes no evidence
Speaking about the report published on Wednesday by Amnesty International, Konashenkov said it includes no facts, only “clichés” and groundless accusations.
The NGO’s report accused Russia of failing to acknowledge it carried out strikes that “killed hundreds of civilians and caused massive destruction in residential areas.” The report was based on eyewitness testimonies and videos “showing the aftermath of the attacks,” the human rights group said.
Forever War: After 14 Years of US Combat in Afghanistan, Taliban Advances
Russian Colonel: ISIS is a division of the CIA
Alexander Zhilin, Colonel in the army and military expert of the Russian Federation, explains in layman's terms Russia's national interests in supporting Ass.
'US tried to orchestrate coup against Assad'
Top Turkish 'traitors' according to Erdogan and Davutoglu
What does it take to be accused of “treason” in Turkey? Exposing the ruling circle's ties with terrorists and voicing opposition to the downing of a Russian plane is a start, but who are the people getting under the skin of President Erdogan and Prime Minister Davutoglu?
Solar cycle 24 global cooling 2017-2035 = FOOD SHORTAGE !
Why the Western Media Will Never Show Putin's Three Hour Press Conference
Imagine a western leader doing a live, three hour Q&A session with a hostile media?
The USA used NGOs in former USSR republics to recruit Muslim students for ISIS
ISIS terrorist grouping, now the major threat to international stability, sticks to successfully recruiting new combatants into its ranks. They are not only Muslims…
Scientists Forecast Coming Grand Minimum Solar Cycle
Mini Ice age 2018 Episode 5 Cooling stages during a 1000year long solar minimum
Cops Shot Unarmed Man In the Face, But He’s The One Going To Prison
It makes no sense, but a New Jersey man has been found guilty on all counts in assaulting a police officer, when the officer was the one who assaulted…
Hillary Clinton: A Lying Compilation
Hillary Clinton "We Came, We Saw, He Died" (Gaddafi)
Hero Security Guard Diffuses Hostage Situation Only to be Fatally Shot by Late Arriving Cops
After this heroic private peace officer got the suspect to put down the gun, police arrived, escalated the situation, and killed him.
Racist Woman Calling Us Terrorists
Viral Video Shows Racist White Woman Going Berserk After Mistaking Two Brazilians for Terrorists
Post Gaddafi Libya Split Up into Five Regional Factions
Since the fall of Mu’ammar Gaddafi in late 2011, various militias with very different political agendas have attempted to seize power in Libya. Elections…
Russia, The Circus of Economic Sanctions Continues: Washington and Brussels against Moscow
PressTV: Russia has voiced regret over the extension of the US sanctions against Moscow, saying it will consider possible counter measures. Kremlin spokesman…
Turkey: A Criminal State, a NATO State
It is now openly discussed even in mainstream media the fact that Turkey has been intimately involved in fomenting and supporting the war on Syria, with its ultimate goal of the overthrow of the Syrian government and its replacement by a compliant proxy aligned with Turkish President Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood. That this is no longer a ‘conspiracy theory’ but a conspiracy fact not only vindicates my analysis over the last four years, but it also brings to the fore the nefarious role of a NATO member in stoking a brutal and bloody war for its own ends.
Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques
Global Warming Petition
This petition has been signed by over 31,000 American scientists.
The Leipzig Declaration
New Ice Age Ahead
Supersite: 250 videos and 30 books free online
Ice Age 2050s certainty
Das Ist Impossible! Germans Are Shocked That US Nukes Would Also Hit Them
"With friends like these, who needs enemies?" Germans are in shock and awe at the 1956 US first strike ‪#‎nuclear‬ targeting plan: turns out the reds weren't the only ones who would get nuked. ‪#‎ColdWar‬
The History of Ice Age Era's
(Don't believe eveything)
NOAA Temperature Lies to Hide a Cooling Planet | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 (107)
America Will Never Call Native American Extermination 'Genocide'
Doing so would be a condemnation of our entire nation.
Government Concerned That Homeschool Parents Are “Radicalizing” Their Children
Schools do not teach people how to think, but only what to think, or more accurately how to remember and regurgitate information which has been fed to them.
The Runaway Derivatives Time Bomb: A 1,200 Trillion Dollar Derivative Market, Big Banks...
Runaway derivatives – especially credit default swaps (CDS) – were one of the main causes of the 2008 financial crisis. Congress never fixed the problem, and actually made it worse.
As shown below, Wall Street has manipulated virtually every other market as well – both in the financial sector and the real economy – and broken virtually every law on the books.
دًهٌٌ-لًèôèيم (18:00, 23 نهêàلًے 2015 م.)
Media briefing (18:00, December 23, 2015)
UN can’t confirm Amnesty’s ‘remote investigation’ of Russia’s strikes in Syria
<One has to ask question about "many" or "hundreds" of HRW "agents", "sources", etc. that magically appear in the area and how these investigators that magically have a list of phone numbers to call them to conduct interviews. Do you have a phone number of anybody from Homs, Idlib or Aleppo provinces? Or is there a public list where they register as "independent" HRW workers that we all can look at? To me it just sounds load of bull-rap.>
West Prepares to Replace Their Puppet in Turkey
<Russia worship min 19, Putin, messiah, oligarchs, min 24 critic on Paul Craig Robert, min 25 RT war mongering, Gulan mullah >
Presstitute Ranks Expand
Now the ranks of Washington’s presstitute propagandists include Sybil Edmonds, whom I supported to the hilt during her persecution by Washington, and Cobett, whose Corbett report I gave many hours on interviews. Now the two are carrying on Washington’s propaganda against RT and Putin, and are accusing me of “Putin worship” because I report the facts.
We are witnessing even the victims of the American Police State collapsing and becoming presstitutes.
Turkish forces barely regrouped, far from announced partial withdrawal – Iraqi defense spokesman
Willy Wimmer (CDU) - Der IS ist eine Schِpfung der USA und wird es auch bleiben (sputniknews)
Amnesty Int'l Report on 'Civilian Deaths' Consists of Fakes, Cliches
Sputnik is a major new media brand with modern multimedia centers in dozens of countries.…
Spreading democracy become a code word for slaughtering people who demanded political rights.
That was in South America. Now they spread democracy via Wahhabi terrorists in the Middle East..
The Empire Files - The U.S. School That Trains Dictators & Death Squads
Empire Files with Abby Martin Launches First Show
US Atty Gen: How US killed 500,000 Babies in Iraq before 9/11
Caught in the act: German state channel accused of faking Russian soldiers in Ukraine
VIDEO: Saudi Warplanes Target Yemeni People, Many Killed & Injured
A number of Yemeni people have lost their lives and numbers of others have sustained injuries in the latest wave of Saudi airstrikes against Yemen, Alalam…
"Policy Divisions" between the Joint Chiefs of Staff, The White House and the CIA?
Featured image: Investigative reporter Seymour Hersh gestures during a panel discussion on "The Challenges of Reporting About Iraq" at the Associated Press…
Video: Russian War Planes Destroy Twenty-two ISIS Oil Tankers en Route to Turkey
The Russian warplanes destroyed two long convoys of ISIL’s oil tankers in the Homs province. The first convoy with at least 8 oil tankers and some other military…
Thousands Of Afghan Women Jailed For 'Moral Crimes'
Love Crimes of Kabul Full HD Documentary Afghanistan 2015 !! 720p
Keiser Report: Why Not Basic Income? (Winter Why Nots, E582)
Well-Armed Activists Openly Defy Texas Law to Feed the Homeless – Hundreds Clothed and Fed
In a time of rampant statism, feeding the homeless has become a revolutionary act.
Turkey ‘officially acknowledges’ attack on Su-24 was a planned step - Russian MoD
A recent statement by a Turkish official revealing detailed awareness of Russian Air Force sorties in Syria can be regarded as “official acknowledgment” that the…
Land Destroyer: Western Propaganda an Encouraging Sign for Russia in Syria
Turks, Kurds, Seymour Hersh and the Lies they Tell
By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor I have five minutes to write this before heading out to a Christmas party with really good food I am probably not allowed to eat.…
As a bit of background, the Turks have been involved in large scale oil theft, oil and everything else, since 2012. Seymour Hersh was right when he pointed out that there never has been a “moderate terrorist” military force. What nobody points out is that the 4000 Turkish troops now moving into Iraq have mostly been taken out of Syria, not Turkey.
Turk’s have been headquartered in Raqqah for the past year at brigade strength with tanks, helicopters and heavy artillery, now being kicked in the pants by Russian bombing.
Two thousand more Turkish troops have just crossed into Syria in Northern Latakia, where the Russian SU24 was downed. The Syrian Army there is being joined by 1500 Iraqi volunteers, who are fighting the FSA/al Qaeda units, commanded by Saudi and Qatari officers and now major Turkish military forces in civilian garb but with most of their heavy equipment, “hiding in plain sight” as it were.
The Global Terrorism Index (GTI)
Lنngsschnittstudie: Feinstaub macht dement
Es ist eine dieser kollektiven Studien, bei der das Abtippen der Autorenliste lنnger dauert als das Schreiben des gesamten Posts, die mit einem…
Ukrainian Jews shocked after city elects neo-Nazi mayor
Violence from the anti-Semitic Svoboda party activists are a concern for some in Konotop, Ukraine.
Schِne Bescherung: ZDF liefert Energieriegel für »Lügenpresse«-Rufer
Kurz vor dem EU-Gipfel, auf dem die Verlنngerung der Sanktionen gegen Russland beraten wurde, hat…
State Sponsors of Terrorism are “Going After the Terrorists” - nsnbc international
US foreign policy has nurtured Al Qaeda, a creation of the CIA for more than 35 years, with the support of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Saudi…
US blocks British Muslim family from flight to see American relatives, Disneyland
A British Muslim family of 11 on their way to Southern California was denied access to their plane by US Department of Homeland Security officials without…
Is the price worth it
The great Iraq War lie. The pictured girl told the world under tears that she saw how Saddam Hussein's soldiers took babies out of their incubators and let them die on the cold floor.
US aimed to nuke civilian populations in enemy cities during Cold War – declassified document
Totaling almost 800 pages, the document details targets in over 1,200 cities, including Moscow, Beijing, and Warsaw. The list for each city contains details on targeting the population, along with industrial and infrastructural targets.
More Blood on Ankara's Hands as Kurdish Civilian Death Toll Mounts
More than 100 civilians have been killed and many more injured in Kurdish areas in Turkey's southeast since July, Human Rights Watch said, warning that civilian…
Obama's Christmas Gift: What is Behind New US Sanctions Against Russia
Reports on Civilian Deaths in Airstrikes in Syria 'Provocation' - Lawmaker
These Fifteen American Cities Are Destroying Homeless Camps Just Days Before Christmas
Police Violence: US Cops Killed More People this Year than in 2014
TOM HALL: At least 1,160 people have been killed by US police in 2015, according to an online aggregator of police killings, exceeding last year’s figure of 1,108. The statistics, compiled by, show that the wave of police violence has only intensified despite nationwide mass protests by tens of thousands this year against police brutality.
Doomsday Protocol: US Plans to Nuke the World Revealed by Cold War Era Target List
Amnesty: Russian bombing of Syria may be a war crime|By   BS and lies by Reuters and CIA-Amnesty.
Amiriyah shelter bombing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Amiriyah shelter bombing[N 1] was an aerial attack that killed at least 408 civilians on 13 February 1991 during the Persian Gulf War, when an air-raid shelter ("Public Shelter No. 25"), in the Amiriyah neighborhood of Baghdad, Iraq, was destroyed by the U.S. Air Force with two laser-guided "sma…
Syrians Made Their Choice: 'Assad is Their Man for Now and Into the Future'
Turku, Finland — Sunrise, sunset and daylength, December 2015
Perihelion, Aphelion and the Solstices
The Earth is closest to the Sun – or at its Perihelion – about two weeks after the December solstice and farthest from the Sun or Aphelion, about two weeks after the June Solstice.
Helsinki, Finland — Sunrise, sunset and daylength, December 2015
today's Sun Position in Helsinki
Putin and Israel – a complex and multi-layered relationship | The Vineyard of the Saker
A bird's eye view of the vineyard
Most Syrian rebels sympathise with Isis, says thinktank
The Syrian opposition circus comes to town
In January, the Syrian government will – ostensibly - sit across the negotiating table from ‘the Syrian opposition’ to decide on the structure and make-up of a transitional government that promises to end the 5-year Syrian conflict.
But back to the ‘Syrian opposition’ – those able negotiators who will represent the ‘Syrian people’ come January.
This is where it gets really confusing. The 20 non-Syrian countries participating in the Vienna process will ultimately decide 1. which Syrians will speak for the opposition at future talks, and 2. which Syrians will instead be labelled ‘terrorists’ to be slaughtered on the battlefield.
To whittle down the ‘Syrian opposition’ to a few dozen individuals that are ‘representative’ of Syrians, several meetings were held to fight it out - mostly in foreign countries.
For years, Washington has insisted there are armed ‘moderate’ groups in Syria, but have gone to great lengths to avoid naming these ‘moderates.’ Why? Because if moderates were named and identified, the US would have to be very, very certain that no past, present or future ‘atrocity video’ would surface to prove otherwise. And the US could not guarantee this with any of the groups they have armed, trained or financed in Syria over the past five years.

The twenty countries involved in Vienna talks have already agreed that ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra (Al Qaeda’s Syrian franchise) are on this list. The big question now is who else makes the cut. And in everyone’s sights first and foremost is Ahrar al Sham, a Turkish, Qatari and Saudi-funded extremist group whose backbone is a mix of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda.
Apocalyptic scenes of Damascus suburb obliterated by violent clashes (RT EXCLUSIVE DRONE FOOTAGE)
Study shows it was warmer in Roman times than today
Scientists may have figured out why Romans wore togas and the global warming theorists are not going to be pleased. A new study by Swiss scientists finds the earth was warmer during Roman and Medieval times than it is today, which indicates that greenhouse gases may not be the driving force behind the modern global warming trend.
Der Widerstand gegen die Zwangsfinanzierung des ِffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunks wنchst unaufhِrlich. Das zeigen eindrucksvoll u. a. die vielen Gruppierungen, deren Organisation immer professioneller wird. Quer durch die gesamte Republik finden immer mehr runde Tische so wie Infostنnde in den Fuكgنngerzonen statt. Der Widerstand im Internet ist enorm – alleine unsere Plattform hat mehrere Zehntausende Mitglieder und Followers, die mehrere Millionen Zugriffe im Monat verursachen.
CO2 Nears 400 ppm – Relax! It’s Not Global Warming ‘End Times’ — But Only A ‘Big Yawn’ — Climate Depot Special Report
Renowned Climatologist: ‘You can go outside and spit and have the same effect as doubling carbon dioxide’
'Scientists note that geologically speaking, the Earth is currently in a 'CO2 famine' and that the geologic record reveals that ice ages have occurred when CO2 was at 2000 ppm to as high as 8000 ppm. In addition, peer-reviewed studies have documented that there have been temperatures similar to the present day on Earth when carbon dioxide was up to twenty times higher than today’s levels
What about Greenland??
The Medieval Warm Period was a time of warm weather around 800-1300 AD, during the European Medieval period.
Only the top 70m of the ocean is mixed by wave and wind action, the rest of the up to 10,000 meters of ocean experiences relatively little water exchange. When the surface of the ocean is warmed the heat is absorbed and very slowly travels down through the water column. You can actually measure temperature strata somewhat analagous to tree rings. Scientists refer to this as 'oceanic memory'.
Daesh Leader's Mobile Phone Holds Proof of Turkey's Support
An Iraqi volunteer force commander said a mobile phone found on the person of a deceased ‪#‎Daesh‬ militant proves that Turkey’s intelligence agency is providing support for the group.
Russia/Ukraine-related Sanctions and Identifications
Error 451: New Bradbury-inspired HTTP code to show legal censorship
Boko Haram: Another Al Qaeda Terrorist Entity Used to Justify US Military Intervention in Nigeria
VANESSA BEELEY: According to the Nigerian Government forces, a traffic infringement justifies the massacre of over 1000 Muslims who were performing the religious ceremony of ushering in the new month of Maulud, honouring the birth of the Prophet Mohammed of Islam [pbuh].
Scores of Kurdish civilians among hundreds killed in Turkey's southeast – HRW
“Well over 100” deaths of Kurdish women and children have been recorded over the past six months in southeastern Turkey, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said, calling on the country to scale back its operations in the region and investigate.
<Caliph of Carnage and crime boss Erdogan, the godfather of Turkey, a modern day psychopath that seeks to outshine the so-called father of the Turks, Mustapha Kemal Ataturk. The Turk military better
excise this cryptic zionazi "young turk" puss oozing boil before he starts the mother of all civil wars in the Ottoman ruin.>
How do you make a sloth smile?
<sleep 22 hours per day>
Well-known journalist claims Turkey financed ISIL, al-Nusra
Well-known American journalist Seymour Hersh has claimed that Turkey supported radical »»
Two Mainstream US ‘Journalists’ Provide Stenographic ‘News’ Report – US Anti-Russia Propaganda
This is the story of an ordinary article by two well-known American ‘journalists’ who market the aristocracy’s lies as ‘news,’ so that the public believes dangerous myths, which might unfortunately get out of control and end in nuclear war.
"Machtmensch Putin": Das ZDF beim Fabrizieren von Propaganda ertappt
Border Patrol Officer Viciously Beats Elderly Couple for Helping an Injured Woman
An elderly couple was nearly killed by an out of control border patrol agent as they stopped to help a woman who'd been hit by a car.
LAPD Officers Shoot and Kill Unarmed Mentally Ill Man in His Hospital Room
Instead of simply closing the door to the hospital room and allowing the mentally ill man to calm down, cops went in and shot him.
When Terrorism becomes Counter-terrorism: The State Sponsors of Terrorism are “Going After the Terrorists”
US foreign policy has nurtured Al Qaeda, a creation of the CIA for more than 35 years, with the support of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Saudi…
MICHEL CHOSSUDOVSKY: A complex network of Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist organizations overseen by US and allied intelligence agencies has unfolded, extending across the Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, Western China, South and South East Asia.
Today’s Al Qaeda most recent “affiliate”, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) based in Raqqa, Northern Syria is not only protected by the US and its allies, it is trained and financed by US-NATO, with the support of Turkey, Israel and Washington’s Persian Gulf allies.
It’s a theater of the absurd. It’s like asking Al Capone to lead a coalition of Chicago criminal syndicates to go after organized crime. In this case, the criminal syndicate based in Riyadh is acting on behalf of its Western sponsors.

And the media applauds in chorus without acknowledging several of their own reports which confirm that Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Qatar, Jordan, et al.  have been involved in recruiting, training and financing Islamic terrorists. The practice of beheading civilians by ISIS operative in Syria emanates from Saudi Arabia.  In the words of an earlier Daily Telegraph report (April 2014):

    “We should not be blind to the fact that there is a project out there to destroy [Syria's]  rich, pluralist, and unbelievably intricate culture and replace it with a monochrome version of Wahhabi Islam”.
#OpTurkey: Anonymous Launches Cyberwar Against Ankara for Aiding Daesh
#‎Anonymous‬: "Dear government of ‪#‎Turkey‬, if you don't stop supporting ISIS [‪#‎Daesh‬], we will continue attacking ... we will start to hit your airports, military assets and private state connections. We will destroy your critical banking infrastructure." ‪#‎opTurkey‬
Russia Outpaces World Powers in Building Ties With Africa
West Realized Need for Ceasefire in Syria as 'Rebels Lose Ground'
#‎SuddenClarity‬: “It is remarkable that Western leaders only remember the term ‪#‎ceasefire‬ when their rebels on the ground are losing. Why haven’t they remembered the need to settle peace before the Russian operation had started in ‪#‎Syria‬?” ‪#‎RussiaVsISIL‬
BOOM: Obama and Hillary Were Officially Charged With Aiding and Abetting Terrorists
The Egyptian government has charged President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with being accessories to terrorism. The…
Nicki Minaj Calls Out Prison System As LITERAL Modern Day ‘Slavery’
Popular rap artist Nicki Minaj just called out the so-called
LRB · Seymour M. Hersh · Military to Military: US intelligence sharing in the Syrian war
Barack Obama’s repeated insistence that Bashar al-Assad must leave office – and that there are…
ISIS releases footage of its 'police' patrolling Libya streets
Jet traffic linked to ice haze - BBC News
Aeroplanes may be making a high-altitude icy haze that is brightening US skies, according to a group of scientists.
Turkish labs turn Afghan opium into heroin for shipping to Europe - Russian anti-drug agency
US military provided Assad with intel on extremists via Russia, Israel & Germany - report
 The Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff has been indirectly providing Syrian military with intelligence on Islamic extremists fearing the Obama administration’s agenda to oust Bashar Assad will engender total chaos in Syria.
A new investigation in the London Review of Books by renowned American journalist Seymour M. Hersh exposes the divide between the US top brass and the politicians in the White House when it comes to dealing with Islamic extremists in Syria and Iraq.
It seems the US JCS isn’t enthusiastic about Obama’s “Assad must go” maxima, opting to provide Damascus with intelligence and analytics on the jihadists instead. This is, however, done indirectly, an unidentified former senior adviser to the Joint Chiefs told Hersh.
In summer 2013, a highly classified report prepared by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the JCS assessed that ousting President Assad would create chaos in the country, making it an easy prey for Islamic extremists.
By that time, the CIA had been delivering weapons from Libyan arms depots to Syria via Turkey for over a year. This began soon after the assassination of Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi, writes Hersh.
The arms were handed to any group opposing Assad’s military, including Jabhat al-Nusra and Islamic State. The so-called ‘moderate rebels’ had “evaporated and the Free Syrian Army was a rump group stationed at an airbase in Turkey,” the source told the journalist. The US military assessment was realistic: moderate opposition to Assad is a myth and the US was arming Islamic extremists.
Seymour M. Hersh says the US military’s success in providing Damascus with quality intelligence and curbing terrorist potential by supplying outdated arms from Turkish depots via CIA routes was undermined by the actions of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. These countries armed Islamic extremists with modern weapons, which gave them the upper hand in subduing the Syrian Army and resulted in huge territorial losses by 2013.

While the Saudis allegedly remained negotiable, the Turkish government and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan were playing another game.
NATO Enlargement, The Balkans and Russia
Wladimir Putin über die neue Weltordnung
Finally, The CIA Admits Covering Up JFK Assassination
Even if you have to wait over 50 years, eventually the truth will out... Suspicions that the CIA covered up JFK‘s murder have finally been confirmed, according to an explosive Politico report out this week. Fifty-two years after the President’s death,…
it only took 50 YEARS for our government to admit they covered up the JFK assassination. But most people will never realize this because THE MEDIA WILL GO ON PUBLISHING THE GOVERNMENT COVER STORY AS LONG AS WE ALLOW THEM TO DO SO!!!
Massive Fukushima Radiation Cover-Up: Government-Funded Scientists Now Claim Radiation Won't...
Michigan Health Department Hid Evidence of Health Harm Due to Lead Contaminated Water: Allowed...
After missing warning signs of spiking childhood lead poisoning that occurred a few months after switching to a corrosive river water source in 2014, outside pressure forced officials at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to closely scrutinize their data in July 2015. They d…

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