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Link Collection March Part Two

Iraqi Shiite militias say US troops ‘forces of occupation,’ demand withdrawal
 Iran-backed Shiite militia forces in Iraq have strongly opposed new US troops deployed in the country. The militias warned that if Washington does not withdraw its forces "immediately," they will deal with them "as forces of occupation."

The US military are "making a new suspicious attempt to restore their presence in the country under the pretext of fighting their own creation, Daesh [acronym for Islamic State, IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL]," the Asaib Ahl al-Haq militia said on its TV channel, al-Ahd on Monday, as quoted by Reuters.
Senior Merkel Ally Warns EU-Turkey Deal Could Lead to Kurdish Exodus
One of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition party's most senior politicians has warned that the deal brokered between the EU and Ankara over refugees…
Here are 9 reasons Denmark's socialist economy leaves the US in the dust
#5. Denmark pays students $900 a month to attend college.
The Eurozone crisis: three perspectives on asymmetries between center and periphery
1-20-18 flassbeck after 15 min 30 sec.
Ukrainian pilot Savchenko guilty of Russian journalists’ murder, illegal border crossing - court
Pentagon Says New Effort to Train Syrian Rebels to Consider ‘Prior Lessons’
Addicted to War: The Seductive Myths of Militarism
An ever-deepening militarization threatens to hollow out democracy and leave the country isolated and bankrupt, morally and economically.
George Washington could hardly be called naive about the use of military power. Yet, in his presidential farewell address, the general-turned-political leader issued a warning that would be wise to reconsider since the United States began pursuing a foreign policy based on preventive war and a crusade to spread democratic capitalism worldwide. Citizens should be wary, Washington explained, of “those overgrown military establishments which, under any form of government, are inauspicious to liberty, and which are to be regarded as particularly hostile to republican liberty.”
Wikileaks Reveals Clinton's Plan to Overthrow Assad to Help Israel » The Event Chronicle
UN condemns open expression of support for Nazis following Waffen SS march in Latvia | Donbass...
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon supports people’s right to assembly but condemns any open expression of support for the Nazis and the crimes they…
During Obama’s Presidency Wealth Inequality has Increased and Poverty Levels are Higher
41 men targeted but 1,147 people killed: US drone strikes – the facts on the ground
The Obama Administration's Drone-Strike Dissembling
Debunking John Brennan’s claim that “the president requires near-certainty of no collateral damage” to allow a drone killing to go forward.
Why the disparity between what American officials claim and what others report? The New York Times provided a first clue back in 2012, when it reported that the U.S. “in effect counts all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants, according to several administration officials, unless there is explicit intelligence posthumously proving them innocent."
Obama-led drone strikes kill innocents 90% of the time: report
Libya: Civil War Casualties Could Reach 100,000
October 26, 2011 11:35 BST
Death Toll From War in Syria Now 470,000, Group Finds
Incredible facial reenactment tech manipulates Putin, Trump videos in real time (VIDEO)
„Europäische Werte“ – Die Heuchler in der ersten Reihe
Immer wieder werden von Politikern und Medien die ominösen "europäischen Werte" hervorgehoben, die es doch zu verteidigen gelte. Vor allem jetzt im Zuge der Flüchtlingskrise. Dabei werden diese, welche man als solche bezeichnet, ohnehin stets mit Füßen getreten.
Die große Falle
Die offizielle Oberfläche der „Flüchtlingskrise“ ist die einer humanitären Großtat. Deutschland, der sonst so unerbittliche Hegemon der EU, erklärte sich plötzlich bereit, eine große Zahl Flüchtlinge aufzunehmen. Hunderttausende strömten ins Land und werden seither irgendwo, irgendwie untergebracht und versorgt.
Für die Länder entlang der Route ist das eine höchst bedrängende Situation, durch die tatsächlich ihre Souveränität ernsthaft bedroht wird. Diese Bedrohung wiederum erzwingt eine Kooperation mit Erdogan und seinen Kriegsplänen, mit offensichtlichem Segen aus Berlin. Sprich, die ganze Folge der Ereignisse ist von den Manövern gegen Syrien nicht zu trennen, sie ist ein Teil der imperialistischen Aggression, und die Flüchtlinge sind die Druckmasse, mit der Merkel die übrigen Länder Europas an ihre Pläne binden will, die noch weit inniger mit der wahabitischen Koalition Türkei/Saudi-Arabien verstrickt sind, als selbst jene der USA. Kein Wunder, dass gerade zu diesem Zeitpunkt neue Waffenlieferungen an Saudi-Arabien genehmigt wurden.
Is There a US-Russian Grand Bargain in Syria?
Russia's achievement in Syria 'prefigures a major geopolitical shift, where NATO is not the only game in town anymore'
Das Ende des Euro kommt 2017
Heiner Flassbeck: Die Eurokrise und die Rolle Deutschlands – Musterland der Eurozone? 2015
Das Musterland der Eurozone - Heiner Flassbeck 2015 - Bananenrepublik
Malcolm X - The House Negro and the Field Negro
US deploys more troops on the ground in Iraq to fight ISIS
Israeli Terrorists Burn Home of Only Witness to July 2015 Duma Arson, Killing 18 Month Baby and...
NABLUS, (PIC)--  Israeli suspects on Sunday overnight burned down the home Ibrahim Dawabsheh, the key-witness to the notorious Duma arson attack. A PIC…
Fortum ja Metsähallitus myyvät Kittilän ja Sodankylän tuulivoiman Englantiin
Fortum ja Metsähallitus myyvät Kuolavaara-Keulakkopään ja Joukhaisselän tuulivoimahankkeensa englantilaiselle sijoitusrahastolle. Kohteet sijaitsevat…
Dangerous Route: Why Turkey-EU Deal on Refugees Makes No Sense
All irregular migrants that are currently staying in Greece, will be returned to…
Unnoticed sensation: Only Ukraine could bring down MH17 | Donbass International News Agency
The deputy of the parliament of the Netherlands Pieter Omtzigt (CDA) reported that during the closed hearings concerning the investigation of Malaysian Boeing…
The US Just Admitted the 14 Airmen in Charge of 150 Nuclear Missiles — are Coke & Molly Addicts
Fourteen airmen responsible for guarding 150 U.S. nuclear weapons are under…
einartysken: Washingtons Wutgeheul gegen Brasiliens Dilma und Lula ist grenzenlos
Istanbul suicide bomber linked to ISIS – Turkish interior minister
Demonstrationen gegen drohenden Putsch in Brasilien
Hunderttausende stärken Regierung von Präsidentin Dilma Rousseff den Rücken. Politische Krise verschärft sich weiter. Konflikt der Staatsgewalten
‘For a Song’: Turks Buying Up Migrants’ Property in Syria
Turkish citizens are buying up the property of Syrians who leave the country for…
History as Propaganda: Why the USSR Did Not ‘Win’ World War II (I)
The title of this article is intended to be ironic because of course the Red Army did play the predominant role in destroying Nazi Germany during World War II. You would not know it, however, reading the western Mainstream Media (MSM), or watching television, or going to the cinema in the west where the Soviet role in the war has almost entirely disappeared.
Not Coming Home: What Russian Hardware Stays in Syria After Pullout and Why
Nearly 20 Russian combat aircraft, an air defense system and some 2,000 personnel will stay at Hmeymim airbase in Syria. According to experts, the…
Wer ist größerer Rassist? Obama oder Trump?
SWAT Starts Standoff With 76-Year-Old Unconscious Grandpa in Diabetic Shock and Kills Him
A family has filed a wrongful death suit after their father was killed by a SWAT team as he lay unconscious in his vehicle.
Greece starts evacuation of 6,000 refugees from islands per EU deal
<‘Don’t trade refugees!’ EU outsourcing human rights obligations to brutal Turkish regime – NGOs >
NYPD Cops Arrests Trump Protesters For Having ‘No Permit To Protest’ On Public Property
Thousands of protesters just gathered in front of one of Donald Trump’s signature…
<The empires spinn doctors>
See article below.
By Prof. Tim Anderson
The Dirty War on Syria: Barrel Bombs, Partisan Sources and War Propaganda
Their methods are rather opaque. The British group carries out polls in Syria by employing small numbers of Syrians with whom they communicate by phone and internet. These local agents are then trained to select and interview small groups of people across Syria. ORB provides little information on how they select their agents or on how those people, in turn, select their interviewees.

They simply assert that their poll was representative. The mid-2014 poll claimed to have that found that 4% of Syrians said the [Saudi Arabia-backed Islamist group] ISIS/Daesh ‘best represented the interests and aspirations of the Syrian people’ (ORB 2014). ISIL was, by then, the most prominent armed anti-Government group. That result (4% support) does seemed plausible, and not inconsistent with other information. But its reliability is undermined by the implausibly high level of support for foreign military intervention. A further anomaly is that the ORB poll of July 2015 showed ISIL to be viewed positively by 21% of Syrians (ORB 2015: Table 3). Although this was not exactly the same question, the difference between these figures (4% and 21%) is huge and hardly explicable by anything that had occurred between 2014 and 2015. No-one else has suggested that the fanatics of ISIL-Daesh are anything close to that popular. The 35% ‘net positive view’ of the terrorist group Jabhat al Nusra (ORB 2015), notorious for its suicide truck bombings and beheadings is also implausible. Indeed, how could one third of any society view ‘positively’ these terrorist organisations, best known for their atrocities? Something is very wrong here.
For the same reason, when the Qatari monarchy (which has
invested billions of dollars in the armed attacks on Syria)
presents an anonymous, paid witness ‘Caesar’, with photos of
numerous dead and tortured bodies, blaming the Syrian Army for
‘industrial scale killing’ (O’Toole 2014; Jalabi 2015), it
should be plain that that ‘evidence’ is partisan and
unreliable (Smith-Spark 2014; MMM 2014). The fact that this
story was presented by a belligerent party just before a
Geneva peace conference should give further cause for
Turkish coastguard 'attacks boat packed with refugees'
The Turkish coastguard attacked a flimsy dinghy packed with men, women and children in a bid to prevent it reaching Greece, it has been claimed. Footage filmed by Channel 4 News in the Aegean appeared to show members of the coastguard…
Jasmine Saadat - Syria: Five Years of War
Tim Anderson - Syria: Five Years of War
In Memory Of The 50 Million Victims Of The Orthodox Christian Holocaust
During 1894-1923 the Ottoman Empire conducted a policy of Genocide of the Christian population living within its extensive territory.  The Sultan, Abdul Hamid, first put forth an official governmental policy of genocide against the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire in 1894.

Systematic massacres took place in 1894-1896 when Abdul savagely killed 300,000 Armenians throughout the provinces.  Massacres recurred, and in 1909 government troops killed, in the towns of Adana alone, over 20,000 Christian Armenians.
Greeks in Turkey
They are the remnants of the estimated 200,000 Greeks who were permitted under the provisions of the Convention Concerning the Exchange of Greek and Turkish Populations to remain in Turkey following the 1923 population exchange,[7]
However, according to the Human Rights Watch the Greek population in Turkey is estimated at 2,500 in 2006.
Kurdish crackdown: Is Turkey at war with a minority?
Black Hole: Where did 800K barrels of oil per day go in 2015?
Wouldn’t It Be Nice?
Because the true essence of liberal democracy is oligarchy, national elections in America generally function the same way as the Super Bowl: a form of corporate-sponsored mass spectacle. As a rule, choosing between Democrats and Republicans is analogous to determining one’s preference for Coke or Pepsi, both laced with arsenic.
"The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations."
Turkish war crimes? Don’t be absurd - they’re in NATO!
Cizre Kurds have accused Turkish forces of carrying out a civilian massacre. It is alleged that 150 people were burnt to death in a basement, and civilians were…
<Despite the growing evidence of Turkish war crimes there’s next to no chance that Erdogan will have to answer in an international court for what his military has been doing. (Op-Edge by Neil Clark)>
Angriffe auf die junge Welt - junge Welt -
Kennen Sie den Unterschied zwischen einem V-Mann und einem »Geheimen Mitarbeiter« des Verfassungsschutzes?
Part II - Syria's White Helmets: War By Way of Deception ~ 'Moderate…
White Helmets: War by Way of Deception Part I
"Watching the Hawks" Historical Blindness in the U.S. & Wahhabism The Root of Extremism
Putins Schlag gegen USA: Rausschmiß der US-Ratingagenturen - und Gründung einer russischen! -...
<Bei den Kommentaren gehts ab... Das ist das eigentlich bildungswirksame an dem Artikel.>
Agenda 21 Commercial (Official)
<I have lived a good life---time to kill myself so David Rockefeller can eat organic food.>
"The Fate of Psychopathic Eskimos"
‘Extensive Movement of Jihadists at Syria-Turkey Border’ Aided by Ankara
The Turkish government facilitates the movement of jihadists between Syria and Turkey, according to a report by a Turkish organization “Right to life, against war”. It reflects the situation in the province of Hatay which is on the border with Syria.
5 dramatic videos from Turkey's operation against Kurds
Putin Narrowly Avoids Defeat in Syria
Unspoken 'Genocide': Journalist Reveals Turkish Troops' Atrocities Against Kurds
Secret Service agents: Hillary is a nightmare to work with
“Good morning, ma’am,” a member of the uniformed Secret Service once greeted Hillary Clinton. “F— off,” she replied. That exchange is one among many that…
Get Rid of What's Eating Your Clothes
Don’t Let Fabric Pests Ruin Your Wardrobe
Nett zu Nazis - junge Welt -
230 Verdachtsfälle auf Neonazis in der Bundeswehr. Entlassen wird kaum einer – statt dessen gibt es Ausbildungen an der Waffe
EU-Turkey Migrant Exchange Plan Must Be Implemented Quickly - Merkel
AfD: Die Mogelpackung
Die AfD ist eine Mogelpackung: Wo Opposition draufsteht, ist Seife drin, um ihre Wähler einzuseifen.
Geduldsfaden gerissen: Putin verweist US-Ratingagenturen des Landes – Medien
US-amerikanische Ratingagenturen spielen in Russland mit den vom Westen verhängten Sanktionen und verfolgen nur eigene Interessen, weshalb der…
‘Democracy, freedom and the rule of law’ have no value, Erdogan says
Democracy, freedom and the rule of law have no value any longer, Turkish…
'Devastating': US Media Turns Back on Horrors of Erdogan’s Kurdish Assault
As the Turkish government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues its…
Moscow slams ‘selective’ human rights approach, urges impartial probe of Kurds’ plight in Turkey
“We think that international human rights organizations, such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International should be the ones drawing the international community’s attention to the issue as they claim to be experts in this field,” she said.

The foreign ministry “took a close look at materials presented by the RT channel” which showed the aftermath of Turkey’s so-called anti-terrorist operation, Zakharova said, insisting that the absence of comments from human rights organization on this issue demonstrates an “ambiguous and selective approach they take in covering human rights violations.”
Perinçek v. Switzerland is a 2013 judgment of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) concerning public statements by Doğu Perinçek, a political activist, lawyer and former Chairman of the Workers’ Party, who was convicted by a Swiss court for publicly denying the historical fact of the Armenian genocide
Erdogan threatens Kurds would follow 'Armenian fate' - UK Kurdish community to RT
Hand gun? Man points fingers at LA cops, gets shot dead
Send warships to Libya, break migrant trafficking ‘business model’ – Cameron
“The fact that the government is boasting of its intention not to lift a finger to help more refugees find safety in the UK is emblematic of its lack of moral leadership and political courage to do the right thing,” Wren added.
Amnesty International’s Refugee Director Steve Symonds warned that the plan “lacks both logic and compassion. By abandoning their legal obligations, European leaders won’t put a stop to refugee migration.”
Soldiers of Odin’s secret Facebook group: Weapons, Nazi symbols and links to MV Lehti
Screenshots acquired by Yle show how senior figures in the Soldiers of Odin group pose with weapons and display Nazi symbols in their private Facebook group. The material also shows links between the founder of Soldiers of Odin and MV Lehti, a popular racist website distributing misinformation online.
Obama Finally Admits US Intervention in Libya ‘Didn’t Work’
The United States intervention in Libya was ineffective and has left the country in a disaster, President Barack Obama said in an interview released by a US media…
ISIS has committed acts of genocide against Christians – John Kerry
<hypocricy from the US>
Charlie Hebdo Widow: The Government Are Lying – Your News Wire
The widow of Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Georges Wolinski has publicly said that…
‘Prime Minister’ Lula: The Brazilian Game-Changer
Compared to the political/economic rollercoaster in Brazil, House of Cards is kindergarten play. Only three days after massive street demonstrations calling for the impeachment of President Dilma R…
Putin to Western Elites: Playtime is Over
A longer version of this article originally appeared at the ClubOrlov blog.Most people in the English-speaking parts of the world missed Putin's speech at the Valdai conference in Sochi a few days ago, and, chances are, those who have…
The growshop offensive
The Cezch Republic, Germany, The Netherlands: In all three countries, the legislative bodies and the police have hugely increased the pressure on growshops in recent years, although conditions and the immediate impact on the shops and their customers are slightly different in each country.
Security forces arrest ISIS-linked militants, seize ton of explosives in southern Russia
Ex-CIA Agent Admits In Court “We Run Afghan Opium Trade”
An ex-CIA agent has admitted in court that the U.S. government and the CIA have been smuggling drugs for the past 60 years, and control the Afghan opium trade.
Israeli soldiers have depraved “fun” making “Rachel Corrie pancakes”
Russian air strikes on Syria drove out terrorists and helped start talks
Since the beginning of the military operation in Syria, Russia has carried out more than 9,000 flights, and for the first time, massive strikes with both air and…
Putin: Russia may deploy forces back to Syria ‘in mere hours’ if necessary
Keep up with the news by installing RT’s extension for Chrome. Never miss a story with this clean and simple app that delivers the latest headlines to you.
Running on empty: Russia has less than three decades of oil remaining
Eight EU countries petition to block Nord Stream-2 gas project
Earlier this year, German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said the project would go ahead only if Russia did not cut off Ukraine and eastern European gas flows.
Ruble soars on Fed rate decision, rising oil prices
The Russian currency gained over four percent against the dollar on Thursday after the US Federal Reserve decided to keep interest rates unchanged and Brent crude climbed over $41 a barrel.
As of noon Moscow time, the ruble was trading near 68 against the greenback, compared to the previous day's exchange rate of 71. This is the strongest ruble rally since December after dropping to its historic low against the dollar of 85.6 in January.
Yes, Monsanto Actually DID Buy the BLACKWATER Mercenary Group!
Reports that the huge multinational corporation Monsanto bought the largest mercenary army in the world might have seemed ridiculous on the surface.…
The Untold History of the United States Season 1 Episode 1
Oliver Stone: America Is The Real Threat To The World, Not ISIS
Oliver Stone has said in a new 10-part documentary that the real threat to the world is America, and not ISIS.
His new book and TV series “The Untold History of the United States” suggests that the U.S. governments destabilising influence in the world far predates ISIS.
Damascus Calls for Return of Occupied Golan Heights in Settlement Proposal
Syrian government delegation leader Bashar Jaafari said that Damascus calls for…
According to the Bible, who killed more people, Satan or God?
Panic Reaches New Heights: 'Russia, China Planning Space Attacks on US'
In a new campaign of budget-bolstering and fear-mongering, the Pentagon has warned of impending attacks on US satellites by Russia and China.
Syrian Asylum Seeker Linked to Mass Killing Is Arrested in Sweden
A man who sought asylum in Sweden is believed to be among a group of Syrian rebels who were recorded executing seven soldiers in 2012.
Top US general warns Congress military unprepared for ‘great power war’ while fighting terrorism
Predestination Movie Explained!
Syrien - mal die Wahrheit bei PHOENIX
China Warns U.S. to Stop Its Ukrainian Proxy War Against Russia
Shortly before Obama’s coup in Ukraine, Gallup International issued, on 30 December 2013, a poll of 65 countries, which found that:
    “The US was the overwhelming choice (24% of respondents) for the country that represents the greatest threat to peace in the world today. This was followed by Pakistan (8%), China (6%), North Korea, Israel and Iran (5%). Respondents in Russia (54%), China (49%) and Bosnia (49%) were the most fearful of the US as a threat.”
Russian FM spokesperson in tears: Russians do not want WW3, West should be ashamed of war mongering
You no longer have to fight attacker to prove rape: Germany updates law in wake of NYE assaults
EU Adopts Five Absurd 'Guiding Principles' for 'Dealing' With Russia
It takes only a quick reading of these 5 governing principles to understand that they amount to further destruction of what remains of civilized discourse with Russia.
$5trn-a-day Forex rigging probe dropped despite evidence of criminality
British prosecutors have dropped a criminal probe into the rigging of the $5trn-(£3.5trn)-a-day foreign exchange market despite having uncovered what it says are “reasonable grounds” to suspect offences involving serious or complex fraud.
<5$ TRILLION a day Forex rigging probe dropped because it is impossible to prosecute your owners.
British prosecutors are Crown employees and subjects. The Rothschild owned Crown owns and controls ALL fiat ponzi scheme religious based privately owned economies and currencies.
British prosecutors CANNOT prosecute their owners.
Not in the UK. Not in the UK. Not in the EU. Nor any other Crown owed vassal state. Every state and nation using Crown based and controlled currencies are Crown vassal states that all serve the Rothschild owned British Crown.>
Italy to adopt food waste laws to save €12 billion annually
Deutsche Waffen für Nahost: Sigmar Gabriel genehmigt neue Rüstungsdeals mit Saudi-Arabien und Oman
German police should shoot refugees, says leader of AfD party Frauke Petry
Officers must 'use firearms if necessary', claims Frauke Petry
‘Founders would be appalled’: Apple accuses FBI, DoJ of trying to ‘rewrite history’
<Dear FBI personnel, kindly send a request to NSA personnel to gain access to the intended Iphone Internet communication, voice/video conversations and recordings. A query will be executed against tapping and surveillance database according to your needs. Thank You.>
Paint it black hole: World’s darkest material now available as spray paint
The world’s blackest material, Vantablack, is now available in spray paint form, expanding its capabilities beyond the space and defense industries into the imagination of the commercial sector to turn 3D objects into non-reflective 2D “black holes.”
Don’t Let Fabric Pests Ruin Your Wardrobe
NEO – Is the CIA killing its former terror assets to hide their secrets
Saudi Arabia’s horrible execution spree: 30 Saudi citizens put to death for criticizing the king
Exclusive: Bilal Erdogan’s Criminal Partnerships Outlined
Highest level confirmed sources:
Source close to the Italian security forces, during the course of investigation in the criminal case against Bilal Erdogan, accused of money laundering obtained by criminal means, it was revealed that transit routes used to smuggle contraband petroleum from the Turkish port Mersin to the Lebanese port of Beirut.
Letter to Obama: US should apologize for its support to "dirty war" that killed over 20,000 people in Argentina
Millions Join Protests in Brazil Demanding Ouster of Workers Party Government
Now, dominant layers within the Brazilian ruling class have decided they need a new kind of government, of an openly right-wing and potentially dictatorial character, to carry out drastic attacks on the living standards of the working class. This is the driving force behind the campaign to impeach Rousseff.
Moscow Announces “Mission Accomplished”. Russian Forces Withdraw from Syria?
UN slams Israel’s latest seizure of land in West Bank
The UN has urged Israel to “halt and reverse” its illegal land appropriation in the occupied West Bank, calling the latest seizure an “impediment to the two-State solution.” The US also criticized the move as undermining a long-term solution.
The news of the seizure of 579 acres (234 hectares) near the Dead Sea and the Palestinian city of Jericho, was reported by Israel's Peace Now movement on Tuesday.
British scholar arrested in Istanbul over ‘terrorist propaganda’ in Kurdish holiday invitations
An open letter to Turkey’s leader under the title: “We won’t be a part of this crime,” which called on Ankara to end the “massacre and slaughter” in southeastern Turkey, was published in December 2015.
It was signed by some 1,128 Turkish and foreign academics from 89 universities around the world, including Noam Chomsky and Immanuel Wallerstein. Universities and prosecutor’s offices across Turkey then opened probes into many of the petition signees.

The Turkish military operation against PKK militants in the southeast of the country was launched in July 2015, breaking a ceasefire agreement that had held for two years.
41 civilians killed, 75 injured in coalition airstrikes on Yemeni market
 The Saudi-led coalition’s air strikes hit a market in Yemen’s Haja province on Tuesday, killing 41 civilians and injuring 75 others, according to a senior provincial health official.
US House votes unanimously to declare ISIS committing genocide of Christians, minorities
In a unanimous 393-0 vote on Monday night, the House resolution comes just days before the State Department is legally mandated by Congress to determine whether Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) persecution of minorities in Iraq and Syria – Christians, Yazidis, Sunni Kurds and Shiite Muslims – constitutes genocide.

“What is happening in Iraq and Syria is a deliberate, systematic targeting of religious and ethnic minorities. Today, the House unanimously voted to call ISIS's atrocities what they are: a genocide. We also will continue to offer our prayers for the persecuted,” House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) said in a statement.
Shocking New Video Inside Of Syria Destroys Big American Lie
Russia’s ‘surprise & unexpected’ Syria withdrawal welcomed as signal for ‘true peace process’
Putin orders start of Russian military withdrawal from Syria, says ‘objectives achieved’
Syria ‘carnage’: Report shows 161 poison gas attacks since outbreak of conflict
Bruce Lipton and Tom Campbell - Part TWO
Bruce Lipton and Tom Campbell - Part ONE
Turkey warplanes hit Kurdish PKK camps in northern Iraq
Speaking to RT, Ertugrul Kurkcu, Honorary President of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), said that Ankara’s crackdown was failing to distinguish between the militants and the general civilian population who support Kurdish rights.

“This is a crackdown not on the PKK, but on the civilian population and Kurds who have been supporting our party, who have been supporting Kurds’ rights,” he said.

“And they were targeted during this crackdown. The government’s figures are incorrect... According to our figures, until this day, 652 civilians have lost their lives during the curfew in the cities of Cizre, Silopi, Sirnak and Nusaybin. And of these, 97 are children and 94 are women.”
Tanks for nothing! US-backed Syrian rebel division attacked & looted by Al-Qaeda affiliate
My Silence Explained
The web of betrayal and deceit by our government, and those behind the scenes who control them, is so complex and intertwined that I find it difficult, if not impossible, to try and explain, or trace it back to those who are truly in power. Nonetheless it exists and if one were to take the time to investigate it they would see that, for a very long time now, our government has been bought and paid for, and hence, controlled by a select few who care little for your liberty or your personal well-being, you are merely serfs to keep the machine running while filling their pockets with plundered wealth.
Is Russia About to Deploy the World's Most Advanced ICBM?
If you're shopping for a new intercontinental ballistic missile, Russia's RS-26 is the probably the best missile that rubles can buy. [Editor's note: As far as we know,…
In Alliance with Al-Qaida, Israel Is Stealing Syria's Oil
Israel steps up oil drilling in Golan Israel is moving forward with plans to drill for oil in the occupied Golan Heights, despite warnings that the move violates…
PressTV-Turkey forces on Syrian territory: Russia
Sergei Lavrov says Russia has evidence of the presence of Turkish forces on Syrian territory.
Human Rights Group: Hillary Clinton Needs to Explain Her Role in the Coup in Honduras
One human rights activist was raped during a protest by police. "Now bitch ... your gonna see what happens to you,"
Turkey can always resort to ‘weapon of mass migration’ against Europe
Fences and police forces cannot change the immigration trends that we are currently seeing and, therefore, Europe needs different political answers than…
Russia, Syria 'Absolutely Opposed' to Introducing Federal Govt. in Damascus
Neither Moscow nor Damascus will back Syria's federalization, which is totally out…
US Obama extends order declaring "national emergency" in Venezuela
In a letter addressed to members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, US President Barack Obama deemed it "necessary to continue the national emergency declared in the executive order 13692 as of March 8, 2015, regarding the situation in Venezuela"
<The head of the Empire has spoken, declaring a state of emergency in a country far from home. Fear those of you who doubt his immense powers of enforcement.>
Lobbyist Says Israel Should Create A 'False Flag' To Start A War With Iran
Israel Lobbyist suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran
All America's Wars Begin with False Flags (and WWIII Will Too)
No Bern Notice: the Imperial Myopia of Candidate Sanders
‘Merkel must go’: Thousands of anti-migrant demonstrators protest pro-refugee policy in Berlin
<Nationalism and fascism raising it's ugly head again in Germany. They don't demonstrate against war nor against NATO supporting terrorists. They protest against the victims of Western imperialism.>
Great RT Video Mocking Latest Russophobic Propaganda Fad (Video)
Subtitles by Julia RakhmetovaOn TV this kind of a story would belong to a NO…
Mossad agent accidentally admits they did 7/7 London bombings
"It's easy to put a truck bomb, as we did in . . . as happened in London" - Israeli-American security consultant/ ex-Mossad agent, Juval Aviv
Anti-Damascus Sanctions Among Reasons Behind Syria Refugee Crisis - Assad
Bashar Assad said that Western sanctions against Syria were a contributing factor in the difficult situation with refugees in the country.
600+ tractors in downtown Helsinki as Finnish farmers decry anti-Russian sanctions
The number of participants was estimated at 3,000, with some of the farmers reportedly driving their tractors hundreds of kilometers across the country to reach the capital and take part in the protest rally.
Obama Has Bombed Twice as Many Countries as Bush
In less than six years Obama has bombed twice as many countries as Bush did in eight. That’s quite a performance from a so-called anti-war liberal. It also proves that Democrats are just as okay with war as Republicans are, or just that they only protest war when it’s being waged by a Republican.
Holodomor Hoax: The Anatomy of a Lie Invented by West's Propaganda Machine
The Western propaganda machine, smoothly stamping fabricated reports about Russia's involvement in Syria, originated in the beginning of the Communist era in 1917; the Holodomor hoax of 1932-33 was invented by the West in close cooperation with Nazi Germany and pro-Nazi Ukrainian nationalists.
Chomsky: Mainstream Media Owned By Those Who Would Destroy Civilization With War
The noted scholar, linguist, philosopher and activist declared that mainstream…
Erdogan Promises to Help Ukraine Return Crimea
Home > Russia > Erdogan Promises to Help Ukraine Return Crimea Crimea Erdogan Poroshenko Russia Erdogan Promises to Help Ukraine Return Crimea Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ 9th March, 2016 Vesti Turkey does not recognize the…
Turkey bombs multiple PKK locations in northern Iraq, 67 militants killed
Obama makes case for gov access to all digital devices to prevent terrorism and tax cheats
Without mentioning the government’s case against Apple directly, President Barack Obama told a Texas audience that mobile devices should be built such a way that the government can access them in order to prevent a terrorist attack or enforce tax laws.
WeeklyPostNG: The Cameroonian army intercepted a French helicopter delivering weapons to Boko Haram
The Cameroonian army intercepted a French helicopter delivering weapons to Boko Haram
Protesters block migrant routes to Calais, demand end to ‘invasion in Europe’ (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
>When the invasion by Europe stops, then and only then will the "invasion" to Europe stop. Let's face it: Without the fascist West and it's Wahhabi allies there would be no Al CIAda or any of their offspring.>
<Yet they never demand an end to the invasions of the middle east that caused this refugee crisis to begin with.>
‘Cooker bomb’: 4yo who mispronounced ‘cucumber’ threatened with counter-terrorism program
A four-year-old Asian boy who mispronounced “cucumber” as “cooker bomb” was recommended for a de-radicalisation programme by staff at a UK nursery, the boy’s family has said.
Poor shaming: Murdoch-owned paper targets homeless while NYPD trashes their stuff
'S**t show': Obama blames UK & other European states for post-Gaddafi Libya 'mess'
‘Fixit’ petition pushes euro exit debate in Finland
The country’s economy grew by only 0.4 percent last year following three years of contraction. The decline of Nokia and a recession in neighboring Russia are seen as the major factors.
Kurdish Militia Accuses Turkey of 'Systematically' Violating Truce in Syria
The representative of the command of the Kurdish self-defense units in the…
‘Burned to death, beheaded’: Cizre Kurds accuse Erdogan’s forces of civilian massacre (RT EXCLUSIVE)
According to data provided by the Turkish Human Rights Foundation, “178 civilians were deliberately targeted in three different basements and among some of the dead were children as young as nine to 10 years old…The government not only deliberately targeted and killed them, but also burned them. Some relatives were given piles of bones of their loved ones,” Xulam said.
65yo diabetic amputee dies in jail after being wrongfully accused of his wife’s murder
Iran ordered to pay $10.5 billion for 9/11 by US judge
In response to the latest ruling, Hossein Sheikholeslam, a senior aide to Iran’s parliamentary speaker, called the decision “absurd and ridiculous.”
China slams US for 'rape, murder & kidnappings,' defends own human rights record at UN
 China said it won’t accept criticism of its human rights record from the US, which is itself guilty of the “rape and murder” of civilians, as well as other crimes committed across the globe.
“The US is notorious for prison abuse at Guantanamo prison, its gun violence is rampant, racism is its deep-rooted malaise,” Chinese diplomat Fu Cong said at the UN Human Rights Council on Thursday.
“The United States conducts large-scale extra-territorial eavesdropping, uses drones to attack other countries’ innocent civilians, its troops on foreign soil commit rape and murder of local people. It conducts kidnapping overseas and uses black prisons,” Fu added, according to Reuters.
Hundreds block key highway in Iraq, demand airstrikes in response to ISIS chemical attacks
‘I’m not a criminal!’ Police beat man with baton at London’s St. Pancras Station (VIDEO)
The man, who is 40 and from the Thamesmead neighborhood in London, says repeatedly “I am going with you,” but fails to comply with their order to get down. One of the officers can then be seen hitting the man on the legs with a baton and pushing him through the station.
The officers subsequently arrested the man on suspicion of fare evasion ....
< neded 7 cops to arrest a black man over "suspicion of fare evasion ">
EU prolongs sanctions against Russia for six more months
US to Buy Eight Russian RD-181 Rocket Engines
<While the stupid EU leaders are cutting their noses of to spite their faces with sanctions, ordered from the USA .>
Swedish city 'is largest recruiting ground for Isis'
Gothenburg, in western Sweden is, per capita, the European city from which most people have joined
Swedish aid to Al-Qaida in Syria - Short "documentary"
Swedish goverment and the "democratic aid" to Syria. Given to Syrian opposition leader (Kurd with Swedish citizenship) who had close ties with Sharia loving terrorist.
Includes Wikileak cable, leaked footage of the politician with terrorists. Never seen on western media.

Warning: footage includes many Swedish financed terrorist shouting "Allahu Akbar" and "Death to non-believers"

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