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June Link Collection Part III

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Any Future Gas Attacks In Syria Are Officially False Flags
New York Times Forced To Retract Longstanding Lie About Russian Hacking - Counter Propa
“Seventeen intelligence agencies” — if you’ve been following the maniacal #TrumpRussia coverage to any extent, you’ve heard this phrase used uncritically,…
US Claims Syria Heeded Its Warnings Over Chemical Attack
"They didn’t do it" says Jim Mattis
<Just like when the fucktards claimed " self defense " while shooting down the Syrian jet .Takes real balls to invade another country illegally and claim " self defense "...No proof the Syrian jet was ever a threat to them anyways . Don't believe a thing the Zionist owned warmongering jackasses spew.>
Rada Deputy Mosiychuk: Motorola's Murder Was Directly Ordered by Ukraine
Translated by Ollie Richardson 18:16:22 28/06/2017 In Ukraine there is a civil war where the Kiev government easily removes all those who are…
Exploring the facts and evidence about global warming and climate change. Helping readers learn what is global warming and does climate change really threaten the world.
'Laughing My Ossoff': The "Experts" Are Proven Wrong Again
IPCC silently slashes its global warming predictions in the AR5 final draft
 If that rate continued till 2100, global warming this century could be as little as 1.3 Cº.
Official projections of global warming have plummeted since Dr. James Hansen of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies told the U.S. Congress in June 1988 the world would warm by 1 Cº every 20 years till 2050 (Fig. 1), implying 6 Cº to 2100.
Climate and Human Civilization over the last 18,000 years
Given that man-made Carbon Dioxide is a very recent phenomenon, the radical climatic changes before 200 years ago cannot be attributed to man’s influence. They must be natural. The recent warming of 0.85°C from 1880 to 2012 is pretty small compared to other temperature changes in the Holocene. It is clear from history that natural forces can cause significant climate changes. It is also clear that droughts are usually associated with colder periods, not warmer periods. Some climate changes are probably due to variations in the Earth’s orbit, but some might be due to variations in TSI (total solar irradiance) or other solar influences. How much is due to nature and how much is due to man is unknown.
Much of the last 18,000 years is characterized by more rapid sea-level rise than we see today. The current rise of sea level is very slow relative to the past and we are arguably more adaptable due to modern technology.
Precession of the Equinoxes
Climate and Human Civilization over the last 18,000 years
Another cycle is when the inclination of the Earth’s axis changes from 21.39 degrees to 24.36 degrees and back again. This cycle is 41,000 years. As the angle increases the seasons become more intense. The Earth also wobbles on its axis in a periodic way. This is a 21,700 year cycle.
You might just be able to see that the middle graph (Carbon Dioxide concentration) slight lags the temperature by about 800 years on average. This suggests that the changes in temperature might cause the Carbon Dioxide changes rather than the other way around.
According to the University of Colorado Sea Level Research Group, the current rate of sea level rise is about 6.8 12.6 inches per 100 years or 3.2 mm per year.
In general, the best times for man in the last 18,000 years are the warmer periods. The times of the disruption of civilization are the cooler and more arid times. This is quite consistent and since we have not seen unusual warming in the present warm period, relative to other warming events in the last 18,000 years, it seem doubtful that this warming period will be a problem for man to adapt to. Much of the last 18,000 years is characterized with much more rapid sea-level rise than we see today and this has caused a lot of disruption as it will in the future. But, the current rise in sea level is very slow relative to sea level rise during most of man’s civilized period. Our current warming and the current rate of sea level rise are very unspectacular.
Zakharchenko: “Now we play by our rules…”
Akhmetov has very good (and very powerful) friends in Moscow. It was largely in order to save his (business) skin—and also to save Poroshenko in Kiev—that Moscow prevented the Donbass Army (Novorossiya Armed Forces, NAF) from seizing an empty Mariupol from which the Ukrainian Army and Nazi battalions were in headlong retreat
Obstruction of Justice: How the British Government Protected 8,000 Soldiers of the Waffen-SS Galitsia Division
It was here that a troika of prominent Ukrainian fascists—Mykola Lebed, Father Ivan Hry’okh and Bishop Ivan Buchko—persuaded the Vatican to intercede on behalf of the soldiers, whom Bishop Buchko described as “good Catholics and fervent anti-communists.”
VAT buying online
Social networks could be hit with hefty fines for ‘hate speech’ under new German law
“Freedom of opinion ends where criminal law begins,” AP quoted Maas as saying. “Calls to commit murder, threats, insults, incitement to hatred or the Auschwitz-lie [that Nazi death camps didn’t exist] aren’t expressions of freedom of opinion but attacks on the freedom of opinion of others.”
US Presidential Candidate says, "Israel Did 911" Zionists Control US Politics.
8 Years of War and Destruction under a Nobel PEACE Prize Recipient
Breaking: US, British forces enter southern Syria with rebels
BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:50 A.M.) - U.S. and British forces entered southern Syria on Sunday afternoon while traveling through the Tanf Border-Crossing in the Ho
Crimea, Afghanistan and Libya
1 in 3 Brits have fallen into poverty - report
Opportunities for poor children are growing so slowly that it will take another 40 years for disadvantaged pupils to catch up with classmates in their first year of school, a report has found.
Assad's 'Chemical Arms': US Has Long Record of Starting Wars on False Pretexts
Zakharova: US statements about preparing chemical attack in Syria directed against Russia
The UN Admits Chemtrails Are Real – 100% PROOF We Are Being Poisoned!!!
By now everyone has witnessed streaks of white trailing across the sky, stretching from horizon to horizon, ultimately turning the skies into a murky haze
A freight forwarder takes care of EVERYTHING when you import, including shipping and customs so there’s really very little for you to do.
Lord Monckton's Presentation at the Heartland’s 12th International Conference on Climate Change
< some political nonsense. concentrate on the climate info>
The climate consensus is not 97% – it’s 100%
Cook et al. had lumped together the 96.8% who, like all 100% of us at ICCC9, had endorsed the proposition that we cause some warming with the 0.3% who had endorsed the IPCC’s proposition that we caused most of the warming since 1950.
A closer look at the 97 percent climate-change consensus
The Extended Mind–Recent Experimental Evidence by Rupert Sheldrake (Full Presentation)
Rupert Sheldrake: Morphogenesis - A New Science of Life
Zahlen, bitte! Mit 160 Tonnen Pulver gegen die Erderwärmung
Greenhouse Gases DO Have A Profound Effect On The Climate
Russian Scientists say period of global cooling ahead due to changes in the sun
Scientific Papers Predict
Cooling In Coming Decades
Rupert Sheldrake - The Science Delusion - REDUX | London Real
Banned TED Talk: The Science Delusion - Rupert Sheldrake at TEDx Whitechapel
<1928 to 1945 speed of light dropped by 20km>
Moscow warns Washington against ‘incendiary, provocative action’ in Syria
Moscow has warned the US against taking unilateral action in Syria, as there is no threat from the Syrian military, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said. The statement comes after the US accused Syria of preparing for a chemical attack, without giving any evidence.
The Two Ronnies - Accountant Bore
The Two Ronnies - Inventors Convention
3/4 The Best Of Dave Allen...The Comedy Sketches
Israel prefers al-Qaeda on its Syrian border over pro-government forces - Fmr Diplomat
Heroic battles in Jobar & Happy Eid from the SAA
Keiser Report: Green Gold (E1089 RE-UPLOAD)
‘It’s ratings’: CNN producer filmed saying Russia narrative is ‘mostly bullsh*t’
‘Elsa’ Malware: Wikileaks dumps new docs on CIA hacking tools
Russiagate Is Bullshit, And We Fucking Told You So – Caitlin Johnstone – Medium
I’ve been saying for months that we will never, ever see any proof that Trump colluded with the Russian government to steal the 2016…
Wilson 2017
It Is the presstitutes, not Russia, who interfered in the US presidential election
The presstitutes not only interfered in the presidential election; they are now interfering with democracy itself. They are seeking to overturn the people's choice…
US Threatens Response to Syria Chemical Attack That Hasn't Even Happened - Geopolitics Alert
Washington D.C. (GPA) – US leaders are warning Syria that they will face retaliation for a chemical attack – an attack that hasn’t even happened. Late Monday evening…
Turkish artillery opens fire on Kurdish forces across entire frontier in northern Aleppo
DAMASCUS, SYRIA (0:30 A.M.) – A massive rebel offensive is looming in northern Syria after the Turkish Armed Forces bombarded nearly a dozen Kurdish-held v
Buying goods online – EU Member States rules
 If the buyer clears the goods by himself, he can submit a
customs declaration by the customs Web Import service
(web procedure) or at any customs office that handles
postal consignments. For cargo consignments at the
customs office closest to the goods.
• If the forwarding company clears the goods on behalf of
the buyer, it makes all the required procedures.
US Plans Fake Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria to Further their Destabilization Agenda?
The White House claims that the Syrian government is preparing “chemical weapon attacks”. This is clearly not the case. Syria is winning the war against imperialism. Any such attack would clearly be to its disadvantage. The White House announcement must thereby be understood as preparation for another U.S. attack on Syria in “retaliation” for an upcoming staged “chemical weapon attack” which will be blamed on the Syrian government.
Requiem for the Suicided: Danny Casolaro   -- at 38min
CNN retracts shaky reporting on Russian collusion
<“The story did not meet CNN’s editorial standards...” Translation: “We got caught lying”, again.>
Rooftop Road: Highway built on top of five-story building in China
CENTCOM officials have "no idea" about White House claim that "Syria is planning chemical weapons"
State Department officials involved in coordinating such announcements said they were caught completely off guard by the warning.
New York Police Deploy Helicopters and K-9 Units to Find Teen Who Skipped $2.75 Subway Fare
New York police launched an overnight aerial manhunt Monday night in search of a boy who skipped paying $2.75 to ride the subway, the New [...]
Pulitzer-Winning Journalist: Trump Ignored Intelligence on Syrian Chemical Attack, Bombed Anyway
Seymour Hersh has investigated Donald Trump’s decision to strike the al-Shayat Airbase in Syria in April of this year.
Israel Strikes Two Targets in Gaza Strip After Palestinians Fire Rocket – IDF
ISIL faces extinction in northern Syria as government forces close on last supply line
BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:30 A.M.) - The Islamic State (ISIL) is on the verge of suffering several major setbacks across the northern region of Syria, as both go
Can Theresa May be sued for conspiring to commit war crime of nuking Moscow?
Britain’s Attorney General is investigating whether UK Prime Minister Theresa May can be sued for conspiring to commit war crimes after she claimed she is willing to…
White House Says It Will Fake "Chemical Weapon Attack" In Syria
Israel targets Syrian artillery positions & ammunitions truck in 2nd incident in 2 days
The IDF struck two artillery launchers and an ammunition truck on the Syrian side of the border after “several Syrian projectiles” landed in Israeli territory without…
Geheimdienst-Untersuchungsausschuss: Wir veröffentlichen den Abschlussbericht – ohne die Schwärzungen (Updates)
Der Bericht des 1. Untersuchungsausschusses nach Artikel 44 des Grundgesetzes wird zur Kenntnis genommen.
1822 Seiten
1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed (Eric Cline, PhD)
Julian Assange Explains Why The Democrats Are Doomed
Labor Shortage Leaves $13 Million in Crops to Rot in Fields
More Mexican Immigrants Are Leaving The U.S. Than Arriving.

DNC service hacked by some random teenage, not Russia - John McAfee
Like a ‘washing machine’: Engine failure violently shakes AirAsia flight
4 Questions That Will Make You Question Reality
What Is Reality?
David Icke - Time Is An Illusion
Safe Plastic Numbers (Guide)
Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains How Gravity Affects Time
You will live longer on Jupiter (RELATIVE) to Earth!!
Cops Who Tasered Handcuffed Teen on His Testicles Until He Died – On Video – Can’t Be Charged
What were your dreams before the war? Interview with Syrian Soldiers with English Subtitles
Israel discovers enormous oil deposit in occupied Golan Heights, Syria
Israeli oil prospectors have discovered a large oil…
Hersh Vindicated? Turkish Whistleblowers Corroborate Story on False Flag Sarin Attack in Syria
Trump‘s Red Line
Some American military and intelligence officials were especially distressed by the president's determination to ignore the evidence. "None of this makes any sense," one officer told colleagues upon learning of the decision to bomb. "We KNOW that there was no chemical attack ... the Russians are furious. Claiming we have the real intel and know the truth ... I guess it didn't matter whether we elected Clinton or Trump.“
"We Got A Fuckin' Problem:" Chat Between Security Analyst/Soldier Reveals Chem…
What the 1% Don't Want You to Know
Pathology of the super rich
Nature and Nurture: The Study of Twins
Epigenetics: Nature vs nurture
Epigenetics - An Introduction
Jihadist rebels launch fresh assault after Israeli warplanes target Syrian Army in Golan Heights
BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:35 P.M.) - The jihadist rebels of Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham launched a fresh assault this afternoon in the Golan Heights region, following a
Inside Syria Media Center Welt am Sonntag: Trump Knows Syrian Army doesn’t Use Chemical Weapons
Having ordered to attack the al-Shayrat air base near the western Syrian city of Homs, U.S. President Donald Trump knew that the Syrian government hadn’t used…
Anti-Geoengineering Researcher to EPA: Do Your Job!
Over 40 Foreign Terrorists Reportedly Remain in UK Due to Human Rights Laws
Syrian Government Forces Take Control Of 85 km Of Border With Iraq, Enter Deir Ezzor Province
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) announced that the Syrian…
Neues Gesetz führt zur totalen Überwachung der Bürger
They Were ‘Grilled Alive’: US Government Exposed Running Nazi-Like Torture Program in Yemen | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
Update: Israeli warplanes bomb Syrian forces while Al-Qaeda blitzes their positions
BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:30 P.M.) - Minutes ago, Israeli warplanes targeted the Syrian Arab Army's (SAA) positions in the Golan Heights, inflicting heavy damage
Intel Agent Reveals How NATO Planned to Tear Russia Apart
9/11 Ten reasons why the hijackers were fake.
83 households refuse to evacuate from Chalcots flats despite ‘fire hazard’
Scores of people have refused to be evacuated from a north-west London…
History of the June 1967 “Six Day War”: Some Israeli Leaders Do Sometimes Tell The Truth
Massive White Helmets Photo Cache Proves Hollywood Gave Oscar to Terrorist Group
J. Barantschik – nato Gipfel: Europa alleine mit Putin
Jerusalem, Nicosia and WW3
OTH-SECURITY - Preparatory Action towards a comprehensive programme for Security Research from 2007
PRACTIS Report Summary
Project ID: 244541
Funded under: FP7-SIS
Country: Israel

Final Report Summary - PRACTIS (Privacy - Appraising Challenges to Technologies and Ethics)
Executive Summary:
PRACTIS started in January 2010 under the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme. PRACTIS partners comprised research centres from six countries: Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Israel, and Poland.
 Potentially, a situation may arise where citizens are not oppressed by the state, but rather by criminal groups or terrorists taking advantage of the absolute right to privacy. In contrast, in the contemporary world, the right to privacy protected by international treaties is a right that is highly protected but not absolute. Like today, there is an on-going societal debate on whether individual freedom should in some cases be limited in favour of public security and “the greater good”.
The US Gov't Killed More Civilians This Month Than All Terrorist Attacks in Europe Over the Last 12 Years
In the last 12 years, terrorist attacks in Europe have killed 459 civilians. The U.S. killed at least 472 civilians in Syria, just in the last month.
 Forgetting Things Could Actually Be Making You Smarter
This is worth remembering.
Loretta Lynch Under Investigation For Letting Hillary Walk Free
Congress are investigating former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s interference in an FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton.
The Final Straw: Germany Mulling Over Sanctions… This Time Against the US
It appears that the US-EU "geopolitical marriage" is bursting at the seams due to…
Saudi Arabia issues provocative ultimatum to Qatar - World Socialist Web Site
Qatar has been given 10 days to agree to a sweeping list of demands that would transform it into a political vassal of Saudi Arabia.
Dave Allen - Supermarkets - A True Comic Genius RIP.
Dave Allen - religious jokes
The two ronnies - Fork handles
Julian Assange: Newspapers Are ‘Weaponized Texts’
WikiLeaks found Julian Assange has weighed in on the "fake news" debate, calling most mainstream newspapers "weaponized texts."WikiLeaks found Julian Assange has weighed in on the "fake news" debate, calling most mainstream newspapers "weaponized texts."
Taliban Leader Demands US, NATO Troops Leave Afghanistan
The head of the Taliban in Afghanistan on Friday released a statement calling on the US and NATO to pull their troops from the country.
Russia, Syria Must Resist Urge to Retaliate Against US Attacks — At Least for Now
Escalation would be counter-productive, but the US could interpret too much appeasement the wrong way
CONFIRMED: Turkey rejects Saudi ultimatum to leave Qatar
Share on Facebook Twitter Saudi Arabia’s ultimatum to Qatar represents an attempt by Riyadh not only to interfere in the …
The Reason Behind the US Government’s Secret Hatred of Europeans
«Europe's energy supply is a matter for Europe, and not for the United States of America», Kern and Gabriel said.
Only 2% Of Lawmakers Support Tulsi's 'Stop Arming Terrorists Act'
The Stop Arming Terrorists Act would bar federal agencies from using taxpayer funds to provide support to terrorist groups.
US Coalition Cleansing Raqqa, Syria of Majority Arabs To Expand Kurdish Stronghold
The City Of Raqqa Syria Is Being Cleansed Of It's Indigenous Arab Population To Expand A Nothern Syrian Kurdish Stronghold.
Survivors of Grenfell towers tell their stories raw unedited and uncut
Shayler Exclusive! "Mi6 Gave Ramadan Abedi AKA "Tunworth" £40k To Kill Gaddafi in 1996!
US promises Turkey to take back weapons from Kurds after ISIS defeat
US to Russia: How Dare You Place an Aid Center So Close to Our Occupation Troops in Serbia!
Russia is threatening the US again. What is it doing this time? It has set up a…
Establishment Press Admitting Trump/Russia Story Probably BS
The Jimmy Dore Show
Secret barometric bomb technologies, nuclear technologies, used to bring WTC towers down: Proof
Secret barometric bomb and nuclear technologies used to dustify WTC towers on 9/11
Climate Engineering Fact And Photo Summary
18 Israeli Fighter Jets Deployed in Saudi Arabia to Prevent Coup - Iranian Media
On Thursday, 18 Israeli fighter jets and two C130 planes arrived in Saudi Arabia in order to prevent a possible coup...
“Going After” the Islamic State. Guess Who is Behind the Caliphate Project? | Global…
'Modern Barbarians': Top Russian MP Slams Poland for Toppling Soviet Monuments
Poland passes law on demolishing Red Army monuments
A total of 408 MPs voted yes, seven said no, and another 15 abstained
UN Report Reveals 3 Nations Producing Most Refugees Were Targets Of US Intervention
A UN report has shown that more than 65 million people were forced to leave their home countries last year, becoming refugees due to deadly conflict. The top nations from which refugees fled have one thing in common, they were all targets of US intervention.
White Helmets Volunteer Caught With Rebels Dumping Beheaded Bodies
Vatican: Bible Confirms Jesus Was Not Crucified
The Vatican have confirmed that a newly discovered 2,000 year old Bible found in Turkey says that Jesus Christ was not crucified.
WATCH London Sharia Patrols Instill Fear In ‘Uncovered’ Women, Gays, And Infidels
Geoengineering the Climate
Jet A, JP5, and JP8 - Defense Technical Information Center
‘US coalition bombs randomly, hitting civilians rather than ISIS’ – Raqqa refugees to RT
The two Ronnies - By the Sea & The Picnic (1982)
The Two Ronnies Courtroom Gameshow (1984)
The two ronnies - Fork handles
UAE has secret torture prisons in Yemen, US involved in interrogations – AP
US State Senator: Syria's Assad Will Win 90% of Votes if Election Held Now
State Senator from Virginia Richard Black stated on Monday citing American intelligence sources that Syrian president Bashar Assad would win 90 percent of the vote in the country should the election be held in the nearest future.
If Russia Wasn't Armed With Nukes, 'We Would Be Facing Another War'
Top 10 causes of death

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