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February link Collection Part two

Will prepare a MH17 gallery with links soon

Opposition leader warns Turkey in process of ‘Pakistanization’
Turkey’s main opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu slammed the Justice »»
PNAC: Project for the New American Century
PNAC: Project for the New American Century as Reported in Sunday Herald
Global Eye -- Dark Passage
By Chris Floyd
Not since "Mein Kampf" has a geopolitical punch been so blatantly telegraphed, years ahead of the blow.
'Rebuilding America's Defenses' and the Project for the New American Century
by Bette Stockbauer
June 18, 2003
The New American Century
Libya slams US airstrike on Sabratha as flagrant violation of sovereignty
The interim government said that it values the foreign assistance it receives in the war on terror, but added that “any military or political interference into Libyan affairs should be performed in a legal way through parliament and the newly formed government.”
Airstrike in Libya: Did the US have the legal right against the ISIS camp
‘Risk of complete chaos’: Pentagon confirms airstrikes on ‘ISIS camp’
Mass Anti-NATO Protest Hits Serbia (VIDEO)
WATCH Up to 2,000 people have went out onto the streets of ‪#‎Belgrade‬ to express their opposition to ‪#‎Serbia‬'s cooperation with ‪#‎NATO‬.
PressTV-Russia jets at Armenia base near Turkey
Russia sends fighter jets to its airbase in Armenia near the border with Turkey.
 USA verlegen weitere 1000 Panzer nach Europa - Kriegsgefahr wächst
Deutsche Rüstungsexporte, die Flüchtlingswellen verursachen, verdoppeln sich auf fast 8 Mrd. €
Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire
Their Goal: The neoconservative agenda
Declassified Documents Expose Why 9/11 Happened and The Masterminds Behind it
The US Economy Has Not Recovered and Will Not Recover
The US economy died when middle class jobs were offshored and when the financial system was deregulated. Jobs offshoring benefitted Wall Street,…
<I said the same to optimists over four years ago, and it hasn't and it won't, because its all by design, not accident.
Your masters want to make your life as miserable as possible just before they chemically poison, starve you and possibly nuke you to death.
Psychopaths tend to be like that.>
Daesh Terrorists: A Multifunction Tool in Hands of Ankara, Riyadh, NATO
The West and its Mideast partners are playing deceiving Machiavellian games in Syria, F. William Engdahl told Sputnik, adding that Russia is in a most risky…
"Six members of the UN Security Council, including the US, UK and France, have voiced their objections to a Russian draft resolution aimed at restoring the sovereignty of the Middle Eastern state, fanning the flames."
What an irony!!.. The Western leaders who claim to be defending "Western values" are the BIGGEST defenders of the Saudi regime; the ONLY defender, of the "Wahhabi values", after ISIS!!...
You couldn't make it up!!...

US 'concerned' about Syrian Army & Kurdish Syria gains, urges stopping actions upsetting Turks
The US president has sided with Turkey and warned the Syrian Kurdish militia not…
<How do you degrade and defeat Isis? According to Obama, simply by not fighting them.>
Generalleutnant widerspricht BILD-Zeitung: "Russland ist nicht aggressiv und äußerst...
Der Kommandeur des Zentrums für Luftoperationen der Bundeswehr,…
Yemeni Army, Houthi forces overpower the Saudi Army in northern Yemen
The Yemeni Army's Republican Guard - alongside the Houthis and popular committees - clashed with the Saudi-led Coalition at the border-town of Mede on…
Has the Russian Military Just Forced Obama to Admit Defeat in Syria?
Ukraine wants to criminalize calling Russia ‘Russia’
Kievan Rus was a loose federation of Eastern Slavic and some Finnic tribes ruled by the Rurik dynasty, which rose and fell between late 9th and mid-13th centuries before its disintegrated parts finally fell to an invasion of Mongol warriors.
5,000 ISIS militants trained in Syria & Iraq walk free in Europe – Europol
Video of mob threatening, chanting at refugees shocks German officials
What Are Some Common Forms of Sexism That Men Face?
Bush-Linked Company Handled Security for the WTC, Dulles and United
The Real Sexism Project
NATO Warns Turkey It Won’t Support Ankara in Conflict With Russia
As tensions escalate between Turkey and Russia, NATO has warned Ankara that it will not take part in a war provoked by the Turkish government.
The New Global Financial Cold War
I think you could say that at the broadest level, the idea is to roll back the Enlightenment and restore feudalism. That may sound like an extreme statement, but people don’t realize how radical the TPP’sinvestment agreements are. For instance, when Australia raised the charges on cigarettes and included health warnings on the packs, Philip Morris sued, insisting that Australia pay it what Philip Morris would have made if people would have continued to smoke and get cancer at the existing rate.
How to Speak to the Brainwashed
Conventionalist Emotional Characteristic (CEC):
Neuer Kanzleramts-Auftrag: BND soll herausfinden, ob RT die Bundesrepublik "destabilisieren" will
Washington Supports the Terrorists in Syria: Obama’s Latest Putin Bashing Shows Desperation
Putin’s intervention last year in Syria was a geopolitical masterstroke – battling US-supported ISIS and other terrorist groups, halting their advance, systematically smashing them, confronting America’s regional imperial agenda, so far effectively foiling it.

Ousting Assad and installing a US-controlled puppet regime in Damascus is key to Washington’s aim for regional dominance, a vital step toward isolating Iran before attempting to overthrow its government belligerently, the same strategy used against Libya, Syria and elsewhere – raping and destroying countries to rule them, loot their resources and exploit their people.
Dutch investigators say no sat images of MH17 crash exist, enquiry could last years
Sanctions Can Be Applied to Russia but It Is Illegal to apply Sanctions to Israel -
Sanctions Can Be Applied to Russia but It Is Illegal to apply Sanctions to Israel In 2007 two distinguished…
A Dose of Dadaism to Call the Sultan/Saudi Bluff
*Dada  was an art movement that surfaced during World War I in Zurich in negative reaction to the war. The art, poetry and performances of the Dada artists is often nonsensical in order to convey their message.
Doctors Without Borders Syria Operation in the Crosshairs - nsnbc international
Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Doctors Without Borders (MSF) calls for an independent investigation into the air raid against an MSF supported hospital in Ma’arat Al…
Putin Has Just Put An End to the Wolfowitz Doctrine
Context of 'February 18, 1992: ’Wolfowitz Doctrine:’ Proposal Advocates US as World’s Lone Superpower'
March 8, 1992
U.S. Strategy Plan Calls for Insuring No Rivals Develop
A One-Superpower World
Around 150 Kurds Burned Alive by Turkish Military Forces in Sırnak Province
Did Russia Just Threaten Turkey With Nuclear Weapons?
The US investigative journalist Robert Parry has made an astonishing claim - and…
Turkish forces accused of burning alive 150 Kurds
Kurdish MP Feleknas Uca claimed burned bodies were found also found without heads in the district of Cizre, which has been under Turkish siege for several months.
War made easy: Helpful, ‘simple’ color chart ‘explains’ Syria conflict
It's not so complicated. The non-terrorists. The terrorists and their supporters. Various terrorists fighting among each other or fighting together.
‘Obama has a bee in the bonnet about Putin’ – Stephen Cohen
President Obama has a bee in his bonnet about Putin and he keeps denying the reality, says Professor Stephen F. Cohen, who wrote The Nation article ‘The…
<Washington and the Obama administration – has decided to quadruple its military forces on Russia’s borders or near Russia’s borders. ..Best I can remember, the last time there was this kind of Western hostile military force on Russia’s borders is when the Nazis invaded Russia in 1941. >
– the Russians are moving their heavy equipment to the western border, and more alarming - this includes tactical nuclear weapons, because the Russian doctrine is - this grows out of their weakness after the end of the Soviet Union – that if their state is threatened by overwhelming conventional force, they will use tactical nuclear weapons. -
WikiLeaks Cables Reveal US Gave Millions to Bolivian Separatists
Opinion polls about 9/11 conspiracy theories
US warplanes strike ISIS camp in Libya, killing more than 30 – report

<so they claim>
British Brimstone missiles in Syria are yet to kill any terrorists, MoD reveals
<Britain is very wise. They don't target useful terrorist but the oil infrastructure that will soon be in the hands of the Syrian government again. RAF targets only terrorists if they want to drop more supplies for them>
McAfee: I Will Decrypt Information on the San Bernardino Phone For Free
Using an obscure law, written in 1789 — the All Writs Act — the US government…
<The USA doesn't want to hand over the single phone to get the data. They want Apple to give them the means to decrypt every single phone.
If they just wanted the one phone no one would be hearing about it. They would have taken it to Apple privately, asked for the information without any questions..>
MSF admits withholding Syria hospital coordinates from Damascus & Moscow
Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) does not provide GPS coordinates of health facilities it supports in Syria to either Damascus or Moscow over fears of “deliberate” attacks, the medical charity said, blaming a recent strike on “probably” Syrian or Russian forces.
150 allegedly 'burned alive by Turkish military' during crackdown on Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)
CIA Admits Using MSM To Manipulate The USA (Video)
Can someone provide me with solid documentation of this quote by former CIA director William Colby:?
These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America
That's consolidated from 50 companies back in 1983.
PressTV-‘9/11 truth would take down US empire’
The truth about the September 11, 2001 terror attacks would take down the US as a global empire, an American scholar says.
US airstrikes in Afghanistan killing civilians at greatest rate for seven years, new figures...
UN and US data show leap in civilian casualty rate from airstrikes in Afghanistan.
<USA bombing and drone striking anywhere they like. Turkey flying and bombing in Iraq and abusing Greek sovereign airspace. Israel bombing of the open air prison they control in Gaza. Yet the fuckwit Obama is telling Russia to stop bombing the terrorists in Syria.

Since the war on terror was declared the USA have been murdering people from the sky for over a decade and a half. They need to be stopped?>
Russia Is Fed up With NATO-MSM Complex False Flag Attacks (Video)
The Russian MoD spokesman aptly exposed the total rubbish coming from the US military and western mass media
BBC lies and falsifies the news in an attempt to take the country to war
Published on Mar 25, 2014
Dozens of Turkish military vehicles cross Syria border, dig trenches – report
Turkish military has been intensely shelling Syrian Kurds despite UN Security Council (UNSC) warning on Tuesday which urged Ankara to comply with international law.
“Nur die türkische Regierung wusste von den Kliniken..” | The Vineyard Saker – Deutsche Version
Krieg, Nachrichten, Russland, Syrien, Video “Nur die türkische Regierung wusste von den Kliniken..” 18.…
Oregon man in possession of 13 million gallons of illicit rainwater sentenced to jail
An Oregon resident with three massive man-made ponds on his property is sentenced to 30 days in jail after being found guilty (again) of collecting rainwater wi
Syria frontline video: Army retakes last militant stronghold in Latakia province
US Missile Defense Agency can't defend homeland - Gov't report
US Missile Defense Agency can't defend homeland - Gov't report
Dirk Müller: Die "Angst" vor den dramatischen Verwerfungen 16.02.2016 Markus Lanz - Bananenrepublik
UK columnist: In Aleppo, the besiegers are now the besieged
Syrian Army soldiers loyal to President Bashar al-Assad take aim at rebels during a battle in Aleppo's al-Liramun neighbourhood. Photo AFP/Getty Images Peter…
Gang forging passports for ISIS busted near Moscow, 14 detained (FSB special op footage)
Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has arrested 14 suspects from an international criminal group…
Puolustusministeri: Yhdysvaltain panssarit harjoittelemaan Suomeen
– Yhdysvaltalaisia Stryker-rynnäkköpanssariajoneuvoja on tulossa Suomeen vajaat parikymmentä liittyen RU-harjoitukseen keväällä, puolustusministeri Jussi Niinistö…
Åland Islands
Turkey sending 5 trucks full of ammunition across the border into Syria, and into Jihadi hands
Istanbul pogrom
The Istanbul pogrom, also known as the Istanbul riots or September events (Greek: Σεπτεμβριανά Septemvriana, "Events of September"; Turkish: 6–7 Eylül Olayları, "Events of September 6–7"), was organized mob attacks directed primarily at Istanbul's Greek minority on 6–7 September 1955. The riots were orchestrated by the Tactical Mobilization Group, the seat of Operation Gladio's Turkish branch; the Counter-Guerrilla, and National Security Service, the precursor of today's National Intelligence Organization.[4] The events were triggered by the false news that the Turkish consulate in Thessaloniki, in northern Greece—the house where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk had been born in 1881—had been bombed the day before.[5] A bomb planted by a Turkish usher at the consulate, who was later arrested and confessed, incited the events. The Turkish press, conveying the news in Turkey, was silent about the arrest and instead insinuated that Greeks had set off the bomb.[6]
YPG We have no connection to Ankara, Turkey are preparing ground to attack Rojava
18th Feb 2016 The General Command of YPG (People's Defense Units) has released a statement in response to Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu who…
Turkey Escalates Proxy Invasion of Syria, Sends 500 Islamist Fighters to Stop Kurdish, SAA Advances
For the last few days, reports have been streaming in about Turkey allowing "moderate rebels" to cross its border into Syria in an attempt to stop the…
Me, Myself and Media #18: Das Ende der Hysterie?
Henry Kissinger came to Moscow to discuss new financial system with Putin
S&P downgrades Saudi Arabia over sliding oil prices
Obama, Syria: Present day War-Lords!
Iris scan tech allows refugees in Jordan receive food assistance in blink of an eye
An iris scan payment system has been launched by the UN World Food Programme (WFP) in Jordanian supermarkets to help Syrian refugees staying in migrant camps to conduct purchases at local shops using their eye instead of credit cards, cash, or vouchers.
Chechnya High Rise Burns For 29 Hours With No Collapse, WTC7?
On April 3rd Chechnya’s tallest building, a luxury hotel, caught fire and burned for 29 hours before finally being put out. The building is completely destroyed, however it did not collapse. This raises many questions as to how World Trade Center 7 could have collapsed on 9/11 with only small fires…
India Tests Nuclear-Capable Missile, US Looks the Other Way
And The Winner For The Most Iraq War Contracts Is . . . KBR, With $39.5 Billion In A Decade
A recent analysis that shed light on the companies that made money off the Iraq war named Houston's
Watch: Rand Paul claims Dick Cheney pushed to invade Iraq so Halliburton would profit
As the ex-veep blasts Paul for being an isolationist, old video shows the Kentucky senator charging that Cheney used 9/11 as an excuse to invade Iraq and benefit…
KenFM Me, Myself and Media #18: Das Ende der Hysterie?
Aleppo. FSA foltert Geiseln, die moderaten Rebellen des Tagesschau Kriegs-Propagandisten Volker Schwenck…
The Corruption In The U.S. Has Reached Insane Levels – Dave Kranzler
The U.S. financial and political system has become possibly the most corrupt system in recorded history. But even worse is the willingness of the American…
<I have to agree. When they are poisoning people through lack of infrastructure and the people responsible are earning from it, while also spending 20 years and one and a half trillion dollars, on the F35, that still doesn't work, that's insane.>
Turkey Wants ‘Secure Line’ 10km Inside Syria, Including Arms Smuggling Corridor
21WIRE | If you think Turkey is concerned with the safety of Syrians - think again.
'We have proof' Turkey backs ISIS & other terrorists – Kurdish commander
The Kurdish commander maintains that “Turkish authorities think this way: if 3 million Syrian Kurds gain independence, then 20 million Turkish Kurds would want to do the same immediately.”
Netherlands confirmed that only Ukraine had operating Buk systems that caused the tragedy with...
10th Feb./Donetsk/Novorossia Today. Deputy of the Parliament of the Netherlands Pieter Omtzigt reported following news in Twitter from the courtroom where the…
Chris Hedges and Jill Stein: The Whole Political System is a Scam, Part 1
Days of Revolt: The Problem
New evidence regarding MH17 from an independent journalist A. Sharij
<very importent info>
PressTV-Russia rejects no-fly zone in Syria
Russia rejects a proposal to creating a no-fly zone over Syria.
Amerikkalaisasiantuntija CNN:lle: Suomeen tulevat F-15-hävittäjät viesti Moskovalle
Yhdysvaltalaishävittäjien tämän kevään harjoitus Suomessa on noteerattu näyttävästi myös Pohjois-Amerikassa.
Obama in wonderland? US ‘schizophrenic’ on Syria as Kurds, govt forces advance
Libya Ruined and 'Humiliated' After NATO Invasion
According to Muammar Gaddafi’s cousin, Ahmed Gaddaf Al-Dam, the West used warships and missiles to protect bandits who now rule Libya. The NATO intervention plunged the country in a "vassal humiliated condition."
Report: Islamist-Leaning Free Syrian Army Faction Flees Aleppo -- News from
Report: Islamist-Leaning Free Syrian Army Faction Flees Aleppo | Group’s leader has fled to Turkey
Great Documentary - War in Donbass: Circles of hell (2nd part)
Great Documentary - War in Donbass: Circles of hell (1st part)
'Operation Sophia': WikiLeaks releases classified EU military op against refugee flows
WikiLeaks has released a classified report detailing the European Union's military operations against refugee flows in Europe.
IDF soldiers electrocute blindfolded Palestinian for fun, laugh while filming
Video Shows Virginia Cops Tasering Handcuffed Man 20 Times Until He Died
WARNING: Graphic video.
Video Shows Virginia Cops Tasering Handcuffed Man 20 Times Until He Died
WARNING: Graphic video.
Serbia and NATO: New Agreement and New Political Framework
Serbia has taken an important step towards NATO. The ratification of the agreement gives great opportunities for NATO to reinforce its presence in the Balkans.
<Imagine having been bombed and broken by NATO and then having to serve as a pathway for NATO to attack other countries. That is servitude.>
CTIVD (toezichthouder geheime diensten) bevestigt: volgens diensten had alleen Oekraine operationele BUK systemen in Oost Oekraine 17/7
 Review Report arising from the crash of flight MH17
On the request of the Minister of Interior and Kingdom Relations and the Minister of Defence, the Review Committee on the Intelligence and Security Services (the CTIVD) conducted an investigation into the role of the AIVD and the MIVD in the decision-making related to the security of flight routes. The Dutch Safety Board (the OVV) asked the ministers to submit this request to the CTIVD.
<MH-17 related>
Turkey wants ‘secure line’ created 10km within Syria, including Azaz - deputy PM
Syrian Army threatens the ISIS oil trade in Raqqa after capturing Jibab Marayta
On Tuesday evening, the Syrian Arab Army's 555th Brigade of the 4th Mechanized Division - backed by Liwaa Suqour Al-Sahra (Desert Hawks Brigade), Fouj Al-J
28 Palestinians Shot As Israeli Troops Raid Refugee Camp
The Israeli army did not give a reason for their raid in the camp, speaking only of "operational activity".
<ONE soldier injured by a rock..alert the Western media !!!!>
Larvicide Manufactured By Sumitomo, Not Zika Virus, True Cause Of Brazil's Microcephaly...
A group of Argentine physicians claim that the sudden microcephaly outbreak in…
Operation Barbarossa 2: American Occupation of Europe Intensifies | New Eastern Outlook
17.02.2016 Author: Christopher Black Operation Barbarossa 2: American Occupation of Europe Intensifies Column: Politics Region: Russia in the World On…
Blackwater Group abandons Taiz front in west Yemen: reports
The U.S. based Blackwater Group has reportedly abandoned the Ta'iz front in western Yemen after suffering heavy casualties over the last two months while f
Supreme Court admits British troops committed ‘mass murder’ – Malaya massacre lawyer
Relatives of ‘innocent’ Malayans slain by British troops in 1948 have lost their fight for an inquiry, but their lawyer says the UK courts have conceded ‘mass murder’…
Martti Ahtisarri: Advocate of imperialist intervention awarded Nobel Peace Prize - World...
Ahtisaari’s name became synonymous with the development of UN “plans for independence” that provided cover for imperialist interventions.
Ahtisaari’s Collusion With Albanian Mafia Confirmed Beyond Doubt -…
Serbipoliitikko syyttää Ahtisaarta lahjusten otosta |
Serbian parlamentin puhemies Oliver Dulic syyttää YK:n Kosovon erityislähettilästä Martti Ahtisaarta lahjusten otosta.
UN ‘conservative estimates’ show 700 children among 6,000 Yemen fatalities
“More than 35,000 casualties, including over 6,000 deaths, have been reported by health facilities across the country,” since last March, O'Brien said, adding that UN has confirmed that out of that number, 2,997 were civilians deaths, in addition to 5,659 that were injured as the result of the hostilities.
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Explained
The Origins of Totalitarianism
The Big Questions - Series 9 - Episode 6
9:48 to 13:32
The Big Questions - Series 9 - Episode 6
$37 screws, a $7,622 coffee maker, $640 toilet seats; : suppliers to our military just won't be oversold
July 30, 1986|JACK SMITH
‘Most-read’ article at Washington Post calls Israel ‘savage, unrepairable society’
Times change: A day after the formerly neoconservative Washington Post ran an article calling for boycott and sanctions against Israel written by two prestigious…
Flashback July 2015: Syrian Human Rights Front is MI6-Funded Fraud
‘NYT admits fraudulent Syrian human rights group is UK-based “one-man band” funded by EU and one other “European country.”April 12, 2013 (LD) – In reality, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has long ago been exposed as an absurd propaganda front operated by Rami Abdul Rahman out of his house in England’s countryside.
West Screams 'War Crimes' Just as Russia Sends CIA-Backed Terrorists Running Home
21WIRE | Fresh allegations have arisen accusing of Russia of war crimes, as the same bombs are eradicating Western-backed terror in Syria.
UNSC urges Turkey to 'comply with intl law' in Syria after Russia requests meeting
Turkey launched 100+ artillery strikes on Syrian towns in Aleppo – Russian military
 Both government and opposition-held towns in Syria over the border from Turkey have fallen under Ankara’s shelling that began last week, according the Russian Ministry of Defense.
Turkey’s artillery has fired more than 100 shells at bordering areas in the northwest province of Aleppo, targeting both Syrian government forces and the opposition, MoD spokesman Igor Konashenkov told reporters on Tuesday.
Last week Turkey started pounding Syrian Kurdish forces with fire in northern Syria in an apparent attempt to stop them from taking over the city of Azaz, Aleppo.
On Monday, at least 14 people were killed after missiles hit a children’s hospital, a school and other buildings, witnesses told Reuters. Ankara was quick to blame Russia for the strikes in Azaz.
Observer wants us all to forget 9/11 and embrace al Qaida as the friendly face of mass murder
Civilian casualties in Yemen as Saudi-led coalition uses US-made cluster bombs – HRW official to RT
Cluster munitions from the US have been used in at least five attacks by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, a Human Rights Watch representative told RT. At…
Data Shows Airstrikes on Syrian Hospital Launched by US-Led Coalition Jet
Airstrikes on a hospital affiliated with Doctors Without Borders, or Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF), and a children’s hospital in Syria were carried out by aircraft…
Facebook Shows Its REAL face – They Say They Are Banning David Icke And Deleting His Page With 700,000 Likes
Turkey Admits to Aiding Al Qaeda and ISIS
Turkish support for Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria has always been an open secret. Now it's an accepted fact
Russia has no ship in Caspian Sea that could hit Syrian hospital with ballistic missile – MoD
Russia has no ships in the Caspian Sea fleet that could have hit the Syrian…
“Messages about the allegedly destroyed hospitals and schools both in Azaz from February 10 and in Idlib from February 15 have the same master data: Gaziantep, Turkey”
Terrorists in Syria get arms via Turkey border: Russia
Unfriendly Skies: Turkey Prevents Greek PM Tsipras From Entering Airspace
London 'now the global money-laundering centre for the drug trade'
The City of London is the money-laundering centre of the world’s drug trade, according to an internationally acclaimed crime expert. UK banks and financial…
Criminal Offence? UK to ban Israeli West Bank goods boycotts
Britain’s Conservative government is to announce next week a law that would ban local councils, student unions and other public bodies form boycotting…
Keiser Report: Unintended Consequences of Economics Goals (E876)
Mainstream Media lies while Terrorist supporters cry
In Gaza
Interview with Patrick Henningsen on the Sunday Wire (RADIO) Feb 7, 2016, the Sunday Wire This week’s very special edition of THE SUNDAY WIRE is broadcasting LIVE, as host Patrick Henningsen returns this week with another very special show, covering the top news stories internationally. In the secon…
Philip Hammond: Obama Could End Erdogan's Shelling of Syria With One Phone Call (Video)
Actually Britain's foreign minister did not say that. What he actually said was: "There's one man on this planet who can end the civil war in Syria by making a…
Journalist Eva Bartlett: "I'm Back From Syria. The Media Is Lying To You!"
Civilian casualties in Yemen as Saudi-led coalition uses US-made cluster bombs – HRW official to RT
Cluster munitions from the US have been used in at least five attacks by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, a Human Rights Watch representative told RT. At least five civilians were injured, among them a mother and her three-year-old child.
Turkey shells Kurdish forces in Syria for 4th successive day
UK to Ban Public Bodies from Boycotting Israeli West Bank Goods
Britain’s Conservative government is to announce next week a law that would ban…
Kansalaisaloitepalvelu - Yle-vero on lakkautettava
Eduskunnan on ryhdyttävä asianmukaisiin toimenpiteisiin, jotta Yle-vero lakkautetaan. Jatkossa Yleisradio voi hankkia rahoituksensa esimerkiksi maksukortilla ja/tai mainoksilla. Lähtökohta on, että jos ei halua katsoa…
Kadyrow: Die Koalition versucht die Niederlage des ISIS und die Wiederherstellung des Friedens im Nahen Osten zu verhindern
Journalist Eva Bartlett: "I'm Back From Syria. The Media Is Lying To You!"
Erdogan in a Bind: What to Do With Jihadis Fleeing the Syrian Offensive?
Round them up and drop them off in a different part of Syria?
Housing benefit cuts to force 82,000 homes for the vulnerable to close
Channel 4 News 26 January 2016
A Syrian Breakthrough
Critical rebel corridor connecting rebels to Turkey closed - and everything else surrounding Syria developments this week
Erdogan uses ISIS to suppress Kurds, West stays silent – Turkish MP
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been using ISIS to advance his Middle East policy and suppress the Kurds, and Ankara’s elite maintains vibrant economic ties with the terror group and harbors its militants, a Turkish MP has told Russian media.
The Guardian Hits Rock Bottom: 'Putin Is a Bigger Threat to Europe Than ISIS'
The Guardian gives George Soros a platform to spew his predictable bile
Russian Diplomat Drops a Bombshell: US Expected ISIS to Seize Damascus by October
In an article in a British newspaper Russia's ambassador to the UK reveals the Russians were told by the Western powers that after the US proclaimed a no-fly zone ISIS would capture Damascus
    “Last summer we were told by our Western partners that in October Damascus would fall to IS (ie. the Islamic State - AM).
    What they were planning to do next we don’t know.  Probably, they would have ended up painting the extremists white and accepting them as a Sunni state straddling Iraq and Syria”.
Grootste presidentiële paleis ter wereld voor Erdogan
 Erdogan gaat verhuizen naar een immens complex in Ankara, dat 444 miljoen dollar zou hebben gekost.
Strikes on schools and hospitals in Syria 'war crimes'
Commenting on an agreement brokered last week by the US, Russia and other world powers for a temporary cessation of hostilities, Assad said: "Ceasefires occur between armies and states, but never between a state and terrorists."

"They say that they want a ceasefire within a week. All right, who will talk to a terrorist organisation if it refuses to cease fire? Who will punish it?"
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin was born Josef Vissarionovich Djugashvili on December 18, 1878, or December 6, 1878, according to the Old Style Julian calendar
<The West is demonizin Stalin to hide their own crimes>
The 'Race to Raqqa' - How Syria Intends to Fight It
Syria's likely campaign plan for the all important push into ISIS-helf eastern part of the country to preement Turkish/Saudi/US designs on that piece of Syria territory
What Turkey & Saudi Arabia Aim to Gain with Possible Ground Invasion in Syria
Φαιό Νταμάρι το Αιγαίο Το Παρέδωσε στο ΝΑΤΟ η Χούντα της Αθήνας. Ενας νέος μεσαίωνας ανατέλει
Turkey shells Syrian towns for 3 days running, has the gall to blame Russia for damage
"YPG elements were forced away from around Azaz. If they approach again they will see the harshest reaction. We will not allow Azaz to fall," Davutoglu told reporters aboard his plane bound for Ukraine, Reuters reported.
He said the Turkish military would render Syria's Menagh air base "unusable" if YPG forces do not retreat from the area, which they previously captured from Islamist militants. He warned the YPG not to move east of its Afrin region or west of the Euphrates River.
Comment: This is a blatant act of aggression against a sovereign nation, and blatant support for Islamic terrorists.
Israeli border police officer flips Palestinian man from wheelchair (VIDEO)
Syria hospital & school attacks kill dozens, ‘cast shadow’ on peace commitment – UN
Attacks on civilian infrastructures and hospitals in northern Syria reportedly left some 50 people dead on Monday. While Turkey accused Russia of perpetrating a “war crime” on its border, a Syrian ambassador blamed the US-led coalition for the destruction.
„Wir können die türkische Flotte innerhalb von ein paar Stunden zerstören“ – russischer Militärexperte
***Lügende Nazi Schweine*********
Thema: Krieg in Syrien | Ein Mann vom Fach, gegen drei Bürostuhl-Analysten
< Einer ist normal, der Rest ist Hirnkrank>
Georg Schramm: Die Farce des "Tornado-Einsatzes" in Syrien! Februar 2016
Erdogan uses ISIS to suppress Kurds, West stays silent – Turkish MP
“Erdogan uses ISIS [Islamic State/IS, also known as ISIS/ISIL] against the Kurds. He can’t send the Turkish Army directly to Syrian Kurdistan, but he can use ISIS as an instrument against the Kurds. He has a greater Ottoman Empire in his mind, that’s his dream, while ISIS is one of the instruments [to achieve it],” Selma Irmak, a Turkish MP from the Peace and Democracy Party told RIA Novosti on Monday.
There are many signs that the Turkish leadership is aiding Islamic State and benefiting from it, Irmak argued.
Die Türkei hat auf syrischem Gebiet “Flüchtlingslager” für ihre geschlagenen Al Qaeda- und...
“Wir haben überzeugende Beweise dafür, dass ein US-Hubschrauber in Albu Arim Palmen von der Stadt Falludscha landete, um die ISIL Führer herausnehmen, die…
Palestinian Groups Formally Submit Evidence Of Israeli War Crimes...
Four Palestinian human rights organisations have formally submitted evidence to…
Watch: Israeli soldier shot little girl, leave her bleeding - Days of Palestine
An Israeli occupation soldier shot on Sunday evening 13-year-old Palestinian girl…
‘Provocation’: Israel outraged over Spain’s Netanyahu arrest warrant
Israel wants to quash an arrest warrant prepared by a Spanish judge for Benjamin Netanyahu over the deadly 2010 IDF attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla that…
<Tony Blair, George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney could be added to that list. -  In fact, if you take in account how many innocent people has died from drone strikes green lighted by Barack Obama, one can put his name on the list as well. - AND Cameron, Sarkozy, Hollande, Fogg of War Rassmussen of NaziNato, Erdogan, the whole shower of shite in that depraved Saud harem, the Qatar vassals - pronounced 'Gutter', Jordan king more British than I am ...... and don't think Willing Merkel Germany innocent in all these neoColonial depopulation and devastation Wars oF Terrorism either .... plus the installed Kiev Knesset Poroshenko too >
Some 300 Militants, Trucks With Arms Move to Syria's Tel Rifaat From Turkey
Some 300 militants and trucks with ammo rushed from Turkey to the Syrian city of Tel Rifaat in Aleppo but their attempt was disrupted by airstrikes, a source said. Kurdish forces have been storming the city, besieged by terrorists.
WikiLeaks: US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia Planned to Overthrow Syrian Govt. in 2006
(MINTPRESS) Speaking from Ecuador’s embassy in London, Julian Assange revealed that the United
The Dirty War on Syria: Washington Supports the Islamic State (ISIS)
In nations with significant Muslim populations, much disdain for ISIS
Only 3 out of 58 detained suspects in Cologne sexual assaults are refugees – public prosecutor
Turkey ‘won’t let’ Azaz, Syria, fall to Kurdish militia, shells YPG targets for 3rd day
Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu said on Monday Ankara will not allow the town of Azaz in northern Syria to fall to the Kurdish YPG forces and promised the "harshest reaction," if the group attempts to re-take the city.
"YPG elements were forced away from around Azaz. If they approach again they will see the harshest reaction. We will not allow Azaz to fall," Davutoglu told reporters aboard his plane bound for Ukraine, Reuters reported.

He said the Turkish military would render Syria’s Menagh air base "unusable" if YPG forces do not retreat from the area, which they previously captured from Islamist militants. He warned the YPG not to move east of its Afrin region or west of the Euphrates River.
WFP Forced To Make Deeper Cuts In Food Assistance For Syrian Refugees Due To Lack Of Funding
WFP forced to cut food aid for Syrian refugees by half
In Lebanon, the WFP will provide refugees with $13.5 per month, also half of their initial entitlement, it said. It did not give a figure for the number of refugees in Lebanon that would be affected.
A WFP factsheet put the poverty line in Lebanon at $3.84 person a day.
The WFP said 95,000 refugees living inside camps in Jordan would continue to receive assistance at the full value of $28 per person per month.

It said the regional refugee operation continued to be "severely underfunded" and needed an immediate $168 million cash injection to continue supporting refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey and Iraq through October.
"Two of the smallest countries in the Middle East will now be hosting more than 1.5 million Syrians with little to no subsistence support," it said.
DER LETZTE AKT – Die Kriegserklärung der Globalisierer an alle Völker der Welt
Georg Schramm: Wir leben in einem großen Krieg! | 3sat 14.02.2016
Refugees in the middle East got their food money cut in half. The reason why they had to come to Europe.
Worker income ifference to CEO in the 50's 1to 25. Now 1 to 250 to 400
Saudi Troops into Syria: The “Gates of Hell” Will Be Open in the Coming Months. Three Possible Scenarios
Pentagon Holds Gala To Celebrate 25 Years Of Bombing Iraq
Russian Prime Minister Warns There Will Be A "Permanent World War" If Saudis Invade Syria
It’s a joke. We couldn't wish [for] more than that. If they can do it, then let them do it — but talking…
71st Anniversary of Dresden Fire Bombing: Allied War Crime Prelude to the Cold War
'Thank you Russia!' - Residents of Liberated Syrian Towns
The "Race To Raqqa" Is Quickly Intensifying. "Foreign Armies at Syria's Borders With the Intent...
This is a look at the larger picture of forces developing around Syria. Several foreign armies are…
Turkish forces cross into Syria: Damascus sends protest letter to UNSC --
The Damascus government says Turkish forces have entered war-torn northern Syria to help foreign-backed militants fighting against the government of…
Week Eighteen of the Russian Intervention in Syria: A Dramatic Escalation Appears Imminent
The situation in Syria has reached a watershed moment and a dramatic escalation of the war appears imminent. Let’s look again at how we reached this point.…
Civilians reported killed in Syria as Turkey shells Kurdish position for 2nd day (VIDEO)
At least two civilians were reportedly killed and several more injured in the village…
Während Kerry über Waffenstillstand redet, liefern Alliierte der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika Grad-Raketen an die Rebellen in Syrien
Wayne Madsen - Qaddafi’s Assassination Benefitted AFRICOM and ISIL > Qaddafi’s Assassination...
Wayne Madsen - Qaddafi’s Assassination Benefitted AFRICOM and ISIL. Africom. CIA. Pentagon. ISIS . Libya. US. Gaddafi. Strategic Culture Foundation
Scenarios of real war between Russia and Turkey
Keiser: Deutsche Bank ‘technically insolvent’, running a ‘ponzi scheme’
Students say they were locked up, starved, at pricey boarding school under FBI investigation
Turkey is the Source, Not Solution to ISIS and the Syrian Crisis
Bombing ‪#‎Syria‬. Day 2: ‪#‎Turkey‬’s forces attacked the towns of Marimin and Anab near the Afrin district of the Aleppo province
"The Salvador Option For Syria": US-NATO Sponsored Death Squads…
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov at Munich Security Conference
February 7, 2015
Syrian Authorities Seized Israeli Weapons - nsnbc international
nsnbc : Syrian authorities in Sweida, on Sunday, seized a vehicle loaded with…
A Russian Diplomat’s Take on the World
As the West’s mainstream media portrays Russia as a crazy rogue state, Moscow’s thoughtful critiques of world affairs are ignored, not fitting the propaganda theme. Such was the case when Foreign Minister Lavrov explained why there would be no more “business as usual” with the West, as Gilbert Doctorow describes.
Germany: FM Lavrov speaks at the Munich Security Conference *FULL VERSION*
Lavrov's Munich Q&A With NATO Bootlickers Was Brilliant
Lavrov was firing on all cylinders at the Munich Security Conference
Endgame: Russia Hits More Than 1,800 Targets in Syria in 7 Days; US Count? Just 16
Russia is the uncontested master of Syria's airspace. In a report posted this week on its website, Russia's Defense Ministry announced that over the last…
Civilian casualties in Afghanistan hits all time high – UN report
 The number of civilians killed or injured in Afghanistan in 2015 was the highest in the last seven years amid increased fighting between pro-government forces and insurgent groups, including the Taliban, the United Nations said in its annual report.
According to the UN’s 2015 Annual Report on Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict, the total number of civilian casualties recorded in the last year amounted to more than 11,000, including more than 3,500 deaths and almost 7,500 injuries.
Why Western Media Presents Footage of Russia's Strikes as US Coalition's
By claiming Russian anti-Daesh operations in Syria as their own, Western governments not only try desperately to hide from their own citizens the fact that…
Türkische Regierung: „Wir können Russland innerhalb von sieben Tagen besetzen“ - AWD News
„Seit dem Absturz des russischen „SU-24″ Bombers versucht Russland bei jeder denkbaren Gelegenheit die Türkei zu untergraben. Sicherlich verhält sich meine…
Spätestens seit Mitte des vergangenen Jahres ist zu beobachten, dass zunehmend Gerüchte über Asylsuchende in die Welt gesetzt und viral verbreitet werden. Von gewilderten Schwänen und geschändeten Gräbern - hier werden sie gesammelt.
Diese Karte entlarvt Gerüchte über Flüchtlinge
German 'hoax map' fights migrant myths
A German woman is trying to debunk false rumours and stories about migrants by creating an online "hoax map".
The map pinpoints locations where supposed incidents or crimes are said to have taken place, noting the date alongside a brief summary. It then provides a link to a subsequent news report in which the claims have been investigated and found to be false. There are 187 points marked across Germany so far, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reports.
Tämän takia Deutsche Bank voi olla sinunkin painajaisesi
Karu ennustus: Kone vie työn joka toiselta 30 vuodessa – "Mitä ihmiset tekevät?"
Ya'alon: Israelis secretly meeting with officials from Gulf states 'in closed rooms' - Middle...
Israeli defense minister's speech at Munich security conference turned into a confrontation with Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal, who responded: Handshakes with…
Volker Pispers über "gleichgeschaltete" Medien
The Guardian Hits Rock Bottom: 'Putin Is a Bigger Threat to Europe Than ISIS'
The Guardian gives George Soros a platform to spew his predictable bile
‘Terrorists facing endgame’: Are Turkey & West looking for pretext to start ground op against Assad?
As Syrian anti-Assad militants are getting desperate amid Damascus’…
Damascus Calls Turkey's Shelling of Syria 'Direct Support of Terrorists'
Turkey wasn't bombing the village when the jihadists of Al-Nusra were in control.
Turkish forces bombed a village and an airbase that were recently captured by Kurds, Al Mayadeen TV reported Saturday. Prior to being captured by the YPG, the village and the airbase belonged to al-Nusra Front terrorist organization.
The Reality Of Saudi Arabia Going To War: “They Will Lose 50% of Their Forces In The First Engagement”
Turkey shells Kurdish positions for 2nd day in northern Syria – reports
<Bad cop good cop game. The US tells Turkey to stop bombing the Kurds and Syrian army while secretly telling Turkey to keep on bombing.>
Iran Completes Eurasian Golden Triangle
Iran, Russia, and China now set to change the current Western course of wars and destruction in favor of cooperation, development, peace and prosperity
US urges Turkey to stop shelling Kurdish and Syrian forces
Kirby said Turkey and the Syrian Kurdish fighters should work together, as they both share a serious threat from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in northern Syria.
He said that Washington does not consider the Syrian Kurds terrorists. The comment prompted anger in Ankara. Turkey's Foreign Ministry summoned the US ambassador John Bass on Tuesday, expressing its “unease,” AFP reported.
Week Eighteen of the Russian Intervention in Syria: a dramatic escalation appears imminent
 the Russians have also launched a peace initiative.. It is obvious that Russian diplomats are doing everything they can to avert a war with Turkey.
Bush says Iraq had no WMDs
Uploaded on Aug 21, 2006
Eines verstehe ich nicht. Jahrelang "KÄMPFT" der Ami und andere gegen ISIS und erreichen nichts. Nun ist seit September der Russe dort und hat schon in einem halben Jahr große Gebiete zu rückerobert. Wozu nun noch Die Nato. Ach so na klar es geht ja nicht allein darum ISIS zu bekämpfen. Es gilt Stellung zu beziehen. Gegen Rußland.
US Caught Evacuating ISIS Leaders in Iraq
Stock Photo Editor’s note:  This was not Army but rather a CIA mission.  TEHRAN (FNA)- Senior Iraqi security sources lashed out at the US and its regional allies for supporting Takfiri terrorists in Iraq, and said that Washington is the main cause of…
Turkey is the Source, Not Solution to ISIS and the Syrian Crisis | New Eastern Outlook
14.02.2016 Author: Tony Cartalucci Turkey is the Source, Not Solution to ISIS and the Syrian Crisis Column: Society Region: Middle East Country: Syria A torrent of…
The "Race To Raqqa" Is Quickly Intensifying
Iran is ready to send as many men from its Revolutionary Guard and Quds brigades to Syria as are needed to sustain the governments fight. These folks salivate over the prospect of having some regular Saudi forces for breakfast.
Donald Trump sagte 9/11 ein Jahr vorher voraus
Trump hat die Aussenpolitik von Clinton über Bush bis Obama scharf kritisiert. Er sah nämlich im Jahre 2000 schon was die wirkliche Probleme der USA sind.

"Die grösste Bedrohung für unsere Sicherheit sind wir selber, weil wir arrogant sind. Gefährlich arrogant", warnte er. "Es ist Zeit für eine realistische Betrachtung der Welt und unser Platz darin. Verstehen wir wirklich die Gefahren vor denen wir stehen?"
The Real War Against Terror: Former US Allies Now Fighting CIA-Backed Rebels in Syria
The latest Michael Weiss hit piece (note that he isn't credited as the author, only…
Navajo Water Supply is Poisoned Worse Than Flint, but ‘No One Cares Because They’re Native American’
We recently reported on six other cities in Michigan, which have more lead poisoning in their city water supplies, than Flint. The Detroit News…
Dozens of guns, 20,000+ ammo seized from 2 Britons in Greece near Turkey border
The two suspects were driving a trailer loaded with more than a dozen guns of an unspecified type and well over 20,000 rounds of ammunition, the security official said. According to preliminary reports, the load included “3,357 handguns.” The number has not yet been confirmed by any other sources or official statements.
History supports McCain's stance on waterboarding
The Japanese were tried and convicted and hung for war crimes committed against American POWs. Among those charges for which they were convicted was waterboarding,"
I won’t vote for Bernie Sanders: His feeble position on Israel is a serious progressive problem
Bernie has run a smart campaign and I admire his economic platform. But his foreign policy lacks moral vision
Officer “Robocop” Sentenced To Up To 10 Years In Floyd Dent Beating
<Lets hope that this is a new trend is sentencing brutal police officers - let these criminal rot in jail - this is not the first time this cop is guilty of planting evidence, falsifying reports, and stealing seized cash and property along with his inhumane brutality>
US Condemns Assad’s Vow to Liberate Syria from Terrorists
The United States has condemned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s pledge to regain control of the entire country, saying there is no military solution to the…
***********good read*************************************
Turkey and Saudi Arabia: to fight or to flight?
"I don’t think that the term “opposition” can be used, in France or anywhere else in the world, to describe somebody carrying a weapon. Opposition is a political act." President Assad
UK columnist: In Aleppo, the besiegers are now the besieged
America’s Endless Wars
5 reasons to believe Turkey wants no peace in Syria
End NATO Now. “An Insanity that’s Driving the World Inexorably Toward World War III”
The continuation of NATO, after its counterpart the Warsaw Pact ended in 1991, is an insanity that’s driving the world inexorably toward World War III. The trigger for…
Keiser Report: Bail-ins more dangerous than ISIS (E875)
‘In Munich, Medvedev Tried to Reveal a Real World to Western Politicians’
Jimmy Carter Hands John McCain His Ass
Turkish military shells Kurdish targets in northern Syria – Turkish govt source
<Turkey has been the facilitator to supply American weaponry to the Sunni terrorists like ISIL, Al-Qaeda, Al Nusra and others trained, supported and re-supplied by the Evil Empire ( The nuclear armed terrorist state of Israel and its servile vassal state of America) !

The Kurds have been among the most efficacious forces besides Iranian troops and Hezbollah fighting against the Western backed Sunni terrorists operating in Syria. Therefore it is no wonder the NATO member Turkey wants to destroy them and the attack on the Turkish resident Kurds by Turkish forces validates Turkey wants to destroy them !>
Jimmy Carter unveils truth about Israel
Dahlia Wasfi ; America Under Israeli Occupation ( Everybody Must watch It)
List of people in both the Bible and the Quran
Former FBI Chief says 9/11 was inside job
What Happened to “World Trade Centre Building 7” on 9/11?
Former George Bush Chief Economist Says 911 Was An Inside Job Morgan O. Reynolds was a professor emeritus at Texas A&M University and former director of the…
Another Day, Another Billion for Color Revolutions Near Russia's Borders
Researcher illegally shares millions of science papers free online to spread knowledge
A researcher in Russia has made more than 48 million journal articles - almost every single peer-reviewed paper every published - freely available online. And…
Ken O'Keefe Dares To Say What Others Do Not
Published on Sep 4, 2014
While Kerry Talks Ceasefire, US Allies Secretly Ship Grad Missiles to Syria Rebels
photo The big news yesterday was that after some five hours of intense negotiation on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference , an...
Aleppo Before and After: Syrians Sick of War, Tired of 'Marauding' Rebels
Recalling that the city was also once a prosperous industrial hub, Gazdiev pointed to a video by the Eretz Zen Syria news channel showing "rebels moving heavy machinery across the Turkish border, apparently selling it, [saying] they 'liberated' this machinery – you know, stole it."
Syyrian armeija ei ole hyökännyt Aleppoon, vaan puolustaa sitä --
Syyrian konfliktin uutisoinnissa on nähty monenlaista vääristelyä, mutta haluan tässä ottaa voimakkaasti kantaa erityisesti yhteen näistä. Länsimaiset uutismediat esittävät viimeaikaiset Aleppon ympärillä tapahtuvat taistelut Syyrian armeijan...
Dmitry Medvedev’s interview for Handelsblatt, Germany
Putin Laughs Off Hilary Clintons Threat To Russia
<Hitlery warns Russia and China>
The Syria Proxy War against the Islamic State (ISIS) Has Reached its Climax. Military...
Saudi Arabia has announced that it will be dispatching troops to Syria. Washington’s strategy consists in spearheading a broader regional war by inciting Turkey, Saudi…
Washington’s strategy consists in spearheading a broader regional war by inciting Turkey, Saudi Arabia as well as Israel to do the “dirty work for us”.

Until recently, Syrian Government Forces together with their allies (Russia, Iran, Hezbollah) have been confronting so-called “opposition rebels” largely composed of “moderate” terrorists and mercenaries, with US-NATO intelligence and special forces forces operating covertly within their ranks.

The Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists and the Islamic State (ISIS) forces are supported by US-NATO-Israel and their Persian Gulf GCC allies. Turkey and Saudi Arabia, in close liaison with Washington have played a central role in the recruitment, training and financing of the terrorists.
Saudis Say Assad Must Go, Deploy Jets to Turkey: Joint Turkish-Saudi Assault on Syria Now Imminent
There will be no peace in Syria.Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir announced yesterday that for The Kingdom, the removal of Assad is…
Full transcript of President Assad’s interview with AFP
(Damascus, Syria) President Bashar Al-Assad sits down with Agence France‑Presse (AFP) to discuss the latest developments in Syria.
Saudi jets to fly missions in Syria from Turkish base
 Who exactly are the member Countries to the TPP & TTIP getting into bed with?
A Guide to understanding the World we live in - a World of Oppression, Exploitation, Terrorism, Wars, Death & Destruction!
Election 2016: Left, Right Or Center, All Major Candidates Toe The Line On Palestine
The pickings are slim for voters looking for a presidential candidate who isn’t looking to maintain the status quo in Israel-U.S. relations, not to mention one actively opposed to Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine.
We don't hold any political sacred cows. “I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I'm a human being, first and foremost, and as such I'm for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.” - Malcolm X
PressTV-Israel razes over 40 Palestinian homes
Israeli military forces have destroyed over 40 Palestinian houses and residential structures in the northeastern part of the occupied West Bank.
President al-Assad speaks to AFP on Syrian and regional developments
Russia accuses the US of bombing Aleppo
"Just before 2 pm Moscow time (1100 GMT on Wednesday), two US Air Force A-10s flew into Syrian airspace from Turkish territory," defense ministry spokesman
That Time Ronald Reagan opened Iran and Illegally sold Khomeini Weapons
The other problem was that Reagan wanted to roll back leftist movements in Nicaragua and El Salvador. In Nicaragua the Sandinista leftists came to power. Reagan wanted to support right wing death squads known as contras. In 1982, however, the Congress enacted the Boland Amendment, which forbade Reagan to spend US government money on right wing militias in Central America.
At the same time, to prolong the war and make sure no regional power obtained an absolute victory, Reagan shared satellite photos of Iraqi positions with Iran.
In return for the American weapons, Iran agreed to pressure the Lebanese Shiites to let US hostages go, solving a PR problem for the US Republican Party.
Russia Delivers Large Shipment Of "Pantsir-S1" to Iraq
Home > Russia > Russia Delivers Large Shipment Of "Pantsir-S1" to Iraq Iraq News Pantsir Russia Russia Delivers Large Shipment Of "Pantsir-S1" to Iraq Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ 12th February, 2016 Lenta Russia has…
‘Too cold, bad food, tired of waiting’: 1000s of Iraqi refugees cancel plans for Finnish asylum
Our brain sabotages all efforts at breaking bad habits, Johns Hopkins study finds
“There’s something about past reward association that’s still causing a dopamine release. That stimulus has become incorporated into the reward system,” Courtney says.
U.S. Senators : We've been funding ISIS all the time.
Caught: BBC Fabricates Syria Holocaust Hoax
Caught: BBC Fabricates Syria Holocaust Hoax BBC hides behind term “Warring Parties” to blame Damascus for ISIS slaughter By Gordon Duff Veterans Today courtesy of David Ic…
BBC News Caught Staging FAKE Chemical Attack In Syria!
Kissinger, Albright and Brzezinski: A guide for Millennials
 Sanders called Kissinger “one of the most destructive secretaries of state” in modern US history, while describing his actions in Southeast Asia as “one of the worst genocides in the history of the world.”

While Clinton struggled to explain why she valued Kissinger’s advice and friendship, many younger voters struggled to understand who Henry Kissinger even was – or why they should care. The hashtag #whoisHenryKissinger appeared on Twitter.
Creating buffer zone? Turkey sets up refugee camps inside Syria
Creating buffer zone? Turkey sets up refugee camps inside Syria
Assad says sees risk of Turkey, Saudi Arabia invading Syria
<The biggest terrorist supporters ( Turkey and Saudi Arabia ) are now threatening to finish the job their terrorists could not finish. The number one terrorist state ( USA ) is backing them up. Russia knows the Wolfowitz doctrine.>
Worried about the return of fascism? Six things a dissenter can do in 2016
Commentary misses the point: the legitimacy of Trump or Le Pen comes not from the sudden appeal of a new brand of right-wing populism, but their legitimisation…
ISIS used chemical weapons, may have more - CIA chief
Puolustusvaliokunnan jäsen väittää: Yhdysvallat kutsui itse itsensä taisteluharjoitukseen
Markus Mustajärvi kertoo selvittäneensä itse, kuka esitti kutsun. Amerikkalaishävittäjät ovat tulossa toukokuussa Kuopion liepeille harjoitukseen.
CrossTalk on Syria: Assad Will Win
Pivot to Nowhere as the World Awaits the Next Big Crisis
Liberation of Aleppo: What the Western Media is Shy About Showing
Russia Has Destroyed the CIA's Arms Smuggling Operation in Syria
But the US has been outplayed in Syria. Period. The CIA will have to go crawling back to Langley with its tail between its legs -- until it finds a new country to destabilize. Maybe Turkey?
Russland hält Versprechen und belegt: "USA bombardiert Aleppo, während sie uns dafür beschuldigen"
Schäuble warnt überraschend deutlich vor Schulden-Crash in Deutschland
Wolfgang Schäuble schlägt alarmistische Töne an: Die deutschen Schulden laufen aus dem Ruder. Die Warnung Schäubles zeigt: Deutschland lebt über seine…
< Ja klar, wieder das Gejammer, um dem letzten Rest von Sozialstaat den Garaus zu machen, Herr Schäuble. Same procedure as every year. Aber mal daran zu denken, Großkonzerne zu besteuern, Finanztransaktionssteuer einzurichten und mehr Steuerfahnder zu den Reichen und Stinkreichen zu schicken - völlige Fehlanzeige. Und wie viel Kohle hat Mutti Merkel dieses Jahr schon in ukrainische Faschistenärsche gesteckt? Auch kein Thema, nicht wahr? Was für ein mieser ekelhafter krimineller Schrat, dieser Schäuble!>
Richard David Precht: Die "Knalltüte" Rasmussen - Maybrit Illner 04.09.2014 - die Bananenrepublik
Verdammt gefährliche Freunde
<Die Macht ist in Washington>
Putins neues Russland - Maybrit Illner ZDF - 04.09.2014
<propaganda for the most part>
Putin: Die ukrainische Armee ist eine Fremdenlegion der NATO - Panorama 29.01.2015 - Bananenrepublik
Top Russian law enforcer proposes int’l coalition to fight ‘US dictatorship’ and currency dominance
peaking at a roundtable in Moscow, Bastrykin said that the world urgently needed a new system of checks and balances that would allow equal representation of all nations on the international political arena.

He said an alliance of countries was needed which could act in concert as “a feasible pole to counter the dictatorship imposed by the Americans together with their Western allies,” according to the minutes of the roundtable published on the Investigative Committee’s website.
Ukraine: Scharfe Kritik v. Richard David Precht + Harald Kujat an NATO, Gauck und andere
Welches Gemüse nebeneinander pflanzen
What Medvedev never said: Reuters misquotes Russian PM on ‘new world war’
A Reuters article quoted Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev as “raising the specter of a world war” in an interview to a German newspaper. The problem is – he didn’t say any such words.
Russia’s PM Medvedev Warns of New World War if US, Arab Troops Invade Syria
In Syria, If You Can't Find Moderates, Dress Up Some Extremists - nsnbc international
Upon reading the increasingly desperate headlines pumped out by the Western media as Western-backed terrorist forces begin to fold under an effective joint…
<That's the story of the "Syrian revolution"! Abu Mohammad alJolani of Jabhat alNusra_alQaida admitted he came to Syria from Iraq, in the SUMMER of 2011. That's 3-6 months after the start of the "peaceful protests".....>
NATO kreuzt in Ägäis - junge Welt -
Verteidigungsminister beschließen sofortigen Marineeinsatz im Mittelmeer unter deutschem Kommando
Saudi Army will enter Syria: official
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has confirmed that it will deploy ground troops to Syria in order to combat the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS).
According to the Saudi owned news service “Al-Arabiya”, the Al-Saud regime’s decision to deploy troops is final and will be part of a much larger coalition to combat ISIS.
<We have seen how Saudi Arabia is "combating" ISIS in Yemen. By bombing hose who fight against ISIS.>
UK rejects Russia offer for anti-ISIL strikes
The UK has declined an offer by Russia to cooperate in the determination of targets for strikes against ISIL and other terrorist groups in Syria.
Maischberger-Talk mit Yanis Varoufakis, Sahra Wagenknecht und Linder 10.02.2016 - Bananenrepublik
China plans to open 1st ‘meltdown-free’ nuclear power plant by 2017
‘Upsurge in violence’: UN rights envoy decries Israel’s ‘excessive force’ toward Palestinians
‘There is no justice here’ – Russian pilot jailed in US tells of kidnap, torture & lies
Abu Mohammad al-Julani
Report: Syria war death toll at 470,000
Dark Legacy - JFK and 9-11 (short version)
Saudi-Arabien gegen den Iran: Die Erdöl-Tektonik von Qatif
Die Eskalation hat einen Höhepunkt erreicht mit dem Massenmord von iranischen Pilgern in Mekka, nach Riad ein einfacher Unfall, für den Iran ein vorsätzlicher Mord an 500 Personen unter welchen sich auch der Ex-Botschafter des iran im Libanon befand
JFK Jr. Told The World Who Murdered His Father.. But Nobody Was Paying Attention
Hunt's Deathbed Confession
Reveals JFK Killers
The Last Confession Of E. Howard Hunt -
US government/CIA team murdered JFK
dark legacy trailer
Russian PM warns US, Saudis against starting ‘permanent war’ with ground intervention in Syria
“All sides must be compelled to sit at the negotiating table, instead of unleashing yet another war on Earth,” Medvedev told Germany’s Handelsblatt newspaper. “Any kinds of land operations, as a rule, lead to a permanent war. Look at what’s happened in Afghanistan and a number of other countries. I am not even going to bring up poor Libya.”
Der Tag der Enten | The Vineyard Saker – Deutsche Version
Analyse, Deutschland, Russland, Syrien Der Tag der Enten 12. Februar 2016 Dagmar Henn 1 Kommentar An manchen Tagen fliegen sie nicht weit, die…
US Bombed Aleppo, Then Blamed Russia For Destroying Two Hospitals
21WIRE | There is growing outrage from Russia aimed at these baseless allegations.
Report: Syria war death toll at 470,000
A recent report has disclosed that the number of people who have lost their lives as a result of nearly five years of foreign-sponsored conflict in Syria is far higher than the total figure released by the United Nations.
One-Pager on Latest Developments in Russia
 the USA is actually now deadlier for reporters than Russia; the murder rate in Washington is six times Moscow's.
Aleppo Terrorists Lay down Arms, Cooperate with Syria Government: Russia
Aleppo Terrorists Lay down Arms, Cooperate with Syria Government: Russia Moscow says some opposition groups in the Syrian city of Aleppo are breaking…
Syria crisis plan: Cessation of hostilities, humanitarian airdrops, peace talks laid out in Munich
<Russia!Stop the "hostilities"! You are killing NATO's terrorists!>
NATO sends warships to Aegean Sea to combat migrant trafficking
Russell Brand Calls The Queen By Her Family Name And The Media Goes Crazy!
“Mrs Saxe-Coburg-Gotha”!! No wonder they fucking changed it. It’s the most German thing I’ve ever heard – she might’ve well as been called “Mrs Bratwurst-Kraut-Nazi”.
US-Kampfflugzeuge bomben Aleppo – Aber in Westmedien wird "der Russe" dafür verantwortlich gemacht
UK Column News 11th January 2016 Pt 3of3
UK Column News 11th February 2016 Pt 1of3
UK Column News 11th February 2016 Pt 2of3
Syrian Christian Girls Train to Defend Their Homes from US-Backed 'Moderate' Rebels (Video)
Here you can see the difference between secular Syria and its Islamist enemies. ISIS uses women as jihadi wives or suicide bombers, while these Christian Arab…
Erdogan threatens Europe with new migrant wave, renews calls for no-fly zone in Syria
<Once Erdogan stops his support for terrorists, the war would be over within a few months. Most Syrians would return.>
Turkey's Military Intervention in Syria (Video)
South Front with a comprehensive explanation of Turkey's potential intervention in Syria.
Adding ‘insult to homicide’: Cleveland asks Tamir Rice’s family to pay $500 ambulance bill
Sickening: Syrian opposition group reportedly claims missile attack on Assad's mother's funeral
Syrian president survived alleged assassination attempt, but 4 of his convoy members were killed in the attack, when Grad missiles launched by the opposition faction hit the convoy.
<most likelly by Israel>
NASA Finally Admits Not Going To The Moon!
Navalny wants to sue Putin over alleged conflict of interests
Kirill Shamalov is married to Katerina Tikhonova . Katerina has neither her fathers ( Putin) surname nor her husbands.
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir and Lyudmila Putin welcomed their first daughter, Maria. Their second daughter, Katerina, was born in 1986, in Dresden
WATCH: US Air Force General Faints During Press Briefing
The news conference was to discuss the Air Force’s fiscal 2017 budget, Martin is the deputy assistant secretary for budget under the Air Force’s Financial Management and Comptroller office. Martin was in the middle of discussing the funding for their F-35 fighter jet program.
Revealed: The thousands of former child refugees deported to Afghanistan and Iraq - The Bureau...
Hundreds of teenagers who have lived for years in the UK are being sent back to countries where Isis and Taliban militants are rampant.
Kova väite: pääministeri Jyrki Kataisella salattu päämäärä Suomen EU-neuvottelijana
Esko Seppäsen tuoreessa kirjassa tulilinjalle joutuvat entiset pääministerit Matti Vanhanen (kesk) ja Jyrki Katainen (kok).
Losing the War, Blame Russia
(Finian Cunningham, SputnikNews) ~ Western politicians, media and the Turkish regime are full of it. The latest wave of refugees on the Syrian-Turkish border are, we are told, terrified civilians f...
‘Black Days of Ukraine’: Sputnik Airs Emotionally Powerful Documentary
Two-thirds of US shale oil rigs shut down – Total CEO
"Since March 2015 we are witnessing a decline in oil shale output in the United States, which has been reduced by 500,000 barrels per day. We don’t know how fast it will fall but we know that two-thirds of drilling rigs is no more working there," Pouyanne said on Thursday at the International Petroleum Week forum.
'Covered in Blood': Kurdish Activist Recounts Beatings by French Police
A participant in a pro-Kurdish protest against killing in Turkey prompted a harsh…
Leaked documents reveal Erdogan blackmailed EU for $30 billion over migrant crisis
‘Acts of terror’: HSBC faces lawsuit over laundering of Mexican drug money
The DNC Just Screwed Over Bernie Sanders and Spit in Voters’ Faces
You may have heard of superdelegates before today, but you may not have realized how antithetical the idea is to democracy itself until now.
Bernie Sanders took 60% of the popular vote among the Democratic race on Tuesday, but because of the delegate process, Bernie Sanders will leave with a minimum of 13 delegates, but very likely 15. At the same time, challenger Hillary Clinton (who lost by more than a 20-point margin among the electorate) also walks aways with 15.
"Malformations detected in thousands of children from pregnant women living in areas where the Brazilian state added Pyriproxyfen to drinking water
are not a coincidence, even though the Ministry of Health places a direct blame on the Zika virus for this damage."
ISIS militants shave beards, dress as women to escape Ramadi - ARA News
ARA News ERBIL – The Iraqi security said on wednesday that its forces have arrested a group of militants from the Islamic State (ISIS) after trying to flee the…
US A-10s bombed city of Aleppo on Wednesday, shifted blame onto Moscow – Russian military
“If you look at how Western media presents information, it looks like the cities not controlled by the Syrian government are full of peaceful opposition and human rights activists,” the spokesman said.
The MoD spokesman shared with the media about wholesale desertion among the terrorists in Aleppo. The jihadists intimidate local civilians and force them to walk en masse towards the Turkish border, while the militants try to melt into the crowd.

“They know for sure that neither the Russian Air Force nor the Syrian government troops ever deliver strikes on non-combatants,” Konashenkov said.
Moskau: Westen zeigt alte Ruinen-Bilder Aleppos als neue Zerstörungen durch Russland
"It's Worse Than 2008": CEO Of World's Largest Shipping Company Delivers Dire Assessment Of Global Economy
The myth of 'moderate terrorists': Deconstructing the NATO narrative on Syria
10 Oct 2015
     The UN estimates 220,000 deaths thus far in the Syrian war. But almost half are Syrian army soldiers or allied local militia fighters, and two thirds are combatants if we count opposition fighters. Either way, the ratio of civilian to military casualties is roughly 1:2, given that the opposition is also inflicting civilian casualties. Compare that to the roughly 3:1 ratio in the US war in Iraq and 4:1 in the Israeli attack on Gaza in 2008-9. (The rate of Palestinian to Israeli casualties was an astronomical 100:1.)
The Dirty War on Syria - Part 1 by Unusual Sources
Brendan interviews Tim Anderson about his important new book, 'The Dirty War on Syria,' which addresses the monumental lies and profound propaganda that…
Democracy in America: The World’s Greatest Hoax
America is a one-party state with two wings, in lockstep on major issues mattering most.
NATO boosts Eastern Europe force & drills, ignoring Russia’s calls
ISIS leaders remain in close contact with Ankara – Lavrov
The leaders of Islamic State maintain a constant liaison with the Turkish…
Red Crescent convoy to Madaya attacked near Damascus – ICRC

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