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The Orlando Massacre Hoax

The Orlando Massacre Hoax

Update June 29. As more info has arrived and also thanks to the critics by my son:
Yes people were killed for real this time. By Omar but also the police.
No ballistic info so far to tell us how many were killed by what weapon and how many were killed by the police. But if we look in to statistics we realize that mass-killings ( 4 or more ) are actually under 1% of all homicides and it's usually somebody killing his entire family. More here:
What I hate is how everything gets politicized and blown out of proportions.
You are ten times more likely to be killed by a cop than a mass-shooter.
Cause of death by suicide is number 12 on the list in the US and death by violence 28.
Compare the US figures with any any other American country and you will see that the US is doing fine compared to almost all other countries on America.

Well, this is my conclusion. Feel free to form your own.
From 1606C as of June 19
Orlando Killer's Father "Knew Obama"? Schmoozed In Washington, Sought Afghan Presidency
G. Edward Griffin: This Story Could Be the Smoking Gun For All False-Flag Ops
There was More than One Shooter at Pulse in Orlando
Real life is not like the movies. People are surprisingly hard to kill. Bullets, even from an AR-15 “assault rifle” do not leave one person to kill others. Currently the media has creat…
<The best technical case so far debunking the official Orlando lone wolf narrative - and considering what I saw in Afghanistan and Iraq, this guy is spot on.>
<if there was any shooting at all>
53 Admitted False Flag Attacks
Not Theory … Admitted Fact There are many documented false flag attacks, where a government carries out a…
The Dude Drops Orlando Shooting Hoax Truth Bomb LIVE on TV!!!
‘Majority of terrorist attacks in US initiated by FBI, not terrorists’
We know the Orlando shooter was employed by a company with sensitive Homeland Security contracts. He was also interviewed by the FBI twice, so we must ask if he…


FBI Told Orlando Shooter's Wife Not to Tell US Media He Was Gay
In an interview with Brazilian TV, the ex-wife of Omar Mahteen claimed the U.S. agency told her to keep quiet about his homosexuality.
Orlando Shooting Hoax Busted Wide Open ****very*******good!***************************************************
Paul Craig Roberts' Skeptical Take On The Orlando Shooting | Zero Hedge
What is most troublesome about these shootings is that the story seems already prepared by the government and is immediately set. We are fed the story before there is time for investigation by government or media. The media never investigate. The media just repeat the government’s story over and ove...
Omar The Actor?
Police refuse to release Orlando 911 call causing suspicion over Mateen’s motives
Mateen had previously claimed allegiance to both Lebanese Hezbollah and Afghanistan's Al-Qaeda, both of which have fought against Islamic State, the organization he is supposedly pledged to, and each other.
According to accounts from his ex-wife Sitora Yusufiy and father Seddique Mateen, Omar was violent, abusive, and homophobic, but Yusufiy told a Brazilian TV station that he also had gay tendencies.
A number of regulars at the gay nightclub where the shooting took place have said that they had seen Mateen at the club on previous occasions, and that he used a gay dating app. His ex-wife’s current fiancĂ©, Marco Dias, alleges he was told not to mention this to the “American media” by the FBI, Alternet reports.
Follow Up On Orlando Pulse Club False Flag
Officers may have shot Orlando club patrons
100% PROOF Orlando Shooting Was a STAGED HOAX...This Is All You Need To See
Police Admit Officers May Also Be Responsible For Gunning Down Orlando Nightclub Patrons
This is the OTHER Heavily-Armed White Terrorist Who Targeted LGBT Pride Festival Sunday
Amid the media coverage of the deadliest mass shooting in American history in Orlando, lost in the shuffle was the other terrorist who targeted an LGBT pride…
You Can't Make This Up: Kerry and Saudi Prince Pledge to Fight Extremism After Orlando Shooting
Here is further proof that US foreign policy fact is stranger than fiction: one day after the Orlando shooting where some 50 patrons of a homosexual...
Orlando Shooter’s Father - Self-proclaimed 'Afghan President'
Security company that employed Orlando shooter has troubled history
ORLANDO MASSACRE: The Back Story to this Black Operation » The Event Chronicle
Shares FacebookTwitterGoogle+0 Orlando Shootings: Another B-Grade…
Orlando Shooting -- Paul Craig Roberts -
Orlando Shooting Paul Craig Roberts Some readers have asked for my take on the Orlando Shooting. I don’t have one. Let’s see if together we can form a reas
Most Terror Attacks Are Committed By Our CIA And FBI. Ted Gunderson Former FBI Chief
Orlando Shootings: Terrorism or False Flag?
It’s too soon to know whether Sunday’s Orlando incident was terrorism or false flag deception. Yet it has distinct earmarks of the latter, likely the latest example of domestic state terror, anoth...
Eyewitness at Orlando nightclub mass shooting: 'I saw two guys firing constantly' --
After a fatal mass shooting at Pulse, a gay club, early Sunday morning, eyewitness accounts of the Orlando nightclub shooting have begun to emerge, and they are…
First Suggestion the Orlando Gay Nightclub Shooting was a Drill Leading to Gun Confiscation
Although I have another post tonight on the Pulse nightclub bloodbath, the…
Orlando Shooter Worked For Security Company Which Tranports Illegal…
Orlando shooter described as regular at Pulse
Omar Mateen was no stranger to Pulse according to patrons who recognized him.
Media Refusing to Cover Numerous Witness Accounts of Multiple Shooters in Orlando Massacre
Orlando False Flag: Three Smoking Guns you need to watch Right Now
Orlando Gunman Was a Pulse Nightclub Regular, Used Gay Dating App
Mateen allegedly visited the Pulse nightclub many times, even getting so drunk…
Orlando Shooter Employer Stages Crisis Events
The Father of the Orlando Shooter Recently Visited Congress, State Department, Writes Open Letters To President Obama
Here is what we know about the Orlando shooter’s father:
His name is Seddique Mateen and he is from Afghanistan.
Timeline of Orlando nightclub shooting
At least 50 are dead, 53 wounded after mass shooting
Nurses, first responders undergo mock active shooter test in Orlando
Oct 02, 2015
Father of Orlando Shooting Suspect: 'I Don't Think He Was Radicalized'
“I didn’t see anything irregular with him. I saw him yesterday [Saturday] afternoon,” Seddique Mateen said. “It makes me upset, it makes me mad that I didn’t see anything unusual.”
What We Know About Omar Mateen, Suspected Orlando Nightclub Shooter
During Mateen's 911, he also made reference to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, officials said.
<BS! Fase flag like many others>
Orlando Mass Shooting: This Is Who and Why They Did It
There should be no doubt that the alleged mass shooting in the Orlando gay night club is a classic false flag operation and government-coordinated psyop.  Not only does it have all the typical signatures of a purposely hole-ridden narrative, it has an extremely explicit purpose behind it.
Orlando Shooter Loved Cops and Wanted To Be One

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