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Agust Links Part B

ISIS beheading American James Wright Foley

"So you think ISIS would edit an execution video? So you think that there would not be a bunch of muJEWhideen standing around yelling "allahu akbar" and cheering on the brutality that ISIS is so proud of? So you think that an ISIS executioner would not start out his speech with "Bismillah"and misquoting the Qur'an? So you think that ISIS would allow their "prisoner" to speak a scripted speech about being ashamed of being American? So you think that HOLLYWOOD special effects could not be used to deceive you? So you think that ISIS is a group of muslims?
*EDIT* So you think that the US/CIA/MOSSAD would not create an event to push their agenda of perpetual war and regime changes/military coup's???
LOL You Beez a special kind of retarded..."
Private Military Contractors Hired by DOJ to provide Security in Ferguson Today
BREAKING. This could be the tell that Darren Wilson is going to be cleared. We can now confirm that Special
ISIS: Region-wide Genocide Portended in 2007 Now Fully Realized
Study: Wealthier Motorists More Likely to Drive Like Reckless Jerks
Why can't the cops protect businesses in Ferguson?
I talked to an employee of the Delwood convenience store that was torched early morning 8/18/14 in Ferguson, a couple miles from the alleged "riots."

No police presence where real crime is happening in Ferguson, MO
The cops seemed to be too busy tear gassing peaceful protesters to be bothered by a convenience store being robbed and torched. The question begs to be answered, WHY are they still there? WHY is the police state disturbing the peace and not protecting the city from crime? - Janel
Steven Sotloff: Missing American Steven Joel Sotloff Threatened by ISIS, Report Claims; Worked...
Steven Sotloff was apparently threatened by the the Islamic State, or ISIS, who said President Obama's next steps are critical. Zaid Benjamin, the Washing
 Offener Aufruf zur Ermordung von 1.5 Millionen überflüssigen Menschen
Geben wir es zu: bis noch vor wenigen Monaten oder Jahren hätten wir es für unmöglich gehalten, dass jemand in aller Öffentlichkeit einfach zu einem Genozid, sprich Völkermord aufrufen könnte. Doch am 29. April 2014 geschah genau dies in der Ukraine. Im ukrainischen propagierte der Journalist Bogdan Butkevitsch von der Zeitung "Ukrainische Woche" seine Sicht, wie man in Donbass die heutigen Probleme am besten lösen sollte. Er macht die hammerharte Aussage, dass es dort "1.5 Millionen überflüssige Menschen" gäbe, die man einfach töten sollte."
Russian troops put advanced anti-aircraft systems to the test
Russian aerospace defense forces have test-fired S-300 and S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems at a large military drill in the country’s southern Astrakhan Region.
Ferguson Police: We Can’t Tell You’re A Journalist Unless You Have a $50K Camera
Riot cops selectively enforce First Amendment.
Obama condemns killing of photojournalist James Foley
United States President Barack Obama condemned the gruesome videotaped killing of American journalist James Foley Wednesday afternoon in a statement from Martha’s Vineyard.
From Ferguson Cop Embroiled in a Brutality Suit to City Councilwoman

In 2009, a man was charged with destruction of property for bleeding on city police officers’ uniforms as they allegedly beat him. Now one of those officers sits on the City Council.

War Propaganda: Supposed ISIS Beheading of American Journalist
Designed to stoke popular outrage and set stage for Syrian intervention
Vaccines: U.S. Centers for Disease Control Manipulated Data, Covered-Up Higher Incidence of...
Five Israeli Talking Points on Gaza—Debunked
Israel claims that it is merely exercising its right to self-defense and that Gaza is no longer occupied. Here’s what you need to know about these talking points and more.
Californians Against Fracking Releases New Data Analysis: Oil Industry in California Wastes 2 Million Gallons of Water Each Day
Cyclic Steam Injection. According to a recent report from the California Department of Conservation’s Divison of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR), an average of 480,000 barrels of water per day (roughly 20 million gallons/day)
Over 50,000 ISIL terrorists fight in Syria: UK-based NGO
The number of ISIL Takfiri militants fighting against the Syrian government amounts to more than 50,000, says a UK-based NGO.
Police shoot 13-year-old boy while walking home with toy rifle
A 13-year-old boy was gunned down by police when they spotted him carrying a plastic toy rifle.
No Jail Time For Elite Real Estate Broker Who Shoplifted $1,600 In Clothes From Saks
She's learned her lesson and totally promises to never do anything like this ever again. Case dismissed!
Reflections on the Islamic Penal Law
According to Islamic law, the maximum penalty for professional theft is the cutting of hands. It should be understood that this policy does not mean that for every theft there is a hand to be cut. The judge exercises other forms of penalties such as imprisonments or fines. With the mere existence of the hand-cutting rule, theft in Muslim societies has never grown to the level of proficiency and organized crime. The severe effect of hand cutting as a punishment for theft and the shameful impact on it carries, has almost completely eliminated this social disease in the Muslim societies.
Theft is Haraam (forbidden) according to the Quran, Sunnah [sayings of Prophet Muhammad
US Military Ownership of GLOBAL Weather, Chemtrails Explained by The Massachusetts School of Law.
How to Start a War: The American Use of War Pretext Incidents.
Throughout history, war planners have used various forms of deception to trick their enemies. The most common pretext for war is an apparently unprovoked enemy attack. Such attacks, however, are of...
Hinterbliebene und Überlebte drehen durch: von 4700 Soldaten nur 83 zurückgekehrt
Aus der Mittelukraine kommt zur Zeit immer mehr spannendes Material. Es wird auch Zeit, denn der Plan der Kiewer Junta scheint gescheitert zu sein, da nicht ...
Attorney For Ferguson Market: NO ONE From His Store Called 911 To Report Cigar Theft
the Ferguson Market attorney said police did not see the video until after the unarmed teenager, Michael Brown, was shot dead in the street.
Ferguson Police FAIL: Attempt to Smear Michael Brown Exposed
Ferguson, Mo.- As the National Guard has been called in, and chaos reigns in Ferguson, it has become crystal clear that the alleged theft of cigars from a local market had absolutely nothing to do with the murder of Michael Brown. According to Daily KOS, the attorney for the Ferguson Market, Jake Ka…
Learn more & Video here:
Hemp-Based Batteries Could Change the Way We Store Energy Forever
As hemp makes a comeback in the U.S. after a decades-long ban on its cultivation, scientists are reporting that fibers from the plant can pack as much energy and power as graphene, long-touted as t...
‘US, UK seek to protect Saudis from ISIL’
The US and the UK try to contain the ISIL advance in Iraq to protect Saudi Arabia, an analyst says.
MSNBC Host: Maybe Cops Need Military Gear To Deal With “Anti-Government” Groups
MSNBC host Ed Schultz suggested on his show last night that police like those currently occupying Ferguson, Missouri may need military gear in order to deal with the threat posed by “anti-governmen...
Israel deploys German-donated nuclear-armed subs off Iranian cost -
Commentary by Dr. Patrick Slattery — The Israeli press reports that the three nuclear-capable submarines supplied by Germany (one at no charge, the others at a discount) are being deployed off the coast of Iran. This will bring every Iranian city and village within range of submarine-launched missil…
Confirmed: Canada 2011 polls fraudulent
The Canadian Federal Court confirms that the country’s 2011 federal election was fraudulent.
EU Advisors Advocate use of Military Against Strikes and Protests

Experts at a European Union (EU) think-tank are demanding that the EU prepare to put down strikes and protests with military force. Due to the deepening social inequality in a globalised economy an...
‘They want their war and they want it now!’
If you are playing a game of chess, and the next moves you are considering all inexorably lead to your king falling into checkmate, then you have only two options: you either topple your king and graciously accept defeat, or…
** Since then, their focus has been all about fighting Israel’s wars, as clearly defined a few years ago by the infamous neocon think-tank Project for a New American Century, and the 1996 strategic initiative penned by a team of neocon academics and former Bushite Pentagon officers led by Richard Perle, that included Douglas Feith, Robert Loewenberg, David and Mayrav Wurmser, entitled, “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.”

That document was not even prepared for the US government, but rather for the then-former – and today again in power – prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. The paper had as its focal point the destruction of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, at that time Israel’s #1 enemy.
 For many decades, the best chess players have been Russian. Americans on the other hand love to play poker, a game of deceit, lying and cheating. Chess, however, is all about strategy: no cheating, no going back, no “Oops!! Can I undo that last move?”

Clearly, we all live in very dangerous times.
‘ISIL, enemy number-one of Islam’
Saudi grand mufti slams ISIL terrorists for crimes and violation of Islamic teachings.
MPKK:n Strategian laitoksen johtaja Torsti Sirénin järkyttävät FB-päivitykset - millaisissa...
Ryssävihaa, sotakiihkoilua, propagandaoppia, Karjala-vaatimuksia, Putin-vastaisuutta... Verkkomedian sähköpostiin lähetettiin 25 erillistä kuvakaappausta Maanpuolustuskorkeakoulun johtajan, Torsti Sirénin, kirjoittamista facebook-päivityksistä, jotka saavat järkyttymään.
Energy ballet: Iran, Russia and 'Pipelineistan'
A fascinating nuclear/energy ballet involving Iran, Russia, the US and the EU is bound to determine much of what happens next in the new great game in Eurasia.
What It Was Like In The Streets On Ferguson’s Worst Night

After promising change, the police let loose with rubber bullets, tear gas, and flash bombs three full hours before curfew. “They didn’t give us no warning.”
"So the Ukies have deliberately done in Lugansk what they have already done in Slaviansk just before the assault: they destroyed the city's water supply.
 In the meantime, other Ukie forces have used MLRS systems to bomb and destroy a column of refugees fleeing from the combat area. "
Demonising Putin when it was the West that provoked the Ukraine crisis
Who provoked the crisis in Ukraine? The US and its NATO allies. The vilification of Russia is a smokescreen.
World’s most dangerous’: Iraq’s retaken Mosul Dam could cause 500,000 deaths in days
<So now ISIS knows how to rig a dam to explode? Now where would jihadis get such knowledge? This is a US/Israel horror script.>
Latvia urges Europe to stop ‘war of sanctions’ before it ruins world economies
Nato warnt Russland: Soldaten ohne Hoheits-Abzeichen sind Kriegs-Grund
Suspicious Plane Crash in Brazil Bolsters American and Globalist Interests
By Wayne Madsen Brazil’s scheduled October presidential election was seen as a virtual cake walk for incumbent President Dilma Rousseff. That was until a plane crash killed Rousseff’s rather lacklu...
The real State of the Ukrainian Army in the ATO - ENG SUBS
Russia focuses in UN SC on need to make Ukraine air crash probe international
The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 airliner from the Dutch city of Amsterdam to Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, crashed in Ukraine’s Donetsk region on July 17, killing all 298 people onboard
Another Journalist Exposes MH17 False Flag | New Eastern Outlook
19.08.2014 Author: William EngdahlAnother Journalist Exposes MH17 False Flag Column: Politics Region: USA in the WorldThere has been much commentary concerning the downing of the MH17 plane in Ukraine. Strangely enough, whenever the US position is presented it is not backed by credible evidence, but…
+++ Video +++
Kinderkrankenhaus wurde gestern (18. August) von der ukrainischen Armee beschossen.
[Englisher Untertitel]
Выступление заместителя Постоянного представителя России при ОБСЕ А.Ю.Руденко на заседании Специального Постоянного совета ОБСЕ, Вена, 14 августа 2014 года
Speech by Andrey Rudenko, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the OSCE, at the meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council, Vienna, 14 August 2014
All this clearly demonstrates that the main cause of people’s suffering in eastern Ukraine is the actions by the Ukrainian authorities, who sent the army and punitive battalions, hired by oligarchs, to suppress those who objected to Kiev’s policy. It is absurd and cynical to claim that cutting off electricity, gas and water and blocking food supplies are the actions of those who defend the cities and towns and not of those who shell them.
Government Weather Manipulation Exposed
No ammunition moved through Russia-Ukraine border - OSCE monitors
Breaking: Army Kill Plan Discovered
Ferguson Police Busted - Attempt To Defame Shooting Victim Blows Up In Their Face (VIDEO)
The convenience store which police claimed was robbed by Michael Brown released video evidence showing the shooting victim paying for his cigars.
Police culture, brotherhood, code of silence: Police officer involved domestic violence | Abuse...
Constitutional Rights Essentially Suspended in Ferguson as Police Raid Homes Door to Door
Israel bars Amnesty & HRW from entering Gaza, hinders investigations – report
In Pictures: Gaza Devastation
MH370 and MH17 — Vanishing point…
Follow the engine wreckage. Follow the cockpit wreckage. Follow the motive. One cannot even imagine the tectonic geopolitical plates clashing were the Kiev regime to be deemed responsible. It would be the vanishing point for the whole – warped – notion of the Empire of Chaos’s “indispensable” exceptionalism.
Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit durch die Kiew Junta
Ex-Vorstandschef Thyssen: EU muss sich das Handeln der Kiewer Putsch Regierung und die Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit anrechnen lassen. Offener Brief an
gaza damage photos - Google-Suche
Russia to ask UN to make MH17 crash investigation report
The Security Council called for an immediate end to all armed hostilities in the crash area and urged the militiamen in eastern Ukraine to secure the crash site
Gaza's dead children are kept in ice cream freezers: UN warns half a million are now homeless, medical supplies are running out and morgues are overflowing
A slip of the tongue by a former mossad agent about the london bombings
Activists occupy UK govt building over heavily-redacted fracking report

A group of campaigners from Reclaim the Power are currently occupying the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ (DEFRA) headquarters in London, following the government’s decision to censor a report on the potential impacts of fracking.
Captured Ukrainian Soldiers by Self-defenders. Допрос пленного, батальён Айдар
Ferguson Store Owner Says He Doesn’t Believe That’s Mike Brown On Surveillance Video
The surveillance tapes supposedly shows Michael Brown "robbing" a Ferguson convenience store market. But in spite of the fact that the "robbery" was carried
Ebola and the Absent Western “Humanitarians”
The US spent over two billion dollars during NATO’s armed assault on Libya both in ordnance used during months of aerial bombardment and in covert support for terrorists used as proxy ground forces...

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization (HBO)
The Militarization of the Police Has Produced a Murder Machine
I wasn’t surprised at some of the crude comments and hatred expressed toward blacks that came from a few white male anti-immigration Republicans in response to my article Cops Gone Wild. A few wer...
Israel’s Real Target is Not Hamas
All colonial settler states are based on the violent dispossession of the native peoples – and as a result, their fundamental and overriding aim has always been to keep those native peoples as weak...
Russischer TV Bericht: Kiew plante Abschuss von Flug MH17 lange im Voraus
Hakan Fidan is the boss of Turkey's intelligence service (MIT).

He was educated at University of Maryland University College which has links to the CIA.

He was recently wiretapped, together with the Turkish foreign minister Davutoglu and Deputy Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Yasar Güler, by unknown persons.[2]

The conversation was about NATO’s ongoing plans to carry out a false flag attack to trigger a  premeditated war with Assad of Syria.[3]

In the voice recording, Hakan Fidan is heard saying to the military personnel, "I can simply send a few men there (into syria) and have them launch missiles over to us. Legitimacy is not a problem. Legitimacy can be manufactured."

Seymour Hersh later linked what was said in this leaked meeting with CIA-Erdoğan dealings on Syria
“The Israeli Dream”: The Criminal Roadmap Towards “Greater Israel”?
Ethnic Cleansing Planned in the Middle East? History, Legality Ignored
Cover-Up? Why Have the Media and Obama Administration Gone Silent on MH17?
The deafening silence of the US media and government about the investigation into the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 one month ago reeks of a cover-up. In the hours and days immediately ...
If the evidence that is in Washington’s hands incriminated only Russia and the Russian-backed forces, it would have been released to feed the media frenzy against Putin. If it has not been released, this is because the evidence points to the involvement of the Ukrainian regime in Kiev and its backers in Washington and the European capitals.
Kiev Fights in Ukraine’s Southeast for Shale Gas Deposits to Be Controlled by US
MOSCOW - The control over Ukraine’s southeast is important for Kiev first of all because of the shale gas deposits, which Western countries should be developing, head of the State Duma’s internatio...
Erdogan, the new Sultan of the Middle East – Al Masdar News
“ On the land of Syria I will live… I will tell generations to come… how evil visited my country… turned it to a big cemetery, and called it “Spring”. March of 2011 will forever remain as a wound in the hearts of many Syrians around the world. The year where terror entered Syria andRead More
Know Your Terrorists: Ayman Al-Zawahiri
 So who and what is Al-Qaeda? A sub division of USA-NATO. Ayman Al-Zawahiri was working for USA-NATO.
Senior Member Of The SMC Defects To ISIS And Details Foreign Involvement In the Oppostion
download SRT in text pad. save file as .srt
open video, insert srt file
Former al-Qaeda Commander: ISIS Works for the CIA
Jihadist groups part of "Clean Break" plan to balkanize Middle East

NSA Doc Reveals ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi is U.S., British and Israeli Intelligence Asset
NSA documents add more detail to plan to destabilize Middle East

Ein Aufruf zu den Völkern Europas aus Novorossija
Germans are angry with their leaders and have been screwed over as well
In such circumstances it is not surprising at all that Ukie morale is at rock-bottom. Nobody wants to die in stupid operations,
 under-trained, under-fed, under-protected - neither conscripts not pros. I have yet to see a video showing some good morale on the Ukie side. Conversely,
 I have yet to see a single video showing poor morale on the Resistance side.
Botton line: the Ukies are in a terrible situation which is only getting worse.
Ukraine crisis: the neo-Nazi brigade fighting pro-Russian separatists - Telegraph
Kiev throws paramilitaries – some openly neo-Nazi - into the front of the battle with rebels
US Gives Kiev Carte Blanche to Any Action – Russian Lawmaker

The use of ballistic missiles in Luhansk suggests that Ukrainian security officials have carte blanche from the United States to take any actions, said Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on Defense Franz Klintsevich.
Ukraine Crisis | Do Ukrainians Want War? - Local Deputy | English Subtitles
<How come she decided to turn against the junta, is not that a little dangerous in Ukraine right now?>
Meeting ISIL 1
Meeting ISIL 2
Meeting ISIL
Everyone who is not us is the enemy and should be branded as infidel. This seems to be the prevailing ideology of the extreme Takfiri terrorists known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Their aim is said to be the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate. Shias, Christians, Sunnis, Yazidies, and whomsoever who dares to question them or raise his voice of dissent are persecuted under their highly distorted version of Islamic Sharia. Gruesome beheadings, crucifixions and mass executions are openly carried out under their iconic black flag which is more like a modern day equivalent of a Jolly Roger. At times, it seems like their victims are whoever who is unlucky enough to be in their path during their killing sprees. And yet they know how to manipulate social media and have succeeded in brainwashing some to join them in their “fight for justice”.
US Key Man in Syria Worked Closely with ISIL and Jabhat al-Nusra

One of the key US men in Syria, the "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) Col. Abdel Jabbar al-Okaidi, who operated mostly in the Greater Aleppo area, was open about his ...
<I have always said they are the same shit!

Before ISIS got big, it was Al Nusra and the FSA who was beheading and slaughtering the people, just google "hatla massacre" and "adra massacre" and look on Wiki who the Perpretators were...they are big in ethnic cleansing as well.>
Ukraine. FASCISM AS IT IS film by Andrey Karaulov
Ukraine Crisis | Western Ukraine against Kiev junta! | English Subtitles
 Published on Aug 12, 2014

Rusiny - decided to separate from Kiev Junta.
The Road of Death – Near Rassypnoe

Self-defender shows burned cars alone the road to Rassipnoe. Cars with villagers were burned, bombed, shot by Ukrainian Army. Many locals, women and children died on that road.
Tribunal Russell sur la Palestine - Bruxelles Mars 2009 - Nurit Peled
The Zionist Story
Jewish Israeli Professor Nurit Peled: Gaza concentration Camp
A couple of short pointers about the situation in the eastern Ukraine
A couple of short pointers about the situation in the eastern Ukraine
I cannot prove a negative.  But then, I am not the one making the claim.  The Ukies and a few British reporters did.  And they presented ZERO proof. 
The half-empty trucks

That is a simple one.  The Russian convoy of trucks is composed of trucks roughly loaded at 50% of max capacity to make sure that no truck stops in route or has any difficulty getting through very bad terrain.  It was planned this way and the Russians announced that on day 1.
Kiew hält die Welt zum Narren
Die Kiewer Junta verbreitet seit Monaten Lügen und Desinformation. Nun hat sie aber wohl mit Meldungen über die angebliche Vernichtung in die Ukraine eingedrungener gepanzerter russischer Mannschaf...
British journalist tells the truth in front of the former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili. Funny video.
Watch at the face of Saakashvili and the audience. And pay attention to the guy who is wearing the mask. Where else than in maidanite Ukraine people are allowed to wear mask in a TV show?
Syria asks UN why its warnings on ISIL were ignored for 3 years

The UN Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution condemning the ISIL Takfiri militants operating in Iraq and Syria. The UN resolution is aimed at...
Future shocks
While Russian public's attention is focused on the fighting in the New Russia, on the adjacent territory of Ukraine, Kiev controlled regime deployed at least destructive processes (though not so swift).
Winnie The Pooh Full Movie - Winnie The Pooh Full Episodes new 2013
Марш неонацистов Коломойского в Запорожье - ультрас Днепра и Металлурга
Welcome future members of EU.
Zaporozh'e, Banderastan ex. Ukraine. Nazi Kiev Junta supporters with UPA flags and usual motos:

- Kill all enemies
- All Moscovities (Russians) kill with knives
- Glory to the nation

and many expletetives.
Gaza: Spare Me Your Sick, Manipulative, Dead Baby Propaganda Photos

Did you see the photograph of the Middle Eastern boy blown apart in an explosion? I did, unfortunately. Someone insisted on posting it in my Twitter timeline. For my education, presumably. The boy ...
1933 9,5 million jews
Before and after the “Holocaust”: Jewish population numbers in 1933 and 1948
Westen und USA haben Konflikt in Ukraine provoziert - Václav Klaus

The Army of Novorossiya has discovered an unexploded ballistic missile Tochka fired by the junta's military that crashed near Lugansk:
Holocaust Survivors
The continuing history of those who made it past 1945.
Six million Jews were killed in the atrocities of the Holocaust, but about 3.5 million survived.
The Number Of
Holocaust Survivors

I found the total number of holocaust survivors alive in 1945.5, x, to be about 6,540,000.
How many Holocaust survivors were there in May 1945?
Since actually about 900,000 survivors are reported for the latter year, there ought to have been about 3.14 million survivors in 1945 (925/265x900,000). Applying the estimated range of uncertainty, it emerges that the number of "Holocaust survivors" must have been between 2.7 and 3.6 million in 1945.
Choco the Clown and Putin the President
Rumor has it that the Circus in Kiev is short of a clown, because he escaped and is parading as the President. Or was it the nuthouse? Or a chocolate factory? Doesn't matter, one look at Ukraine and if the situation were not so...
Today we found the start of a exploded ballistic missile"Tochka-U". If such a shell hit the five-story building, would be nothing left, not even the foundation - said the militiaman .....
1000s of Gaza children need psychological care: UN
UN officials say Israel's war on Gaza leave 1000s of children traumatized across the besieged Palestinian territory.
Former Donetsk Defense Minister to Form Novorossiya Army - Donetsk Prime Minister
The former defense minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Igor Strelkov, is expected to form the army of Novorossiya, the union of Donetsk and Luhansk republics in eastern Ukraine, DPR's Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko said Saturday.
The Ebola Outbreak: U.S. Sponsored Bioterror?
We can now be extraordinarily confident that the U.S. government is lying, in key material respects, about the latest Ebola outbreak—and not just because it lies about nearly everything of politica...
Gaza, Ukraine: The War Drums are Sounding the Alarm
As a writer of articles reporting news events of the world, I often seek to expose the concealed truth beneath the layers of a monolithic state sponsored propaganda machine called mainstream media ...
The Illusory Islamic State: Washington's Caliphate Project "Made in America"
What is ISIS? ISIS is allegedly an Al Qaeda-linked Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant, known for its ruthless tactics and suicide bombers and who currently poses a threat throughout the Middle Ea...
Russian MP’s son to remain in custody in Seattle until hacking trial
US Secret Service agents arrested Seleznyov at Male international airport in the Maldives, working in close cooperation with local officials, despite the lack of an extradition treaty between this country and the US.
The ‪#‎US‬.-backed Ukrainian government is knowingly sending neo-Nazi paramilitaries into eastern Ukrainian neighborhoods to attack ethnic Russians who are regarded by some of these storm troopers as “Untermenschen” or subhuman, according to Western press reports.
Putin can respond to war, and the West knows it
Putin will force the West to sit down to negotiate in December, when Poroshenko is no longer able to follow Russia-must-enter-the-war instructions. In winter, sanctions, the economic crisis and bankruptcy, as well as massive riots...
Local police kill at least 400 people a year, mostly minorities
A white police officer in the United States killed a black person on average of twice per week from 2005 to 2012, according to homicide reports offered to the FBI. But this data is limited, as only about 4 percent of law enforcement agencies contributed.
A slip of the tongue by a former mossad agent about the london bombings
Lethal bird flu cocktail sent out of lab accidentally, went unreported – CDC
France: Parisians demand end to 'genocide in Ukraine'
Ukraine's army battalion destroyed — DNR militia
A DNR militiaman involved in the clash said the battalion was destroyed in Grad multiple missile launchers' attack near the border with Russia
Putin in Jalta: weicher Ton, eiserner Griff
Die nationalen Interessen – über alles! Das ist der Hauptsinn der Rede, die Wladimir Putin in Jalta hielt. Die Massenmedien erwarteten von der Rede des russischen Präsidenten vor den
The vile lie Americans actually believe
'Why are they killing us?' E. Ukraine civilians fed up with everyday struggle for survival
Officer Darren Wilson Identified as Shooter in Ferguson Teen Killing
The police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri has been identified as Darren Wilson. The incident, which happened on August 9, stoked racial tension throughout the country. Michael Brown was shot dead while walking to his grandmother’s house after getting…
18+ СРОЧНО!!! Разбитая колонна Львовской аэромобильной бригады
#‎BREAKING‬: Destroyed convoy of ‪#‎LVIV‬ Airborne Brigade (by ‪#‎NAF‬ of course)

Lvov airborn brigade fr W ‪#‎Ukraine‬ was hit hard by #NAF
Moskau dementiert: Keine Militärkolonne in Ukraine vorgedrungen
Das Verteidigungsministerium in Moskau hat die Berichte, dass eine Militärkolonne aus Russland über die Grenze in die Ukraine vorgedrungen und dort zerschlagen worden sei, als „Phantasien“ zurückgewiesen.
Egypt: U.S. Knew About 9/11 Warning, Staged Egyptian Revolution, Ex Interior Minister Reveals
Over the weekend, the former Egyptian Interior Minister under Hosni Mubarak, Habib El-Adly, gave a speech at his own retrial in Cairo, Egypt. Among a number of generic statements, El-Adly made at l...
Ferguson cops beat innocent man, then charged him with bleeding on their uniforms
The officer-involved shooting death of teenager Michael Brown this week and the subsequent protests across the United States have rekindled interest in another case of alleged excessive force blamed on the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department.
Gaza: New York Times Serving Israel’s Aim, Lowering Civilian Deaths - "15- to 17-Year-Olds...
 It presents information in a way that profiles all Palestinian males age 15 – 60 as possible terrorists potentially deserving of death, and inappropriately limits the age of children to 0-14 years.
Novorossiya Military Briefing, August 15, 2014
Лучший ракурс 14 08 14 Ляшко получил по морде в Раде
Вежливость города Берет... области и Страны! Наш сайт: ВКонтакте: Мой мир: Face...
Enjoy this video, friends and comrades.
Lyashko'd been slapped on the face. All viewers regret just one thing such a big man as his opponent Shevchenko could perform a much better hook!
Разгром украинских войск в Степановке. Часть 1 - репортаж
California Pastafarian wears pasta strainer for license photo
Why US and Israel wants to ban this video...

This nice Jewish American speaks truth about her experience in occupied Palestine... It will make you cry...
‘White rain’: Donetsk residents record alleged phosphorus shelling (VIDEO)
On Thursday night, people in the Lenin district of the city of Donetsk saw a flow of white fire pouring down from the dark sky alongside the now-familiar sound of bombing, RIA Novosti reported.
An Israeli Soldier's Story - Eran Efrati
NATO-maa Unkari toimittanut suuria määriä T-72 taisteluvaunuja Ukrainaan
Unkari aseistaa Ukrainaa lähes sadalla T-72-panssarivaunuilla, jotka on myyty romuraudan hinnalla Kiovan joukoille. Kymmenet taisteluvaunut ovat jo matkanneet junassa täydentämään Ukrainan armeijan hyökkäysvoimaa Itä-Ukrainassa. Vaunujen maksajaksi epäillään Yhdysvaltoja.
Humanitäre Hilfe aus Russland wird an ukrainischer Grenze abgefertigt
Die humanitäre Hilfe aus Russland für die Ostukraine wird am Kontrollposten „Donezk“ auf dem russischen Territorium abgefertigt.
Chemtrails Trojanische Wolken Doku (full length)

Beste deutsche Doku zum Thema Chemtrails! Dieser sehr informative und faktenreiche Film stammt von Mileon K. (Kandascha). Mehr als zwei Jahre Arbeit, sehr ge...
Chemtrails Exposed: Geoengineering Has Multiple Military Applications | Alternative News &...
Developed in 1988 by the United Nations Environment Programme and the UN’s World Meteorological Organization, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) just published its Fifth Assessment Report [1] and maintains its silence on military weather modification applications which continue to…
Ukrainan ilmavoimat todennäköinen syyllinen lennon MH17 alasampumisessa Itä-Ukrainassa
Todisteet kasvavat, että Ukrainan ilmavoimia on pidettävä todennäköisenä syyllisenä malesialaisen matkustajakoneen...
Finish the job!’ Thousands of Israelis rally in support of Gaza offense (PHOTOS)
Thousands of people in Tel Aviv rallied to show support for the IDF's military campaign in Gaza, urging the government forces to stop Hamas rocket attacks on Israel once and for all.
ISIS controls 40% of Iraq’s wheat, selling it back to govt on black market – report
The Islamic State, the jihadist group formerly known as ISIS, has seized around 40 percent of Iraq’s wheat as its look to tighten its economic grip on the country. They are also looting government grain silos to sell crops on the black market.
BREAKING: Obama Caught Funding The ISIS With Unreal Amount Of Money
Should Obama Be Imprisoned For Aiding Terrorists?
Ignoring Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Storm Troopers
Neonazis im Dienst der Regierung
Die gelbe Fahne und Wolfsangel, die auch von den Nazis verwendet wurde.
US analysts conclude MH17 downed by aircraft
By Haris Hussain - 7 August 2014 @ 8:20 AM
KUALA LUMPUR: INTELLIGENCE analysts in the United States had already concluded that Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by an air-to-air missile, and that the Ukrainian government had had something to do with it.
Malaysian press charges Ukraine government shot down MH 17
Malaysian press charges Ukraine government shot down MH 17
“Intelligence analysts in the United States have already concluded that Malaysia flight MH17 was shot down by an air-to-air missile, and that the Ukrainian government had had something to do with it. This corroborates an emerging theory postulated by local investigators that the Boeing 777-200 was crippled by an air-to-air missile and finished off with cannon fire from a jet that had been shadowing it as it plummeted to earth.”
Malaysia accuses US and EU backed Ukraine regime of MH17 shoot-down - 4bitNEWS

Given the tightly controlled character of the Malaysian media, it appears that the accusation that Kiev shot down MH17 has the full backing of the Malaysian state.
The Islamic State, the "Caliphate Project" and the "Global War on Terrorism"
The Al Qaeda legend and the threat of the "Outside Enemy" is sustained through extensive media propaganda. In the post 9/11 era, the terrorist threat from Al Qaeda constitutes the building block of...

ISIL and its So-Called Caliphate: Israeli-US Tools to Divide Iraq
Response To Cantor's Pledge
Of Allegiance To Israel

RUSSIA TODAY erinnert an sechs tote Kollegen aus Ukrainekrieg
.. und bringt Zeugenaussagen und Informationen zu weiteren Fällen von Entführungen, Befragungen, bis hin zu Folter.
Die Ukraine sei eine "Journalistenfalle", wird HRW in Russland zitiert. Weiterhin verschollen bleibt der russische Fotograf Stenin (oben, 3. v. r.) - trotz vielfältiger russischer Vorstöße und Appelle.
Russia Should Respond to West by Cutting All Energy Supplies to Europe – Law Professor
Russia will do everything possible to end the bloodshed in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated Thursday in his address to the heads of political parties. The only reasonable reaction in light of the crisis in Ukraine and West-imposed sanctions is to completely cut off energy deliveries…
Palestinians teach Ferguson protesters how to deal with tear gas
In 2011 St.Louis Police Chief went to Israel to learn from the IDF
Gaza, Ukraine and US preparations for urban warfare - World Socialist Web Site
The Pentagon is embracing the doctrine that the next major US military interventions will most likely be against the populations of major urban centers.
New, all-natural pesticide unveiled by scientists - and it won't kill the bees!
"I grew up in tobacco country. The primary cash crop was tobacco. The farmers used to put Guinea Keats in the fields to eat the tobacco worms. Most efficient. They are also the best guard dogs. They make a heap of noise if anyone or anything out of the normal shows up"
Dennis Kucinich: US Fueled Christian Persecution in Iraq; More Intervention Is Not the Answer
Well, if we’re concerned about ISIS waging genocide, then we should be concerned about the fact that the US government helped to fund jihadists who were wiping out Christians in Syria. I mean, the American people have to understand that these groups that are right now working inside of Iraq and in Syria have basically been supported with money from Saudi Arabia and resources from the United States. Some of them were trained in Jordan. And now they’re attacking Christians in Iraq. We have to change our international policy. Every occupation, every intervention, fuels an insurgency, and Christians are getting the blowback from this. We’ve got to look at what America does in helping to fuel these wars where Christians are the ones to take it in the neck.
"The Russian Threat": Washington Chokes Truth With Lies
Are Western propagandists fooling anyone but themselves? The latest absurdity coming out of Ukraine, the EU and Washington is that the humanitarian aid that Russia and the Red Cross are trucking i...
How Israel targeted the children of Gaza
These stories are not fiction. They are the gruesome reality created by the Israeli war machine. The streets of Gaza tell the stories of hundreds of children. Family members who have escaped death ...
Hancock Air Base drone protester sentenced to 1 year in jail
58-year-old woman sentenced to year in jail for violating protection order stemming from Hancock Air Base protests.
Was Putin verschweigt, sagt sein Berater: Deutschland ist US-okkupiert
+++EIL+++ Ukra-faschistische Söldner unterhalten sich auf Englisch! +++ TV Zvezda: Ein Video ist aufgetaucht, dass das ukra-faschistische Söldner-Bataillon "Azov" beim Angriff auf Stellungen des Antifaschistischen Widerstands nahe Lugansk zeigt +++ Die Söldner sprechen in feinem Englisch miteinander !!! +++ Bitte TEILEN !!!

Syria’s sarin gas stockpile destroyed, Pentagon confirms
The entire Syrian stockpile of precursors required to make sarin gas has been destroyed by US experts on board a US neutralizer ship, Pentagon officials have confirmed.
Ebola Vaccine to Be Manufactured by Criminal Drug Company with Felony Record; Rushed to Market...
While the world of conventional medicine lines up to profit from the Ebola panic, there is no mention anywhere in the mainstream media of the criminal corporation behind the Ebola vaccine. GlaxoSmi...
CIA use kosovo terror camps to train terrorists destined for Syria
20 Year Old Executed by Police, Allegedly for Wearing Headphones, Unable to Hear Orders
Dillon Taylor, 20 years old, was executed by the Salt Lake City Police around 7pm, Monday night for failing to comply with officers orders. The young man was reportedly wearing headphones and likely couldn't hear the officers. Taylor, his brother,…
Russia Knocks Out EU
While obediently dancing to the Washington’s tune, the Brussels leaders turn a blind eye on the fact that the European interests do not coincide with the interests pursued by the United States.  It’s impossible to make the European solidarity be aligned with economic needs.
Robin Williams - Live On Broadway (full show-greek subs)
Weird Coincidence: Robin Williams Family Guy 'Suicide' Episode Airs Before Actor's Death
Weird Coincidence: Robin Williams Family Guy ‘Suicide’ Episode Airs Before News of Actor’s Death
This Is The Terrifying Result Of The Militarization Of Police
When did this become OK? When did "protect and serve" turn into "us versus them"?
Lord and master, hear me crying! -
Ah, he comes excited.
Sir, my need is sore.
Spirits that I've cited
My commands ignore.

Boeing-777 was downed by Ukrainian MiG-29, Romanian expert says

And the Beginning of a New Dark Age
The End of Iraq
Cilantro may chelate heavy metals from the body, studies find
 There are many good reasons to add more cilantro, also called coriander or Chinese parsley, to our diets. This aromatic green herb, which is popular in Mexican cuisine, is bursting with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. It is also a proven antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory, and long-term consumption of it has been known to treat digestive disorders, fatigue, heart disease and autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Cilantro is, in short, far more than just a flavorsome garnish
Coriander, also known as cilantro,
Fake Nigerian Christians Burnt Alive Photo Resurfaces on Facebook
The War on Terrorism Provides the Basis for Demonizing the Muslims
TEHRAN (FNA)- A world-renowned Canadian scholar says that the project of War on Terror was launched with a view to demonize the Muslim nations and then dominate their vast oil reserves. Prof. Miche...
Pentagon Stupidity on Steroids
Execution of women in Iran is less common, though 5 women were executed in Iran in 2011 (2010)
The punishment is given mostly in aggravated circumstances when the four witnesses or a confession is available and the spouse died. Most adulterers go unpunished, or receive a lighter sentence. Divorce is usually the most common method in dealing with adultery.
The Iranian judiciary officially placed a moratorium on stoning in 2002.[29] In 2005, judiciary spokesman Jamal Karimirad stated, "in the Islamic republic, we do not see such punishments being carried out", further adding that if stoning sentences were passed by lower courts, they were overruled by higher courts and "no such verdicts have been carried out."[1] In 2008, the judiciary decided to fully scrap the punishment from the books in legislation submitted to parliament for approval.[30] In early 2013, Iranian parliament published official report about excluding stoning from penal code and it accused Western media for spreading "noisy propaganda" about the case
The Ebola Effect: Hyping the Next Bioweapon For Fear and Profit
Agentur-Chef nennt Kiews Vorwürfe an verhafteten Bildreporter Stenin „lächerlich“
Als „gekünstelt und lächerlich“ hat der Generaldirektor der staatlichen russischen Nachrichtenagentur Rossiya Segodnya, Dmitri Kisseljow, Kiews Vorwürfe an den vom ukrainischen Geheimdienst verhafteten Bildreporter der Agentur Andrej Stenin zurückgewiesen.
Why Obama is bombing the Caliphat
Obama also could not possibly explain why the US always supported ISIS in Syria and now decides to bomb them in Iraq. Oh, the perils of ‘Don’t Do Stupid Stuff’- Op-Edge by Pepe Escobar
Israeli Backlash Follows UN Appointment of Gaza War Crimes Commission
The United Nations Human Rights Council on Monday announced the appointment of experts to carry out an independent commission charged with investigating possible war crimes during the month-long assault on Gaza that has killed nearly 2,000 Palestinians and 67 Israelis.
OSCE – No Russian violation on Ukrainian border
- Jim W. Dean..."The current report by the OSCE shows the Pentagon and NATO continue their lying about Russian preparation to invade Ukraine."
Anwar al-Za’anin, a staff member of Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, was killed in Gaza by an Israeli drone yesterday.
NATO plane arrives in Ukraine with $4.5 mn worth of military aid for Kiev troops (VIDEO)
A massive Canadian transport plane has arrived in Kharkov carrying US$4.5 million worth of non-lethal military equipment to help Ukraine “protect its eastern border against Russian aggression.”
Putin Threatens To Bust U.S. “9/11 Inside Job’ Conspiracy With Facts And Figures
Why Does the CDC Own a Patent on Ebola "Invention?"
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control owns a patent on a particular strain of Ebola known as "EboBun." It's patent No. CA2741523A1 and it was awarded in 2010. You can view it here. (Thanks to Natura...
War, Big Oil and the Inconvenient Truths About Military Air Shows
The Big Oil cartels have, for decades, been poisoning the Gulf of Mexico, the Persian Gulf and many other ocean floors with millions of gallons of toxic crude oil via their risky, and very leaky de...
NATO Baiting Russia into War. Ukraine Nazis and Western Complicity

Russia is consistently portrayed in the Western media as the "aggressor" amid the ongoing Ukrainian conflict, however, it is clear through overt moves by NATO's proxy regime in Kiev, that attempts ...
Der Irrweg des Westens (Ложный путь Запада)
ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi Trained by Israeli Mossad, NSA Documents Reveal
Leaks revealed that ISIS leader and cleric Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi took intensive military training for a whole year in the hands of Mossad, besides courses in theology and the art of speech.
Kiew bestätigt: Vermisster Fotoreporter Stenin vom Geheimdienst verhaftet
Die Kiewer Führung hat am Dienstag mitgeteilt, dass der seit Tagen vermisste Fotoreporter der russischen Medienholding Rossiya Segodnya, Andrej Stenin, vom ukrainischen Geheimdienst verhaftet worden ist.
Obama's Fake War on CIA Asset ISIS Revealed
US sends arms to Iraq – to solve problems Washington helped create

The US is conducting air strikes and supplies weapons to help outgunned Iraqi Kurds fight off the offensive of Islamist militants. The Kurds are battling against extremists armed with American arms and nurtured thanks to America’s policies.
Washington Opened The Gates Of Hell In Iraq: Now Come The Furies
Beware the USA: the world's leading warmonger and terrorist organization

NATO countries should cut ties with world’s leading terror organization and perpetrator of violence: USA. READ MORE... 
Im Falle neuer Sanktionen gegen Russland: Moskau zu weiteren Antwortschritten bereit
Verdeckte Kriegsführung – Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen der Machtpolitik (Dr. Daniele Ganser)
Ron Paul: US 'likely hiding truth' on downed Malaysian Flight MH17
"It’s hard to believe that the US, with all of its spy satellites available for monitoring everything in Ukraine, that precise proof of who did what and when is not available," the two-time presidential candidate said.

"Too bad we can’t count on our government to just tell us the truth and show us the evidence," Paul added. "I’m convinced that it knows a lot more than it’s telling us."
Ukrainan ilmavoimat todennäköinen syyllinen lennon MH17 alasampumisessa Itä-Ukrainassa

Todisteet kasvavat, että Ukrainan ilmavoimia on pidettävä todennäköisenä syyllisenä malesialaisen matkustajakoneen alasampumisessa 17.7. Itä-Ukrainassa. Todisteita BUK-ohjuksen osumasta ei ole löydetty, mutta hävittäjän ampuman konetykin osumia matkustajakoneesta löytyy.
Israel Murders Gazan Health Workers
Israel wages genocidal wars without mercy. Even doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers and other health workers are targeted. Civilians are as vulnerable as combatants. It's longstanding Israeli policy...
Für Europa wird es Zeit, die amerikanischen Fehler zu korrigieren, um Russland nicht zu verlieren
Dario Rivolta, ehemaliger Abgeordneter des italienischen Parlaments und stellvertretender Vorsitzender der Kommission für auswärtige Angelegenheiten, meint, für Europa sei es an der Ze
Scientist Working on Gov't Ebola Drug Joked About Culling Population with GMO Virus
1 800 SandyHoax Call To Wayne Carver's Office
Senator John McCain Has A Lovely Visit With Al Qaeda
John McCain Makes Secret Syria Trip, Crosses Borders to Speak With Rebels
Sanctions bite-back: Bickering, EU infighting over Russia retaliation
There is growing dissent in the EU over policies that led to a de fact trade war with Russia. Meanwhile the countries not toeing the line are reaping the benefits, irritating those who jumped on the sanctions bandwagon.
SA@TAC - John McCain Supports Al-Qaeda
ISIS Terror Leader Was Released by Obama in 2009!
Video] John McCain’s Whoops Moment: Photographed Chilling With ISIS
ISIS Leader ‘Al-Baghdadi’ Is A ‘Jewish Mossad Agent’ – French Reports
Crazy McCain pushes for further conflict, calls for arming terrorists
 Hawkish US Senator John McCain presses for increased military aid to militant groups in Syria to fight both the Syrian army and ISIL terrorists, pushing for further conflicts that go on with no end in sight. The Arizona Republican met with foreign-backed Syrian opposition leaders in Turkey on Wednesday and warned that delays in arming the militants would pose a “growing danger” to the US security.

McCain did not propose any way to end the more than three-year-old war that is killing civilians and innocent people every day in Syria.

His comments echo remarks by Secretary of State John Kerry who said in Saudi Arabia last week that Washington hopes to enlist what he called “moderate” Syrian militants in the battle against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) operating in neighboring Iraq.
Simon Elliot, alias Al-Baghdadi, de père et mère juifs, et agent du Mossad
Actress Penelope Cruz reportedly blacklisted by Hollywood studios for her support of Palestine...
Actress Penelope Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem have roused the fury of Hollywood producers, with pledges made to snub the Spanish couple. Oscar-winner Bardem and Cruz signed an open letter speaking against "the genocide perpetrated by the...,7340,L-3154142,00.html
High Court rules that ‘human shield’ and ‘early warning’ procedures used by IDF to apprehend terrorists are illegal;
Mofaz intends to use democratic means to review the issue
According to defense officials, the Israel Defense Forces made use of the ‘human shield’ procedure on 1,200 occasions over the last five years, and only on one occasion did a Palestinian civilian get hurt.

An 18-year-old Palestinian was killed in 2002 during one such operation.
US military averting another 'humanitarian crises' it helped create by bombing Iraq
US military aircraft conducted at least three rounds of airstrikes against Islamic State positions in Iraq on Friday. This time there are reports of IS militant casualties, CBS News reported. All of the bombings occurred around Erbil, the capital...
Extensive List of Patents
Israeli General: No Civilians in Gaza
Says they're as guilty as Germans.
Gefälschte Zahlen: Deutschland steuert auf ein Schulden-Fiasko zu
Schon die offiziellen Schulden Deutschlands sind hoch. Tatsächlich sind sie noch um ein Vielfaches größer. FOCUS-MONEY nennt die Wahrheit über unsere Verschuldung.
77,3 Prozent in Deutschland mögen ja schon beängstigend klingen. Sie sind aber noch nicht die volle Wahrheit, sondern nur ein kleiner Teil, die sogenannte explizite Verschuldung. Sinn warnt: „Insgesamt liegt die implizite Staatsschuld bei 206 Prozent des BIP.“ Implizit plus explizit - das heißt: Die gesamte Verschuldung Deutschlands beläuft sich auf 283 Prozent.
Christian Zionism
"The Jews must own all of the land promised by God before Christ can return. The Arabs have to leave this land because this land belongs only to the Jews. God gave all of this land to the Jews." (p.87)
Christian Zionism: The Heresy that Undermines Middle East Peace
Who uses civilians in Gaza as human shields? Israel - 1,200 times in 5 years
David Icke: ISIS The Start of World War III?

"As usual, the psychopathic Zionist regime accuses its enemy of what the regime itself does. In fact, practically everything Israel accuses Hamas of doing, Israel actually does: violates ceasefires, stalls workable peace plans, fires 'rockets' into Israel, abducts young Israelis, trains their children to be racist terrorists..."

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