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Link Collection April Part Two

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Billionaire ONLY Gets FOUR MONTHS for Sexually Assaulting 12-Year-Old Girl
Call it “Affluenza”, call it whatever you want, but Samuel Curtis “S. C.” Johnson III,…
3.2 million shut out in NYC: Listen to Board of Elections tell resident “You cannot vote today...
27% of New Yorkers can't vote in today's primary. Hear Election Board say it…
After Vote to Remove Brazil’s President, Key Opposition Figure Holds Meetings in Washington
Brazil’s lower house of Congress on Sunday voted to impeach the country’s President, Dilma Rousseff, sending the removal process to the Senate. In...
LAPD Continues To Delay Lawsuit Against Officers Who Kidnapped and Sexually Assaulted Woman...
When Kim Nguyen called a cab after a few drinks, she thought she was on the…
Shelling sets apartment buildings on fire in Kiev region of Donetsk
Still bombarding civilians., April 18, 2016Translated from Russian by…
Depleted uranium used by NATO during bombing of Serbia takes its toll
BELGRADE – The use of depleted uranium during NATO bombing of Serbia has…
Why the US will never EVER allow its own people to sue Saudi Arabia for 9/11
Syria already has a democracy: Parliamentary election success sees Sunni majority, multiethnic...
The Second Legislative Elections are now complete and all votes have been counted as announced by His Honor, Advisory Judge Hishaam Al-Shara' who…
Großangriff von Terroristen in den Provinzen Latakia und Hamah
Nachdem Mohammed Alloush, Führer der ob ihrer Chemiewaffeneinsätze…
End of Truce? Militants Declare New War in Breach of Syrian Ceasefire
The world has owners....they issue fiat currency to control you, they own the media that brainwashes you, the curriculum that indoctrinates you, the water that Fluoridates you, and the intelligence agencies that keep you in fear.
-- And they own the govt that rules you. And the courts that judge you.
U.S. Responds to Netanyahu: Golan Heights Are Not Part of Israel
The Golan Heights is perhaps the second most sensitive piece of real estate in the Middle East behind only the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This is because it…
Polish minister says Russia preparing aggression against NATO: report
Poland's defense minister has said Russia continued to pose a serious threat to NATO and that Moscow was systematically preparing for aggression against the…
It is amazing how the political elites have basically just become prostitutes for NATO, the Military industrial complex, world financial system and the cabal of a few men who are driving humanity to destruction?
‘Up All Night’ Protests Sweep France as 100,000 Join Pro-Democracy Movement
April 16, 2016 Pam Barker A new European anti-government protest movement…
Obama: ‘If we let Americans sue Saudis for 9/11, foreigners will begin suing US non-stop’
Former US Senator Bob Graham, who has seen the pages as intelligence committee chair, had already told the CBS program “60 Minutes” that he believes the Saudi government helped the 9/11 hijackers.
The Enemy Within: Terrorist Enablers on the Potomac
Hillary Clinton and CIA director David Petraeus had a brilliant idea: they would fund, arm, and train a proxy army in Syria, overthrow the regime of strongman Bashar al-Assad, and jump on the rapidly moving train of the “Arab Spring” to extend US influence in the region. What could go wrong?
“Al-Qaeda is allied with the Freemen of Syria (Ahrar al-Sham) and the Jerusalem Army among other hard line Salafi Jihadis. These groups are in turn allied with remnants of the old Free Syrian Army (mostly Muslim Brotherhood) that are supported by the US, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. That is, the US-backed groups are battlefield allies of the allies of al-Qaeda. US and Gulf-supplied weaponry routinely makes its way to al-Qaeda.”
#DemocracySpring: Is a Lack of Democracy in US Causing the Uprising?
With over a thousand arrests in two weeks of protests, the Democracy Spring movement has raised the urgent subject of big-money dominance in US politics, and the subsequent lack of voting rights for ordinary citizens. Brian Becker discusses with political activist Rachel Rye Butler the roots and prospects of protests sweeping the nation.
"All US mass media has been under the control of the CIA since 1975." - Senator Frank Church, Chairman, Senate Inquiry Into Control of US Mass Media, 1983
Dutch MPs refuse to give up on ratification of EU-Ukraine deal despite no vote at referendum
German TV journalist refused entry to Turkey, detained in Istanbul airport
Swedish minister resigns after comparing Israel to Nazi Germany
Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide, accounting for 7% of all injury-related deaths.
There are an estimated 372 000 annual drowning deaths worldwide.
ISIS to target Italian, French & Spanish beach resorts – report
US failed to persuade moderate opposition to withdraw from Al-Nusra-controlled areas – Lavrov
Only 6% of Americans trust the media – survey
Public transit in Beverly Hills may soon be driverless, program unanimously approved
An uncontested vote by the Beverly Hills City Council could guarantee a chauffeur for all residents in the near future. However, instead of a driver, the newly adopted program foresees municipally-owned driverless cars ready to order via a smartphone app.
Best we ALL understand that "democracy" now means a compliant oligarch & kleptocracy is installed by AngloZio-dom .... and all other elections are invalid ... all non-compliant leaders / nations are couped violently or economically or by oligarch take over .. or bombed, invaded by terrorists ...
Overuse of sanctions may hurt the US financial system: Adam Szubin says
 It's about oligarchy, not democracy as most Americans have 'near-zero' policy input
Congress Threatens To Seize Saudi U.S. Assets
Israel cooperates with ISIS, Al-Qaeda terrorists – Syria chief govt negotiator
UK in talks to deploy up to 1,000 troops to Libya as Hammond arrives in Tripoli
Ronald "RED" Reagan weather mod report 1972
‘ISIS, go away. Belgium isn’t yours ’: Thousands march against terror & hatred in Brussels (PHOTOS)
Keiser Report: Spy vs. spy (E902)
Hire ‘harmless’ ISIS defectors to berate terrorists, EU counter-terrorism official suggests
Around 4,000 foreign fighters have gone to Iraq and Syria from EU member states to join militant groups, a study released earlier this month by the International Center for Counter-Terrorism in The Hague estimated. The majority of them came from Belgium, Britain, France and Germany. About one third of them have returned home.

<What is wrong with them with their dance when the attack took place? Did you witness the dance with your own eyes or someone told you. After all, the Whole US congress cheered up when an American missile hit the Iraqi capital, and that was aired on CNN. At that time, nobody in the west said anything about the behaviour of those American congressmen>
The murder, the error, and the terror (an introduction to Israeli Newspeak)
The Hebron execution of a wounded Palestinian by an Israeli soldier wasn’t a murder, and wasn’t an error either. Because the Palestinian was considered a…
How America backed the ISIS Takeover and Destruction of Palmyra
As explosions from detonated mines continued in the background a Syrian…
Ron Paul: US Elections Are Rigged, Voting Simply Used to Pacify the Public
“More people are discovering that the system is all rigged and voting is just pacification,” three-time presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul said about U.S.…
US Reaction to Donald Cook Fiasco Should Be: 'What Were We Doing There?'
The incident involving the pair Russian Su-24s that buzzed the USS Donald Cook…
Saudi Arabia wants US to kill 9/11 bill, threatens to dump US assets worth $750 bn - report
The World Economy Has Stopped Growing And Is Headed Into A Depression: David Stockman
Russian Jets Feint a Strafing Run on a US Destroyer. Americans Feint Shock and Horror (Video)
US Troops in Europe to Outnumber all European Troops Combined
GR Editor's Note Below is a Russian perspective on the deployment of US troops…
Russians jet flies dangerously close US warship , which is dangerously close to Russia
[TaM506] Truth About Markets - 16 April 2016
US can't keep pace with Russian submarine deployments - top Navy official
BRICS bank approves first loans, $811mn investment in renewable energy projects
Top quotes from Putin’s 2016 Q&A
... from Russia Today, Moscow [ Editor's Note: Putin did his marathon citizens call in again today. There is no other world leader who has done this, and none who…
‘Freedom of Speech Not Among Turkey’s Basic Civil Rights’
Turkey's crackdown on press freedom signals that democracy in the country is…
Fresh data from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) shows that Russia has retained its place among the World’s largest economies. In the 2015 ranking, it is now slightly behind Germany just as in the previous year.
Europe's Message to Turkey: No Media Freedom, No EU Accession
The EU have said that Turkey will not be allowed into the Union until freedom of…
‘Erdogan busily turning Turkey into police state’
Ankara’s crackdown on critical media points to the Turkish President wanting to turn the country into a “kind of Ottoman Empire,” former US diplomat Jim Jatras told RT. The West is silent on the matter as it is afraid of his aggressive behavior, he said.
Germany grants Turkish request to allow for possible prosecution of comedian who joked about Erdogan
Breadline Britain: Rising malnutrition & death linked to low wages, welfare cuts
ISIS Is Officially Broke Now
The word is on the street is that the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS) has encountered serious financial challenges lately for the first time since the beginning of anti-terrorist operations in Syria and Iraq. The terrorist organization has been pushed into a corned due to continuous airstrikes aime…
Half of America Is in or Damn Near Close to Living in Poverty
Congress should be filled with guilt -- and shame -- for failing to deal with our enormous wealth disparities.
einartysken: Die Bergkarabach Story, die ihr nicht erfahren sollt nach Meinung der USA
Russland, Iran und Aserbaidschan verständigen sich auf…
Ensin lentokoneita, sitten panssareita... – HS: USA tuo nyt myös sotalaivat Suomenlahdelle
Puolustusvoimien yhteistyö yhdysvaltalaisten joukkojen kanssa näyttää muodostuvan aiemmin suunniteltua laajemmaksi: nyt mukaan tulee myös…
Europe’s rising shame: Islamophobia and de-democratization
Ignorant bigotry these days has become Europe’s daily bread. The very continent which lived in its flesh the infamy and shame of fascism just a few decades ago,…
Ghalawanji: 1.7 million displaced citizens returned to their areas
Umpisurkeaa kaivospolitiikkaa: Suomi myi miljardien kultaesiintymän pilkkahintaan -...
Uutisanalyysi: Kittilä on hyvä esimerkki suomalaisesta lyhytnäköisyydestä.
<"Suomi myi.." Ei ollut myyjänä "Suomi" vaan joukko paskoja maanpettureita. Jotka saivat korvaukseksi muutaman hopearahan ja ehkä lupauksen turvapaikasta jos kansa herää.>
GrowHow kaupassa lahjoitettiin Soklin miljardien arvoiset malmit - Verkkolehti Maailmankuva
Jostakin syystä talouselämän lehdet ovat lähes vaienneet GrowHow-kaupasta, jossa jopa 30 miljardin omaisuus myytiin 207 miljoonalla. Ehkä virhe on täysin uskomaton. Valtio oli myös Kemiran ja siitä myöhemmin irrotetun lannoitetehdas GrowHow:n suurin omistaja. Valtio päätti luopua GrowHowsta ja myi l…
Love really is blind: Couple kiss on despite armed robbery (VIDEO)
Türkei: Gefasste IS-Kämpfer erweisen sich als Mitglieder von regierender Partei
Vier der 15 Terroristen von Daesh (auch Islamischer Staat, IS), die bei einer Anti-Terror-Operation im türkischen Izmir Anfang April festgenommen worden sind, haben sich als offizielle Mitglieder der regierenden türkischen „Partei für Gerechtigkeit und Aufschwung“ (AKP) entlarvt, wie die örtliche Ze…
HOK-Elanto palkattomasta työnäytteestä: "Tämä voi olla mahdollisuus monelle"
Henkilöstöjohtaja Antero Leväsen mukaan malli laskisi yritysten työllistämiskynnystä ja antaisi työntekijälle mahdollisuuden saada jalka oven väliin. Työttömien…
Young Iraqis Overwhelmingly Consider U.S. Their Enemy, Poll Says
Face to face interviews with 250 Iraqi youths find that more than 90 percent feel their country is fundamentally at odds with the U.S.
Justified police shootings swept under the rug
<Cops kill about 3 people per day ( mostly unarmed ) or 50 times more people than all terrorists together in the USofA.>
‘Aggressive simulated attack’: Pentagon decries Russian jets zooming over USS Donald Cook (VIDEO)
<Bet the yanks would cr* all over themselves if Russia and Cuba had joint naval drills off of the coast on Florida.>
Syria elects parliament, US dismisses poll beforehand
The voices can be cast at more than 7,000 polling stations. MPs for the 250-seat parliament will be elected out of 3,500 candidates. The voting is being hold in 13 Syrian provinces out of 15, as Raqqa and Idlib remain under terrorist control. An estimated 80 percent of the Syrian population lives on government controlled territories.
Bono thinks comedy can kill ISIS 'show business' - enter Twitter (VIDEO)
He reasoned that laughing at violent people can undercut and defeat them.
Iraq may soon reach 'point beyond repair,' 8mn people need humanitarian aid – report
Russian space agency wins lawsuit against asset seizure in France
Russian space agency wins lawsuit against asset seizure in France
Police arrest 400 at U.S. Capitol in protest of money in politics
Top Commodity: Russia Has Its Hands Full With S-400 Orders
Why is Russia working double-time churning out ever more S-400 anti-aircraft missiles? What bonuses did the Syrian campaign bring to Russia’s arms…
US War Crimes in Iraq: Fallujah Residents Starving, Murdered, Besieged by US Backed Government Forces and ISIS
There has been nothing like the attack on Fallujah since the Nazi invasion and occupation of much of the European continent – the shelling and bombing of Warsaw in September 1939, the terror bombing of Rotterdam in May 1940.”
Seventy percent of houses and shops were reported destroyed, with those still standing damaged. Iraqi doctor, Ali Fadhil, described a city:
Police beat, strangle, Taser men held unlawfully at Chicago’s ‘Gitmo’
Police used punches, knee and elbow strikes, slaps, wrist twists, baton blows and Tasers during interviews with suspects at the secretive facility. However, these documented details have emerged following official denials. Last month, the CPD called the accounts of physical violence “unequivocally false.”
According to depositions with officers and more than two dozen first-hand accounts, handcuffing was routine, and physical force was intense enough to send some to the hospital. The documents include hospitalization records and Tactical Response Reports, a routine form for follow-up review. Over 7,000 people have been detained at the site, and more than 6,000 of them were black.
Brain scans of LSD users reveal trippy visuals in groundbreaking study
A Factual Appraisal Of
The 'Holocaust'
By The Red Cross
The Jews And The Concentration Camps:
No Evidence Of Genocide
Deutschland knickt vor Monsanto ein: Zustimmung zu Glyphosat
Die Bundesregierung ist vor dem Saatgut-Konzern Monsanto eingeknickt und…
Global inequality is much worse than we thought | Thought Leader
It’s familiar news by now. According to Oxfam, the richest 1% now have more wealth than the rest of the world’s population combined. Global inequality is…
Double standards? Britain scolds South China Sea rivals while deploying to own island colonies
Hammond might consider restraining his eastward finger wagging, however, as the UK also claims a number of islands around the globe and has militarized each of them to a considerable extent.
The Falkland Islands, for instance, are contested by Argentina. The two countries even fought a short but vicious war over them in 1982. The islands have hosted UK troops and warfighting equipment for decades.
Gibraltar, to which Spain lays a claim, is a regular flashpoint, as well as a military garrison. It is represented in the British military by a special colonial force called the Gibraltar Regiment, which has an integrated artillery unit.
Offshore Banking Business
Hillary Clinton Gets An 'emotional Rush Out Of Killing People' - Julian Assange
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has spoken out against US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, calling her a “war hawk with bad judgment” who gets an…
Goldman Sachs pays $5 billion to settle allegations it sold shoddy mortgages
No Goldman Sachs' employees will be held personally responsible for the alleged bad behavior that led to the settlement.
Police Shoot 6-Year-Old Boy in the Head Multiple Times Killing Him
In breaking news, another tragic incident of police murder has just occurred over…
How Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen has made al Qaeda stronger and richer
One unintended consequence of the war in Yemen: Al Qaeda now runs its own mini-state, flush with funds from raiding the local central bank and levying taxes.
Keystone Pipeline Spill Nearly 100 Times Bigger Than Originally Estimated
German Television Exposes Holocaust Lies: Historic Broadcast Shocks Germany
In one of the most amazing events to occur in occupied Germany since the second world war Historian Ursula Haverbeck made history in a defiant interview in which…
<The International Red Cross told in 48 of about 270.000 WWII victims. Let's round them up to half million. Still no genocide and Russia lost 27 million people.>
Caught On Tape: U.S. Plane Allegedly Drops Weapons for ISIS Militants in Iraq | Zero Hedge
Leading news site for global finance, economics, market, and political analysis.
<Great footage of weapons dropped for ISIS by a US plane.
Ironically, this took place just hours after US SecState John Kerry visited Baghdad on Frday, where he said ISIS was losing ground, including more than 40 percent of the territory that they once controlled in the country.>
Krater für den Frieden
Congressman Who Voted For Drug Testing Food Stamp Recipients Busted For Cocaine
Representative Trey Radel was a major proponent of Republican legislation to make food stamp recipients submit to drug tests before receiving assistance.…
Syria's Aleppo Comes 'Under New Shelling' With Poisonous Gas
<Western media outlets were all over chemical weapons, when they were trying to blame Assad, now the moderate terrorists are doing it, media silence...>
Suomen historia: Lapiolinjalla – työttömät pakkotöissä
Jewish Women's Genes Traced Mostly to Europe — Not Israel
The maternal ancestry of Ashkenazi Jews comes mainly from Europe, a new study shows.
BETRAYED: EU sticks two fingers up at Dutch voters and opens door to 45 MILLION Ukrainians
EUROPE'S elite tonight dropped all pretence of respecting democracy by plotting to grant visa-free travel to 45 million Ukrainians in direct defiance of…
Israel launched Syria strikes to prevent Hezbollah from obtaining weapons – Netanyahu
Referendums not part of parliamentary democracy, Luxembourg FM says after Dutch vote on EU/Kiev deal
<What he means is the factions (one of which he represents) who have usurped democracy in Europe and North America are the best government, a representative democracy in which the peoples' choices can be restrained by party whips and party rules.

Real democracy is too close to popular government to be workable, in his view. The people will want the wealth of the country to be preserved for their health and welfare whereas the parties want to invest it in the cesspit of international relations where bombs and bribery are the sole means of getting things done.>
The Nagorno-Karabakh Story the US Does Not Want You to Know
In the early morning hours of April 1-2 Azerbaijan launched a major military offensive into the disputed
Putin’s here, Putin’s there, Putin’s busy everywhere
Maybe Vladimir Putin, in tandem with an alien reptile species, leaked the Panama Papers to discredit David Cameron and help force a British exit from the EU?
The Panama Papers: Why Iceland?
The most unusual aspect of this week’s ‘Panama Papers’ scandal was the appearance of the Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson alongside the West’s favourite ‘bad guys’, Russian Pre...
Is ISIS a Scam? | New Eastern Outlook
Recent revelations inside Iraq have exposed ISIS. They don’t exist, simple as that, not across Iraq, not in Mosul, not in control of any oil regions, not in any way remotely resembling what the world has been told. The real “ISIS,” more recently…
Turkey Urges Germany to Open Criminal Case Over Satire About Erdogan
The Turkish government expects prosecution of German comedian and journalist…
Kerry offers no Hiroshima apologies during 1st-ever visit by US state sec. to bombing memorial
French Intelligence Knew About Paris Attacks, Failed to React
The plot of the last November Paris terrorist attacks gets another twist, as it…
They knew but decided to do nothing to stop the terrorist attacks. Another way to look at it is they knew about it because the order for the attack came from the agency that knew about it and did nothing.

"Exactly 141 days before the November 13 attacks, a [French] citizen named Nicolas told intelligence services that [Daesh] terrorists were working to set up attacks in France," Le Journal du Dimanche reported.
8th Grade Test From 1912 Shows How American Education Has Been Dumbed Down: Take The Test!
Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report A Kentucky 8th grade exam from 1912 was donated to the Bullitt County history museum. Many of the questions feature the fundamental foundation of education that we seemed to have lost due to the dumbing down of the American education system. The term…
Terror Bombing in Brussels and Paris: Europe’s “Islamist Legionnaires” Come Home to Fight
Panama Papers: The Hypocrisy of the Ruling Elites
The Panama Papers leak offer for the first time a clear understanding of how world elites engage in shady financial mechanisms to avoid paying taxes and thus…
US arms shipment to Syrian rebels detailed | IHS Jane's 360
Simplified packing list for December 2015 arms shipment Type Weight (kg) Aqaba Agalar Total 7.62x39 mm 85,190 48,998 134,188 7.62x54 mm 58,752 8,652…
Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk Announces Resignation
The fact of registration and authorization of users on Sputnik websites via users’ account or…
A Storm Is Brewing in London
You may not have noticed it, but Cameron is on the skids. His every attempt to extricate himself from the Panama Papers scandal leads to still greater feasting…

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